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Product Images

glacier tire chains cables - ladder class s compatible cable snow 1 pair
glacier tire chains cables - ladder steel rollers over
glacier tire chains cables - ladder on road pw1046
glacier tire chains cables - ladder on road cable snow 1 pair
glacier tire chains steel rollers over on road pw1046
glacier tire chains steel rollers over on road
glacier tire chains steel rollers over class s compatible pw1046
glacier tire chains on road class s compatible pw1046
glacier tire chains cables - ladder on road cable snow 1 pair
glacier tire chains steel rollers over on road
glacier tire chains cables - ladder steel rollers over cable snow 1 pair

In Use/Installed

2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier cables - ladder on road pw1046
2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier cables - ladder on road cable snow 1 pair
2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier steel rollers over on road pw1046
2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier steel rollers over on road in use
2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier cables - ladder class s compatible in use
2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier steel rollers over class s compatible pw1046
2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier on road class s compatible pw1046
2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier cables - ladder class s compatible cable snow 1 pair
2016 subaru outback wagon tire chains glacier cables - ladder steel rollers over in use
tire chains glacier cables - ladder on road pw1046
tire chains glacier cables - ladder on road cable snow 1 pair
tire chains glacier steel rollers over on road pw1046
tire chains glacier steel rollers over on road in use
tire chains glacier cables - ladder class s compatible in use


  • Glacier
  • Drive On and Connect
  • Steel Rollers Over Steel
  • Cables - Ladder
  • Manual
  • Class S Compatible
  • No Rim Protection
  • On Road
Perfect for occasional use, these tire chains feature rugged steel wiring covered with case hardened steel rollers for traction. Easy-to-install chains comply with all DOT specifications and fit either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Lowest Prices for the best tire chains from Glacier. Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair part number PW1046 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Glacier Tire Chains - PW1046

Perfect for occasional use, these tire chains feature rugged steel wiring covered with case hardened steel rollers for traction. Easy-to-install chains comply with all DOT specifications and fit either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles.


  • Constructed of case hardened, low-carbon steel
    • Spring rollers are wrapped around sturdy wire cross cables
    • Durable side cables
  • Designed for passenger vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance
    • SAE Class S tire chains
  • Work on either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles
  • Created with a low profile that gives you a smooth ride
  • Install quickly and easily
    • Rubber adjusters (sold separately) are recommended
  • Meet Department of Transportation requirements in all states
  • Packaged in reusable tote - great for storage


  • Fits: 15" - 20" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Quantity: 2 cable chains
  • 90-Day warranty

Please Note: To determine whether you can use snow chains on your vehicle, consult your owner's manual.

Class S Designation

SAE Class S tire chains are designed for use on vehicles with restricted wheel-well clearance. Certain newer cars, vans and small trucks, especially those with large, aftermarket tires, may require Class S chains.

SAE Class S Clearance Diagram

These chains will fit your tires provided there is both:

  • A - a minimum of 1.46" (37 mm) between the top of the tire tread and the wheel well
  • B - at least 0.59" (15 mm) between the tire's sidewall and the vehicle

How to Choose Snow Chains for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow chain, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates tire width in millimeters
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

1046 Glacier by Pewag, Cable Chains - Passenger Vehicles - 15" - 20" Tires

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 215/75-17.5
  • 215/80-16
  • 215/85-16
  • 225/60-18
  • 225/65-18
  • 235/30-22
  • 235/50-20
  • 235/55-18
  • 235/55-19
  • 235/60-18
  • 235/65-17
  • 235/65-18
  • 235/70-17
  • 235/75-16
  • 245/30-22
  • 245/60-18
  • 245/65-17
  • 245/70-16
  • 245/75-16
  • 255/30-22
  • 255/55-18
  • 255/65-16
  • 255/70-15
  • 255/70-16
  • 265/75-15
  • 275/35-19
  • 275/40-18
  • 275/40-19
  • 275/45-18
  • 275/55-17
  • 275/60-15
  • 285/30-18
  • 285/35-18
  • 285/35-19
  • 285/40-18
  • 295/30-18
  • 295/30-20
  • 295/35-18
  • 295/40-20
  • 295/50-15

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Video of Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Glacier cable snow tire chains, part number PW1046. These Glacier snow tire chains are SAE class S chains. They're designed specifically for vehicles with limited wheel well clearance. You can see how they work out nicely right here. They have a low profile design, so they're going to provide a smoother ride than your average chains. They feature steel rollers on cross cables, so they're going to give you adequate traction on light snow and ice.

