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Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black

Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black

Item # AB1010049
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AB1010049 - Tri-Fold Tonneau Lomax Fold-Up Tonneau
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Tri-fold cover combines a stylish, low-profile look with maximum protection for your truck bed and cargo. Impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum panels fasten to side rails at 10 points for security. Easy to remove without tools for full bed access. Great Prices for the best tonneau covers from Lomax. Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black part number AB1010049 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Lomax Tonneau Covers - AB1010049

  • Fold-Up Tonneau
  • Rack Compatible
  • Lomax
  • Hard Tonneau
  • Matte Black
  • Tri-Fold Tonneau
  • Low Profile - Top of Bed Rails
  • Opens at Tailgate
  • Aluminum

Tri-fold cover combines a stylish, low-profile look with maximum protection for your truck bed and cargo. Impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum panels fasten to side rails at 10 points for security. Easy to remove without tools for full bed access.


  • Custom-fit, hard tonneau cover protects your truck bed and cargo from the elements
  • Tri-fold design - cover folds up for quick access to two-thirds of your bed
    • Integrated storage clips with retractable straps keep folded panels secured
    • Folded panels can be easily removed without tools for full bed access
  • Low-profile cover sits approximately 1/2" above the bed rails for a streamlined look
    • Reduces wind drag and improves fuel economy
  • Latches at the tailgate let you easily open and close cover
    • Panels automatically secure to side rails at 10 points as they are unfolded
    • Closed cover locks truck bed when used in conjunction with closed and locked tailgate
    • Release cables at tailgate let you easily open cover from driver's or passenger's side
  • Impact-resistant aluminum panels are heavy duty yet lightweight
  • Durable aluminum side rails support panels with a high strength-to-weight ratio
    • Leave stake pockets uncovered for use with racks and other gear
  • Rubber seals and reinforced, vinyl-coated panel hinges keep water and dust out of truck bed
    • Slight arc in cover also helps shed water and eliminates the need for drain tubes
  • Textured matte black finish complements your truck's appearance
  • Simple, no-drill installation
    • 8 Tight Bite clamps secure cover side rails to truck bed rails
    • Panels secure to side rails with hooks and latches
  • Made in the USA


  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • 3-Year limited warranty

The Lomax hard tonneau cover provides complete protection for your truck bed and cargo. The tri-fold panels latch to the cover side rails at 10 points for enhanced security. These lightweight, impact-resistant aluminum panels can also be removed in seconds without tools for full bed access. The watertight cover opens with the pull of a cord at the tailgate, and it stores in the folded position at the cab with integrated storage clips and retractable straps.

Tri-Fold Design for Easy Bed Access

Fold panels for quick truck bed access

The cover has 3 panels that fold up for easy access to two-thirds of your bed.

Latch with release cable

To open the cover, simply pull one of the release cords on the driver's or passenger's side near the tailgate. Fold the rear and center panels on top of the front panel. There are built-in handles included to make this process easy.

Storage clips with retractable straps

The folded panels secure in place at the cab with integrated storage clips with retractable straps. Vinyl-coated spacers with rubber pads protect the folded panels by keeping them properly spaced. This ensures the cover will stay firmly in place while driving on a bumpy road, and limits metal-on-metal contact to reduce noise and vibration for a quieter ride.

Panels folded up for hauling flexibility

You still have plenty of rear window visibility with your tri-fold tonneau open. You can also haul long or tall items at the tailgate while still covering up cargo such as a toolbox that's stored closer to the bulkhead of the truck.

To access your full truck bed, lift up on the folded cover, and slide it away from the bulkhead of the truck. This will disengage the mounting hooks from the front catches on the side rails and allow you to completely remove the panels from the bed. Unlike many soft or hard covers, there are no hook-and-loop fasteners, snaps, or hardware to struggle with while operating the tonneau.

Sleek, Low-Profile Design

Low-profile design

The low-profile cover sits approximately 1/2" above your truck bed rails for an overall streamlined appearance. This aerodynamic design - when paired with a covered truck bed - also reduces wind noise and drag and helps to improve fuel economy. The tonneau is coated with a textured matte black finish that is stylish and improves the overall appearance of your truck.

