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Inno Wedge Plus Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Red

Inno Wedge Plus Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Red

Item # INBRM864RE
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Inno Wedge Plus Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Red Medium Capacity INBRM864RE
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80 x 33 x 13-3/4. This aerodynamic, low-profile cargo box holds small bags and luggage for 3 people. Memory Mount clamps let you easily mount the box to your roof rack. Locking lid opens from both sides. Included cargo mat cushions your gear. Lowest Prices for the best roof box from Inno. Inno Wedge Plus Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Red part number INBRM864RE can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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Inno Roof Box - INBRM864RE

  • Aero Bars
  • Factory Bars
  • Square Bars
  • Round Bars
  • Elliptical Bars
  • Medium Capacity
  • Inno
  • Red
  • Long Length
  • Medium Profile
  • Dual Side Access

80 x 33 x 13-3/4. This aerodynamic, low-profile cargo box holds small bags and luggage for 3 people. Memory Mount clamps let you easily mount the box to your roof rack. Locking lid opens from both sides. Included cargo mat cushions your gear.


  • Cargo box mounts on your vehicle's roof rack to provide enclosed storage for your gear
    • Perfect for groceries, small duffel bags, and carry-on luggage for up to 3 people
    • Great for sedans and SUVs
  • Dual-side-opening lid offers access to cargo from either side of your vehicle
    • Push buttons let you easily open the box with a single hand
  • Safety lock system ensures that lid is locked and closed
    • Key cannot be removed unless lid is closed properly
  • Cargo mat cushions your gear and helps reduce noise from shifting items
  • Memory Mount hardware offers easy, tool-free installation
    • Set box on crossbars, tighten clamps, and close levers
    • Clamps "remember" your crossbars after initial setup - no further adjustment needed
    • Mounting assemblies adjust along tracks to accommodate different crossbar spreads
    • Adapter kit (INBRP12 - sold separately) lets you mount box in crossbar top channels
  • Aerodynamic shape helps minimize drag and wind noise
  • 4 Anchor points and 2 included straps let you tie down gear inside the box
  • Durable 3-Layer ABS plastic lid with SPM injection-molded base resists impacts, scratches, and UV rays
    • Transparent acrylic surface layer makes lid shine
    • Stronger yet lighter than a box with a vacuum-formed base
  • Gloss red finish


  • Application: round, square, aero, elliptical, and most factory crossbars
  • Carrying capacity: 13 cu ft
  • Weight capacity: 110 lbs
  • Ski capacity: 6 - 8 skis
  • Snowboard capacity: 4 - 6 snowboards (depending on size of bindings)
  • Surfboard capacity: 3 surfboards
  • Maximum ski/snowboard length (when loaded diagonally): 74-3/4"
  • Exterior dimensions: 80" long x 33" wide x 13-3/4" tall
  • Interior dimensions: 72" long x 25-5/8" wide x 11" tall
  • Box weight: 44 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Note: Because of the size of this item, it ships via truck freight and only to the contiguous United States.

Inno Wedge 665 dimensions

Cargo boxes, bags, and baskets are great for transporting gear on your vehicle's roof. A cargo box has the added benefits of an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and wind noise, a hard shell to protect your gear, and a higher degree of weather resistance. And you can latch and lock a cargo box for added protection against theft.

Inno Wedge 665 cargo box

The Wedge has 13 cu ft of storage space for groceries, small duffel bags, or carry-on luggage for up to 3 people. The aerodynamic, low-profile design helps to reduce drag and wind noise, and the locking lid conveniently opens from either side of your vehicle. The box has internal tie-down points for securing cargo, an inner mat to cushion your gear, and the Memory Mount system offers easy, tool-free installation.

Durable Construction

Inno Shadow 665 bottom clamp

The Wedge's lid is constructed of durable, 3-layer ABS plastic with a transparent acrylic outer layer. This gives it a glossy red finish yet it's still resistant to impacts, scratches, warping, cracking, and UV rays. The base is formed using an SPM injection-molding process that makes the box strong and durable, yet lightweight. The injection molding ensures a uniform thickness throughout and is 50 percent stronger than vacuum-formed boxes.

Cargo Mat

Inno Shadow 665 bottom clamp

It has a soft mat on the inside that provides a cushion for your gear. It helps reduce the noise that loose items may make as they shift when you hit bumps or navigate tight curves. The mat is also easy to remove and clean.

Sturdy, Dual-Side-Opening Lid

Inno Wedge 665 dual open lid

The Wedge features a dual-side-opening lid so you can load and access your gear from either side of your vehicle. Push-button handles help you easily open and close the lid even with one hand. The lid has lifters that ensure it opens and closes smoothly.

Safety Lock System

Inno Wedge 665 lock and key

The Wedge has a safety lock system with locks on each side of the lid. The keys cannot be removed unless the box is closed and locked. This prevents you from driving off with an unlocked box. The locks also deny would-be thieves access to your gear and the cargo box's mounting hardware.

