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Konig Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - Self Tensioning - 1 Pair

Konig Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - Self Tensioning - 1 Pair

Item # TH00023050
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Just make connections and drive - chains will automatically align and tension. Lightweight chains are quick and easy to install. Provides consistent traction and a smooth ride when driving in snow and on light ice. Great Prices for the best tire chains from Konig. Konig Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - Self Tensioning - 1 Pair part number TH00023050 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Konig Tire Chains - TH00023050

  • Tire Chains
  • On Road Only
  • Deep Snow
  • Konig
  • Automatic
  • Rim Protection
  • Drape Over Tire - Make Connections
  • Steel Square Link
  • Class S Compatible

Just make connections and drive - chains will automatically align and tension. Lightweight chains are quick and easy to install. Provides consistent traction and a smooth ride when driving in snow and on light ice.


  • Provides excellent traction in snow and ice
    • Square links dig in and provide good grip - small size makes for a less bumpy ride
    • Diamond pattern offers constant traction and a smoother ride than ladder patterns
  • Made for passenger vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance
    • Meets SAE Class S standards
  • Automatically tightens around tire as you drive - no need to stop and tension
    • Hooks are plastic coated so they won't freeze your fingers like standard, unfinished metal chains
  • Protects from scratches with nylon bumpers and a power coated side chain
  • Resists corrosion thanks to high-quality, manganese nickel alloy steel construction
  • Packaged in durable storage container - includes kneeling mat


  • Fits: 13" - 15" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Quantity: 2 tire chains
  • Internal clearance required: 3/8"
  • 5-Year warranty

Note: To determine whether you can use snow chains on your vehicle, or if they might affect your ABS/EPS functionality, consult your owner's manual.

The Konig CG-9 tire chains are great all-purpose, winter weather chains. If you live in an area where you're likely to get periodic snow and ice, these Konig chains are perfect because they're durable, easy to mount, and give you constant traction - and they're lightweight and compact, so they store in your vehicle nicely too. If you're more likely to see seriously icy conditions, you may want a chain with V-bar links that can really bite into the ice to give you maximum traction.

These chains are among the easiest and fastest to install because they self-tension and self-center as you drive, ensuring a perfect fit, no matter the profile or wear pattern of your tire. Plus, you only have to get out of your vehicle one time - once they're installed, there's no need to drive forward, stop, and recheck their tension.

Class S Designation

SAE Class S tire chains are designed for use on passenger vehicles with restricted wheel-well clearance. Most newer cars, vans, and small trucks - especially those with large aftermarket tires - will require Class S chains. If you're unsure about the class of your vehicle, consult your vehicle's owner's manual.

SAE Class S Clearance Diagram

These chains will fit your tires provided there is both:

  • A - a minimum of 1.46" (37 mm) between the top of the tire tread and the wheel well
  • B - at least 0.59" (15 mm) between the tire's sidewall and the vehicle

Confirming Your Fit

If you know your tire size, you may think you won't need to test fit your new chains. But there are a lot of variables that can affect whether chains will fit your specific tires, including your tire type, the amount of air pressure in the tire, the amount of tread wear, and the tire manufacturer. You'll also need to know how much clearance is in your wheel well, which you can determine by measuring from your tire tread to the sidewall of the wheel well.

We recommend that you order chains as early in the season as possible to give yourself plenty of time to test fit the chains and reorder if needed. This way, you won't be stuck out in the cold later with snow chains that don't fit.

You can test fit these chains in your garage or driveway, but you'll want to wait until there's snow on the ground to actually drive with them. Likewise, if you're out in the snow and come across bare pavement, you'll want to pull over and remove the chains. Even these low-profile chains can cause damage to the bare pavement, your garage floor, or your vehicle if they break from the wear of riding on a harsh surface.

Installing Tire Chains

Installing these chains is incredibly simple.

