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Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights - 20' Wiring Harness with 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector

Item # TL21RK

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optronics tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle magnetic mount heavy duty lights - 20' harness with 4-way flat trailer connector
optronics tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle removable tail light kit heavy duty magnetic lights - 20' harness with 4-way flat trailer connector
optronics tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle universal tl21rk
optronics tow bar wiring removable tail light kit universal tl21rk
optronics tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle universal heavy duty magnetic lights - 20' harness with 4-way flat trailer connector
optronics tow bar wiring removable tail light kit universal
optronics tow bar wiring removable tail light kit magnetic mount tl21rk
optronics tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle removable tail light kit heavy duty magnetic lights - 20' harness with 4-way flat trailer connector
optronics tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle universal tl21rk
optronics tow bar wiring universal magnetic mount tl21rk
optronics tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle magnetic mount
optronics tow bar wiring bypasses vehicle removable tail light kit

In Use/Installed

tow bar wiring optronics universal magnetic mount tl21rk
tow bar wiring optronics bypasses vehicle magnetic mount in use
tow bar wiring optronics removable tail light kit universal tl21rk
tow bar wiring optronics removable tail light kit magnetic mount tl21rk
tow bar wiring optronics removable tail light kit universal in use

  • Removable Tail Light Kit
  • Bypasses Vehicle Wiring
  • Optronics
  • Universal
  • Magnetic Mount
  • 20 Foot Long Harness
Optronics tow bar wiring for your are available from Installation instructions and reviews for your tow bar wiring. Expert service, and cheapest tow bar wiring price guarantee. carries a complete line of Optronics products. Order your Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights - 20' Wiring Harness with 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector part number TL21RK online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Optronics Tow Bar Wiring - TL21RK

Get lights for towing your vehicle without splicing into its wiring. Magnetic light kit provides a pair of stop, turn, and tail lights. Mounts using large, heavy-duty magnets for increased stability. Plugs in at rear of your motor home.


  • Light kit allows you to bypass your vehicle's wiring to provide temporary lights for your towed car
    • Can also be used as trailer lights
  • 2 Red lights act as brake, tail, and turn signal lights
  • Magnetic bases let you easily mount lights on trunk or roof of your car
    • Large, heavy-duty magnets provide excellent stability
  • Wishbone-style wiring harness can be easily routed beneath car
  • 4-Pole flat connector on harness is designed to hook up to your RV's 4-way trailer connector
  • Separate, 3' long harness with 4-way can be wired into tow vehicle or RV if no trailer connector is present
    • Includes quick-splice connectors for simple installation
  • Department of Transportation compliant


  • Wiring harness length: 20'
  • Wire length between lights: 4-1/2'
  • Separate wire with 4-way for tow vehicle: 3'
  • Bulb type: 2057 double filament
  • 3-Year limited warranty on housing and wiring only

A towed car is required by law to have functional brake and signal lights that illuminate at the same time as the brake and signal lights on the RV that is towing it. Most wiring kits require you to splice into your vehicle's electrical system to install diodes, but doing this can void your manufacturer's warranty. You also run the risk of making a mistake during installation that could result in potentially damaging electrical feedback. Magnetic tow lights eliminate this problem because they bypass your car's electrical system entirely and leave your wiring intact. Just mount the lights on your vehicle's trunk or roof with the heavy-duty magnetic bases. Then run the wiring harness up to the front of your towed car, across your tow bar, and then connect it to the 4-way flat on your motor home or tow vehicle. If your tow vehicle doesn't have a 4-way, an adapter is required.

This kit includes a 20' long wishbone-style wiring harness with a 4-way flat connector on the end. A separate 3' wiring harness with a 4-way plug can be used to install a 4-way on your tow vehicle or RV if it does not already have a trailer connector. Quick-splice connectors are included if needed. A 4-1/2' long harness connects both lights, giving you enough slack to position the lights where you want them.

TL-21RK Optronics Magnetic Mount Stop, Turn, and Tail Towing Light Kit w 20' Wiring Harness

Complete Your Tow Bar Package

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Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights - 20' Wiring Harness with 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector

Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights - 20' Wiring Harness with 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector
Optronics Tow Bar Wiring

44 reviews

Code: TL21RK

In Stock

Our Price: $38.37

  • Tow Bar Wiring
  • Bypasses Vehicle Wiring
  • Removable Tail Light Kit
  • 20 Foot Long Harness
  • Universal
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Optronics

Get lights for towing your vehicle without splicing into its wiring. Magnetic light kit provides a pair of stop, turn, and tail lights. Mounts using large, heavy-duty magnets for increased stability. Plugs in at rear of your motor home.

