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Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2 - White Powder Coat

Item # AM20532

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dexstar tires and wheels 15 inch 6 on 5-1/2 steel spoke trailer wheel - x rim white powder coat
dexstar tires and wheels wheel only 15 inch steel spoke trailer - x 6 rim on 5-1/2 white powder coat
dexstar tires and wheels 15 inch am20532
dexstar tires and wheels 15 inch

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dexstar tires and wheels wheel only 15 inch am20532


  • Wheel Only
  • 15 Inch
  • 6 on 5-1/2 Inch
  • Steel Wheels
  • Spoke Wheel
  • Dexstar
White power coated, 15" steel wheel features a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern and meets Department of Transportation standards. Lowest Prices for the best tires and wheels from Dexstar. Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2 - White Powder Coat part number AM20532 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Dexstar Tires and Wheels - AM20532

White power coated, 15" steel wheel features a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern and meets Department of Transportation standards.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • White powder coat finish over e-coat primer
  • 8-Spoke pattern
  • High-quality wheel meets DOT specifications
  • Made in the USA


  • Rim dimensions: 15" diameter x 6" wide
  • Bolt pattern: 6 on 5-1/2"
  • Wheel bolt size: 1/2"-20
  • Pilot diameter: 4.27"
  • Capacity: 2,830 lbs
  • Limited 2-year warranty

Determining the Bolt Pattern

The first number in the bolt pattern is the number of bolt holes. The second number denotes the diameter, in inches, of the circle on which the bolt holes sit.

Bolt Pattern - Odd

To determine the bolt-circle diameter on wheels with an odd number of bolt holes, measure from the center of any bolt hole to the point halfway between the two bolt holes directly across from the first. (Example: "5 on 4-1/2" means 5 bolt holes with 4-1/2" measured to a point halfway between the opposite bolt holes.)

Bolt Pattern - Even

On wheels with an even number of bolt holes, measure from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the hole directly across from it. (Example: "8 on 6-1/2" means 8 bolt holes with 6-1/2" from the center of one hole to the center of another on the opposite side.)

Bolt Pattern - Side

Measuring the distance from the center of one bolt hole on the wheel to the center of a bolt hole right next to it can also help to determine the bolt pattern.

  • If D = 2-5/8", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2"
  • If D = 2-3/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 4-3/4"
  • If D = 3", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5"
  • If D = 3-1/4", then the bolt pattern is 5 on 5-1/2"

20532DX Dexstar 8-Spoke White Wheel - 15"


Value - This item

Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2 - White Powder Coat

Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2 - White Powder Coat
Dexstar Tires and Wheels

65 reviews

Code: AM20532

In Stock

Our Price: $43.22

  • Tires and Wheels
  • Wheel Only
  • 15 Inch
  • Spoke Wheel
  • 6 on 5-1/2 Inch
  • Steel Wheels
  • Dexstar

White power coated, 15" steel wheel features a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern and meets Department of Transportation standards.

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Taskmaster Steel 8-Spoke Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2 - White
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This 15" x 6" steel trailer wheel has a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern and a 4.25" pilot diameter. Improved torque retention keeps wheel secure when mounted on your axle. Rust-resistant, 3-step powder coat finish. Valve stem is included.

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Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel - 16" x 6" Rim - 8 on 6-1/2 - White Powder Coat

Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel - 16" x 6" Rim - 8 on 6-1/2 - White Powder Coat
Dexstar Tires and Wheels

36 reviews

Code: AM20750

In Stock


Our Price: $45.61

  • 16 Inch
  • 8 on 6-1/2 Inch

White power coated, 16" steel wheel features an 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern and meets Department of Transportation standards.

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Aluminum Sendel Series T02 Machined Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2

Aluminum Sendel Series T02 Machined Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2
Sendel Tires and Wheels

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Code: AM22654

Only 3 in stock. Order soon.


Our Price: $86.86

  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Boat Trailer Wheels
  • Sendel

This 15" x 6" trailer wheel has 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern and a 4.25" pilot diameter. The rustproof aluminum wheel features a 7-spoke design in silver.

