1. Snow Plow
  2. SnowBear
  3. Vehicle Snowplow
  4. Fits 2 Inch Receiver
  5. 82 Inch Wide
  6. Adjustable Blade - 5 Angles
SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow for 2" Hitches - Electric Actuator - 82" Wide x 19" Tall

SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow for 2" Hitches - Electric Actuator - 82" Wide x 19" Tall

Item # SB324-168
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Hitch-mounted snowplow makes short work of your snowy driveway or parking lot. Pivoting, 5-position blade glides over uneven ground. Long-lasting actuator with internal clutch lets you operate plow from your warm cab. Lowest Prices for the best snow plow from SnowBear. SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow for 2" Hitches - Electric Actuator - 82" Wide x 19" Tall part number SB324-168 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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SnowBear Snow Plow - SB324-168

  • Vehicle Snowplow
  • Fits 2 Inch Receiver
  • SnowBear
  • 82 Inch Wide
  • Adjustable Blade - 5 Angles
  • 19 Inch Tall
  • Wireless Remote and In-Cab Switch
  • Steel Cutting Edge
  • Steel Blade

Hitch-mounted snowplow makes short work of your snowy driveway or parking lot. Pivoting, 5-position blade glides over uneven ground. Long-lasting actuator with internal clutch lets you operate plow from your warm cab.


  • Hitch-mounted plow lets you clear parking lots and driveways with your vehicle
  • Plow sits close enough to vehicle to reduce leverage and strain on plow, mounts, and vehicle
  • Electric actuator raises and lowers plow smoothly and consistently
    • Internal clutch prevents damage caused by attempting to under- or overextend the actuator
    • Simple, chain-lifting design has fewer moving parts than a winch
  • In-cab toggle switch lets you raise and lower the plow from the comfort of your vehicle
    • Includes a wireless remote control as an alternative to the toggle switch
  • Adjustable, 5-position blade can be manually angled left, right, and straight ahead
    • Manual release handle is easily accessible from front or back of plow
  • Terrain-adjustable design for efficient plowing with less tripping
    • Rocking blade pivots up to 6" to allow maneuvering over uneven terrain
    • Trip springs and eyebolts are angled so blade rests on ground at correct angle
  • Sturdy steel edge scrapes over a variety of solid surfaces - not for gravel or sand
    • Poly scraper blade attachment (SB324-068 - sold separately) allows you to plow over grass or decorative pavement without worry of damage
  • Skid shoes let you adjust plow height to prevent blade from digging into the ground
  • Strong rubber deflector allows for better visibility by directing snow away from your windshield
  • Red visibility markers help you see plow edges so you can steer away from obstacles
  • Rugged and durable, all-steel construction
  • Black powder coat finish provides corrosion resistance
  • Simple installation
    • Slides into your vehicle's 2" front trailer hitch receiver (sold separately)
  • ISO certification ensures consistent, quality manufacturing
  • Assembly required
  • Made in Canada


  • Application: 2" x 2" front-mounted trailer hitch receiver
  • Blade dimensions: 82" wide x 19" tall
  • Height adjustment: 9"
  • 5 Blade angles:
    • Left 11 degrees
    • Left 22 degrees
    • Straight ahead
    • Right 11 degrees
    • Right 22 degrees
  • Distance from bumper: 39"
  • Actuator lift capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Weight: 370 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Note: Due to the size of this item it ships via truck freight.

The SnowBear Proshovel conveniently slides into your vehicle's front-mounted trailer hitch for easy, convenient mounting. Smoothly and easily raise and lower the plow from the comfort of your cab with the remote-controlled electric actuator. The pivoting blade makes this plow ideal for rocky or uneven surfaces because it can adjust to the terrain. Angled trip springs are also built in to help keep the blade from catching and tripping. Being just 39" away from the bumper, the Proshovel snowplow has a compact yet strong and sturdy design.

