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Detail K2


Vehicle Snowplow


Fits 2 Inch Receiver


84 Inch Wide


22 Inch Tall

Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow for 2" Hitches - 84" Wide x 22" Tall

Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow for 2" Hitches - 84" Wide x 22" Tall

Item # K2AVAL8422

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Snow Plow

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Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow for 2" Hitches - 84" Wide x 22" Tall Wireless Remote and In-Cab Switch K2AVAL8422
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Hitch-mounted residential plow has shock-absorbing springs and a steel-edge blade to easily clear driveways and parking lots. 3-Position blade pushes snow straight ahead, right, or left. Wireless remote lets you raise or lower plow from your cab. Lowest Prices for the best snow plow from Detail K2. Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow for 2" Hitches - 84" Wide x 22" Tall part number K2AVAL8422 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Detail K2 Snow Plow - K2AVAL8422

  • Vehicle Snowplow
  • Detail K2
  • Fits 2 Inch Receiver
  • 84 Inch Wide
  • 22 Inch Tall
  • Adjustable Blade - 3 Angles
  • Steel Cutting Edge
  • Wireless Remote and In-Cab Switch
  • Steel Blade

Hitch-mounted residential plow has shock-absorbing springs and a steel-edge blade to easily clear driveways and parking lots. 3-Position blade pushes snow straight ahead, right, or left. Wireless remote lets you raise or lower plow from your cab.


  • Hitch-mounted snowplow lets you clear paved and gravel parking lots and driveways with your vehicle
  • Electric winch raises and lowers plow with sturdy, nylon strap
    • 2.4 GHz Wireless remote control allows you to operate the plow from the comfort of your vehicle
    • In-cab switch serves as a reliable backup to the remote control
  • Adjustable, 3-position blade can be manually angled left, right, and straight ahead
  • Strong rubber deflector on top of plow directs snow down and away from your windshield
  • Hardened steel edge breaks up packed snow and ice
  • Skid shoes let you adjust plow height to scrape over gravel and uneven surfaces
  • Shock-absorbing springs let plow tip forward on impact to protect you and your vehicle
    • Can extend life of the plow if you hit an obstruction
  • Blade stiffeners provide 2 additional points of contact between the plow and your hitch for a sturdy connection
  • Red visibility markers help you see plow edges so you can steer away from obstacles
  • Flip-down caster wheels allow you to roll the plow where you need it for mounting or storage
    • Wheel height is adjustable to match your vehicle height
  • Plow handle with knob lets you easily move plow up and down during mounting
  • Safety chain holds plow in raised position during travel
  • Reinforced, all steel construction has black, rust- and UV-resistant powder coat finish
  • ISO certified
  • Simple installation
    • Slides into your vehicle's 2" front trailer hitch receiver (sold separately)


  • Application: 2" x 2" hitch receivers
    • Cannot be used with hitches or receiver adapters that have built-in drops
  • Blade dimensions: 84" wide x 22" tall
  • 3 Blade angles:
    • Left 45 degrees
    • Straight ahead
    • Right 45 degrees
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to the front edge of plow: 50"
  • Winch lift capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • Weight: 283 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Detail K2 Avalanche Plow Length

The Detail K2 Avalanche snowplow conveniently slides into your vehicle's front-mounted trailer hitch for fast, simple mounting. Easily raise and lower the plow from the comfort of your cab with the remote-controlled electric winch. The pivoting blade makes this plow ideal for rocky or uneven surfaces because it can adjust to the terrain.

Simple, Hitch-Mounted Installation

This hitch-mounted snowplow simply slides into your vehicle's front trailer hitch receiver, making it a breeze to install. A plow that attaches to custom-fit brackets ties you down to just 1 vehicle. But this hitch-mounted plow can be used on most trucks or SUVs with a 2" x 2" front-mounted hitch. As a result, this plow can be easily switched between multiple vehicles. And because it offers a nearly universal fit, you won't have to buy a new plow when you replace your old vehicle.

Detail K2 Avalanche Hitch Mount

To install the Avalanche snowplow, just slide the shank of the plow assembly into your 2" trailer hitch receiver (sold separately). Then use a pin and clip or a hitch lock (sold separately) to secure the plow in the receiver.

Detail K2 Avalanche Caster Wheel

The Avalanche snowplow comes with flip-down caster wheels that make the installation process even easier on you. Simply flip the wheels into position and you will be able to roll the plow into position for mounting or storage. The height of the wheels can also be adjusted to match the height of your vehicle.