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Video of Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2 - White Powder Coat

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Dexstar Tires and Wheels AM20532 Review

Today we're going to review part number AM20532. This is the Dexstar 15" by 6" Steel Wide Spoke Trailer Wheel, with the 6 on 5-1/2" bolt pattern, and a white powder coat finish. This wheel is made of a sturdy steel construction, has a white powder coat finish over an e-coat primer for excellent corrosion resistance. As you can see, it has the 8 spoke pattern design. This is a high quality wheel that meets the Department of Transportation specifications. Now a few dimensions on this. The rim dimension is listed as a 15" diameter by 6" wide, and when we go to measure that, when you measure the diameter of a wheel, we don't want to measure edge to edge.

We're actually measuring where the tire would seat on the wheel, so bead seat to bead seat would be inside to inside right here. Basically, when the tire is mounted on here, the beads will seat on the inside right here. So if we do 15" diameter, put a ruler right on here, bead seat to bead seat, you can see 15" diameter. Same thing on the width of the wheel, we'll be measuring where the tire bead will seat, so inside to inside, not the overall. So the inside to inside is going to be 6". So it's a 15" diameter by 6" wide wheel. If you notice the bolt pattern, it is a 6 lug bolt pattern, and it's a 5-1/2" bolt pattern diameter.

So basically, the way you would do that on a wheel that has an even number of lugs, you would just pick one lug and measure from the center of that lug, and go directly to the lug hole across from it, center to center. So if we choose that hole, and then we go center to center, see right at 5-1/2". So 6 lugs, 5-1/2" bolt pattern. This does use a wheel lug or bolt size of 1/2" by 20. The pilot diameter, which is this pilot hole right here, the diameter of this hole, this is where this would go over the hub on your trailer. So the diameter of that hole is going to be right at 4.27".

The weight capacity on this wheel is 2,830 pounds. That should do it for the review on part number AM20532, the Dexstar 15" by 6" Steel Wide Spoke Trailer Wheel, 6 on 5-1/2" bolt pattern, and a white powder coat finish. .

Customer Reviews

Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel - 15" x 6" Rim - 6 on 5-1/2 - White Powder Coat - AM20532

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (65 Customer Reviews)

White power coated, 15" steel wheel features a 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern and meets Department of Transportation standards.

- AM20532

by: Jim07/14/2015

Finding a reputable source for trailer needs was difficult until I started using etrailer. Great resource for knowledgeable advice as well as for parts and equipment from well respected trailer component manufacturers such as Dexstar. I've used etrailer for several years for multiple purchases and they have consistently delivered quality products shipped very quickly. No need to hunt for various suppliers based on my multiple trailer component needs (utility, boat and travel trailers), this is one stop shopping with excellent customer support. 211597


product continues fine

Jim S - 07/13/2016


- AM20532

by: Dianna C.05/03/2011

I don't do much website purschasing and a friend of mine introduced me to this website. I am glad to have found it and I really like the wheels I purchased for my travel trailer. They look real sharp on the travel trailer and I have told other friends where I purchased them. I appreciate all the fast service from e-trailer and the constant e-mail information on the purchase. I will be glad to tell others about e-trailer. I plan on doing other purchases in the future with e-trailer. Thank You 12734

- AM20532

by: Eric V07/06/2017

Product showed up on time , I had a spare valve stem , slapped the tire on the wheel in the driveway and haven't turned back , mounting a new tire on a new wheel is a five minute job , put a couple thousand miles on it with zero problems 402354

- AM20532

by: Rod N03/04/2012

It's hard to say much about a steel wheel to be used with a spare tire on a boat trailer, but I will share that I'm pleased to have somehow found The site is easy to shop. I'm pleased with the prompt shipping and follow-up by e-mail. I will recommend etrailer to others. This weekend I had a tire mounted on the new wheel and bolted to a bracket on the boat trailer. Let's hope I never need to use it. 33106

