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Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

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blue ox base plates  plate kit - removable arms
blue ox base plates removable draw bars plate kit - arms
blue ox base plates removable draw bars twist lock attachment plate kit - arms
blue ox base plates removable draw bars bx1692
blue ox base plates removable draw bars plate kit - arms
blue ox base plates twist lock attachment bx1692
blue ox base plates removable draw bars plate kit - arms
blue ox base plates twist lock attachment bx1692

In Use/Installed

2010 chevrolet hhr base plates blue ox removable draw bars bx1692
2010 chevrolet hhr base plates blue ox removable draw bars plate kit - arms
2010 chevrolet hhr base plates blue ox twist lock attachment bx1692
2010 chevrolet hhr base plates blue ox twist lock attachment in use

  • Blue Ox
  • Removable Draw Bars
  • Twist Lock Attachment
Call at 800-298-8924 for expert service. We are your Chevrolet base plates experts, and offer a lowest price guarantee. carries a complete line of Blue Ox products for your Chevrolet HHR 2010. Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms part BX1692 from Blue Ox can be ordered online at Complete base plates installation instructions and technical support.

2010 Chevrolet HHR - Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

This strong and durable base plate kit is custom designed to fit your Chevrolet HHR. The hidden reinforcements, along with the removable bracket arms, provide a clean, unobtrusive look when your car is not being towed.


  • Custom-fit base plates provide attachment points for tow bar
  • Hidden reinforcement means that less of the bracket shows
    • No crossbar support beam or large, protruding brackets
  • Base plate tabs remove easily for a completely inconspicuous look
  • Sturdy, dependable design
    • Spreads towing force evenly to minimize weight placed on suspension
    • Constructed of durable steel
  • Simple installation - no welding required
    • Bolts securely to your Chevrolet HHR chassis
  • Integrated mounting points let you easily attach an electrical connector plug or bracket (sold separately)
  • Instructions and necessary hardware included
  • Adaptable for use with Roadmaster tow bars with the Roadmaster Tow Bar Adapter (RM-031 or RM-031-5; sold separately)
  • Made in the USA


  • Distance between brackets: 22"
    • Fits Blue Ox Adventurer, Aladdin, Allure, Alpha, Avail, Aventa, and Trion tow bars
  • Bracket height: 11"
  • 3-Year warranty

BX1692 Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Tabs

BX1692 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details BX1692 Installation instructions

Complete Your Tow Bar Package

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Video of Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Blue Ox Base Plate Installation - 2011 Chevrolet HHR

Today in our 2011 Chevrolet HHR, we are going to be taking a look at, and also showing you how to install the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with removable arms. Part number is the BX1692. Alright, here is what our base plate kit is going to look like installed; you can see we have got our removable arms in place here. It is a really clean look; most of it is hidden up behind the fascia area of the vehicle. To remove our arms, we will just pull out on the pin, rotate them, and slide them out. Then we have got protective caps that are going to slide in there, and keep the dirt and debris and stuff out of there.

As you can see, when removed, you are not going to see it. It is not going to be terribly noticeable, especially at a higher vantage point; it really hides nicely right under the bumper. There is no need for trimming the fascia to make room for it or anything, so it is a really nice system that is going to go in place, and allow us to carry our towed vehicles behind us safely. Our base plate comes with an attachment tab for our breakaway; the breakaway is going to come with your braking system. You can see an attachment point here and here: this is going to be for a 6-hole wiring, 4-hole wiring, whatever we have going on there. Then, we have got tabs that are going to come out here on the side: this is going to allow for easy attachment of our safety chains between our towed and our towing vehicle.

Having our tow bar setup properly is going to help take some of the weight off that front suspension as we haul down the road. You have the reinforcement bar that is going to go across the front between our two arms: that is going to give us good support, so as we pull we are not squeezing in on the front of our vehicle frame here. It is constructed using a heavy duty steel, offers a black powder coat finish, so we should not have to worry about rust and corrosion for a long time. To begin our installation, we are going to have two bolts located right here inside the lip, just inside from out headlight. We will need a 7 millimeter socket here, and we want to get them removed on both sides. We want to hang on to these, because we will be replacing them later.

Now, we are going to move into our wheel well area. We have got two push fasteners, these are like put Christmas tree fasteners we are going to go out. Right up here above, is another 7 millimeter headed bolt. Now we are going to do that over on the passenger side. Now we are going to come just in front of our tire, and we have got two more of those push fasteners here that we will need to remove: one here, and one here.

