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Access LiteRider Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Access LiteRider Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Item # A31369
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Access Roll-Up Tonneau - A31369
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In Use/Installed

The LiteRider roll-up tonneau cover balances great features and an affordable price. Get EZ-Dials for quick tension adjustment, an AutoLatch to secure the cover and the Access Slantback design. Cover sits 1-1/2" above your vehicle's bed. Lowest Prices for the best tonneau covers from Access. Access LiteRider Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover part number A31369 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Access Tonneau Covers - A31369

  • Access
  • Roll-Up Tonneau
  • Soft Tonneau
  • Inside Bed Rails
  • Standard Profile
  • Vinyl
  • Gloss Black
  • Opens at Tailgate
  • Requires Tools for Removal

The LiteRider roll-up tonneau cover balances great features and an affordable price. Get EZ-Dials for quick tension adjustment, an AutoLatch to secure the cover and the Access Slantback design. Cover sits 1-1/2" above your vehicle's bed.


  • Custom-designed tonneau cover protects your vehicle's bed and your gear
    • Sits 1-1/2" above truck box when closed
    • Slantback design gives your truck a stylish look
  • Aerodynamic cover reduces wind drag, improving gas mileage by up to 10 percent
  • Soft tonneau rolls up in seconds to allow full use of your bed
    • Peels back off the Velcro seal on sides of truck box
    • Stores neatly behind your cab with Quick Clip storage straps
  • Truck bed is secure when cover is down and tailgate is locked (tailgate lock sold separately)
    • AutoLatch automatically engages when cover is closed
    • 1 Slide lock can be used for added security
  • Durable, UV-resistant vinyl cover retains its shape and won't fade
    • EZ-Dial lets you adjust tension and fit at the turn of a dial - no tools required
  • Reinforced vinyl flap at the tailgate helps to keep out rain, snow and dirt
  • Contoured, black powder coated aluminum rails and unpainted aluminum bows resist rust
  • Truck tailgate remains operational even when cover is closed
  • 6 Aircraft-grade aluminum clamps secure tonneau rails inside truck-bed rails
    • Leaves side rails free for stake pocket and bed rail accessories
  • 3-Year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

The LiteRider tonneau offers a nice selection of features at a reasonable price. This truck-bed cover rolls up so that you can haul bulky items and rolls down to shield and secure your vehicle's bed and cargo. The custom-fit tonneau sits 1-1/2 inches above your truck bed and keeps air from getting caught by the tailgate, thus reducing drag. That can improve your gas mileage by up to 10 percent. And the exclusive Access Slantback fit angles toward your tailgate to give your truck a stylish, streamlined look.

Rolled Access Lite Rider tonneau cover with straps

Velcro closures on the sides help seal the cover to your truck box and allow you to peel it back quickly for loading. The tonneau stores neatly behind your cab, secured by Quick Clip straps - tough nylon strapping that connects to ultra-strong buckles.

The cover is constructed of double coated, reinforced UV-blocking vinyl, so it won't fade in the hot sun. The material stays flexible down to -40 F and won't shrink, regardless of the temperature. Aluminum bows act as ribbing to support your cover and make it easy to roll up.

EZ Dial tension adjuster for LightRider tonneau cover

Customize the cover tension using the EZ-Dials at the front of the cover, near your cab. Just dial them up or down to change the fit. A weather flap runs along the tailgate to help keep out dirt, rain, snow and ice.

Tite Bite clamp for LiteRider tonneau cover

The contoured, black powder coated aluminum tonneau rails resist rust. They sit inside your truck-bed rails so that you can still use stake-pocket-mounted accessories, such as ladder racks and tie-down anchors. Easily install the rails on a truck with an under-the-rail, drop-in bed liner. Over-the-rail liners can be cut to allow room for the installation clamps. The tonneau's rails attach easily to your truck-bed side rails using Tight Bite clamps. The specially designed teeth on these clamps seize the integrated ridges in the rails, ensuring a firm grip.