- AM20532

by: Sean W02/25/2014

Product was as discribed no issues, but i would like to comment that the companies communication\notificatioin was great! Not only did they get my purchases to me in much shorter time (even with the weather in the northeast) but they emailed me updates in timely manner and product arrived even sooner then they said it would. I will deff purchase from them again. Very Pleasent Experiance. 117538

- AM20532

by: David M09/21/2017

This is a Dexstar 17-144 trailer wheel. It was well boxed up and came quickly. etrailer is a reliable supplier and one of my preferred dealers for my RV equipment needs. My only suggestion to etrailer is to include the Dexstar model numbers within the description for their wheels; it would make searching for the proper replacement wheel easier. 434835

- AM20532

by: Ed D.05/28/2017

Very disappointing - I ordered three Dexstar wheels to match one I had from a few years ago, which seemed to be very good quality. The wheels I received had paint chipping all around the circumference of the rim, and sharp burrs in the hole for the stem. Not the quality I was expecting at all. Would definitely not recommend. 385924

- AM20532

by: james m bingham03/12/2012

happy with the products and they arrived early. installed both rim and firestone ride-right air helper springs. they were easy to install . now i need to road test them. thanks jim 33649

- AM20532

by: David K09/22/2016

My rims on my 30ft 5th wheel were all rusted and paint peeling. Bought 4 rims and replaced them while I was replacing the brakes and hubs I bought from as well. I went with powder coated hoping they will hold up to all the traveling we going to do. they really look great on the trailer. 297500

- AM20532

by: LD07/21/2017

The wheel I received is unusable. The front side of the rim has been severely scratched and dinged which left many sharp edges around the edge of the rim. There is also a large metal burr in the valve stem opening. This is a very poor quality wheel and I definitely would not recommend it. 408769

- AM20532

by: wvtman06/18/2015

I ordered the 15" trailer wheel 6 lugs. Nice looking wheel, fast shipping, and just as described. I have it mounted and ready to use as a spare on my trailer. also ordered the license plate light which came in the same box with no additional shipping added. Thanks etrailer.....! 204207

- AM20532

by: Mike M02/10/2014

I ordered this rim for a 2nd spare tire for my 5th wheel. After having 2 tires separate on the same trip, I decided it was time to have 2 spares available. This rim is rated for 2830# which is perfect for my needs. Etrailer delivered on time and wheel is in perfect condition. 116190

- AM20532

by: Ken S.11/01/2013

I am very pleased with the trailer wheel i purchased and with the delivery was very quick i got the wheel in 4 days instead of 7 days i will buy again from e trailer. thanks for great service i have told others about e trailer 106017

- AM20532

by: FELIX A. NEGRON12/16/2010

TRAILER WHEEL WHITE GREAT PRODUC!! We have superb service and pricing. We received the wheels, put it up and ready. The wheels arrived as schedule and now we are another believer of this company. Thanks. 4207

- AM20532

by: Phil Stephens06/09/2016

Thank you very much for the prompt shipment of the boat trailer wheel. Everything fit just fine and the wheel looks great on the trailer. The next time I need parts for atrailer I will go to your web page. 259680

- AM20532

by: George A04/17/2015

I haven't had them on the road yet but the new wheels appear to be of excellent quality. They turn true and look great. service was great. My order arrived in good condition and on time. 185733

- AM20532

by: Dave W.10/20/2016

I couldn't be more pleased with these rims. They were delivered on time and with no defects. After having been on my trailer for a year they still look brand new. Definitely a great buy! 309103

- AM20532

by: Jonathan R03/18/2015

Much better than the stock rims that came on my enclosed trailer, that ended up with stress cracks on the welds. I have since replaced all 6 (4+2spares) wheels with these. Thanks eTrailer! 179423

- AM20532

by: Wade D.03/19/2012

Very good quality rim with a hard to find load rating that I needed for my travel trailer. It will replace a rim that was damaged in a tire failure on a recent camping trip. 34375

- AM20532

by: Don L.02/07/2014

The wheel was perfect. We decided it was too cumbersome to wrap it up for Christmas and wrapped up a toy wheel with instructions of where to find the real one instead. 115986

