White Lithium Grease contains a zinc additive which gives it the pristine white color, without the use of silicons. Safe to use even on plastic parts, and is designed to function in a wide variety of uses. Available in 16 oz. (1 lb.) can. Lowest Prices for the best tools from LubriMatic. LubriMatic White Lithium Grease - 16 oz. Can part number L11350 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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LubriMatic White Lithium Grease - 16 oz. Can

Item # L11350

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Product Images

LubriMatic Tool
LubriMatic Tool
LubriMatic Tool
LubriMatic Tool


  • Grease and Lubricants
  • Multi-Purpose Grease
  • White Lithium Grease
  • LubriMatic
  • Lithium 12-Hydroxystearate
  • 16 oz
  • Petroleum-Based

LubriMatic Tools - L11350

White Lithium Grease contains a zinc additive which gives it the pristine white color, without the use of silicons. Safe to use even on plastic parts, and is designed to function in a wide variety of uses. Available in 16 oz. (1 lb.) can.

Includes zinc additive for a clean, white color. Ideal for general home, shop, automotive, agricultural and industrial applications. Contains no silicons and can be used on plastic components. NLGI#2, drop point 350 degrees F.

Note: Note recommended for use on disc brake wheel bearings.

11350 LubriMatic White Lithium Grease - 16 oz. Can

Video of LubriMatic White Lithium Grease - 16 oz. Can

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Video Transcript for LubriMatic Tools L11350 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the LubriMatic white lithium grease. This is a 16 ounce can. It's recommended for general home, shop, automotive, agricultural, and industrial applications. This grease helps prevent rust and corrosion to applied areas, so if you're going to be storing a machine for a season or a piece of equipment, this grease really comes in handy at making sure that when you pull that item back out and you're ready to use it, hopefully, it's going to be working properly and that nothing's going to get stuck. It keeps rust and corrosion away from applied areas. It keeps dirt and moisture out of applied areas. This grease includes a zinc additive for a clean white color.

It does not contain any silicon, so it can be used on plastic components. The dropping point for this grease is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. That's the temperature before the grease liquefies. This is NLGI#2. That's simply a consistency rating number.

#2 is going to be your most common for white lithium grease or for lithium grease. At etrailer.com we see this grease used for many different applications like lubricating a fifth wheel trailer hitch to make hooking up and disconnecting easier. Sometimes things get stuck and jammed due to build up of corrosion or dirt. This grease can help lubricate that jammed area to free it up. We see it used to lubricate landing gear on trailers and RVs. We also see it on trailer jacks, tow bars, hitch balls, weight distribution systems, and a variety of other products, as well. That's going to do it for today's look at the LubriMatic white lithium grease in a 16 ounce can..

Customer Reviews

LubriMatic White Lithium Grease - 16 oz. Can - L11350

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White Lithium Grease contains a zinc additive which gives it the pristine white color, without the use of silicons. Safe to use even on plastic parts, and is designed to function in a wide variety of uses. Available in 16 oz. (1 lb.) can.
- L11350

by: Margaret C09/12/2013

Thanks for the quick delivery to Drummond Island, MI. Need to greased my silde in on my trailer often. 99567

- L11350

by: WAYNE B.07/13/2012



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  • Tips on Lubricating a Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and Hitching Up to a Trailer
  • The grease fitting that is on top of the head unit on your Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, # RP30084, is used to lubricate the pivot points of the jaws. Using a lithium grease, # L11350, is acceptable. You will also want to lubricate the jaw itself, and the skid plate. For the skid place, if you want you can use a Lube Plate, # RP83001, or use automotive grade chassis grease like # L11316. The hitch should be lubricated and checked for proper function before each trip. If the jaws are...
    view full answer...

  • What Parts Of B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Require Lubrication
  • I took a look at the installation instructions for the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, part # BWRVK3500-5W. Per the instructions in the Helpful Tips section, they do list the areas of the hitch that need to be lubricated to assure good performance. I have attached a copy of the Helpful Tips section you can check out. Per the instructions the top surface of the coupler and the jaws should be lubricated with automotive type chassis grease. You can use a grease like part # L11350...
    view full answer...

