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Blue Ox Fuse ByPass Switch for Towed Vehicles - 2 ATM Mini-Fuse

Blue Ox Fuse ByPass Switch for Towed Vehicles - 2 ATM Mini-Fuse

Item # BX88273
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Tow Bar Wiring
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Use this fuse-disconnect system to prep your vehicle to be towed. Simply relocate your car's fuse with this bypass and flip the integrated switch. To drive your car, just flip the switch back on. No need to remove or replace your fuse. Great Prices for the best tow bar wiring from Blue Ox. Blue Ox Fuse ByPass Switch for Towed Vehicles - 2 ATM Mini-Fuse part number BX88273 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring - BX88273

  • Fuse Bypass
  • Bypasses Vehicle Wiring
  • Engine Compartment
  • Custom
  • Blue Ox
  • Mini Fuse

Use this fuse-disconnect system to prep your vehicle to be towed. Simply relocate your car's fuse with this bypass and flip the integrated switch. To drive your car, just flip the switch back on. No need to remove or replace your fuse.


  • Bypasses towed car's fuse so you can tow your vehicle without draining its battery
    • Provides a simple alternative to removing mini-fuse every time you tow
    • Stores fuse so that you won't lose it
  • Installs quickly, easily and permanently
    • Remove mini-fuse from car's fuse box and install Fuse ByPass in its place
    • Put fuse into Fuse ByPass fuse holder
    • Mount bypass switch near fuse box
  • Maintains functionality of mini-fuse when switched on
    • Flip switch to "on" position and drive like normal
  • Overrides mini-fuse when switched off
    • Flip switch to "off" position and you're good to tow
  • Wiring harness length: 13-1/2"
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-Year warranty

Note: Consult vehicle's owner's manual to determine which fuse to pull. Do not install a fuse in the Blue Ox Fuse ByPass that has more than a 20-amp rating.

Some automobiles can only be towed if you get under the hood and pull a fuse. If you don't remove this fuse before towing, there's a good chance that your car's battery will be drained by the time you reach your destination.

With the Blue Ox Fuse ByPass, once the initial installation is complete, you won't have to remove or replace your fuse again. Just pull the fuse indicated in your car's owner's manual and replace it with the bypass. After you install the Fuse ByPass, insert the removed fuse into the holder of the bypass system. With the fuse installed in this manner, it will still be able to function as needed. Mount the included switch near the fuse box and you're set.

Whenever you need to drive your car, just make sure the switch is flipped into the "on" position. When on, the fuse will be active and your vehicle will function normally. Then, when it comes time to tow, switch the Fuse ByPass to "off." When off, the fuse will be rendered inactive so that you can flat tow your car without its battery being drained.

BX88273 Blue Ox Two ATM MiniFuse By Pass Switch

Video of Blue Ox Fuse ByPass Switch for Towed Vehicles - 2 ATM Mini-Fuse

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Blue Ox Towed Vehicle Fuse ByPass Switch Review

Hey everybody, Ryan here at Etrailer. Today, we're gonna be checking out the blue ox dual fuse bypass switch for towed vehicles. I do wanna mention the fuse bypass switch is designed to work with fuses that have a rating of 20 amps or under. So, you know that holds true for each fuse holder. So you can have a 20 amp fuse for one holder, 20 amp fuse in the other holder. As long as it doesn't exceed 20 amps, we're in pretty good shape.

To be honest, I've yet to run into a fuse that needs to be polled of this type rated higher than 20 amps. It's not to say that they're not out there, but just from my experience, I've yet to find one. So chances are pretty good you'll be covered. And the fuse holder itself is designed to work with these types of fuses right here. So the 80 amp mini fuse, I believe it is what they're called.

So I'm sure a lot of people are relatively familiar with these. They've been around for awhile. And a lot of the late model cars use this type of design. So when it comes to flat towing your vehicle down the road, there's already a lot of things to kind of worry about. You know, you have your five main components to deal with, your base plate, your tow bar, your safety cables, your wiring, and your braking system.

And honestly, that's enough to really have to worry about there. And any additional things need to do, chances are pretty good there's a part available to help simplify that or make it more streamlined. And one of the things are a good example of one of those things, is the fuse bypass switch. So with a lot of vehicles, the manufacturer suggests that you remove a couple of fuses whenever you're flat towing. That way certain components inside of your vehicle don't have power and you're not gonna have to worry about any issues as far as maybe coming out of flat tow mode or your battery getting drained and things like that.

