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4" Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper

4" Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper

Item # PTW80157

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PTW80157 - Digital Caliper Performance Tool Tools
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  • Measuring Devices
  • Digital Caliper
  • Performance Tool
Lowest Prices for the best tools from Performance Tool. 4" Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper part number PTW80157 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Performance Tool Tools - PTW80157


  • Performance Tool 4" Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper collects accurate measurements on just about anything from projects around the home or office, to automotive repairs, carpentry or laboratory applications
  • Measures outside and inside dimensions
  • Accurate to plus/minus 0.01" or 0.2mm
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Zero setting at any position within measuring range
  • SAE to metric conversion


  • Material: Durable and lightweight carbon fiber
  • LCD display
  • Measures 0" to 4" SAE by 0.01" increments and 0mm to 100mm metric range by 0.1mm increments
  • Includes 1 LR44 battery necessary for operation

W80157 4" Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper

W80157 4" Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper

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Video of 4" Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Performance Tool Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper Review

Today we'll be looking at the Performance Tool four inch carbon fiber digital caliper. Part number PTW80157. This allows you to read from 0 to 4 inches or 0 to 100 millimeters. It moves in 100ths of an inch or 1/10ths of a millimeter. It has a nice LED screen. You hit the on button and it's easy to read.

You can switch between millimeters and inches. Right now it's in inches and now it's in millimeters. Just by the touch of a button. We also have our zero capability so when we move it down our measurement tool, if we want to measure something and see the difference between another measurement, we can hit the zero button and it shows us the difference. This is a negative distance or a positive distance.

Take it back to zero and hit the zero button again so we can start back from zero inches or zero millimeters. This allows us to measure the outside diameter or the inside dimensions with the other side. Now we can show you in action. On our trailer here, we pulled off our seal. Usually it's stamped with the measurements on it, but this one has worn off over time. WE can use our tool to find the inner dimension of our race.

2.18 inches. If we need to figure out the outside diameter, that'll be 3.35 inches. Other measurements that we might need to know. Come to our shaft. We've got the bearings that sit on our shaft so we might need to know the diameter of our shaft.

We can come up, be 1.24 inches and that'll be for our inner or our outside bearing. If we need to figure out our other, the larger bearing, the inside bearing, we do the same thing. 1.74 inches. Now if we need to know the difference between the two, we come up we get the inside bearing, we hit our zero button, that zeros it out, and we can come to our outside bearing and we see there's almost a half inch difference between the two bearing sizes. Same works if you want to figure out the dimensions here for our race because that's where it sits. This is where our race sits. If I want to do difference in that. I'll take our meter, I'll measure the inside diameter of our race, I'll hit the zero button, and then I can come and measure the outside distance of our race and see if there's any difference at all. Which, there's not, but if there was it would show us. There would be a negative difference or if I measure something bigger, it would show us a positive difference. That's it for a look at the Performance Tool 4 inch carbon fiber digital caliper. Part number PTW80157.Speaker 2: You can find this and everything else right here at What's up man.

Customer Reviews

4" Carbon Fiber Digital Caliper - PTW80157

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (3 Customer Reviews)

- PTW80157


Excellent tool for the money not sure how long it will last, but it does work. 513403

- PTW80157


I have always wanted a digital caliper now I have one. I have always relied on my older read out types since this is the one etrailer uses I will be able to take the same measurements they do . My local bearing supplier has priced themselves out of the market so I use etrailer ! 376432

- PTW80157


A very nice useful tool. First one I got had a malfunction and the company sent me another one right away 362459


