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Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs - Qty 4

Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs - Qty 4

Item # INXS250
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These Through feet help you mount 2 Inno Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof to create an extended-length roof rack. Locking covers secure system to roof. Great Prices for the best roof rack from Inno. Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs - Qty 4 part number INXS250 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Inno Roof Rack - INXS250

  • Feet
  • 4 Pack
  • Inno

These Through feet help you mount 2 Inno Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof to create an extended-length roof rack. Locking covers secure system to roof.


  • 4 Feet let you mount Inno Aero crossbars on your vehicle's naked roof
    • Pair with 2 crossbars and a custom fit kit (sold separately) to create a complete roof rack
  • Through design helps create an extended-length roof rack that maximizes carrying capacity
  • Torque tool included to secure feet to your roof
  • Easy, slide-on installation to channels in bottoms of crossbars
  • Locking covers secure system to your roof
    • Also secure T-slot-mounted accessories to your crossbars
    • 2 Keys included
  • Durable, weather-resistant AES plastic construction


  • Weight capacity: 165 lbs
    • Always observe your vehicle's maximum roof load capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty

XS250 Inno Aero Bar Through Stays for Bare Roofs - Qty 4

Installation Details INXS250 Installation instructions

Video of Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs - Qty 4

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Inno Aero Crossbar Roof Rack Installation - 2020 Ford Edge

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at Etrailer and today we'll be taking a look at our Inno roof rack system with the Inno through feet, the 54 inch long Inno arrow cross bars, and our custom fit kit for your 2020 Ford Edge. So you have your Ford Edge and you want to carry different things on top of it. So if you are going out for adventures, maybe you want to put a bike rack or even a kayak on top, or if you're just going on a road trip, you might want to be able to carry more luggage or have more storage space, and you want a roof basket or a roof box. Whichever of those you want, the first thing you need is a roof rack system. So this is the Inno roof rack system with the through feet and the 54 inch long crossbars.

This gives you a little bit more height clearance compared to your low-profile crossbars. Gives you a bit more length compared to your flush crossbars, not as much as if you wanted the wider version, we have it here as well at Etrailer. So we're gonna take a look at this specific system in this specific configuration, just to see if it's a right fit for your adventures, whatever you want to carry, and your 2020 Ford Edge. So the first thing about this system is how tall it is. So compared to, let's say, the Inno flush feet, which is more low-profile and sits closer to your vehicle.

This gives you a bit extra height when it comes to your accessories, it's gonna be helpful. So I'll take some measurements with the glass roof down. We have it measuring from the top of the roof to the bottom of the crossbars, it's gonna sit about three and five eighths inches of clearance. So that's gonna be helpful for if you have accessories that have clamps, clearance for that. If you want to carry your skis and your snowboards, you'll want to have enough clearance for those bindings.

Now, the height added to the top of your roof is going to be about four and three quarter inches from the top of your glass roof to the top of your crossbars. Now you do have a slight slope on your Ford Edge's roof. So that will be a little bit different depending on where you look, though if you want the most clearance, go as far out of your crossbars as you can get. One thing about the Inno Crossbar System is it looks really, really good. You have this sleek black powder coat finish.

