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Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair

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Product Images

glacier tire chains on road class s compatible square-link snow - 1 pair
glacier tire chains - ladder class s compatible
glacier tire chains - ladder on road square-link snow 1 pair
glacier tire chains steel square link on road pwplc1138
glacier tire chains steel square link on road

In Use/Installed

2011 hyundai sonata tire chains glacier - ladder on road square-link snow 1 pair
2011 hyundai sonata tire chains glacier - ladder on road pwplc1138
2011 hyundai sonata tire chains glacier steel square link on road in use
2011 hyundai sonata tire chains glacier steel square link on road pwplc1138

  • Glacier
  • Drive On and Connect
  • Steel Square Link
  • Chains - Ladder
  • Manual
  • Class S Compatible
  • No Rim Protection
  • No Quick Release
  • On Road
The best technical support and full tire chains installation instructions. Lowest price Focus tire chains guarantee and expert service. Ford Focus, 2012 tire chains by Glacier are available from For expert service call 800-298-8924 to order your Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair part number PWPLC1138, or order online at

2012 Ford Focus - Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair

These sturdy tire chains feature a square-link design for better grip on snowy or icy roads. Chains fit either front- or rear-wheel-drive Ford Focuss. Designed for highway use; not intended for off-road applications.


  • Made with case hardened square links for superior grip and excellent traction
  • Constructed of low-carbon steel
  • Designed for passenger Ford Focuss with limited wheel-well clearance
    • SAE Class S tire chains
  • Work on either front- or rear-wheel-drive Ford Focuss
  • Install quickly and easily
    • Rubber adjusters (sold separately) are recommended
  • Meant for highway use; not intended for off-road applications
  • Includes reusable storage case


  • Fits: 14" - 19" tires (for exact sizes, see below)
  • Quantity: 2 chains
  • 90-Day warranty

Please Note: To determine whether you can use snow chains on your Ford Focus, consult your owner's manual.

Class S Designation

SAE Class S tire chains are designed for use on Ford Focuss with restricted wheel-well clearance. Certain newer cars, vans and small trucks, especially those with large, aftermarket tires, may require Class S chains.

SAE Class S Clearance Diagram

These chains will fit your tires provided there is both:

  • A - a minimum of 1.46" (37 mm) between the top of the tire tread and the wheel well
  • B - at least 0.59" (15 mm) between the tire's sidewall and the Ford Focus

How to Choose Snow Chains for Your Vehicle

To choose the right snow chain, you must match your tire size. Those measurements can be found on the side of your tire.

Tire size on sidewall


  1. (185) - indicates tire width in millimeters
  2. (60) - gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width)
  3. (15) - denotes the diameter of the wheel rim in inches

PLC 1138 Glacier by Pewag, Square Link Chains - Passenger Vehicles - 14" - 19" Tires

These chains fit the following tire sizes:

  • 185/75-16
  • 185/80-16
  • 205-15
  • 205/55-18
  • 205/60-16
  • 205/65-16
  • 205/70-16
  • 205/75-15
  • 205/80-14
  • 205/80-15
  • 215-14
  • 215/40-18
  • 215/45-18
  • 215/50-17
  • 215/55-17
  • 215/60-17
  • 215/65-15
  • 215/65-16
  • 215/70-15
  • 215/70-16
  • 215/75-14
  • 215/75-15
  • 220/60-16
  • 220/65-390
  • 225-14
  • 225/35-20
  • 225/40-18
  • 225/45-18
  • 225/45-19
  • 225/55-16
  • 225/60-16
  • 225/60-17
  • 225/65-15
  • 225/65-16
  • 225/70-14
  • 225/70-15
  • 225/75-14
  • 235/30-20
  • 235/35-19
  • 235/45-17
  • 235/50-17
  • 235/55-16
  • 235/60-15
  • 235/70-14
  • 240/45-15
  • 245/40-17
  • 245/40-18
  • 245/45-16
  • 245/50-15
  • 245/50-17
  • 245/60-14
  • 255/40-17
  • 255/45-15
  • 255/55-14
  • 255/60-14
  • 27x8.5-15
  • 285/40-15
  • 7.5-14
  • FR78-15
  • GR78-15

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Video of Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains Review - 2007 Ford Fusion

Today on our 2007 Ford Fusion, we'll be test fitting the Glacier square link snow tire chains, part number PWPLC1138, with tire size P205/60/16. We'll begin our test fit by laying the chains out on the ground, and making sure we get any kinks or knots out of the chains themselves. This will make it easier for installation. We'll now take the chains and drape them over the tire, making sure that the cross chains are centered with the tire tread. Now in order to identity whether the chain is going on correctly or not, we'll make sure that the cross chains attach to the side chain with the hooks facing out. This will protect the tire, as well as ensure that the chain is going on correctly.

