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BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl - Matte Black

BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl - Matte Black

Item # BAK54ZR
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Weather-resistant, roll-up cover keeps the gear in your truck bed secure and dry. Rolls up quickly by hand for full access to your truck bed. Aluminum slats keep cover tight and help prevent break in. Requires no drilling to install. Great Prices for the best tonneau covers from BAK Industries. BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl - Matte Black part number BAK54ZR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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BAK Industries Tonneau Covers - BAK54ZR

  • Roll-Up - Hard
  • Flush Profile - Inside Bed Rails
  • BAK Industries
  • Rack Compatible
  • Aluminum and Vinyl
  • Matte
  • Opens at Tailgate

Weather-resistant, roll-up cover keeps the gear in your truck bed secure and dry. Rolls up quickly by hand for full access to your truck bed. Aluminum slats keep cover tight and help prevent break in. Requires no drilling to install.


  • Roll-up, soft tonneau cover keeps the gear in your truck bed secure and dry
  • Cover rolls up for full truck bed access - secures with hook-and-loop straps and buckles
  • Pinch levers let you easily open cover from either side of truck bed
    • Cover latches shut whether tailgate is open or closed
    • Tailgate lock keeps your gear secure
  • Low-profile cover with textured, matte black finish sits 1-1/2" above the bed rails
  • Double-coated, reinforced vinyl with aluminum bows is sturdy and resists tears
    • Self-tensioning frame keeps the cover taught
  • Weather seals keep out water without need for drain tubes
    • Beveled edges direct water off the sides of cover
  • Easy, clamp-on installation inside truck bed rails - no tools or drilling required
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs evenly distributed
  • Limited 5-year warranty

Get the advantages of both a hard tonneau cover and a soft tonneau cover for your vehicle with the Revolver X4s. This hybrid tonneau likely has an identity crisis. It's built like a hard cover, but it looks and acts like a soft cover. With the Revolver X4s, you get the strength, durability, and security of a hard tonneau and the sleek look and convenience of a soft, roll-up tonneau - all while protecting your truck bed and cargo and helping to improve your fuel mileage.

The X4s has the features of the original Revolver X4 with upgrades including a matte black aluminum underbody, integrated safety slat caps, rear corner caps, and an integrated bulkhead seal.

Strong, Convenient Hybrid Design

Fully installed coverPartially rolled up cover

The secret to the Revolver X4s's versatility is the aluminum slats on the underside of the cover that make it strong, seamless, and flexible. These individual, hinged slats give the cover its rugged body, while also allowing enough flexibility for the cover to be rolled up. Atop the slats is a tough, 1-piece vinyl layer that adds to the tonneau's sleek look and overall durability while also keeping the slats perfectly aligned. As a result, the Revolver X4s will roll up evenly every time, unlike ordinary soft vinyl covers that can get lopsided as you maneuver them.

Low-Profile Appearance

Cover sits flush for a low-profile appearance

Unlike other tonneau covers that sit 1/2" or more above your truck bed rails, the Revolver X4s sits nearly flush with your rails for a clean, ultra-sleek look.

Full Truck Bed Access

Cover rolled up for full truck bed access

The Revolver X4s gives you full use of your truck bed in a matter of seconds - just roll up the cover and secure it behind the cab. As a result, you can tote around all your gear without having to remove the tonneau. And because the Revolver X4s mounts inside your truck bed rails, you can still use your truck bed stake pockets to mount accessories like tie-down anchors.

Simple, One-Person Operation

Cover is closed and secure

The Revolver X4s is simple to operate. Following installation, just roll the cover out and press down on the rearmost slat at the tailgate to secure the tonneau in place. The built-in latches not only lock down the back end of the tonneau, but they also fasten the sides of the Revolver X4s along the length of the frame rails. The rail tooth runs the entire length of each frame rail. It rotates downward to lock the side rail into the sides of the cover.

Cover is latched closed

When the cover is rolled out and the rear slat is pressed down at the tailgate, the latches on both sides engage. When this happens, the integrated teeth pivot down and rest on top of each slat of the rolled-out cover. Closing the rear slat effectively pins the cover to the rails, ensuring that the cover stays closed from front to back. It's that simple - no Velcro to seal or snaps to wrestle with. When your tailgate is closed and locked, no one will be able to get through the cover, thereby safeguarding your truck bed and its contents. The cover automatically secures as the locking levers at the tailgate engage. These sturdy levers have reinforced gussets that give them added strength and durability. And they will never need adjustment.

