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FITS 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII
ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks - Size 66 - 1 Pair

ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks - Size 66 - 1 Pair

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1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

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TCH66 - On Road Only Titan Chain Tire Chains
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Call etrailer.com at 800-298-1624 for expert service. We are your Lincoln tire chains experts, and offer a lowest price guarantee. etrailer.com carries a complete line of Titan Chain products for your Lincoln Mark VIII 1994. ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks - Size 66 - 1 Pair part TCH66 from Titan Chain can be ordered online at etrailer.com. Complete tire chains installation instructions and technical support.
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Titan Chain Tire Chains - TCH66

  • Titan Chain
  • Tire Socks
  • Drive On and Connect
  • On Road Only
  • Fabric
  • Ice
  • Light Snow
  • Class S Compatible
  • Manual
  • No Rim Protection

Durable, long-lasting polyolefin snow socks will help you safely navigate snowy or icy roads by creating superior traction for your tires. Low-profile design produces no noise or vibration for a smooth ride.


  • Snow socks cover your tires to deliver excellent traction when you are driving on snowy or icy roads
    • Polyolefin fabric sticks to snow and ice, creating friction to provide grip
    • Offers a smooth ride without the vibration and noise caused by standard tire chains
  • Lightweight, stretchable fabric makes for easy installation and removal, and provides a snug fit
    • Elastic bands help to center sock and keep it on the tire
    • Soft material won't scratch or damage your rims or car
    • Machine washable
  • Durable, long-lasting construction will not tear on snow or ice and stands up to heavy use
  • Compatible with anti-lock brakes (ABS) and electronic stability (ESP or ESC) control systems
  • SAE Class S snow socks are designed for vehicles with restricted wheel well clearance
  • Meets Department of Transportation requirements in all states
  • Gloves and tote bag included for easy installation and storage
  • Made in Spain


  • Application: 13"-19" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Maximum speed rating: 30 mph
  • Quantity: 2 snow socks
  • 30-Day limited warranty

Note: The ISSE Hybrid snow socks are not designed to be used on bare roads. Only use snow socks on snowy or icy surfaces.

ISSE Hybrid snow socks help you safely drive on treacherous roads by increasing traction for your tires. These snow socks are constructed of thick, durable polyolefin, making them long-lasting and extremely effective in ice and snow. The snow socks are designed in Europe and are made to meet the Colorado Department of Transportation specifications.

ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks vs. Snow Chains

Snow chains can be bulky and difficult to handle, and metal chains can freeze your fingers in cold weather. Tire chains also create noise and vibration while you are driving. When installing and removing chains, you have to be careful to not scratch your car or damage your wheels, especially on cars with limited wheel well clearance.

These snow socks feature a low-profile design and a lightweight construction that make them easy to handle and install. Their soft material won't damage your custom wheels. And their even surface produces no vibration or noise, making for a smooth, quiet ride.

How Hybrid Snow Socks Work

Your car slides on wintry roads due to a thin layer of water between your tires and the snow or ice. The friction of your tires against the ground melts the snow and ice just enough to create this lubricant. The result is a surface that is slick, which causes your tires to lose traction.

These snow socks are made of a fabric that captures this layer of water. By removing this lubricant, the snow socks are able to use dry friction to restore traction for your vehicle's tires. This occurs in part because the slippery layer of water is effectively wicked away. In addition, once the water is captured by the socks, the snow on the road will begin to stick to the wet fabric of the snow socks. This inhibits the snow from melting. So you get better traction not only because the lubricating layer is gone, but also because of the friction that occurs between the snow now stuck to the snow socks and the snow on the ground.

This method of restoring traction is quite effective. Unlike snow chains, which have metal links or spikes that dig into snow and ice to provide grip, these snow socks rely on friction to increase traction. And the strong, tightly woven polyolefin fabric covers the entire surface of each tire to ensure the most friction possible.

How to Install Hybrid Snow Socks

  1. With your vehicle in park, stretch the snow sock over the top of a tire on the drive axle.
  2. Pull the sock down over as much of the tire as possible.
  3. Slowly move the car forward 1/2 of a tire revolution, keeping the wheels straight.
  4. Stretch the sock over the remaining bare section of the tire.
  5. As you drive, the snow socks will center themselves.

How to Remove Hybrid Snow Socks

  1. Pull the snow sock away from the tire and down to the ground.
  2. Slowly move your car backward until the sock is completely free of the tire.
  3. Store the snow socks in your trunk until next use. Or take them home and wash them in your washing machine.