Simple, Hitch-Mounted Installation


This hitch-mounted snowplow simply slides into your vehicle's front trailer hitch receiver, making it a breeze to install. Unlike a plow that attaches to custom-fit brackets, which ties you down to just 1 vehicle, this hitch-mounted plow can be used on most trucks or SUVs with a 2" x 2" front-mounted hitch. As a result, this plow can be easily switched between multiple vehicles. And because it offers a nearly universal fit, you won't have to buy a new plow when you replace your old vehicle.

To install the Proshovel snowplow, just slide the shank of the plow assembly into your 2" trailer hitch receiver (sold separately). Then use a pin and clip or a hitch lock (sold separately) to secure the plow in the receiver.

How to Plow

Once the plow is mounted on your vehicle, lower the blade and set it to the desired angle. To set the angle, exit the vehicle and manually position the plow straight ahead, 11 degrees to the left or to the right, or 22 degrees to the left or to the right. Angling the blade allows you to push snow off to the side where you want it without having to change the angle of your entire vehicle. This is especially useful on a driveway or private roadway where piling the snow straight ahead would create a barrier.

To begin plowing, just drive forward. When backing up to take another pass, be sure to lift the plow with the remote or the in-cab toggle switch, then lower it again before moving forward. When approaching a large pile of snow, be sure to decrease your speed. Slamming into a pile of snow can void the warranty on the Proshovel.

When you are finished, put your vehicle in park and lower the plow. Remove the plow from your vehicle after every use.

Smooth, Controlled Lifting with Electric Actuator


The electric actuator on this plow allows you to lift and lower the blade using a toggle switch that mounts in your cab. You can also use the included wireless remote control. To raise the plow, activate the actuator. As the actuator moves along the internal screw, the arm on top of the actuator will pivot, raising the plow blade by pulling the chain that is attached to it. Having fewer moving parts than a typical winch makes this setup less complicated and less likely to break down than other plow lifting and lowering devices. There is also an internal clutch system that prevents damage to the actuator should you try to raise the blade too high or lower it too low.

Add-On Accessories

SnowBear offers a plethora of helpful accessories to make plowing even safer and easier. Along with the available accessories to enhance your snowplowing experience, many parts of the SnowBear Proshovel snowplow are available separately, so you can replace worn-out pieces without having to replace the whole plow.


The off-road halogen light kit (SB324-127) may be necessary if your plow blocks your vehicle's headlights. This kit will light up the way when you're plowing at night or in the early morning. The light kit mounts directly to your plow frame and offers increased visibility when plowing in dark conditions. The 2 bright halogen lights make it easier for you to see where you are going and for others to see you.


With the caster kit (SB324-126), it will be a breeze to move and store the Proshovel snowplow when it's not in use. These wheels mount directly behind the blade and they can be easily folded down for use and up for storage. In addition, these wheels will not weigh the plow down.


The drop extension kit (SB324-128) allows you to use your SnowBear snowplow on your lifted vehicle. With 6" of drop, this bolt-on kit ensures that the plow makes proper contact with the ground. Its sturdy steel construction is just as strong and durable as the plow itself.


If you are worried about causing damage to your lawn or pathway, the poly scraper attachment (SB324-068) is perfect for replacing the harsh, steel scraper on the Proshovel. The polymer construction is strong enough to still help plow efficiently, but gentle enough to not hurt your lawn or pathway.

324-168 Snow Bear Pro Shovel Snow Plow for 2" Hitches - Electric Actuator - 82" Wide x 19" Tall

Installation Details SB324-168 Installation instructions

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Video of SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow for 2" Hitches - Electric Actuator - 82" Wide x 19" Tall

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow for 2" hitches, with the electric actuator. These are available in three sizes starting with 82" wide by 19" tall, 84" wide by 22" inches tall, or 88" wide by 26" tall. Now the SnowBear Proshovel plow is going to offer complete steel construction. It's got a powder coat finish on it so even with the salt and the snow, the ice, and things like that, this is going to last a long time. Here across the top you do see the rubber deflector. As the snow comes up on our plow it's going to hit that, and that's going to prevent it from coming up and hitting our windshield and impairing our visibility. Now for common use on concrete parking lots and driveways, you'll see the steel lip that runs all the way across the bottom here.