How to Plow

Detail K2 Avalanche Adjustable Plow Position

Once the plow is mounted on your vehicle, lower the blade and set it to the desired angle. To set the angle, exit the vehicle and manually position the plow straight ahead, to the left, or to the right. Angling the blade allows you to push snow off to the side where you want it without having to change the angle of your entire vehicle. This is especially useful on a driveway or a private roadway where piling the snow straight ahead would create a barrier.

Detail K2 Avalanche Wireless Remote 2.4Ghz

The Avalanche comes with a wireless remote that allows you to stay warm and out of the elements while still effectively controlling the plow. The remote operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency, allowing it to quickly send signals to the winch without experiencing delays. And because it's wireless, you won't have to run wires through your dash. Nor will you have to leave your window cracked open in the middle of a snow storm just so that you can run a wired remote into your cab. You will be glad to have it on those cold winter days.

To begin plowing, just drive forward. When backing up to take another pass, be sure to lift the plow with the remote, then lower it again before moving forward. When approaching a large pile of snow, be sure to decrease your speed. Slamming into a pile of snow can void the warranty on the Avalanche snowplow.

When you are finished, put your vehicle in park and lower the plow. Remove the plow from your vehicle after every use.

Easy Lifting with Electric Winch

Detail K2 Avalanche Electric Winch

The electric winch on this plow allows you to easily lift and lower the blade using the wireless remote control. If you prefer, you can also install the included in-cab toggle switch to control the plow. The winch uses a durable strap, which is much quieter than a chain, to raise and lower the plow.

Detail K2 Avalanche Features

Detail K2 Avalanche Skid Shoes

The Avalanche snowplow features skid shoes that allow you to adjust the height of your plow. This allows you to efficiently plow over surfaces that are uneven, such as gravel roads.

Detail K2 Avalanche Blade Stiffener

Blade stiffeners, or blade support brackets, reinforce the connection between the plow and your vehicle. They add 2 additional points of contact with your hitch on either side of the plow's T-frame. This prevents stress on the frame and on your vehicle, while also strengthening the performance of the plow.

Detail K2 Avalanche Trip Springs

Shock-absorbing springs allow the plow to dip forward in the event that you hit an obstruction. This flexibility protects you and your vehicle from impacts.

AVAL8422 Detail K2 Avalanche Hitch Mount Snow Plow - 84" Wide x 22" Tall Blade

K2AVAL8422 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details K2AVAL8422 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2019 - 2020 Ram 1500

2010 - 2018 Ram 4500

2010 - 2018 Ram 5500

2009 - 2012 GMC Acadia

2017 - 2019 Nissan Armada

2007 - 2009 Chrysler Aspen

2007 - 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche

1994 - 2010 Mazda B Series Pickup

2004 - 2008 GMC Canyon

2004 - 2008 Chevrolet Colorado

1998 - 2011 Dodge Dakota

2010 - 2011 Ram Dakota

1998 - 2009 Dodge Durango

2008 - 2012 Buick Enclave

2010 - 2013 Chevrolet Equinox

2002 - 2020 Cadillac Escalade

2002 - 2013 Cadillac Escalade EXT

2009 - 2019 Ford Expedition

2006 - 2010 Ford Explorer

2001 - 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

1992 - 2020 Ford F-150

2010 - 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor

2017 - 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty

2017 - 2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty

1999 - 2010 Ford F-350, 450, and 550 Cab and Chassis

2008 - 2020 Ford F-450 Super Duty

2005 - 2019 Nissan Frontier

2002 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2005 - 2011 Mercury Mariner

2006 - 2008 Lincoln Mark LT

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Video of Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow for 2" Hitches - 84" Wide x 22" Tall

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow Review

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Detail K2 Avalanche line of snow plows, available in 82 inches wide by 19 inches tall as part number K2AVAL8219. Also, available 84 inches wide and 22 inches tall, part number K2AVAL8422. Speaker 2: Now, the avalanche line of plows is going to work out really well for residential users or small business owners, somebody that has a small lot they might need to maintain and take care of and they don't necessarily want to pay a commercial company to come in and do it. It's going to attach right into a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening. It's very easy to wire up to your battery. Everything you'll need will be supplied.Now, with this style of set up, all we're going to require is the front mount hitch on our vehicle rather than completely modifying the front of it to have the slide in ports and the electrical or hydraulic connections.

