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Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System - Proportional

Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System - Proportional

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2016 Ford F-150

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RM-9400 - Recurring Set-Up Roadmaster Tow Bar Braking Systems
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Roadmaster tow bar braking systems for your 2016 Ford F-150 are available from etrailer.com. Installation instructions and reviews for your Ford tow bar braking systems. Expert service, and cheapest tow bar braking systems price guarantee. etrailer.com carries a complete line of Roadmaster products. Order your Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System - Proportional part number RM-9400 online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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2016 Ford F-150 - Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System - Proportional

  • Brake Systems
  • Roadmaster
  • Proportional System
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Air Brakes
  • Air Over Hydraulic Brakes
  • Portable System
  • Not Power Assist Brake Compatible
  • Recurring Set-Up

Portable, easy-to-adjust braking system uses an inertia sensor in the towed car to detect deceleration. Unit presses brake pedal in towed car to activate brakes with an intensity that matches deceleration. Breakaway and LCD monitor included.


  • Supplemental braking system applies towed vehicle's brakes in proportion to braking action of RV
    • Towed car's brakes are activated at the same time and with the same intensity as those in your motor home
  • Inertia sensor detects deceleration and signals system to activate brake pedal with proportionate amount of pressure
  • Terrain-sensing design allows braking system to adjust for braking uphill, downhill or on uneven ground
    • Prevents false braking
  • Sensitivity adjustment on control panel lets you regulate how aggressively the system activates
    • Set sensitivity high so that unit responds to even minimal slowing of RV
    • Set sensitivity low so that unit activates only with intense stopping action from RV
    • Save settings in device memory to ease setup
  • Portable system is lightweight, fits most vehicles, and can easily be switched between vehicles
    • Adjustable pedal clamp fits over most brake pedals
    • Adjustable feet allow you to level the unit on uneven floors
    • Seat brace adjusts up and down for proper leverage
  • High-performance air compressor refills quickly to ensure that system is ready for the next stop
  • Monitor mounts in motor home to keep you updated on braking activity or changes in status or battery power
    • Provides LED, LCD, and auditory alerts
  • Breakaway system applies maximum brake pressure in the event of separation
  • System meets the braking requirements of both the US and Canada
  • Made in the USA


  • Dimensions: 12" tall x 11-1/4" wide x 16" long
  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
    • Requires 15 amps of power to function properly
  • Length of power cord: 42"
  • Max amperage draw: 10.8 amps
  • Idle amperage draw: 47 milliamps
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Even Brake from Roadmaster is a portable, compact, self-contained supplemental braking system that sits in front of the driver's seat of your towed vehicle. It easily attaches to the brake pedal and applies the brakes with a force that matches the intensity with which your motor home slows when you brake it. Do-it-yourselfers will love the quick and easy installation. Hookup and disconnect can be done in just a few minutes. The Even Brake is a comprehensive system and it includes an emergency breakaway kit and a wireless brake monitoring system.

Even Brake Breakdown

Automatic Proportional Braking

A proportional braking system ensures that your towed car's brakes are applied with an intensity that matches the slowing or stopping action of your towing setup. The result is improved control, better stopping, and less wear on the brakes of both your vehicle and your RV. Even Brake also automatically levels itself when traveling uphill, downhill, or on uneven ground. This automatic adjustment keeps the Even Brake level on all terrain so that it continues to brake proportionally and efficiently. It also helps to prevent any false braking, which can occur when traversing rough terrain.

The Even Brake uses an inertia sensor to detect deceleration. Once the rate of deceleration is determined, an electromagnetic proportional regulator inside the unit will release the amount of air pressure needed to apply the towed car's brakes with an intensity that matches.

Installation and Easy Connection

The ICX transmitter box, which connects to your towed car's brake light switch, will permanently mount beneath your dash. This box plugs into the Even Brake portable unit and then transmits information regarding system status and braking activity to the receiver that mounts in your RV. It also connects to the included breakaway system so that it can signal the Easy Brake unit to activate the towed car's brakes in the event of a breakaway. Minor modification may be required to route the breakaway harness through your car's firewall.

Once the ICX transmitter is installed, setting up the Even Brake is a breeze. Just situate the portable unit in your towed car between the driver's seat and the brake pedal. Because the unit relies on being level to function properly, it has 4 independently adjustable feet to keep it stable in cars with uneven floors. The seat brace also adjusts up or down to ensure a perfect fit and proper leverage when pressed up against the driver's seat. Once you have the unit properly situated, position the brake pedal clamp over the brake pedal. Plug the portable unit into the ICX transmitter and then into the 12-volt accessory outlet in your towed car, which will power the unit. Before towing, make sure you press the test button on the Even Brake so that the system can cycle to deplete any vacuum pressure in the brakes.

