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Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle

Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle

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Kodiak Grease and Lubricants - XLPROLUBE
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Lowest Prices for the best tools from Kodiak. Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle part number XLPROLUBE can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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Kodiak Tools - XLPROLUBE

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  • (1) 8 Ounce bottle of synthetic 90 weight oil
  • For oil bath hubs

XLPROLUBE Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle

Video of Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs Review

Connie: Hey, guys. How's it going Connie here at etrailer.com. We're going to be taking a look at the Kodiak synthetic bearing oil today. So our bearing oil here comes in a nice little convenient eight ounce bottle.Keep in mind for installation, the only thing we're really going to need is a pair of gloves, because we want to avoid getting this on our skin. We're also going to need some sort of pry tool such as a screwdriver, so you can pry free the cap on our oil bath hubs.So the biggest question you're probably wondering is how much you need. And that's going to be based on how many axles and how many hubs we have.

Now for our fifth wheel trailer here, it has two 7,000 pound axles. But what we found is about one and a half bottles is going to be enough to fill all four of our hubs here. So you can keep that in mind and order the amount that you need based on the number of trailer axles you have.So our bearing oil is going to be designed specifically for Kodiak oil bath hubs. However, it can be used with pretty much any other manufacturer's hubs as well. You just need to verify that the weight rating of the oil is correct.

This oil has a 90-weight, which is going to work for most trailer, brake hubs here, such as these Kodiak. So as long as you verify with your manufacturer, you should be able to use this no matter what brand of hubs you have.So with regards to oil versus grease lubrication, I definitely prefer the oil. It is a little bit less cost-effective than grease. But however, I'm sure if you've messed with grease, it gets really messy. It can be a pain in the butt to do your yearly maintenance.

In regards to the oil bath here, it's not going to be messy at all. It's going to be super simple, therefore maintenance is going to be a lot easier.In order to properly service our hubs here, what we're going to want to do is first, we're going to remove our rubber cap here. Going to pry that off, and that's going to allow us access so we can fill our hubs here. So then once we have the cap off, what we're going to do is, we're going to take our nozzle here. We're going to point it inside this little opening here, and then we're going to gently squirt in our oil while we're turning our hub at the same time.Now, we don't want to make big squirts.

Just want to slowly let it out as we're rotating the hub. Once we feel we have a good amount in there, we can go ahead and stop and let the fluid settle. What we're looking here for is a slow drip out of the bottom opening here. So once we get the slow drip there, we know they're full. We can put our cap back on.However, if you're doing a new installation, chances are, you're going to need to repeat this process a couple times to let all the oil sit down and go back in the hubs here. So, it looks like we could add a little more here. So, then we're going to stop. What we're looking for here is just a little bit to start dripping out.Once that does so, you can go ahead and wipe that off, put our cap back on. You can see here, we do have a little bit coming out there at the end there, which is perfect. Just what we want. You don't want to make a big mess right now. So, just going to clean that up. And we can insert our cap or our plug back into the cap, just like that.So we went ahead and let our hub sit a little while to let the oil work into the hubs here. We didn't need to add any more here. You can see, we have a perfect fill line, which is going to be right below the plug on our cap here. So now we know we have the perfect amount of fluid in order to properly lubricate our bearings.So overall, our oil bath lubrication here is going to be a lot less messy or easier to maintain than our grease lubrication, which is why I prefer upgrading if applicable. For our particular trailer here that we're upgrading the disc brakes on, there is an application for both grease and oil. So if you have the extra funds, I definitely recommend checking out oil bath lubrication here and using our Kodiak synthetic bearing oil. And that's going to do it for our look at the Kodiak synthetic bearing oil.

Customer Reviews

Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle - XLPROLUBE

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (8 Customer Reviews)


Product seems to be great quality. Only time will tell. However, I would like to provide a review of etrailer's customer service. I made a mistake on the shipping selection online, so I called customer service. It was outstanding! Issue taken care of quickly and professionally. The item shipped, and was received, in a very short time. I am well pleased with this transaction, and would highly recommend etrailer to anyone who asks.


Easy to use with tip out spout on cap and easy to store as it is a small size container.


very expensive. about $ 4.00 an ounce. Couldn't find elsewhere. (Including Frt.)


Great product, bearings run 20 to 30 degrees cooler.


The whole Kodiak bearing oil system is the best. I have changed all my trailers over to this system and I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.


Products received as ordered in a timely manner. Ordering process easy. Highly recommend etrailer for your trailer needs.