Cover unlatched and partially unrolled

To roll up the cover, unlatch the rear slat by dropping the tailgate and pulling either of the 2 release cords located along the bottom corners of the slat's housing. Either cord will release both of the latches so that you can raise the rear slat. When the latches are disengaged, the teeth roll back into the frame rails, releasing the sides of the cover so that you can easily roll it up. Just fold the rear slat over and roll up the cover the rest of the way.

Rolled up cover secured to end of cab by buckle straps - from aboveRolled up cover secured to end of cab by buckle straps - from below

Then secure the tonneau behind the cab with built-in nylon straps and sturdy plastic buckles. These straps help to keep the bundled tonneau from contacting your cab while you drive. And 4 rubber bumpers act as cushioned barriers between the cover and your truck cab.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Heavy-duty, aluminum construction under matte black vinyl

The Revolver X4s's rugged aluminum and vinyl construction makes it an ideal match for your truck, no matter what you do while at work or play. This cover is strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight when it's rolled out. The 1/4" thick, aircraft-grade aluminum slats are covered with a matte black vinyl skin for superior resistance to impacts, UV rays, and weather. This skin is what gives the tonneau its soft, sleek look. While the Revolver X4s may look like a soft cover, its aluminum skeleton provides exceptional security because it cannot be cut through in the same way that a standard soft vinyl cover can be.

Cover lays atop protective felt strips

Felt strips on the underside of the tonneau help to keep the slats from scuffing the vinyl top as you roll up the cover. The soft felt also shields your hands when the cover has gotten hot or cold. And rubber strips overlay your truck's side rails, cab rail, and tailgate, creating a seal that helps to conceal any gaps and works to prevent water from seeping in.

Easy, No-Drill Installation

Clamp-on installation

Installing the Revolver X4s is simple. All you need is a wrench, and you don't have to do any drilling. The tonneau's frame rails clamp to the inside of your truck bed side rails to create a base for the cover. The included bolts secure the front hinge rail to the frame rails at the cab.

Slotted brackets at the ends of the tonneau side rails allow the bolts to shift in case you need to adjust the cover to achieve a snug fit. These brackets ensure proper alignment of the tonneau frame on your truck bed side rails. This eliminates trial and error in installing your rails - you won't have to put them on and then take them off again to get the correct fit. Pre-installed shims and spacers also help to ensure that the Revolver X4s rails are installed squarely on your truck bed.

80134 BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl - Matte Black

Installation Details BAK54ZR Installation instructions

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Video of BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl - Matte Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover Review

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline. And today we'll be taking a look at the BAK Revolver X4s, a premium tonneau cover. So we'll take a look at some of its specs and measurements right here at So this has the best of both worlds. It looks and works like a soft tonneau cover but then you have the benefits of a hard rolling tonneau cover. So we'll talk about how that works.

And then you can see on our individual pages here at etrailer if it fits your specific truck. So if you're familiar with the Revolver X2, this is going to be the upgrade. And you can tell because of its matte black finish. So if you see something like this driving down the highway, you'll know that it's the Revolver X4s. This is extremely low profile.

So we have this installed on our 2022 Ford F-250. The installation is gonna be different depending on your truck. But if you're curious to see how it works, you can check that video out here at etrailer. But see here on our truck bed how much rise we have, pretty much none at all. Let's take that measurement.

So you can see here how our rails go up here. And then we have the tonneau cover itself being the highest point. And even at its most high point, it's barely a quarter of an inch above our truck bed. So the rail itself is gonna be two inches out. So even that doesn't decrease your actual usable space.

