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BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl

Item # BAK39126

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Our Price: $929.88

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BAK Industries Roll-Up Tonneau - BAK39126
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Product Images

BAK Industries Roll-Up Tonneau - BAK39126
BAK Industries Tonneau Covers - BAK39126
BAK Industries Roll-Up Tonneau - BAK39126
BAK Industries Tonneau Covers - BAK39126
BAK Industries Flush Profile Tonneau Covers - BAK39126
Tonneau Covers BAK39126 - Requires Tools for Removal - BAK Industries
BAK39126 - Aluminum and Vinyl BAK Industries Tonneau Covers
Tonneau Covers BAK39126 - Inside Bed Rails - BAK Industries
Tonneau Covers BAK39126 - Hard Tonneau - BAK Industries
BAK39126 - Gloss Black BAK Industries Roll-Up Tonneau
BAK Industries Roll-Up Tonneau - BAK39126
BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl Opens at Tailgate BAK39126
BAK39126 - Aluminum and Vinyl BAK Industries Roll-Up Tonneau

In Use/Installed

BAK39126 - Inside Bed Rails BAK Industries Tonneau Covers


  • BAK Industries
  • Roll-Up Tonneau
  • Hard Tonneau
  • Inside Bed Rails
  • Aluminum and Vinyl
  • Opens at Tailgate
  • Gloss Black
  • Flush Profile
  • Requires Tools for Removal
The Revolver X2 tonneau combines hard cover strength and security with soft cover convenience. The heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl cover sits flush on your vehicle and rolls up for full truck bed access. Easy, no-drill installation. Lowest Prices for the best tonneau covers from BAK Industries. BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl part number BAK39126 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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BAK Industries Tonneau Covers - BAK39126

The Revolver X2 tonneau combines hard cover strength and security with soft cover convenience. The heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl cover sits flush on your vehicle and rolls up for full truck bed access. Easy, no-drill installation.


  • Custom-fit tonneau cover protects your cargo and your vehicle's bed from the elements
    • Aerodynamic style reduces wind drag, improving gas mileage
  • Hybrid design offers strength and durability of hard cover with style and convenience of soft cover
    • Hinged, 1/4" thick, rustproof aluminum slats offer more flexibility than paneled hard tonneaus, so you can roll cover up
    • UV-resistant, textured black vinyl skin gives sleek, soft tonneau look
  • Roll-up cover provides full truck bed access in seconds without having to be removed
    • Simple operation - pull cable to release cover, then roll cover up
    • Sturdy nylon straps with plastic buckles secure rolled up tonneau at the cab
  • Ultra-flush, low-profile cover sits inside your truck bed rails and has no visible hinges
    • Compatible with stake-pocket-mounted accessories and raised side rails
  • Convenient latching system at the tailgate fastens the cover along the length of your truck bed
    • Side rails rotate to lock down the sides of cover
    • Heavy-duty, gusset-reinforced levers secure cover at the tailgate
    • Cover and truck bed are secure when tailgate is closed and locked
  • Matte black rubber seals help to keep water from seeping in
  • Aircraft-grade, rustproof aluminum rails with black powder coat finish create base for tonneau
  • Easy, no-drill installation
    • Frame rails clamp to the inside of your truck bed side rails
    • Mounting plates ensure that frame rails are properly positioned on your truck bed side rails
    • Included bolts secure front hinge rail to frame rails at the cab of your truck
  • Made in the USA
  • 3-Year warranty

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Operation Animation

Get the advantages of both a hard tonneau cover and a soft tonneau cover for your vehicle with the Revolver X2. This hybrid tonneau likely has an identity crisis. It's built like a hard cover, but it looks and acts like a soft cover. With the Revolver X2, you get the strength, durability, and security of a hard tonneau and the sleek look and convenience of a soft, roll-up tonneau - all while protecting your truck bed and cargo and helping to improve your fuel mileage.

Strong, Convenient Hybrid Design

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Closed and Rolled Up

The secret to the Revolver X2's versatility is the aluminum slats on the underside of the cover that make it strong, seamless, and flexible. These individual, hinged slats give the cover its rugged body, while also allowing enough flexibility for the cover to be rolled up. Atop the slats is a tough, 1-piece vinyl layer that adds to the tonneau's sleek look and overall durability while also keeping the slats perfectly aligned. As a result, the Revolver X2 will roll up evenly every time, unlike ordinary soft vinyl covers that can get lopsided as you maneuver them.

