Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart Tire - 205/50-10 - Load Range B

Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart Tire - 205/50-10 - Load Range B

Item # AM40406

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Kenda Tires and Wheels - AM40406
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Product Images

  • Tire Only
  • 10 Inch
  • 205/50-10
  • Load Range B
  • Bias Ply Tire
  • Kenda
Turf-friendly bias tire is designed for use on golf carts. Fits 10" x 6" wheels and has a maximum load of 665 lbs at 30 psi. Lowest Prices for the best tires and wheels from Kenda. Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart Tire - 205/50-10 - Load Range B part number AM40406 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Kenda Tires and Wheels - AM40406

Turf-friendly bias tire is designed for use on golf carts. Fits 10" x 6" wheels and has a maximum load of 665 lbs at 30 psi.


  • Pro-Tour tire is specially made for golf carts
  • Turf-friendly design won't tear up the course
  • Bias ply construction is strong and rugged


  • Fits: 10" x 6" rims
  • Tire size: 205/50-10
    • Section width: 7.7"
    • Outer diameter (when inflated): 18.3"
  • Capacity:
    • Load range: B
    • Ply rating: 4
    • Maximum load: 665 lbs at 30 psi
  • Limited 2-year warranty

40406 Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Tire for Golf Carts

Video of Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart Tire - 205/50-10 - Load Range B

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Kenda Tires and Wheels - Tire Only - AM40406 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number AM40406. This is a Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart tire. Tire size 205/50-10 with a load range of B. This tire is especially made for golf carts. It has a turf-friendly design that won't tear up the course. It has a bias ply construction that is going to be very strong and rugged.

This is designed to fit rim size 10-inch by 6-inch. Again, our tire size is going to be 205/50-10 with a section width from outer edge to outer edge of 7.7 inches. inaudible 0:00:40 there's an outer diameter when fully inflated from edge to edge of 18.3 inches. When it comes to capacity, it gives us a load range of B with a 4 ply rating. Maximum load is going to be 665 pounds at 30 psi. It's also got all the indicators here on the outer wall of tire.

You can use that as a quick reference guide if you ever need that information. That's going to do it for today's review of part number AM40406. This is the Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart tire. .

Customer Reviews

Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart Tire - 205/50-10 - Load Range B - AM40406

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (7 Customer Reviews)

Turf-friendly bias tire is designed for use on golf carts. Fits 10" x 6" wheels and has a maximum load of 665 lbs at 30 psi.

- AM40406

Product was what was expected and delivered on the schedule provided. Only have 1 round of golf on them now, but so far so good 670724

- AM40406

Great 657064

- AM40406

etrailer prices beat any I found including the local big box discount store. And with free shipping i saved a bundle. Got my order in three day via UPS. Had my local tire dealer widespread the rims and now I am back on the road. 646569

- AM40406

Fits stock Yamaha golf cart height when replacing 8” wheels to 10” wheels does not rub when in full turn or sharp turns at all 477788

- AM40406

Perfect size for golf stock cart height and the shipping is super super fast !!! 473695

- AM40406

Tires were in great condition, customer service was excellent and delivery was much fast than I expected. 159128

- AM40406

Excellent 132777


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  • Benefit of Switching to Higher Weight Load Range Tires
  • In your tire size 205/65-10 we have bias ply tires in four load ranges, B, C, D and E. Each will handle different amounts of weight. If your current tires are B-rated then you can switch to a higher-weight-capacity load range C tire if you like. Using a tire that can handle more weight than it actually has to typically means it will run cooler, and cooler running tires typically last longer since heat is a tire's worst enemy. The page I linked shows both tires and wheel/tire items...
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  • Replacement Tire for 2007 Club Car President Golf Cart with Tire Size 205/50-10
  • Yes, the Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart Tire # AM40406 that you referenced is the same tire you have on your golf cart and will fit and work well.
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  • Spare Tire Recommendation for Palomino Pop Up Camper Trailer with Tire Size 20.5/8.0-10
  • The tire size that I have closest to that of the 20.5/8.0-10 would be a 205/65-10 like the Kenda Tire, # AM1HP54. This tire measures 20.6 inches in diameter by 8.3 inches wide, fits a 10 inch by 6 inch wheel, and has a load capacity of 1,330 pounds at 70 psi. I have included a link to all of our 205/65-10 sized tires for your convenience. Even though there is a very small difference in size from your current tires, I always recommend measuring for clearance on the trailer to ensure...
    view full answer...