- AM20532

by: Rob P.08/19/2011

Great quality, durable finish, rugged construction had these same wheels for a long time on the other trailer, let me tell you, take it from a logger, they're TOUGH! 22243

- AM20532

by: JIM D05/10/2012


- AM20532

by: Ken N.06/16/2015

arrived in a timely manner. Wheels look great. nice powder coating and great color. Easy to look up the size of rim that I needed. Thanks 203719

- AM20532

by: Chuck M.03/02/2011

Priced right, new, very quick delivery service and they came with zero damages. What more could you ask for. I will purchase again. THANKS 8229

- AM20532

by: brian s10/12/2013

very nice wheels at a great price - thanks I'd include a pic but you don't want to see your nice wheels on my crappy boat trailer lol. 103628

- AM20532

by: Gary B.12/13/2016

Great service and fast shipping. And really liked the videos, which made me decide the right wheel for me. Would highly recommend. 324495

- AM20532

by: Jlssoccer07/27/2014

Item was delivered in a timely manner and boxed to keep it from getting scratched. Wheel ran true when checked at the installer. 143109

- AM20532

by: Norman R04/28/2017

Owned this wheel for over a year and took trailer twice from east to west coast and back with no problems. Fast service . 373532

- AM20532

by: Charles12/27/2011

Wheels were just as advertised. Service was fantastic, both in execution and keeping me informed, all over the holidays. 28762

- AM20532

by: Don C.10/15/2016

Excellent product only surpassed by the quality of customer service and speedy delivery. I will be shopping here again. 307348

- AM20532

by: John S02/15/2017

Wheels arrived ready to go and look fantastic! Shipping was super quick too. I always go to Etrailer for towing needs. 342262

- AM20532

by: Carl11/14/2011

Great service, friendly, tracked the package right to my door, quick service. Rims appear to be very good quality! 26954

- AM20532

by: Ernie S04/25/2014

I have not mounted a tire on this yet, but the delivery was swift arrived in just a few days. great service! 127307

- AM20532

by: Robert S10/02/2017

I have bought from etrailer many times and as always, the shipping and product quality is always the best. 438539

- AM20532

by: Kurt10/25/2017

Excellent. Fastest shipment ever!!! Don't have wheel mounted yet, so I do not have any pictures. Sorry 445939

- AM20532

by: Gary G.10/05/2014

Great price. Looks great too. Haven't mounted tires yet but I don't expect any problems. Thanks trailer! 154549

- AM20532

by: Pat04/19/2016

Excellent! There was no part number for the combo tire and wheel, so they mounted the tire, no charge. 246097

- AM20532

by: Bill M.09/04/2012

Rims came on time and fit perfect. Recomended this site to all my friends who nedd trailer parts. 53857

- AM20532

by: Bruce Shaffer09/23/2011

Couldn't ask for a better product, service or price and the delivery was within 3-5 days. Thanx! 24397

- AM20532

by: Charles R09/12/2016

not the best packing job. Wheel is nick and edges chipped, but wheel still works as excepted. 293956

- AM20532

by: John H.09/11/2016

High quality rims at the lowest price I've seen on the web. Great products and FAST shipping! 293524

- AM20532

by: Edward04/28/2016

I was pleased to find an exact match of my trailer wheels for a spare to carry with me 247246

- AM20532

by: Bill K02/11/2012

Exactly what I wanted. A 15" wheel at a great price that can hold a Load Range E tire. 31587

- AM20532

by: Steve S.02/03/2015

Wheels look great and were shipped quickly in a sturdy box so not a scratch on them. 172313

- AM20532

by: BRAD S.11/25/2015


- AM20532

by: Rich P.05/08/2013

Item arrived boxed perfectly, exactly as described and it was shipped in 3 days! 79465