Brake Sensitivity Settings

The Even Brake allows you to fine-tune the braking sensitivity to fit your personal preference. By adjusting the sensitivity on the operating unit, you get to decide how intense the change in forward momentum must be for the electromagnetic valve to respond. Set the sensitivity low and the Even Brake will only respond when you forcibly step on your RV's brake pedal. Set the sensitivity high and it will respond when you merely tap your RV's brakes. The Even Brake saves your personal settings, making setup faster and easier.

Monitor Alerts

Even Brake Breakdown

The included monitor mounts in your RV and keeps you updated on the status of the Even Brake. This wireless system relies on the ICX transmitter, which is mounted in the towed car, to send signals to the monitor. Just plug the monitor into a 12-volt outlet in your RV for power.

Because the ICX transmitter connects to your car's brake light switch, it is able to transmit a signal that lets you know not only when the Even Brake has been activated, but also if your towed car's brake pedal has actually been depressed. It's possible that the Even Brake could be misaligned, or it could shift or creep during travel, and may be unable to appropriately apply the brakes. Poor positioning could cause the unit to either apply the brakes continuously or to not apply enough pressure to the pedal to activate the brakes at all. This could happen with any portable system. But because the Even Brake informs you of the braking activity of your car rather just the activity of the braking system, you will be able to tell when there is a problem so that you can correct the issue before damage to your car's brakes occurs.

The Even Brake monitor uses different colored LED lights, an LCD text display, and audible alerts to keep you informed about your braking setup. The 3 LEDs - green, yellow, and red - give you an easy-to-see visual reference to keep you updated on how the Even Brake is functioning and what it is doing.

While the LED light offers a quick reference of what the Even Brake is doing, the LCD display explains it in detail. Whether the system is ready for towing, informing you that it is applying the brakes in the towed car, or warning you of an emergency braking situation, the text display keeps you in the loop.

The audible alert sounds in the event of an emergency. This way you'll know if, for example, a breakaway has occurred, even if you aren't watching the monitor.

9400 Road Master Even Brake Supplemental Braking System - Proportional

Installation Details RM-9400 Installation instructions

Video of Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System - Proportional

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Braking System Installation - 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi, I'm Shane with eTrailer.com. Today you're going to be taking a look at, I'm going to walk you through the installation, on the Roadmaster Even Brake Supplemental Braking System for your 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee.The supplemental braking system is going to mount inside the vehicle. It's going to allow the vehicle to slow and stop itself so we're not relying on the RV to stop both vehicles. It's going to be one of five main components for the flat tow setup on the Jeep Grand Cherokee.The other four are going to be your base plate, which is going to mount to the chassis of the vehicle to give you a solid connection point or a solid mounting location for your tow bar. You have your tow bar. Your tow bar is going to give you that solid connection point between your base plate and your motorhome.

Your safety cables, which are going to be a secondary safety device in case your tow bar fails. Your wiring, which is going to allow your vehicle to receive light functions from your RV so that not only you're safe but other drivers can see what you're doing, like your braking, your turning or your driving at night.This is what our Even Brake is going to look like when it is set in our vehicle and we're ready to flat tow. Unlike some of the other supplemental braking systems that may be more of a permanent mount in the vehicle, this is going to be portable. Now I use the word portable lightly or with caution because technically it's .. I like to use the word transferable because I don't want you to get the wrong idea, that with it being portable that you can just take this box out, and stick it in another car, and use it.

That is not accurate.In order to use this in another car you will need a few other components. You'll need a breakaway switch put on the other car. You'll need the wiring, whether you need the stoplight switch or the brake light relay, that's going to be . You'll have to determine that. Then you'll need your transmitter, which is going to mount inside the other vehicle.

Then, of course, if you don't have the vehicle to be setup to be flat towed already, you're going to need your tow bar, your safety cables, your base plate and your wiring.It's going to be a proportional braking system, which means it's going to match the amount of pressure you're applying in the RV. That being said, the sensitivity can be set so it can be set higher. Maybe you want braking to be applied a little bit quicker. Maybe you're rolling up to a stoplight or a stop sign, it'll apply the brake pressure then. You can set it lower, where maybe you only want the brake pressure to be applied or the brakes to be applied in an emergency situation.