Auto Latch on Access Lite Rider tonneau coverSlide lock for Access LiteRider tonneau cover

Once the tonneau cover is unrolled and in place, the AutoLatch engages automatically to hold the tonneau closed. To unlatch the cover, simply pull the cord for easy, one-hand operation. For added security, lock the tonneau using the slide lock opposite the latch. And locking the cover won't interfere with your tailgate - open and close it as usual or add a tailgate lock (sold separately) to get secure storage for your cargo. Cover your assets with this tonneau from Access.

31369 Agri-Cover Inc. (ACI) Lite Rider Rollup Truck Bed Cover

Installation Details A31369 Installation instructions

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Video of Access LiteRider Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Access LiteRider Roll Up Tonneau Cover Installtaion - 2015 Ford F-150

Today on our 2015 Ford F-150 we're going to take a look at and then show you how to install the Access LiteRider. This is a Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. Part Number is A31369. Now when we get where we're going and we're ready to unload or unpack we just want to pull up on that outside edge on each side to separate the hook and loop. Pop the tailgate open. Then our standard release is going to be right here. We just pull that out.

Spring loaded release, but as an additional security feature we also have a small slide latch here. This is going to come over and tuck underneath and also give us security. Now this is just a slide lock, with that slid to the middle of the vehicle we'll pull our spring loaded latch on this side and we'll be able to pop it right up. We just roll it forward. Then to get it secured in place we'll just bring our straps around and clip them right into the buckle. Cool thing about those, they're adjustable for tension so you can get it as tight or as loose as you want it to secure it. If you're just loading and unloading and you're planning to put it right back into place I wouldn't even worry about strapping it down.

It's not like it's going to go anywhere. This is more for when you've got a load in the truck that maybe extends up beyond the the tonneau. That way we can keep it, we won't have to worry about it rolling back and forth or flapping around on us. Something I find really nice about the LiteRider, the cross tubes here. Full aluminium and really thick diameter so we're going to get a nice heavy support but it's not like that old style that's got that arch to it. This is a nice flat really smooth looking tonneau cover with the aluminium, no rust, no corrosion.

Our side rails they're aluminium as well, not steel. They're a powder coated aluminium so not only is the finish going to be nice and durable but if we ever nick it or scratch it we're not going to have to worry about rust and corrosion coming from that area either. Now as you can see this is a nice low profile cover. It's just going to stick up from the bed about an inch and a half or so to give us a nice streamlined look. Then we've got that slant back design that kind of comes down. You can see, it'll be a lot closer to the top of the bed.