We'll now let our chains drape around the tire, where we'll need to move to the inside here at the 6 o'clock position. We'll connect the two ends of the side chain together, making sure to get as much of the slack out of the chains as possible. We can then move to the outside of the chains here at the 6 o'clock position, and again take up as much of the slack within the side chains as possible, and connect the two together. We'll pull the lever over, and using the excess side link here, we'll hook the tension device around. We can then use our rubber chain tensioning device, part number PW100.

We'll work in a pentagonal shape, hooking it to the side chain. This will help further ensure that the chain stays on the tire, and making it safer to drive. And that completes our test fit of the Glacier square link snow tire chains, part number PWPLC1138, on our 2007 Ford Fusion.

Customer Reviews

Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains - 1 Pair - PWPLC1138

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (117 Customer Reviews)

These sturdy tire chains feature a square-link design for better grip on snowy or icy roads. Chains fit either front- or rear-wheel-drive Ford Focuss. Designed for highway use; not intended for off-road applications.

- PWPLC1138

by: BraxB12/13/2016

Arrived quickly, the helpful etrailer video gave excellent installation instructions. Had them in the trunk of my 2011 Hyundai Sonata for two months before I needed them to get home in a Colorado snow storm. My Michelin X-ICE x13 snow tires got me up to about 7,000' on my commute, but the five inches of snow stopped me. Pulled over and installed the chains (took several attempts in the driving snow, dark night time conditions); once they were on, the Sonata carved through the 5+ inches like an ice breaker. Ascended the remaining 1,200 feet to my home in the remaining 2.5 miles without hesitation or slippage. Great product, highly recommend it. They give me confidence and assurance that I can get home in my low profile, front wheel drive Sonata in 5 to 7 inches of snow. 324607

- PWPLC1138

by: Chad02/02/2016

I have not tried these in the snow yet but they were pretty easy to install. These chains have a more aggressive chain that the other model that I was looking at (PW1042) so they will probably provide better traction but also offer a more bumpy ride. These chains are probably more suitable for terrain where there is hard packed snow that will prevent the chains from making direct contact with the road. The case that comes with the chains is decent and the instructions are helpful. I also got the rubber chain tensioners (PW105) and am glad that I did. 236782

- PWPLC1138

by: Scott T10/15/2016

These chains are durable and strong. I love how easy it is for these to be assembled. I had the horrible experience of getting caught in the middle of the road in last year's March blizzard and it won't happen ever again. These made all the difference getting in and out of pockets of deep snow. Money well spent. My only concern would be it's easy to get these tangled, so I find it best to tie them after being used. 307392

- PWPLC1138

by: Mike T.09/10/2016

I ordered three sets of chains. One for my van, one for my small truck and one for my big truck. The chains with the cams are very nice and easier to deal with. Don't buy the rubber rings with hooks that is used to keep the chain centered, it is cheap and will not last the winter. Buy the short rubber straps at any hardware, they work perfectly. These are adequate chains for moderate use. 293908

- PWPLC1138

by: Burt T.10/03/2014

Rating product as "good" because I havent had an occasion to use them. I don't see anywhere to rate the service, but I found it to be excellent! The staff assisted me in the selection of the chains and delivered them as promised. The day after receiving them, I was back on the road to California via Colorado. Plenty of snow on the ground but didn't need the chains. Thanks everyone! 154408

- PWPLC1138

by: Rocco S.01/19/2011

Shipping and Parts The Tire Chains I ordered were perfect and came just in time for the snow and subsequent ice and freezing rain. They fit perfectly but I expected nothing more. However, the reason I was able to use them was because E-Trailer upgraded the shipping to 3 days from the ordered 5. I received them and am now using them. Thanks 5690