So one of the things you can do is kind of go old fashioned. You know, actually find those fuses that they want you to pull out and manually pull them out. And then whenever you're done flat towing, remember to put those fuses back into place. And honestly, at first, if I was new to flat towing I would think, "Oh, I can do that, I'll get away with that." But honestly that would probably get old pretty quick. You know, the fuses nowadays are tiny, easily misplaced when you, you know, trying to find a new fuse to pop in there and everything else. So, I could see that getting old and I'd want something to streamline that. And with the switch, you're not gonna have to worry about that. All you're simply gonna have to do is flip that switch. It'll cut power to those fuses, and then whenever you're ready to unhook and drive your car around, you put it back that on position and you're good to go. So this is what your switch is gonna look like. And like I said, whenever you're ready to cut that power, you can just turn it off. and turn it back on whenever you're ready to drive around. Usually the switch is got to be mounted in a place somewhere like this. It's really just got to be dependent on where your fuse lock or box is located in your particular vehicle. You don't get a ton of length of wire, maybe a foot or so. So, you know you're kind of limited on where you can go with this unless you wanna extend all those wires and everything else. But I mean, the option is really yours. You know, if that's something you wanna do. I kind of usually like it. And then I really like this anyway. That way, you know, it's out of sight and you're not gonna, you know, be bumping into it with your knee or anything like that. Now, since this is a multi fuse, so it has two fuse slots. You'd use this if your vehicle requires you to pull two of those fuses, like our Buick does here today. That way you can control both those fuses with one switch and you don't have to Mount up, you know, choose separate switches and have to deal with two of them. But that said, if your vehicle only requires you to pull one fuse, it also make fuse bypass switches, essentially the same as this just designed for those vehicles that require you to pull one fuse. So that's your situation, that's always an option for you as well. So depending on your vehicle, you know what, this has got a disconnect. It really just varies to what your manufacturer suggests what fuse you pull. In our case in our Buick here, notice this a quick few things like our dome lights, for example. So right now we have the switch into on position, just like we would have it if you're just cruising around town, but if you're ready to flat tow, I'll flip it to the off position. You see it cuts power to those lights. And, you know, in our case, it's controlling the body control module. So other aspects aren't gonna have power as well. So for example, if I tried to unlock our doors. You see we're not gonna have any power there at all. And even the same thing with our horn, I push that down, we have no power but that's exactly what we want whenever we're flat towing. I'm gonna make things really easy. Like I said, once we're done, we turn that switch back into on and position and we regain all of those features. So compared to some of the other fuse bypass switches available, they're all pretty much about the same. I really don't favor one over the other. I will say the Roadmaster switch does come with some stickers that are pretty nice. They say tow and the other one says drive. And so you can kind of stick those on above and below your switch, just to kind of have a reference on, "Hey, this is on or in tow mode or in drive mode." Not really a huge deal breaker there. I mean, it's pretty obvious to know if your components aren't working, it's in tow mode and you know if they are it's in drive, but you know, a nice thing to just kind of look at and process in your head, "Okay, this is a position at 10 and this is what's gotta happen." But not really huge deal, just something I thought I was worth mentioning. So when it comes down to it, is this something that you absolutely have to have No, it's not, but it does make things a lot easier. You know, if your car requires you to pull out a couple of fuses, this just really simplifies it and kind of eliminates that little bit of room for error. You know, if you forget to pull or forget to put them back in or pull the wrong fuses, things like that, so you really can't mess up flipping a switch. You know, as long as you remember it's there, you'll be in good shape. And that's what it seems like. You know, a lot of people that flat tow, we do a lot of them here at Etrailer. And one of the things that is really important to a lot of people is having a setup that's easy to manage and not a lot of steps and things like that. And I definitely understand that you don't wanna be spending a bunch of time trying to kind of jump through hoops to get your car towed behind your motor home. So this is one of them things where, you know, it's just one last thing you're not gonna have to worry about. You flip the switch and you're good to go. And that'll finish up our look at of the blue ox dual fuse bypass switch for towed vehicles..

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Blue Ox Fuse ByPass Switch for Towed Vehicles - 2 ATM Mini-Fuse - BX88273

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (12 Customer Reviews)

Use this fuse-disconnect system to prep your vehicle to be towed. Simply relocate your car's fuse with this bypass and flip the integrated switch. To drive your car, just flip the switch back on. No need to remove or replace your fuse.


Purchased this harness not for a trailer, but for my failing BCM (body control module). My car's headlights remain on even after I leave it. The solution was to put in the headlight fuses every night and unplug them at every stop, or pay upwards of $xxxx for the dealer to replace it (dealer specific part I could not replace it myself as my keys needed to be synched with new module.) Being right in the middle of the pandemic and just before losing my job, spending that kind of cash wasn't an option.

