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Demco Stay-IN-Play Duo Braking System for RVs w/ Hydraulic Brakes - Wireless Monitor - Proportional

Demco Stay-IN-Play Duo Braking System for RVs w/ Hydraulic Brakes - Wireless Monitor - Proportional

Item # DM86VR
Our Price: $1,349.00
Tow Bar Braking Systems

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Plug in and go: this permanent system gets you smooth, reliable braking with a one-and-done installation. Low-profile components stay out of sight. Includes convenient wireless Coachlink. Great Prices for the best tow bar braking systems from Demco. Demco Stay-IN-Play Duo Braking System for RVs w/ Hydraulic Brakes - Wireless Monitor - Proportional part number DM86VR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Demco Tow Bar Braking Systems - DM86VR

  • Brake Systems
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Proportional System
  • Demco
  • Fixed System
  • Power Assist Brake Compatible
  • One Time Set-Up

Plug in and go: this permanent system gets you smooth, reliable braking with a one-and-done installation. Low-profile components stay out of sight. Includes convenient wireless Coachlink.


  • Guarantees smooth, reliable braking
    • Reads RV's brake light signal to ensure system only activates when you actually hit the brakes
    • Senses the rate of your RV's deceleration and triggers your towed car's brakes to slow down at the same rate
    • Lets you adjust braking sensitivity to suit your vehicle and your preference
  • Plug-and-play
    • System automatically turns on when your towed car is connected to the RV
    • Components install permanently and stay tucked out of sight
  • Monitors your towed car's braking with the wireless Coachlink
    • LEDs lights up and alarm beeps when the brakes are applied
    • Transmitter connects to reed switch on brake of towed car to ensure accurate reading
  • Avoids damage from over-braking by reactivating car's vacuum-assisted braking
  • Includes breakaway system and all necessary components
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: motorhomes with hydraulic brakes
  • Compatible with hybrids and other cars with continuous-power-assist brakes
  • Operating unit dimensions: 8" long x 5" wide x 2-1/4" tall
  • 5-Year warranty

stay n play duo review

"This is the top system I recommend if you have hydraulic brakes. Quality, reliable, tried-and-true. It just always works."

Do I Need a Braking System for Flat Towing?

A braking system is a must when towing a vehicle behind your motorhome. Without it, the weight of the towed car can create a safety hazard, strain your RV's brakes, and affect its warranty. Most states legally require a supplemental braking system, so if you don't use one and you end up in an accident (which is more likely since your RV takes longer to come to a full stop), your insurance and liability headache just doubled. You also won't have any breakaway system; if there's an accidental disconnect, there's nothing to bring your car to a stop.

Pros of a Permanent System

The Stay-IN-Play Duo is a permanent braking system, which means that it's a one-and-done. Once it's installed, there's no more setup that you have to do. When you plug in the power cord at the front of your vehicle, the system automatically turns on. Flip the on switch for the G-Force controller and just like that, you're ready to flat tow.

While the components are installed permanently in your RV and toad, they remain concealed and inconspicuous. None of them will interfere with normal driving, and most of the time they are invisible. And you don't have to find a place to store them between trips.

How Does the Demco Stay-IN-Play Duo Work?

The Stay-IN-Play Duo is unique in that it uses both an inertia sensor and your motorhome's brake light signal to activate. Having this double-check ensures that the system will only activate when it's truly needed.

Demco Stay n Play Duo operating unit

First, the Duo monitors your motorhome's brake light signal so that it knows when you're intentionally hitting the brakes. This ensures there's no false braking.

Second, the inertia sensor in the Duo senses the change in momentum of your toad (towed vehicle) as your setup slows down. It precisely measures this change so it can activate your toad's brakes to match the rate of the RV's deceleration; this is what makes it proportional. When you apply the brakes in your motorhome, the braking system will engage the brakes of the toad at the same time with the same amount of force. This keeps the RV and the toad in sync with each other, so whether it's a gradual slow down to a red light or a hard stop in an emergency, the toad and the RV will brake together.

