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Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Roof Rack for Naked Roofs - Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Silver

Item # RRRS337

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Our Price: $440.10

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rhino rack roof complete systems locks included
rhino rack roof complete systems rrrs337
rhino rack roof locks included rrrs337
rhino rack roof locks included rrrs337
rhino rack roof aero bars locks included rrrs337
rhino rack roof complete systems locks included rhino-rack rs 2500 for naked roofs - vortex aero crossbars aluminum silver
rhino rack roof aero bars
rhino rack roof complete systems aero bars
rhino rack roof aero bars rrrs337
rhino rack roof complete systems aero bars rhino-rack rs 2500 for naked roofs - vortex crossbars aluminum silver
rhino rack roof locks included rrrs337
rhino rack roof aero bars locks included rrrs337
rhino rack roof complete systems rrrs337
rhino rack roof complete systems rhino-rack rs 2500 for naked roofs - vortex aero crossbars aluminum silver
rhino rack roof complete systems locks included
rhino rack roof complete systems locks included rhino-rack rs 2500 for naked roofs - vortex aero crossbars aluminum silver


  • Rhino Rack
  • Complete Roof Systems
  • Aero Bars
  • Custom Length
  • 2 Bars
  • Silver
  • Aluminum
  • Locks Included
This quiet, aerodynamic roof rack with a from-the-factory look lets you carry gear on your vehicle's naked roof. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum crossbars include top channels with noise-reducing Vortex strips. Integrated locks deter theft. Lowest Prices for the best roof rack from Rhino Rack. Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Roof Rack for Naked Roofs - Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Silver part number RRRS337 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Rhino Rack Roof Rack - RRRS337

This quiet, aerodynamic roof rack with a from-the-factory look lets you carry gear on your vehicle's naked roof. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum crossbars include top channels with noise-reducing Vortex strips. Integrated locks deter theft.


  • Quiet, low-profile roof rack lets you mount carriers and accessories on your vehicle's naked roof
  • Slim, elliptical crossbars create an extremely aerodynamic system
  • Flush design - bars don't extend past legs so the rack has a streamlined, from-the-factory look
  • Top channels let you add channel-mounted carriers and accessories
    • Clamp-on accessories can also be mounted to the bars
  • Rubberized Vortex strips in top channels dramatically reduce drag and wind noise
    • Keep dirt and grime out of crossbars
    • Provide cushioning and slip resistance for your cargo
  • Lightweight, structural-grade anodized aluminum bars are rustproof
    • Internal H-shaped extrusions provide exceptional bar strength
  • UV-treated, glass-reinforced nylon legs are weather resistant
  • Built-in locks secure crossbars to roof and secure channel-mounted carriers to crossbars
  • Easy, clamp-on installation to doorjambs
    • Custom-cut crossbars match the width of your vehicle's roof without adjustment
    • Vehicle-specific fit kit includes 4 leg pads, 4 clamps, and Allen key
  • Complete system includes 2 crossbars, 4 legs, and fit kit
  • Matte silver finish


  • Rack weight capacity: 165 lbs
  • Crossbar dimensions: 3-1/8" wide x 1-3/16" tall
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Rhino-Rack RS 2500 custom roof rack system

The low-profile, aerodynamic Rhino-Rack RS 2500 roof rack lets you carry gear and accessories on your vehicle's roof quietly and with little wind drag. It's designed for installation on a naked roof (a roof without factory raised side rails, flush rails, fixed mounting points, tracks, or rain gutters). The rack's Vortex Aero crossbars have built-in rubber strips that disrupt airflow for a quiet ride, and the bars are constructed of aluminum so they won't rust. These bars blend seamlessly with the support legs to provide a from-the-factory look, and they are custom cut to your specific vehicle so they require no adjustment during installation. The legs also include built-in locks that protect your gear and the rack from theft.

Aerodynamic Design

Rhino-Rack noise-reducing Vortex strip

The rubberized Vortex strips in the top channel of each crossbar disrupt airflow with evenly spaced, wave-shaped grooves. This carefully controlled turbulence minimizes wind noise and whistling, so you won't need to add a fairing to your roof rack. And the slim, elliptical Vortex Aero crossbars cut through the air with minimal drag - even at highway speeds.

Low-profile RS2500 roof rack system

The RS 2500 roof rack has a flush-mount design so the crossbars terminate at the legs with no overhang. This provides the rack with a seamless, from-the-factory look, and it also helps to improve aerodynamics by reducing drag and wind noise.

Strong, Durable Construction

Rhino-Rack Vortex H-shaped extrusion

The Vortex Aero crossbars are made of structural-grade anodized aluminum with H-shaped internal extrusions. These extrusions strengthen the bars without adding a significant amount of weight. And the aluminum bars won't rust so you can leave them on your roof year-round.

RS2500 glass-reinforced nylon legs

The rack's durable, glass-reinforced nylon legs are designed to stand up to cargo loads and weather extremes. They're also UV treated to withstand long-term exposure to sunlight.

Custom Fit for Easy Installation

Rhino-Rack RS2500 easy installation

The roof rack arrives at your doorstep almost completely assembled. The crossbars are already mounted into the nylon legs. And the bars are pre-cut to match the width of your vehicle's roof, so you won't need to waste any time centering them. The few remaining assembly steps are straightforward and require only the vehicle-specific fit kit.