Lay chains on the ground to get all the tangles out

1. Lay out the chains on the ground to make sure there are no twists or kinks in them.

Connect the ends of the blue cable

2. Slide the chain behind the tire and connect the ends of the blue cable, which will sit behind the tire.

Connect the hook and link in front of the tire

3. Around front, connect the red hook to the red link.

Feed tensioning chain through clip

4. At the bottom of the tire, feed the tensioning chain through the large clip. Pull it and secure to the red hook attached to the tensioning cable.

Stretch the hook across the tire

Drive forward so that the chains can self-tension and self-center, giving you a perfect fit.

Quick Tips:

  • Lengthen the life of snow chains by drying them after each use before you store them.
  • Check out our installation kit with safety lights and a kneeling pad (PO34FRK) to make things a little easier when you're installing cables out in the snow.

How to Choose Snow Chains for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow chain, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates tire width in millimeters
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

2004205050 Konig CG-9 Snow Chains - Size 050

Installation Details TH00023050 Installation instructions

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 155/70-15
  • 155/80-14
  • 165/60-15
  • 165/70-14
  • 165/80-13
  • 175/55-15
  • 175/65-14
  • 175/70-13
  • 185/60-14
  • 185/65-13
  • 195/45-15
  • 195/55-14

Video of Konig Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - Self Tensioning - 1 Pair

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Konig Self-Tensioning, Low-Profile Snow Tire Chains Review

Adam: Hi, everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the line of Konig's CG9 snow tire chains. So these tire chains are a really simple install. I know you're going to be using these in a probably not ideal weather, so being able to throw these on your tires in a quick manner is probably going to be the best way to do it. So it is very, very easy to install.

Like I said, it does come with a built in tensioner so you don't have to bring any extra materials with you. Also it was a tool free installation, so you don't have to worry about bringing those together either. It is a manganese nickel alloy chain, which is going to last a very long time and resist against all that salt on the road when there's snow. So it does have a nice diamond pattern to it.It's going to give you a lot more surface area compared to your ladder style chains. So these CG9 tire chains are going to have a very low profile.

As you can see here, we don't have a whole lot of wheel space but it is SAE S class certified so you don't really have to worry about any rubbing. This is a relatively smaller D link shaped type snow chain and what that's going to do, it's going to basically not give you such a radical difference between the rubber and the tips of your chains and that's going to give you a smoother ride when you're going down the road. And these also are going to protect your rim as well when they are installed. As you can see, the closest parts of this tire chain are plastic and especially this rubber tensioner here and a plastic is designed for this part right here, and that's not going to really make any damage to any type of wheel that you may have.So these do come in and pair of two and for your all wheel drive applications. Just grab another pair of two on

It does come in a nice sturdy case. A lot of them come in canvas bags, which eventually wear and tear over time. So having a nice, sturdy, plastic case is always nice to be able to store them when you're not using them. It is a honestly really, really simple install. It's going to protect your rim.

Like we said earlier, it does have a built in tensioner, so you don't have to bring any additional tools or equipment for them to be installed. It's relatively easy. And on top of that it's going to get the job done. So let's just go ahead and install them together. So the first thing you're going to want to do when you're planning on putting these on your tires is lay them all flat. Make sure everything is nice and straight, there's no kinks in your links. And once all that is done, then you can go ahead and feed the Konig tensioner first, back around your tire.And once you do that, grab all this, go behind your tire and you go ahead and connect them. And while you're back here, just take your chains, start draping them over. We want to get this part right in the middle of our tread. Once you get them nice in place, you go ahead and take your red hook, hook it to your red link, and then you can go to the bottom here. And you do have this self tensioner right here and you pull this back, put that in there, and then give it a nice tug. Once you think it's nice and snug, you grab this other plastic red lever and connect it to your loop down low. Make sure everything's nice and tight, and we do recommend that you roll over these a couple times. Go back out check and make sure everything's nice and tight, and once it is, then you're ready to hit the road again. Well, thanks for watching at our look at the Konig's CG9 tire chains.