So speaking of flush against our vehicle, notice the way this sits right up at our tailgate. So if you have your tailgate closed you also close the access to your tonneau cover. Awesome if you have important items inside and you wanna keep them secure. And when you wanna open up your tonneau cover, you just open up your tailgate and then you are able to open up that latch. When you got whatever you needed, go ahead and slam your tailgate on it. Just like that, you can see how everything is low profile and flush. So you can actually close this with your tailgate open or your tailgate closed. The way this works is we have that latch system. You just pop them into place, push down. You are gonna have to latch it on both sides. There's also gonna be a string over here which allows you to open up that latch on both sides. So if you're accessing it from the passenger side or the driver's side, you just pull that string, pop right open. So this just rolls along on the rails. So when you're unrolling it, you just bring this back in and it pops into those brackets. You lift it back up and it continues to offer you access to your truck bed. So this creates a very smooth cover on top of your truck bed. So you can see how it blends a soft tonneau cover with the benefits of a hard tonneau cover, like a soft tonneau cover you have that nice matte black finish, but with it blended with the aluminum you actually have 400 pounds of weight capacity evenly distributed on the cover itself. And that also solves the issue that soft tonneau covers have. Some of them, you just rip open that vinyl and people could get access to your cargo on the inside. Since this is hard all throughout, they have that security feature there and you feel better about whatever you're storing in your truck bed. Now, what if it rains or pours or snows Well, you can see here with the rubber seals on each side it creates a weatherproof cover. So with that rain coming down this will drain on the inside, or it will go down the cover, down the rails and right off of your truck bed. Make sure to have everything sealed on the inside. This does not include drain pipes because really, water shouldn't be getting inside in the first place. This rolls up all nice and neat against your bulkhead. You do have straps to secure in the open position. So those secure right up there and then you can see here as well that this does not take up any space underneath or inside of your truck kit. So compared to canister style tonneau covers where they roll up underneath the bed, this one goes up on top. So let's take some measurements to see how much height this is gonna add. Now this will be a little different depending on the truck you have that's installed on but on our F-250 that's pretty much how much height it's gonna add which is from the top of our bed to the top of the roll is eight inches. So if you have a longer bed, it might be a little bit more but still very low profile for a rolling tonneau cover. So this is the style of strap it's gonna use to secure the tonneau cover. I personally prefer something a little bit more secure since this is a metal buckle. So just make sure to tighten down both sides. That way there isn't any movement of the cover itself as you drive around. Having it rolled up like this is also a perfect way to see how we have those different layers. So this is the flat design, which allows you to roll this up and still maintain the hard tonneau cover benefits but still have the soft tonneau cover maneuverability. Then you can also see the rubber seal on this side giving it that weatherproof experience. So this is gonna include pretty much everything you need to install this on your vehicle, but there may be some differences depending on your different trucks. So try to check out our fit guide here at etrailer, that way you can see if we've tried this tonneau cover out on your vehicle and show you the process of how it goes. Now, this includes the bumpers. This includes the straps, things like that. What doesn't include, but I recommend adding on is gonna be a 9/16" socket. This may need another socket size or multiple other tools. So check out those instructions. You're also gonna need some measuring tape just to make sure everything is square. And depending on your truck, you may even need some extra shims if things are not aligned for your truck bed itself. So definitely check out whether you have things like a drop-in liner, the length of your truck bed as you use our fit guide to get the best fit for you. So I've installed a couple of different tonneau covers before. So I have some personal thoughts about this one. And the main thing is that this is probably one of the most low profile tonneau covers I've seen. You can see how it's super flush with our rails. And I really like the concept of a soft tonneau cover with the benefits of a hard tonneau cover. Since we have it where it doesn't take up too much room behind your cab, you get the full access to your truck bed. As you can see here, we have a fifth wheel hitch inside of our truck bed, and we still have access to the side of the bed like those slots or those stake pockets to install a ladder rack. So this opens up a lot of options because you don't need to get extra lax. You don't need to worry about security. You don't need to worry about someone seeing your fifth wheel hitch and being interested in it because you have this tonneau cover on top, protecting it nicely, securely and with style. With this right here was a look at our BAK Revolver X4s premium tonneau cover right here at My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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Customer Reviews

BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl - Matte Black - BAK54ZR

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (67 Customer Reviews)

Weather-resistant, roll-up cover keeps the gear in your truck bed secure and dry. Rolls up quickly by hand for full access to your truck bed. Aluminum slats keep cover tight and help prevent break in. Requires no drilling to install.


The original cover was improperly sized from the factory (direct shipment from BAK due to backorder). etrailer, as usual, went above and beyond to get me the correct fitting cover. The new cover fits perfectly and looks great on my truck. Hopefully it will last, though I worry about the quality considering BAK did not notice they sent me a cover with the wrong dimensions originally. Giving 4 stars due to poor QA from the factory on the original shipment.


The tonneau cover fits as advertised no leaks it has been a great addition to my truck I really like the way I have my whole bed to use and still have the security of a hard cover without blocking my view out of the rearview mirror for hoking up my fifth wheel trailer.


This is my second BAK cover. I had the flip before this one. I definitely prefer this roll up style as it is much easier to open/close and not nearly as heavy. It would be 5 stars except for the fact that I have to constantly re-adjust and pull the cover back towards the tail gate. It seems to slide forward a micro amount with each opening. So after a few weeks of opening and closing there is a small gap between the tailgate and cover so I have to move it back to seal the gap. Otherwise love this cover.