Class S Designation

SAE Class S tire chains and traction devices are designed for use on vehicles with restricted wheel well clearance. Certain newer cars, vans, and small trucks - especially those with large, aftermarket tires - may require Class S traction devices.

SAE Class S Clearances

These snow socks will fit your tires provided there is both:

  • A - a minimum of 1.46" (37 mm) between the top of the tire tread and the wheel well
  • B - at least 0.59" (15 mm) between the tire's sidewall and the vehicle itself.

How to Choose Snow Socks for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow socks, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates tire width in millimeters
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

H66 ISSE Hybrid Textile Chains - Size 66 - 1 Pair

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 165/75-16
  • 165/80-15
  • 175/70-16
  • 175/75-15
  • 175/75-16
  • 175/80-15
  • 175/80-16
  • 185/60-17
  • 185/65-16
  • 185/65-17
  • 185/70-15
  • 185/75-16
  • 185/80-14
  • 195/60-16
  • 195/65-16
  • 195/70-15
  • 195/75-14
  • 195/75-15
  • 195/80-14
  • 205/55-17
  • 205/60-16
  • 205/65-15
  • 205/65-16
  • 205/70-14
  • 205/70-15
  • 205/75-14
  • 205/80-14
  • 215/45-18
  • 215/50-17
  • 215/50-18
  • 215/55-16
  • 215/55-17
  • 215/60-15
  • 215/60-16
  • 215/65-15
  • 215/65-16
  • 215/70-14
  • 215/70-15
  • 215/75-14
  • 225/35-19
  • 225/40-19
  • 225/45-18
  • 225/45-19
  • 225/50-17
  • 225/50-18
  • 225/55-16
  • 225/55-17
  • 225/60-15
  • 225/60-16
  • 225/65-14
  • 225/65-15
  • 225/70-14
  • 225/75-14
  • 230/60-15
  • 235/35-19
  • 235/40-18
  • 235/40-19
  • 235/45-17
  • 235/45-18
  • 235/50-16
  • 235/50-17
  • 235/55-15
  • 235/55-16
  • 235/60-15
  • 235/70-14
  • 245/35-19
  • 245/35-20
  • 245/40-18
  • 245/40-19
  • 245/45-17
  • 245/45-18
  • 245/50-16
  • 245/50-17
  • 245/55-16
  • 245/60-14
  • 245/60-15
  • 255/30-19
  • 255/35-19
  • 255/35-20
  • 255/40-18
  • 255/40-19
  • 255/45-17
  • 255/45-18
  • 255/50-17
  • 255/55-15
  • 255/55-16
  • 255/60-15
  • 265/30-19
  • 265/35-18
  • 265/35-19
  • 265/40-17
  • 265/40-18
  • 275/30-19
  • 275/35-18
  • 275/35-19
  • 275/40-17
  • 275/40-18

Video of ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks - Size 66 - 1 Pair

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks. These snow socks are ideal for low clearance applications, particularly with sports cars where you don't want to put chains on, and risk any damage to your vehicle. They're SAE Class S rated. As you can see, they hug the tire nicely, and add almost no width to the tire, to contact anywhere in your wheel well. The durable fabric grips snow and ice, providing that extra traction you need on those snowy days. They're good for occasional use, particularly in areas where you're required by law to have changed on your vehicle.

They meet Department of Transportation specifications, so they'll suit your needs there. They're machine washable, so they can be easily stored, and cleaned, kept in your vehicle.While these do provide traction in snow and ice, for frequent heavy snow, you are going to want to look at a more aggressive option, such as a square link, or V-bar type chain. Compared to other snow tire chains, this provides the smoothest, and quietest ride, while still providing traction. Since the diameter of your tire changes minimally, and it's smooth all the way around, your ABS and Traction Control Systems still function properly. Whereas other tire chains may cause inconsistent wheel speed sensor readings, and can cause your ABS and Traction Control Systems to function improperly.

These snow socks come in a variety of sizes, fitting as small as a 13" rim, up to a 22" rim. The elastic band keeps it centered on the tire while you're going down the road. They have a 30 mile-per-hour maximum speed rating, and come in a quantity of two.Let's show you how to get it installed now. We want to check it over, make sure that there is no damage to the sock, and slide it right on over. Now that you've got it mostly installed, we'll need to pull the vehicle forward or backward, so we can finish getting the rest on.

Just get it centered over the tread. Now that you've got it on all the way, pulled forward a few feet. Make sure that it's staying centered. If necessary, readjust anything that is coming off. Now that you've double checked it, and everything is centered, we're ready to hit the road.