They also feature a ladder pattern that will assist you during starts and stops. They'll work with vehicles that are either front or rear wheel drive and will fit wheels between 15 and 20 inches. See for your specific tire size. They meet Department of Transportation requirements in all states and have a maximum speed rating of 30 miles per hour. They come in a quantity of 2. Let's go ahead and show you how to get them installed.

We're going to be putting tire chains on the front tires of our Santa Fe today because it is driven by the front axles. To begin our test fit, I've gone ahead and laid the chain out. You want to be sure there's no kinks, twists, or any tangles in it. You also want to be sure that the hooks here, the open end, is facing up. Our tire is actually going to be on the opposite side, right here.

Now, let's go ahead and drape our chain over our tire. You want to be sure it's even on both sides. An easy way you can do that is grab the cable in front here and make sure it's about the same in the back. Then we can finish bringing it around our tire, and we'll hook up in the back first. If you're on the backside, what we want to do is take our stoppers here and our eyelet here and put them together. We don't want to connect too many though because we won't be able to connect to the front side evenly, and we can always change it later.

Here on the front, we're going to do the exact same thing. Only this time, we're going to connect as many as we can. That way, it's going to be a nice, tight fit. Then with the excess here, we can fit it into our little keeper. That way, it doesn't flap around while we're on the road. Now we can repeat the same process for the other side. With both sides installed, the manufacturer does recommend a rubber adjuster. What this does is it's going to help keep tension on your chain around your tire while you're on the road. It's going to help your chain have a better fit. You can pick up 2 with part number PW105. Just be sure to install with the hook away from the tire. We'll hook one side, and go right across, and then work our way around. It's very easy to install. Now, it is a good idea to drive a short distance, stop, and get out, see if you need to make any adjustments. Just want to be sure that it remains tight. That's going to complete our look at the Glacier cable snow tire chains, part number PW1046.

Customer Reviews

Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair - PW1046

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (513 Customer Reviews)

Perfect for occasional use, these tire chains feature rugged steel wiring covered with case hardened steel rollers for traction. Easy-to-install chains comply with all DOT specifications and fit either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

- PW1046

by: Mark03/11/2017

Haven't used in snow yet, but tried them on to check fit and they are VERY fast/easy to install (I've always used chains before) and fit very well. Quality looks pretty good (though these are clearly meant for occasional use, not daily living in snow). My only complaint was the 10 minutes it took me to untangle them out of the bag the first time. When I put them away, it was clear immediately that rolling each up individually then 'latching' the hooks to hold the roll in place was a better way than the 'rolling-them-up-together-and-trying-your-best-to-tangle-them' method apparently used at the factory. Also, rolled up individually that way, they fit easily into the bag with plenty of room for the rubber-snuggers, too (some reviews said the bag was too small). 351427

- PW1046

by: Dave B01/10/2017

They're tire chains, what can I say... The price was competitive unles you look at used chains on [another site]. The etrailer site made it easy and shipment was fast. I'll wait for a clear, dry day and install them on the front wheels of my 2017 Subaru Outback Touring. Then I'll take them off and probably never open the bag again. It's always a good idea to carry chains in the mountains in winter, even if you drive a new Subaru. Also recommended: pack bottled water, some food, a fleece blanket, winter sleeping bag and a candle lantern. And drive with a full tank of gas. 331585

- PW1046

by: Catherine S.12/16/2015

I cannot review the product right now as I just received it and purchased it as a "just in case" scenario when we drive from SF to Tahoe at the end of the month. However I really appreciated the customer service when I called to make sure I was ordering the right item. The tracking of the item was also flawless from etrailer and the package actually got here a day earlier than scheduled. The cables come in a handy pouch with instructions and a tag with tire compatibility. All good. Will order again from etrailer for sure. 233915