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Video of Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights - 20' Wiring Harness with 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Optronics Trailer Lights TL21RK Review

Today, we're going to review Part Number TL21RK. These are the Optronics Magnetic Mount Stop, Turn and Tail Towing Light Kit with the 20-foot Wiring Harness. This is a temporary magnetic towing light kit that includes the two stop and turn tail lights, the 20-foot trailer wiring harness and a stand-along three foot long four way vehicle-end connector, in case your vehicle doesnt have one. It comes with the quick connectors to attach the four-way to the vehicle if needed in the instructions. This does come with a limited three year warranty. Now, that warranty does exclude the bulbs.

It is magnetic mount, so you can just attach this to, if youre towing a vehicle, if youtr flat-towing the vehicle and you dont do it very much and you just need to use the lights a few times, you can use this magnetic mount. You can use it on the trailer if you have a trailer that doesnt have lights and you might need to use it at night. Basically, this magnetic mount, I have a piece of metal here. You can see it will attach to it and stays pretty firm to it. Its got a good pull to it, pretty hard to detach it.

You just put one of these on each side. The cord here is about four-foot, so they will spread out four-foot width. Now, I do want to show this does come with this 20-foot wiring harness. It has a trailer connector that where you plug into the vehicle-end four-way if your vehicle has one or if you attach this one to it. To give example of the brightness of the lights, I have a four-way vehicle-end connector attached to a power source.

Im going to give you an idea. Ill plug this in; we turn on the tail lights. This is what the tail lights would look like. Now, Im going turn off the overhead lights to give you an idea how bright they are in somewhat darkness. Then if you apply the brakes, as you can see, thats with the brakes and if we do a turn signal, I want to give you an idea of just the turn signal.

Thats how the turn signal would look like. Now, well go ahead and turn off or turn back on the overhead lights. That should do it for the review of the Part Number TL21RK. This is the Optronics Magnetic Mount Stop, Turn and Tail Towing Light Kit with the 20-foot Wiring Harness.

Customer Reviews

Heavy Duty Magnetic Tow Lights - 20' Wiring Harness with 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector - TL21RK

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (44 Customer Reviews)

Get lights for towing your vehicle without splicing into its wiring. Magnetic light kit provides a pair of stop, turn, and tail lights. Mounts using large, heavy-duty magnets for increased stability. Plugs in at rear of your motor home.

- TL21RK

by: Nick08/25/2012

I am using these for added visibility on the back of a large bike rack that pretty much stays on the car all the time. I do not suggest using the magnets as the only form of attachment as they are not strong enough to keep the lights attached when going over bumps. I zip-tied them to the frame of the bike rack. At first, I had them sticking out from the bottom of the rack, and they were fine until I went up a steep hill and one of the lights got knocked off on the road. These lights are extremely well-built because instead of snapping the light, the rather large zip-ties broke. The light still works great after the incident. I now have them sticking out the sides to give more ground clearance, and they seem to be doing fine. For my application, I had to replace the wire between the lights with a longer one, but that was not difficult and will not be necessary in a typical application. At least the lights are easy to disassemble to access the wiring. The only way these could be improved would be to add strong neodymium magnets and to make the red lenses screw on (instead of snapping on) for easier access to the bulbs for replacement. Otherwise, a perfect product. For the record, I did not need to use the included vehicle wiring harness or splice connectors, since my application required an electronic light controller. 53035

- TL21RK

by: Steelhead07/11/2015

works great for towing my jeep. just plug the four flat into the factory trailer wiring on the tow vehicle, set the lights on the bumper and they work perfect. the magnets are strong but the thicker the metal they are on the better they hold. steel on my bumper is thick enough for a strong hold but I tried thinner metal and the hold is weaker so you may need to add some straps 211070


one year later and still working perfect

Steelhead - 07/11/2016


- TL21RK

by: Bo01/03/2013

Everything needed for my application. Easily moved from tow dolly mount to fender of vehicle being towed. 62410


One-and-a-half years later I am still using the tow lights regularly and they still work and look great!