- AM20532

by: Justin R.10/20/2012

Nicely painted, Made in the USA!! Look great on my flatbed trailer. 57741

- AM20532

by: Shannon03/28/2012

The only difference is mine don't have the 2 stripes in the wheel 35309

- AM20532

by: Nathan H.01/17/2015

Got free upgrade on shipping. Arrived very fast. Great service. 170300

- AM20532

by: Chuck W.01/27/2011

Item was exactly correct, shipping fast and on time..... 6223

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Ask the Experts about this Dexstar Tires and Wheels
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  • Need Replacement Wheel For 4 Bolt Dexter Axle on Old Hitchhiker Trailer With 225/75/15 Tire
  • The only 15 inch wheels that we currently have available have a 4 on 9.44 bolt pattern. You will need to check the bolt pattern on your trailer to make sure it is the same. To check the bolt pattern measure center to center on lug nuts directly across from each other. The only 4 bolt wheels that are a size 15 wheel are a vintage style 4 on 9.44, part # AM20395, and part # AM20501. The Dexstar Vintage Steel Wheel w/ plus 5 mm Offset - 15 x 6 Rim, part # AM20501, will fit your 275/75/15...
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  • How Wide of a Rim is Recommended for the Tire Size ST225/75R15
  • For a wheel that is 5 inches in width and 15 inches in diameter you would want tires that are size ST205/75-15. For the tire size ST225/75R15 you listed you would want a rim that is from 6-7 inches in width. I attached a department page that has all of our tires that are that size. I also attached a page on trailer tire sizing that has a chart that show what tire sizes go with the different rim sizes.
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  • Largest Trailer Rim Available with 4 Bolt Pattern
  • Nothing we offer in the 15 inch rim size comes with a 4 bolt pattern. The largest diameter rim we have that will fit a 4 bolt pattern is a 13 inch rim like the # AM20224 that is a silver rim. The largest tire size would then be a 185/80-13 that would fit it like part # AM1ST79.
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  • Replacement Wheel To Match Maximum Weight Capacity of ST225/75R15 Load Range E Tires on Trailer
  • I would recommend to check the sidewall of your ST225/75R15 Load Range E tires to verify what the maximum load capacity is and at what maximum psi. Most of the load range E tires in that size are a 2,830 lbs at 80 psi. The HWT Aluminum Star Mag Trailer Wheel, part # TTWAL04156655, that you have referenced is a 15 x 6 inch wheel with a 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern. It has a maximum load capacity of 2,830 lbs at 80 psi. The center hole, or pilot hole diameter is 4.25 inches. This wheel...
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  • How to Determine the Correct Pilot Hole Diameter for Wheels on a Puma 23FB Travel Trailer
  • The 6 inch wide Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel, # AM20532, will work well on your Puma 23FB travel trailer and with the Maxxis tire that you referred to, if you trailer hubs are lug centric hubs. This wheel has a Pilot diameter of 4.27 inches, so as long as that is not too small for your hub center it will work fine. In most cases wheels are lug-centric. I would not recommend going against the manufacturer recommendation for wheel width for the Maxxis tires. If the wheels on your...
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  • Spare Wheel/Tire for 1964 Avion Travel Trailer with ST205/75D15 Tires on 6-on-5 1/2 Wheels
  • We do indeed offer both the tire size/type/rating you need as well as the wheel, but we just do not happen to offer them as a pre-mounted combination item. You'll simply order the tire you need and the wheel as separate items and have them mounted together locally. We offer Kenda # AM1ST92 which is a ST205/75D15 bias trailer tire in Load Range C, rated for 1,820-lbs at 50 psi pressure. For a wheel you can choose from among those shown on the included link. We offer various construction...
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  • Can an ST225/75-15 Trailer Tire be Mounted on a 5 Inch Wide Rim on a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • Any given tire will fit a range of rim widths. The ST225/75-15 tire will fit 6, 6-1/2, and 7 inch rims, but not a 5 inch rim. The tire will not be able to seat properly on the rim and you will not be able to keep air in it or safely use it. As far as who you should believe, our resident tire expert has 30 years in the tire business so I trust his expertise on anything to do with tires/wheels. For an ST225/75-15 tire on a wheel with a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern we have # AM3S862. This tire...
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  • Weight Comparison Between Aluminum And Steel 15 Inch Trailer Wheels
  • I pulled 3 different wheels from our warehouse and weighed them on our scale for you. The Aluminum HWT Mod Trailer Wheel, part # AM22646 weighs 15.8 lbs. This has a pilot hole that measures 4.25 inches. I pulled a couple steel wheels as well. The Taskmaster Steel Modular Trailer Wheel, part # TTW660655SM1 weighs 16.2 lbs. This also has a pilot hole that measures 4.25 inches. The Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel, part # AM20532 weighs 17.15 lbs. This wheel has a pilot hole that...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Metric Equivalent Tire Size in a Load Range D For the G78-15 Load Range C Tire
  • The Metric equivalent of the G78-15 load range C trailer tire is a 205/75-15 tire. The 205/75-15 tire is not available in load range D, so you will have to stay with the load range C that you currently have. I would recommend going with a radial tire, for a better ride and increased performance and longevity. You should not experience any more bulge with a radial tire than you do with a bias ply tire so your should not have any clearance concerns as long as you stay within the capacity...
    view full answer...