I’ve had this for a year now. The good: Very nice product, I recommend it. The rollaway ease is great - quick, easy, compact and reliable during near every day use. Effective watertight (not water proof) seal. Definitely recommend the rugged vinyl of the X4 over the X2.

The not so good: the ribs can get kinked and are hard to work back into position when they do. This was really only an issue during initial install, so just be cautious to avoid letting it bend the wrong way. The plastic end caps on the lock rail can pop off, so I recommend using adhesive to hold them firmly in place.

Overall it’s great. Definitely recommend.


Mostly a great cover. I've had this cover on my 2021 Ram 8' bed for 1 year. Install took about 45 minutes. There are 2 issues. After snow or rain and temperatures drop below freezing the cover's locking system along the rails freezes making it very difficult to open or close. You have to go the rails and pull the mechanism free. This year I will try WD 40 prior to the winter season to displace moisture.

2nd, issue two of the hinged supports in the cover separated after being rolled up during a several day trip. One about 3 months ago the second 2 weeks ago.The first one was mostly cosmetic. The second separation would not allow the cover to close without forcing it. I contacted BAK and they quickly opened a warranty claim. After sending them photos and a description of the problem they sent a replacement cover. The 5 year warranty is a pluse. Hopefully this is a one off issue. If I have the issue again I will ask for a different cover.


This is by far the best tonneau out there and BAK is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. My cover arrived with a broken plastic corner at the tailgate end, I called BAK and without any questions, they sent me the part I needed and also extra ones for both sides. I couldn't be happier.


I am very happy with the purchase 1 year later. I have a 21 Honda Ridgeline and found the instalation easy. You need to install the included sidewalls to accommodate the ridgeline bed shape and they do create an extra seam, but its not an issue. I can still access the trunk. Works well.


Looks great. Seems to be good quality. If installing on a Ranger pickup, find ALL of the instructions, including the one in the hardware package that tells you what to do before step 2 of the main instruction sheet.


Literally the best cover there is on the market. It’s sleet. It’s durable and I get compliments everywhere I go. Thank you etrailer.


would have given it a 5 star rating ... BUT ...on a VERY windy day in Kansas ... somehow the cover bowed enough to slip out of the latch rail ...very strong side-wind & it was seen floating up & down in my rear view mirror ...I quickly pulled over to secure it! The small rear corner plastic seal was lost and the other later became so warped in the summer heat it was unusable - after an extended period of being in rolled /stowed position! So now I get a wet rear bed liner when I drive through rain & the carwash ... but as my one initial experience with the customer service was not great I have not followed up on trying to get replacement parts! I use black gorilla tape to seal the rear corners! Othe than that -I really like the security for my truck bed contents, the ease of use ease of install and I just double check the latch (& rail alignment) by thumping it upwards each side before closing tailgate more issues with side-winds!


Some of the hardware didn't quite fit, needed to change bolts. Otherwise, excellent. Have now been using it 7 months... love it.


Honest 1-year review. I like the cover but have issues with it. First, let me state the cover is very nice and does a great job as a cover. But if you have motorcycles like I do the cover presents a challenge when trying to haul them in the back of my truck. There is no easy way to take it off and it's a real pain in the butt. I've found one of my bikes has a fender and doesn't fit under the cover and will rub it if I try. The only solution is to remove the cover and it's proven to be a pain in the butt. So more often than not I do not use the truck with this cover on it to haul my motorcycles. I also don't like how the rubber edge strips just project a few extra inches past the front of the cover. Another thing is the cover is unusable if there is ice on it. You can't roll it up unless you melt all the ice so if you needed it in a pinch and store your truck outside like me you'll find removing the cover with ice on it to be a nightmare. But other than that the cover has been very good. I'd give it a 4 star rating for everyday use but when it comes to hauling motorcycles or winter use I'd give it a 3 for not having a quick-release feature and making it difficult to remove.


Fit is a little tight at the latch end even after removing shims, but overall very nice and sturdy. There was some minor damage to the product when it arrived, but nothing that impacted its function or outward appearance. Much nicer than the Revolver (old name) that I had on my last truck.


This item was forwarded to BAK for fulfillment / shipping - Looks like I am going to wait a month or so for delivery - Probably not etrailer's fault but certainly frustrating -


Great cover overall. Let's just a tiny bit of water through, super strong and tough.

