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Landing Pad 16 for Yakima SkyLine and Control Towers - Qty 4

Landing Pad 16 for Yakima SkyLine and Control Towers - Qty 4

Item # Y00242
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Custom-fit Landing Pads attach to the fixed mounting points in your vehicle's flush, factory side rails. The pads create mounting points for Yakima Skyline or Control towers. Great Prices for the best roof rack from Yakima. Landing Pad 16 for Yakima SkyLine and Control Towers - Qty 4 part number Y00242 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Yakima Roof Rack - Y00242

  • Fit Kits
  • 4 Pack
  • Yakima

Custom-fit Landing Pads attach to the fixed mounting points in your vehicle's flush, factory side rails. The pads create mounting points for Yakima Skyline or Control towers.


  • Provide mounting points for Yakima SkyLine or Control towers (sold separately)
    • Pads install in the fixed mounting points inside your vehicle's flush, factory side rails
  • Protect your vehicle from scratches with UV-resistant, rubber base pads
  • Include snap-on covers for protection when towers are not in place


  • Quantity: 4 pads
  • Limited lifetime warranty

8000242 Landing Pad 16 for Yakima SkyLine and Control Towers - Qty 4

Installation Details Y00242 Installation instructions

Video of Landing Pad 16 for Yakima SkyLine and Control Towers - Qty 4

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Yakima SkyLine And Control Towers Landing Pad Review

Hi there adventures, today we're gonna be taking a look at Yakima's line of landing pads for their SkyLine Towers. And this is what our pads are gonna look like when they're installed. You can see how they attach directly to our factory raised rails, and they're gonna give us an attachment point so we can install a Yakima roof rack on here easily. And this really nice that you've got an option like this because some people just don't like having their roof rack on all the time, 'cause adding a roof rack does cause extra drag which can cause extra noise; wind noise and various things that you may not want all the time when you're driving around. You might just want this only for when you're using it, when you're going on vacation or different trips. So this is a really quick easy way to be able to take on and off a roof rack and also just a very easy way to get a roof rack installed, because often you have to do a lot of measurements and various things to get a roof rack installed, but this is just goes to factory attachment points, so most of the work is done for you.

Yakima's landing pads are designed to fix directly to the raised side rails and fixed points on your vehicle, giving you an easy attachment point to install a Yakima roof rack. The landing pad is designed to attach directly to Yakima's SkyLine Towers and then you can choose the rails that you want. We're showing off the JetStream rails today. The landing pads are gonna be custom-fit for your Vehicle, so you wanna make sure you use our Fit Guide to ensure you get the correct ones that will attach directly to yours. And I think one of the coolest parts about the landing pads here is how quickly you can remove the SkyLine Towers and rails from them, 'cause maybe you don't like the noise; the wind noise, and some other things that happens by putting a roof rack on your vehicle.

It's as easy as pulling out on the cover, and look at that, it lifts right off. We just pull the cover out on the other side and we can just set these in our garage. And we're ready to use them again, it just drop down in place, the cover pushes back on and that locks it in, and they're not going anywhere. Now one of the things I do recommend is switching out the cover here with a lock. You can get lock kits from Yakima here at etrailer, that will work directly with this and that will protect your investment.

That way nobody can just come up and you saw how easy and quickly it was for me to take this off. So it could work away at a potential camp site or something, so I highly recommend those. I also like that these go directly to a factory attachment point, 'cause even if you've got a factory roof rack, maybe that one's damaged, or maybe it doesn't work with your accessories, because it's just simple bars. This one here has T-slots, you got a lot of different options that you can get on a roof rack with, from Yakima here. So get rid of that old system, whether it's broken or just not working out for you and upgrade to a much better one.