- PWPLC1138

by: Vicki T11/14/2013

We ordered snow chains and tension devices the order was placed and within hours had been sent an email that our purchase was ready to ship and they had upgraded our shipping. Items were delivered as promised. The best part is the video of how to install the snow chains on their website. Thank You! 107309

- PWPLC1138

by: Randal W.03/09/2015

The chains and rubber securing devices i bought were of top quality material. They installed easily without the necessity of having to roll back onto them. I'm looiking forward to using my product soon. THanks again for the good deal !! . 177702

- PWPLC1138

by: Happy10/03/2015

I haven't used the chains yet, however they appear to be excellent. The shipping was faster than I had imagined and the associate was a delight and knowledge. Thank you. I'll be back to this store. Glad I ordered the adjusters, too. 229064

- PWPLC1138

by: Nancy W06/05/2017

Needed snow chains for my horse trailer and truck, easy to order, right size and fast delivery. I would highly recommend this company and will buy from them in the future it was a pleasure to do business with them 389282

- PWPLC1138

by: Vic K.12/12/2013

Chains arrived quickly. I thought they would be a little heftier, but I believe they are going to be a good addition to my tires when I'm driving in the mountains. Thanks for a good product and timely shipping! 109961

- PWPLC1138

by: Jennifer C12/03/2013

Great looking product. I am sure these snow chains will do the job when the time comes. Very pleased with product and service and fast delivery time! 108973

- PWPLC1138

by: David B.11/07/2014

It's a quality product at a fair price. Good customer service and quick delivery. I'm very pleased with my purchase. 159920

- PWPLC1138

by: Rich T.01/11/2012

Hands down the best retail site that I've used on the web. From product menus to customer notifications, great job. 29484

- PWPLC1138

by: Gerald S.04/21/2014

Hey, what can said about a set of snow chains. They fit and look great. But, hope I never need to use them. 126092

- PWPLC1138

by: Plinio K.12/23/2016

Both chains and rubber adjusters have arrived ahead of time and those were easy to install. 328626

- PWPLC1138

by: al seidel01/04/2012

Great chains, great price and great service. Tomm was also great to deal with over the phone. 29087

- PWPLC1138

by: George H.10/21/2014

Just what I was looking for thank you for the fast shipping. will order from you again. 157183

- PWPLC1138

by: Joanna08/08/2011

The chains came quickly, and the shipping was upgraded for me at no extra cost! 21352

- PWPLC1138

by: Steve S11/21/2012

I had no problem finding the product iI needed, and was sent to me quickly. 59889

- PWPLC1138

by: Samuel K.04/15/2017

Arrived timely and as I needed. 367875

- PWPLC1138

by: Carlos V.01/16/2017

Great service, great product! 333109

- PWPLC1138

by: ken lytle12/27/2013

excellent, as described 111257

- PWPLC1138

by: Sargis12/15/2016

thanks 325265

- PWPLC1144

by: Lane S02/01/2015

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Look like tire chains, install like tire chains, so, they must be tire chains. The cross chain and side chain is a bit lighter and smaller than my last set, back in the 1970's. However, the metal is obviously of much higher quality. I expect to get at least the same mileage from this set before they wear out. I put them on a 16 inch Dodge Dakota tire. My only suggestion is to get the 16-20 inch version of the adjusters for this size of chains. I thought that size might be too loose, but it was very difficult to stretch the 12-16 inch size across the wheel, let alone make multiple (5)attachments. Don't have a picture to add, but these look exactly like the pictures in this catalog. Overall very pleased with the new chains. 172029


I really like the chains, they are so much easier and lighter than thechains of my younger years. However, I still feel the same about theadjusters. They are much too small andor not flexible enough, making itvery difficult to stretch them, even just across the wheel. My wife wouldnever be able put them on should the need arise. I suggest you find adifferent supplier for that product or a different brand.

Lane S - 02/06/2016


- PWPLC1146

by: Keith S.02/05/2014

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Although I haven't had to use them in snow or ice yet, it appears to be of good quality and it is very easy to install. I wish that it had cam tighteners though. was great to deal with, shipped it for free, and delivered it in two business days instead of 5-7. They also kept me updated on the order/shipping process by email. 115780


I got them after the big snowice storm we had here last year. I only had the opportunity to use them one time since getting them and really just went out then to try them out in some slush. I like them and enjoy the fact that they are in the truck at all times. It doesnt snow/ice much here, but Im ready if it does. Its bad to be like this, but I hope it snows this year just so I can use my chains? Ha!I have told others about your company and encouraged them to get chains from you.