Maximum Security

This hard cover is great for protecting your fifth wheel or gooseneck connection. It deters theft far better than soft covers that can be cut open with a knife. There are no exterior latches, so no one can access your truck bed.

Hooks and latches highlighted

The tri-fold panels automatically secure to the side rails at 10 points when closed. This helps to prevent would-be thieves from prying open the cover. These 10 security points consist of 2 hooks that slide into catches at the front of the truck bed, 4 additional hooks that fasten along the aluminum channels, and 4 latches that automatically engage to the side rails when the cover is lowered into the retainment brackets. Your cargo and truck bed are completely secured when the cover is closed and your tailgate is locked.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Closed cover protects cargo

The 3 heavy-duty panels are constructed of high-caliber aluminum that is 20 percent stronger than aluminum truck body parts. These impact-resistant panels can withstand hail and falling objects.

The tri-fold panels hold up to 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight, yet they are light enough to be picked up by one or two people. The tonneau cover only weighs approximately 50 lbs. for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Weathertight Protection

Weathertight rubber seal

The tonneau cover is designed to seal your bed from the elements to protect your cargo. To prevent water and dirt from entering the truck bed, the cover overlaps the bed rails with continuous watertight rubber seals along the entire length of the side rails. The vinyl-coated panel hinges are also waterproof.

Additionally, the cover has a barely visible arc to route water off the cover in the same way that a road has a slight grade to shed rain away. This water-shedding design - coupled with the other weathertight features - eliminates the need for drain tubes.

Simple, No-Drill Installation

The cover rails mount to the inside lips of the truck bed side rails. Simply place each rail against the lip and secure it in place with 4 Tight Bite clamps. Your stake pockets are not covered up, so they are still free for accessories.

Installing panels onto side rails

Angle the cover towards the bulkhead of the truck and slide it forward along the side rails until the mounting hooks engage the front catches on the side rails. Lower the cover into the retainment brackets, and unfold the cover. The cover will automatically latch to the side rails as you unfold it.

Safety straps with carabiner

For additional safety, attach the carabiner on the safety strap to the bracket located between the front and center panels.

B1010049 Access Lomax Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover - Matte Black

Installation Details AB1010049 Installation instructions

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Video of Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Lomax Folding Hard Tonneau Cover Review

Today, we're looking at a pretty sweet upgrade for your truck. This is the Lomax Aluminum Hard tri-fold Tonneau Cover. What sets this one apart from most of the others on our website is it leaves enough room for our stake pockets to be uncovered. So this is a great candidate for a awesome Tonneau Cover Ladder Rack combo. It's gonna keep all those sensitive items and tools and stuff on the inside of your bed nice and dry but we're also gonna have an extra 500 pounds to be able to put up on here with our Ladder Rack. So I think that's pretty cool.

Trucks are meant to do stuff. And with this combo you're gonna be able to do a lot more stuff than some of your friends. And just so you know this is the Adarac Ladder Rack. We have nice seals all the way around the whole entire Tonneau Cover. So when I take this out, you can see the first little section of leather stripping down on the bottom, but it's gonna go all the way around.

The cool thing about this is you don't really have to get up in the bed to make it fold back. All you have to do is come down low and we only need one hand so we can pull this string for this side and pull down a little bit more for that side. Then you can fold it up. Look at that. That's just really cool.

It's very, very close. So a lot of these other tri-fold type Hard Tonneau Covers, they typically have the seals on the outside. This has the seal on the inside which gives us that perfect amount of clearance that is gonna work with this Ladder Rack. So we're gonna fold it back once. The second time you don't have to undo any latches or anything.