This is made of aluminum, which gives it strength. It has 165 pound weight capacity, but also light weight. This is their arrow bars, which means compared to your traditional round or square crossbars, which can be noisy on the road, this is a bit more aerodynamic, reduces wind drag and wind noise. A cool thing about modern aerobars is they now have key slots or key tracks. So when you have things mounted that are T track compatible, you just push this down and mount it, which is a lot better than let's say Rhino-Rack we have to cut the different strips or Tully, which tends to come apart, this is very easy to use. Highly recommended if you are concerned about clearance around your bars. With this having through feet, you do get a little bit of extra overhang, but not much for this configuration. Measure from the end of the tower to the end of the end cap, it sits at about one inch of overhang, which isn't that much. I highly recommend if you do want overhang, taking a look at the longer crossbars. Holding our crossbars up are Inno through feet. So these have locking cores in them. And as you get them as a set, you get two keys that can access all four tower doors or tower caps. So once you have that unlocked, you can now access your roof rack system, mount and dismount it, and then when you're ready to go, you just pop this back in, tighten that down, and that provides you a nice security measure. And finally you have your custom fit kit. So make sure to use our Etrailer fit guide for whatever vehicle you have, because we have the kit fully compiled together with the different things you need, since you have different hooks and you have different pads, notice how they conform to the grooves of your vehicle. You want to make sure you get the right fit for you and then install them properly. So let's take a look at that install process as I guide you through it, just to see if that's something you can do on your own. So the install process for your Inno roof rack system is going to be a little bit involved because it involves a custom fit kit. But that's what this video is for. I'm gonna guide you through the process, explain what the different numbers on your pads, as well as your hooks mean, and then help you get your fit kit, your towers, and your crossbars fully assembled on your Ford Edge. So I already installed the rear crossbar and we are going to install the front crossbar together. So the fit kit for your front crossbar is gonna be the pads with a number 425 on it, and then the hook with a number 121 on it. So we're gonna set up the towers first with the pads for the bottom, so I'm gonna get the 425 one. I'm going to have it where we have our groove facing away from the front of the tower, and just pop it in. Now we're gonna put the towers in our crossbar, but we have to set up the crossbar first. So you're gonna get a plate that looks like this, have it where you have your notch facing outside your crossbar, slide this tray through, and just pop this in from underneath. Once that's in there, you just slide the full silver weight tray through, and then you have this button here, press that button and continue until you stop. Then get your tower with the tray on the inside. You're just gonna line it up. Notice how you have those different brackets, as well as that bolt, so that bolt is gonna fit right on top and then you push in on this tower, see how that just pushes in, as you slide that through. Now how far out do you put your towers before you tighten it down You're gonna have a middle point right over here in the center of your crossbar, and then you're gonna measure out. So for our front crossbar, it's gonna be from the center to the front of the crossbar, 22 and five eighths inches. So I'm gonna measure for that and move the tower accordingly. Once you have it where you need it to be as per the measurements, you can tighten it down with this tool right here. With this in place, you can now put it on your roof. So very gently set it as far onto your roof as you can, and then get it lined up with your measurements later. So our measurement for the front crossbar is going to be measured from the door, and it's gonna be eight and three quarter inches. So just move the center of your crossbar and line it up with that measurement. That's also how we got our measurement for our rear crossbars. With both of them lined up, you're then going to be able to attach the hook. So I left this bolt in our tower and I have to take that one off first. With that out, we can now fit the hook on top, just like that, and then use this bolt to tighten it down. So just hand thread it through first. Once you have the other side with this hook partially tightened on to, you're then gonna use the torque tool included with this kit to tighten it down fully. Now you're gonna have to hear for that click, do it a second time. And then you know it's fully tightened down. And with this fully secured, you can know that even if you slam a door on it, you'll be okay. The final step, once everything is tightened down, is to put the end caps on both of your crossbars, those just pop right in, and your towers. So make sure it's unlocked, fit it from underneath first, and then flip upwards, and then lock it into place. Once that's secure, you are done with the install. So my personal thoughts about this roof rack system is if you are going for low profile, I highly recommend maybe getting the Inno flush feet version instead. It sits a little bit lower to your vehicle, provides a little less overhanging yes, but it's also very low profile. But if you are concerned about the height of your equipment, so you have extra bulky clamps and need that extra clearance, the Inno through feet is definitely the way to go. I do recommend getting the kit that has the 57 inch long crossbars though, compared to the 54 inch long. I think these are a little too short. I would easily use a couple more inches of overhang, but that's also personal preference. It is up to you with whatever you are carrying and what fits for you. One recommendation I do have though, is picking up the Moki door step. This is what I use all throughout the video, just to give myself a little extra height and traction as I tighten things down. Definitely recommended, especially if you're carrying around kayaks or other things that need straps, because those will help you do that safely. And that was the look here at our Inno roof rack system with the Inno through feet, the 54 inch long crossbars, and the custom fit kit for your 2020 Ford Edge..

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Customer Reviews

Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs - Qty 4 - INXS250

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (189 Customer Reviews)

These Through feet help you mount 2 Inno Aero crossbars to your vehicle's naked roof to create an extended-length roof rack. Locking covers secure system to roof.


Has worked great for transporting my fishing Kayak as well as small loads of lumber. It has worked fine for about a dozen and a half boards at a time or a couple of sheets of plywood. Just make sure that you have a good way to strap them down as well as maybe a rubber mat to help hold everything in place. The noise from it on the high way can be a lot but certainly not as bad as some that I have heard. I figure that anything on the outside of a vehicle like that will produce some noise.