Maybe you slam on your brakes and that's when you want the system to apply the brakes in the vehicle. You have a lot of adjustability with the sensitivity on the braking.Another really nice feature I like about this brake system is it's going to have terrain sensing technology, which means if you're traveling through the mountains or something, maybe you're coming downhill and it recognizes you're applying the brakes in the RV and your foot is staying on the brakes. It is going to sense that and it's going to adjust that brake pressure to allow this vehicle to slow or stop itself as you're going down that hill. Same thing with going uphill. If it recognizes that it needs lighter braking pressure because you're going uphill and you're not using the brakes as much, it's going to sense that and only give it so much braking pressure.Now our foot claw or our claw that goes around our brake pedal. You can see it's going to have claws on it. This allows you to use this on different size brake pedals. All it does is slides up, you can see the sticker where it shows up. Now you just set it over the top of your brake pedal and then squeeze this together. It has a locking tab so that allows the claw to stay around the brake pedal and not come off.We're also going to have adjustability back here. So depending on how your seat is you're going to have a knob here that allows you to adjust this to your seats level so that it matches and you get the correct amount of pressure needed for the braking system to work correctly with your pedal. You're also going to have adjustability for your feet so if you decide you're going to put it in a different vehicle these feet can be adjusted up or down for a floor that may be un-level. That's another nice feature about this setup.Another thing that's going to set this apart from other portable or transferable systems is this one's going to have its own air compressor on it. You don't have to tie into the vacuum lines for the braking system on the car. That being said, with this having its own compressor, it is going to draw a little bit more power than the other ones. With any braking system I always recommend getting a charge line, whether it's this one or whichever one you choose, a charge line is a very inexpensive way to keep your battery charged while you're flat towing your vehicle.As I mentioned before, with transferring this to another vehicle, one of the components is going to be your breakaway switch, which is this switch right here. What this does, as you can see it's tethered to the hitch on the motorhome, and if for some reason our base plate, or our tow bar disconnects, or our car comes disconnected while we're flat towing it, it's going to pull this pin out. What it does is it applies the brakes in your Jeep Grand Cherokee to bring it to a stop so that it's not causing anymore damage or causing any harm to anybody else.With the Even Brake breaking system you're also going to get a monitor for the RV. It's going to plug directly into your 12-volt power. It runs off an antenna that connects with the setup that you have in the car. You're going to have different settings. Today we're going to have an LCD screen. You're able to set in here how you have the braking system, if you decide to adjust your braking system pressure on the vehicle. You can actually set it inside of here and save it so once you hook up that car you're ready to go. You're going to have different settings in here. It's going to tell you your battery voltage. It's got hardware, software, ICX serial number, which is the transmitter that is in the car. It's got storage for a lot of different things in here.When you set up the system in the towed vehicle or in your Jeep, once you run the test this is going to come on and it's going to say, "Test is good, system is ready." That means you're ready to tow. You're going to see the green light here. If for some reason there is an issue the red light over here is going to come on.We're also going to have a dim feature. It might be kind of hard to see because it's daylight but if you watch this screen's going to go a little bit dimmer.Another nice thing about this system is, with it being transferable or portable, when you get your other vehicle setup to allow that braking system to work in there, with this being in the RV you won't have to pick up another one of these. When you connect it and turn it on the transmitter's going to automatically going to connect to this display screen that you have in the RV.There's going to be hook and loop fastener on the back so it gives you an option to mount this. You can mount it on your dash anywhere. Again, it's portable. It just plugs into a 12-volt power so it really depends on if you want to mount it there, or mount it somewhere, or maybe you want to pull it off and put it in the glove box or something like that.Another feature with this is your breakaway switch. This has an audible alarm on it and it's also going to tell you on the screen that your vehicle has come disconnected, emergency situation. It's going to put up an audible alarm.Now what we're going to do is we're going to pull the breakaway switch and then watch our screen. It's going to tell us that our towed vehicle has broke away, our breakaway switch has pulled loose and we have our audible alarm.Now as far as the installation goes with this braking system it's a very simple installation. You don't have to have it up in the air like we have it here. You can do it in your garage on the floor with a few simple tools.First thing you need to do, it's going to be easier while your fascia's off or to take your