Alright, let's do that on our passenger side. Now, with an extra set of hands, we are going to start pulling from the corner here where our fascia meets our vendor. Just kind of pull down and out on it, you can will see our clips are going to start separating here. Come over here around the headlight housing, and we will have the same style clips. Now we just want to gently pull out a little bit, and we need to look here at our lights on the corner; there is going to be a little fastener here, we are going to get that unplugged. Also, here in the middle, we're going to have a temperature sensor; we are going to get that separated. Now we are ready to put our facial over out of the way and somewhere safe. Now we are ready to put our fascia over somewhere out of the way and safe. Now we are ready to the bumper beam out of the way, or the bumper brace here. 13 millimeter socket is what we are going to need, and we have got one, two, and three bolts on each side here to pull out. I'm just going to leave one loosely started there, so it will support this side while we take the bolts out of the other side. Then we can put this guy aside. Now, we want to bring our base plate in now, get it positioned. We want to bring it below the bumper supports there, and then we will raise it up. It is a good idea to have yourself an extra set of hands, so they can hold this in position for you while you get it clamped in place, and also get the side plates put in. The plate's going to go right down in our gap here, just like that - we want to put one on each side. Make sure we have got our holes aligned there, and now we are going to use a couple of clamps to just clamp that base plate into position. It is not terribly heavy, so we are not going to be holding up six hundred pounds or anything, you just want to have enough pressure on there to keep it in place. Now you will see here on the bottom of our base plate, we are here on the driver side, there is going to be two holes: one here, one here. Those are going to act as our lower attachment point on each side of the vehicle. We need to drill those out, but as you can see, the smalls panel is in the way a little bit. It is just a couple of push pin fasteners and one screw, so I am going to take this out on both sides. While that is not in the instructions, I feel like it will make our job a little bit easier here. We got our 7 millimeter screw there; with these, you just want to pull that center core out. Once we have got that out, the fastener will come with it. As you can see, that is already going to give us some wiggle room here. I have got one more of those push pin fasteners right up here, and then right in behind this panel. Then you see, that will give us some room, kind of flex it out of the way to get to those hole locations. Now, we went to grab our 13/32 drill bit, and we can get those taken care of. Now with our holes drilled out, it is time to grab one of our nut plates, you can see it is in a wire. I am going to feed that right up in the lower hole here, and I want to move that back so it is in-line, right above the hole that we have created here. On all the bolts and hardware that we put in, we are going to be using red Loctite, so be sure to have that. We will just get that aligned, and we are going to thread it in. Let's do the same thing for our other hole location there. Now you see we put bends in our wire, and what I do is I just kind of hold my nut plate up there, and I see where my opening is. I want my bend to be pretty close to that opening; that is going to allow me to get it up in, and place it over top. I always like to start with some level, like that. I usually put a bend down here in the bottom, just to give me something to hold onto. Then, that needs to go right up in the same spot there. Alright, now we are ready to get our bolts snug down; we will need a 9/16. Once we have got those snug, we will want to look in our instructions, find our torque specifications, and it torque them down appropriately. Now, what I like to do is grab my excess here with a pair of pliers, I am just going to push up and down on it. If we flex it enough, it will break and come out. Just like that. You can also tuck them up inside the frame, or you can cut them off, but that might promote rattling down the road. Now, we are going to get our three holes drilled on the inside section here, and we are going to be using a 13/32 drill bit. This one is going to be fairly straightforward to get to, the other two we are going to have to use a longer drill bit of the same size, and kind of drill in on an angle, so you want to keep that in mind. Alright, now with all of our holes drilled out, it is time for us to get our nut plates installed on here. Alright, now with them all started, we are going to snug them down, and then get these torqued as well. Now we will head to the passenger side, and do the same thing there. At this point with the fascia still off of the vehicle, it is an excellent time to get anything mounted that you are going to need for your braking system. In our case, we are going to be using a breakaway switch; we have got a monitor wire that we are going to be running out of the front, just so when we get our fascia back on, it is already going to be in place. Alright, now it is time to get our permanent safety cables installed. These are going to go up and around the main portion of our frame here. See, we are going to run it straight up. We want to make sure that we are not pinching any delicate wires, like over here is our horn; we certainly do not want it to interfere there, cause any issues there. Remember, this panel is going to be fit up right into this area, so we want it to have room there. Now, we want to take a click link, put it down through our attachment point there, and we will start threading it up. Now we just want to ensure that we are not going to have any issues with rubbing, or anything like that here in the area of that hose. We will get it zip-tied down here at the bottom, and then also up to this bracket up here. Alright, that should keep it pulled back out of the way, but still have a really good attachment for you. Now as we put this panel back up, of course we are going to have a little bit of interference here where that cable is. We can just snip out an area with a utility knife there to cut off that tab. Slide our panel back up into place, slide in our fastener. Then, we can just re-secure this with the attachment points we removed earlier. Now, we are ready to get our bumper put back into the position. I just like to get one bolt started on each side, hold it in place, and then we will get the rest of them in. Let's snug these down; that will keep it from coming off or coming out of position, and we can get these started. Alright, and we will just grab our 13 millimeter, get it in place for these; you will need an extension, 3 or 6 inch will work fine. Now, we can grab our breakaway switch bracket; we are going to mount this in here pretty close to our wiring so it is pretty easy to get to. I am going to go right about this area; we can use the provided self-tapping screw to get it secured. I am going to use this bracket so it steps towards the rear of the vehicle. We are going to be mounting bracket kind of in this area, so let's just mark that out. We use a center punch to get a nice area there for us to drill in. Now, we will just take a small drill bit and make a pilot hole there, make it easier for our self-tapper to go through. Alright, that will give us a nice secure spot to mount it. Alright, now we are ready to test fist the fascia here; let's just hold it up in position, kind of get an eyeball on everything. Take a look under here: looks like everything is going to fit in there pretty well. We will just want to pull out a little bit and connector our wiring harnesses. Alright, right at the top of our fascia where we did disconnect that temperature sensor, as you can see there is a small hole there. I removed the sensor, and what I need to do is bring my hole over this way just a little bit. That will allow us to relocate that out of the way of our removable arm socket. Then, we will just slide that in that new hole that we created, and get our fascia installed. Then, we will just kind of push in at our joints, get everything to click back into position there. Once we are happy with the way our fascia fits, we will get our screws put back in. The one with the larger washer will go on the top, the one with the smaller one goes on the bottom. We will do the same thing on the other side. We are going to put our 7 millimeter screw at the top, and then our push fasteners in. We will go over to the other side and do the same thing there. Now, we will get out two push fasteners put in the bottom here on each side. You have to kind of hold down, kind of give that one a wiggle as you do it. When we hook up to tow bar, we are going to want our removable arms in place. You can see it is designed to work with the three-tab arms here. You just want to slide that out until we get those holes lined up. Be sure that the up arrow is facing up, and we can secure it with either a pin, or these are locking pins, which are really nice, and really smart. It is a pretty good investment, and having that lock is going to prevent your tow bar from being removed from your removable arm, and also your remove arm from being removed from the vehicle. It is pretty nice there, do the same thing on the other side. Ready to get our wiring plugged down here: just lift up our cap, and get it slid in. Alright, now we cannot get forget about our breakaway switch. It is very important that our breakaway switch actually connect to either the hitch itself, or the frame. We do not want it connected to our safety cable, so we will connect it right there under our safety chain point connection point on the hitch. Finally, our safety cable is here; those with slide into the connection point on our base plate. Now, we are ready to place our vehicle in tow mode. Once we have it in tow mode, when we drive away, we want to make an S-shaped pattern, that way it is going to extend out our arms and lock them into the towed position. We start turning a little bit to the right; once we hear that lock-out, turn a little bit to the left. Once that is locked out, we are ready to hit the road. Now with our fascia back in place, that is going to complete the installation of the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit with removable arms. Part number BX 1692 on our 2011 Chevrolet HHR.