This kit does not fit well. All measurements have been double and triple checked down to the millimeter. The lock on the covers interfere with the hooks. You have to apply so much pressure to get it to close that it makes the rack come loose. Not very satisfied

Etrailer Expert

Jenny N.


I would like to help you install the roof rack on your 2004 Toyota Avalon. Would you be able to send over pictures to show the fit issues with the locks and the hooks.


I bought these as part of a kit with 60" Aero bars and the appropriate kit for my 14 Flex. I spent probably an hour and a half double checking my measurements and getting them torqued down properly. I spaced the bars on top of the car just a little wider than proscribed because I was planning on carrying 4x8 plywood, and it looked better to my eye. One thing to watch for: The instructions for the car-specific kit (in my case INK263) show the foot spacing measurements for a square bar, and the measuring point for these feet and Aero bars is different. That measurement point is indicated in the instructions for the feet, not the kit. Same numbers, just different reference point. Otherwise, they look good and are rock solid.

2016 Subaru Outback Wagon

worked as expected, I used them to carry my hobie outback kayak (about 100lbs) on my Honda Civic 2016 Coupe (2 doors). They worked with no problem so far (1 year) even under high speed like 70mph.

2017 Lincoln MKX

We recently purchased 2 kayaks & Thule roof racks from our local outdoor store.

After waiting 2 weeks for our roof racks and J bars to come in we found that the Thule racks did not fit our 2017 Lincoln MKX and they didn't make any racks that would. The vehicle does not have roof racks and has a moon roof.

After a couple of days searching the internet we discovered We found the Inno roof racks, but still was not sure they would work. We spoke to a repesenative and he assured us that the racks we chose would fit and the Thule J bars we did return would also work. As you can see by the photos 2 days later we were happy Kayakers.

2017 Honda Fit

Great racks. High quality parts. Fit perfectly. Went together easily.

Dodge Durango

I did a lot of searching before selecting this rack for my Durango RT (no factory roof rails). It is easy to reinstall once the initial process is followed, I marked my doorjambs with a sharpie and it is easy to set up. Great product!


Installation was a little tricky but once the "feet" were attached to the roof and the bars properly spaced, everything wrapped up very well.

There is no noticeable wind noise with these installed.

Acura MDX

Racks were perfect for my Acura MDX. They fit like a glove and I have used them several times.


Noticed box was taped up more then usual, found other manuals that was not specifically for this, and also found one of the feet already had been mounted as there was scratches on the plastic and metal parts

Etrailer Expert

Katrina B.


Awe shoot, that could be from our demo and install teams! We do not sell returned or used items. However, our demo team takes our product and does a temporary installation in order to get videos and pictures of the item in use. It is our policy to make sure that the item is still in good or new condition before it gets put back on the shelf for sale.


One was extremely hard to get on compared to the others (not sure if it had some rough machining or something), but once all we’re on, all was good


Once I realized which bar was the front one and which was the back it was a fairly easy install. Since the measurements for the foot placement were wrong in the instructions I would suggest not tightening the feet all the way to the bars until you put it on the car. It would have been nice if both sets of rubber pads were the same, with the tunnel hook, and if they had adhesive backing to avoid losing them. I added 2 sided tape.


Started assembly last summer and finally completed installation this spring. Directions took a lot of attention to detail but were adequate. Rack went on car securely and looks great. Have attached kayak rack and a roof pod and both worked flawlessly. Would definitely recommend.


Seem to be well made for the price. I didn't realize that they came with locks so that was a pleasant surprise. Easy installation.

2019 Dodge Durango

etrailer was the only vendor who had the custom fit roof rack feet I needed for my vehicle. I was trying to put a roof rack onto a Dodge Durango SRT...not a typical vehicle for this accessory! I looked everywhere for a suitable roof rack and thought I was settling by ordering the Inno kit from etrailer. I could not have been more wrong! I am so happy with the purchase!


These feet are easy to use and go well wit the Inno system. I was worried since my car did not come with any roof racks, but this is the solution to haul things on my roof. They work well and are very secure.