There is a poly blade or a poly lip available if you plan on using this for decorative concrete surfaces or even if you need to plow some snow on the lawn. Now they do not recommend the use of a snow plow, any snow plow really for that matter in a gravel style parking lot or sand. Another great thing about the plow is that whether it's a large crack, or maybe a hole in the parking lot, or maybe one of the curbs along the outside, if we do happen to hit something solid, our plow is designed to flex and absorb the energy in the springs, rather than transferring it back into the vehicle. You can see that forward rocking motion is going to allow us to have a much smoother plowing experience. There's another nice feature of the plow. We have multiple, adjustable angles going both ways. It can be set to five positions.

Right now we've got it set to stay flat with the front of the vehicle. Got a lever right here, we'll just pull that forward. Now we can adjust this to an 11 degree angle, both left and right, or to a 22 degree angle, both left and right. As you can see the plow also has a nice pivot for that uneven terrain. It's going to slide over the road surfaces very nicely, but you're not going to have to worry about it digging in on one side or the other. Now we've also got a safety chain located right here.

For transportation or for moving, we'll want to bring out plow all the way up, just come to the back side here, we have our safety chain connection point. Now we want that to be as tight as possible. Simply take the pin out of our clevis there, bring that up to the appropriate height. We just want to keep in mind that we do still need to operate our carabiner. Run that back in.