Rhino-Rack RS2500 installation guide

The vehicle-specific fit kit includes pads and clamps specifically designed to fit the contours of your roof. To install, simply attach the pivoting plates and rubberized pads to the bottom of each leg. Then secure the legs to your vehicle with the metal clamps. Decals inside the legs and a diagram in the instructions help you to orient the crossbars on your roof.

Rhino-Rack Torkey

Once the crossbars are properly positioned, use the included Allen key to tighten them in place. The Allen key is designed to serve as a simple torque wrench. The curve in the blue plastic handle straightens when you've applied enough torque to each bolt.

Channel-Mounted and Clamp-On Accessories

Rhino-Rack snap-in Vortex strips

Each crossbar has a built-in C-channel so you can carry channel-mounted accessories such as bike racks, watersport carriers, and ski racks. The Vortex strips in the top channels come in 3 pieces, so they're easier to adjust than a single long, continuous strip. You can remove, trim, and re-insert the Vortex strips around the mounting hardware of your accessories to keep the crossbar channels capped and quiet. Replacement strips (sold separately) are also available if you remove your accessories or switch to clamp-on accessories.

You can also attach most clamp-on accessories to the bars, and the Vortex strips provide a shock-absorbing, no-slip cushion for any accessories that rest on them.

Built-In Security

RS2500 locking leg covers

Locking covers on each support leg let you secure accessories mounted in the crossbar top channels. These sturdy nylon covers give the rack a finished look and also help secure the rack to your roof. The cover locks are keyed alike, so a single key opens all locks.

RS337 Rhino Rack Vortex Aero RS2500 Roof Rack for Bare Roofs - Silver

RRRS337 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details RRRS337 Installation instructionsRRRS337 Installation InstructionsAlternate Instructions RRRS337 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2012 - 2018 Audi A6 4-Door

2012 - 2018 Audi S6 4-Door

Video of Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Roof Rack for Naked Roofs - Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Silver

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Vortex Aero Roof Rack Review

Today were going to be taking a look at the Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Custom Fit Roof Rack System. Rhino Rack makes a variety of custom fits for different vehicles out there so to see if we have one for you just refer to our website, One of the great advantages about the Rhino Rack Custom Fit Roof Rack System is that it comes with everything that you need for a complete roof rack. You have your bars, you have the legs. You have the custom fit. This is the clamp that goes around the roof line your vehicle. These are your pads that also go around that top portion of the roof line. You have some extra ridged strips that can replace any ones that you may damage due to whatever accessories that you want to put on there.

Youve got the tensioning tool and then you also have the end caps that go on the legs. These do come with four keys so you can lock each one of those on there securing your roof rack to your vehicle and also securing your accessories on your bars. The bars are going to offer a quiet low profile design. Theyre sleek and aerodynamic. Theyre going to be very strong, quiet and help maintain your fuel efficiency. Each bar features the rubberized vortex strips placed in the crossbars top channels. This is going to help reduce wind noise and drag.

A couple other features that those strips do is it really helps keep out the dirt and grime out of the crossbars. Its going to provide some extra cushion and slip resistance for whatever cargo you have onto your roof rack. We have the built in top channel on each bar. Thats going to let you add channel mounted carriers and accessories. Just slide back this cap here and then you can lift that up and you can place in the T-slotted carriers or accessories. Another thing that you can do is you can actually just make small incisions in here just enough to fit that accessory clamp up in there and that way you dont have to remove or cut any of your strips. It does come with some replacements.

These bars will also accommodate most clamp-on accessories. Today were going to be demonstrating this roof rack system using the silver bars but these are also available in black. Each bar is made from lightweight structural grade anodized aluminum. Its going to make them very durable and its also going to keep them resistant against rust. The bars feature an internal H-shaped extrusion. Its going to help provide exceptional bar strength throughout the entire bar. One of the great features about this roof rack system is that it pretty much comes all the way pre-installed. The legs are already attached to the bars all you need to do is attach the pads to the legs and the clamps.