Pontiac Trans Sport Van

These are made perfectly for your vehicle. They are very secure when combined with the other Inno products. No worries of the rack system coming off. Using them to transport kayaks using kayak holders.


thanks to Adam for help and competent approach. Adam listened impeccably and in the shortest possible time helped to deliver the goods I needed


Perfect fit.

John B.


Still looks like new after one year and 25 outings.

Ford F-150

I have had countless bike racks over the years and this is by far the best system I have ever had. Fits like a glove on my F150. Easy to install, looks great and the bikes do not move when on the roof.


There work great and were easy to install. e-trailer rocks and so does Justin.


Easy to mount and use. Very sturdy aswell. Measurements are a bit off on width adjustment.

Nissan Murano

Tule and Yakima did not have a rack for my Nissan murano. So it was a blessing to find the immo rack. It seems like it can fit any car model. It's strong and secure. I feel my equipment will be safe with this rack.

2016 Cadillac SRX

I’ve had the system in place for over a year now and haul dual kayaks often! I love it! The only thing I wish I could change is the wind noise that’s comes with it. But I’m sure with any rook rack system you get that.


Instructions were a bit tough at first as each box had their own instructions and you needed all 3 boxes to complete the setup, yet after over coming that, it was a breeze to put together and they are wonderful. Well worth the money.