The solution in the end was this $xx harness. The whole unit stays snug under my dash and I cut out a hole for the switch. Every night it's just one extra switch I have to flip instead of getting upside down on the ground and pull fuses. Payed for itself. Very, very happy.


I purchased the Blue Ox Fuse Bypass BX88273 For my 2014 Honda CRV but the harness was not long enough. Bases on the product description I thought it would reach from the fuse box to the suggested location to install the switch. The harness was about 4" too short. I decided to add wire myself so I could complete my project. The switch worked after I lengthen the wires, so in the end it turned out okay.


Works great!


Pins are a pain to keep in while installing. Should have a dummy fuse to plug in with the wires connected to the pins. Also, the fuses don't match the ones they are bypassing in my car. I use micro fuses in my panel and the fuse holders take mini fuses.
The concept is GREAT however and a real time saver removing the time spent on your knees in the dirt fishing around to find the two fuses you need to pull out of the fuse panel and wearing the fuse panel more and wore with each pull.

Jim H.


Excellent! Still wish that it was wired to a dummy fuse that would simply plug into the fusebox instead of the individual tabs that need to be plugged into the 2 sides of the fuse receptical.


The blue ox fuse bypass BX88273 2 ATM FUSES ARE LIMITED TO 20amp fuses my car haze 30 amp fuses they say just use 20 amp they'll be fine if it was made with a little larger wire you could use 30 Amp for the price it should be made with larger gauge wire


etrailer has always done me good. Their prices are very reasonable and the products are just what they say they are. Shipping is timely and free on if you spend enough.
Good place to shop.


Yet to be installed, but have NO doubts!
always, etrailer provided EXCELLENT customer support and service, plus timely shipping which was very important in this instance.


The by-pass switch worked as advertised, went together and mounted very ease.


Simple install; works great. Thanks





See what our Experts say about this Blue Ox Tow Bar Wiring

  • Length of Blue Ox BX88273 Fuse Bypass Switch Wiring Harness
    The wiring harness used on the Blue Ox # BX88273 Fuse Bypass switch is 13-1/2 inches long. I've linked to the installation instructions for you, just click the provided link to see them.
    view full answer...
  • Can Blue Ox Fuse ByPass BX88272 be Used on a 2014 Honda CR-V
    Yes, your 2014 Honda CR-V can use the Blue Ox Fuse ByPass part # BX88272. For your CR-V normally the # 19 fuse needs to get pulled which is what the # BX88272 will allow you to do. However, in some cases the owners manual will state that you need to deactivate the # 20 fuse too which means that instead you could use the part # BX88273 which allows you to kill two circuits with one switch.
    view full answer...
  • What Fuse ByPass Switch Do I Need for a 2012 Honda CR-V
    According to the owners manual for your 2012 Honda CR-V, if the vehicle is in tow for more than 8 hours a day then the #19 7.5 amp accessory radio and the #20 7.5 amp accessory key lock fuse must be removed. These fuses are located inside the vehicle's interior fuse panel which is positioned under the dashboard. The Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass part # RM76511 will work to temporarily disconnect one fuse. However, since your owner's manual recommend disconnecting two fuses then I...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Fuse ByPass Switch for Flat Towing a 2013 GMC Terrain
    According to an online version of the owner's manual for your 2013 GMC Terrain you will need to pull the #32 "Discrete Logic Ignition Switch" fuse that is located in the instrument panel fuse block. Since your flat towing application only requires one fuse to be pulled you can use the Roadmaster FuseMaster # RM-76517. This is rated for a fuse that has no more than a 50-amp rating. If you had 2 fuses that needed to be pulled then you would want to use the Roadmaster FuseMaster part # RM76511.
    view full answer...
  • 2012 Honda CR-V Flat Tow Fuse Bypass Switch And Wiring Between RV And Vehicle
    For your 2012 Honda CR-V, I double checked everything in your owners manual and have confirmed the Blue Ox Fuse ByPass Switch for Towed Vehicles - 2 ATM Mini-Fuse, # BX88273 is the switch you want for the two 7.5 amp fuses. They are in fact mini fuses. For your connection from your RV to your CR-V, I recommend cutting off the 4 way of your # HM56304 at the front of your CR-V and using the Blue Ox 6-Pole, Round Pin, Trailer Wiring Socket - Vehicle End, # BLU43XR. I've attached a video...
    view full answer...

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