fascia off to put in your braking system and run your wiring.You can see here how I have the breakaway switch mounted. There's a little hole back here on our base plate that allows you to do that. Now for this vehicle there's a panel that comes down, sits down here, so I added a couple nuts there to bring this down and try to keep me from having to cut that panel. It's going to be a matter of personal preference. If you want to cut it go ahead and do that. I like to not cut as much as possible, leave it as factory as possible. It's going to come with the bolt and the nut. Mount it there.Then you're going to have a wire. It's going to look like this. You're going to have one end that's going to connect to this plug like this. Then we need to route this into the driver's side compartment. For now what I'm going to do is I'm going to run it straight up, right like this. I'm just going to pull it over. Then what I need to do is I'm going to tape this off. I want to make sure this is covered so I can keep as much moisture out of there and make sure that that stays connected. I'm going to take some electrical tape and tape that together.Once I ran my wire up, there's a couple ways you can go in. You can go in through the firewall but that grommet is very hard to get to. What I did is, right on the inside of my frame rail, I went here. Went over top of my frame rail to the outside because we have dual exhaust. I can't really run it this way. Found some existing wiring right here. I actually have it in the wire loom to give it a little extra protection. Ran right behind this panel right to this brace, went around here. I actually fed it up and then over. What I'm going to do is on the inside there's foam. Right through this grommet you can actually push this all the way through to the inside so it makes it a little bit easier. We're going to go inside, we're going to take this panel off, clean out some of that foam to give us a clear path through to the inside.I'm going to pull this panel off, we're going to pull our weatherstripping out and then we're going to pull this panel off. These you just pull up like that. Weatherstripping just pull out like this. This panel just pull out, it's clipped on the backside. There's actually a couple holes. There's a small hole here that we can go through or right behind this panel there's a large opening with foam in it. I'm going to go ahead and take of . Use a trim panel tool. I'm going to take off this connector here for this wiring. It's going to be a little extra room. Pull this back so you can see all this foam. This foam actually goes all the way down to this hole.What we'll do is we'll pull off this plug. I'm going to take a large screwdriver, you can use a drill bit, and just make me a path down to that hole. You can see my screwdriver where it's coming out here. Now I'm going to take my plug, I'm going to tape it right on the end of my screwdriver and use my screwdriver to pull it up through the hole. Just like that. Get our wire pulled all the way in. You can reinsert your rubber grommet just like that.Now if you're worried about your wire getting smashed here, the door doesn't actually touch anywhere in this area. I'll show you here that the wire doesn't even get close to where the door touches there so we don't have to worry about it.Next we're going to be installing our stoplight switch. For this vehicle we can't use the brake light relay that comes in the kit with the braking system because we can't tie into the factory wiring for the brake light switch. That's why we're installing this. When installing this you're going to get a green and red wire. We're going to attach them to the two black wires on the stoplight switch before we install the switch on the brake pedal arm because it's up underneath the dash and it might be a little hard to get to.We're going to strip back our wires. We're going to add a blue butt connector onto each one, that comes in the kit. It doesn't matter which wire, you can put it on either one. Make sure your wires are on. We're going to install this onto the bracket. Your bracket, for this vehicle, is going to look like this. This is going to connect to the bracket on the brake pedal arm. This is where we're going to attach our stoplight switch. You notice how the bracket's angled, this is going to go down where the plunger's going in towards the inside here. We're going to have another nut like this and then the nut is going to go on top. This is going to allow us to adjust that plunger so that it works correctly. We'll just loosely install it now. Then we're going to take the nut, bolt and lock washer that comes in the kit and attach this bracket up onto the brake pedal arm.This is how our stoplight switch is mounted onto our brake pedal arm. You can see the bracket that we mounted the switch to. It's going to come up, there's going to be a bracket coming off of the brake pedal arm. It's going to have two holes in it. We're going to use the back hole. The nut and bolt attaches the bracket. You want to make sure when you adjust your plunger, you can see how it's depressed right now, when the brake pedal is pushed that plunger will come out and that's what is going to cause the light to come on for the monitor. Now we can tighten these down, make sure those are tight once we have it set. What we don't want to do is we don't want that plunger pushing on our pedal so that our lights are on all the time. We want to make sure we have a little bit of play in there or that our brake pedal arm is coming all the way back out.The next, we need to determine where we're going to put our