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  • Placement of my Inno Roof Rack System on my 2017 Lincoln MKX
    When installing the Inno Aero Crossbars part # INXB138-2, Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars part # INXS250 and the Custom Fit Kit for Inno Crossbars part # INK676 we must follow the installation instructions exactly. This is where the rack was designed to to be installed and tested for performance. Mounting it in any other location would void the warranty and may lead to damage occurring to your 2017 Lincoln MKX.
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  • Which Inno Rack Do You Recommend for a 2018 Hyundai Tucson?
    If you used the fit guide to find an Inno roof rack for your 2018 Hyundai Tuscon with a bare roof, all of those crossbar lengths will work for your vehicle. The racks that we have confirmed on our fit guide are confirmed to securely fit onto your vehicle properly. For a recommendation of an Inno roof rack, I recommend the following parts: - Inno Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 51" Long and 54" Long - Qty 2 # INXB130-138 - Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars - Naked...
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  • Which Aero Roof Rack Fits A 2001 Nissan Sentra With Naked Roof?
    For your 2001 Nissan Sentra naked roof, you want to go with Inno Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 45" Long - Qty 2 Item # INXB115-2, Feet # INXS250, and Fit Kit # INK167. This is everything you need and you will be all set to haul your items on the roof of your Sentra. Just check the owner's manual to make sure that you are not exceeding the weight limit of your roof.
    view full answer...
  • Will The Inno Aero Crossbars Scratch The Naked Roof On My 2019 Chevrolet Traverse?
    Thanks for asking, and I'd be happy to clear up any confusion! Firstly, the Inno Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 57" Long # INXB145-2 with the Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs # INXS250 you mention is a great choice will work wonderfully with your Traverse! However, in order to attach the feet # INXS250 to the naked roof of your 2019 Chevrolet Traverse, you are also going to need a fit kit. For your vehicle with the Inno crossbars and Through feet, you'll need...
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for a 2011 VW GTI 3-Door Hatchback
    The Inno Aero Crossbar System part # INXB123-130, part # INXS250, and part # INK853 is a confirmed fit for a 2011 Volkswagen GTI 3-Door Hatchback. It's a great aero bar option which provides a custom fit and it has locks for security. For a bike rack, the Rhino-Rack Hybrid Roof Bike Rack part # RRRBC050 is what I recommend. It has a wheel mount design so you don't have to take the wheel off and it comes with locks for security as well
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation for 2009 Scion xB for Carrying Roof Box
    For your 2009 Scion xB the Inno Aero Bar roof rack part numbers # INXB153-2, # INXS250, and # INK300 would be a great solution. The aero bars are quieter than square bar roof racks and the minimize fuel mileage loss. The Sears X-Cargo Box that you have would work well with this kit.
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  • What is the Crossbar Positioning of the # INXB130-138 on My Bare-Roof 2014 Ford Fusion?
    If you are using the Inno Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black - 51" Long and 54" Long - Qty 2 # INXB130-138 on your 2014 Ford Fusion, the shorter (51-inch) crossbar will go in the front and the longer (54-inch) crossbar will go on the rear on your bare-roof 2014 Ford Fusion. If you are curious about the other components that you will need in addition to the crossbars, you will need: - Inno Through Feet for Aero Crossbars - Naked Roofs - Qty 4 # INXS250 - Custom Fit Kit for Inno XS200,...
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for a 2021 Hyundai Tucson With Bare Roof
    I have great news, there are plenty of options for hauling kayaks, cargo boxes, cargo baskets, etc. on top of a 2021 Hyundai Tucson without factory side rails. If you have a bare roof without side rails then I recommend the Inno Aero Crossbar System part # INXB130-138, part # INXS250, and part # INK680. This system has aero crossbars and a custom fit a sleek look. It can then be used for pretty much any kayak carrier or cargo box/basket you like which I have attached lists of below.
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  • Roof Rack for a 2016 Fiat 500X With a Naked Roof
    The fit guide is asking about the flush plastic rails that are raised up on the vehicle. If you have flat, plastic trim without any raised area to it, then you don't have flush rails. Since it sounds like you don't have flush rails, I recommend Inno's Aero kit, consisting of: Inno Aero Crossbar Kit, part # INXB123-130 Inno Through Feet, part # INXS250 Inno Custom Fit Kit, part # INK482 I've linked the rest of the kits, but this kit in particular will have distance between it and the...
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  • Inno Roof Rack Recommendation for 2019 Hyundai Tucson
    For your 2019 Hyundai Tucson the Inno Roof Rack I'd recommend is the aero bar kit part numbers # INXB130-138, # INXS250, and # INK680 because it will give you the quietest ride quality over the square bar options from Inno.
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  • Recommended Roof Rack for 2017 Fiat 500x with Sunroof
    For your 2017 Fiat 500X, the roof rack I recommend for your vehicle is the Inno Aero Crossbars # INXB130-138, along with the Inno Through Feet # INXS250, and the Fit Kit # INK482. This combination will allow you to use your Thule accessories whether they are channel mounted or clamp on. This system comes with the integrated locking covers for increased security and has the aero bars for a quieter rack. This roof rack will give you a crossbar spread of 26 inches, so it will work with...
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  • Roof Rack for a 2017 Kia Sportage With a Naked Roof
    Inno makes several options for your 2017 Kia Sportage with a naked roof that clamp to the vehicle. I've included a link to all of the possible kits, but I recommend in particular the Through Aero Kit, consisting of the following parts: Inno Aero Crossbar Kits, 51 and 54 inches, part # INXB130-138 Inno Through Feet for Aero Bars, part # INXS250 Inno Custom Fit Kit for Naked Roofs, part # INK686 This kit will add a raised, aero bar kit to your vehicle, and present a sportier look than...