  • Lubricating a Reese 16K 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and Revolution Pin Box
  • If you are using Reese 16K hitch # RP30047 or # RP30866 then follow these instructions for lubricating the hitch: Lubricate the skid plate surface of the hitch with automotive type chassis grease, 5th wheel trailer grease # L10337, or use a plastic lube plate to provide a lubricated surface. On # RP30047 use engine oil to lubricate pivot points of moving parts within the hitch. For hitch # RP30047 or # RP30866, plastic lube plate # RP83002 can be used to avoid messy grease. The plastic...
    view full answer...

  • Having a Hard Time Hooking Up to a 16K Reese 5th Wheel Slider Trailer Hitch
  • I spoke with my contact at Reese and I have some tips for you. First, he seemed to think that you may possibly not have the lock fully open and/or that the activation handle is getting caught or hung up on the latch or side of the hitch. You can make sure that the lock is fully open and if you see paint scraped off of the activation handle, latch, or hitch anywhere then you know that is the problem. Besides making sure the lock is open all the way you can take some white lithium grease...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation of Replacement Landing Gear or Motor on 2006 Keystone Raptor
  • My recommendation would be to disconnect the motor and gearbox, as well as the strut that connects the two drives. Try to manually actuate each jack to see if they'll operate manually. Depending on the manufacturer of the landing gear, there might be replacement gears or the jacks might be individually replaceable. Many electric landing gear sets use white lithium grease for the gears and drive screw. If you are looking for grease to use on your current set, I recommend using our LubriMatic...
    view full answer...

  • What Can Be Done To Help With Unhooking Fifth Wheel With Sidewinder From Ford F150 Short Bed
  • It sounds like the moving parts inside the fifth wheel head on your Reese 16K hitch need to be cleaned with WD-40, which will clean the area but it will not eliminate all the grease. This will help the fifth wheel head work properly. Then apply a light coating of all purpose grease, such as the LubriMatic White Lithium Grease, # L11350, to the skid plate and the jaw of the fifth wheel hitch. This will help reduce any metal to metal squeaking and wear and it will make it easier to unlock...
    view full answer...

  • Jaws on Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Will Not Fully Close Around 5th Wheel King Pin
  • The Reese 16K Fifth Wheel Hitch # RP30047, has a groove in the handle that a latch rotates into. If the latch (not the handle) is not rotated toward the rear of the truck, the handle will not move and you should not be able to hook up. If the latch was not rotated and you attempted to hook up, some of the handle parts could have been bent. During normal hook up you should not move the handle out. Back the truck slowly into the trailer and allow the hitch to move the handle out. Once...
    view full answer...

  • Can LubriMatic White Lithium Grease be Safely Mixed with Existing Grease on Trailer Bearings
  • The LubriMatic White Lithium Grease, part # L11350, can be used on your wheel bearings. If you want to remove it, you will just need to wipe the parts down as best as you can, and then you can use some brake cleaner to further clean the bearings. Take a look at our grease FAQ article I have linked for you. One of the most important things to consider when mixing different types of grease is that some types are compatible with each other, some are not. If you are unsure of grease compatibility...
    view full answer...