transmitter, which is this. I'm actually going to put it right here on the back of this panel. Here we got plenty of room and we won't come in with our emergency brake pedal.Now we'll mount our transmitter. The screws that come in the kit have a flat head on them. They're a little bit hard to get in this panel. I'm going to exchange them out for small self tappers. Once you have it attached to your panel go ahead and attach your breakaway switch wire. It's going to plug in just like that. We're going to take our green wire, we're going to put a spade terminal on it and it's connect right to that terminal right there. I'm going to leave myself some extra so I have plenty of room to tuck my wire up. Make sure you're using the right spade terminal. The red one is not big enough to fit on there. You're going to get a green one with your stoplight switch, use that one. There. Attach that onto that terminal. Put my panel back in place. Tuck my other wires back in behind the panel. Gives me plenty of room to get it up and out of the way where it's hidden.Now I'm going to ground my white wire. We need to find a metal surface. I'm actually going to ground it right here on this bracket. It'll make my wire easy to hide behind this kick panel. Once we determine our length we can cut it off, strip it back, add our ring terminal. Then we'll use another self tapper. I'm going to go ahead and start it first.Once we get our hole I'm going to take my two red wires, I'm going to cut them all at the same length. I'm going to strip back each one. We're going to tie them together. These are going to be our power wires. You can run them to a fuse you just got to make sure that the fuse is hot all the time. We are actually . I'm going to run it to the battery which is under the passenger seat. We'll to tie the two together. We're going to put on a butt connector. I'm going to take some 10 gauge wire, connect it on this side and we're going to route it underneath the dash over to the passenger side. If you don't have any 10 gauge wire you can find it here at eTrailer.com using part number 10-1-1. What I did is I left myself enough to get it over here. It'll hide up underneath the dash. I'll take my power wire, I'm going to run it underneath and across.This little cardboard panel here in the bottom, I never did mention how to take it down. There are just two fasteners right here. If you take a screwdriver or trim panel tool it'll pop down. I ran my wires across and then I just put that back in place. If you pull down the edge of this carpet right here, it's all open to the other side, so I ran that power wire straight across.This panel right here, what I did, I just popped off and you can see where my wire is. I got it run underneath of it right back to right here underneath the seat bracket. Once you get the panel off, take your black wire or your power wire, put on a butt connector. Then you're going to put on your fuse holder. You want to make sure it's in between the wire and where it's connecting to the battery. 10 millimeter socket, remove the nut right here. Make sure the fuse is not in the holder. Once you have it connected insert your fuse. We can tuck all of our wiring back down in here and reinstall our panel.Once you get your wire ran across, come back over, you can reinstall your weatherstripping and then your sill panel. Now we can install our braking system, make sure it's working correctly with the power.Now we're going to set our braking system in place. We're going to take the plate that's going to hook to the brake pedal, you'll notice it's got a sticker on it that says, "Up." We're going to slide that up like this and over top of the brake pedal. Make sure the bottom is on. Push all the way up. You're going to take this plate and fold it over like that. Then it has a pin that goes in place. That's going to keep it from coming off of the brake pedal.You're going to have two cords. You're going to have a blue cord, this gets hooked into your transmitter. Then you have a 12-volt plug. You're going to plug that into the 12-volt outlet. We'll adjust our bracket, there's a little knob back here. We want it to sit on the front face of our seat. Push our seat forward. Once you've got this adjusted, where you've moved your seat up against it, you want to make sure that the backend is not tilting up, you just want to put pressure on it.We're going to put the vehicle in tow mode. We'll let the air pressure build up. We're going to push test. We're going to make sure that it's not lifting, it's not pushing down under and this is not wobbling around when it releases. It's showing that the test was good and it's recirculating air, filling up the canister.Now when you get to wherever your destination is, and you're ready to take this out, you want to make sure that you read this here. First thing we're going to do, we're going to take it out of tow mode. We're going to disconnect the power. We're going to push the air release, which is this button right here. Move the seat back, and disconnect the pedal, unplug it and you can pull it out. You're going to have a cord holder right here on the side that'll wrap both cords up. Take it out and you can store it in your RV or wherever you choose to put it.Once you've tested out the system, you know everything's working correctly, you can go ahead and reinstall your fascia, if you decided to take it off. You're ready to go.Again, I'm Shane with eTrailer.com. I hope this video's helped you, whether you're still deciding or installing the Roadmaster Even Brake System on your 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Customer Reviews

Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System - Proportional - RM-9400

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

Portable, easy-to-adjust braking system uses an inertia sensor in the towed car to detect deceleration. Unit presses brake pedal in towed car to activate brakes with an intensity that matches deceleration. Breakaway and LCD monitor included.

- RM-9400
2012 Fiat 500

Very good product Easy to install and to use Very good service from etrailer 602270

Very good
Jean-luc - 02/04/2020


- RM-9400
2017 Toyota Tacoma

Very nice piece of equipment. Installation was no problem. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It fits nicely in 2017 Tacoma. Initial drive showed a noticeable improvement in stopping smoothness without adjusting any of the settings from normal yet. 613352

- RM-9400
2012 Chevrolet Equinox

It is pretty easy to attach to the vehicle and remove once you get to your destination. It is pretty light so it doesn't take much to move it. 28689

- RM-9400
2015 Jeep Cherokee

Great product, but when ordering you need to request any updated supplemental technicians bulletins for your specific vehicle (my vehicle = 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk). Installation using the included product installation instructions exactly (not being told that there were updated technicians bulletins) caused the vehicle battery to run down to the point where I couldn't operate any vehicle electronics or start the vehicle. A call e-Trailer provided updated information. The manufacturer (Roadmaster) was aware of the issue and provided solution instructions. Had this been offered when ordered, I would have avoided having to deal with a dead battery and extra installation time. When installed using the updated information, the product works great. 174847

- RM-9400

Very easy to install with the supplied directions als o watched video of install on etrailer.com. Haven’t used it yet but very pleased with toehold system. 769649

- RM-9400

The unit is being installed Tue sday, january 21st. I checked the box, everything seems to be in order and was packed securely. At this point in time extremely happy with the service. The unit was delivered one day earlier than anticipated. Great job. 738515

- RM-9400

Great product, great delivery, great service. I wish the RV dealers had as much integrity as etrailer! 682139

- RM-9400

Easy to use and set up. I'm glad I choose this system. I haven't had any problems with RM-9400, great system 662475

- RM-9400

Will at e-trailer did a great job of answering very detailed Qs and helping with this order. Arrived quicker than expected. Very happy with the CS at e-trailer as well as this product,. 662128