Customer Reviews

Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms - BX1692

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (557 Customer Reviews)

This strong and durable base plate kit is custom designed to fit your Chevrolet HHR. The hidden reinforcements, along with the removable bracket arms, provide a clean, unobtrusive look when your car is not being towed.

- BX1692

by: Sam12/23/2014

You just can't get any better service. I received my order in 2 days, The spring loaded pin on one adapter was missing. I called etrailer, they called Blue Ox, its in the mail. Great web site, easy to navigate 166706

- BX1692

by: Jim09/18/2015

Tori b was a great help with my order. It arrived on Wednesday and I installed it on Thursday. Next week I will be ordering my tow bar. Thanks for great service. 226213

- BX1692

by: Phil P.01/23/2017

Installed myself with the help of u tube. It took a few hours but it is an extra car so there was no rush. 334575

- BX1692

by: Greg11/18/2016

Easy to fit. Makes the car look normal when the pins are pulled from the base plate. 317676

- BX1692

by: JW08/17/2016

Quick shipping and great communication and follow up 284839

- BX1692

by: Bob S.08/03/2012

Arrived in a timely manner. Great service! 50380

- BX1136

by: Roy07/24/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I ordered all the parts required to safely flat tow out 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk from The only part they didn't have was the Mopar Flat Tow Enhancement kit Jeep requires to flat tow this model. Ordering from them was great, the website is easy to use and I was able to locate all the pieces compatible with my specific vehicle. The expert recommendations help my decision choosing the right parts. I ordered from ETrailer even though I found some of the parts on other websites a little cheaper. I chose to pay a little more because of all the effort ETrailer has put into installation videos and guides. I was very pleasantly surprised to learn from ETrailer that they have a price match guarantee! So my equipment consisted of the following Mopar Flat Tow Enhancement Kit (from Jeep) Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles Mighty Cord 7-Way RV Style Trailer Connector - Trailer End WesBarg 7-Way, RV-Style Connector w/ 6' Long Coiled Cable Trailer End Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV Blade-Style Trailer Socket - Vehicle End Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit for Towed Vehicles SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System Roadmaster Brake-Lite Relay Kit for Towed Vehicles Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar - Motor Home Mount - 6,500 lbs Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms Blue Ox Tow Bar Cover - Aladdin, Aventa LX, Aventa II The installation videos are great but not all inclusive. Take the time to read the instructions that come with the parts. This is a major project, I took about 30 hrs over a full week but as you'll see in the pictures I took s few extra steps to make a cleaner look. Some of those extra steps: The base plate install requires the bumper be modified cutting off a flange on each side, I spray painted this to prevent corrosion. In the install video of the baseplate on the drivers side they use an extra quick link (not included) to run the safety cable around the wiper fluid reservoir. I took the time to remove it and run the safety cable behind it. I didn't want our nice new vehicle to look like it can be towed so I played the brake away switch and 7 way trailer plug behind the license plate, so when not being towed our vehicle looks great! Some things to be aware of. The Brake air cylinder that mounts to the brake pedal with four bolts may need longer bolts, it did on our Jeep. Spend the money for weather tight heat shrink crimp fittings. The Hopkins wire harness was about 1.5 feet short to get to my plug location. Buy extra zip ties, electrical tape and split loom. I recommend reading all the various installation manuals and watching all the videos because the various components integrate together and if you install one at a time you'll be doing a bunch of extra work. The brake light relay is a real pain in the butt, not because of the hardware but because of the location of the brake light switch which is very hard to get to. Overall I am very happy with the products and how the installation looks. We haven't towed it yet but do not expect any problems. 410274

- BX1689

by: Rick & Debbie03/31/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

First we want to rate etrailer service- it was excellent! Items arrived on time. The video on the web was very helpful & Blue Ox sent good instructions in the box. The installation went well, completed in 3 days. Couple of points on the instructions/install; On the bumper fascia you will have to do a LOT of trimming, and it's a matter of trying to get it back on, numerous times. Also once you finally get it trimmed to fit with base plate installed, snapping in the fascia is not easy, it's push & shove to get it back on. The only other issue is getting those hex nuts screwed into the bolts, there is very little room to work & you have to get the nut lined up EXACTLY before the screw will fit. We painted the one side of it white to see it through the drilled holes better, you will also need someone to hold a flashlight while the other person tries to get it bolted on. Then you have to be ready to put the locktite on before the nut slips out of place. Patience, patience, patience!!! Luckily my husband has lots of it - he read & reread the instructions before he started-had all his tools lined up & then went to it - I just kept my mouth shut & held the flashlight & helped him with the bumper fascia. He is out in the garage now installing the wiring harness. We had to wait to order the receiver hitch (10") until the base plate was installed & we could line it up with our RV & figure the difference (2012 Chevy Equinox). We live in Prescott AZ & hope to leave for a trip to the Grand Canyon & Santa Fe New Mexico in about a week. 73518


Hi Patrick - thanks for the follow up....we are very satisfied with theitems we purchased from