Great tool. Use it all of the time

Larry J - 04/04/2018


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  • How To Easily Grease Trailer Hub Without EZ Lube Spindle
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  • How to Measure a Trailer Hub or Dust Cap to Find the Right Replacement Dust Cap
  • You can measure either the outer diameter of the part of the dust cap that fits into the hub OR the inner diameter of the hub where the dust cap goes using calipers such as # PTW80157. Calipers are needed because the measurement has to be as accurate as possible. I also might be able to figure it out based on the outer bearing number which you should be able to see without taking the hub off.
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  • Mobile home axles are designed for a one time use and do not have a load rating. You may be able to find hubs and drums and other hub components for the specific spindles you have on the axles but that can be very difficult as mobile home axles typically have non-standard sizes. I have attached a drawing that shows where you would need to measure on your spindle for the replacement components. You will want to measure the spindle in the places where the bearing ride and also the inside...
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  • I called Dexter and they told me that your Dexter P-12 SLR SN: D5287869 axle has a 3,000 lb weight capacity. If you need any parts please let me know what they are and I would be happy to offer my recommendation.
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  • Can You Install an EZ Lube Hub and Drum on a Non EZ Lube Axle
  • Even though you do not have EZ lube axles you will be able to add EZ lube hubs and drums, however, you will not have the EZ lube feature on his axles by installing the EZ lube hub and drums. For you to be able to easily pack grease into your hubs and drums without an EZ lube axle, you will need Bearing Buddies. These replace the grease cap in the axle hub and will protect your bearings by keeping out water and ensuring enough grease is in the hub. I attached a diagram showing where...
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  • Replacement Bearings and Hubs for Hudson Tandem Trailer
  • The easiest way to find replacement bearings and a compatible replacement hub is to locate the original bearing part numbers. The linked photo shows the typical location and appearance of these part numbers. If you cannot find part numbers you can measure your spindle to three decimal places (such as 1.234) using a precision caliper like # PTW80157. If you find your bearing numbers you can simply search our site using those numbers. If you have dimensions you can use the linked page...
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  • Replacement Parts for 1970s Camper Frame with Dayton Fayette Axles
  • The Lippert Components Heavy-Duty Replacement Shock - Yellow # LC283280 is 8.625 inches compressed and 13.5 inches fully extended. Your current suspension may extend and retract slightly further but the shocks will be a good replacement based on the actual shock absorbing as long as they will fit your brackets. Unfortunately we don't have any info on your axle or hubs, so to help, I will need to get the bearing numbers printed on the face of your inner and outer bearing of one hub....
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  • Recommended Bearing Buddy Kit for Carry-On 5X8G Trailer
  • Based on my research, your Carry-On 5X8G Trailer uses hubs that have a 1.98 inch diameter pilot hole. With this in mind, the correct Bearing Buddy Kit will be one that fits 1.98 inch hub bores like the part # BB1980A-SS. These will replace the grease cap in the axle hub and prevent wheel-bearing failure by keeping water and dirt out. They will also provide easily accessible grease fittings and makes adding grease to the bearings quick and simple. I have included a short installation video...
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  • Selecting Bearing Buddy for Ranger Trail Boat Trailer
  • We have a large selection of Bearing Buddy Protectors available. In order to determine the correct Bearing Buddy for your existing trailer hubs, you will want to take an accurate measurement of the hub's bore. This is where the Bearing Buddy will fit, so you will need to choose a bearing protector whose diameter closely matches that of your hubs. I recommend using a digital caliper like # PTW80157, as the measurement will need to be as exact as possible. For example, the Bearing...
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  • Replacement Hubs and Wheels for Nuway Utility Trailer
  • Sorry to hear about your bad experience but we can help you. New hubs must use the same bearings as the ones that were stolen to ensure they will fit on your spindles. New wheels must also use the same bolt pattern to ensure they will fit on the hubs. Since you don't have your hubs you can measure your spindles using a digital caliper like # PTW80157 to determine what bearings will fit. If you refer to the linked image you will see the points on the spindle that you need to measure...
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  • How Can You Determine Axle Load Capacity on a Dexter Axle
  • I reached out to my contact at Dexter and based on your serial number, they can't really narrow it down. It is an older axle that was produced in a plant that has since been closed. All they can tell me is that it is between 2K and 8K capacity because it came from that plant. Do you have a GVWR sticker on your trailer? Does it have brakes if so are they 10 inch or 12? We can get really close with this info if not confirm load rating. Another way to narrow it down is with spindle...
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  • Recommended Bearing Buddy for 2 Inch Hub Bore
  • We have a few Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors available that are designed to fit a hub bore of around 2 inches in diameter, but not one that measures 2 inches exactly. I recommend using a digital caliper like # PTW80157 so you can take an exact measurement of your existing hub bore. For example, the Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors # BB1980A-SS are designed for 1.980 inch diameter hub bores while the Bearing Buddy Protectors # BB2047SS are compatible with hub bores that have a diameter...
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  • Replacement Bearings for Four Winns Single-Axle Boat Trailer
  • Trailer makers don't often maintain records of the small parts like bearings that are used in their trailers (even when you can tell them its VIN) so the way to know for certain what replacement parts you need is to pull one of the hubs, remove its bearings and check them for part numbers. The linked photo shows the typical appearance and location of bearing, race and seal part numbers. It also indicates the points on the spindle that where you will need to take precise measurements...
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  • Replacement Hubs for Retired Army Kassel Mfg 3/4 Ton Cargo Trailer
  • Unfortunately I can't confirm a fit for your trailer. You will need to pull a hub and get the bearing numbers or measure the spindle with a digital caliper for me to be able to confirm a fit. If you pull the hub and look at the face of the bearings, you should be able to see a number printed. That number on the inner and outer bearing of a hub will help me get your spindle compatibility. If you can't see the numbers on the bearings, then you will need to use a digital caliper like...
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  • Recommended Baby Moon Wheel Cover and Bearing Buddies for Trailer
  • We do have the Americana Baby Moon Trailer Wheel Center Cap # AM90086, which is designed to fit 13 inch to 15 inch diameter, 5-lug conventional trailer wheels. To determine if this will fit your Unique Series 83 Wheel, you will want to measure the outer diameter of the inner ring and the outer diameter of the inner ring with one of the tabs. I have attached an image that will clarify these dimensions. The outer diameter of the inner ring on your wheel should be 9 inches and the outer...
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  • How to Measure and Identify Bearings, Races, and Seals
  • Bearings and seals are generally measured in inches. It is best to use a digital caliper, like # PTW80157, and measure out to 3 decimal places to find the most precise figure. I've attached an image that shows how to measure and identify them. As well as a help article on replacing them that may be helpful to you.
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  • Which Axle Should Electric Brakes be Installed on with Tandem Axle Trailer
  • When installing electric brake assemblies on just one axle of a tandem axle trailer, you will essentially want to choose the axle that is going to be seeing more weight. Typically on utility trailers, most of the weight will be in front of the axles so the brake assemblies will be installed on the front axle. For boat trailers, where the motors are at the rear, you will usually see brakes on the rear axle. I have attached a great article that details everything you will need to install...
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