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  • What Inno Aero Bar Roof Rack Parts Are Needed for a 2004 Toyota Tundra
    Yes, the Inno Roof Rack part numbers # INXB153-2, # INXS250, and # INK532 have been confirmed as a fit for your 2004 Toyota Tundra so it would fit and work well for you.
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  • Best Roof Rack Option For 2020 Nissan Rogue With Naked Roof
    The best roof rack option for the 2020 Nissan Rogue with a naked roof is Inno Aero Cross bars # INXB138-2 with Inno feet part # INXS250 and custom fit kit part # INK466. The Inno bars are low profile aerodynamic bars that are designed to cut down on the wind noise that you may experience with other brands available. The built in t-slot makes it easier to mount accessories like bike racks and water sport carriers. Other brands do require cutting the rubber strip in the t-slot to make room...
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  • Inno Roof Rack for 4-Door 2018 Ford Focus
    Yes, the Inno Custom Fit Kit # INK528 that you referenced is the correct Fit Kit for an Inno Roof Rack on your 4-Door 2018 Ford Focus. You will then just need to add the appropriate mounting feet and crossbars. I recommend the Inno Through Feet # INXS250 paired with the 51" Aero Crossbars # INXB130-138 because their sleek design is going to allow for a much quieter ride during travel along with just looking really nice on your Focus. I have included a short video demonstration that you...
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    Image 1 for
  • Recommended Roof Rack for 2006 Saturn Ion 3 Four Door
    We carry roof racks manufactured by Inno that will fit your 2006 Saturn Ion. The Inno roof racks use a clamp to attach the feet to the roof of the 2006 Saturn Ion. Inno has both square bar and aero bar roof racks that will fit on your car. I recommend the Inno Aero Bar Roof Rack # INXB130-2, # INXS250, and # INK214. The Inno Aero Bar Roof Rack is constructed of sturdy aluminum and has a weight capacity of 100 lbs. The aero bar and low profile design allows for optimum aerodynamics to help...
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  • Recommended Inno Roof Rack For 2013 Honda Civic Coupe Naked Roof
    The custom fit kit part # INK642 that you referenced is the correct fit kit for the 2013 Honda Civic Coupe. To complete the roof rack system you will need Inno Aero Crossbars part # INXB130-138 and Inno Through feet part # INXS250. The Inno crossbars are aerodynamic to cut down on wind noise and have integrated T-slots to make mounting accessories easier. The through feet are designed so the bar sits on top of the feet and allows for bar overhang, which comes in handy if you have a water...
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for
  • Inno Crossbar Fit for 5-Door 2014 Ford Focus
    I'm happy to inform you that this custom fit is compatible with a 2014 5-Door Ford Focus. When pairing these with the feet and crossbars, I recommend getting the Aero Crossbars over the Square as they will cut down on wind noise and offer much more versatility with mounting options (clamps and channel-mount). We have a combo made up with the longest pair, part # INXB138-145, which I've linked for you. The combo includes the crossbars; the feet, part # INXS250; and the custom fit, part...
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  • Measuring the Front and Rear Bar Stay Dimensions for Inno Roof Rack on 2009 Scion xB
    I have the exact measurements to fit the Inno Roof Rack with part numbers # INXB153-2 (or # INXB123-2), # INXS250 ( or # INXS200), and # INK300 on your 2009 Scion xB. It sounds like the confusion comes from how there are different install instructions for the different parts and they must be used simultaneously. What will help you out here is the install guide for your fit kit # INK300. These are the clamps and pads that were designed specifically for your 2009 Scion xB. What you're looking...
    view full answer...
  • Which Roof Rack Will Fit My 2012 Honda Civic Si?
    Yes, under the 2012 Honda Civic in the vehicle fit guide you can click on roof racks and enter in the option for "coupe". I recommend looking into an aero crossbar setup which will be low-profile, quiet, and have less vibration compared to other designs. I would also look at one that has the top channel/track which allows for various accessories to be easily installed or removed. An economical setup that has the top channel for accessories is the Inno Aero Crossbars - Aluminum - Black...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Roof Rack for 2011 Hyundai Tuscon with Naked, Panoramic Glass Roof
    A number of roof racks are available for the 2011 Hyundai Tucson with a panoramic glass roof. Since your Tucson has a naked roof, a good cost-effective roof rack is the Inno # INXB130-138, # INXS250, and # INK605. A video for this rack is provided. Note that certain rack-mount accessory items (some bike carriers, for example) may interfere with the sunroof when it is open. Your owner's manual should indicate a roof weight limit. It is important that this limit not be exceeded. You need...
    view full answer...
  • What do Roof Rack Feet do for Inno Roof Rack on 2010 Pontiac Vibe With Naked Roof
    It sounds like you are asking the purpose of the "feet" of the Inno roof rack that fits your 2010 Pontiac Vibe. What the feet do is act as a base for the crossbars, and an attachment point for the fit kit. So what you will do is attach the fit kit to the feet, with the fit kit being what allows the rack to clamp to your door sills; then the crossbars will attach to the feet. Essentially, the feet of a roof rack act as something of an anchor for the crossbars so you can mount them. The...
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  • Roof Rack Fit on a 2014 Camry
    The Rola 59733, is not a confirmed fit for your 2014 Toyota Camry. The good news is, there are a number of options available to you, and I recommend the Inno Crossbars # INXB138-2, Feet # INXS250, and Fit Kit # INK872.
    view full answer...
  • Roof Rack Recommendation for 2006 Scion xB
    For your application I recommend checking out the Inno aero-style roof rack. The parts you'll need for your 2006 Scion xB include the following: 57" Aero Crossbars - # INXB145-2 Through Feet - # INXS250 Fit Kit - # INK263 The Inno brand has a nice sleek look and comes with locks so that won't be an additional cost like what you see with other brands. I also like the design of the T-Channel in the top since you don't have to trim anything. Attached is a review video for you to check...
    view full answer...

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