It's going to give it a real nice look. The covers going to completely take care of any of that wind buffeting or drag that we have from the air coming over our truck and getting in here and swirling around. This can help to increase your fuel mileage by up to 10%. We've got a vinyl coated polyester mesh here. That mesh is going to give it superior durability and that coating is going to keep any fading or anything like that away. We also, unlike the old style tonneau covers, the materials they used just weren't up to par. Had a lot of cracking that would go on with them, or the UV rays would affect it and give it some discoloration. Not going to have to deal with that with this new material. As you can how nice and taut it is. It's really a good looking cover. Now another good feature that we've got here; you can see our side rails are still completely functional. Our stake pocket here we could easily pull that cap out and be able to utilize that rather than having something that's going to completely come over and cover it and render those useless. Now when adjustments are necessary we've got built in tensioners here. What we're able to do here is turn these clockwise. That's going to loosen the cover up slightly. We'll adjust it the same on each side to keep a nice even spread and then if we adjust those counterclockwise they're actually going to tighten our cover up a little bit so we can really customize that exact feeling. Get it just right when we click it closed back there in the back. The first step in our install is going to be to position our side rail. Cool thing is this ones marked driver side so we'll know the other ones for the passenger side. We want this rail right here. You can see this is the hook and loop. There's a flat rail right there. We want that to be right flush even with the top of the bed rail on our truck. Now if you have a buddy you can get him to help you. What I'm going to use is just some spring clamps here. We're going to position the rail onto the side, slide it all the way forward, until it makes contact with that front edge of the bed. Then we'll get our rails lined up here. Spring clamp on it. Now that we've got our rial positioned where we want it we're going to take one of our clamps. These are aircraft grade aluminium so we don't have to worry about corrosion or anything. As you can see they have some teeth on the edge. On that back side it's going to grip the bed and on the front side it's made to fit into the grooves that we have here, to give us really good positioning that'll hold. We don't have to worry about that sliding around. Then we'll bring our clamp right up on the rail. We want to position this as far forward as we can. Then we can hand tighten our clamp. Once we've got that tightened by hand then we'll use our wrench to finish clamping it down. Now what we're looking for once that clamp is engaged. We want this rail to be nice and flush, just how you see it. Sitting nice and even here, it's level. Then we'll feel on that back side that we've got it nice and flush with the bed cap. That's positioned great we'll move right on to the middle clamp. This is where we've got some room to do some adjustments if need be. Like right here it feels to me like the rails a little bit lower. I'll just move it up here in the back a little bit to get that flushed up, then we'll repeat the same process for our clamp. Then we'll go to the rear and we'll put our last one on here on the driver side. We'll repeat that exact same process over on our passenger side. We're going to take the L-shaped seals and we're going to place them up here on the front cap of the truck. On the front of the bed, just clean off an are right there in front of the rail with some alcohol. Then we'll peel that red cover off the sticky stuff there. Then we'll place that with the L-shape forward all the way right over in the edge of the truck there. Just like that and we'll push down really well all the way across it. We'll go do the same thing for our passenger side. Now we're going to bring the rear seal in. That's going to be the one that has kind of the hole that goes through it. We want the red side of that seal to face up and it's going to go right on the bottom of our rail right here. Now you can see there's not enough room to stick the whole thing to the rail so what we're going to do is mark it right there at the end of the rail. Using that mark we're going to trim off just the adhesive section here. We're going to leave this part intact. Razor knife should do a fine job of that. Now we'll use our alcohol again and we want to clean the bottom side of our rail off really well. Once that has had a second to evaporate we'll apply our seal. Now we'll go to the passenger side and do that same thing. Now we're going to place the pre-rolled cover on our tailgate. We don't want to unroll it at this point. Just kind of let it sit here and we'll grab our two adjusters. You can see here on our tensioners or adjusters, whatever you want to call them. We're going to have an L and we're going to have an R. The Right is for the passenger side. The L or Left is going to be for our driver side. We'll take our right side adjuster, the inch and a quarter bolt, and the flat washer that's provided with the kit. That's going to go through then it's going to thread right into the nut that slides right here in the track. You see that right there; we'll just thread it right into that nut. We'll take that tab that's in the bottom, that's going to lay right down in that same track. We just want to get our bolts started. Once that's attached we're going to leave it loose so it can slide a little bit, we'll go do the same thing for our driver side. Now we're going to place our tonneau up on the truck itself. We want to keep in mind that when we do the front edge of the bed is going to be underneath that and we want this flap to be tucked under. It'll be sandwiched between the top of the tonneau cover here and the top of the bed rail, which would be like the palm of my hand there. We want that to be there and that's going to give us maximum water resistance. We also want to be sure our straps are tucked to the inside so they're going to be operational. With our tensioners slid in towards the middle we'll place the tonneau right up on the bed rails here. Being sure to tuck that flap that we just talked about down and under. With that tucked in properly we're going to bring our left adjuster over and we'll use one of our shorter bolts, that has the nut on it. We want that to go through the side rail. The head of the bolt should face up. Down through our tensioner then the nut goes through the bottom side. Now we're going to hold our bolt and tighten up that nut from the bottom. We'll do this on both sides. Now we want to check our alignment from the end of the main header rail here. We want to see how much of a gap that we've got here on the passenger side and we want to match it to the driver side. We may have to adjust it left and right just a little bit. Once we've got those set equally on both sides we'll tighten up that bolt that we left loose earlier. We're going to do that on both sides as well. Now for the initial setup here we're going to unroll our cover and what we're looking for is when we try to set our cover into the back here we want it to take 20 or 30 pounds of pressure and we want to hear it snap in just like that. That's what we're looking for. What we don't want is this to be too sloppy up here, for there not to be enough tension or for it to be overly difficult to get it to click down in. We're just going to do that a couple of times to ensure that we've got a really good fit. Now we'll check our height; we want to make sure it engages our tailgate properly. We want no interference with normal use of the tailgate. We should be able to bring it up and close it just as we always have. Then we've got that seal that's going to hang down here and when we close it it goes right in between to give us another moisture barrier just like we have in the front. You can see that's looking really good. No real adjustments necessary. If it's not fitting tight enough down to the tailgate we loosen up those rear clamps and we'll adjust our rails down a little bit. If it's too low and it's interfering with the tailgate when we close it we'll loosen up the rear clams and adjust it up a little bit. That allows us to kind of customize it for our vehicle. This one looks really nice. That one fits really well. It's got a good seal all the way across. Now all that we've got left to do before we head down the road is just press down on the side to get that hook and loop fastener nice and secure and to help provide us with a water resistant protection. Once we have both sides fastened we're ready to head down the road. We shouldn't have any noise or any vibration coming from the rear. It's a real nice solid top. That'll complete the installation of the Access LiteRider, Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, Part Number A31369, on our 2015 Ford F-150.