Now what makes this custom is that each pad is designed to fit the contour of your roof line. Thats a great feature to have. Also each clamp is designed to fit the contour of your roof line as it goes around the door jam. They have nice pads right here and a little L-shaped bracket so its not going to scratch or scuff your door jam. Now were going to go ahead and show you how to assemble the fit kit to the crossbar system. We will be using our instruction guide. This is going to assure us that we place each pad in each clip in the right spot to best fit our vehicle. We went ahead and assembled three kits to three of our legs. Now here on our fourth one we want to go ahead and show you how to assemble it. Couple things to look for: each leg has a sticker on the inside thats going to tell you the placement of that leg. Right here it says RL thats for the rear left side of our vehicle which would be our drivers side. Theres also an arrow indicator here on our foot. These do detach very easily so we always want to make sure that the arrow indicator is pointing out away from our vehicle. Here on the pad we also have an arrow, if you can see that its right there on the pad. We always want to make sure that arrow is pointing towards the front of the vehicle. The pad just keeps into place and just like that thats installed. Then all we need to do is take our clip, this is going to go around our door jam and the bolt is going to thread into this portion here. Well take that and get the thread started. Were now ready to get the roof rack system onto our vehicle. To install the front crossbar were just going to go ahead and open up both front doors. Well then grab our front bar and place it onto the front part of our vehicle. To make sure we have this in the correct spot we need to take a measurement from the center of our door jam to the center of our leg. That measurement needs to be 250mm or 9-27/32 of an inch. Were going to line up here at the door jam of our vehicle. Were going to measure out. Were just going to try to get it in the right area and then we can adjust it as needed. Well move to the other side and repeat that same process. Doing this measurement on both sides of the vehicle just ensures that our feet are in line with each other. Its also going to help ensure that when we install the rear bar that both bars are parallel with one another. With both of those in place well go and tighten everything down. Well take the included tension tool, place it right there on the bolt and then we just want to snug one side down and then well move to the other side and tighten that up a little bit to see how that custom fit really fits nicely around the door jam of the vehicle. Now well go back over to our passenger side and well tighten some more. You can see here that the tension tool has a small curve to it. When you have everything tightened down enough thats actually going to become straight that way you can ensure yourself that you dont over tighten it and damage the finish on your vehicle. Now well go ahead and install the rear crossbar. First thing that we need to do is open up our rear doors. Then well grab our rear bar and place it onto the rear part of our roof. Now to ensure we have this bar in the correct location well need to do another measurement. That measurement is going to be 700mm or 27-9/16 of an inch. Were going to measure from the center of our front bar to the center of our rear bar. Please keep in mind that this is a custom fit and these measurements apply to this vehicle so the measurements will vary for your specific vehicle. Well go ahead and snug this side down and then we dont want to over tighten too much because you can see how it pulls the bar closer to this side so thats why we tighten a little bit at a time on each side. Our tensioning tool is straight up so we know that we got it tightened enough. Now well go ahead and install our end caps. The custom fit also comes with some stickers. These stickers are designed to be peeled off and place directly under the clamp as a reference guide for always making sure you get that clamp back in the correct position every time you remove and replace your roof rack. The system has custom cuts slightly arched crossbars that are going to compliment your vehicles roof line. The crossbars mount directly into the leg to create a smooth roof rack with no overhangs. The four legs are made from UV-treated glass reinforced nylon and theyre going to be very durable and weather resistant. This roof rack system does have a maximum load capacity but you want to be sure to refer to your vehicle manufacturers handbook for maximum roof load capacity and then youll always want to use the lower of the two figures. The crossbar dimensions are going to measure 3-1/8 of an inch in width and 1-3/16 of an inch in height. The Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Custom Roof Rack System also features a limited lifetime warranty. Now well take it out and show you it performs and what it looks like going down the road. Were out here on the highway at highway speed without our roof rack installed and with our decibel reader here you can see that without it installed youre hitting about 73-74 decibels. With this roof rack system installed you will see that there is virtually no change in the decibel reading. Thats going to do it for our review of the Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Custom Fit Roof Rack System. .

Customer Reviews

Rhino-Rack RS 2500 Roof Rack for Naked Roofs - Vortex Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Silver - RRRS337

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (262 Customer Reviews)

This quiet, aerodynamic roof rack with a from-the-factory look lets you carry gear on your vehicle's naked roof. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum crossbars include top channels with noise-reducing Vortex strips. Integrated locks deter theft.

- RRRS605B

by: Scott F.09/11/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Great product and fit. I must admit that my reasons for choosing this rack were slightly petty: I wanted contoured bar ends (no overhanging bars), I wanted low-profile (compared to OEM), and I wanted the rack in black. Yakima's forthcoming Flushbar is attractive, but not available for my GTI when I needed to make a move. So I went this Rhino Rack. The bars look great and are almost silent when naked. I can hear a change is wind noise at 60 mph, but no measurable sound increase. At 70 mph, I hear what sounds like crosswinds, but no howling or ringing. I tried Rhino Rack's fairing, but the rack is quieter without a fairing. The Vortex 2500 RS is that good! Don't bother with the fairing, especially if you drive at high speeds (it vibrates against the paint at speeds greater than 73 mph). Installation is a breeze, especially once the initial fitting is done and the included "arrow" stickers are placed. The included security torque wrench is a slick feature. I wouldn't consider the key locks to be security against rack theft since the plastic covers are probably easy to break off. But they are a slight deterrent and guard against accidental removal of the covers. My primary use is to carry a cargo box, but the rack may see duty carrying other loads, too. 431119

- RRRS546B

by: Peter03/11/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Ideally, I wanted a permanent-mount roof rack that looked like it came from the factory. I did find a company that makes them, but my auto body guy thought it was a bad idea. This Rhino Rack is the next best thing. It doesn't like factory-issue, but it's sharp and doesn't look like some slap-on. It also seems much more solid and substantial than the factory rack I had on my old car (Pontiac Vibe). Installation was no issue, with only a couple hiccups. The rubber strips weren't already installed on the rails and it was a bit of a pain to get them in so they didn't have any bumps. Other than that, everything went great. I took my time with measuring where the racks go on the roof, but that's a one-time thing, after marking where the racks go for the next install. Speaking of which, the white arrow stickers they give you weren't very helpful for me since I have a white car. But I had some other miscellaneous auto stickers that I used to make a thin black line for the racks to line up to. I like the line better than having to guesstimate the center of the clamp to line up to the arrow. But I'm probably more worried about being exactly lined up than I need to be. The etrailer youtube video (link) was an excellent resource for installation if/when the written directions weren't clear to a bonehead like me. I was kind of hoping the rails would fit in the space under the C-Max's rear seat, but they're just a little too wide. Bottom line, I'm very happy with the rack, and etrailer did a great job handling my order. 351474