- PW1046

by: Russ01/28/2017

Second time buying from etrailer. Very good communication and speedy delivery. My tire chains where shipped to me days early. George J, from etrailer, sent me an message thanking me for being a return customer and that my chains were being shipped that same day I ordered them. By the way, that was a Sunday. Great personal service from and online retailer. That is uncommon and much appreciated. Thanks George! 336423

- PW1046

by: John Q. Public02/04/2011

I use the product on a limited basis (really snowy conditions) but they provide great traction. I have 4wd with my JGC so accelerating and driving aren't the problem, it's the stopping. Even at slow speeds, driving down windy hills on the commute is problematic for any SUV. These chains definitely provide the traction you need in back road driving. Plus you do not have to shell out $600 on snow tires. 6655

- PW1046

by: Chuck W12/06/2016

Nice company to do business with . Easy to understand what product to buy for my application. Price was right and product is not cheap throwaway. Price was good enough I bought two setts of chains for my 2017 Honda Ridgeline. If needed can put one set on each end of the vehicle. I travel a lot as I'm an inspector for a state board. Now can put these in the trunk and have them if needed. 322583

- PW1046

by: Saint Anthony of Padua Mission08/05/2016

We go to Honduras in a Mission every year. We set up medical and dental services in the village up the mountain where only 4x4 can reach. When it rains the only way we can get there is if we set up these chains. Is like night and day the difference. Without chains we got stuck with 3 of the trucks. We set up the chains and it felt as we were driving a tank. 280107

- PW1046

by: Don Dulmage02/12/2017

They arrived in good condition and on time. Tried them on the car today and they are much easier to put on than my old tire chains. Would give them 5 stars if only the bag was a little larger. Putting the cables back in the bag is like trying to repack a parachute. Took a lot of pushing and shoving to get them in and then zipped up. 343696

- PW1046

by: Geno03/26/2017

Don't know about the product yet since I have not use it but the service by Rachel was great. She assured my that the sizing was right and that I would receive the chains before our Idaho road trip. They arrived yesterday. A little concerned about the quality and durability since the product was made in China but time will tell. 362150

- PW1046

by: Cathy D.02/03/2016

Purchased these for a snow weekend. We've never used snow chains before and boy are we glad we had them in the minivan. We drive a 2014 Honda Odyssey and it got stuck in the snow overnight. We put the chains on and easily made our way out. You should practice putting the chains on before you have to do it in bad weather! 236857

- PW1046

by: PD02/21/2017

Ordering from the site was easy and straightforward. Economy shipping is very reasonable and took just 7 days from MO to CA. Haven't taken the cables out of the box yet because we left for a trip as soon as they came in, and we needed to carry them in the car. So far everything is great. 346960

- PW1046

by: Kassel10/10/2013

They fit properly, seem well-made and durable. Enclosed guidelines included helpful photos along with clear instructions. The tire chain carrying bag is an appropriate size, well-made and durable. The items were well packaged and delivered undamaged, on time. 103389

- PW1046

by: Adam F11/20/2012

Came Today, earlier than promised. All shipped good, had good customer service, shipped me what I asked for. Haven't used the chains yet, but am sure they will be fine. Cheapest price, fast shipping, good customer service, would definately recommend. Adam 59842

- PW1046

by: Robert P.11/15/2011

Standard shipping 5-7 days, but product was here in 23 hours! I put the tire cables on my truck, everything fit and was easy to install. I live in Illinois but won't use them untill this winter (going through northern Rockies in January). We shall see. 26982

- PW1046

by: Leanne P11/27/2015

I followed directions and did a trial run getting them on the car and they went on easy, I am hopeful that they go on that easy when I really need them. I do need to buy the straps that help to tighten them up and will order them when I finish this 232612

- PW1046

by: Jeff M.11/26/2014

Made a mistake in ordering. They were able to get me the correct snow cable chains for my 2015 subaru outback shipped to me in less than a week. Customer service with Julie H and Dana were excellent. Couldn't be more happier. Thanks etrailer! 162516