Like we said, we do require a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening here on the front of the vehicle. You will want to look at a front mount hitch. We have several of those available, just check out our fit guide at to help out with your plowing duties and to get snow moved away properly, we can angle this to the right or left 45 degrees or, of course, we can have it straight how we've been looking at it. To do that, we'll have a lever right here that we'll need to pull. We'll just pull out on that.

Of course, you want your plow up off the ground. Then, we can rotate it into the position that we want.The most common way to operate your plow is going to be from our handheld remote. This can go in the vehicle with you. It has a good range. Got the green button to turn it on, red button to turn it off.

Simple and straightforward. Then, your in will lift the plow, out will lower it. Now, as a backup, there's also a manual button that is wired. This is going to plug into the exact same port where we plug in the receiver for our remote. You would remove that and plug this in if this we're to fail.Now to help out with our plowing duties a little bit, we're going to have the poles that stick up here on each side to indicate the outside edge of our plow.

That's going to help prevent us from maybe hitting mailboxes and things like that. Then, what you see here is going to be that rubber lip that wraps down and around. That directs snow downward back in front of the plow rather than having it come up and over onto our truck or our windshield.Now, plowing can be pretty strenuous on the plow gear and also on your vehicle. What they've done is incorporated the two steel springs, we've got one on each side, and pivot points for our plow. If this bottom edge we're to contact concrete, maybe a raised lip on concrete, or a curb, the whole plow will pivot. Now, that pivoting motion is going to really reduce the pressures we're putting on the plow and our vehicle if we hit any kind of obstacles like that. As soon as we've cleared it, the plow is going to go right back to its original position.Also on each side of the plow, we're going to have the feet. Now, these are adjustable up and down. You can fine tune the distance between your blade and your surface you're plowing. Now when we're ready to disconnect the plow, we, of course, want to separate our power supply. We'll put the caps on both ends of that. Got our wheels back down, we've got our center leg back down. Then, we can just pull our pin and clip and slide the plow forward. Then, we'll just replace the pin and clip here in the side to keep everything up and level. Speaker 1: Now when installing our control box in the unit to power our plow, I like to bundle everything up and make it so it's very easily removable. I'm just going to have these three ring terminals. These, of course, are going to go the negative side and one's going to go to positive side. Basically this is going to allow me to take these components out of my truck very quickly and keep them out of the elements. There's no sense in letting our components ride around 12 months out of the year, being subject to the corrosion and the elements that we encounter out there, when it's very easily and quick to take these off, put them away with our plow and just use them for the months that we do need it.You can see I've used several zip ties here to get everything packaged together. The thicker black wire that comes out of our remote control box here is going to be plugged right into the operating unit here. The thinner black wire that comes out of our remote control box here, you'll notice I just zip tied that right off with my negative cable coming out of our operating unit. The only other one coming out of there is going to be the red one. That needs to go to the positive side of our battery.The longer red and black lead coming out that has the plug on the end of it, it will actually plug into our plow. I'll show you how to do that here in just a second. This particular application we're going to be installing on a Ram truck, but you'll want to be within about this far of your battery for the locations that you do pick. That's the length of lead that you have, so you want to be within about that far. You want to find a safe area to store it which, in our case, we're going to have a nice pocket here. We'll be able to stick that down and in, get it out of the way, like that will be good for now.Let's get our connections made. We'll start with our negative side. Now, we want this to go directly to our battery. We're going to be using our stud here, different applications will have different manners of connection here. Do be sure, again, to go right to your battery. Both of those are going to go right over the top. All we have to do, at this point, is replace our nut.Now, for the positive wire, we've got a 35 amp breaker that's going to go in the way, just helps to protect our circuits from overloading. The copper side is going to go to the provided pigtail that's going to go to our battery. The silver side is going to go towards our operating unit. Then, you'll use a 3/8th socket, just get those tightened down. Now, we'll attach that underneath