Customer Satisfaction Score:

Customer Reviews

Konig Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern - Square Link - Self Tensioning - 1 Pair - TH00023050

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (216 Customer Reviews)

Just make connections and drive - chains will automatically align and tension. Lightweight chains are quick and easy to install. Provides consistent traction and a smooth ride when driving in snow and on light ice.


First, I don't think I've ever had better service from an online retailer. Just outstanding. The chains got here incredibly fast.
The chains themselves, I've used these before when they were made by Thule. Overall they do not seem as heavy-duty but I could be wrong & will update after I've used them. This time I got the kind without the quick-release feature, as I've gotten that feature twice in the past & both times it was the first thing to go. I was still able to use the chains without it but it was a waste. So I got the other one, where one end slips inside the other & there isn't a quick release, but I expect it will be fine. Just not having to drive back & forth makes it easy for one person to put on the chains & that's really the best feature. I use these on an old honda civic & they've always worked really well. I got bungee-type tensioners as well, since the last ones were always a bit loose even with the "auto tensioner" on 13-inch rims. I will update after I use them but we haven't had any snow yet.

2001 Toyota Echo

Just in time for the snow


These Konig chains are incredible. I used them recently in Vermont during a 25" snow storm. I parked under an overhead at a Home Depot and put them on the SUV. It took about 10-15 minutes just because I'm super-slow when doing these things. However, once on, I easily got up the hill. I had so much confidence, I stopping several times to help push other people and their cars which were stuck. I took them off the next day since they were no longer necessary. As with most all, not advisable to go over 30 MPH. I wish someone can make chains that can adapt to higher-speeds since highway driving during a blizzard is always possible. But I understand why it's difficult to do so.


only got to use them twice. But in their few hours of service they performed wonderfully. Attached well onto my wheels and made me feel comfortable while driving. Bit of a pain to install being actually metal chains as opposed to tire socks, but they weren't too bad once you got the hang of where to connect them all.


Well, I would say a little harder to put on correctly than advertised, but I called customer support and they helped me. Also watching all of the videos helped because each one was worded a little differently. Definitely would suggest one or two dry runs before you are in the elements. Important to realize to slide the plastic coated cable to the backside of the tire and center the chains after connecting the plastic coated cable and the small red hook. Once I figured this out I was able to almost perfectly center the chains (at least on one tire). On the other tire I couldn't get it perfectly centered (see photos). After about an 1/8 of a mile of very low speed driving it still didn't center but maybe with more driving at higher speeds it would. Also important to remember to have the yellow end of the chain on your right hand side beofore sliding behind the tire and making the first connection. One question I still have is how tight to pull the tension cable after you put it through the stop device. Every video seems a little bit different as to how tight you pull the cable by hand before connecting it to the tensioning device. As far as taking them off I tried four times to line up my car perfectly so I wouldn't have to drive over the chains after disconnecting them but this was not possible for me. So, with the plastic coated cable on top I just disconnected the connections in reverse and then put all the hooks and components off to the side and drove off/over the chains, which seemed to work fine. Will see how they work in the snow and ice but I'm hopeful they will do well.


I bought these chains for my daughter who is moving to Chicago from California. The owners manual of her Jeep Compass warns about the limited clearance and these chains were perfect because of their low profile. I also bought these particular chains (I now own 3 sets) for their ease of use. Snow is not something that any of my girls are used to being from California's Central Valley and putting chains on was not something that any of them had the faintest clue about. These chains are so easy to install that my wife and daughter were actually racing each other the other day to see who could install faster.

My youngest daughter and wife are driving across county as I type this review carrying with them these Thule chains and I am confident that they and their Thules will handle any snow they encounter.


Easy on after untangling. Safely up the mountain with no problem. Easy off. Found that individually bagging each chainset reduced tangling and eased storage in the provided carrying case. Hope this helps. Thanks for being there.