Low-Profile Appearance

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Low Profile and Open Stake Pockets

Unlike other tonneau covers that sit 1/2" or more above your truck bed rails, the Revolver X2 sits nearly flush with your rails for a clean, ultra-sleek look.

Full Truck Bed Access

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Open

The Revolver X2 gives you full use of your truck bed in a matter of seconds - just roll up the cover and secure it behind the cab. As a result, you can tote around all your gear without having to remove the tonneau. And because the Revolver X2 mounts inside your truck bed rails, you can still use your truck bed stake pockets to mount accessories like tie-down anchors.

Simple, One-Person Operation

The Revolver X2 is simple to operate. Following installation, just roll the cover out and press down on the rearmost slat at the tailgate to secure the tonneau in place.

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Locking Diagram

The built-in latches not only lock down the back end of the tonneau, but they also fasten the sides of the Revolver X2 along the length of the frame rails. The rail tooth runs the entire length of each frame rail. It rotates downward to lock the side rail into the sides of the cover.

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Release Cord

When the cover is rolled out and the rear slat is pressed down at the tailgate, the latches on both sides engage. When this happens, the integrated teeth pivot down and rest on top of each slat of the rolled-out cover. Closing the rear slat effectively pins the cover to the rails, ensuring that the cover stays closed from front to back. It's that simple - no Velcro to seal or snaps to wrestle with. When your tailgate is closed and locked, no one will be able to get through the cover, thereby safeguarding your truck bed and its contents. The cover automatically secures as the locking levers at the tailgate engage. These sturdy levers have reinforced gussets that give them added strength and durability. And they will never need adjustment.

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Release Cord

To roll up the cover, unlatch the rear slat by dropping the tailgate and pulling either of the 2 release cords located along the bottom corners of the slat's housing. Either cord will release both of the latches so that you can raise the rear slat. When the latches are disengaged, the teeth roll back into the frame rails, releasing the sides of the cover so that you can easily roll it up. Just fold the rear slat over and roll up the cover the rest of the way.

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Rolled Up and Secured at TailgateDiagram of rubber bumpers on inside of tonneau cover

Then secure the tonneau behind the cab with built-in nylon straps and sturdy plastic buckles. These straps help to keep the bundled tonneau from contacting your cab while you drive. And 4 rubber bumpers act as cushioned barriers between the cover and your truck cab.

Heavy-Duty Construction

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Half Rolled Up

The Revolver X2's rugged aluminum and vinyl construction makes it an ideal match for your truck, no matter what you do while at work or play. This cover is strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight when it's rolled out. The 1/4" thick, aircraft-grade aluminum slats are covered with a textured black vinyl skin for superior resistance to impacts, UV rays, and weather. This skin is what gives the tonneau its soft, sleek look. While the Revolver X2 may look like a soft cover, its aluminum skeleton provides exceptional security because it cannot be cut through in the same way that a standard soft vinyl cover can be.

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau cover underside

Felt strips on the underside of the tonneau help to keep the slats from scuffing the vinyl top as you roll up the cover. The soft felt also shields your hands when the cover has gotten hot or cold. And rubber strips overlay your truck's side rails, cab rail, and tailgate, creating a seal that helps to conceal any gaps and works to prevent water from seeping in.

Easy, No-Drill Installation

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Installation

Installing the Revolver X2 is simple. All you need is a wrench, and you don't have to do any drilling. The tonneau's frame rails clamp to the inside of your truck bed side rails to create a base for the cover. The included bolts secure the front hinge rail to the frame rails at the cab.

BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover InstallationBAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover Installation

Slotted brackets at the ends of the tonneau side rails allow the bolts to shift in case you need to adjust the cover to achieve a snug fit. These brackets ensure proper alignment of the tonneau frame on your truck bed side rails. This eliminates trial and error in installing your rails - you won't have to put them on and then take them off again to get the correct fit. Pre-installed shims and spacers also help to ensure that the Revolver X2 rails are installed squarely on your truck bed.