-- comment by: Rick - 04/03/2014


- BX2258

by: Carl V.07/08/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

This heavy kit was packaged very well and arrived in great condition. I appreciated how this was mostly a bolt-on affair; the only "major" issue that I had to take care of was some factory holes in the bumper support tubes that didn't line up with the base plate, but that was easily and quickly taken care of with a 1/2" drill bit. Do yourselves a favor and watch etrailer's installation video multiple times if you plan on doing the installation yourself. The installation manual that came with the base plate isn't as clear as I would've liked. Note the torque specs for the particular fasteners and compare the packing list with what you received. Otherwise, go off of etrailer's video. If you're not towing the car the base plate all but disappears once you remove the tabs. I ended up spray painting the two bolts that fasten the 6-pole connector to the base plate black so it blends in even more. After about 2,100 miles of flat towing the CR-V over the course of 2 weeks in the Western US with a whole bunch of climbs and curves I can comfortably say that this base plate is solid. 402888

- BX2232

by: Baluga Bob07/17/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Baseplate Installation: I called several RV and trailer hitch centers. Parts and installation ranged from $2,050 to $2,200! Yikes! I read many installation reviews that concerned me about installing this tow bar myself on my 2003 Honda CRV. One reviewer took over 7 hours; some gave up. Yet, some reviewer didn't have difficulties. I view eTrailer's install video on a 2003 Honda Element, similar to the CRV; didn't seem all that difficult, but it's what you don't see that can be the problem. Received the tow bar before the expected delivery date! Read the instruction; watch the video again, and said, what the heck. Before I started, I purchased a new, high-quality 13/32" bit, Locktite (red), and six push rivets from Honda (I figured I break a few, and I did, and some were missing). Working slowly and reading the instructions, I had the front end off in 45 min (Steps 1-4). Removed the metal bumper, drilled and set frame support bolts, and removed the bumper flange in an hour (Steps 5-8). I did grind smooth and primer the removed flange area (photo). My 86 y.o. father-in-law help me with the baseplate attachment. Took our time; did a dry fit to see how the receivers fit through the grill; drilled, set bolts, and safety cable; all in less than an hour (Steps 9-11). I stood back and couldn't believe it was installed; what did I miss? Nothing. Reassembled the front end. Didn't have to cut the grill. I am most pleased. 212462



Rebecca O - 07/16/2016


- BX2514

by: Christopher S.08/23/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

The Blue Ox base plate fit perfectly. It was not what I would consider an "easy" installation, as it was a bit difficult to gain access to the OEM tie down bolts that hold this base plate in position. I have years of experience with Miatas and as such, was familiar with the underbody panels that needed to be removed and/or loosened to get to the bolts. Not sure that a "newbie" would know just what and where to go with it all. Overall a fine product, already towed the Miata with this baseplate and a Blue Ox Adventurer tow bar. Smooth and safe towing. Happy with the purchase, the price, and the quick shipping. If or when I need additional towing equipment, will be at the top of my list. Only point that I have a bit of an issue with is: When I ordered up this base plate, the tow bar, and the Roadmaster lighting kit, and spoke with a customer service rep, I asked if there was ANYTHING else I needed to order to be ready to tow. I was told "No, you've got it all." That is not the case. The safety cables in the base plate package are NOT to hook up the towed vehicle to the towing vehicle, rather to connect the base plate to some frame members on the towed vehicle. That was not made clear to me at all. I had to go out and source some safety cables/chains in order to hook up and go. I could have easily added those to my original order and saved a bit of trouble right at the last minute. Not a huge issue luckily at the time, but an inconvenience just when I needed less of such. Not enough of an issue to really downgrade my experience with, but somebody there needs to make their sales people aware of what the bits and pieces in the packages are for. 221247

- BX2258

by: Tall Paul09/16/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Great product. Well designed and easy to install. Only difficulties during the installation are those plastic fasteners on vehicle-- suggest buying about six to have on hand for re-installation, as no matter how careful you are ...plastic is plastic, if you know what I mean. Very informative installation video that will assist anyone thinking of buying or installing this unit. If you're handy with tools, go for it! Note: I took the text from the video and created a simple instruction "list" for buddy and I to follow along, to be ensure we didn't miss any steps as pictures on actual instructions were not too useful. Also, the baseplate comes with a nice step bracket for easy break-away switch mounting, which was a plus. 225837


ETrailer customer service rocks!Thank you for the follow-up.To date, base plate was installed using your VERY helpful tutorials andvideo clips, which saved me cost of installation.No towing as of yet... baseplate was installed as pre-plan to pendingretirement.Thanks

Tall P - 09/21/2016


- BX1119

by: Mike08/04/2016

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Easy installation. Great product 279815

- BX2258

by: Tall Paul09/16/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Great product. Well designed and easy to install. Only difficulties during the installation are those plastic fasteners on vehicle-- suggest buying about six to have on hand for re-installation, as no matter how careful you are ...plastic is plastic, if you know what I mean. Very informative installation video that will assist anyone thinking of buying or installing this unit. If you're handy with tools, go for it! Note: I took the text from the video and created a simple instruction "list" for buddy and I to follow along, to be ensure we didn't miss any steps as pictures on actual instructions were not too useful. 225836


ETrailer customer service rocks!Thank you for the follow-up.To date, base plate was installed using your VERY helpful tutorials andvideo clips, which saved me cost of installation.No towing as of yet... baseplate was installed as pre-plan to pendingretirement.Thanks

Tall P - 09/21/2016


- BX2628

by: Jim C12/25/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Videos did a great job of educating me for this install. Have done this before on a different car. Product and service could not have been better. 166917