G Force Controller

It starts with the G-Force controller. The G-Force controller contains the inertia sensor that senses the change in your RV's momentum. You'll install it in the cab of your toad, underneath the dashboard. This keeps it out of the way but easy to reach so you can flip the toggle and adjust the knob.

Note: The G-Force controller must be pointed in the direction of travel - with the toggle switch facing the driver's seat - for the internal sensor to function properly.

The controller lets you adjust the sensitivity of the inertia sensor to determine how drastic the change in momentum must be for the system to trigger. Set the sensitivity low and the Duo will only engage when you forcibly step on your motorhome's brake pedal. Set it high and a mere tap on the brakes will get a reaction. It's totally up to you how sensitive you want it to be; a heavier vehicle will probably need more sensitivity, while a lighter one doesn't need to brake so hard. The knob on the face of the controller lets you easily program your setting.

Demco Stay n Play Duo operating unit

When the G-Force controller detects a change in inertia, it checks that there's a brake light signal from the RV to confirm that it is indeed braking. It then sends a signal to the main operating unit to activate; the main unit delivers pressurized air through an air line to the actuating cylinder that attaches to your toad's brake pedal. The cylinder will pull the pedal down, applying your brakes almost instantaneously.

Demco Stay n Play Duo cylinder mounted on the brake pedal

The actuating cylinder attaches permanently to the arm of your toad's brake pedal. Though it is permanent, it should not interfere with your everyday driving. In most vehicles, it is tucked up where you can't even see it.

Vacuum Pressure Creates Smooth Braking

When you're drivng, your vehicle uses vacuum pressure to create the force needed to bring the car to a stop. On most vehicles, this vacuum-assist function does not work when the engine is off. As a result, a lot of supplemental braking systems have to use an excessive amount of pressure while braking the toad.

The Duo, on the other hand, reactivates the vacuum-assist function by tying into your car's vacuum line. Your car will break evenly and naturally as it's being towed, so there's less risk of damage.

Built-In Safety Features

Demco wireless Coach Link braking monitor

Included in this kit is the wireless Coachlink for safety and peace of mind. This monitor, sitting on the dashboard of the RV, will light up and beep whenever your toad is actively braking. This will give you a simple and convenient way to keep tabs on whether the system is working properly or if something is going wrong.

Most supplemental braking systems have a method of letting you know you when they activate, but not all of them are checking if the toad is actually braking. There could be an error that causes the system to activate without actually applying the toad's brakes. Or your brake pedal might actually be continuously depressed when it shouldn't be. But unless you have a system that's monitoring your vehicle, you won't know it until the damage is already done.

break away switch

The Duo also comes with a breakaway switch, an absolute must for safe flat towing. If there's ever an emergency situation where your toad becomes detached from the motorhome, the breakaway switch will immediately activate the brakes and bring the vehicle to a stop.

This switch mounts to the front of your toad and wires into the Duo's operating unit. It includes a pin that connects to your RV's hitch receiver with a breakaway cable. If the toad and RV become disconnected, the cable will pull the pin out of the switch and trigger the braking system. A reserve air supply in the operating unit will then apply the brakes in the car.

What You Need to Flat Tow

Flat towing can be a much more convenient way to take your car RVing with you than using a trailer or a tow dolly. It'll save you storage space both at home and at the campsite, and it takes less time and hassle to hook up.

To flat tow your vehicle, there are 5 basic components you're going to need: a tow bar, a base plate kit, a safety cable set, tow bar wiring, and a flat tow braking system.

For the RV Between the RV and Towed Car For the Towed Car
Hitch Tow bar Base plate
Wiring plug Safety cables Braking system
Wiring adapter cord Wiring kit/diodes

The custom-fit base plate installs on the frame of your toad so you can connect the car to your RV with a tow bar. Hook up safety cables between the vehicles to ensure that the toad does not separate from the motorhome if the tow bar becomes detached. Tow bar wiring syncs your vehicle's signal lights with your motorhome's tail lights, as required by law in most states. Finally, the flat tow braking system - also required in most states - activates the brakes in the toad when you hit the brakes in the RV, making for smoother, safer braking, and preventing wear on your motorhome.