Ask the Experts about this Kodiak Tools

  • Does HydraStar Disc Brake Kit With Actuator for Triple Axle Trailer Have Option for 7K Oil Hubs
    We do have a way for you to use the HydraStar electric-over-hydraulic actuator for disc brakes with 7,000 lb oil hubs, but there is not a direct option for an entire kit that uses oil hubs; it is necessary to use grease with the hubs on the HydraStar Disc Brake Kit with Actuator for Triple Axle Trailers # HSE7K-TR1. Instead, you would need to piece together three disc brake kits (one for each axle) that fit the same spindle as the HydraStar hubs, along with the actuator and brake lines....
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  • What Oil Do I Use In My Oil Bath Style Hub?
    I recommend the Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs # XLPROLUBE. This oil is formulated to work with all oil bath style hubs. It is a synthetic 90 weight oil that reduces friction and works well in cold and hot weather applications.
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  • What Is The Correct Oil To Use In My Dexter Axles With Oil Lube Bath Hubs?
    Dexter recommends a SAE 90, SAE 80W-90 or SAE 75W-90 oil to be used. I recommend the Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs # XLPROLUBE as it is a synthetic 90 weight oil that helps reduce friction and to keep bearings cool. Since your cap was damaged and oil leaked out some dirt may have gotten into the hub. I recommend pulling the hub and cleaning up the bearings and surfaces to reduce the chance of damaging the hub. This will give you a chance to inspect the bearings...
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  • Replacement Oil Seal and O-Ring for Dexter Drum Hub with Oil Bath
    The Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly - 9,000-lb to 10,000-lb - 8 on 6-1/2 - Oil Bath - Non-ABS Drum # 8-430-5UC3 does have replacement parts so you can absolutely purchase the seal and o-ring separately from the entire hub. The seal is the Unitized Oil Seal # 10-51 and the o-ring is # 92127. If you want the entire too the Replacement Oil Cap Kit for 9,000-lb and 10,000-lb Dexter Axle # RG04-300 consists of the cap, the plug, and the o-ring. If you need more oil, I recommend the...
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  • What Synthetic Oil Should I Use for Oil Bath Hubs?
    When it comes to keeping your Kodiak Disc Brakes # K2HR79E lubricated you'll want to use the Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs # XLPROLUBE. This is a synthetic oil specifically designed for oil bath bearings and will work very well on your new oil bath setup.
    view full answer...
  • What is the Capacity of a Dexter P-12 Model D100 Axle
    It looks like you're likely trying to replace your hubs/drums on your Dexter axle and I do believe that the "0100" you found on the spec plate actually reads "D100" since that was one of the models that Dexter had for this particular line of axles; I've confirmed this with Dexter as well. These axles were 10k axles and they came in both a general duty and a heavy duty model with the 10k capacity. In order to find out which hub/drum will work as a replacement, you'll need to pull the hubs...
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  • Determining Correct Replacement Oil Bath Hub For 2003 Mastercraft Single Axle Trailer
    Assuming you are meaning replacing the entire hub, you will first need to remove the oil bath cap to access the spindle nut. There will be a cotter key holding the nut on, or a clip which will need to be removed next. After that remove the nut and slide off the hub. If you have not already found the correct replacement hub then while the hub is off look for the bearing numbers stamped in the face of both the inner and outer bearings as shown in the included picture of the # L44649. If...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Can Lippert 8K Axle be Converted to Oil
    Yes you can convert your Lippert 8K axle so that it works with oil instead of grease. Just swap out your hub and drum assembly with one that has threads for the oil cap to install on. For example, the Dexter Axle part # 8-285-9UC3 should work just fine but you need to verify that the inner bearing # 25580 and outer bearing # 02475 are correct as well as the oil seal with the 2.250" inner diameter. If this fits then the only other thing you need is bearing oil like part # XLPROLUBE. Please...
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  • Replacement Oil Bath Hub Cap for Dexter Trailer Hub
    The Oil Cap, Plug and O-Ring # RG04-230 is the replacement for the Dexter Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 8-219-9UC3-A. You will want to remember some Synthetic Bearing Oil # XLPROLUBE to refill the hub once you replace the cap.
    view full answer...
  • Hub and Electric Brakes for Dexter SLR D90 9000-lb-Rated Axle