Still got plenty of room there. If our main support chain we're to ever fail, that's going to pick up so our plow is not just digging down the road as we drive. Now this plow is designed for use at under 10 miles per hour in parking lots and driveways, things like that. If you do plan on driving with this down a public roadway, you would check your local laws. Make sure that you don't require lights to be on your plow, which some states do require that. You want to make sure that they don't require a safety chain from the plow to the frame, or to the receiver hitch of the truck. There just a few little laws there you want to be sure you're in compliance with, so you don't see any troubles. Now we have a worm gear driven motor. That's going to give us superior strength and durability. The nice thing about it is that it is clutched. From inside of the vehicle, we might not be able to see that ram is fully one way or the other, so in the event that we do go too far, it clutches out so we don't do any damage to the motor or the gears. It'll be a clicking noise that you'll hear. Just like that. That's protecting our motor so we don't have any issues. Then in the case of an accidental failure, our safety chain will prevent that plow from going to the road. You can see that would be just like our chain coming disconnected there, and it holds it nicely up off the pavement. Now with our plow fully lowered we're going to remove the pin, allow these to come down, and we'll want it to be just before the lowest setting, so just before we make contact with the ground, we've got our pin and clip out of the shank. Now we'll just pull forward on the plow once we have our other side set, and it should slide right out of there for us. Now once the shank will clear the bumper of the truck, we can just tilt this forward and it's pretty easy to slide out of the way. Now we do have an optional wheel kit that will bolt here on the side, and those wheels will rotate down if you want it to be a little bit easier to transport. Those will help with the job. We're also going to have the nice, tall red visibility markers on each edge of our plow to help us with the clearances, to make sure that we can avoid any obstacles that we might come up on when plowing. Now we have skid feet here on the bottom. That's going to protect our surfaces that we're working on from our plow just scraping right along the top. We can set this distance just by changing the two nuts that we've got here so that the very bottom edge of our plow will be just over our surface that we're plowing. Now this is again, fully adjustable so you can bring that as low or as high as you want. Now when we're not using our front mounted hitch, SnowBear has provided a cover for us. This is going to help to keep dirt, debris, things like that from building up in there, making it a little tougher to get connected next time. As you can see it's got a little spring tension on the keepers there, so you'll just slide those in until they line up, just like that. Nice and clean, ready for next season. Now to begin our installation process, we're going to start with the wiring side here. I've kind of packaged this together so we really have two different leads that are coming from our kit. We're going to have the first one. This is going to plug directly into the motor of our plow, so it's going to run it up and down. The second kit that I've got coming off, this is going to be our positive lead, and our two negative leads. The one with the yellow crimp is for the actual actuator itself. The one with the blue ring terminal that's crimped on there, that's going to be for our wireless remote control. Now basically you'll see our actuator, that's here, we've bundled these together. Our customer requested that this be something that he can remove in the off-season. He doesn't want these components staying underneath the vehicle in the Midwest all year long, only using them maybe three months out of the year. In the areas that receive a lot of snow, then you might use these closer to six, seven, eight and nine months out of the year. There is a permanent bracket that you can mount anywhere on your vehicle that you'd like as long as your power lead will reach your battery and your plow. You'll see, got that groove right down the back, this is just going to slide into, and that's going to lock in place. You could then, if you wanted, zip tie your wireless control to that and get it mounted wherever you might like. Now for our application today, just behind our battery, we're going to have a nice pocket here. That's going to give us a great area for our actuator and wireless control to fit in. It's just going to slide that right down and in, and then using one of the provided zip ties, we're going to zip tie that off to one of the wire looms. That's in there nice and secure. We're not going to have to worry about it bouncing around or anything like that. When it comes time to take it out, you simply have to just cut that one zip tie, and it's going to come out for us. All the excess wire that I had for my negative side and for the plug that from the wireless control that plugs into the actuator, I've just zip tied off there as well. Just let the part connected to our battery stay there for a minute. Let's run this up towards the front of the vehicle. I'm just going to tuck this down in behind the battery here. Down there and out of the way. You'll see that's going to give us the length we need to come over. We're actually really running this right out from underneath our hood. Make sure it's not going to be pinched anywhere, and we just close the hood down on top. For our battery connections, our ground to the negative side, it's going to be just a direct connection. This we want to ground directly to the battery terminal. With those in place we'll just thread our nut back on and get that tightened down. Our positive side is going to come right over here, to the positive side of the battery. Here we want to add in our 35 amp breaker. This breaker is going to protect the vehicle, and the system from overloading, so we won't have to worry about damaging our motor, or our vehicle. Now we're going to install that one right here under the positive side. That breaker uses a 3/8" socket. We use one more zip tie just to keep our wires nice and tidy here. We won't have to worry about them moving around. At that point we're ready to plug in our plow and get to work. Now here you'll see that solid steel shank. This is what connects our plow to our vehicle, or to our front-mounted receiver tube here. Now this is going to have three holes for us to select from. That's going to allow us to bring the plow back as close to the vehicle as possible. You want to get it as close as we can without it making contact. That's going to reduce a lot of the leverage out front, but it's going to help to prevent some fatigue in our front end, and our hitch here. Now we just want to slide that in so that our pin hole that's closest to the hole is going to line up for us, and then we can get our pin slit in. Now the pin and clip are provided, so you don't have to worry about having your own. Just want to slide that through and secure it with our clip. It's as simple as that. Now we'll bring our wiring from under our hood out, slide that protective cap over, then we can simply slide those two together, make sure our wire is running in a clear area, and shut the hood. I'll just pull the pin out of our support leg here, raise those up into the highest position, and re-secure it with that pin. Do this on both sides and our plow will be ready for use. Now we can use our remote. You want to turn it on. As you can see it's going to lift it up nicely for us. That's going to complete our look at the SnowBear Proshovel line of snow plows for 2" hitches.

Customer Reviews

SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow for 2" Hitches - Electric Actuator - 82" Wide x 19" Tall - SB324-168

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (4 Customer Reviews)

Hitch-mounted snowplow makes short work of your snowy driveway or parking lot. Pivoting, 5-position blade glides over uneven ground. Long-lasting actuator with internal clutch lets you operate plow from your warm cab.