If you have an older set of Yakima Control Towers, those will also attach to the landing pads. Since everything's custom-fit for the vehicle, and its going to fixed mounting points, these are extremely quick and easy to install. You follow along with me, I'll show you how to get it done right now. You'll begin your installation by locating your factory attachment points. Once you find those, you wanna remove the cover, it's gonna be different on every vehicle, but we're just gonna pop the cover off with a screw driver. We now take the hardware that comes in our kit and you'll notice that they're labeled. We've got a B on this one and an A on this one. So with the passenger side, the B is the front one, and A is the rear one; and on the driver side it flops, the A is gonna be the front one, and the B is gonna be the rear one. When you put them in place, you wanna be able to see, read the Yakima, so it's kinda like this, then it would just go just like that. So, we're gonna put our B up by the front one, and we're gonna take the A here at the back, and you'll see there is a hole there, right on top, that's gonna line up with the hole in our landing gear pad, so it's just gonna sit into place on there just like that. You'll then have the upper attachment point here, this is going to sit right on top and you also wanna be able to read the Yakima logo. We can then open it up, you might wanna open it up first, just 'cause it's a little stiff. And you'll see there's a hole in this component as well. We'll take the hardware that comes in our kit, we wanna put one of the washers on it, slide it down in there, and then we can use the included tool to run it right down into the top. We'll then repeat this for this three remaining locations. There's a little bit of lock tight that comes on your bolt, so if it feels a little stiff at a certain point, just be careful and just go faster, you can see here it gets stiff towards the end 'cause of that. Now in order to attach a roof rack to your new landing gear rails, you are gonna need Yakima SkyLine Towers. And then you can use whatever crossbars that you want with this. Now in order to get the rails attached to your SkyLine Feet, you need to use the hardware that comes included with your Yakima bars. It's gonna be different depending on the bars that you use. We're using the JetStream bars, so this is what our hardware is gonna look like. It's got a plastic piece and then this will insert in there, so it will slide into the bar. But this does vary depending on whatever your choice is. If you wanna refer to your instructions so you can get this properly attached, based on the bars that you had chosen. So now you can take your prepared bars, you need to have the cover open 'cause that's what's gonna lock it to our attachment point, and then we're just gonna set it in place. And you may need to adjust it, once we get it on there, we're gonna go ahead and just push that cover up, that's gonna insure this side stays on. And then we can go to our other side, and now we're just gonna even out our bar. And there's actually numbers written on the bottom, so you can just make it, so the numbers on the bottom are at the exact same point on each side. Then just open your cover back up once you've got them centered and tighten them down. There we go, we wanna have three clicks on our device so we get the proper torque. There we go. Close the cover back up and that's gonna lock it in place, and we'll just repeat that on the other side, and then install our front rail the same way. Next we're gonna take the rubber strips that come with your bars, and this is really just only for certain type of bars, you may or may not need to do this depending on the rails that you chose. But if you do have bars like this, we'll then put our strip in place. Wanna make sure that we've got it all the way up against our foot pad on the inside here. And then we're gonna run it all the way across to the other side and then cut it to length. And with the little bit of excess that you've got, you can use this as well to cover up the outside. And we're just gonna repeat this at each attachment point here, you got plenty of excess so if you don't make a great cut, you can always make another. And then we'll just repeat for each bar. And that completes our look at Yakima's line of landing pads for the SkyLine Towers..

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Customer Reviews

Landing Pad 16 for Yakima SkyLine and Control Towers - Qty 4 - Y00242

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (276 Customer Reviews)

Custom-fit Landing Pads attach to the fixed mounting points in your vehicle's flush, factory side rails. The pads create mounting points for Yakima Skyline or Control towers.


first try was missing what was needed
helped. It was great!


Excellent experience


Video for putting onto the vehicle was very helpful.


fit great


2016 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander


with so many variables having someone that could sort through all them was very helpful Thanks etrailer


First trip with the new rail system and it looks like it worked out just fine. Thanks to both of you and Kimberly for all of your help and follow up I do appreciate it.


I have these installed on a 2022 Honda Pilot. I could not get them to fit on my raised roof rails with the included rubber gaskets. I have mounted them without the gasket but this leaves a gap between the rail and the landing pad. This seems secure but does not have a finished look. I will be trying to see how to get the gaskets to fit.


Honestly, I love etrailer. I love the expert help that you all provide. It's clear by the 1 year follow-ups that you care more about the relationships with your customers then just making a sale. Your service is friendly, informative and fast. I always come here first to look for my next purchase. Thanks again-Rob.


It was what it was advertised and fit perfectly on my 2023 Ford Maverick


I had cross bars and landing pads on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I bought these to put on my wife’s new Grand Cherokee L. They were extremely easy to install and now I can easily move the roof rails between the two vehicles. They are a great product as is most of Yakima’s products. I highly recommend them.