- PW1046

by: Paul S.01/01/2015

Have always had great service and products from etrailer. Haven't had a chance to use these chains yet, but I'm sure they'll be just fine in the snow. The video reviews and instructions for etrailer products make choosing simple and easy. 167462

- PW1046

by: Bob D06/03/2016

Ordering was easy, price was good, they were shipped in a timely manner. Of course they won't be used for several months as we are just going into summer weather. Based on what I paid for them, I think they will be satisfactory. 256429

- PW1046

by: Ted Okolichany11/11/2014

I have not used them yet as no snow at this time. The chains are well made and well worth the low purchase price. I received the chains in a prompt manner once ordered here. I would consider ordering other products here. Ted 160373

- PW1046

by: Eun K.11/30/2016

I've been using Glacier tire cables for two years and I'm very satisfied with them. They are easy to install and reasonable price. Most of all, the delivery is so quick, so I ordered tire cables for spare in this winter, too. 321005

- PW1046

by: John S.02/04/2015

I have not used them yet but tried a dry run without snow. The chains were fairly easy to put on the tire. etrailer shipped my chains the same day I ordered and notified me by email. I had them in a few days. Great service! 172405

- PW1046

by: TOM D01/13/2011


- PW1046

by: Ben02/03/2011

Bought these as "insurance" for our cars (bought a pair for our SUV and commuter car). I haven't used them yet but I think this is a good product w/ simple instructions and a nice carrying bag w/ handles. 6586

- PW1046

by: William B.02/04/2011

The tire chains arrived in a very short time; much faster than I expected. Although I haven't used them yet, they look to be exactly what I wanted. Appear to be a good product at a reasonable price. 6659

- PW1046

by: Joe Buzz12/10/2014

I'm gonna say Excellent for now even though I haven't had to use them yet. I'll update my review once I've used them. Otherwise, service and delivery was as expected. 164057

- PW1046

by: Dennis L.12/15/2012

Just tried the chains on to make sure they fit, etc. Very pleased so far with them. Also, the ease of ordering and the time of the delivery was excellent. Thank you. 61539

- PW1046

by: Kris K01/06/2017

Haven't used the tire chains yet, but good to have as a backup for my Outback. Service/delivery was prompt and great. Will definitely recommend to others. 330320

- PW1046

by: Jack W12/10/2016

The chains appear to be what I ordered. I hope I do not need them on my next trip, but I have them in case. The order was processed and delivered promptly. 323937

- PW1046

by: Jeff12/16/2016

Got a new car and the old chains are too small. Needed a new set. In the middle of the Holiday rush, the order process and delivery were quick and easy. 326633

- PW1046

by: Andrew L.02/11/2017

Snow chains shipped the day I ordered them, arrived 4 days with Ground (to California). Very happy with the product and service. Thanks Andrew 343042

- PW1046

by: Saint Anthony of Padua Catholic Mission08/06/2016

This year we are helping villages on the mountain so we using again the chains that got us safe up and down the mountain when it rained last year 280420

- PW1046

by: Ken D.03/09/2011

Fast delivery. Came in a nice small carrying bag with easy to follow instructions and looks as expected. Hope we never have to use them! 8880

- PW1046

by: Cecil H02/23/2015

Great product easy install and comes with easy storage gag I can keep in my truck under my back seat.Im very pleased with my purchase. 175698

- PW1046

by: Ronnie A11/02/2012

Prices are second to none. Installattion of my snow chain is very easy. Will be purchasing other accessory in the very near future. 58756

- PW1046

by: Ronald11/15/2017

Haven't used the product yet. But the ease of ordering and how quickly the snow chains were delivered was appreciated. 452647

- PW1046

by: fdb12/18/2013

haven't used product, but was received as described and they look they will do the job when needed. Very well crafted. 110337

- PW1046

by: Max B09/10/2014

Chains fit perfectly - Haven't tested them in snow yet but they are strong, easy to transport, and easy to install. 150492