39126 BAK Industries BAK Revolver X2 Hard Roll Up Truck Bed Cover

BAK39126 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details BAK39126 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2015 - 2018 GMC Canyon 5 Foot Bed

2015 - 2018 Chevrolet Colorado 5 Foot Bed

Video of BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover Review

We're going to be taking a look at the BAK Industries Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover. This is a roll-up, aluminum and vinyl cover. The BAK Industries Revolver X2 is one of the nicest tonneau covers out there on the market, really. This is the newer design that they've come out with. This is almost like a hybrid design. We're going to have the look of a soft top cover, looks just like the old vinyl covers did. This is a really nice grade vinyl that's going to offer a lot of UV resistance. It's very flexible in the matter of temperature so we're not going to have to worry about cracking or anything like that. Now, underneath, it's nice and solid.

There are individual aluminum slats that run across to give us that nice solid surface all the way across the top. Now they're jointed so they'll roll up nice and easy so we get the benefits of a hard cover, all the security features of it, without having to sacrifice our entire bed, or having to pull off one of the hard shell tonneaus, getting it on and off. It allows us to very rapidly, just in a few seconds, roll this up, get it up out of the way and have almost unobstructed access to the bed. We have full function of our tailgate here, easy to open and close it. With the lock being on here, if we we're to lock our tailgate, it's going to secure everything that we've got in our bed with our Revolver X2 installed. Going down both sides, you can see here are our aluminum slats, but at the end of each one is a locking block. As I close it, you'll see, it pushes down on this arm and as it does that arm actually comes in a locking tab comes in which we can look at.

I'll manually operate it for you here, and you'll see as I pull down, where is that tonneau cover we're push down on this tab, you see our locking tab is going to come in and in each of our locking blocks, so on every single slat from the back and all the way up to the front, we've got a locking block that is going to hold it in place. What that means now is no matter how hard somebody is we're to pull up or pry on the side, they're just not going to be able to get it open, given this really good maximum security. Another nice thing about it is that we're almost flush on the bed. We're taking care of promoting aerodynamics so we should be increasing our fuel economy without sacrificing looks. We've got a nice flush set here. Real easy installation. We'll mount our rails into position.

Once our rails are in position, then our roll up cover is going to come in. Bolt it up here at the front, a couple of adjustments, and we're ready to go. Now you can see that we got our release right here. If it's not here on your tonneau cover, or you don't know how they work, it might be difficult to find it, which let's face it, isn't a bad thing - you don't want people being able to get in here and operate it without any problem. We would either pull down here on the passenger side or we got the same thing over there on the driver's side. It's just the one hand operation, we don't have to worry about getting both of them pulled.

Once we've pulled that, that releases the tab right there on the end. It'll allow us to roll it on up forward, just by a quick pull of that cable. Now you can see that tonneau itself is made of a really nice, durable aluminum. Each one of them interlocks with the next one to give us a smooth and consistent look from the front to the back. No corrosion issues here to deal with, of course, with the aluminum. It's a quarter inch thick so you could imagine how nice and sturdy it is. The same can be said for our outer rails here. Full aluminum, we're not worried about the rust, we're not worried about the corrosion. Even the locking tabs that go down, it's all been made out of an aluminum. Now we've got our seal here on the outer edge. This is going to bolt down both sides to give us superior moisture protection on the outside. You can even see on our rails here that they've done the same thing, they've given us a nice seal all the way down, it's going to help to prevent any of that water and moisture getting into the cover. Another way to help keep some water out of here, we got a seal that's going to go all the way across the front of the bed here and again offer us some good water resistance. The straps here are going to come right around and clip in there. Then we can we use our strap here with the cam buckle to tighten it down and keep it from moving forward and back. Something I like, even in the case of a situation where we accidentally forget to strap in, we don't have to worry about it coming up and making contact with the rear of the vehicle in this particular application. If it we're to come up and make contact, which we're going to have with some vehicles, the rubber D-pads are here to prevent any marks or any scarring on the vehicle itself. Now that we've seen how it's constructed, how it works and how it can help us out in our everyday life, that's going to complete today's look at the BAK Industries Revolver XS Tonneau Cover. .

Customer Reviews

BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau Cover - Roll Up - Aluminum and Vinyl - BAK39126

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (12 Customer Reviews)

The Revolver X2 tonneau combines hard cover strength and security with soft cover convenience. The heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl cover sits flush on your vehicle and rolls up for full truck bed access. Easy, no-drill installation.