Fit my 2016 Subaru Outback perfectly!


Wanted to salvage my round bars and all other Yakima products I had previously on my Tacoma. These worked great. Easy to install. The directions are very clear. I only recommend taking your time with the install to make sure you've got it all aligned and waterproofed correctly.


Fit good with the OE track on roof. I like the new covers they supplied with the mounts.


My experience with etrailer has been excellent. There was going to be a potential delay in one of the products, but their customer service promptly informed me, half the price of some of their competitors so can't really complain. In the end they got the part ahead of schedule and was able to ship in a timely manner. I will definitely keep them in mind for future purchases.


I was seriously disappointed ?? the landing pads are not made for the Tacoma and sit on the roof with a gap that looks bad and will let water and trash into the bolt parts of the rack to roof juncture. For the amount of money it should be made correctly. I was also shocked to find that the landing pads upper parts were plastic… I have used Yakima for over 30 years and never expected a “cheap out “ like that! I was so disappointed I have never used the racks! They also only have provisions for one of the two bolts at each landing pad roof juncture. Disappointed ??!


Amazing quality easy set up fast shipping buy the locks the 4 pack With this fast shipping super impressed


I love the ease of removing my crossbars at the end of the season with these landing pads. Highly recommend these.


I recently purchased a rack system for my 1979 Ford Bronco to haul our new Kayaks. And believe me it was not easy to "fit" a vehicle as old as this.

I had some interesting challenges - my truck has a 3" lift and only clears my garage entrance by about 1.5 inches, so whatever I got had to be easily removable (at least in the front). I also wanted it to be multi functional so that I could carry other stuff as well, and the Yakima/Thule systems are great for that. Lastly, I wanted whatever I put on the truck to look good as I have put a lot of time and $ into fixing up this old truck and I didn't want it to look cheezey.....

Thanks to the good folks at etrailer I ended up with somewhat of a hybrid approach (my choice) but it worked out exactly as I envisioned it. I purchased the Thule Xsporter Pro system for the rear which works well with only minor modifications to the truck. I can lower it easily so I can get the truck into the garage without removing the system altogether. I really like that the tailgate is still functional with the system installed as some others I had in mind were bumper or hitch attached and would not allow use of the tailgate.... And, lastly it looks nice enough to just leave it on all the time.

On the front I chose the Yakima JetStream cross bar held up by a pair of Yakima SkyLine Towers and Landing Pads which I chose because I can easily remove the crossbar/towers to get the truck into my garage. The Landing Pads have covers for when not in use and are small enough to not be too noticeable.

I also added the security locks for peace of mind.

I have added 3 pictures, the first shows the Landing Pads without the towers & crossbar. You can also see the Xsporter Pro on the rear in its lowered position. The 2nd shot is a closeup of the Skyline Tower. The 3rd picture shows the entire system installed ready for my kayaks (or whatever).

Thanks again to the folks at etrailer for their expert advice and customer service.


Honestly went back to etrailer after buying something i couldnt find on the big A before because their support was so good and delivery speed was soo fast.


I have ordered several times from Etrailer and have always received efficient, timely and reasonable shipped items. Did not use customer service with this order but it has always been good.


Very good product. The Yakama towers and cross bars feel very solid and appears to be high quality. Very easy install. Others have complained about the instructions, but guess I'm a visual person because the pictures all seemed very clear to me and the install was very easy. They do sit higher than I expected. After adding a Rhino Rack cargo basket, we only have about 4-5" clearance below the garage door.


At first, a little tricky to install, as the kit comes with hardware for a variety of applications (different length/size bolts, etc). But after a quick look at the directions and identifying which bolt to use for my car, install was a breeze. I love this Yakima setup because I can remove the bars/towers and leave the landing pads with a cap. Makes it great for taking the canoe out on weekend trips, but not taking the fuel-economy hit during the weekday commute to work.