Keith S - 02/20/2015


- PWPLC1134

by: Kent I12/01/2014

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Great tire chains, hands down one of the best customer service teams I've talked to in a long time. Great job helping me out with the credit card issues I was having and getting my order to me in a timely manner. Thanks again Dana Sincerely Kent Ironside 162846


Great product still chompin ice in northern AZ. Thanks again I feel much safer in bad driving conditions

Kent I - 12/01/2015


- PWPLC1144

by: Mark V.11/14/2013

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Received chains sooner than expected, Thank You for the great service! After being in the trucking business for 40+ yrs., I just needed a good pair of lightweight chains for my pickup, to get me over the pass. They fit well, but I have not used them yet, so I can't respond to their performance. Pewag chains for large trucks are the best in the industry. They were made in Austria and outlasted the cheaper twist link chain by miles. They also didn't end up in your tire when they do wear out like a twist link, because they lay flat on the ground and not curved just waiting to puncture your tire. Never saw a square link stuck in a tire. Sorry to see these chains are "Made In China", but I hope the quality is still there, as time will tell. 107324

- PWPLC1130

by: Jason Armes03/02/2015

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Excellent, I love the customer service that this company takes pride in. That's the key to a returning customer in my opinion. If we take the time to trade with your company, then you should take the time to see if we are satisfied. This company should be the mirrior for all companys, you are setting the example and they should follow. The only thing that was delayed was the shipping due to the weather, I paid for 2nd day shipping but recieved the product right at a week. I contacted UPS about this and they were not friendly at all, to bad they don't use your customer service which establish good rapport with their customers. Respectfully, J. Armes 176642

- PWPLC1146

by: Sergey M12/28/2016

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

My experience with the chains and usage with Acura RDX: - the chains are "kind of" compatible with the size, but actually they are way too big, and to be used some pieces need to be cut off - tighteners are not just recommended, they are a must! Which is not that clearly stated on this web site. - one "step" part of the chain (the one across tire) got broken after 10 minutes of driving , and that was not just a dry road, it had about inch of snow on it. Conclusion: before heading into a storm at least try putting chains on, just to make sure you can do it, otherwise you'll find a lot of surprises 328358

- PWPLC1130

by: PLC113012/26/2013

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Haven't used chains for many years, but these will do the job. Very sturdy and easy to install. Will do great going up the Cottonwood Canyons in Utah for some powder skiing. 111248


I Too will be rolling up Cottonwood But Ive got some roads that are not priority for the snow plows- which always seem to call in sick Seeing that your comment from last year, If they worked well on Ice? Im Near Riverton,and the Hard Freeze from Utah lake, and the Jordan river, and The G.SL. I always have Ice in my area- If you used and are pleased thus far- will you suggest what you use ?

-- comment by: bran - 10/01/2014


- PWPLC1142

by: Dean11/14/2017

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Order was delivered on schedule and in great shape. All items fit perfectly on our vehicle. The window cover will be so handy when the snow comes and no more scraping ice to get off to work. When the order was started, I forgot the tensioners that were needed with the snow chains. One phone call was all that I needed, the Gentleman on the phone took care of it and everything showed up at the same time. The service was polite, calm and prompt. Thank you and we will do more business in the future with Etrailer on line service. 451933

- PWPLC1144

by: Dek02/24/2015

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

I have taking the time and put a set on my ford ranger to see how they fit and worked. Surprisingly I have put on a set like this before it has been about 20 years since I have done so but it still has the same hooks and goes on the same way. I haven't put them to the real test yet that will be in a few weeks. I'll be heading up and down a steep mountain to head to fishing camp so I'll be ready to give them a shot. Also didn't order the fastener for it but as I recall we had used bungie straps and it works just as well. 175916