Bo - 07/04/2014


- TL21RK

by: Michael L.01/06/2012

I purchased a Curt hitch for my 09 CRV. I also bought a wiring harness and a set of magnetic lights for attachment to vehicles. I was able to install the hitch in less than an hour. It took me 30 minutes to connect the wiring. The lights are very simple to connect and only hook up one way. The instructions included links to videos that made the job a snap. The instructions said to put the wiring inside the car by the spare tire when not in use to preserve the connector. what a great suggestion! I did not put a single mark on the car and the hitch looks great. 29217

- TL21RK

by: Michelle08/01/2017

etrailer was easy to order from and shipping was fast. However, I ordered this specific light set to fit my standard 4-way flat connection that already exists on my trailer and did not plan on doing any wiring on my truck. Unfortunately, it does not fit. I will have to buy a converter or something I guess. I emailed them with this issue asking if this light is not a standard 4-way flat and haven't received a response. Seems to be a nice sturdy light set. Doesn't help when I can't use it, though. 413367

- TL21RK

by: Doug Q05/28/2013

Perfect, just what we needed to get our trailer home from storage so I could work on the finding the root cause for the failure of the permanent trailer lights. Now that the permanent lights have been fixed, the temporary magnetic lights are stored with the trailer sort of like a spare tire, knowing how fiddly trailer wiring can sometimes be. It's worth the small investment for the extra measure of safety in case the permanent trailer lights fail again far from home. 82108

- TL21RK

by: Jim W05/05/2017

The product itself is well made and reliable. However, I didn't realize how much the wire laying across the hood of my dinghy would move while driving. This resulted in significant buffing of the surface that required several rounds of compounding to remove. I have since moved to a wireless unit. If you plan on using this product, I would recommend running the wires under the hood or taping them down in a way that doesn't damage your dinghy's surface. 376471

- TL21RK

by: Steve S-omaha09/17/2016

After struggling with my trailer lighting system for years, I gave up and bought a portable system from etrailer. Within 5 minutes of unwrapping it, everything worked great and I am not longer spending hours trying to trouble shoot the old system. The magnets that hold the lights on the trailer are very strong, but I still use a bungy cord on each one just in case I hit a large bump in the road. Thanks etrailer, excellent product! 295763

- TL21RK

by: Amy11/27/2017

The magnets didn't stay on the car so I ended up permanently gluing them to my roof since we tow our car behind the rv full time. Had to replace the bulbs with LED bulbs since our rv tail lights couldn't supply enough voltage to the incandescent bulbs to see them in daytime. This isn't a failure of the product but rather an undiagnosed voltage problem with our rv. With those modifications I am happy with it. 455021

- TL21RK

by: Silver Bullet06/20/2015

Speed of delivery was great and the product was exactly what I expected. Surprisingly, the magnets hold really well, I was concerned the lights might fall off when I went over a large bump. The wiring was smaller/thinner grade than the wiring in my vehicle, but that did not present any issues. All in all, this was worth the small investment. Quick and easy. 205882

- TL21RK

by: Ed F06/09/2017

The product arrived quickly and was exactly as advertised. The light kit is the perfect solution for the car I tow behind my RV, but also use by itself. I like the fact that it is totally portable, mounts high up on the vehicle for good visibility and is quick and easy to install when needed. 391247

- TL21RK

by: Bill T07/08/2014

I needed to move a trailer to a location where I could troubleshoot and repair the trailer lights. Worked well, good price, and reasonable shipping cost, After I had used the lights I happened to see a similar setup at Walmart which was $10 MORE than the total I paid etrailer. 140114

- TL21RK

by: tfs07/04/2016

Strong magnets hold the lights in place even on a bouncy trailer. Lead wire length is sufficient for the average towing vehicle or trailer. My only complaint is that the wire length between the two lights needs to be a foot longer for my uses. 268014

- TL21RK

by: Neil B06/03/2015

Purchased the 10" drop/ rise receiver to make hooking up the tow bar to my jeep level. My jeep has 4" of lift on 33's and the truck is a stock 2013 dodge ram. This receiver leveled them perfectly. The light kit I purchased also works great. 200064

- TL21RK

by: Aaron P.11/19/2014

Attached to a bed extender for kayak hauling. Magnets are strong enough but used zip ties as extra security precaution. My vehicle is prewired for flat or round connection. Lights were all "plug and play" for me. Served my purpose very well. 161810

- TL21RK

by: Robert O04/17/2012

I was surprised that it was shipped as quick as it was. The lights were a better quality then I thought they would be. I will use the site when other towing accessories are needed. Thanks for the speedy service and great quality product. 37507