My only complaint - at the very end near the tailgate, occasionally the joint between a couple of the slats pops out. You can still use it like this, but it looks like there's a bump in the cover. Takes a little bit of effort to pop it back in.


East to install. Great fit, very durable and easy to operate


Love this cover. Absolutely worth the money. Will buy again on my next truck. Everything is locked securely, cover is sturdy, rolls up nice, and makes no noise when driving with the back window of the truck open. I don’t feel you would regret purchasing this.


The Revolver looks clean and is very secure. I get compliments on it all the time! Been installed for just over a year now and still looks great!
Customer service is top notch!!
I love the videos guys. They answer so many questions and help you decide. Thank you for taking the time to make all of them. Smartest thing ever!!!


Love the streamlined fit and added security of this cover. After one year I experienced the same issues others had reported. The hinges used for rolling the cover came separated and caused the closure of the cover to be extremely difficult. Also started to have the vinyl covering separate from metal frame. Thankfully BAK industry stands by the product and replaced the cover under warranty. New cover was shipped for free and already installed. Not 100% waterproof but acceptable trade off for the added protection of aluminum cover. Hopefully the issues with the hinges have been resolved but still have a 5 year warranty.


I was able to install this cover, with help from a friend, on my 2015 Chevy Silverado 6.5' bed in about 45 minutes. Everything aligned perfectly, it closes smooth, seals well, kept out the rain from a torrential rainstorm the next day. The matte finish on the vinyl matches the plastic on my truck, and doesn't look cheap like most other covers. I love the low profile between the rails look, the truck looks like their isn't a cover on until you get above the bedrail. Totally happy with this product!


It’s awesome. However one section toward tear of bed separates sometimes. It takes a minute and a second set of hands to reassemble. Has anyone else had this issue?


Easy to install and a great fit on the bed of the pick-up. As advertised, great looking and very functional tonneau for your truck!


Love this cover. It was a bit tricky to figure out how this works as the Honda Ridgeline requires a kit that comes with it so it'll fit. Once this step was completed, the rest of it was not too hard to figure out.


1 year of use and no regrets. Phenomenal tonneau cover and it was so easy to install I did it in the dark. This is my 2nd truck that I have installed a BAK product on and I am completely satisfied.


Excellent tonneau cover! Super easy to install, and open/close as needed. The only issue that keeps it from the fifth star is the plastic clips on the strap that hold the cover in the rolled up position are designed backwards in my opinion. Definitely a minor issue, but it could be easily remedied to work muck better. This cover works great with the Thule TracRac SR ladder rack.

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  • BAK Revolver X4S For 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor
    The part number you asked about claims it is not confirmed to fit your 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor because it is not a fit for a '23 F-150 Raptor, it fits Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 trucks with an 8 foot bed. The correct fit for your Raptor is the following: - BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover # BAK56ZR
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  • Tonneau Cover that Can Fit 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 Short Bed with TracRac SR Ladder Rack
    Since the Thule TracRac SR ladder racks like the part # TH44RE attach to the tops of the truck bed rails they do allow tonneau covers to fit with them. Only the BAK Revolver part # BAK22VR is a confirmed fit since it rolls up further to the inside of the bed rails though. The other covers would most likely hit the base rails or uprights when you go to open the cover.
    view full answer...
  • Ladder Rack Compatible With BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover on 2020 GMC Sierra 2500
    We have exactly what you are looking for, which is a ladder rack that will fit your 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 and will work with the Revolver X4s tonneau cover. The rack is from Adarac and is compatible with the X4s because it sits on top of your truck's bed rails, so there won't be any interference. And as far as color, it does have black rails and uprights with silver crossbars. The correct fit for both the Revolver tonneau and Adarac ladder rack for your '20 Sierra 2500 is going to depend...
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  • Recommended Toolbox with Aluminum Rolling Tonneau Cover for 2020 GMC Sierra 3500
    There are limited solutions for the tool box and rolling hard cover. I recommend the UWS Truck Bed Chest - Secure Lock Under Tonneau Series - 8.85 cu ft - Bright Aluminum # UWS08297 or the UWS Truck Bed Chest - Secure Lock Under Tonneau Series - 8.85 cu ft - Matte Black Powder Coat # UWS08298. I then recommended the BAK Revolver X4s Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl - Matte Black # BAK54ZR. If you aren't absolutely needing a hard tonneau, then the Access Toolbox Edition...
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