    Thank you for the photo of the brake assembly from your Dexter SLR D-90 9K axle. The correct hub you need for your Dexter D-90 axle is the part # 8-430-5UC3 which includes bearings, races, oil seal, oil cap, wheel bolts, and lug nuts. With this hub you can use Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil # XLPROLUBE. For brake assemblies you can use part # 23-451 for the right side brakes and part # 23-450 for the left side.
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  • Recommended Synthetic Bearing Lubricant for Kodiak Oil Bath Hubs
    In your oil bath-type hubs you will want to use any 80- or 90-weight synthetic gear oil. My contact at Kodiak confirmed that the brand of oil is not important but that use of a synthetic oil in this viscosity range is what matters. As it happens though, the brand of synthetic 90-weight bearing oil we offer is Kodiak, part # XLPROLUBE.
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  • What Kind of Oil Should be Used for Oil Bath Hubs
    If you are wondering how to lubricate the Bulldog Square Jack # BD182701, that you referenced, then you will simply need to fill it with grease via the grease fittings. If you are referring to an oil bath on your hubs, like the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit # XLPROLUBE1980KIT, then we do have bearing lube listed as part # XLPROLUBE which is an 8 Ounce bottle of synthetic 90 weight oil. I have attached a photo of the back of the bottle which reads "Fill to manufacturer's specifications". I...
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    Image 1 for
  • Difference Between Oil Bath Hub and Grease Hubs
    Yes, oil hubs and grease hubs use the same cavity to oil and grease, through the center cap. The main difference is a standard grease hub for an EZ lube spindle is grease is pressed into place and maintained through the center cap and an oil bath hub cap, has a rubber seal, holds oil and screws into the hub. The Kodiak Disc Brake kit part # K2HR79E is an oil bath hub so the center cap of the hub fills with oil. The oil in the center cap oils the spindle while you going down the road....
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  • Recommended Disc Brake Conversion Kit for 2020 Grand Design Momentum with Triple Axle
    I have a solution for you, but unfortunately the # K2HR79 cannot accept 1/2" wheel studs. In order to convert from electric brakes to disc brakes with an oil bath, that will also allow you to use your current 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern with 1/2" studs you'll want to use the Dexter Disc Brake Kit # K71-694-695-11. These rotors have an E-coat finish for better protection against the elements and the hub comes with the bearings, races, seals and oil caps included, so you won't have to track down...
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  • Will Dexter 9K - 10K Hub and Drum Fit Lippert 10K Axle
    Hub and drum assemblies, like the Dexter # 8-430-5UC3 you referenced, are universal so they typically fit any 9K - 10K axle just fine. With that being said, there are some exceptions out there so you just need to confirm that your axle uses a # 387A inner bearing, a # 25580 outer bearing, and that the inner diameter of your grease seal is 2.875" to ensure that this fits. Pull your current hub and check the numbers on your bearings to confirm this. If you can't find the numbers then...
    view full answer...
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  • How Much Oil Should be Added to an Oil Lubrication System on Hubs
    Basically you just want to fill the oil, like part # XLPROLUBE, up to where that center plug will fit on the Oil Cap Kit # RG04-300. When using grease to lubricate a hub you want to fill it up completely but with an oil lubrication kit the oil is still a liquid so it will be moving in and out of the bearings while you are driving down the road. Please note that if you are switching from a grease setup to an oil setup that you need to ensure that you clean all of the grease out of your...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Oil Leaking from 12,000 lb Axle
    For your 12,000 lb axles with Oil, you either have an oil cap or oil seal leaking. For the oil cap I recommend the Oil Cap Kit for 9K, 10K and 12K Axles # RG04-300. For the replacement oil seal, you most likely need # 10-56 which has an inner diameter of 3.125 and outer diameter of 4.500 inches. Finally, for your oil I recommend the Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle # XLPROLUBE.
    view full answer...
  • Oil Bath Hub Lubricant for UFP Hubs
    We have had a customer with UFP hub HD-1377 successfully use as a replacement the hub/drum # AKHD-545-35-K which works on 3500-lb axles. This hub uses inner bearing # L68149 (1.378" inner diameter) and outer bearing # L44649 (1.063" inner diameter). If your original hub bearing numbers or inner diameters match this will work fine. The Synthetic Bearing Oil option we offer is Kodiak # XLPROLUBE.
    view full answer...
  • Oil Bath Hub Installation and Operation for 8,000 lbs Dual Axles