the positive stud here. Then, we can grab some zip ties. We'll just get everything tidied up and secured off, so we won't have to worry about it bouncing around while we're driving down the road.Now, for our plug in side, we just want to run this down and around anything you might have in the way. In this case, we're going to go down and around our battery here. When we're ready to use it, we're going to bring this right up over our hood here. You can see that's going to come out right here in the front, so we can easily plug into our plow. When you shut it, just make sure it's not going to be any pinch points. Don't want it in the hood latch, don't want it in the stops there. As you can see, it's got a little bit of movement room there. We know our wires aren't getting smashed or pinched. Easily plug into our plow once we get it attached.Now, when not in use, I like the fact their wire is pretty thin, easy to work with. Just going to tuck that all together, get it tucked down out of the way. If need be, we can just zip tie it off to something just to give it a little bit of support. For the end of the cap, you will want to make sure you have on your cover just so no moisture will get in there, cause any shorts. Speaker 2: Now when moving the plow around the shop or your garage, whatever the situation maybe, we have wheels that will drop down and allow us to do that. Now, we have a wheel located on each side of the plow. When we're using the plow, they're going to store up and out of the way. That makes it pretty easy just to come back and grab the shank or the frame, and get this wheeled in or out of location for either storage or get it closer to your truck to get it connected.Now depending on your hitch, you may also be able to use the blade stiffeners. You can see these are going to mount to the cross tube here. They come back and they make contact with the hitch. If you've got an exposed cross tube, that just helps to reduce some of that rotational force that's generated. Applications like what we have here today, our cross tube is not exposed. We're not going to be able to use them, so simply take them off or not install them to start with.Now, these are held in place just with a simple nut and bolt and a couple of flat washers. There's the attachment point. Now, they've really simplified the process of getting the plow attached to the truck. It's really just a one man job anymore. You can see we've got the keepers on each side here. We want to lift up and out on those. Then, we can just pull back on this section of the cross tube and install that in the vehicle first. We're just going to line up our hole here with the hole in our hitch. Then, we'll slide through the pin and clip. You'll want to use one 5/8th of an inch in diameter. If you don't already have one, it's on our website as part number PC3.Now, we'll bring the plow closer to that cross bar and get it installed. As you can see, we do have a leg here that's designed almost so you can slide it into position and bring it back. That's adjustable for height, and that can help you get lined up with that cross tube. You can see right now, we're just a little low. We'll bring this up a notch inaudible 00:09:44. Now, we can lift to rotate. You can see we don't have all the rotation we need. We've got a pin and clip here that holds that, so we can pull our clip out. Now, we can lift up, get it rotated in position and slid all the way back.Now, we can take the keepers and slide them on, and then just make sure they get pressed down. We'll do that on the other side as well. Now to make the electrical connection with our truck, we just want to pull our wire out and plug them together. If this pigtail hasn't already been installed on your motor, just want to ensure that the black wire goes to the negative side and the red wire goes to the positive.We'll pull the caps off each side, get those plugged together and you hear a little snap. You can see, we've got the protective wire loom here. You're welcome to put that on the top side as well. You just want to make sure you've got clearance for it. As we come out underneath the hood here, we're leaving just a little bit more room so we're not going to add it there. You can see they're still moving. You just want to make sure that they're free to move and not pinched where they might be damaged.Now, once we have our connections made, we'll grab our remote, hit the green button to turn it on. Then, we can hit the in button, that's going to bring the winch in or lift our plow up. Now with the weight off of it, we'll pull the pin. We can rotate it up into the stored position. Line up one of our holes, and we'll just put our pin and clip back on to secure it. With our wheels up on both sides, then we'll come to our center leg, get that lifted all the way up and out of the way just like that.If we're going to be traveling down the road, we'll take our safety hook. That's going to attach to the frame just under our winch strap. That'll keep it secured, just in case the winch we're to fail, it won't come down. You can see, no tension on our strap. That's going to hold our plow up nicely.That's going to complete our look at the Detail K2 line of Avalanche snow plows.