Customer Reviews

Access LiteRider Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover - A31369

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (14 Customer Reviews)

The LiteRider roll-up tonneau cover balances great features and an affordable price. Get EZ-Dials for quick tension adjustment, an AutoLatch to secure the cover and the Access Slantback design. Cover sits 1-1/2" above your vehicle's bed.

- A31369

This has been a great cover. The fit is great,, the operation is great. Do not change a thing. 766384

- 834532004737

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. I’m sure it is great!! 821926

- 834532001125

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

Looked a long time to find a cover that would work on a sport side. 5 stars on this cover. 758914

- 834532003228

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

The tonneau cover is great. It is easy to roll up and put back. The instructions that come with it are not the best, but there is a great YouTube video that makes installation easy to understand. I live in Georgia and my truck is outside and so far, after a year, it has held up to the strong sun without any signs of wear. I would definitely buy this again. 736773

- A34239

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

Still in new condition, works great! Had storage buckle break but they sent replacements 733440

- A34229

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

Extremely pleased with truck cover for 2018 Ram 2500 after one years use which included rolling up the cover multiple times. Still very good at keeping rain out of the truck bed. 724452

- 834532004683

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

I love my LiteRider Tonneau Cover. My Toyota truck has suicide doors that are often very inconvenient in parking lots to open and load items in the cab. With the tonneau cover and I can utilize the truck bed for loading and keeping my cargo protected and secure. Also it just looks nice on my truck. 680309

- 834532001750

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

fits good, easy install, good value 630868

- 834532000982

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

Great product. Just as expected. Easy to install! 180947

- 834532006823

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

It looks really good once installed. Installation took about 2 hours. I didn't like the clamps so once it was in position I drilled and put stainless hardware in. 50535

- 834532008450

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

Good product This is an excellent product with good price and fast shipping 1718

- 834532001224

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

great it fits good product easy to put on truck easy to roll up looks great on my truck 893

- 834532006878

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

This is my second Access item The person that took my phone order knew her stuff. The product arrived within the seven days, including a weekend on my door step, as stated. Good service from both Etrailer and Access staff. 784

- 834532007141

Review from a similar LiteRider in Tonneau Covers

Quality is very good Delivered in short order. Installation was easy with the exception the instructions said to reuse two screws on the rails that were attached to the truck. The screws were to short to go through the bracket and reach the threads of the truck. Had to purchase new screws. 1\2" longer 674


Ask the Experts about this Access Tonneau Covers

  • Will Access Tonneau Cover A31369 Fit a 2016 Ford F-150 with a Drop-In Bed Liner
    If the bed liner on your 2016 Ford F-150 is the type that goes up and over the tops of the bed sides then the liner will have to be trimmed to install Access Tonneau cover # A31369. If the liner only goes go under the bed sides then it will likely fit without having to trim the liner. Either way you can get it or another cover to fit it just MIGHT require a little trimming.
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  • Ladder Rack and Tonneau Cover Recommendation for 2016 Ford F-150 5-1/2 ft Bed
    To install a ladder rack and tonneau cover on your 2016 Ford F-150 will require you to go with a ladder rack that installs by attaching to the tops of the bed rails and then a tonneau cover that installs by attaching to the insides of the bed rails. We have both of these things so we have just the solution. For that you would want the TracRac part # TH43002XT-508 for the ladder rack. This sliding ladder rack can slide out of the tracks as well if you needed. Then for a hard roll-up...
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