This chains saved me last winter. I was driving through a winter storm. I like that it is easy put on. I did it without practicing beforehand. The ride with the chains were smooth and not very bumpy. The chains hold up really well even after a year. The price is reasonable.
One thing that I dont like is that the box that came with the snow chains arrived with broken clips. I did not bother asking for a new box, so i am using duct tape to keep it closed. I recommend this product if you are looking for a snow chain


I bought two tire chains for the front wheels of my 2016 Toyota Prius C one year ago and they work wonderfully— I drove to the mountain so many times to ski and it was pretty easy to put the chains on and off as needed, with a little practice (definitely practice at home first!). But they make driving in the snow/ice WAY safer. Highly recommend


Got me through the Snoqualmie pass near Seattle. Easy to put on. Easy to take off. Great!


Great customer service, easy size guide. Great selection.


I haven't had to use these yet for my Outback 22. But I did a couple test trails and it goes on so smoothly. Easy to understand as well. Customer service had all the answers to my questions, when I was looking to purchase.


I purchased a pair of these chains for a 2019 Subaru Outback. We travel steep gravel roads in to our vacation cabin in North Carolina which can get both snow and ice. While the Outback might well be able to get up some of the steeper sections even with ice, getting down through the iced up switchbacks safely would be a huge gamble. These chains fit the tires perfectly and with a little practice in fair weather conditions, fitting them in even the worst conditions has been a breeze. Having owned traditional ladder-style chains for another vehicle, the color-coded markings on these make finding the connection points and adjusting tension much easier. Removal is also very quick if you need to transition back to cleared pavement as we often do. We have fared well with using just a pair on the front tires. If you need low-profile chains for your vehicle, these are a great match.


Chains broke after ~4 uses - one of the links down the center of the tire. I've used chains for years, they were installed correctly and I always drive less than 30mph. Luckily I still had my old chains in the car to get home.


Makes all the difference. Pain to put on for the first few times.

Easily gets me up my nightmare driveway. Nice carrying case.


Fantastic traction, helped me out big time today in the Rockies. Easier to put on then to take off.


I just got my Konig Self-Tensioning, Low-Profile Snow Tire Chains in the mail from I could not be more stoked on the order. First, the product is amazing. Second, I ordered free shipping and it got across the US in under 5 days over Christmas. That's a feat in and of itself.

I go out of town 12/31 and will most likely have to use them, so having them here now is great peace of mind.

Also, the auto-tracking on the website is HUGE! i went back to get my order number and noticed that it was one click to see exactly where the product was at that moment. 10-stars for every step in the order process from etrailer.

Thank you all and Happy New Year!


Pleased with the quality of the chains that come in a convenient plastic case for tidy storage in the trunk. I have not used them yet but assume they will be easy to put on the car. They are as advertized and ETrailer did everything required in processing my order and shipping. There were no complications. I would use them again when I need different chains for a different car.


These fit fine on stock-size tires, and ran pretty smoothly on snow covered roads. Other than the untangling issue other reviews mention, these chains are pretty easy to put on. My initial install was in the snow. Initial side took several minutes to put on, but once figured out, other side went on much quicker.


This review is after 1 winter of light duty use.

*** Overview ***

I bought these low-profile chains to fit a 2013 Jetta TDI SportWagen.

Ease of use: 3.5 stars
Effectiveness: 4 stars
Durability: 1 star

Ultimately, these did what they were advertised to do. The details below are mostly about the specific combination of these chains with the TDI in icy and packed-snow conditions in Portland, OR.