- PWPLC1126

by: James K02/08/2011

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Hi got my chains and tightners from e trailer alot faster cause they gave me upgrade on delivery have not used them yet but after jan 26th thundersnow as i got stuck at work at 1130pm at night my boss had to go out his way to give me a ride home i know i have security of having these chains for next surprize last min blizzard they will be locked up in my trunk . if i need anything else from e trailer i will not hesitate to go to their site and order again THANK YOU E TRAILER FOR GREAT PRODUCT AND SERVICE. JAMES K 6810

- PWPLC1134

by: Mike O.12/28/2012

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Just checked out my delivery of snow chains for my Honda Civic. This item was delivered in a timely matter and matched my selection. My only disappointment (very slight) was that when I placed the order it was recommended that I order a set of 2. I thought ok (thinking as with pants, one pair means 1) I ordered the second set. I now have 4 snow chains for my 2 wheel drive car. I have low miles so I know that in the long run I will need that second set for wear or repair. They look good and happy to have them. 62179

- PWPLC1144

by: Geezer G03/19/2014

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

I live on a mountain in Western North Carolina and this past winter was brutal. There are 44 curves in the 1.5 miles from where I turn off the main highway to home and my driveway has a 20 degree incline in one spot. With 6" to 8" of snow, I was easily able to navigate my '01 Jeep Cherokee up and down hills, through snow, across patches of ice, up the drive and back into work for the several days that it took the Hwy. Dept. to get the roads salted. This a highly recommended product, IMHO. 121329

- PWPLC1142

by: Raquel12/03/2014

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

received the chains for my van but have not had an opportunity to use them - the container they came in was broken so I had to use some duck tape to seal the bottom so the chains wouldn't fall out - hoping that they are the correct fit and hoping not to have to use them - so hard for me to rate them at this point as I live in South Florida where we never get snow - bought this for a trip to the mountains in the future 163190

- PWPLC1134

by: Michael L12/31/2016

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Ordered my chains on Tuesday, received them Friday. Never had snow chains before. After a few trials I finally figured out how to install. Customer service was very easy to reach on a Friday evening. 329173

- PWPLC1134

by: Mike T.09/10/2016

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

I ordered three sets of chains. One for my van, one for my small truck and one for my big truck. The chains with the cams are very nice and easier to deal with. Don't buy the rubber rings with hooks that is used to keep the chain centered, it is cheap and will not last the winter. Buy the short rubber straps at any hardware, they work perfectly. These are adequate chains for moderate use. 293289

- PWPLC1146

by: Scott M.01/09/2017

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

Am reserving a star because I have not yet used the product. It appears to be fine. Pat C. was very helpful, and responded promptly when I left a question on voicemail. This is one of the few times I have purchased a product hoping that having it will ensure not needing it. If I never have to install a tire chain I will consider my life a touch richer for having missed the occasion. 334604

- PWPLC1146

by: DougW11/18/2012

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

I was worried when I read the product information on the outside of the box posible wrong size too small.I imeadiatly called and your phone consultant's responce was satisfactory, and I understood that all sizes were not listed on the box. When I tried them on the chains were more than adequite. Great responce on your behalf. I am satisfied the snow chains will work. 59642

- PWPLC1142

by: Greg P.01/04/2013

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

The guys at etrailer got the chains out to me in California even faster than the original estimated delivery date. It was much appreciated as I was heading to the mountains the morning after they arrived and needed the chains for the trip! Process was seamless the whole way through. Can't beat the price for shipping chains either...I tried. 62460

- PWPLC1144

by: Mark F.01/12/2015

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

I have only tested out the chains in my driveway to make sure they fit and I knew the best way to install them but the are well made and fit very well. I recommend keeping a small pair of combination pliers in the box with the chains to help you secure the cam lock. They will help you get the chains good and tight when your hands are cold. 168620

- PWPLC1142

by: Matt02/18/2014

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

The quality of the chain is good. The chains should come with the tension bands like they used to back in the day, but now they are sold separately. These are a must have being that the chains fit a wide variety of tires. Also, the case that the chains come in is made very cheaply and I for-see this breaking quickly. 116861

- PWPLC1134

by: Phil03/07/2017

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

I received the product as ordered from etrailer. The only complaint was that the plastic storage container was broken. The chains fit well and we had them when we needed them. I guess on the other hand tire chain containers look better with a bit of duck tape so maybe that was as designed. 349495