- RRRS332B

by: Erin S.09/02/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I ordered this for my 2010 Kia Soul +. It feels like a quality product and was relatively easy to install. It took me about an hour, but a good portion of that was completely reading the instructions. Once I figured out how the instructions were laid out it was straightforward. The other time-consuming tasks were measuring the placement and running back and forth to place and tighten the two sides evenly. It doesn't help that I'm only 5'2" so I was constantly hopping up on the door frame to get the racks in position. I anticipate that if I need to take them off for some reason it will only take me a few minutes to reinstall them now that the parts are assembled* and placement is marked with included stickers. (*I was also happy to see that some items came preassembled so I could skip a couple steps of the instructions, and the only necessary tool was included.) Having the sunroof open is now slightly louder, but I don't notice increased noise or resistance from the racks alone with the sunroof closed. They hold my 10'6" paddle board well (with cinch straps purchased at Lowes for a few bucks). The racks arrived within 10 days of purchase and someone from etrailer was in contact with me twice during that time to let me know when I could expect delivery. Etrailer was also helpful before the sale when I called to ask questions about several of their racks. When the package arrived my cousin noticed the return address and noted that he had purchased a couple items from etrailer in the past and had had great experience with their customer service, even when he was just looking for advice. I would purchase from etrailer again and recommend this product. 223642


I just removed and replaced my Rhino-Rack for the first time for a car wash. It took me 7 minutes to replace them, and probably the same amount of time to remove them, though that included the time to remember where I had put the key and tool. The placement stickers made it very easy. Im still very happy with these racks.

-- comment by: Erin S - 10/24/2015


- RRRS499

by: SteveB06/16/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

It's been a year so forgive me any fuzziness. No complaints that I recall about vendor. Pretty sure it shipped and arrived quickly. The product in general was well made. The bars are light but very rigid. The bases seem sturdy for even heavy loads. I'm also impressed they don't add noticeable noise when driving at speed. I have complaints about this models fit on the Prius-C though. Biggest issue.. Even when carefully verifying placement and checking online for updated measurements, the back brackets don't fit properly. I've never been able to put the covers on over rear brackets. I suspect the rear bar (precut for my car) should be a bit longer and the rear bracket claws should be slightly longer and bent at different angle to get them to properly tuck into towers when installed. As is, rear brackets protrude too much so covers won't fit. Other issues.. Wit even longer bracket arms, I believe the bars could have been fit farther apart. As is, they mount very close to each other (2ft apart ?). Also noticed paint chipped off top door edge.. If you close door too firmly, the gasket will compress to point door frame contacts bracket arms and paint will chip off. Most recent issue, panels between removable bracket covers and cross bars are falling off. Bottom line.. It's a sturdy set of bars. I brought home a ripped sheet of plywood, two 1x8 cedar boards, three 1x4 + one 12' 1x4 + one sopping wet 4x4 ( all pressure treated.. Heavy) this past weekend and the bars could have handled way more than that. Heck, even though they mount very close, I moved a 72lb 16'/32' extension ladder on them and they held up fine. However... I only recommend for the PriusC if you only intend to use them occasionally and you remove them when not needed. They attach firmly but don't fit well enough to leave on all the time. 261917

- RRRS478B

by: Tim B04/13/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

This was fairly easy to install - be sure to NOT over-tighten the security bolts. There is very low wind noise when kayaks were and were not loaded - that was nice, especially for long trips. The instructions only had millimeter measurements and no inches conversions, so know your metrics. Service representatives were fabulous when we called to ask questions too! 184976


We still LOVE this rack! We have taken our kayaks across the state and it has held up. In lieu of removing the racks, we use the No Touch car wash places - it is just easier for us. We recommend this product and will check Etrailer first for any future purchases.

Tim B - 04/25/2016


- RRRS299B

by: Colin H06/21/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

So far so good. Incredibly easy to put together and install, took me all of about 20 minutes. Love the fact that it's 50% already done for you. I purchased them for my 2010 Mazda 5 to take a trip from Brooklyn NY to Williamsburg VA. Because Lord knows anyone who owns this minivan knows that 6 people plus luggage just doesn't fit, at least comfortably and safely. I haven't used them as of yet, but they do feel secure. My only complaint for now is the distance between the two racks looks a little small. So I'm not sure how I'm going to arrange the pieces of luggage. But I would still recommend them for purchase 397044

- RRRS596

by: Rudy Z01/19/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I am impressed by how good these racks look on my 2014 Mazda 6. They were very easy to install - took me less than an hour. Could have been in less time but i was very careful with the measurements. The racks feel very sturdy and of high quality. I was originally looking for Thule racks to fit my Mazda, but Thule did not offer the flush crossbars as i was looking for a sleek factory look. Overall i am very satisfied with these racks and happy with etrailers excellent customer service, even post purchase. I just installed a Thule Criterium bike carrier - i needed an adapt8 adapter but it worked out well! 333651

- RRRS519B

by: Cabin Man09/19/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

The product fits perfect on the roof of my 2012 Crew cab Silverado. It has the rounded smooth corners, which it makes it appear to be manufacturer installed since my track is black. I used to remove them every time after I was finished using them. Several months ago, I decided to keep them installed all the time and it has not been a problem. I know how high the top of the track stand from the ground with the bars installed. So, when I go to a cover garage, I know ahead of time if the truck will clear or not. I use them to carry my safari rack when I go to the mountains about 5 time a year. This product is very easy to install and comes with all the proper instructions. The only drawback with the instructions is that it uses the metric system to instruct the user on how far from the center of the cab each bar should be installed but whomever wrote the document did not use a decimal point. If the user is not familiar with the metric system, it can throw the user for a loop. 296517


The product still is holding strong. The appearance still in perfect shape. No regrets. Money very well spent.