9599018 Demco SBS - (Formerly SMI) Stay and Play DUO Supplemental Braking System for Motorhomes with Hydraulic Brakes with Wireless Coach Link Braking Monitor - Proportional

Installation Details DM86VR Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions DM86VR Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

Demco Stay-IN-Play Duo Braking System for RVs w/ Hydraulic Brakes - Wireless Monitor - Proportional - DM86VR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (535 Customer Reviews)

Plug in and go: this permanent system gets you smooth, reliable braking with a one-and-done installation. Low-profile components stay out of sight. Includes convenient wireless Coachlink.

2023 Chevrolet Equinox

Installed 6/17/23 on a 2023 Equinox LT (AWD). Installation was pretty straight-forward. I mostly followed etrailer's videos. Note that the pneumatic cylinder needs to be mounted fairly high on the brake pedal arm so you have a 'square' profile to clamp onto. This vehicle has an electronic brake booster rather than pneumatic, so follow Demco's instructions regarding this variation. The wireless coachlink works great. I couldn't be happier with this system.

by: 10/13/2023

Very easy install, and the videos on E-trailer helped a bunch! I opted to put the controller and wireless link on the passenger side, because there was more room there, but the controller is still properly orientated. Be sure to leave enough slack in your wiring if you decide to mount the operating unit on the fuse box, so you'll be able to remove the cover later. Happy trails!

2019 Ford Fiesta

First I have never installed a braking system before, and I was somewhat unsure if I would be able to complete the install without issues, but this worked exactly as described in the written instructions and provided video's. I took my time to verify each step and that all the electrical connections were solid (very important). Following the instructions and the video made it possible for me to install the system and have it function exactly as described. All you need is some good basic idea of how the system works, how to make electrical connections as well as follow written instructions backed up by video to install this yourself. Of course, having eTrailer there to answer any questions was a major factor for me to purchase this unit from them. If you are thinking about adding a tow vehicle braking system this is the one for you too.


These installation photos are for the Demco Duo Play braking system install on a 2018 Ford Fusion Platinum Energy with push button start.



I works perfect every trip. I do a hard braking test at the beginning of every trip. The wireless monitor in the motorhome immediately reports the functionality of the braking system. I am very satisfied with this product. I installed everything myself.

2017 Mini Cooper

The Duo System took about 8 hours to install on a 2017 mini cooper s 4 door due to tight space everywhere. The etrailer video was very helpful although I atteached to vaccuum line in a much easier location up next to the Vaccuum unit on the firewall. The video also recommended using heat-shrink crimp connectors which are not supplied by Demco. The fuse-holder is also crappy and the 20A fuse has slipped out of the holder with the cover closed, so I ordered a waterproof 20A circuit breaker and tossed the unreliable fuse holder which failed on my first trip. Demco also provides no indicator LED to show that the braking system switch is on and it is powered up and ready to function. This is asafety issue that should be addressed. For the cost of this system, these few simple enhancements would ensure that it works reliably for many years.


This is a really nice braking system. It works EXACTLY as described. Engine breaking does not trigger breaking (because it's tied into the break light circuit). And breaking truly is proportional. Light braking and it does not engage activate braking. The remote wireless coach receiver shows you how hard the car is breaking, and IS proportional to the breaking in the Coach. When the car is breaking the wireless receiver shows you, at three levels (the number of lights lit from one light to three) how hard the towed is braking. i HIGHLY recommend the wireless unit for breaking notification.

Instructions were very clear. I studied my 2004 Pontiac Vibe (same as Toyota Matrix), and watched a bunch of online videos on installing this product. This is a particularly good car for a toad, because it is so light. (2700 lbs curb weight -- and it rolls really freely).