Customer Reviews

Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow for 2" Hitches - 84" Wide x 22" Tall - K2AVAL8422

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

Hitch-mounted residential plow has shock-absorbing springs and a steel-edge blade to easily clear driveways and parking lots. 3-Position blade pushes snow straight ahead, right, or left. Wireless remote lets you raise or lower plow from your cab.

- K2AVAL8422
2000 Ford Ranger

Shipped in a short amount of time, call company and received help and a phone call back as promised, great job. 606544

- K2AVAL8422
1995 Ford F-250 and F-350

Haven't had to use it yet but arrived when expected and easy to assemble and looks very easy to use. Would definitely recommend buying from 722008


Ask the Experts about this Detail K2 Snow Plow

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  • Can Draw-Tite Front Mount Hitch # 65078 be Used to Mount Snow Plow on 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500
  • The Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch # 65078 referenced in your question can absolutely be used with a hitch-mounted snow plow such as the Detail K2 Avalanche # K2AVAL8422. In fact I actually recommend using this particular hitch over the Curt because it's going to give you a bit more ground clearance to work with when it's installed since the receiver will protrude through an opening you cut in the fascia instead of directly below it. I have attached an installation video that you...
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  • Front Hitch For 2019 Silverado Chevy Silverado 1500LD to Use Detail K2 Snow Plow
  • The Detail K2 snow plot you bough part # K2AVAL8422 is designed to attach to the tow vehicle with a front hitch like the Curt # C31069 you referenced which is a confirmed fit for your 2019 Silverado Chevy Silverado 1500LD so this would be all that you'd need and you'd be set.
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  • Snow Plow That Fits a 2019 Toyota Tacoma
  • While there are snow plows that fit your 2019 Toyota Tacoma, the SnowBear Winter Wolf Snowplow # SB324-166 is not a fit, and the only plows that fit require you to have Curt Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver # C31075. - SnowBear Personal Snowplow for 2" Hitches - Electric Winch - 82" Wide x 19" Tall # SB324-080 or 84" Wide x 22" Tall # SB324-081 - Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow for 2" Hitches - 82" Wide x 19" Tall # K2AVAL8219 or 84" Wide x 22" Tall # K2AVAL8422 Of these I recommend...
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  • Comparing the Detail K2 Avalanche and Detail K2 Rampage II Snowplows for a Dodge Dakota
  • For a 2000-2004 Dodge Dakota 4x4, I recommend the Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow part # K2AVAL8422 with the Curt Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver part # 31080 over the Detail K2 Rampage II Snowplow part # K2RAMP8219 with the Custom Mounting Brackets for Detail K2 Snowplows part # K284134 for two reasons. The first reason is that the Detail K2 Avalanche has a has a much higher winch capacity of 3,000 lbs than the Detail K2 Rampage II which is only rated at 1,500 lbs. The higher rated...
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  • Comparing Snow Plows for 2017 Ford F-250 4x4
  • For all of the plows you mentioned you'd need the Curt hitch part # C31078 installed on your 2017 Ford F-250 to use them. The winch style is the most common seen and is generally considered to be the most reliable and best option. If for nothing else the visibility is much better with them like on the part # SB324-080 over the # SB324-140 due to the actuating arm. The K2 plow part # K2AVAL8422 is a great plow, the Snowbears are a bit more popular and well-known, but this plow is solid...
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  • Availability of 84 inch Wide Snow Plow
  • We have 84 inch plows like the Detail K2 Avalanche part # K2AVAL8422 but we no long have an 84 inch SnowSport HD plow.
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  • Front Mount Hitch and Snowplow for a 2016 Chevy Colorado
  • For your 2016 Chevy Colorado you can use Curt front mount hitch receiver # C31074. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you. This hitch will work great with a snowplow such as # K2AVAL8422. This popular plow comes with a wireless remote and in-cab switch so you can raise and lower the plow from inside the cab. I have linked a video that shows the features of this line of plows.
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  • Recommended Front-Mounted Hitch for 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country
  • We offer three front-mount 2-inch trailer hitches for your 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country that can be seen on the linked page. I recommend the Draw-Tite # 65064 for its no-drilling installation. Do note all front hitches for your truck will likely require some fascia trimming. The written instructions from Draw-Tite are linked for your reference. All required hardware is included. If you're installing the hitch to enable use of a snowplow like # K2AVAL8422 you might want...
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  • Snow Plow and Mount Recommendation for 1994 Jeep Wrangler 4WD
  • I'd recommend going with a plow mount for your vehicle over a hitch style mount. On some hitch mount setups we've seen the hitch not be as durable as the mounts that mount to the frame and are specifically for plows so that's what I feel is the better solution. The Detail K2 Storm Plow part # K2AVAL8422 that you referenced is a great choice, and then for mounts custom fit to your 1994 Jeep Wrangler we have the part # K284115 which would work great.
    view full answer...