Cabin M - 09/19/2017


- RRRS349B

by: Thejoshfisher07/23/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I think this rack is a nice buy. It fit pretty well. Would like about an half inch to one inch wider for my 2015 Volkswagen Passat TDI to make it fit just a bit nicer. It went on fairly easy though. Nice thick rubber pads. And really only here wind noise over 60mph. Guessing most of that noise is coming from my actual Yakima bike mounts though. Super happy with it thought. Great price for it and good build quality. 213993


Still an awesome rack! Just went on a 3500 mile trip through Colorado and Utah. Experience almost Toronado like storm on the way out with my two bikes on the roof and didnt budge at all. nice and solid. Bikes were stable even in the high winds and still doing 60-70mph depending on visability. Love how it fits and the big nice rubber pads provide protection on my car. Best Rack I have owned.

Thejoshfisher - 07/22/2016


- RRRS018

by: Wyatt06/06/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I ordered the Rhino roof rack because I was not sure I was going to like having a rack on my Acura TSX. But I needed more room in the car. And it was the cheapest one that looked like the way more expensive other models. I just sold my Suburban and doing travel baseball with two kids and my wife and I. We need more room in the little car TSX. I was excited when it got to my house in 2 days when I didn't expect to see it for a week. It mounted on the car within a half hour so easy. It looked great. I couldn't wait to put a load on it. So I started with a cooler full of food and "sodas", a canopy like the ones that are 10'x10'that we use at the ballgames and as many chairs I could fit on top. Then tied it all down. We went to to park and had a little picnic. The Rhino held up great. It handles anything I put on it. Now all I need is load carrying air bags under the Acura. And I have a truck again. ?? I also carry a small tackle box with all kinds of tie downs. Like bungee cords and the loop kind of bungees, ratchet straps and rope. In spare tire area. Looks great. Works great. Worth every penny. Thank you for reading hope it helps you buy this Rhino product for your car/truck. 258177

- RRRS254B

by: Terrie B09/22/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Solid product. Easy install. Felt like they made the rear rail too short though, by about a half an inch (evidently these are custom cut for your year and model car). It barely fit, while the front had plenty of length to go across. I did get it to work, but would have preferred being able to have it a little longer/wider? to not have the cushion on the bar edging over the seam of the roof. It is on solidly though and does look great unless you are a bit ocd with the front rail feet being farther from the seams than the rear one is and the securing screws not being able to be screwed in as far. 297895

- RRRS011

by: Chris B06/25/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Fast shipping unit arrived earlier than I thought it would. Assembly was a little tricky as the instructions are not the best. I did find that it came partially assembled so I got to skip some steps. I was puzzled about the rubber pad install direction as the instructions said to point the arrow to the front but it can only be installed pointing left or right (the side of the car) Maybe they changed the arrow in the mold. After looking through all the paperwork I figured it out. You need to read the separate DK instructions to figure out how to fit it for your car. Just measure from the door jamb and I used a pencil to mark then used the little arrow stickers that come with it. I had one clip that seemed to be not a tight flush fit to the car so I took both off and switched sides and now it fits perfect. Locks fit nice and the silver goes with my silver car. I can shake the car it is very secure. Assembly and installation took about 1/2 hour and really is easy. I love how it is custom fit for my car. I would give it 5 starts but took one off for the directions being not so good. Suggestion fix the step 3 to show how to install the rubber pad. 264975

- RRRS490

by: Jim C05/12/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I had been carrying my kayak INSIDE my 2010 Prius for a year and decided it was time to add a little class to my act with the addition of a roof rack. I was interested in a rack that would be durable, easy to install, and not noisy. I'm quite pleased with the performance of the Rhino Rack with the vortex aero crossbars. It really has exceeded my expectations. I particularly like the rubber pads that runs across the top of the bars because I cinch the kayak down tight against these without fear of damaging the kayak. On the Prius, the rear rack bar installs easily every time; however, it takes me a few minutes to get the front rack properly positioned because of the slope of the roof line. Overall, I'm quite pleased, and I do recommend this rack for the 2010 Prius. 379536

- RRRS378B

by: Gibbo10/05/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Nice product, fit perfectly. I have left it on the car for a year in Los Angeles sun and no fading. Adds no additional wind noise that I can hear. I never worry about it. 439624