  • Can WD40 be Used to Lubricate Parts of a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • WD40 is NOT the type of lubricant you would use for your 5th wheel trailer hitch. The problem is that a WD40 type of spray will end up attracting dirt and dust and debris and lead to more problems. With white lithium grease (either a spray or in a tub like # L11350) does not have that problem and it is a more heavy duty and longer lasting solution.
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  • Does the Lubrimatica White Lithium Grease Have a Shelf Life
  • I spoke to my contact at Lubrimatic and he informed me that there is no shelf life on grease. It will not expire.
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  • At what Temperature does the LubriMatic White Lithium Grease # L11350 Become Ineffective
  • The LubriMatic White Lithium Grease, # L11350, has a drop point of 393 degrees F. The drop point is the point where the grease begins to liquify and become ineffective. If the expected temperature of your application is around 150 degrees F, then you will have no problem using this grease.
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  • Wheel Bearing Grease Compatibility Chart Availability
  • Check out the link I attached just to the right of this text, it has the grease compatibility chart you are looking for. It's near the bottom of the page.
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  • Replacement Head Assembly for Reese Signature Series 16K 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • I spoke with our contact at Reese and he informed me that typically when the head assembly locks up like yours, you simply need to lube the head assembly. You can use some lithium grease such as the LubriMatic # L11350 and lube the jaw, as well as down the channel that the handle slides in, working it a few times. Then simply repeat until hopefully you are able to unlock the assembly. If this does not work, the appropriate replacement plate assembly is the Reese # 58292. This is a 20K...
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  • Where to Lubricate a Reese Pro Series 16K 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and what Grease to Use
  • It does sound like the hitch needs to be lubricated. You can lubricate the moving parts with automotive chassis grease or a white lithium grease such as # L11350. There are also white lithium grease sprays that you could use. After lubricating the hitch you should actuate the handle a few times so the grease gets in the nooks and crannies. You could then use hitch head cover # RP30055 to help keep out moisture and dust/dirt when not using the hitch.
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  • Squeaking Noise with Reese Revolution and Reese Titan 16K on 2011 Silverado
  • For the Revolution Pin Box on your Trailer, Reese recommends that you frequently lubricate the wedge surfaces, back side of the king pin and the skid plate surface. The bearing surfaces of the Revolution arm can also be lubricated if they are stiff. You should not use a lube plate with this Pin Box. You can also apply a light coating of all purpose grease like the LubriMatic White Lithium Grease # L11350 to the skid plate and jaw of your Reese Titan Hitch. This should go a long way to...
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  • Are the Self-Adjusting Parts of the Nev-R Adjust Trailer Brake Assemblies Adequately Lubricated
  • On the self adjusting brake assemblies, like # AKEBRK-35L-SA, that I have seen, they have always been adequately lubricated. In the event that you would like to use a different grease, I recommend first cleaning off all of the existing grease as some greases are not compatible. It will not take but a small portion to lubricate the small self-adjusting component. You could use all purpose white lithium grease like # L11350 for this purpose. Be careful not to get grease on other components...
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  • Where to Apply Lithium Grease to Reese Revolution Pin Box
  • I found the picture you are referencing about the lithium grease on the Sidewinder/Reese Revolution. The arm that's in the picture can be removed from the turret as it's basically a friction fit. What you would want to do is move it side to side by hand and pull down till you get it to start to pull apart. From there you can apply lithium grease to the Sidewinder. For that we have the part # L11350.
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  • Hitch Ball Getting Stuck on Older Atwood Actuator
  • I do have a couple of possible solutions that may remedy the issues you are having with your Atwood Actuator. First, instead of using something like WD-40, I recommend lubricating the moving parts on the actuator using a white lithium grease such as # L11350. WD-40 or similar spray lubricants can attract dirt and debris, which may actually work to worsen the issues you are having with releasing the locking lever and disengaging the hitch ball. If that does not improve the situation,...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Lubricating Grease for Travel Trailer Jack Gears Exposed to Water
  • White lithium grease like # L11350 or # L10308 is a good choice for lubricating the jack gears on your 2011 Rockwood Signature. Unless a jack manufacturer specifically recommends another type of lubricating grease white lithium is a good choice since it will not harm any nearby plastic components.
    view full answer...

  • How to Lubricate the Bulldog Round Topwind Trailer Jack # F1413060334
  • Since you are having problems cranking the Fulton F2 Swing-Up Trailer Jack # F1413060334, I assume you have some rust or corrosion on the inner tube or on the main screw. Also, there could be a possibility that the old and the new lubrication had an adverse chemical reaction. This can lead to rust, pitting, scoring and breakdown of the greases ability to lubricate. I recommend greasing the inner tube, you can use the lithium grease like # L11350 for this, and cleaning out all of the...
    view full answer...

  • Can Lithium Grrease Be Used To Lubricate A Fifth Wheel Hitch
  • You will not have any problem using lithium grease on your fifth-wheel hitch. Per the instructions for a fifth-wheel hitch, automotive type chassis grease is recommended so lithium grease like part # L11350 should work just fine for you.
    view full answer...