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  • How To Carry a Cargo Box and Two Kayaks On a 2015 Toyota Highlander with Flush Rails
    In order to carry a cargo box and two j-style kayak carriers on a 2015 Toyota Highlander with flush rails you'll need to use at least a 70" crossbar. The problem with this is that most crossbars only have a certain amount of channel underneath to attach to the mounting feet so you can't just use order a larger bar. The Yakima Corebar however does not have this channel underneath so you can use part # Y00423 with part # Y53TR and part # Y00242 to fit all your accessories.
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  • Can Yakima LockNLoad Platform For 2017 Toyota Highlander XLE be Used with Roof Tent
    The Yakima LockNLoad Platform part # Y05045, # Y53TR, # Y05042-2, and # Y00242 would work great for your tent setup. This will give you a 165 lb dynamic weight capacity which is the standard capacity needed for tents which would use a static capacity instead and would be much higher. This is a creative solution to give you the additional spread you'd need for your tent too!
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  • Will Yakima CoreBar Roof Rack for 2015 Toyota Highlander Allow fit Yakima Showdown Kayak Carrier
    I checked with Yakima just now and they have their Showdown Assisted Kayak carrier part # Y04081 as a fit with the CoreBar roof rack you also mentioned part numbers # Y00421, # Y53TR, and # Y00242. The bars are long enough for the carrier to fit and work well but wouldn't be obnoxiously long. You wouldn't have to worry about hitting your head or anything.
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  • What Parts are Needed to Install a Yakima RoundBar Crossbars for a 2018 Highlander?
    If you are trying to use the same round crossbars for the flush rails on your 2018 Toyota Highlander, you will need three parts: 1. SkyLine Towers for Yakima Crossbars # Y53TR 2. Landing Pad 16 for Yakima SkyLine and Control Towers # Y00242 3. RoundBar SL Adapter for Yakima BaseLine, SkyLine, TimberLine, and RidgeLine Towers # Y03536 These are all you need to adapt your existing setup on your 2008 Toyota Highlander.
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  • Can Two Sets of Yakima Y04073 JayLow Kayak Carriers Fit on 2018 Toyota Highlander Factory Roof Rack
    Each of the # Y04073 JayLow kayak carriers will take up approximately 10.3 inches of space on the crossbar. Factory crossbars won't extend past the roof side rails, so even though you should be able to fit two sets of the carriers on the roof, you might not be able to place them far enough apart on the crossbars to accommodate the two kayaks you'll want to place in the center. What I'd recommend you do is measure the length of your factory crossbars, and compare that to the combined width...
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  • Installing Roof Rack on 2019 Toyota Highlander w/ Flush Rails & Can it Use Longer Crossbars Bars
    Good questions so let's start with the installation of the roof rack feet on your 2019 Toyota Highlander and you do need to install the feet at the locations indicated in the directions, which is what we show in the linked installation video. A short crossbar spread really is a positive, as it allows you the use of more accessories, which will fit that spread compared to what looks to be a very long spread if you install the fit in different mounting locations. You can use longer crossbars...
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  • Recommended Platform Rack System without Crossbars for 2019 Toyota Highlander XLE
    For a low profile platform style rack similar to a Rhino Rack Backbone System, the only available option is the Yakima Roof Rack and Platform System that uses parts # Y05045, # Y53TR, # Y05042-2, # Y00242. This kit combines the Yakima Lock N Load Platform # Y05045 and Yakima Skyline towers # Y53TR to give you the platform without a crossbar for the low profile setup you're looking for. The additional parts are for the footpack and adapters to allow you to mount the towers to your 2019...
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  • 2014 Toyota Highlander Yakima Rack Fit W/ Round Crossbars
    It really depends on the accessory in question. Most rack manufacturers are going with elliptical shaped bars. These bars help with wind noise and fuel efficiency. Oftentimes, these racks will utilize crossbars with t-channels. Now if your accessory does not have the ability to attach to a t-channel it will have to clamp to the crossbars. If your accessory is designed to only clamp round or square crossbars you will need an adapter, but not all accessories are compatible with an adapter....
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  • What Do I Need To Install The Yakima RocketBox 14 On My 2015 Toyota Highlander