- TL21RK

by: Rick P10/21/2015

Product is fine. Magnetic temporary trailer lights I am going to fit to a hitch mount bike rack. As usual etrailer sets the industry standard for fast, complete customer service. So many companies could learn from you. 230437

- TL21RK

by: Bob P05/09/2017

I've bought stuff from etrailer from time to time and it was always what I thought it would be, good quality, reasonably priced, and delivered on time. I guess it's about as good as it gets. 378220

- TL21RK

by: Mike E01/31/2015

Excellent service-delivery was fast and product was exactly what I expected. Customer service was very helpful. Would highly recommend this company and will use in the future. 172008

- TL21RK

by: Doug M.04/07/2014

as always, etrailer shipped a great item very quickly. It was exactly what they stated it was. Looking forward to a road trip to take full advantage of the light kit. 124111

- TL21RK

by: velvet04/25/2016

They work great! Very strong magnets, bright lights, and plenty of wire. We use them on our utility trailer and our horse trailer! 246868

- TL21RK

by: Leroy_Q06/08/2010

Easy to use and works great Purchased in an emergency towing situation and they worked out great. Was easy to hook up and use. 3115

- TL21RK

by: John07/14/2013

Wiring not long enough to reach back of towing vehicle. Plug did not fit. Had to trim plastic okug to make it fit 89468

- TL21RK

by: Jan w.11/29/2016

Great product solved my problem when I have a wiring problem when towing. Great emergency remedy. 320627

- TL21RK

by: john m11/01/2012

products look great; the package arrived in record time too. Will definitely be a repeat customer. 58610

- TL21RK

by: R. Smith10/23/2017

Excellent service. Nice and professional salesperson (crystal s.) will order from them again! 445280

- TL21RK

by: Jimmy R02/15/2017

Great service and product. This is a great example of how companies should treat customers!! 342258

- TL21RK

by: Richard B11/17/2016

Excellent product, very good advice, fantastic attitude, fast shipping, cannot ask for more. 317626

- TL21RK

by: Mike W.07/08/2015

The trailer light kit is just what i needed and the price was right. Thanks! 210119

- TL21RK

by: M Taylor10/21/2016

Awesome lights work great for towing my jeep. Easy set up strong magnets! 309214


Still works great!