  • Will Agri-Cover SnowSport Front Mount Hitch Work With Snowplows on 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ?
  • The Agri-Cover SnowSport Front Mount Hitch A40163 for your 1994 Jeep YJ can work with some K2 plows, the Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow # K2AVAL8422 which is 84" wide x 22" tall and weighs 283 lbs as well as the Detail K2 Avalanche # K2AVAL8219 which is 82" wide x 19" tall and weighs 265 lbs. The Agri-Cover hitch will work with those K2 plows though it is designed to work with Agri-Cover SnowSport HD plows A40000HD which is 84" wide x 18" tall and weighs 114 lbs, A40040HD which is 96"...
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  • Front-Mounted Hitch Receiver for 2017 Toyota Tundra 4X4
  • We can offer you a choice of two 2-inch front-mounted hitches for your 2017 Toyota Tundra. You can see both the Curt and Draw-Tite options by clicking on the link provided. Both Curt hitch # 31198 and Draw-Tite hitch # 65080 share 500-lb vertical load and 9000-lb line pull ratings. Both are no-drill installations using included hardware. The Curt has the advantage on price so I suggest this one over the Draw-Tite. Installation instructions are linked for you. If you plan to use a...
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  • Front Hitch and Snow Plow for 1999 Dodge Ram Pickup
  • The Detail K2 Custom Mounting Brackets for Snowplows # K284309 does not have a 2-inch receiver opening for other purposes. This mount kit allows only plow installation. Also, with this kit installed it is not possible to mount a front hitch; my contact at K2 confirmed this for me. But if you were to install a front-mount 2-inch hitch, either Curt # 31604 or Draw-Tite # 65003, you could then mount a hitch-type plow such as Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow # K2AVAL8422.
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  • Front Hitch and Snow Plow for 2016 Ram 1500 4x4 Crew Cab
  • We do offer front-mount hitches for your 2016 Ram 1500 4x4, two that are shown on the linked page, but neither one is a no-drill installation. Both require drilling and some fascia trimming (to make room for the receiver tube) and removal of the tow hooks for installation. With one of these in place you can use a 2-inch snowplow like # K2AVAL8422. All plow options for your 4X4 truck are shown on the linked page. These slip right into the hitch with no other vehicle modifications required. On...
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  • What Does Replacement Electric Winch K2EW8020 Fit?
  • The Replacement Electric Winch for Detail K2 Snowplows # K2EW8020 is a direct fit as a replacement for a number of Detail K2 Snowplows. It is designed to be mounted with the Avalanche # K2AVAL8219 and # K2AVAL8422, Rampage K2RASP8219 and Rampage II # K2RAMP8219, Storm K2STSP8422 and Storm II # K2STOR8422 as well as the Summit K2SUSP8826 and Summit II K2SUMM8826. This replacement includes the cab-mounted switch which allows you to use your K2 from inside your truck.
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  • Recommended Snowplow and Front-Mounted Hitch for 1994 Ford Ranger
  • For your 1994 Ford Ranger I recommend the Detail K2 Avalanche Snowplow # K2AVAL8422 which fits in the Curt Front-Mounted Hitch # C31063 (please keep in mind this hitch will not fit Ranger's with a front cross-member or 2WD models built in Canada). The K2 Avalanche # K2AVAL8422 has a blade which can adjust to be angled to the left or right as well as straight ahead and gets raised or lowered with an electric winch that is operated via remote control so you do not have to leave the cab...
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  • What is the Receiver Height Requirement for a Detail K2 Snow Plow
  • I spoke with my contact at Detail K2 who said that the height of the front hitch receiver on your 2005 Jeep Wrangler needs to be within the range of 13" - 18" which is measured to the bottom of the receiver opening. This is the case for all of their plows, including the Avalanche # K2AVAL8422 that you referenced.
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  • Recommended Front Hitch Receiver for 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon JL
  • The front mount trailer hitch I recommend for a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon JL is the Draw-Tite Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver part # 65079 because when compared to the Curt Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver part # C31086 takes less time to install and also requires less cutting to the plastic under-body panel. I have attached an install photo for you which as you can see will not limit ground clearance. Please note, the steel skid shield will need to be removed but there...
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  • What is Advantage to Going with Taller Snow Plow
  • In general the taller the plow the better the angle it can be set at which allows for easier scraping. The wider the plow the more snow it moves in a single pass. For a front hitch for a 2007 Ford E-350 like you have we then have the part # 65001 which will fit and work great as a base mount for a hitch mounted plow. For an 84 by 22 inch plow then the Detail K2 Avalance Part # K2AVAL8422 would be a really great option that is easy to use and very effective. I attached a review video...
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  • Recommended Snow Plow for 2014 Toyota Tacoma 2WD
  • The SnowBear Winter Wolf Snowplow - 2 Point Mount - Electric Actuator - 84" Wide x 22" Tall # SB324-167 is a great snow plow with the two point mount confirmed to fit your 2014 Toyota Tacoma. That part includes the mounts for your vehicle and those mount are not available separately. I confirmed this with my contact at SnowBear. We do have a lowest price pledge for any identical item like this. We will beat the competitor price. I have attached the link to assist. Basically you...
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