- BX1126

by: Chuck S.05/26/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Great base plate - -super service from etrailer. Couple of hints, at least for install on a 2012 Wrangler Unlimited: 1) the phillips push pins that hold the belly pan on come out best with a light touch on the driver. I buggered up 2 figuring that out. 2) the plate seems to be too narrow to fit, but with a rubber mallet and some persuasion, it will. 3) Use a corded drill for the holes into the frame. My 19.2 volt didn't have the grunt to get it done even with swapping out batteries repeatedly. 4) Directions don' t say anything about how to level the plate after the first (lower) bolt is in, but probably best to have it level or even slightly angled down or away from the grill (gives better clearance for the electric connection below the license plate frame). Wish the electrical connection had black spring return for the cover and the screws to mount it were black. Also wish Blue Ox didn't put a white part number label and the orange warning label on the FRONT, visible section of the plate. Why not the back? I installed it myself. Took half a day and 2 scraped knuckles, but not to tough of a job with the right tools. My third or fourth purchase from etrailer and all have been quick, reasonably priced, marked by good communication and respectful. Works for me! Thanks etrailer! 41767

- BX2726

by: PatD09/01/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I purchased the Blue Ox tow plate and tow bar....a friend installed the tow plate and said he was impressed. I used it twice now and seems to work great and no issues. Nice one man operation. The light kit had no instructions for the KIA Soul that I purchased it for so I sent that back. I'm not sure why it stated it was for it and had instructions or call an 800 number neither of which were correct. I like the removable tubes. I wish the tow bar had come with a cover. I've seen some covered and it looks like it protects the bat while still attached to the tow vehicle. 223345


Great! A mechanic friend installed quickly and said it wasnt too bad and it works fantastic.

Patrick P - 09/01/2016


- BX3613

by: Keith C.09/14/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Great base plate, real solid construction, thick powder coat, and all aligned well. Biggest pain to expect at install is all the plastic pop-rivets on the Subaru front bumper. The alignment and hardware was all perfect otherwise. And best of all, you can barely see the connections inside the bumper with the attachment pins removed. Great product. 225392


Thanks for reaching out. We ended up selling the car, but the base plate worked perfect for us. I really like how the car towed, just did like how it drove !We are considering our next options, so we will definitely be back with etrailer to get our next plates and tow wiring.Thanks.

Keith C - 09/14/2016


- BX2246

by: Dan Gentry10/29/2012

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

This installation obviously was not a Bolt in Ready unit, but still installed with little difficulty. The biggest obstacle was trying to figure out exactly how much to cut and where, then figure out exactly where to Base plate was to go for proper hole drilling. The illustration was less than adequate, however through process of elimnination it is on. 58299


It is still working great and I am confident I will many years of use from it. I have used etrailer for my towing needs ffor over 10 years and it has always been a good experience. I intend to use etrailer in the future.

dan g - 04/29/2014


- BX4104

by: Randy M08/25/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I thought price was a little high, but they worked very well. Fit perfectly and looked good. Came with clear installation instructions. The nuts on steel wires made it possible to slide them deep inside the frame where the support plates bolted on without any trouble. 425142

- BX2605

by: Rod S12/10/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Thank you e trailor for the excellent service. The item I ordered was out of stock but I got a phone call the same day that I ordered it saying that I could get it shipped from the factory if I wanted to speed up the shipping. Idecided to wait and did receive it about a week later which wqs OK. I picked up yesterday and had it installed yesterday. Thank you again. Rod 233524


I have used the tow vehicle with the blue ox base plate and tow bar for a year and is so easy to hitch on and off so take the vehicle even though we sometimes think we might not use the tow vehicle.

Rod S - 12/09/2016


- BX1307

by: Paul K07/30/2016

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I want to let you all know that I’m not a happy camper. After much pushing, cutting, pushing & swearing, I finally got all the screws and pushpins back in place. I expected a better fit considering how much this baseplate cost. In reassembling, the front clip was distorted enough that parts of it popped apart and I had to drill into the bumper & add some screws to get it to look normal. Then the lower drivers side black grill popped in and there is no way to get the clips to hold it in place. If this were properly designed it would have fit better. I have no idea how long before some of those fasteners will last on our nasty highways but I guess stitching it back together forever will keep me occupied. I’m not just a weekend mechanic. I’ve worked for an auto dealership, rebuilt engine & transmissions, etc. This project took me & a helper almost 8 hours to complete with no helpful feedback from BlueOx despite several phone conversations Will it work to to my Mini? Yes, but be aware that cosmetically your Mini will never be the same. 277775

- BX1118

by: Art01/23/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I received my order a day earlier than expected. Customer Service was great and they have fast shipping. The part fit just as described. I will update with pictures when I have the RV and Jeep hooked up and ready to tow. 114589


The Base Plate is working perfect on my 97 Jeep Wrangler TJ. We have used it a lot and getting ready to use it again in a few days.....heading South!!! Im glad I bought something I could trust and not just a cheaper off brand model. Blue Ox is Great quality and a good solid fit and Im still a Happy Camper!!! 5 Stars again!!!

Art - 01/23/2015


- BX2639

by: Matt D.08/11/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Received the base plate from you in record time (helped prepare for trip). INSTALLED IT TODAY AND EVERYTHING WENT GREAT! 94450


Everything is working perfectly. Fast shipping and ease of installation with provided instructs was great.

Matt D - 08/11/2014


did you install it yourself. How long did it take.What did you did you do for wiring harness

-- comment by: john - 10/01/2014


I installed myself good instructions except for horn remou ting. Took about 5-6 hours total. Ran wire harness under car to back then up to tail lights where I installed separate bulbs with sockets from auto parts store. MattD

-- comment by: Matt D - 10/02/2014


- BX1721

by: Floyd J.07/07/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

The instruction are not exactly correct for the 2015 GMC Canyon. Step 6 shows two 10 mm bold to be loosened on the Chevrolet. These are not visible on the Canyon. I was still able to remove the facia without loosening them. When it came time to reinstall the facia, I had to separate the chrome grill from the painted facia to access the two screws to loosen them. I installed the painted facia first so I could tighten the two 10 mm screw and then snapped in the chrome grill 210020


I had no problems. With base plate.