Installation was particularly painful under the dash where (as a tall person) I had to contort myself into all kinds of uncomfortable shapes with various padding) to reach up under the dash panel . There is just no easy way I could find to remove the lower dash panel without taking about whole dash board. So just figuring out the cold side of the break switch was very difficult. It was impossible to get a probe on the break light switch plug. I ended up clipping a wire junction connector on to the (green wire coming of the brake switch after unplugging the wire harness) and then probing that after plugging it back in. I guessed right, It's the green wire that is the cold side of the switch. For someone who reads this you don't have to guess. I've done it for you

On this car I was concerned about going through the firewall and puncturing the break booster when mounting the cable terminal for the actuating cylinder. In the end, where I needed to go through the firewall was nowhere near the booster. It also turned out trying to use the self taping screws was just too hard. I wanted to use the reinforcing plate, but ended up loosing it under the carpeting. Finally I decided to just drill a 1/4" hole through the firewall (just northwest of a little dimple in the firewall), and bolt the cable cable terminal to the fire wall with a 1/4x20 combo head machine screw, and a fender washer, lock washer, and nut on the engine side of the firewall. I put silicone on the washers and nut, to prevent corrosion. I had just enough room under the car to get a wrench onto it. It would have been nice to have a car lift in my garage, but I did this work by blocking the car up on jack stands. My son held the bolt on the inside of the car. while I tightened the nut on the engine side of the firewall.

Another problem was: where to mount the operating unit in the engine compartment? I struggled with this until I found an online video of an installation on a Honda, where the tech mounted the operating unit to the engine cover. This worked out well, and made for easy routing of the vacuum lines both to the vacuum line between the engine and the brake booster, and through the firewall grommet to the actuating cylinder.

I mounted the wireless sending unit on the dash at the driver's A pillar, and the control unit on the passenger side, where there was much more room, routing the wires behind the center console over the the drivers side to go through the firewall. Calibration (adjusting the control unit position) worked exactly as describe. I set it and I was done.

In the end, though a painful install process, ESPECIALLY above the foot pedals under the dash, I know I am going to LOVE this system. To setup for towing: just flick the switch on the control unit, and hook up the car. No other special setup is required.

2018 Jeep Wrangler

Works great. It takes some time to install but worth it for the ease of use after. I installed the same system on my 2018 wrangler without the coach link monitor, used it over 4 years and 18,000 miles without a problem. I like the addition of the coach link monitor as the light is right in front of you.



1 year with 4,000 miles of use and still working great. No problems.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@Michael Niice! Glad to hear that!!


Extremely difficult to install. Installation Instruction need to be interpreted rather than followed.
However, once installed, braking on the toad is amazing. I went from no brakes to this brake system. Significant difference.

2018 Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited

DIY installation on my 2018 Jeep JL unlimited 4-Dr went perfectly. I watched the video (a 2018 like mine) and followed along as I installed and it turned out just as the video showed. I added marine grade shrink wrap on all of the wire crimps, added the coiled split conduit wherever I could. Trying to Zip tie the wireless transmitter under the dash wasn’t working out for me so I cut two strips of double sided automotive tape and secured it to the metal dash support. Then I installed the towed vehicle wiring kit again following the Jeep JL videos. A lot of crawling around fishing the wiring through the side box railing…but doable. The only tedious part of this installation was finding good spots for mounting the emergency brake plug and the 6-way outlet on my heavy duty aftermarket winch mount bumper. My towed vehicle battery maintainer wiring should arrive shortly to complete my wiring.
Lastly, I ordered adapter 1” D-Ring brackets to fit the Roadmaster Nighthawk tow bar (checked with Cliffs in Scottsdale to inspect my aftermarket bumper first)….fit like a glove and easy to install on the tow bars. Fingers crossed and did the function tests and all worked as designed! I would add photos but the videos look identical to my application.

2019 Ford F-150

Appears to be working as expected, will be going on our first long trip in April to confirm.
instructions are generic so some judgment calls needed to be made for my 2019 F150 Raptor. I ended up placing the vacuum hose in the booster in the sensor hole, and placing the sensor at the end, rather than splicing into the preformed hose. Not a project to rush thru.



Last April 2022 we went on a 2 month 6000 mile journey, pulling steep grades, raging thunderstorms, and some hot and dry days, all without any issues with the braking system. Very satisfied.


This system is time consuming to install but with the help of the etrailer videos the install went well. I really love the system. I have towed my Jeep with my RV a few times down some really steep grades and the system works awesome. The beauty of the system is when you are done towing, you disconnect the tow bars and safety cables, unplug the breakaway cable and brake/turn signal cable, switch off the control unit and your done! Preparing for the tow is just the reverse. I did consider many other types of systems and models, but I'm really happy with the Demco Stay-in-Play Duo. The Wireless Coachlink monitor is also awesome.`



I have used the system several times over the last year and I am very pleased on how great it works. We have really tested the system on some steep grades with no problems.