- BAK39214


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

I like the idea of this cover rolling open or closed and the fact it locks when closed. Problem is the plastic guides that push into the aluminum rails do not stay in place. When rolled open and strapped down bouncing down highway the weight of the cover pushes these plastic guides out and allows seal to be damaged and to come out of its grove. I had to insert pieces of wood into the track to hold guides in place at front of track. I pull a 44 ft toy hauler around USA so cover stays rolled open for weeks at a time. The weight of rolled up cover smashes the guide pieces out of place. In the picture that’s paint stir sticks with foil tape on them so they stay dry. 467560

- BAK39101


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

The rollback cover is excellent. It is designed well, and went on my 2003 Silverado easily and it fits well. The only negative I have with my new cover is when it arrived from the manufacturer (BAK), it was full of aluminum chips. As I unrolled it to install it they were wrapped into the cover. I was getting aluminum chips everywhere. The cover had them rolled in the fabric cover, I got them on/in my hands, and on the painted surface of my truck. That was my only concern. is to be commented on their commitment to customer service. They kept me informed on the progress of the tonneau build continually. Thanks to all at eTrailer. 318702


Still water resistant, works well, and looks great

Bob B - 11/21/2017


- BAK39506


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

I ordered a BAK Revolver X2 Hard Tonneau cover for my 2013 Nissan Frontier pickup truck. Navigating the website was easy, I liked the price and the free shipping that were offered. I immediately received tracking information for my item so I knew what to expect. The item arrived on time and was professionally packaged and undamaged during shipment. The installation instructions were easy to follow and the kit included everything necessary to complete the installation, which took approximately 30 minutes. The cover looks great and works great. I am a very satisfied customer. 238972


Hi Laura - I am still pleased with my BAK bed cover. I dont like it quite as well as the previous version I had on my other 2013 Nissan Frontier truck which got stolen, hence the new cover, but I am still pleased with the product. The new cover doesnt roll or latch quite as smoothly as the old one, but it still works well. They also slightly changed the clips for anchoring the rolled up cover, and I find them harder to clip in and maintain tension on the strap, but again they do work. Thanks for following up.

Keith C - 03/12/2017


- BAK39101


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

The only issue I've experienced with this cover that I was not pleased with was it blew up from one corner during a very strong crosswind and several of the plastic rail clips broke. I consider it an anomaly since its never happened again. BAK sent me replacement parts at no cost. The repair was simple. On the positive side the cover gives you additional security from theft due to its construction. It's expensive but I feel worth the money, especially when protection of valuable cargo is needed. 347192

- BAK39122


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

Well,I do like the tonneau cover ,but, when rolled up to to tow a 5th wheel where the rolled cover sits stowed it has damaged the cover by punching thru the material. I suppose you don’t have a fix for this , like a wear strip that can be put over this for some protection .? With the weight of the rolled up cover in the stowed position for towing and the air and road vibration the cover moves just enough to wear thru the material , it would be good if you have a fix. 529980

- BAK39207


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

This cover has been great with no problems whatsoever after one year. I highly recommend it and would certainly buy it again, but I think it will last a long time so, it will probably not be until my next truck. 474701

- BAK39121


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

This BAK RevolverX2 tonneau cover is a high quality product that has performed well on my GMC Sierra 2500HD, it keeps my cargo safe, relatively dry and I save fuel. what more could ask for in a product. 426577

- BAK39121


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

Love this cover. It gives me the freedom of an open truck bed and the security of a locked trunk. It's been nice keeping my fly fishing gear secured in the back and ready to use at a moments notice. 369851

- BAK39214


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

I purchased both the Bak Revolver 2 Tonneau and the B & W adapter for my companion 5th wheel hitch from trailer. Both the product and service was great 237994

- BAK39120


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

I have to was just like it said. Easy to install as it took me about an hour and 20 minutes with no drilling and it works easy and looks great! 467995

- BAK39427


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

I put this tonneau on my Tacoma--it was easy to install, and then easy to remove when I put a camper on several months later. 482078

- BAK39120


Review from a similar BAK Industries Revolver X2 in Tonneau Covers

Easy Install. Looks Great. I love that I can keep everything locked without any extra keys. 395352


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  • Compatible Tonneau Cover and Ladder Rack for 2017 Chevrolet Colorado
  • It sounds like you are looking for a ladder rack with an over-the-cab cantilever extension that is compatible with the soft tonneau cover that is on your Colorado's bed. Such combinations of items do exist and they will work together so long a the cover and the rack do not use the same mounting points. Not every combination of cover and rack will work together. You can use the linked page to see all ladder racks with a cantilever extension; use the drop-down menu tool "Select Vehicle...
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