  • Will the 225/75R15 Tire Fit on a 15 X 6 Inch Rim
  • Yes, you are correct, your 225/75R15 tires will work on the the Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel, # AM20532. The 225/75R15 tire is recommended for mounting on 6, 6-1/2 and 7 inch wide wheels. This wheel is rated at 2830 lbs capacity @ 80 psi. You will need to verify the bolt pattern of the wheel on your trailer to make the correct wheel selection also, see link. The # AM20532 wheel has a 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern. I have provided a link to all of the 15 inch x 6 inch wide wheels...
    view full answer...

  • Modern Size for Trailer Tire G78-15
  • The Metric equivalent of the G78-15 load range C trailer tire is a 205/75-15 tire which is designed to fit up to a 6-1/2 inch wide rim. There is a very good chance you could mount the tire on a 7 inch wide rim, but a better option would be to go with a ST225/75R15 as this is a similar size that I can guarantee will fit a 7 inch wide rim. For that you would want the part # AM10303.
    view full answer...

  • Looking for Left and Right Hand Thread Bolt Style Lug Nuts
  • We do offer the stud piloted, Budd-type, bolt style lug nuts in left and right hand thread. For right hand use part # 6-70-1 and for left hand use part # 6-70-2.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Wheels, Hubs, and Drums for Trailer Axles with 4 on 9.12 Bolt Pattern
  • I am not sure which wheels you mean. It sounds like you are talking about a wheel such as # AM20312 which has a very rare and no longer used 4 on 9.44 inch bolt pattern. It is possible that the hubs and drums can be replaced on your trailer and then you could use some different wheels. But I need to know the inner and outer bearing numbers stamped into the metal of the bearings. I also need to know the current tire size and the capacity of the trailer if available. If the trailer...
    view full answer...

  • Will A Load Range E Tire Fit On Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel, # AM20532
  • The Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel, # AM20532, is a 15 X 6 wheel with a bolt pattern of 6 on 5.5 inches. The load rating for this wheel is a maximum capacity of 2,830 lbs. at 80 psi. If you have a 15 inch tire with a load range E (10-ply rated) and a 80 psi rating, it will work on the # AM20532. The 15 inch tire sizes that I have that fit this wheel are available in a load range of B (4-ply rated), load range C (6-ply rated) and load range D (8-ply rated). I am including a link to...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Weight Capacity and Air Pressure Ratings on the 15 X 6 Inch Steel Wheel - 6 on 5-1/2
  • The weight capacity and air pressure ratings on the Dexstar White Spoke Wheel - 15 x 6 - 6 on 5-1/2, part # AM20532, and the Dexstar Galvanized Spoke Wheel - 15 x 6 - 6 on 5-1/2, part # AM20534, is 2,830 lbs at 80 psi. The Dexstar Black Steel Wheel - 15 x 6 - 6 on 5-1/2, part # AM20514 is 2,600 lbs at 75 psi. The only difference would be the design and finish of the wheels. The Dexstar # AM20514 is a solid black steel wheel. The Dexstar # AM20532 and Dexstar # AM20534 are the...
    view full answer...