- PW1046

by: HOMER LEE11/11/2013

Good and friendly services followed by Timely delivery of a good product. What more can one ask for? 107052

- PW1046

by: Stuart S02/15/2011

My tire cables were shipped fast and look great. I will be prepared for the next round of winter weather. 7211

- PW1046

by: John L.10/11/2013

Customer service was terrific! Product is good quality at a very competitive price. Thanks so much! 103473

- PW1046

by: James N.12/25/2015

Such a fast and easy process from start to finish. I can't believe how quickly I got my order! 234253

- PW1046

by: Brett12/29/2012

Chains go on easy, and give me just enough traction plowing my driveway that I don't get stuck. 62221

- PW1046

by: Andrew B.10/11/2012

The chains just arrived, but the service with this company was nothing short of excellent 57020

- PW1046

by: Jim Brewer02/11/2011

Great product at a good price. Etrailer's delivery was extremely fast. Thanks 7005

- PW1046

by: Glenn C12/31/2013

I haven't actually used my cables but they fit perfect on my 2011 Odyssey. 111621

- PW1046

by: Gary L12/18/2016

delivery was fast. have not tried the products but all looks great. 326863

- PW1046

by: Neil B.12/14/2016

Excellent product Easy to install It works Great Price 324808

- PW1046

by: Marvin M.11/01/2013

This is a great product. they fit great on my ford truck F150. 105936

- PW1046

by: Bob E09/23/2013

Have not used them. Heading into the Sierra's. Next month. 101173

- PW1046

by: Jim F12/04/2015

Love the bag that they come in. Can't wait to use them. 233019

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  • The Thule Self-Tensioning, Low-Profile Snow Tire Chains, # TH2004205104, will give you enough clearance because they will adjust tension and not just have slack in the chain. If you are concerned about the seeming contradicting information, you could go with a cable chain like Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains, # PW1042. With these style chains, spring rollers are wrapped around sturdy wire cross cables. With this product, Rubber Adjusters like # PW100 are recommended. In the Owner's...
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  • Are Snow Chains Required for Both Wheels On a Dual Rear Wheel Moving Van
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  • Snow Tire Chain Recommendations for 2016 Subaru Outback w/ 225/60-18 Tires
  • The owner's manual of your Subaru Outback states in no uncertain terms that tire chains should not be used on your vehicle. "Traction Devices" like cables may be used if they meet Class S specifications and are used on the front tires only. For cables, I'd recommend using # PW1046 from Glacier Chain along with # PW105 tensioners to keep the cables tight.
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  • Availability of Snow Tire Chains For a LT225/75R16 Tire Size
  • The Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains, part # PW1042, will fit the LT225/75R16 tire size. I would also recommend to use the Glacier Rubber Adjusters, part # PW99, for the Glacier snow tire chain. They attach to the snow chains and keep constant tension on the chains for a tight, secure fit. I am including a link to a page that will show all of the snow tire chains I have available for the LT225/75R16 tire size.
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  • Tire Chain Recommendation for a 2013 Lexus RX 450h With Tire Size P235/55R19
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  • Tire Chain Recommendations for a 2010 Acura MDX
  • On your 2010 Acura MDX you can use 1 pair of chains, like the Glacier Tire Chains, # PW1046, that you have referenced, for use in snow and ice. You will want to put the chains on the primary drive wheels of the vehicle. For example, if you have a front wheel drive vehicle you would put them on the front wheels. For rear wheel drive vehicles, you would put them on the rear wheels. From the research I did, your MDX is all wheel drive. All wheel drive vehicles usually engage all 4 wheels...
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  • Will Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains # PW1046 Fit on 2006 Volvo XC90 AWD
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  • Which Rubber Adjusters to Use with Cable Tire Chains on a 2011 Honda Odyssey with 235/65-17 Tires
  • For a 17 inch wheel you would need adjusters # PW99. They will install the same way as the PW100. Also be sure to check your Odyssey owners manual for specific information on the use of chains. I have also included a link to our FAQ article on tire chains for you to view.
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  • Tire Chain Recommendation for a Honda Odyssey with 235/60-18 Tires
  • For the tire size you listed I would recommend the Titan Chains part # TC2319. These have a diamond pattern which means you will get the best traction for braking, accelerating, and turning, they're pretty easy to install and they are priced great. Check out the review video I attached for more info. You will want to check the owners manual of your Honda Odyssey to determine if there are any restrictions on snow chain usage with your vehicle.