  • Dimensions of a 205/50-10 and a 205/65-10 Trailer Tire
  • I may have an option for you but we do not carry 4.80x10 or 5.20x10 trailer tires as this is an extremely uncommon tire size. The only tires we have confirmed to fit a 10" wheel are a 205/50-10 or a 205/65-10 tire. For a 205/50-10 tire I recommend using the Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias part # AM40406 and for a 205/65-10 tire I recommend using the Loadstar K399 Bias Trailer Tire part # AM1HP50. A 205/50-10 tire is going to be 18.3" in diameter and 7.7" wide. A 205/65-10 is going to be about...
    view full answer...

  • Choosing Trailer Tire Load Range & How to Best Protect Trailer Tires from Blowout Failures
  • The advantage to using a higher load range tire than you actually need for the loaded trailer weight is that this tends to reduce the tires' operating temperature. Any tire's worst enemy is heat and a tire operated near or at its maximum weight rating will naturally run hotter than one that is operated at perhaps 75% of its capacity. Since safety margin is never a bad thing, I do suggest staying with your current load range since it really has no down side. The price difference between...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Replacement Golf Cart Tires
  • We do indeed carry a few tires specifically designed for golf carts. For a tire only, we offer the Kenda K399 in 205/50-10 tire size as part # AM40406 or the Kenda K389 in 18x8.50-8 tire size as part # AM40537. If you're looking for a wheel/tire combo, we offer # AM90016 in 205/50-10 tire size on a 10 inch by 6 inch white powder coated wheel with a 4 on 4 bolt pattern. For an 8 inch wheel with the 4 on 4 inch bolt pattern, use part # AM90002 which features a 18x8.50-8 tire.
    view full answer...

  • PSI of 205/50R10 Kenda Pro-Tour Golf Cart Tires
  • The 205/50-10 size enda Pro-Tour Golf Cart Tire, part # AM40406, should be inflated to its maximum 30 psi when cold.
    view full answer...

  • What Size Trailer Tires Will Fit on a 10x6 Inch Wheel
  • For a 10x6 inch wheel you will be looking at 205/65-10 tires which is an 8.3 inch wide tire. We have a few options in this size. For a load range B rated for 910 pounds at 35 psi use # AM1HP50 For a load range C rated for 1,100 pounds at 50 psi use # AM1HP52 For a load range D rated for 1,330 pounds at 70 psi use # AM1HP54 For a load range E rated for 1,650 pounds at 90 psi use # AM1HP56 Trailer tires should always be inflated to the maximum psi indicated on the tire. Going with...
    view full answer...

  • Shorter Profile Trailer Tire Recommendation than Tire Size 20.5 x 8 - 10
  • For a tire size that's slightly smaller in diameter than your current size of 20.5x8-10 we have the part # AM40406 which is a 205/50-10. This will be right at 2 inch shorter in diameter than what you have so it will work great.
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  • Can Tires Be Inflated With less Air Pressure To Get A Smoother Ride On Golf Cart
  • All tires whether they are for your golf cart or for a trailer are recommended to be inflated to their psi capacity. If a trailer tire is inflated to a lower air pressure than the maximum, the amount of weight that the tire can carry will be reduced. If a heavier load is put on the trailer tire than what is recommended for that air pressure, the sidewall of the tire could heat up and cause the tire to fail. If a tire is over-inflated, it will wear more in the center of the tread,...
    view full answer...

  • Golf Cart Tire Recommendation for Size 205/50-10
  • For a tire in that size we have the part # AM40406 which is a Load Range B. The wear you are experiencing is not due to the weight capacity though as that would not affect the wear. Instead it more related to the fact that the front axle turns and puts different wear on the tire. Higher load range tires do not wear better than lower ones.
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  • Boat Trailer Tire Size Comparison for 10 Inch Wheels
  • They are not the same size, however, I have never seen tires that are 20.5 inches tall by 18 inches wide with 10 inch wheels. The 20.5 x 8 inch with 10 inch wheels is far more likely as all the trailer wheels we carry for 10 inch wheels are more similar to this size. The Kenda 205/65-10 Bias Trailer Tire with 10" White Wheel - 5 on 4-1/2 - Load Range D # AM3H430 that you asked this from is 20.6 inches diameter and 8.3 inches wide for reference. We only have one tire size smaller...
    view full answer...