  • What Wheels Are Available In A 6 on 5-1/2 Inch Bolt Pattern And A 3-9/16 Inch Center Hole
  • I have both a 15 inch wheel and a 16 inch wheel that has a 6 on 5-1/2 inch bolt pattern. The center hole pilot diameter on both sizes is 4.27 inches. The center hole is larger so it will work for you if your trailer has wheel studs on the hub and uses lug nuts to attach the wheel to the hub. You will want to replace your wheel with the exact same size wheel as your other wheel(s). In 15 inch wheels I have the Dexstar White Spoke Trailer Wheel - 15 x 6 Rim - 6 on 5-1/2, # AM20532,...
    view full answer...

  • What Does ST Stand for on an ST225/75-15 Trailer Tire on a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • The ST stands for special trailer. ST tires need to be used on trailers because they are built with a thicker sidewall when compared to passenger vehicle tires. This is because trailer tires are designed to handle more vertical load and not meant for the lateral stress associated with a vehicle. Any given tire will actually fit a range of wheel widths. An ST225/75-15 will fit 15" x 6", 15" x 6-1/2", and 15" x 7" rims. It is recommended to use the tires specified by the trailer manufacturer....
    view full answer...

  • What is the Pressure Capacity for Dexstar 15x6 Trailer Wheels with a 6 on 5-1/2 Bolt Pattern
  • The wheel should be the same in both the combo, part # AM32664, and the wheel only part # AM20532. I double checked with our Dexstar catalog and the wheel has a maximum capacity of 2830 pounds at 80 psi. The 2540 pound limit at 65psi on the combo is limited by the tire. Dexstar lists their 5 bolt, 15x6 wheels at 75psi maximum.
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  • Replacement Trailer Wheel for Vintage Trailer with 4 on 9.44 Bolt Pattern and 8 Inch Pilot Hole
  • Dexstar Vintage Steel Wheel # AM20501 does just have the star shape and not a large circle. It is the only wheel that we carry that has the 4 on 9.44 inch bolt pattern. Based on the measurements of the wheels you currently have, this wheel would not fit. It is possible that you can change the hubs on the trailer to be able to use a more common wheel style and bolt pattern. I would need to know the inner and outer bearing numbers stamped into the sides of the bearings. Or, if the numbers...
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  • 15 Inch Steel Trailer Wheel with 4 on 9.44 Bolt Pattern for Home Made Trailer with 7.00-15 Tires
  • We do have a couple of steel wheels with the 4 on 9.44 bolt pattern in a 15 inch. We have wheel # AM20501 which is a 15 x 6 inch wheel rated for 2,330 pounds. And we have # AM20395 which is a 15 x 5 inch rated for 1,680 pounds. Both wheels have a 1/2 inch positive offset (the tire will be 1/2 inch closer to frame than wheel with zero offset). The 7.00-15 tire size will fit either size wheel.
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  • Recommended EZ Flex Supension And Wheel/Tires For 2007 Keystone Sprinter Travel Trailer
  • The E-Z Flex Heavy Duty 5-5/8 Rubber Suspension Equalizer, part # K71-652-00, is the specified replacement part for the standard equalizer for tandem axle trailers. This is intended for use with axles rated for up to 6000 lbs. Please take a look at the linked photo that shows you the normal range of the spacing between the shackle bolt holes is 5-1/4 to 6-1/4 inches. So your application will meet the standards of this EZ Flex. The axle spacing is correct for your application. To answer...
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  • Can Larger Tires be Used on a Trailer if there is Clearance for the Bigger Size
  • Yes, you can switch from 205/75-14 tires to 225/75-15 tires if you have the clearance all around the existing tires. You will also need to replace the wheels though because a 15 inch tire will not fit on a 14 inch wheel. I recommend going with radial tires since they track better and run cooler than bias ply. For a 225/75-15 radial load range D tire and wheel combo with 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern I recommend # AM32545. Please note that going to a higher capacity tire does not increase...
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  • What is the Back Spacing of Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel # AM20532