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  • Cable Tire Chain Fit for 225/60-17 Size Tires on 2012 Subaru Outback
  • The only spring roller cable chains that we offer for your 225/60-17 size tires are the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains # PW1038. These chains are Class S compatible, meaning they will require minimal clearance, 15 mm, between the tire sidewall and vehicle. Using rubber adjusters will help keep the tire cable secure on your vehicle's tire. For your 17 inch rims, you will want the Glacier Multi-Arm Rubber Adjusters for 15 Inch to 18 Inch Rims # PW105. I recommend checking the owner's...
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  • Tire Chains for a 2017 Subaru Outback with 235/65-17 Tires
  • I have included a link to all of the tire chains that fit the 235/65-17 tires on your 2017 Subaru Outback. That does include cables # PW1046. Cables are a solid choice if your owner's manual states that chains or traction devices with a Class S rating are needed because of limited clearance around the tires. I also recommend rubber adjusters # PW105 to help keep the chains tight and centered.
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  • Tire Chain Recommendations for 1993 Tioga Arrow Class C Motorhome w/ 225/75-16 Tires
  • We have many different chains available for the 225/75-16 tires on your Class C motorhome. If you're just wanting something bare-bones without all the bells and whistles, the Titan Chain V Bar Link tire chains # TC2819CAM would work well for you. The V bar chain links will bite into snow and ice, providing great traction. If you went that route, I'd also recommend tensioners like part # TCMA2. If you'd like something that's easier to install and remove, the Thule XG12 Self Tensioning...
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  • Subaru 2015 Outback AWD Snow Chain Recommendation
  • Using chains on all four tires will give the best traction for braking, turning, and acceleration. So if possible I would recommend going that route. But in most cases you can get away with just one set of chains or cables. To determine which axles your 2015 Subaru Outback should have chains installed on you will need to consult your owners manual. The cable set part # PW1046 that you referenced has been confirmed to fit your tire size so they would work great for an emergency set of...
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  • Which Tires should Tire Chains Be Installed on for 2015 Subaru Outback AWD
  • Thank you for your purchase from etrailer! Typically for All Wheel Drive vehicles, it is best to use chains on all of the wheels. This allows all of the wheels to have the same traction while driving. However, if using only one set of chains, you will want to follow the guidelines in your owner's manual. Since the manual for your 2015 Subaru Outback instructions you to use them only on the front wheels, you will want to put the chains on the front wheels. I am not sure why Subaru...
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  • Snow Chains Recommendation for a 2011 Lexus RX350
  • Your Lexus RX350 should have 235/60R18 size tires on it. The tire chains we offer that give the absolute best fender well clearance confirmed to fit this tire size would be the Thule K Summit Tire Chains # TH02230K66. Most chains wrap around the inside of the tire to secure, whereas these do not at all so they work the best for vehicles with limited tire clearances. Check out the review and install videos I attached for more info. You will need to check your vehicle's owners manual...
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  • Cable Style Tire Chains for a 2014 Honda Odyssey with P235/65R17 Tires
  • We do not carry that brand of tire chain but I looked them up and that size will not fit the 235/65-17 tires on your 2014 Honda Odyssey. It would take SZ429 instead. We have similar chains that will fit, # PW1946V. This are cable style chains that include the rubber adjusters. I have also included a link to the right to all of the chains we carry for your tire size. Be sure to consult the vehicle owners manual for specific information on the use of tire chains. I have included a link...
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  • Class S Snow Chain Recommendation for a 2001 F-150 With LT 255/70-16 Tires
  • For your 2001 Ford F-150, with 255/70-16 LT tires, we have several sets of Snow tire chains available, see link. Among these Snow chains three have less than 15mm clearance that is required for Class S rated chains. I would select the Thule XB16 Standard Snow Tire Chains, item # TH01571255, for the best performing Class S rated snow chains for your truck. They are also the easiest to install and come with an industry leading 5 year warranty. The Glacier V-Trac Cable Snow Tire Chains,...