You just fold it back again, just like this. And we can drive like this, but what we wanna do before we drive is if you look down at the window over here right at the bulk head, there's gonna be a little notch right here. And this little string is gonna go like this. So that is gonna prevent it from kind of flapping around if you're going off the road or anything. But there's one more little thing that will kind of help with this type of movement. I don't think it's going to come undone, but if you take a closer look, you'll see that we do have some hooks right here. So that'll snap in. But even with these off and this one on both sides. So with this one off and this one off, it's still not going to come undone. It's just a last minute second precaution just to make sure that it's not gonna come undone. But this little string right here will allow it to come up because this isn't something that we're gonna be able to fold up against the cab of our truck. That's just kind of an extra little latch to make sure it's gonna be nice and secure. So we can drive with it like this; In the drive mode, from the very very back of our bed to this part right here, it's about 25 inches and we're not gonna be able to change that at all. The only thing we can do at this point is maybe pull this and then pull it back and then we can remove it. So if you really wanted to, you could do that. It's very, very easy to take on and off. So you could definitely do that if you really needed the bed, it's full length to put some stuff in. Our side rails is what our whole entire Tonneau Cover is gonna sit on and it only takes up about two inches from the inside lip of the rails on the bed of the truck. So that's not a whole lot. And whenever we're ready to cover our bed back up, let's go ahead and fold it back like this. When it's down, it's pretty low profile. So from the rails of our truck to the top of our Tonneau Cover, it's only about a half inch, which isn't a whole lot. And notice how we don't have seals on the outside. So this is made of aluminum. At first when I was looking at it I was like, "Wait, hold on a second. They left some open edges." But it's aluminum, it's not gonna rust away. But then on top, it's gonna have a matte black finish. I like the matte black. I don't like gloss because whenever the sun's behind you, it hits and reflects and then it goes into your rear view. And I just don't being blinded on the road, but then underneath we're gonna have no powder coated finished underneath, but it's just a piece of aluminum. So the cool thing about this aluminum is one it's actually slightly bowed. You can't really tell, but if you really put like a flat board on here, you'll notice that it is kind of slope. So all that water's gonna go out. So that's why we don't really have any drainage tubes with this Tonneau Cover. So that makes the install a little bit easier. But also if you have a evenly distributed weight up on top of here, let's just say a couple pieces of plywood or something. If it's completely evenly distributed, we'll have about 400 pounds of capacity on the Tonneau Cover. This isn't one that you will really want to stand on. But I mean, if you have the Tailgate closed and you're just sitting on the edge, it's not really a big deal at all. So if you just want to kind of just hang out after a kayak ride or whatever kind of thing you're doing, this is also some place where you can kind of just sit and kind of conjugate. It is kind of fun, especially like after like a golf round or a bike ride, you know, kind of just coming around, just have your glass of water, just chilling, talking to your friends. It is kind of a cool little hangout spot. Any Tonneau Cover can be broken into but if you do have a locking Tailgate, this is gonna be one that's gonna be a little bit more secure than some of the Soft Tonneau Covers. So just keep that in mind. It is gonna cover things up. So no one's gonna know exactly what you got in there. So they're not gonna know if they wanna break in or not. So I think that's a good deterrent just in itself. I also think it kind of looks cool but there is a very premium option setup over here so let's go check that out. Come on. The LowMax is definitely more of the entry level range when it comes to Hard Tonneau Covers. But if you come over here, you can see a really cool setup. If you really wanna go all out with your setup, the Retrax is pretty sweet. One, it has a lock on its own. So even if you don't have a locking Tailgate or you do, this one's gonna come with a lock. And the cool thing about it is goes all the way back. One thing that's bad about this one compared to the other one is we do have a little box. This canister is gonna take up a little bit of the bed space, but that's not a big deal with me. I just like how it slides out. I think that's pretty cool. And it also is gonna work with your Ladder Racks but not the Adarac that we have with the Lomax. This one's only really gonna work with the heeded OverHaul HD where you're gonna get same amount of type of capacity. This one's gonna have the same kind of capacity and gonna give you a little bit more security as well. So if I we're to go with one, I would definitely say the Retrax XR is like top of the line, top of the line but there really isn't a whole lot of extra benefits for you to go of that premium route. So if you just wanna cover your stuff, the Lomax is gonna do the job right. If you are one that likes the combo set up, entry level you're gonna wanna go with the Lomax and the Adarac Ladder Rack. If you wanna go all out, you go with the Retrax XR with the overall OverHaul HD. But if you want something that's kind of in the middle, you can go with the Back Revolver, that one with the Thule Tracrack SR with the sliding rails. Those will give you a little bit more capacity, but it's still gonna give you that hard Tonneau Cover security but it's in between these two right here. So it would go like right here. And that's pretty much it for our look at the Lomax Aluminum tri-fold Hard Tonneau Cover..