  • I went to our warehouse to take a measurement of the backspacing of Dexstar Steel Spoke Trailer Wheel # AM20532. This Dexstar Steel Wheel has a back spacing of 3-3/4-inches. Back spacing is measured from the wheel mounting surface to the outer most edge of the rim.
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  • Spare Trailer Tire/Wheel in 7.00-15 Size with 6-on-5-1/2 Bolt Pattern for Vintage Airstream Trailer
  • We do offer one light truck tire in the 7.00-15 size, part # AM10414, that will fit on 5, 5-1/2 and 6-inch wide trailer wheels. This bias ply tire is rated for Load Range E, with a maximum weight capacity of 2403-lbs at 70-psi. All 15-inch 6-on-5-1/2-inch trailer wheels are shown on the linked page. You have a choice of finishes and designs including a basic 8-spoke white wheel # AM20532. The tire above will fit well on this rim. If you want to consider changing to wider tires you...
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  • Availability of a 15 x 5 Inch Wheel with 5 on 5-1/2 Bolt Pattern
  • Yes, we do offer a 15 inch x 5 inch wheel with the 5 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern, part # TTW550555WS1. Just to be safe, I would recommend double checking the bolt spacing, as a 5 on 5-1/2 pattern is not as common as others. I would also make sure the 5 inch width would work for your application. Unfortunately, if your current wheel is not 5 inches wide we would not have a replacement for you. I am including a link that will give you some tips on how to measure the bolt pattern if needed.
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  • Recommended Tires and Wheels for a 1999 wilderness 27 5J Trailer
  • I did some searching online and it looks like the original tire size for your trailer is ST225/75R15 and the GVWR of your trailer is 9,000 lbs. Keeping that in mind I recommend going with the Taskmaster Contender # C22515D which has a Load Range of D (2,540 lbs at 65 psi). Since you have 2 axles these tires will have more than enough range for the weight of your trailer. These tires also have a max Speed Rating of M (81 mph). From this point you will need to know the bolt pattern...
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  • Can Radial Tires be Used on a Travel Trailer
  • Yes, you can use radial tires on a trailer as long as they are trailer tires. Trailer tires will have ST in front of the size. Radial indicates which way the belts run in the tire. It is just a different kind of tire construction. Trailer tires, whether they are radial or bias ply, are built with a thicker sidewall than vehicle tires. This is because they handle more vertical load so you would not use vehicle tires on a trailer or vice versa. Trailer tires should also be inflated to...
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  • Replacement 1/2 Inch Lug Bolts For Trailer Wheels
  • I think you are looking for the Trailer Wheel Bolts - 1/2" Diameter x 1" Long - 60 Degree - Qty 4 # RG02-020. These have a head that is 13/16 of an inch and a 1 inch thread length.
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  • Can Truck Tires be Used on a Trailer Rim
  • I can't recommend that you tow your trailer with truck tires on it. The best recommendation I can give would be to replace your tires with the same size you currently have. Tire failure is usually caused by a few things. It can be from overloading the trailer, improper tire inflation, and/or exceeding the speed rating for the tire. You should verify that the tire capacity you have for you trailer is adequate for how much your trailer weighs. The pressure ran in the tires makes...
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  • ST205/75R-15 Tire and 15 x 6 Inch Wheel with 6 on 5-1/2 Bolt Pattern
  • You would have to get the tire and wheel separately and have a tire shop mount the tire for you which they can do for a nominal fee. We do not have the equipment here to do the mounting. The wheel is # AM20532 for a 15 x 6 inch wheel with 6 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern. Then you could use tire # AM10245 for a 2,150 pound capacity at 50 psi or # AM10244 for a 1,820 pound capacity at 50 psi. Both are ST205/75-15 radial tires.
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