Floyd J - 07/06/2016


- BX1126

by: John M06/15/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I have now installed the following on my 2017 Wrangler: Brake light relay kit . Hopkins Towed vehicle Tail Light wiring kit. Blue Ox base plate. Blue Ox Patriot Portable RF Braking System. All of this has taken about 3 days of work spread out over a week or so. Overall it went well. Not too many surprises. Crawling around under a car at 71 is a bit of a strain but I'll get over it. I must say that Donna P. has been a wonderful source of great information and has stayed right on top of the process. eTrailer has been a great source for this project. I would recommend you all with no hesitation. 396395

- BX1648

by: Albert C.07/02/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Received your product in good timing. I have it installed as the installation was not difficult. Will be using it during my vacation which is a trek across our province. 208904


This is our second year to use your product. Just got back from a three weekvacation and used your product and find it excellent. We passed informationalong to many friends we met during that time and gave them the name of yourcompany. Thank you for the excellent service and look forward to many yearsof using the tow package

Albert C - 08/23/2016


- BX2630

by: road ranger09/11/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

installed on 2014 f-150 king ranch. it took about 1 full day to complete. the hardest part is getting a drill in position to drill the required 8, 1/2 inch holes. (angle drill works best) I think the unit is over built considering each side is bolted on with 7, 1/2 inch diameter bolts. instructions aren't the best I've ever seen but if you study them you can get the job done. VERY HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE FROM 150666


works great. towed the truck several times with no problems

road r - 09/12/2015


- BX1976

by: Vince L03/04/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Rock solid hitch. I was impressed with its heaviness and structure. I agree it is surprisingly easy to install and should take 20 minutes after getting it out of the box and all the tools ready. Although I did it by myself, it really is a two person job since one needs to hold it in place while the other puts in the bolts. The color pictures made it a no-brainer as far as instructions go --- very nice touch that I wish other companies would do. Unfortunately, I ran into a big problem that I hadn't expected and everyone should anticipate. It added two hours to the job. After years of being exposed to the elements, the threaded bolt holes in my 2010 Jeep frame were very rusty. After using PB Blaster and a tiny wire brush, I was finally able to install the bolts with a whole lot of brute force and a 4' breaker bar! Of course, this does not reflect on the product in any's really an impressive piece of hardware. By the way, no one beat etrailer's price. 176917

- BX1126

by: Steve S.05/24/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

received the plate installed it in less than three hours, have yet to hook it up though. Great , fast shipping! The only issue were the cheap plastic push pins on the shield of the Jeep. 81899


8000 miles and still tight! When we get there rest assured the frame will make it!

Steve S - 05/24/2014


- BX2635

by: Lew Lane03/27/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I ordered the BX2635 for my 2016 Ford F-150 4X4. The product arrived as expected, with all of the items needed to attach the base to the Truck, including safety cables. Once installed, the Blue Ox base and tow bar system worked flawlessly. I just took it on a 600 mile test run out to California and back (to Phoenix) with no issues. (I also used the Blue Ox Patriot Braking System). Be sure to pay attention to the height of your tow vehicle receiver, and your towed vehicle (dinghy) hook height. The heights must match within 3 inches. I needed to buy a step down, that lowered my RV's receiver by 10 inches. Installation was exactly as described in eTrailer's video. The videos that eTrailer provides are first rate, and are extremely helpful for do-it-yourselfers. The eTrailer installation videos are one more reason why I'm a loyal eTrailer customer. My 5-star rating applies to both the Blue Ox system and the eTrailer customer service. 359286

- BX1706

by: Rick06/19/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Installed base plate , the video was very helpfull and the job took me eight hours . I took my time . Seems good ,will test run soon. 396376

- BX2656

by: Keith N01/31/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Ok, after researching many available tow plates I found this one as it had videos on how to install it on my vehicle. My installation took a little longer only because I did it by myself and didn't have the advantage of a hydraulic lift to maneuver my car up and down and I still had it on properly within 6 hours(I think they took 3 1/2 in the video). Just gather ALL the things you need before you start and you can have pretty clear sailing. A good power drill is a must, cordless just don't have the torque you'll need. The installations instructions are clear and concise and just follow them or do what i did and take your laptop out to the garage and play the video step by step. This product has been on for a year and I have no regrets or problems, the only thing I can think of is where the tow pins insert the holes have some rust around them but it is only surface contact. It works the way it is supposed to. 337184

- BX1126

by: Cecil Clark11/25/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Etrailer had the right base plate for my 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the video was wonderfully helpful. Took about 3-4 hours but I was taking my time to be accurate. Cutting the belly pan is "high pucker" but measure twice cut once. I used a Dremel tool to cut and drew my cut lines on masking tape. 232541

- BX1710

by: Howard L12/22/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

The base plate installation was easy to install after getting everything removed that is necessary to get the existing tow hooks removed. I had a similar base plate on a 2008 Silverado that I had also installed so was almost the same. The photos in the Installation booklet could be a bit more clear. Had a hard time making out some of the details there so wnet to the Blue Ox website and opened the Instalation PDF there and photos were easier to see. Overall was what I was expecting and very satisfied 110844

- BX2233

by: Michael03/10/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Excellent, high-quality product, good instructions. Shipped fast. Had to trim and massage during the install a bit more than expected to get everything to fit back together, but end result was fine. Approx 4 hrs for install, with average mechanical ability. A helper makes the install MUCH easier. 69843

- BX1122

by: Robert L08/17/2016

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I am very pleased with the service, shipping and product quality of my recent purchase...a "Blue Ox" baseplate for out 2007 Jeep Liberty. The online installation video was instrumental in my self was much easier than I could have imagined. Final results look great and no doubt saved $$$$ doing it myself. As this will be towed behind our motorhome, I also purchased and installed the tow wiring harness. Again, the installation video made this very easy. Customer service was very helpful in making sure I ordered the correct products for our Jeep. Everything was shipped out the same day. From order to install took only 4 days. I would highly recommend eTrailer! 284853


Base plates performing well. Tows behind our motorhome with ease. Thanks for the follow-up!