- SB324-168
2015 Ford Explorer

I purchased a SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow and a 2" Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver for my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. The front mount hitch receiver was a breeze to mount to my vehicle. Literally 15 minutes from start to finish. When the SnowBear plow arrived I was a little apprehensive, as it came in 3 separate boxes and some assembly was required. The directions included were phenomenal, easy to understand and took you through complete assembly step by step. This has been a wonderful experience and I could not be happier.

The best interest I made
Kelli V - 01/28/2019

- SB324-172

Review from a similar Pro Shovel in Snow Plow

Overall it's a good light duty plow, works like it's supposed to, clears the snow with no problems. Originally purchased the plow with the hitch receiver mount, But the plow stuck out quite a bit in my opinion plus there was to much wobble. So I converted to the 2 point mount which brought the plow in closer and a lot less wobble. There was an issue with the actuator, it would work intermittently when lowering the plow but Snow Bear covered it under warranty and sent me a new one. My only gripe is that only after 3 months of Winter use, the whole plow was showing a lot of surface rust and the paint was peeling.

It is a good idea to spray off the plow with freshwater after using it in the snow and salt. If there are areas on the plow with paint chipping you can spray paint it with a rustoleum type of black spray paint.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 01/10/2019

- SB324-172

Review from a similar Pro Shovel in Snow Plow

Overall it is a good setup, does the job it's suppose to. Had one problem with the actuator intermittently working when lowering the plow, but was replaced under warranty. Originally purchased to use in a front mounted hitch receiver, but switched to the two point hookup which brought the plow in closer to the vehicle and made it a little more stable. My only problem was after 3 months of winter use, paint was peeling and a lot of surface rust showing.

- SB324-140

Review from a similar Pro Shovel in Snow Plow

Bolted up with little effort. Work's g reat!


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  • Comparing SnowBear Snowplows with Electric Actuator and Snowplows with Electric Winch
    Both the SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow, with Electric Actuator # SB324-168 and the SnowBear Personal Snowplow, with Electric Winch # SB324-080 will allow you to easily raise and lower the snowplow, and both come with an in-cab toggle switch, as well as a wireless remote, so that the plow can be controlled from the comfort of your vehicle. SnowBear markets the plow with the electric winch as a personal/residential winch, and the plow with the actuator for more larger scale plowing needs....
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  • Lift Capacity and Full Stroke Time for the Replacement 8-Stroke Electric Actuator # SB263-802
    I reached out to my contact at SnowBear about the Replacement 8-Stroke Electric Actuator # SB263-802 and he said that it has a total lift capacity of 600 lbs and we are looking at 17 seconds with a full load and 3 second no load. Please note that this is specifically made for the Proshovel # SB324-140, # SB324-168, or # SB324-172 or Winter Wolf # SB324-116, # SB324-166, or # SB324-167 snowplows.
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  • Dimensions of SnowBear Snowplow Replacement Scraper Blade
    The Replacement Scraper Blade # SB324-065 is 82 inches long and about 2-1/2 inches wide. It's a direct fit for the following snowplows: SnowBear Personal Snowplow # SB324-080 SnowBear Proshovel Snowplow # SB324-168 SnowBear Winter Wolf Snowplow # SB324-166
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  • Snow Plows and Mount Options for a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500
    I do have plow options for you but I spoke with my contact over at Snow Bear and they have not yet confirmed a custom snow plow mount kit for the 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 (March 1, 2017). What you can do is use a plow that attaches to a front mount trailer, # C31069, which does fit your truck. With the front mount hitch installed you could then use Snow Bear plow # SB324-082, # SB324-172, # SB324-081, # SB324-080, # SB324-168, or # SB324-140.
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  • Plow and Front Mounted Hitch Receiver Compatibility on 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD
    Your Fisher plow mounting brackets will be in the exact same location as is required for a front mounted hitch receiver which it sounds like you've already noticed. Unfortunately there is not a conversion kit that will allow you to use your plow brackets to utilize a front mounted receiver from any manufacturer I am aware of. There is a lot of liability that would go into two companies working together for a project like that. The only option you have is to uninstall the plow mounts...
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