- RRRS317

by: Peter L.04/23/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I bought this roof rack for 2014 Porsche Cayenne Diesel. I prefer to drive with "naked" roof. In my opinion car looks nicer without factory installed roof rails. BTW rails can't be installed by the dealership, only in a factory. By choosing Rhino-Rack Rs 2500 I can drive most of the time without roof rack and install it quickly for vacations. Product came mostly assembled with clear instructions. I am enclosing pictures. Also I did my research before deciding what to buy. Thule aero blades can't be custom fit. You need to purchase a 60" aero blade which creates overhangs on all 4 corners(I don't like how it looks). Rhino-Rack is custom fit for every vehicle and has no overhangs. I tried to fit my Thule box - fits perfectly. Regarding wind noise - can't tell the difference between driving with and without roof rack(I even tried with sunroof open). Overall very satisfied with the purchase. 187756

- RRRS710B

by: Darrick02/28/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

After waiting months for this product to hit the market its finally here. The fit is perfect and the design quality is excellent. When opened the box I was expecting many different parts to assemble that would take some time to piece together. I was wrong. This product shipped fully assembled except for the bracket and the rubber strips and feet. The installation was very simple and only took me twenty minutes or less. 346807

- RRRS299B

by: Stephen S08/06/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Product is great and not too hard to install if you get the box with instructions in it. My box had a couple of pages that did not relate to my application. Now, after an hour of trying to figure it out I called the company and they tried to help but finally hooked me up with a technical person in Colorado who finally emailed me aa actual instruction sheet...all downhill after that. Total installations about three and a half hours. 217276


It has worked perfectly and for a third of the OEM rack price

Stephen S - 08/16/2016


- RRRS131B

by: Bonnie P.09/10/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

We still love the Rhino removable roof racks we installed on our 2004 Prius. We've used them on several occasions ranging from storage luggage, etc. on trips to helping people move and strapping handtrucks on the top to carrying home improvement items that are too big/bulky to fit inside the car. They haven't budged even a smidge since we initially installed them and it's nice knowing we could quickly and easily take them off at any time if we wanted (although I can't imagine why we'd ever want to!). The only thing that prevented giving a 5-star rating is that I wish, from a strictly personal viewpoint, that the cover over the ends of the bars where they lock onto the car frame covered all the way down to the car itself rather than ending a bit above. I think that would give them more of a finished "permanently installed" look but even so, they still look perfectly fine and it has no effect on how great they work. Our only regret is that we didn't buy them sooner! 430810

- RRRS548

by: Mitch10/28/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

The racks look great and have a low profile. Before installing my bike rack, I took the car for a test spin with only the rails installed and could hear no discernible difference in the noise level at highway speeds. The fit and finish is really nice and the install was very easy. I wish there was less of a gap between the feet and the housings at each fix point, but that is my only complaint. was great. They shipped the racks quickly and followed up with me the day they came in. Overall I like them better than the Thule rack I'm coming from on my old car. 231014

- RRRS600B

by: Mike P07/07/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I was a little skeptical about ordering these crossbars, there was no application listed for a Mercedes E Coupe with panoramic sunroof. I am happy to say that they will work with the sunroof, allows about 1/2" clearance between the bottom of the bars and the roof panel. The fit is perfect, easy install, and very quiet, even a 80mph with bikes mounted. 268926


I have traveled hundreds of miles with two bikes, no problems, great product.

Mike P - 07/10/2017


- RRRS522B

by: Bub11/17/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I have this rack set up on my '04 Silverado - to me they are just as good or better than the big name/big price roof racks. I like that they are vehicle specific, and don't have tube supports hanging out the sides. This may or may not work for your use but certainly makes for a cleaner factory type look. I've had them on and off several times and appreciate the supplied locator stickers that go on the inside of the door jambs when re-installing, makes it easy. I currently have a wire basket mounted to the Rhinos. Thumbs up, good product. 317512

- RRRS612

by: Scott S09/13/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Perfect fit and easy install on my 2015 Nissan rouge. Installed in less than 1hr by myself. Only thing is, I should have purchased a separate mount kit to shorten the bolts on the J Kayak carrier mount. The space between the rear crossbar and roof is very limited and the instructions say that different mount kits are sold separately. It works with the universal mount but would be better with a different one. There was definitely a mount kit listed in instructions that would work but I forget the product #. 225311

- RRRS264B

by: Anthony Weaver11/19/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

What a great transaction. etrailer shipped the product fast, complete, and in perfect condition. If you own a 2012 Nissan Juke and need a killer roof rack, look no further..This IS the model you are looking for. Just buy it! It is a perfect fit and I installed it after watching the video in 45 min without issue. It's very sturdy(although I have not carried anything yet) and looks great on the car. We also bought the side mount kyack attachment and will be using that to carry our ocean kyack to the beach this weekend..(300 miles) I hope it's as sturdy as it feels and I will report back if we have any issues. From what I see so far, I don't expect any! Great job Rhino and etrailer! 232238

- RRRS097B

by: Michael W.12/03/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I'm completely satisfied with my purchase from etrailer. First, the company provides terrific support, from installation instructions to responding quickly to questions. Second, the carriers are great. They are easy to install and remove. I am confident they are securely installed and my skis are safe. I wasn't worried about them as I drove down I-80 in Wyoming at 80mph. Having the skis on the roof made it possible for me, my wife, our infant son in his car seat, our dog, our cat in his carrier, and our luggage to fit in our car so we could enjoy a week-long ski trip in Utah. The only reason I held back from giving a 5-star review is the noise. I might be able to reduce it by moving around the rail inserts or adding an air dam. I'll report back if either of those work. Until then, I'll happily and confidently keep using the carriers. 322925


I wouldnt give the racks as high of marks as I did a year ago. The plastic covers for the brackets have become extremely difficult to get back on. The last two times I used the bars, I just left them off. Thankfully no one has stolen the racks, but not having them on makes me nervous.