    First let's get you a roof rack system! I also like the Yakima Jetstream Bars # Y00425. If you have flush rails on your 2015 Toyota Highlander then you'll need the SkyLine Towers # Y53TR and the Landing Pad 16 # Y00242. If you have a naked roof, still grab the Jetstream bars along with the BaseLine Towers # Y28TR and the BaseClip Fit Kit # Y06130. You won't have any issues with opening the rear hatch. If you take a look at the video attached, the RocketBox has plenty of room on a 2012...
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  • Yakima Roof Rack Landing Pad 16 Wont Line Up On 2019 Toyota Highlander
    There are two roof configurations on a 2019 Toyota Highlander, bare roof and flush side rails. The Landing Pad 16 part # Y00242 is designed for models with flush side rails. If you have a bare roof you need to use the BaseClip Fit Kit part # Y06130. I think you might be looking at the pre-drilled holes in the roof used to attach the flush side rails from the factory and if so these can't be used and you would have to use the rack for bare roof models. I have attached a video below of the...
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  • Recommended Roof Rack For A 2019 Toyota Highlander To Carry A Thule Hullavator 898
    In order to use the Thule Hullavator Pro Kayak Carrier and Lift Assist with Tie-Downs - Side Loading, part # TH898, on the roof rack of your 2019 Toyota Highlander, the crossbars need to extend between 4" and 8" past the the towers/feet. My recommendation would be to go with a 60" crossbar for your roof rack. I have two roof rack recommendations for you. The first rack is for a Highlander with flush rails. It will consist of the following items: Yakima CoreBar Crossbars - Steel - Black...
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  • Will the Yakima SteelHead Roof Mounted Bike Carrier Fit Aero Crossbars on a 2017 Toyota Highlander
    In order to use the Yakima SteelHead Roof Mounted Bike Carrier on your 2017 Toyota Highlander you would need to install a round bar system like the Yakima Roof Rack System part # Y00408, part # Y53TR, part # Y03536, and part # Y00242 if you have flush side rails or the Yakima Roof Rack System part # Y00409, part # Y28TR, part # Y03536, and part # Y06130 if you have a bare roof. If you want to keep the roof rack you have now then I recommend selling the SteelHead and buying the Yakima...
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation to Carry Thule Pulse Box on 2018 Toyota Highlander
    In order to carry the Thule Pulse Large Rooftop Cargo Box # TH615 on your 2018 Toyota Highlander you will need crossbars that are perpendicular to your vehicle body so that the box can be parallel with the vehicle body. I really like the Yakima JetStream roof rack system because the crossbars are higher quality with that aero-style design and the legs have adjustments so you get the best fit possible. I'm guessing you have a naked roof but in the event that you do have the flush mount rails...
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  • Roof Rack For 2018 Toyota Highlander w/ Flush Mount Rails For Rooftop Tent
    We have a roof rack and rooftop tent for your 2018 Toyota Highlander with flush mount rails, though the crossbar spread on your Highlander is set at 27-1/2 inches. The reason for that is roof racks install at fixed mounting points on the rails, which means a tent requiring a larger spread won't work. That said, there is still a really nice option for a rack and tent for your '18 Highlander, and let's go ahead and start with the rack you'll need, which is from Yakima: - Yakima JetStream...
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  • Recommended Roof Rack to Use the Yakima SideWinder on a 2018 Toyota Highlander LTD
    I recommend installing a Yakima JetStream roof rack on your 2018 Toyota Highlander because they provide a clean looking installation that allows you to utilize the full 165 lb weight capacity and can be keyed alike with your SideWinder # Y02071. If you have a naked roof (no rails running from front to back) then you need the 60" JetStream Bars # Y00426 the BaseLine Towers # Y28TR, and the BaseClip # Y06130. For flush mount rails you would instead need the 50" JetStream Bars # Y00425,...
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  • Recommended Roof Rack To Carry Kayak And SUP On A 2016 Toyota Highlander LE Plus
    I do have a roof rack to fit your 2016 Toyota Highlander LE Plus. Your options will be based upon what type of roof you have on your vehicle. If you have flush rails on your vehicle, your roof rack will consist of the following items. Yakima CoreBar Crossbars - Steel - Black - 50" Long - Qty 2, part # Y00421 SkyLine Towers for Yakima Crossbars - Fixed Mounting Points, Flush Rails, and Track Systems - Qty 4, part # Y53TR Landing Pad 16 for Yakima SkyLine and Control Towers - Qty 4, part...
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