Robert L - 11/03/2017


- BX2636

by: JIMMY C.09/04/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

My first buying from etrailer was grate fast service and was delivered earlier than expected it was necessary to make some adjustment that was not in the direction. It was necessary to spread apart the arms 3/4 in to make them fit my 2013 ford flex every thing else work grate 428646

- BX2805

by: Rex08/20/2014

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Delivered quickly. Very easy to install, replaces factory sub-bumper, and honestly about 3 times more rugged. spacers shown in picture are already there behind factory bumper. A lift or ramps are helpful, as car is very low to the ground. took about 1 1/2 hours total. Hint: after removing nose, remove grill separately if possible, then after installation, you can replace nose totally, then get better idea where to trim grill and snap it into place 147716

- BX2198

by: Joe S09/22/2017

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

This base plate is a very good product with easy to follow installation instructions. I did run into minor difficulties installing, but overcame them with ease. These included the removal of the front fascia. There were more pushpins than were identified, plus I had a problem removing the fascia from the wheel-well once all the tabs were removed. I ended up removing the headlights for a better view of the problem and removal of the two tabs on both sides, as the fascia did not want to easily pull away from the fastener as in the instructions. It turned out that some dirt and grime was not letting it pull apart as expected. This would have been between steps 5 & 6. A person with some basic mechanical experience can easily install this base-plate. Looking forward to using this product to tow my small truck behind our RV in the coming months! 435487

- BX2639

by: Reggie08/29/2016

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I am happy with the quality of the base plate kit. Once installed, it is hardly noticeable. This is my second install of a Blue Ox base plate. This one on a Ford C-max and the last on a Saturn Vue. I did the install myself on both. The Saturn Vue was a much more complex install, but was better documented. I found that the detailed instructions assumed that you knew more about the vehicle than I did, which resulted in some difficulty in removing the front fascia. Also found that instructions to trim some plastic parts to refit the windshield washer tank would have resulted in removing the top support of that tank. Also, relocating the horn was difficult as it appears the 2016 horn is different than previous years. Other that that, I would still rate this as a moderately difficult install that a 'home' mechanic could do in a day. 288790

- BX1110

by: Gale S.07/12/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I am absolutely happy with the quick order response and quick delivery of this base plate kit. The base plate and hardware show excellent quality and workmanship. I'm pleased! 89232


The base plate has preformed flawlessly, we towed our Jeep Cherokee about 11,500 miles during a 5 month trip we experienced one Emergency Stop without a problem.

Gale S - 07/16/2014


- BX1126

by: Alan B.12/30/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

My third Blue Ox Base Plate. Fit and function are perfect. Fits my existing (first) tow bar and the tab height is nearly exactly the same as my 12 year older Jeep so didn't even need to make any draw bar changes. 111481


Still attached and working perfectly. Continues to survive some rather intense back country trails with no complaints.

Alan B - 12/30/2014


- BX1721

by: James A.06/01/2016

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

I believe I found a really good deal with this company. What I liked best was how user-friendly the site was in narrowing down the parts that I needed. It was like the items were "tailored" for my vehicle. The FAQ was instrumental in showing me what I needed to purchase for my Motorhome to be able to flat tow my 2016 GMC truck. Their prices were competitive. Everything came as ordered. One suggestion is to give the customer a time-line that is a little more specific as to the time it actually takes to gather the parts and leaves for shipment rather than sending a general, vague initial email that order was going to the warehouse. That said, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the shipment in less time than expected. I would highly recommend this vendor, as they were referred to me by a friend. Thanks Etrailer! 255310

- BX1136

by: Ervin04/28/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Great product it needed to be modified as it was in the video. I hope they will correct that. That took some time to do the Mod. After MOD it fits nice and looks good also. 188661


This product is awesome and very well made. Etrailer is the best to deal with and they have the the best advice for most applications. Thank you

Ervin - 04/27/2016


- BX2238

by: Wally B.02/18/2016

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Installation was pretty easy, I took my time, 5hrs, that includes going to the store to buy #8 bolts and nuts for them. I installed this base plate on a 2006 honda crv AWD and I saw no need for the nuts that they supply with the 14" wire attached to them. I just used regular nuts, the access to the nuts was not that bad and did not slow me down. If I had to do it again I could probably do it in 2hrs or so. 238049

- BX1636

by: Paul B05/14/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

The base plate fit perfectly,however the instructions were a little ambigious(remove the bolt from the front tire?). Everything went well and overall I am very happy with the base plate. 192947


Awesome! I love the fact that it does not protrude out from the grill. Not too difficult to install and works flawlessly!

Paul B - 05/27/2016


- BX1689

by: Chris H11/25/2013

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

This baseplate is very well made and sturdy. I would rate it excellent but for 2 flaws: 1. My vehicle has a power steering cooler which the instructions say to relocate on the supplied brackets. Relocating as instructed puts excessive strain on the connecting hoses. I had to cut the pipes and add about 3 inches of rubber hose to the power steering cooler to make it fit comfortably. 2. Blue Ox do not provide any kind of support outside office hours. This type of product is typically installed by the user over a weekend and BO should provide support to their customers during this time. Overall, I would rate ease of install at 5 (out of 10) excluding the cooler issue. Hook up to the completed baseplate is a breeze. We have the Aventa II towbar which takes about 2 minutes to connect. 108372

- BX3619

by: Kevin Dullea06/29/2016

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

The install went great, I have all the tools and expertise from past experience. Instructions were great. Didn't have to trim the shroud at all. Took about two hours. Can't wait to hour the road! 266170

- BX1656

by: Bryan S.05/17/2015

Review from a similar Blue Ox Standard in Base Plates

Installation was quick and very simple, the directions were very clear - it took me less than an hour and 1/2. The best part is that it's hardly even noticeable. 193820


Everything is working as it should, we are very happy with our Blue Ox Base Plate purchase. Its actually the 3rd different vehicles.