M T - 11/25/2017


- TL21RK

by: Kent W.12/16/2016

5 Stars for customer service, quick shipping, online catalog and prices! 326638

- TL21RK

by: Jon02/08/2013

Easy Transaction, quality product, super fast shipping. A+ all the way. 65455

- TL21RK

by: jim f.10/22/2013

Totally what I was hoping it would be. The magnets seem very strong. 104681

- TL21RK

by: Richard10/13/2016

Scratched the finish and tended to rotate in the wind at 60 MPH 306319

- TL21RK

by: matthew f.05/16/2017

I am satisfied with the product. It functions very well. 381122

- TL21RK

by: Roger N10/16/2014

Its exactly what I needed. Great quality, fast delivery! 156256

- TL21RK

by: scott08/27/2013

awesome product with simple plug and play install. 97127

- TL21RK

by: Edward B.05/12/2017

Works great. Easy to use. Just what I wanted. 379741

- TL21RK

by: Jim B10/06/2016

Wayne H. was very helpful in my choices. 305176

- TL21RK

by: Jerome B05/08/2017

Magnets could be a little strongers 377605

- TL21RK

by: Dan G07/28/2017

set it up and worked great 411783

- TL21RK

by: blank03/26/2015

Easy to set up and install 180954

- TL21RK

by: roger p09/09/2017


- TL21RK

by: leterfly03/03/2017

great perfect 348029


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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2017 Ford Fiesta
  • The Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit # RM-524438-5 referenced in your question is confirmed to fit your 2017 Ford Fiesta without EcoBoost. The EZ5 brackets will provide attachment points for a tow bar and the attached drawbars will remove quickly and easily. I have included the installation details for you to check out. To complete the flat-towing setup for your Ford Fiesta, you will also need a tow bar, safety cable set, lighting solution and a supplemental braking system. For a tow...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2016 Ford Fiesta Titanium Behind a Motorhome
  • We can help you with the process of researching your options in flat towing equipment for when you're ready to tow your 2016 Ford Fiesta Titanium behind a yet-to-be-acquired motorhome. We have a comprehensive article on flat towing (plus a few others concerning specific towing items) that you can review for background and to show you the options. There are indeed many options when it comes to braking systems and wiring/lighting kits and these vary considerably in price and in how invasive...
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  • Is Brake Light Relay Required for Blue Ox Patriot Braking System
  • A supplemental braking system like the Blue Ox Patriot # BRK2016 is one of the essential components for flat towing a vehicle behind a motorhome. All of the required items to flat tow are outlined in the linked overview article. Since the Patriot is wireless and portable the installation process is quite simple as compared to other braking systems. The only other electrical component needed is a 12V outlet kit # RM-9332 which provides operating power to the Patriot. If you are using...
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  • Components Needed to Flat-Tow a 2015 GMC Yukon XL With Adaptive Cruise
  • Flat towing a vehicle requires base plates, a tow bar, safety cables, a lighting/wiring kit and in most states a supplemental braking system to operate the dingy's brakes. Each of these items is detailed in the linked article. According to my contact at Blue Ox the correct base plate kit for your 2015 GMC Yukon XL with adaptive cruise is # BX1718. A tow bar that will work well with these plates is the Blue Ox Alpha Tow Bar # BX7365 which includes safety cables. You can use a magnetic...
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  • Troubleshooting Magnetic Light Kit for Blinkers Not Working Correctly
  • I would check the connector of your tow vehicle and test it for voltage with a circuit tester like our # 3808. A magnetic towing light kit like the Optronics Tow Bar Lights # TL21RK that you referenced should be able to provide any and all tail light functions when installed correctly. It sounds like the problem is in the trailer connector of your tow vehicle. Using the # 3808 you should test for voltage on the 4-way on all of the circuits to make sure that your vehicle is wire correctly....
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 4WD
  • Flat towing safely and legally requires a few components, including the tow bar, safety cables, a wiring/lighting kit, a braking system and base plates on the towed vehicle. Sometimes a wiring extension and high/low hitch adapter are needed too. The hitch adapter is required to keep the tow bar near level when it is connected; your large tires and lift may well require one of these. Please refer to the linked help articles on flat towing and hitch adapters. You'll also want to check your...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Behind RV
  • Flat towing a vehicle behind a motorhome does require the tow bar, base plates and braking system you referenced, but additional items are also needed. The linked article concerning flat towing details each of the components required, which include a tow bar, safety cables, a lighting/wiring kit of some type, a high-low hitch adapter, a wiring umbilical as well as the toad's base plates and supplementary braking system. Additional articles are included for other items. Starting with...
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  • Parts Needed to Safely Flat Tow 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Behind 2017 Winnebago View Motorhome
  • Flat towing your 2018 Subaru Crosstrek behind your Winnebago View motorhome requires essentially the same items you used for towing your older Honda vehicle. Those basic components for flat towing include a tow bar, such as your existing Blue Ox Alpha # BX7365, base plates and a braking system for the toad, safety cables, a high/low hitch adapter, and a wiring or lighting kit of some type to keep the towed car visible. All are touched on in the linked article on flat towing. At this...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow a 1994 and 1997 Jeep Wrangler Behind a Class C Motorhome
  • The Bulldog Stubby Bumper # BDW21000 is not rated for flat towing. I spoke to Bulldog about using it to flat tow and they said they haven't tested it long-term in that fashion but if the bumper is reinforced it could be used. It is confirmed to fit both the 1994 and 1997 Jeep Wranglers you have. The Bulldog Stubby bumper has 3/4 inch shackles so you can use the Roadmaster Adapters # RM-035 to connect to a tow bar. The tow bar I recommend is the Roadmaster Falcon 2 # RM-520 and safety...
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  • Installing Winch Mount & Base Plates on 2016 Jeep Wangler Unlimited 75th Anniversary
  • Blue Ox base plate kit # BX1134, which fits various versions of the 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited including your 75th edition, can be installed along with a winch mount so long as they do not share the same mounting points on the vehicle. Usually on Jeeps a winch mount will attach to the bumper beam rather than the frame where base plates attach. Flat towing requires a few specific components in addition to the base plates, such as a tow bar like the Alpha # BX7365. The linked articles...
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  • Parts Needed to Flat Tow 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 High Country
  • When your Silverado 3500 owner's manual refers to the transfer case and its neutral position this refers not to the column shifter but to either a floor-mounted manual shifter or to the dash-mounted electronic transfer case control knob. Both will have 4WD high and low settings indicated by up or down arrows and both will have a neutral position. Flat towing a vehicle like your Silverado 3500 requires a number of components, all of which are outlined in the linked article. These include...
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