Michael W - 12/09/2017


- RRRS475B

by: Fercho A09/25/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Strong and sturdy material, I liked the locks on each side, very easy to put on my cars. I bought this product for my Acura in the beginning, but we bought A Ford F-150 Platinum, now I'm even more happy because works out in both vehicles ..!!! 436421

- RRRS361B

by: Michael C.08/06/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Great car rack. Looks like a factory install. Took my time (measuring and tightening) installing only because I'm a pefectionist. Shipping was quick and to my door. I would recommend etrailer to anyone and would use their product again. 280457


I love the rack. Used it plenty of times and had compliments on its looks especially from Subaru employees. I would and have recommended this product to friends and others.

Michael C - 12/13/2017


- RRRS633B

by: Ryan K08/24/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

The Rhino Rack for my 2015 Subaru Legacy fits great, was very easy to put together and install. I put my thule kayak attachment on top and it works great. Minimal wind noise and haven't noticed a significant reduction in my MPG. 221403


Great! No issues to date, I use the rack a lot for kayaking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter

Ryan K - 08/23/2016


- RRRS416

by: David T.05/19/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Rhino Rack Installation 250800

- RRRS475B

by: John B.07/06/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Ordered it online as they had the best price. I had done my research over a few days. Actually found an online discount code too. I needed the product for a family vacation, so needed it rather quick. I forgot to make sure I got it with quicker delivery terms than the "free delivery". I called right back. Great person answered, said that it would likely go out as soon as product was avail, not to worry. She said she would call me if there was an issue. So, a bit nervous yes, but I trusted her. Got an email within 24 hours that it was getting shipped. Had it 2 days later. Great customer service and follow up. The easy part is surfing and buying online. The hard part is getting service. These guys were great. I would buy again. Oh, product was as advertised. Works great. Happy customer. 268645

- RRRS323B

by: Roberta H.12/22/2014

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Purchased, received, and installed Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Crossbars on my 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback. The fit is perfect. I watched the video instruction first so doing the job was super easy. I had absolutely no problems with the installation. The bars are very solid and well made. My sister said they look "legit" , like factory installed luggage racks do! I have decided to leave them on the car as there is no wind noise off them. Plus they do look cool. I also purchased the Rhino Rack 440 master Fit Cargo Box: Highly recommend this box. Super easy to installed - very solid attachment to crossbars. 166437

- RRRS490

by: kim w.03/30/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Put these racks on my plug-in Prius. Read the blogs, like the guy who said his flew off (maybe due to over tightening). The handy-dandy plastic torque driver works great. Cleaver invention. Bummer, only got 45 mpg with the cartop box :-) average from Orlando to San Francisco and back. Experienced 50MPH headwinds while doing 70. Had to slow down to 50-55 with the 50mph crosswinds in Phoenix to keep it in my lane. Stuffed the cartop box with camping gear and had a wonderful time. Took video up through the windshield in high winds to verify cartop box stability - rock solid. 360697

- RRRS454B

by: Jared D.09/03/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

These car top carriers look great! I ordered them on August 25th and received them September 1st. They were easy to install and are a good fit. With the elliptical shape of the crossbars I realized that the Malone J-style kayak racks I've been using wouldn't fit. However, these are old and needed replaced as well, so I called the etrailer customer service department today to ask about the Rhino-Rack J-Style Kayak Folding Carrier. The product expert assured me that these would fit on my newly installed roof rack. I expect the J-style racks will arrive later next week. 291088

- RRRS349

by: Tim06/04/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I bought a set of Rhino roof racks for a VW Passat. Fit was/is perfect. Installation was simple. I have use the racks for a full size Thule car top coffin and for racks for a kayak. I drove from northern Wisconsin to the gulf coast of Florida with the large carrier on top and absolutely no issues. Wind noise is noticeable but the car has a sunroof and I usually drive with windows open when weather permits. With the sunroof closed and the inside headliner panel closed, not so much. They perform as designed and are an absolute bargain compared to the comparable VW roof rack system. I got an e-mail today asking for a review as it had been one year since purchase... That's a great idea etrailer! How could someone give an adequate review at the time of purchase. 256853

- RRRS230B

by: Greg Z10/07/2014

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Overall a really nice roof rack system... looks great, very solid, and best off all I have experienced zero noise even at speeds over 70 mph. They only reason I'm not giving it a 5 star rating is because the front bar is too short and does not fit where the factory load bars would go ( 2013 vw golf mk5 tabs inside the door jam). Sits about 2 or 3 inches behind those tabs. 154856

- RRRS131

by: Gilad S.08/06/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I purchased a Rhino-Rack RS 2500 roof rack set up for transporting two bikes last June. I spent a total of $650 on the setup, which depended on the foundation of the Rhino-Rack RS 2500. The rack served me well until last week, when I went to get into my car and discovered that the rack had been stolen. I purchased this rack in large part because of the locks that are supposed to prevent this kind of theft. It appears to have been relatively easy to subvert the locks on the Rhino-Rack RS 2500, as the thing disappeared without any damage to the car. I'm just glad that my bike wasn't stolen as well. I am very disappointed, obviously, and now have to wonder whether I can continue to trust the claims of safety and security on Rhino products. 280682