What a great auxiliary braking system. I was a little apprehensive about installing this system myself on my 1999 Jeep TJ SE, but I found hte instructions to be well written and once I read through them several times and then took my time to follow them step by step the overall installation was pretty straight forward. I wont lie the installation took about 8hrs for me to complete, with one call to their support line which was excellent by the way!I had a question on the diodes. They answered my question and offered great support. Once installed and calibrated, the braking system worked as expected, actually better than expected. I really like the remote monitor which allows me to see when the brakes are applied on the Jeep from within the cab of my RV. I highly recommend this system....


Braking system worked great on my Jeep. We towed the vehicle on a 6000 mile journey this year. We were up and more importantly, down the Rocky Mountains and the braking system never failed us. Would definitely recommend.


Etrailer videos made this a pretty simple install. So far so good.



Everything is working how it should be.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


@Justin That's great to hear! We're glad your Demcon # DM86VR braking system is working well for you!


eTrailer was very helpful in choosing the correct hitch for our rv and car. They also provided a special brake application in the car that makes it super easy for toad braking.
I am 72, and I hook up this toad and pull it with confidence. The instructions to hook up the toad was presented with ease. They knew exactly what they were doing, and we didn't rush through the demonstration. I would recommend eTrailer to anyone.


Been a year now. Unit works as well as ever. Installation was not bad. Have a 4 post lift so wiring the rear lights on my 2022 wrangler was simple. Braking while driving motor home needed some fine tuning before hitting the road but once dialed in it works great.


Great braking system. Installation directions were good and clear, but there are a lot of steps. It is easy to adjust properly once installed and has worked flawlessly for 2500 miles towing my 2015 Subaru Forester.


I like the way it works - much better than the Brake Buddy I used b before.

by: 04/08/2021

Works great. Self installed on 2018 Ford F150 without much difficulty. I recommend watching etrailer install video. Mine has wireless duo monitor. Extra care needs to be used when splicing into tiny brake light switch wire. If bad connection is made truck will not shift out of park.


Clever system that makes hooking up the Jeep a breeze. It’s fairly easy to install and has so far been rock solid reliable.

2023 Chevrolet Equinox

Product went in very smoothly. The video on E-trailer website was very helpful to aid in the installation process. Thank you!!


Brakes in towed vehicle grabby but could be because towed vehicle is a hybrid


This is made well and install was easy.


Shipped separately via postal system. I was told today that it could take up 14 days!!! All other parts came quickly via UPS>


Have been using the Demco for a year now and have nothing but praise for this product. Mine is installed on a 2021 Jeep Gladiator. I have been towing vehicles behind my motorhomes for several years and found this system is much easier to activate. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a braking system for their tow vehicle.