- RM-9400

part came on time and in good shape 656289

- RM-9400

Wish I had brought it sooner 468341

Good no complaints works well
Theodore - 01/19/2019


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  • Does Even Brake Supplemental Braking System Need Brake Light Relay on 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?
    You will be able to install the Hopkins Custom Tail Light Wiring Kit # HM56200 along with the Roadmaster Even Brake # RM-9400 on your 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the Jeep's brake signal will not override the turn signal from the RV because the Even Brake system comes with the Brake Light Relay that you'd normally need to install separately. The only thing you will need with the Even Brake is the 12 Volt Outlet Kit # RM-9332 to give your Wrangler a 12 volt power outlet to run the...
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  • Troubleshooting Red Light Staying on With Even Brake Braking System
    If the red light on the Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System # RM-9400 remains on and "Even Brake" is staying on the issues is the monitor is not getting a clear signal from the RoadMaster Transmitter for Even Brake Systems # RM-9420. As you can see from the cut out of the instruction manual, you should be able to solve this by either moving the transmitter higher, or moving the monitor in your motorhome.
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  • Troubleshooting Even Brake 9400 Releasing Pressurized Air
    I reached out to Roadmaster about the problem you were having with your Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System # RM-9400 and I was told that your Even Brake had a faulty exhaust valve. Their technical contact said, "When it dumps all of its air that is a good sign of a bad exhaust valve" and you would need a replacement, with the correct one being the Replacement Quick Exhaust Valve # RM-450601-50.
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  • Troubleshooting Even Brake Supplemental Braking System that Releases all Air Pressure
    I sent this to my tech contact at Roadmaster and they responded with the following: Without any other information, it sounds to me like the quick-exhaust valve (QEV) has failed. This is located near the base (but on the side) of the air cylinder that hooks to and actuates the brake pedal. Customer can pull cover off or tip unit over on side and when he hits the test button, he can feel to see if that is indeed where the issue is. This is your part number # RM-450601-50. Depending...
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  • Can Roadmaster Even Brake be Used on a 2019 Ram 1500 with Advanced Brake Assist
    Yes, the Roadmaster Even Brake # RM-9400 can be used as the braking system for your 2019 Ram 1500. Since the ignition will be in the off position and you would have taken some specific steps to get the pickup ready to flat tow (check your owner's manual) the automatic braking that you referenced will not apply to this braking application. A few things that you will need when using this system is the Stop Light Switch # RM-751000 to ensure that it operates properly and the 12V Outlet...
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  • Is Break Away Switch Required for Roadmaster Even Brake Supplemental Braking System
    To install the Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System # RM-9400 you do need to use the break away switch. The break away harness will be connected to the ICX transmitter so the two are going to need to be used in conjunction with one another. The break away switch is also going to apply the brakes of your towed vehicle if for some reason the connection is lost with your motorhome which is a significant safety factor.
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  • Replacement Monitor for Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System
    The Roadmaster Even Brake monitor looks like it needs replacing based on your photo. We don't have anything short of the replacement monitor to ensure proper function when the wiring is frayed. The replacement you will want is the Roadmaster Even Brake Motor Home Monitor # RM-9410.
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  • Installing Roadmaster Even Brake on 2002 Jeep Wrangler with Brake Lights that Don't Work in Tow Mode
    I spoke with my contact at Roadmaster regarding your 2002 Jeep Wrangler. Normally when the brake lights don't illuminate when a vehicle's in the tow position, a stop light switch needs to be added to provide a signal to the Even Brake System # RM-9400. Roadmaster though tests for this when building their fit guide and my contact said that this shouldn't be the case with your model Wrangler, as there should be a white wire with a tan stripe behind the brake pedal that does receive power...
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  • Are Supplemental Braking Systems Required when Flat Towing a Vehicle Behind an RV
    Most states now require supplemental braking on the vehicle being flat towed. One of the preferred systems for our installers and what I recommend is the SMI Stay-IN-Play DUO proportional system, # SM99251. It will apply the vehicle brakes in proportion to how much the tow vehicle is braking. This is the safest way to stop and it reduces wear and tear on both vehicles. To determine if this or other supplemental braking systems will work I would need to know the year, make, and model...
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  • What is the Difference Between the Roadmaster Even Brake and the Blue Ox Patriot
    The main difference between the Blue Ox Patriot and the Roadmaster Even Brake systems is that the Roadmaster # RM-9400 uses compressed air to actuate the brakes in the towed vehicle, while the Blue Ox Patriot # BRK2016 uses an electrically-operated actuator to engage the brake pedal. As a result the Blue Ox system uses less power (since it does not incorporate an air compressor) and is a bit simpler to install. The Even Brake can only be used with vehicles that have power brakes. Roadmaster...
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  • How To Re-Pair an Even Brake to a Transmitter After Screen Just Reads Even Brake
    According to Roadmaster this means that the monitor is not programmed to the ICX transmitter. The ICX transmitter and the motorhome monitor are programmed as a set but you need to reprogram yours to match apparently. Press the Dim button on the motorhome monitor after plugging it in for about 6 seconds until the LCD reads, "receiver in learn mode." Release the Dim button and it should read "Learning ICX #1 --Advance OK." Press the Test button on the Even Brake Touch pad control...
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  • Comparing Blue Ox Patriot and Roadmaster Even Brake Towed Car Braking Systems
    The main difference between the Blue Ox Patriot and the Roadmaster Even Brake systems is that the Roadmaster # RM-9400 uses compressed air to actuate the brakes in the towed vehicle, while the Blue Ox Patriot II uses an electrically-operated actuator to engage the brake pedal. As a result the Blue Ox system uses less power (since it does not incorporate an air compressor) and is a bit simpler to install. The Even Brake can only be used with vehicles that have power brakes. Roadmaster...
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  • Will Roadmaster Even Brake Supplemental Braking System Work on 2017 Jeep Wrangler?
    The Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System # RM-9400 will work with your 2017 Jeep Wrangler as long as you use the 12 Volt Outlet Kit # RM-9332 along with it. I've added links to video reviews of both parts for you to take a look at.
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  • When Is the Battery Used On The Roadmaster Even Brake Braking System # RM-9400