- PWPLC1142

by: Gary S01/22/2011

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

We received the chains well packed and in a very timely manner. We are headed to the Colorado mountains and felt we should get a pair. We took them out of the box and laid them out and they look good. We haven't had a chance to use them, so can't tell you how they are to use in ice and snow. 5903

- PWPLC1134

by: Adrian M12/22/2013

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

E-trailer is great. I put the order through and it shipped in two hours. On top, customer service upgraded my shipment to two days at no extra charge because we were dealing with a bad snow storm here. Product works as advertised, easy to install, easy to take off. Keep it up guys. thanks. 110883

- PWPLC1142

by: Scott08/26/2015

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

I bought these for my 1999 jeep Cherokee. They are a little inferior quality than I thought but then again they were half the price of the heavy duty ones. They fit the tires no problem. Unfortunately won't be able to use them until the snow flies so can't comment on how they work yet. 221772

- PWPLC1144

by: Sandra R.12/22/2013

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

the chains look great haven't tried them yet because they require Pewag #100 rubber adjusters to tension the tire chain on the tire and they were not included and i am still trying to locate some so what good are the chains if i don't have all the required parts this is so frustrating 110835


The tensioners are not required, but Pewag/Glacier do recommend them. We echo that idea, particularly if your tire size is on the smaller side of the size range for a particular chain. We have the tensioners available, and list them as related products on the Pewag/Glacier chains. See parts PW99 and PW100.

-- Patrick B - 12/23/2013


- PWPLC1142

by: Mike P.12/27/2012

Review from a similar Glacier Square-Link in Tire Chains

I haven't used the snow chains yet even though there is a lot of snow outside. The price was great considering what other places are charging for these. On my way home I might have the opportunity to use them, and I'll update this should that become necessary. 62050