Bryan S - 06/17/2016

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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2007 Chevy HHR Behind a Motor Home
  • I looked up an online version of the owners manual for a 2007 Chevy HHR and found that it can be flat towed. It gives the following steps: First set the parking brake. Then turn the ignition key to ACC to unlock the steering wheel. Next shift into neutral. Then release the parking brake. You also have to pull fuse 8 from the floor console fuse block to prevent draining the battery. The manual also states to not exceed 65 miles per hour. Any time you ever have a flat towing question, you...
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  • Flat Towing Setup for a 2006-2011 Chevy HHR
  • The Blue Ox Base Plate kit part # BX1692 that you referenced is confirmed to fit 2006-2011 Chevy HHRs as long as they aren't the SS model. You will need several other components to flat tow your vehicle though. For a tow bar I would recommend the Blue Ox Alpha # BX7365. This tow bar comes with coiled safety cables. For lighting you can use the magnetic kit, # TL21RK, and not have to worry about cutting and splicing into the vehicle wiring. And finally, most states now require...
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  • Torque Specifications and Grade of Hardware of Blue Ox # BX1692 Base Plate Kit for 2008 Chevy HHR
  • According to the installation instructions, the mounting bolts included with the BX1692 base plate kit are all grade 5. You can confirm this by looking at the head of the bolts. If the bolt has 3 hash marks on it, it is a grade 5 bolt. 6 hash marks would indicate a class 8 bolt. Page 1 of the instructions has a table on it listing the correct torque specs according to the diameter and grade of fastener. According to Blue Ox, only using one of the spacers mentioned in step # 5 of...
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  • Recommendation For Base Plate Kit on 2011 Chevrolet HHR to Fit Demco Aluminator Tow Bar
  • I would recommend the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit, part # 3141-1, and the Roadmaster Base Plate Adapter, part # RM-033, to be able to use the Demco Aluminator tow bar on your 2011 Chevrolet HHR. You will also need the Roadmaster Tow Bar Quick Disconnect Kit, part # RM-201. This setup will allow you to flat tow your 2011 Chevrolet HHR with your Demco tow bar. To flat tow your HHR you will also need safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking. For safety cables I recommend the...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2009 Chevy HHR Behind a Motor Home with Blue Ox Aladdin Tow Bar
  • Yes, your Blue Ox Aladdin tow bar # BX4325 will work with Blue Ox base plates # BX1692 for your 2009 Chevy HHR. If you do not already have safety cables you can add some using # RM-643. In addition to the tow bar, cables, and base plates, you will also need a lighting solution and supplemental braking if you don't have those things already. For lighting you can use a simple magnetic kit such as # C-ATL20A or for a more permanent solution I recommend diode kit # RM-154 which plugs...
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  • How to Flat Tow a 2007 Chevy HHR Behind a Motor Home with a Blue Ox Aventa Tow Bar
  • Yes, the Aventa tow bar is compatible with the Blue Ox base plates # BX1692 on your Chevy HHR. In addition to the tow bar and base plates, you will need safety cables, # BX88196, if you do not already have some. For lighting you can use a simple magnetic kit such as # C-ATL20A. Or you can use a kit that plugs in line with the vehicle tail light wiring, # HM56100. It looks like you will need to pull fuses to flat tow your HHR. Check the owners manual to confirm. To make this process...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 2006 Chevy HHR
  • Since there isn't a recommended bulb and socket kit for flat towing wiring for your 2006 Chevy HHR I wouldn't recommend one of the Blue Ox accessory kits like part # BX88229 that you referenced. For flat towing your vehicle you would want to first start with a base plate kit. For a Blue Ox kit the part # BX1692 would fit and work well. In addition to the base plates, you will also need a compatible tow bar, safety cables, lighting, and supplemental braking to flat tow your vehicle....
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  • Parts Needed to Install the Blue Ox Patriot Portable Braking System in a 2011 Chevrolet HHR
  • You will not need any additional parts to install the Blue Ox Patriot Portable Braking System, # BRK2016, in your 2011 Chevrolet HHR. If you are using a tail light wiring harness that uses the vehicles tail lights and your brake lights come on when the ignition is off, then you will need a brake light relay, like part # RM-88400, which will prevent your vehicles brake lights from overriding the turn signals sent from the tow vehicle. To avoid needing a brake light relay, I recommend...
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  • Do Mounting Pins Come with the 2011 Chevy HHR Blue Ox Base Plate Kit
  • All of the mounting brackets and pins that you see in the product pictures for the part # BX1692 that you referenced come with the kit. The removable arms that attach to the base plate kit come with it as well.
    view full answer...

  • Installation Instruction Link for Roadmaster EZ4 Base Plates on a 2014 Honda CR-V
  • Yes, we do have the instructions for the EZ4 base plates # RM-521567-4 for your 2014 Honda CR-V. I have included a link to them here. There is also a link to them from their product page. And I have included a link to a video showing installation that should also help.
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  • Tow Bar To Store On 2008 HHR That Is Compatible With Blue Ox Base Plates
  • I could not find your invoice based on your email to confirm, but you most likely have the Blue Ox Base Plate Kit - Removable Arms # BX1692 with a distance between brackets of 22 inches. I reached out to my contact at Blue Ox and was able to confirm that the Blue Ox Allure Tow Bar - Pintle Style - A-Frame - Car Mount - 10,000 lbs # BX7460P will work if you have a pintle hitch or the Blue Ox Acclaim Tow Bar - A-Frame - Car Mount - 5,000 lbs # BX4330 will work with a 2 inch coupler to mount...
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