    On the Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Proportional Braking System, part # RM-9400, the battery will have a minimal drain on the battery at all times because it uses a constant self-diagnostic test on the system at all times and transmits the testing info to the wireless monitor. The monitor will show you that the Even Brake system is fully operational. The drain on the battery would be very minimal when it is doing the self-diagnostic testing. It also has a Power Save low battery protection...
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  • Troubleshooting Roadmaster Even Brake Locking up the Brakes on Towed Vehicle
    What you are experiencing is due to the Roadmaster Even Brake # RM-9400 having an inertia sensor built into it. The inertia sensor will detect deceleration and apply the brakes in proportion to how hard you applied the brakes in your RV. I spoke with my contact at Roadmaster and he informed me that what is happening in your situation is not uncommon. Since the inertia sensor will apply the brakes really hard when you apply the brakes hard in your RV, if you do not come to a complete...
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  • Troubleshooting Loose Brake Pedal Clamp on Even Brake Portable Proportional Braking System RM-9400
    I checked with my technical contact at Roadmaster Engineering about a solution to your problem with the brake clamp on your Even Brake Portable Proportional Braking System # RM-9400 coming loose from your toad's brake pedal while towing (!). He offered two options. The tabs on the Even Brake's clamp assembly can be gently bent to provide a better fit on smaller pedals. Use a large set of pliers, preferably the type with some cushioning to prevent scratches, to slowing bend the tabs as...
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  • Wiring Instructions for the Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Proportional Braking System # RM-9400
    According to the installation instructions for the Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Proportional Braking System # RM-9400 (please see step D on page 7) the #1 terminal on the ICX transmitter should be connected to the green wire with spade connector if the Brake-Lite relay was installed. If not, then the #1 terminal should be connected to the wire from the COLD side of the HHR's brake light switch. This is the side of the switch that carries power ONLY when the pedal is pressed. You can...
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  • Breakaway Switch Installation for Even Brake RM-9400 on 2017 Chevy Equinox
    We have not had a local customer bring in their Equinox for installation of the Roadmaster Even Brake # RM-9400 so we do not yet have the benefit of experience with this vehicle and product combination. If there are no visible openings in the firewall between the passenger and engine compartments and no existing wiring grommets you can use then you will need to drill a 1/2-inch hole. You can drill this from either the engine side or the passenger side of the firewall but you'll want...
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  • Troubleshooting a Roadmaster Brake Pro 9300 that Cycles Every 3-1/2 Minutes
    I spoke with my contact at Roadmaster about the problem that you are having with your Brake Pro 9300. He said that if you have checked the air lines and fittings and cannot find a leak then it is most likely the air compressor or the magnet. Since the Brake Pro 9300 was discontinued back in 2002 there are no replacement parts available so you will probably want to look at getting another system. If you really liked the Brake Pro 9300 then Roadmaster has another solution that worked just...
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  • Can the Roadmaster Even Brake Be Installed On a 2017 Jeep Wrangler
    For starters, the Roadmaster Even Brake Portable Supplemental Braking System part # RM-9400 is compatible with your 2017 Jeep Wrangler but you will need an additional item to ensure proper operation. This item is the 12 Volt Outlet Kit part # RM-9332 which ensures that you have 12 volt power to the cigarette lighter while the vehicle is in tow mode. In regards to installation, we don't have a video on your 2017 Jeep Wrangler. However, the premises is pretty much the same for every vehicle...
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  • Does Brake Lite Relay Need to be Installed on Vehicle with Bulb/Socket Tow Bar Lighting Installed
    The brake lite relay # RM-88400 that you referenced might still be needed. What you'll want to do is press the brake of your Grand Cherokee with the key in the position it needs to be in when flat towing. If the brake lights come on then you will need the relay. Reason being the brake lights are going to keep the light assemblies illuminated when the blinkers are on from the tow bar lighting. So what that would look like is the bulb socket kit will be flashing a light in an already...
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  • Even Brake Test Pumps Brake Pedal Twice then Fails
    I spoke with my contact over at Roadmaster and have some things that you can check. When the Even Brake # RM-9400 pushes on the brake pedal 3 times what it is doing is making sure that it is receiving a brake signal from the cold side of the brake switch. If it does not detect the signal then it does exactly what you have described. The brake signal it is looking for goes through terminal 1 on the Even Brake. On a 2007 Jeep Liberty you should be tapped into a white/tan wire on the brake...
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  • Is Brake Light Relay Required when Installing Even Brake on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer
    From what I was able to find out, you will not have to install the brake light relay, # RM-88400, when using the Even Brake, # RM-9400, and tow bar wiring on your 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. But the one way to verify this for sure is to get in the Trailblazer without the key in and step on the brake pedal. If the brake lights light up then you will need a brake light relay.
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  • Needed Equipment to Flat Tow 2014 Ford Explorer
    Before attempting to flat tow your vehicle, I would suggest you consult the owners manual or with Ford for any special procedures or prohibitions regarding flat towing your vehicle. I found flat towing procedures on page 292 of the owners manual. For the 2014 Explorer Sport with the Eco Boost engine and adaptive cruise, you would want to use the Blue Ox # BX2632 base plate kit. An adapter like # RM-031 would be needed in order for the Blue Ox base plates to work with the Roadmaster Blackhawk...
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  • Installing an Even Brake Supplemental Braking System in 2013 Ford Edge V6 FWD
    You are correct a braking system is required for flat towing. The Even Brake # RM9400 receives signal from wireless transmitter in the motorhome when the motorhome is braking. This signal is then sent to the Even Brake ICX receiver in your 2013 Ford Edge and the brakes are applied proportional to the braking of the motor home. The Even Brake power is supplied either through your vehicle 12V accessory port, or an accessory 12V Outlet like # RM-9332. You can either run this additional...
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  • Is Intermittent Running Of Compressor On Roadmaster Even Brake System After Testing A Problem
    After testing the Roadmaster Even Brake # RM-9400 when you set it up, the system is designed to top off the air canister periodically. I called my contact at Roadmaster and they told me the compressor will kick on usually every ten to fifteen minutes to top off the system. If the brakes are working properly when using the system, then the Even Brake is working as designed.
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