That completes our look at the ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks.

Customer Reviews

ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks - Size 66 - 1 Pair - TCH66

Average Customer Rating:  4.1 out of 5 stars   (16 Customer Reviews)

Durable, long-lasting polyolefin snow socks will help you safely navigate snowy or icy roads by creating superior traction for your tires. Low-profile design produces no noise or vibration for a smooth ride.

- TCH66

I haven't had a chance to use the product, but I did test the fit and they certainly install easy enough. I occasionally have to drive from the coast over the mountains to into the valley and during the winter we are required by law to carry chains or something similar on 2-wheel drive vehicles...and the storms can come seemingly out of nowhere in the high elevations...so now I am prepared. The construction of these is very good. Not to mention, the customer service from etrailer was very good. Initially there was a slight problem with the delivery date, but they managed to rectify that without any problems. Thank you.

- TCH66
2009 Toyota Sienna

Keeping these in my trunk for emergencies - good insurance policy.

Only had to use these once last year and they worked great. Relatively easy to get on, even with the car stuck in the snow.
Carl V - 12/15/2017

- TCH74

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Terrible decision to get these. They were supposed to fit on my tires (based on the specs). When I needed them in a bad snowstorm, I could not go more than 20 MPH. They would slide off one side or the other. I was blocking traffic trying to get them to stay on. Had to nurse the car without these or chains to an auto shop and buy a set of cables that fit. Had to go over the I-80 Donner Summit from Truckee and would not have made it with these "snow socks". I would be happy to sell these once used socks for half of what I paid for them.

- TCH70

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

First, these are for a trip in January, so I have not used them yet, but what I can say at this point is that I'm very happy to have found something that will work on my Forester which has no clearance for chains or most cables. The Forester is great for snow, but nothing is great on black ice, so these will provide some added safety if needed. Etrailer's excellent online guidance led me to these. Thank you.

- TCH74

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

- TCH62

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Purchased for the safety of traveling through mountains out west. Have to have it in slippery conditions or state patrol won’t let you proceed. Light to pack, easy stowage, relatively easy to install, but unlike chains is tough fabric. Unsure how effective they work as we did not have need to use. More of insurance to have than not.

- TCH72

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

While I have not yet utilized the tire socks, the biggest reason to have them is simply to be compliant with the law where chains must be carried. For that purpose the product is perfect! Super light weight and far less of a hassle than dealing with steel cables or chains.

- TCH72

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Living in Arizona we don't have a lot of use for these when we do need them it is critical that they can go on easily and work. This is one of the few places I could send my tire size and have the unit match pacifically for my tires which gives me peace of mind knowing that when I do have to use them they will fit.

Watch the video and youll see why this is the best set of snow protection tires you can get
Andy C - 02/06/2018

- TCH62

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Not impressed with this product at all. If you are driving on snow, meaning absolutely no pavement or rough surface, they may be useful... but a short distance after the chain requirement point mine were shredded and all but useless.

Im not sure what type of road surface you were driving on when your snow socks shredded, but they arent meant for use on bare pavement, only on snow or ice.
-- Etrailer Expert Mike L - 03/01/2018

- TCH74

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

I would like to say great but I have not needed them. Ran into snow several times last yr but my XC90 just plowed thru without a problem. I have a friend who used them last yr - took about 5 min to put them on and we had good traction in icy hardpack. I still keep them in the car just in case. Would not be without them.

- TCH74

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

This review is for the basic ordering of the product. We haven't needed to use the snow socks yet so can't comment on the product. We were able to order and receive the items with ease and in a timely fashion. We received what we ordered. YAY

- TCH70

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Five star is for the service I received and the fact that the product arrived in a timely manner and fit as advertised. I tried them on the car and they were a piece of cake to install.

Have not had to use them. I have a Buick Envision with AWD and all season tires, which does not permit the use of chains. I bought the snow socks as insurance and to meet the requirement that I have chains onboard even though I am not required to use them.
Jim O - 02/05/2018

- TCH62

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Have not used them often but, they do the job. Not used them in deep snow either. So far no complaints and they do not require lots storage area. My mini is short on space.

- TCH62

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Honestly I can’t believe how well these work. I was able to cruse up steep snow packed roads with ease.

- TCH70

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Don't know how it works in the snow yet but easy to use.

- TCH74

Review from a similar ISSE Hybrid Snow Socks in Tire Chains

Review for timely delivery. Not used yet to confirm the usefulness


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