  • Can The Same Wheel Be Used to Replace 205/50-10 Tires With 205/65-10 Tires
  • the 205/50R10 tires you have are designed to work with a 10 x 6 inch rim. The 205/65R10 tires are designed to fit the same sized rim so you will have no problem going with the new tires. I have attached a link to the 205/65-10 tires we offer. All of the tires we have in that size are bias-ply like part # AM1HP54.
    view full answer...

  • Why Do Higher Tire Load Ranges Have Ability to Carry More Weight than Lower Ones
  • That's a really good question. First thing to note though is that it is not the tire that carries the load, but the air inside it. The tire is just the container for the air. So, if you need to carry more load, you need more air. You might accomplish that with a larger air chamber or by forcing more air molecules into the same size air chamber you’d normally use for a tire with a lower load capacity. In other words, you might use a bigger tire or a tire running at a higher inflation pressure....
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  • Tire Recommendation for Golf Cart with 10 inch Wheel
  • I don't see why it wouldn't work since the common golf cart trailer tire size is very similar at 205-50-10 like the # AM40406 but ideally the # AM1HP56 would be used on a trailer since that's what it was designed for. The part # AM40406 would be what I would recommend.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Tire for Golf Cart
  • The Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Car Tire, size 205/50-10 and Load Range B, part # AM40406, is a top-quality, bias trailer tire that has been rigorously tested. It has a bias ply construction that is going to be very strong and rugged. At the same time it has a turf-friendly design that won't tear up a golf course. I think you will be very happy with this tire. Specs-wise the tire is 7.7 inches wide, 18.3 inches tall, and fits a 10 x 6 inch wheel. It is rated for 665 pounds at 30 psi...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Tire for a Trailer with Tire Size 18-8.0x10
  • An 18-8.0x10 is not a tire size I am familiar with. I believe it is indicating an 18 inch tall tire, 8 inches wide, on a 10 inch wheel. The closest match we have is a 205/50-10 which will be 7.7 inches wide, 18.3 inches tall, and fits a 10 x 6 inch wheel. Tire # AM40406 is the only one in this size we carry but it is rated for 665 pounds at 30 psi (295 kilograms). The next closest match is a 206/65-10 which will be 8.4 inches wide and 20.4 inches tall and it fits a 10 x 6 inch wheel....
    view full answer...

  • Tire and Rim Recommendations for a 16 inch Tire Diameter
  • We have some 8 inch tires that will have a maximum diameter of 16.1 inches, but nothing in a 10 inch size. The tire size 4.80/4.00-8 has an overall diameter of 16.1 inches. To see your options check out the link I attached, it has wheel and tire combos that are 16.1 inches in diameter. You will need to know your bolt pattern before you are able to pick out the correct wheel. Check out the FAQ article I attached that shows how to determine this.
    view full answer...

  • Picking Out Replacement Wheel and Tires for Pop Up Camper
  • We definitely will have great tire and wheel combos for your pop up but I'll need to know more info from you to be able to help you get the best option. I'll need to know the size of the tire you have (written on sidewall) and the wheel bolt pattern and I'll be able to get you best options. I attached a picture that shows what the size will look like as well as a link to page that shows how to determine bolt pattern. Most likely your bolt pattern is 4 on 4 inch or 5 on 4-1/2 inch as...
    view full answer...

  • Are There Tires Smaller Than 205/65-10
  • It sounds like you have 20.5 x 8-10 tires, which is equivalent to a 205/65-10 trailer tire and measures 20.5" when inflated and is 8.3" wide. If this is what size your tire is the only smaller size is 205/50-10, though these are golf cart tires, the Kenda K399 Pro-Tour Bias Golf Cart Tire - 205/50-10 - Load Range B # AM40406 which is 18.3" and fits 10" x 6" wheels, but only has a load capacity of 665 lbs per tire.
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