  • Solution for Stuck Arm on Older Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar
  • There may be some dirt and debris interfering with the normal function of the tow bar. I would start by lubricating the arms, however lubricants like WD40 should not be used. Instead use a silicone-base lubricant like part # L11350. That's going to be the only solution for your tow bar since it's too old for our repair kits.
    view full answer...

  • What Type of Grease is Used on the Stromberg Carlson Electric Landing Gear Set # LG-1
  • According to my contact at Stromberg Carlson, the Electric Landing Gear Set, # LG-1, uses white lithium grease for the gears and drive screw. If you are looking for grease to use on your current set, I recommend using our LubriMatic White Lithium Grease, # L11350.
    view full answer...

  • Atwood Brake Actuating Trailer Coupler Has Hard Time Releasing Hitch Ball
  • Replacing the shock on your actuator would result in an ever stiffer shock than what you have now. I do not think the shock is the problem. When lubricating the moving parts on the actuator you should be using grease and not a spray lubricant like WD40 because the spray lube can attract dirt and debris and gum up the works. I recommend using white lithium grease such as # L11350. You can also put some grease on the ball, once it is free from the coupler! If there is tension on the...
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  • Arms on Roadmaster Sterling Tow Bar Do Not Push In and Out Easily
  • There may be some dirt and debris interfering with the normal function of the tow bar. I would start by lubricating the arms, however lubricants like WD40 should not be used. Instead use a silicone-base lubricant like part # L11350. You may also need the Sterling repair kit # RM-910003-30. The kit includes the following parts to make repairs to the tow bar: (4) rubber caps (2) locking springs (2) retaining rings (2) shoulder bolts (2) Nylock nuts (14)...
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  • Troubleshooting Fulton A-Frame Coupler That Is Not Latching Correctly On Hitch Ball
  • One of the biggest culprits that will not allow the latch to go down as far as it originally did is because there is dirt or debris in the mechanism. Also if it is really dry that can effect the latch. I first recommend checking for any signs of excess dirt or anything that would inhibit the latch. Then use a good lithium grease like part # L11350 and make sure all of the parts are well lubricated and working properly. Put some of the grease on the ball as well and try hooking and unhooking...
    view full answer...

  • Sidewinder Pin Box on 5th Wheel Trailer is Noisy when Turning
  • It sounds like your Sidewinder pin box might be in need of a little lubrication. With a Sidewinder the trailer pivots at the turret instead of at the hitch. The fit between the arm and the turret is very tight to the point where you can't move it by hand. All that friction can create noise. Lubrication will help. To lubricate the Sidewinder it is best to disassemble it to access the areas within the Sidewinder that make contact with each other. It is recommended to take it apart at least...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Sidewinder Wedge Compatible w/ Reese # RP30160 For Factory Tow Prep Pkg on 2015 Ram
  • The Reese # RP30160 does indeed use the same head as the Reese Elite Series, so the correct hitch-specific Sidewinder Wedge would be # SWW-01. The presence of the wedge will prevent a Teflon or plastic lube plate from being used, so for easier hitching and unhitching, Reese recommends using a thin coat of white lithium grease like # L11350 on the skid plate and on the sides of the wedge. Even though the Sidewinder won't be rotating in the hitch, you'll still have metal to metal friction...
    view full answer...

  • How Do I Lube/Grease a Reese RP30869 Titan Slider?
  • I reached out to my contact at Cequent, the parent company of Reese, to follow up with their technical expert about your issue. There are not any grease fittings, our customer service representative must have pulled up the wrong part as we deal with several 5th wheel hitches...so my apologies on that. According to their tech, on the Reese # RP30869 the only thing you need to grease is the rails themselves and only with a thin coat of white lithium grease, # L11350. I took a look at...
    view full answer...

  • White Grease Recommendation for Windshield Wiper Gearbox
  • The white grease like the part # L11350 that you referenced is what you are looking for. Zinc is added to this general-purpose grease, giving it a white color so you can easily see it. You can tell when all the old grease has been replaced in a fitting because it will come out dark, whereas the new grease will look clean and white.
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