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  • Stay-IN-Play DUO Not Working Downhill
    Thank you for purchasing the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink Monitor # DM86VR directly from etrailer. The issue is almost certainly the G-Force controller not being oriented properly; per Demco, "Check the orientation of the G-Force Controller. It may need to be tipped slightly forward."
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  • How to Get the Demco Stay-IN-Play Installed
    Yes, we do! To access our network of reliable installers all over the country you will want to go to the left hand side of the Item # DM86VR product page. Underneath the installation videos is a blue link that says Locate installers near me. You will want to input your zip code to get a list of installers in the Leesburg area.
    view full answer...
  • Which Demco Proportional Flat Tow Braking System for 2016 Mini Cooper S
    The correct Demco proportional braking system for your 2016 Mini Cooper S is the Demco SBS Stay N Play part # DM86VR that you referenced Tug. This kit is a confirmed fit for your vehicle, is our installers favorite because of how easy it is to install and how well it works, and it comes with all components needed to install.
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Check Breaking System Warning for Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO
    The Check Breaking System warning message you're getting has more to do with the installation of the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System # DM86VR itself and not your specific 2022 Ford Ranger. The warning you're getting likely means you have a vacuum leak somewhere so you need to check your connections for the vacuum hoses. Look at the hose between the operating unit and your tee connection and also make sure the black end of the check valve is facing the operating unit....
    view full answer...
  • Best Braking System For Flat Towing 2024 Jeep Wrangler
    The best supplemental braking system for flat towing your 2024 Jeep Wrangler is from Demco, the Stay-IN-Play, which is the following part number: - Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System # DM86VR The reason the # DM86VR is the best is because it gives your Jeep braking proportional to that of your motorhome. So when you hit the brakes on your motorhome, your Wrangler is going to get the same amount of braking power, resulting in much smoother braking than other systems.
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  • Will Wireless Signal of SMI DUO Work on 37 foot Long RV
    The wireless signal of the Demco Stay N Play DUO part # DM86VR that you referenced would easily work on your 37 foot RV. This system has a really great reception overall and we've not had any issues with customers who reported having problems.
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Pulsing Brakes With The Demco Stay-In-Play Braking System While Turn Signal Is On
    Demco stated that the pulsing that you've been experiencing with the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink Monitor - Proportional # DM86VR when your turn signal is activated is normal and usually caused by the sensitivity being cranked up too high and near the max setting. You can adjust the sensitivity of the inertia-sensing mercury switch with a knob on the front of the G-Force controller. Adjusting the sensitivity lets you decide how intense the change...
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  • Brakes do Not Apply With Stay-In-Play When Pressing Brake of Car
    This is normal; the brakes on your vehicle will not apply with the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System # DM86VR when you are not moving.
    view full answer...
  • How Does Demco SBS Stay N Play Detect How Hard to Apply Trailer Brakes
    We do carry the Demco DUO Stay N Play part # DM86VR which we has an internal accelerometer that senses inertia changes and combined with a brake signal will work to apply the towed vehicle brakes with a similar intensity. It is mercury switch inside unit that accurately detects the braking. We do not carry the Shadow system so we don't have much info we can give on it.
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  • Is A Tow Bar Braking System Required To Flat Tow A 2020 Jeep Wrangler
    All states, besides Missouri, have varying weight requirements for braking systems. If you could provide the state you're planning on towing through I can find that specific state's requirement or you can check with your local DOT. That being said I HIGHLY recommend using a braking system to ensure the safety of you and your motorhome and towed vehicle. The Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink Monitor # DM86VR is a great choice for your 2020 Jeep Wrangler...
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  • Does Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Braking System Fit 2019 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid
    Braking systems like this are universal and not custom fit for any specific vehicle, so yes, the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink Monitor # DM86VR does indeed fit your 2019 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid.
    view full answer...
  • Are Ground of Operating Unit & Controller of Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Connected
    The 12 volt and ground wires between the operating unit and G-Force controller of the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System # DM86VR are isolated with no breaks and should not tie to the chassis instead of routing between each other. The indicator light does have to tie into the ground between the two units as well.
    view full answer...
  • How Does Remote Brake Monitor Work on Stay-IN-Play DUO
    The Stay-IN-Play DUO, # DM86VR, ties into the brake light switch on your towed car so that you'll be notified only when your towed car's brake pedal is being engaged. There is an inertia-sensing mercury switch inside the DUO's controller is what makes this system proportional. This switch reads and interprets changes in forward momentum that occur when your towing setup decelerates. As your RV and car slow down, this switch sends a signal to activate your towed vehicle's brake pedal with...