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  • Tire Chain Recommendation for a 1999 Chevy Silverado With Chrome Rims
  • Snow chains and even cables have metal parts that could potentially scratch your chrome wheels. It is more likely that scratches will occur during the installation process because when moving the chains are, ideally, in the correct position away from the rims and centrifugal force and tension will keep them in place. Probably the safest bet in terms of keeping your chrome rims pristine is to use something like the Glacier V-Bar Snow Tire Chains with Cam Tighteners, # PWH2829SC. With...
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  • Recommended Tire Chains for 2016 GMC Terrain
  • The Konig Self-Tensioning Snow Tire Chains - Diamond Pattern part # TH01594245 will fit the 235/55-18 tires on your 2016 GMC Terrain. When we installed them on a 2017 GMC Terrain we did not have any problems with them damaging the vehicle (see video). However, I cannot advise you use them as your owners manual says not to. If you are looking for a traction device that is compliant with your owner manual, I recommend using the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains part # PW1046. Should you choose...
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  • Snow Socks or cables
  • Between the Snow Sock and a set of snow cables, the snow cables, all though sometimes cumbersome to install, will give the better traction on ice and snow than the Snow Sock. According to our fit guide, your 2017 Subaru Outback Wagon had two tire size options available. Your vehicle should have either 225/60R18 or 225/65R17 tires installed. In these tires sizes the only thing available would be tire cables. If you have the 225/60R18 tires, then the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains,...
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  • Will Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains Work On A 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer 4WD With 245/65R17 Tires
  • Before buying snow tire chains or cables you will want to check your owners manual or with the Chevrolet dealer if you can install snow tire chains or cables on your 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer 4WD, or if there are any limitations. The cable snow tire chains you will need for the 245/65R17 tire size is the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains, part # PW1046. The set you reference, part # PW2014C, will not work on the 245/65R17 tire size. If you can use cable snow tire chains on your TrailBlazer...
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  • Cable Style Snow Tire Chains for P225/75-16 Tires
  • A tire size of 225/27-16 like you indicated in your question then that would mean it has an overall diameter of 20.78 inches compared to the 29.29 diameter of a 225/75-16. If you meant LT225 vs P225 (/75-16 for both) then you can use use the appropriate size chains for both types of tire but some are better suited for one style or the other. For a P225 you would want to go with chains # PW1042 because they are better suited for passenger vehicle tires as opposed to light truck (LT) tires....
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  • Snow Tire Chain Recommendation for 2012 Toyota Sienna SE with 235/50-19 Tires
  • We do have several chains options for the 235/50-19 tire size but the Glacier 1046 chains will not fit. Instead you would need PW2016C. However, you will want to consult the vehicle owners manual and/or a local dealership about the use of chains. There can be restrictions on the use of chains on some vehicles, depending on tire size, so consulting the owners manual is a must. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation for you. If you determine that you can use these...
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  • Will One Set of Tire Chains Fit Both LT225/75R16 And LT265/70R17 Tires
  • I compared all of the chains for tire sizes 225/75-16 and 265/70-17. There are no chains that fit both sizes so you would need to get separate chains, such as cable style chains, like you want for both vehicles. For the 225/75-16 tires you can use # TC1042 with rubber adjusters # TCOA1. And for the 265/70-17 tires use # TC2028 with rubber adjusters # TCMA2. Be sure to consult the vehicle owners manuals for specific information on the use of tire chains. I have also included a link...
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  • Should Tire Chains be Installed on Front or Rear Tires of a 2016 Honda Odyssey
  • I looked at an online owner's manual for your 2016 Honda Odyssey and it says that chains should only be used on the front tires. You should verify this with your owner's manual to be sure. The Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains # PW1046 are confirmed to fit your tires as long as you have the factory tire sizes of either 235/60-18 or 235/65-17.
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