    Oil bath hubs like the Dexter Trailer Idler Hub Assembly # 008-399-93 for 8K axles or the hub/drum version # 8-285-10UC3-A simply soak the bearings in oil to keep them lubricated. Dexter bought out AL-KO years ago after they partnered for a long time. The center cap screws on as you stated and has an o-ring to prevent leaking. The cap just needs to be secure so you don't overtighten and damage the threads causing leakage. The center plug allows you to keep the cap in place and add oil...
    view full answer...
  • What Is the Proper Oil for Oil Bath Hubs on Trailer Axles?
    I recommend the Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle # XLPROLUBE. It is a 90 weight synthetic oil. Dexter bought out Kodiak so this meets their specifications. I've also attached a photo of Dexter's recommended Oil Specs to assist.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Replacement Oil Caps for AL-KO 10,000 lb Axles
    We have what you are seeking. It is the Oil Cap Kit 10-12K # RG04-250. It has an outside diameter of 3-3/4 inches and is specifically designed for 10K and 12K AL-KO/Hayes oil bath axles.
    view full answer...
  • Electric Over Hydraulic Oil Bath Disc Brakes Compatible For Trailer With Lippert 7000lb Axles
    I have another option for you, but the HydraStar Disc Brake Kit w/ Actuator for Tandem Axle Trailers - 13" Hub/Rotor - 8 on 6-1/2 - 7K # HSE7K-T1 you were looking at foryour Lippert 7000lb axles requires grease and cannot be converted to oil bath. Instead I recommend the Dexter Disc Brake Kit - 12-1/4" Hub/Rotor - Oil - 8 on 6-1/2 - E-Coat - 7,000 lbs # K71-694-695-13 which is already set up for oil bath, but you will need one kit per axle on your trailer. Moving on you will need...
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  • Parts Needed To Convert From Electric Drum To Hydraulic Disc Brakes On a Grand Design Solitude
    I have attached for you below all of the parts you'll need to convert from electric drum brakes to hydraulic disc brakes on a 2020 Grand Design Solitude 3550BH (Assuming You Have 7,000 Lb Axles). Kodiak Disc Brake Kit part # K2HR79 (2) HydraStar Vented Marine Electric Over Hydraulic Actuator part # HS381-8067 (1) Pollak Circuit Breaker part # PK54530 (1) *For Power Wire On HydraStar Actuator Kodiak Hydraulic Brake Line Kit part # 24TA-BLKIT (1) Inner Bearing part # 25580 (4) Outer...
    view full answer...
  • Availability Of Replacement Bearings 28580, 25580, and Oil Seal 370352 For AL-KO 10,000lb Axle
    I would be happy to piece together the replacement components you are looking for to rebuild your AL-KO 10,000lb axle, but we do not have them in a kit. You will need the following parts: Bearing # 25580 Race # 25520 Bearing # 28580 Race # 28521 Oil Seal # 91030 You will also need oil # XLPROLUBE.
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Conversion from Hubs with Drum to Oil Bath Disc Brakes on 8,000 lb Axle
    If you have a Dexter 8,000 lb axle then you can easily convert from drum brakes to disc brakes with the oil bath. I recommend the Dexter Disc Brake Kit - 12-1/4" Hub/Rotor - Oil - 8 on 6-1/2 - E-Coat - 8,000 lbs # K71-635-91 which comes with the bearings and oil seal you need. Then I recommend the Kodiak Synthetic Bearing Oil for Oil Bath Hubs - 8 oz Bottle # XLPROLUBE. If you currently have hydraulic drum brakes, then updating the master cylinder to the disc brake version is all...
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  • Kodiak Oil Bath Lube Kit For 3,500LB Lippert Axles
    Yes, the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles # XLPROLUBE1980KIT is the correct kit for your Lippert axle. According to the information found on Lippert's site all their 3,500lb sprung axles use the 1.98 grease cap and a 1.72" seal. Be sure to get some extra Synthetic Bearing Oil # XLPROLUBE incase you develop a leak while you are using your trailer.
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  • Availability Of Oil Bath Hubs For Boat Trailer With 7000lb Axles
    There are a few options for oil bath hubs for a boat trailer with 7000lb axles though I will start with saying that oil bath hubs are not recommend for a boat trailer due to the oil braking down very fast when water is introduced unlike grease. The first is a disc brake option which is the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit - 13" Hub/Rotor - 8 on 6-1/2 - Dacromet and Stainless - 7,000 lbs # K2HR712DS. This system includes races but you will need inner bearing # 25580 and outer bearing # 14125A. Now...
    view full answer...
  • Can The Oil Cap Included With Trailer Hub and Drum 8-285-10UC3-A Be Ordered By Itself?
    The Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly # 8-285-10UC3-A you were looking at is an oil bath hub designed to be used with oil such as the # XLPROLUBE and not grease like a standard hub. The oil cap included with this hub can be ordered by itself as part number # RG04-230. I included videos of the products mentioned for you to take a look at.
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