- RRRS428B

by: Chris Review09/17/2014

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Love it. Haven't used it yet but I will be using it this weekend on my travel. 151722


It is ok. The rack is durable but it scratched my truck where the arrows go in thew door well. Not very happy about ythat. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone

Chris R - 09/17/2015


- RRRS284B

by: Cindy Lou10/12/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Purchased this Rhino Rack for my Chevy Spark. I have a sunroof and that did not get in the way of the rack. I can open it. It is a really great rack, locks and was relatively easy to install. You do have to measure it. I dont know if it is because my roof's space is so small; but the whistle effect from this is absolutely terrible. I also don't know if this would be the case with anything I use, due to the lack of room to even position it. It does the trick perfectly though, it is removable and lockable- just what I wanted. 229808

- RRRS540B

by: Jeff07/28/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

One of the least expensive options on the market. Construction is of good quality and they work as advertised. Have used them on several trips with skis and a cargo box under full load - they worked without a problem. Downside on these racks is that they are one of the most complicated to put on the car. Setup, measures and translation of Australian instructions to meaningful english (newtons as LB torq?) would help this product. The foot bases do not stay attached on their own, be aware when storing the racks as the feet can easily disconnect and get lost in the shuffle. Overall worth the price compared to other well known brands, just be prepared for a bit more effort in getting them on and keeping them together. 411848

- RRRS490

by: MLee01/30/2017

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

No complaints here. Racks arrived partially assembled, along with a set of instructions which made assembly of the second rack a cinch. Well written instructions and graphics for roof mounting made it a breeze. This rack style clips to the under side of roof for quick removal if needed. I use mine a couple times a week and have left it on ever since. Stylish and quiet on the freeway. I use it to carry surfboards. Safer to carry boards on racks than inside the car and keeps the interior clean from wax and saltwater. 336748

- RRRS450B

by: Georgi05/31/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Great rack!! Fits perfectly on my 2010 Honda Accord Coupe. Used it couple of times transporting my 12' kayak. No problems at all. 254456

- RRRS490B

by: Bootscootindave02/04/2015

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Wow, it came so fast and fit perfectly. Great seller. Thanks again. 172365


Well we crossed the country coast-2-coast and its still on our car. We love the design and use. Especially enjoy how quiet it is up there.

Bootscootindave - 02/06/2016


- RRRS298B

by: Ben S.09/06/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Love the Rhino-Racks!! They fit perfectly on my car (2000 BMW 328i) and have been using them every weekend to transport my surfboards. Their shape makes them very quiet when driving which is a nice bonus, plus they look cool. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for great roof racks. 291683

- RRRS253B

by: Dale M.09/14/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Haven't put kayaks on yet but seems to fit , and looks great. 294537

- RRRS602

by: Mike V.08/19/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Product arrived partially assembled and was easy to install. The RS 2500 rack is well made, sturdy and and looks great...all for a fraction of the cost of an OEM rack! Add great customer service from eTrailer and I had a very positive buying experience.. 285431

- RRRS519B

by: Jared K.08/10/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Roof racks installed pretty easily. It took a bit of time to get the measurements right but that was more an issue with the height of my truck, not the fault of the racks. I used them last weekend to haul a canoe on a 400 mile drive with no issues. 282241

- RRRS372

by: Markos09/21/2014

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

I would highly recommend the product and sales company. 152327


Thank you for asking. I am please with the product and certainly will recommend it or buy more.

Markos - 09/28/2015


- RRRS548

by: XY09/08/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

We have owned this rack for a year now, and we really like it. It has the widest span over the roof among what we can find, and it looks good on our 2014 Honda accord. works well with our Thule supersonic cargo box, medium size (we had a pair of rack before this one, but the span was so narrow and just not safe to put a box on top, and then we find this one and we are happy with it). It is very easy to put on, and if you take it off say in winter like us, there is a tape marker provided that label the position and makes you next installation very easy. It does add a bit of noise in high way, but that's granted and it is not too bad at all. 292384

- RRRS605B

by: Dafunkdoc08/04/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

This is a great product. Installation was a breeze. The look is fabulous and aggressive in black. I had oem VW crossbars which were great but made alot of wind noise. The Vortex 2500 has very minimal wind noise which was my whole purpose in seeking a low profile aerodynamic roof rack. It has exceeded my expectations. I think my stock exhaust is more intrusive. I like the Rhino Rack so much that I purchased another for my Cx9. Cheers!!! 279850

- RRRS299

by: sabrownfl09/17/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Purchased this kit for a 2014 Mazda5. Price was great, and it shipped to Florida in three days. Installation was easy, although having two different sets of instructions in the box was a bit confusing at first. Once I actually READ the instructions, all was well. Changing the parts out from "clamp" to direct install was easy, and installation (completed solo) took about an hour. Fit is perfect, rack is solid as a rock, no movement. There is some slight whistling at highway speed, but I expected that based on previous cars with aftermarket racks. I'm happy, and more importantly, my wife is happy! You can buy with confidence! 295759

- RRRS301B

by: G. Bysdra05/17/2016

Review from a similar Rhino Rack RS 2500 in Roof Rack

Rhino Roof Rack Installation Photos 250597

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