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black - AB1010049

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (59 Customer Reviews)

Tri-fold cover combines a stylish, low-profile look with maximum protection for your truck bed and cargo. Impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum panels fasten to side rails at 10 points for security. Easy to remove without tools for full bed access.


Still looks new after a year in the elements. I like how easy it is to take on and off, depending on what I'm loading in the truck. The seal over the tailgate isn't perfect, as it lets in a tiny bit of water (dripping, not flowing) in the corners during hard rain, but not that big a deal.


Like the ease of opening it up and folding it up when I have large cargo to haul. I haven't had any issues with any leaks after owning it for a year. Very durable cover.

2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty

you need to package it better for shipment.. box was really mangled when I got product luckily only had one nut missing

Customer Service will reach out to you.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 01/10/2022

Ford F-250 Super Duty

This tonneau is is everything I expected. Easy to install keeps the bed dry is simple to use and looks awesome on the F-250.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

I texted for confirmation regarding Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover. You insure that it would fit and it did. The cover will come back off in a matter of minutes. Needed for a seven day travel time to Faibanks, Alaska from Washington County, Texas.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Very good product, easy to install. Very strong while thin and easy to fold.
I certainly recommend this product.
It installed on the side rails inside the bed.
The look is great. So far the best I ever had.
But the most is that It could be removed completely very easily!! so I don't have any folded cover on the back window of my truck.....

After a year it is still the same and would still strongly recommend this product. I just love it!!
Claude D - 01/05/2023


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Love the cover, I think it is holding up great. It works well when hauling my 5th wheel toy hauler.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

With son-in-law's help it was a simple and fast install. Only took us about 20 minutes from box to bed. The fit is great so far. No problem with water going through car wash but dust off road is another matter. Recent seal around tail gate yet to be tested. Overall a good product and very happy with it. Anyone in the market for a bed cover that is easy to install-use and keep your stuff secure this is the one


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Fairly quick delivery, especially during the holiday season. Super easy install and love the look. Still in the suggested 48 hour initial period so haven't removed the cover and reinstalled it, but if the original install is any indication, it will also go smoothly.

Actually, you do not need to remove the cover and reinstall it in the initial 48 hours. All the installation directions say is the cover should remainon truck box in closed position for at least 48 hours. During this time period the cover typically conforms to truck box.
-- Etrailer Expert Thomas M - 12/27/2021


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Great hard tonneau cover - its everything advertised and more. It is very durable, fits perfect, good value and a year old now, it still looks brand new, I would buy it again in a heart beat when its time to replace, but by the looks of it, it will be a while...I definitely recommend!!

This hard tonneau cover is perfect and looks like the day I got it and would highly recommend. It’s solid, folds easily for rear access and still looks and performs perfectly, I would definitely recommend and would purchase again, but I doubt I’ll need to unless I buy a different truck!!
Tim - 06/24/2022


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Installs easily and does what we need it to do. It is not water tight - things around the edges in the bed will get wet in the rain. It does not fold forward far enough to accommodate our gooseneck trailer when turning sharply.

These Tonneau covers are weather resistant versus waterproof. So it isn’t uncommon to see leaking at the four corners. The best thing to do is look for daylight For better sealing sometimes additional seals maybe needed outside of the kit. I have the instructions attached for reference.
-- Etrailer Expert Katrina B - 03/31/2022


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

This cover was easy to install and very durable. I have been really happy with it so far and would recommend it to my friends


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

The Lomax cover has been great. Fits well, has stood up to our very hot summer this past year and did not allow any water into the truck bed with the little rain that we did get!!
Definitely recommend!