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  • You will want to stay within the speed range the manufacturer of your chains recommends, typically 25-30 miles per hour is the limit. To prevent damage to the chains and your tires you should remove the chains once you get on dry pavement. I attached an FAQ article below on snow chains that you might find informative.
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  • Recommended Rubber Tire Chain Adjusters for a P225/60/R16 Tire
  • If you are referring to the Glacier Rubber Adjusters part # PW99 and you have the typical wheel size of P225/60/R16, then these rubber adjusters will not work for you as they are designed to fit wheels 16-1/2"-19" in diameter and will be too big. Instead, I recommend using the Glacier Multi-Arm Rubber Adjusters part # PW105 as these are designed to fit wheels 15-18" in diameter which will be a better fit for you. They will not be too small for the factory tire size. The rubber adjusters...
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  • Tire Chains that Will Fit 225/60-16 and 225/60-17 Tires on a 2000 and 2013 Subaru Outback
  • The Thule tire chains will not fit both tire sizes but you could use the Glacier chains # PWPLC1138. They do fit 225/60-16 and 225/60-17 tires. You can also use Titan chains # TC1138. For these chains I recommend adding the rubber adjusters, # TCMA2. Be sure to consult the vehicle owners manuals for specific information on the use of tire chains. I have included some video links and a link to our help article on tire chains for you to the right.
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  • What Is The Difference Between The Glacier Snow Chains # PWPLC1138 And The # PWPL1138
  • The Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains, part # PWPLC1138, is a square-link design snow chain and the Glacier Twist-Link Snow Tire Chains, part # PWPL1138, is a twist-link design snow chain. The C is just designating the different part number. See the picture to the right that will show the two different styles of links on the snow chains. The square-link design snow chain is rated for better traction, because more of the link is in contact with the pavement. It will also have better...
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  • Tire Chains for a 2002 Lincoln Town Car with 225/60R16 Tires
  • If you need the chains for a 2002 Lincoln Town Car with 225/60R16 tires, the chains that you have referenced, # PWPLC1142 are not recommended. The correct chains that are the same model but will fit your tire size is part # PWPLC1138. The cross chain length is 12-3/4 inches long including the hooks. The side chain is 70 inches long. With these chains I recommend rubber adjusters # PW100 to make installation and adjustment easier. The cross chain length, including the hooks, is 14-1/2...
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  • Recommended Tire Chains for 215/55-17 Tires on 2012 Volkswagen GTI
  • The correct set of chains for you would depend on your needs. If you want an inexpensive set of chains that will sit in the back of the vehicle, to be used in the unlikely event that you found yourself in a situation where you'll need them, the Glacier Chains # PWPLC1138 would be a good choice. We also recommend the Rubber Adjusters, part # PW99. However, if you're purposely driving into snowy and mountainous areas and know without a doubt you'll need the chains frequently, you'd...
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  • Tire Chains for a 2004 Honda Pilot and 2006 Toyota Sienna
  • I will be happy to help. For the 2006 Toyota Sienna with 225/60-17 tires you have several options. If you will not be using chains very often then I recommend going with cables # PW1038 with rubber adjusters # PW100. Cables are great for occasional use and the rubber adjusters help keep the proper tension on the cables and keep them in place. If you live in an area where chains are required by law and/or expect to use chains frequently then go with Glacier square-link chains # PWPLC1138,...
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  • Tire Chains Suitable for Use on 2013 Ford Flex and 2014 Mazda 6
  • Your first step when considering tire chains on any vehicle is a check of the owner's manual for any guidance or restrictions regarding their use. Many passenger cars are limited to using special low-profile S-Class chains that do not require too much wheel well clearance. Before purchasing any tire chain check your two vehicles' manuals carefully and if in doubt speak to your local dealerships. Tire chains come in a variety of types and with varying features. Some are on-road only while...
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  • Correct Tire Chain Adjuster for Use on Glacier Tire Chains for 2012 Subaru Impreza, Part # PW1038
  • Your first step is to check your owners manual for any guidance concerning use of tire chains on this vehicle. The specified tire chain adjuster for the Glacier Tire Chain, part # PW1038, when used on 17-inch wheels is in fact the # PW99, although the video shows installation of the smaller size, part # PW100. In typical use on 17-inch wheels it will be easier to install the larger size since they will offer more slack. Part # PW99 will help to keep the Glacier S-Class Tire Chains...
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  • Fit of Glacier Chains # PWPLC1138 Tire Chains on 2013 VW GTI
  • The Glacier Chain # PWPLC1138 chains you referenced are indeed a fit for the stock size 225/40-18 tires on your 2013 VW GTI. These chains meet the qualifications for Class S status, which means the chains extend no further above or to the inside of the tire than 15mm. Before purchasing or installing chains, you'll want to consult your owner's manual and abide by any advice or prohibitions VW offers regarding tire chain usage. I'll link you to our Tire Chain FAQ article.
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  • Effect of M+S Tire Rating on Snow Chain Sizing
  • The Glacier Square-Link Tire Chain you referenced, part # PWPLC1138 would be correct for your Mud + Snow (M+S) rated 225/60/17 tires on your 2006 Sienna. An M+S rated tire is not any larger in diameter than a standard tire, the difference lies in the extra cuts or sipes incorporated into the tread design itself. I would also recommend the rubber adjusters, part # PW100. The adjusters will provide constant tension to the chains. Before ordering, be sure to read and abide by any...
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  • Tire Chain Recommendations for a 2014 Infiniti Q60
  • There were at least 4 possible stock tire size options for the 2014 Infiniti Q60. I show that it could have 225/45-19, 225/50-18, 245/40-19, or 245/45-18 tires. Check the tire sidewall on your Q60 to determine the size. This will ensure you get the right size chains for that tire size. If you have 225/45-19 tires I recommend Glacier square-link chains # PWPLC1138. The square links provide excellent traction and they are Class S rated for vehicles with limited clearance around the tires....
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  • Which Tire Chains for 2003 Honda Accord EX 2.4 With 205/60/16 Tires
  • Cable-type tire chains offer a cost-effective option for the driver who needs tire chains only on occasion. One such product is the Glacier Class S Tire Chain for the 2003 Honda Accord, part # PW1034. This DOT-compliant chain set offers a low-profile design ideal for vehicles with limited wheel-well clearance and uses rugged case-hardened steel roller construction. We recommend rubber adjusters be used with these chains and they are available separately, part # PW100. Installation of...
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  • What Is The Diameter And Material Of Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains
  • The Glacier Square-Link Snow Tire Chains, part # PWPLC1138 have a cross chain diameter of 4.5 mm. The chains are made of a tempered, low-carbon steel. These are a Class S tire chain and fit 14 inch to 19 inch tires.
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