    view full answer...
  • Does Demco Stay N Play # SM99251 Fit 2013 Ford Edge
    The Demco Stay N Play # DM86VR is definitely a confirmed fit for your 2013 Ford Edge I apologize for any confusion on that.
    view full answer...
  • Where to Install Main Control Unit of Demco SBS Stay-IN-Play Duo on 2024 Chevy Equinox
    That's a good question, as finding the exact right spot for the main unit of any flat tow braking systems can be perplexing, but for your 2024 Chevy Equinox, there's actually a perfect spot for the unit of the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System # DM86VR. We did an install of this on a '24 Equinox, and as you can see by the photo, our installer went ahead and just mounted it right at the front of the engine bay using some self-tapping screws. Another option is right on top...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Pulsing On/Off When Turn Signal Is Activated
    This is actually a fairly common issue with the Demco Stay-IN-Play # DM86VR, and there are solutions. Since the turn signals and brake lights normally use the same wires, they use variable voltage to activate each circuit. The system is seeing a signal less than 12v and is trying to activate. What you'll need to do is reset the GFC (G-force controller) slightly to the "more" position. Then, go through the GFC set-up again which is step 12 in the instruction manual. This time, raise the...
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  • Does SMI DUO Stay N Play Create Vacuum for Vacuum Assist Brakes
    So the DUO does not need your vacuum assist brakes to have vacuum to push the brakes hard enough to stop the vehicle. The system basically is strong enough to be able to press the pedal hard enough without the vacuum assist.
    view full answer...
  • Will Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System Work On Motorhome with Air Brakes
    The Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System part # DM86VR is designed for motorhomes with hydraulic brakes and the Demco SBS Air Force One Supplemental Braking System part # DM26VR is designed for motorhomes with air brakes. The two cannot be substituted. The Air Force One would not even be able to be installed on a motorhome with hydraulic brakes and if you were to install the Stay-IN-Play on a motorhome with air brakes, the system would not have enough power to function properly.
    view full answer...
  • Can I Mount the Demco G-Force Controller Upside but Still Facing the Rear?
    Thanks for the pictures! You can't mount it upside down. There's a mercury switch in the G-Force Controller item # DM78VR which is what senses the deceleration and triggers the braking system. The system works off of inertia so it has to be mounted in the correct orientation with the toggle switch facing the rear of the vehicle and the controller being level. I have linked an installation video below our guys did on a 2020 Wrangler and they go over this step at the 8:40 mark. This being...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for Image 3 for
  • Does the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Require Installing Anything In My Coach
    This is partially correct. The Demco Stay-IN-Play Duo Supplemental Braking System w/ Wireless Coachlink Monitor - Proportional # DM86VR installs in your tow vehicle and not in the coach, however it's not compatible with air brakes. Instead of the Stay-IN-Play, you'll want to use the Demco SBS Air Force One system # DM26VR. It will work very similarly and provide proportional braking for your tow vehicle, in a permanently installed braking system. The wireless CoachLink sends a signal to...
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  • Demco Stay-IN-Play G-Force Controller Toggle Switch Positioning
    The G-Force Controller # DM78VR for the Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO Supplemental Braking System # DM86VR is what is used to switch on and off the braking system when you are flat towing or not. It also is used to adjust the braking sensitivity to ensure that the brakes are not activating to hard or soft. You want the switch in the off position when you are using your 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee for everyday driving. It will be switched to on when you are flat towing your Jeep.
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  • Brake System Recommendation for Flat Towing a 2023 Ford Bronco
    I really like the fixed braking systems because they are a one-time installation, you don't have to store it when not in use, and the steps to get it ready for towing is much quicker than a proportional system. Demco has a great system that I recommend installing on your 2023 Ford Bronco, you just need to choose which system matches the brake type on your motorhome: - Motorhome Hydraulic Brakes # DM86VR - Motorhome Air Brakes # DM26VR
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  • Best Supplemental Braking System For a 2023 Ford F-150 When Flat Towing
    The Demco Stay-IN-Play DUO # DM86VR and Air Force One # DM26VR are our best supplemental braking systems for your 2023 Ford F-150. The Stay-IN-Play DUO is for when your motorhome has hydraulic brakes while the Air Force One is for motorhomes with air actuated brakes. Both systems include the wireless Coachlink monitor which allows you to see when the brakes are activated. This will give you the confidence of knowing you are not destroying the brakes on your F-150 or your motorhome.
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  • What Settings Should I Use on My Flat-Towed Vehicle when Towing?
    There are some factors to consider when determining what settings you should use on your towed vehicle. The first thing to consider is that all of the functionality of your towed vehicles options are outlined in the owner's manual of the vehicle. If you cannot find the switches that you mention in the manual, it is highly probable that those switches and functions were added as by the RV dealer. With that being said, the picture that you attached of your vehicle's braking system is the...
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