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Very good product. Installation was fairly easy but directions could be a written better. Only complaint is it does leak a little at the tailgate and corners by the cab.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Although the box came in a questionable condition the contents were untouched and nothing was missing. To unpack, inspect and install the cover took me about 30-40 minutes. Installation is very easy without reading instructions. No adjustments needed. The cover is very well made and solid. I hope it will last for a long time.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

After a year, there are a few honest dings and scratches (it's not a show truck). But.. you really have to look for them. I was afraid an aluminum tonneau cover would be a glare problem, but it hasn't been... and it still looks grand on a silver truck. I specifically wanted a hard cover, and I've found it eminently functional, easy to adjust to different loads (full cover, 1/3 bed cover, or removed), and the side rails haven't impeded anything I want to put in the bed (up to and including a full size carriage axle). When folks ask "Where'd you find an aluminum tonneau?" I send them to because I'm happy with y'all.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

1st one available for new frontier at the time-fit well-customer loved it


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Easy to install, seals reasonably well, easy to remove with no tools, seems well made, looks great. Folded up and stacked on top of the front panel, it can be secured for driving with built in stretch hooks and doesn't block your view. When removed, be sure to store it as indicated on the cover to preserve the flexible joints; either flat, or horizontal on one particular side. Do not store it standing on end. Consider where you are going to store it before buying; we keep ours flat under our SUV in the garage. Only drawback is that it's not particularly secure; could easily be pried open but a determined thief can open any cover and it's still a lot more secure than no cover at all. If you permanently store valuables in the back such as tools or equipment and keep your truck parked outside you may want to consider an alternative, but for typical everyday use it's a terrific design that won't break the bank. Recommended.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Super happy with my selection of this cover. Definitely recommend this cover to anyone looking for a tonneau cover for their truck.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Instructions for exact placement of rails not clear. I persevered and installation was easy. Looks good,well-engineered. It's been installed for 2 days so longevity is the issue now. No reason to believe it won't stand up. Protection from the elements? Hasn't rained yet.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Not very tight fitting! Very easy setup

The only reason I can think of is if you have an under the rail -in bed liner. Installation is still possible but you will have a minimal amount of trimming at front corner of your Rambox and back by the tailgate to allow the side rail to install properly. A Considerable amount of cutting is required with an over the rail -in bed liner.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 12/20/2021


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

I really like the cover- it is secure and works well. I have seen other models that appear to be more sturdy- but they did not make them for my vehicle. overall it does the job. at times it is tough to release the latch when opening.

Tonneau cover and mats are great!
Ericka - 11/15/2021


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

Seals better than the last cover I had and looks great. No drain tubes to deal with.


Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

High quality cover arrived in 2 days from ordering.
This "hardcover" fits much better that the several less expensive vinyl covers I purchased previously. Definitely worth it.



Review from a similar Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover in Tonneau Covers

I want to say that I have been very impressed with your company. The communication and follow up are top notch. I have ordered from you 4-6 times, each with exceptional service and quality of products.

It surely a pleasure to deal with you and your team when I need truck or trailer equipment.

Still very satisfied with the cover. No leaks and no issues at all
Steven - 05/24/2020

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  • What is Vertical Height of Lomax Tonneau Cover When Installed on Truck
    Since the Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover # AB1010049 that you referenced sits right on top of the bed rails of the truck to determine what vertical clearance you'd have with it installed you'd just need to measure from the top of your bed rails down to the truck bed floor.
    view full answer...
  • Will I Have Clearance for My 5th Wheel w/ the Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover?
    The Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover item # AB1010049 is three equally sized pieces of aluminum that are over two feet each. When it is all the way folded up you will not have enough clearance with your 2022 Ford F-350 Super Duty 6-3/4 Foot Bed to turn with your 5th wheel. The last panel will be too close to the hitch plus the other sections will be stacked on top. The folded panels can be easily removed without tools for full bed access though. I have attached a review video and linked the instructions...
    view full answer...
  • Will a Folding Tonneau Cover Obstruct a 3rd Brake Light Mounted Backup Camera
    I have a solution for you and can give you a general idea, but this isn't something that is tested for because of the differences between tonneaus, trucks and 5th wheel hitch placements. Generally speaking, most tri-fold covers are going to fold over on top of the panel closest to the cab and lay flat without any obstruction to your 3rd brake light; the Lomax Hard Tonneau Cover - Folding - Aluminum - Matte Black # AB1010049 is a good example of this. However, the issue is when you start...
    view full answer...

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