*** Details ***

Ease of install is okay. You definitely want to practice a bunch of times before you really need to put them on in the snow. The instructional video is nice. Main complaint is that once they get icy they're a pain to deal with. Much of this is related to the minimal clearance to the wheel wells in the Jetta, and the way they tend to get packed with snow and ice when driving (and also getting your glove-covered hands into the areas they need to go). You'll need something to hack through the ice if you need to put these on and off mid-trip (we mostly use them around town so it's mostly something I can manage in the garage, but I used my ice scraper once... that sucked). As others have noted, you basically need to take them off with the wheel in the same rotational position as it was when you put them on, which is trivial but an unpleasant surprise if you don't know that.

Functionally, they provide reasonable traction for my front-wheel-drive TDI. I used only chains on the two drive wheels. Our use case is mostly light snow and ice in the elevations of the city of Portland. They're not going to get you through the rockies, but that's more of a limitation of the car's clearance and FWD and less about the chains. We never got stuck with them, and with careful driving they provided reasonable traction at controlled low speed up and down steep windy concrete and asphalt roads.

My main complaint is durability. My TDI has traction control, but has a tendency to be very torquey at low RPMs, like say starting uphill from a stop. This causes initial wheel slippage when facing uphill, and can also cause torque spikes when shifting gears uphill. These low-profile chains can't handle _any_ slippage without breaking links. This is worst if they're still trying to self-tension while they're slipping and catching. The diamond pattern means that they're still reasonably good traction and tension-wise when broken, but they'll hit your wheel wells and drive you crazy. There are replacement links provided, but they're pretty hard to repair on the road---if this is something that you worry about then get some really intense pliers to carry around. Basically, you need to be really gentle during the first 10-20 yards of driving while they self-tension, and you need to control torque to avoid slipping and catching on partially icy pavement.

I have snow tires on steel wheels so I wasn't using the rim protectors.


Ist time putting them on, it took me 15 minutes for both wheels. Two families me installed them and said they are going to buy them.


I bought these chains for my 2013 Mazda 3 for a trip into the mountains. I didn't think I would actually need them that early in the year, but eventually I was required to use them.

When I unboxed the chains I was a little puzzled since I ordered 'Thule' chains but received a box labeled 'König'. I was a little afraid having received the wrong product, but apart from the branding the product looked identical to what I ordered and some online research confirmed that Thule and König are associated. Would have been nice to have a notice about that though.

I practiced putting on the chains once in best conditions at home. It wasn't really that complicated and the instructions are easy to follow. I'd recommend doing such a practice run though, since you don't want to face this for the first time at the roadside in the snow.

A few weeks later I was returning from a trip into the mountains and one pass required chains (or other traction equipment, but for me that meant chains). I got the chains out and went over the instructions again and then started putting the chains on. I was glad I had done the practice run at home and got the chains on fairly quickly without bigger trouble (and I saw plenty of people at the roadside struggling with theirs or paying for that service). With that I made it across the pass.

On the other side of the pass I found taking the chains off more troublesome than putting them on. The chains itself worked great and it wasn't a problem to loosen and detach them but it's a little inconvenient since the chains need to be in the right position to come off the wheel (it's all in documented in the instructions though). I guess with a 2nd person directing the driver when to stop it would be very simple, on my own I had to move the car back and forth tiny bits to get the positioning right (i.e. i was jumping in and out of the car moving it a bit and checking tire/chain position).


I bought these as a gift for my son. He LOVES them!! He had never used chains before and these Konig tire chains are easy to put on and off. Plus they work GREAT!! Thank you etrailer for yet ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT!


We bought the Thule self tensioning chains. We were caught in the recent ice and snow storm that hit northern New Mexico and the pan handle of Texas. We saw over 2" of solid ice on 287 from Dalhart To Amarillo. We would have been one of the hundreds of stranded motorists that night without the tire chanins. Easy to install and de-install. Our chains were installed on a 2011 VW Jetta TDI.


The Konig self-adjusting tire chains were used on 4 trips to the Sierra Nevada last year in R2 and R3 conditions from Jan-Apr. They installed very quickly and worked flawlessly each time. They have been used twice this season with the same results. They have saved time and worked well.

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