Memory Mount Installation

Inno Wedge 665 memory clamps

The Wedge cargo box installs with programmable Memory Mount clamps. After a one-time setup, the clamps will "remember" your vehicle's specific crossbars to make repeat installation quick and easy.

Inno Shadow 665 bottom clamp

For the initial setup just place the box on your crossbars, and insert the clamps through the tracks in the bottom of the box. The clamps adjust along the tracks to accommodate different crossbar spreads. Tighten the clamps with built-in knobs and flip the cam levers closed. The next time you install the box, the clamps will return to this set position when you close the cam levers - no further adjustment needed.

Cargo Tie-Down Points

Inno Wedge 665 tie-down with clampInno Wedge 665 tie-down

Two included tie-down straps let you secure your gear to 4 internal anchor points built into the mounting clamps. Simply thread the nylon straps through anchor rings on the mounting clamps and wrap them around your gear. The straps secure with buckles that can be opened and closed with one hand.

Image Descriptor

Two strap hooks are also included. These hooks attach to the underside of the box lid and provide a place to hang the straps to keep them out of the way as you're loading cargo.

BRM864RE Inno Wedge Plus Roof Mounted Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Red

Installation Details INBRM864RE Installation instructions

Video of Inno Wedge Plus Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Red

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Inno Wedge Plus Rooftop Cargo Box Review

AJ: What's up everybody It's AJ with etrailer.com. Today, we're going to be checking out the INNO wedge plus rooftop box. Now this is going to sit on top of your existing roof rack. It just clamps around the bars really easily. It's also a low profile, so it's not as big and bulky as some of those other rooftop boxes. It's got a lot going for it.

Let's check it out. Right away, the first thing that jumps out at you probably is that it's red. You don't see that that often in rooftop boxes. It's pretty bold, but it stands out. It looks pretty cool.

This also comes in a black color too. So if you don't maybe want to stand out as much as this red one does, you can get that option as well. The point of the rooftop box is to get all the gear out of your vehicle and up on your roof.That just gives everybody in there plenty of legroom, makes them happier on your longer trips, especially in a smaller car like this. You don't have a whole lot of room. You have to kind of throw everything in the trunk, and sometimes you're taking more gear than that.

This is going to help you out with that and get that up here. And compared to the other option of like, let's say you already have the roof rack. You're just looking for a cargo basket or a box. The basket is nice, but it's all open. So whatever you put in there, unless you cover it up with a tarp, it's just going to be exposed to the elements.

The box obviously closes, has a lid, and it's going to be sealed up so you're not going to have to worry about any elements getting to it. It's going to be in there. It's going to be just fine.You can strap it down. It's just overall more secure. Plus it locks. So like a cargo basket, somebody can just reach up and mess with, but this one is locked. They can't get in there. They can't see what's in there. So it's out of sight, out of mind. The INNO wedge has 13 cubic feet of storage space on the inside. So if that helps visualize, is all your gear going to fit or how much of it will fit in there That's 13 cubic feet. Now, to me, I can't really picture all that stuff. So we got all this here. I'm going to load it up there and give you a better idea of how much it can actually hold. So here on the floor is everything we're going to fit in this box.That definitely puts my mind at ease seeing all the gear we had laid out fits in here. It just makes me think of all the stuff that's in my car that could get up and out of my car and put on the roof instead. And you saw me put skis and snowboards in there too. This is a pretty popular method of transporting those. A lot of people like them when they're going to the slopes, because it keeps it all enclosed. They're not exposed to the elements. There's none of that road salt or something you might come in contact with on your way down there. And they like using these over, even the racks that are made specifically for the skis and snowboards. Now this one will hold six to eight skis and four to six snowboards. So just to keep that in mind, if you want to load it with just skis and snowboards, that's what's recommended how much it can handle.Just in case you have longer skis and you know exact interior dimensions. It's going to be 72 inches long by 25 and five-eighths wide, and then 11 inches tall. We're going to unload it, we could get a better look at the inside. Looking in there, first thing you might notice is it has this rubber mat that fits in there. It comes with it. I really liked that feature of this box, just because most of them have a bottom like this, and this is just slick plastic. So your stuff's going to slide around a little bit. You can strap it down, but it'll still have some kind of movement or it'll scratch the bottom of your box with this pad on here, which has got a rubberized bottom that has a nice grip on it. And the same for the top. It's going to be much better to put your bags on here. They're not going to slide as easily. It'll catch them.It's got these divots that are form fitted for this box. So it's not like they just gave you a flat mat and threw it in there where like, make it work. This is made to fit the box perfectly. And as you put stuff on there, it'll probably sit in there a little better. You can see it pops up just a little bit at certain places, but that's good as brand new and it was folded in half. So now when we weigh it down and when you go onto your travels, it would probably get more, even more form fitted to the box. Especially after skiing, you're going to throw your skis or snowboard in here. This is a much better material than if you had like a piece of carpet in there or just the strap, again, just the straight up plastic. Even if it's got snow on it still, it will melt and fall in here in these spots so it won't drain and go all over. It'll just stay contained in those parts.You can pull this mat out, dump the water, or let it dry it outside, and then set it back in here. Another thing you might see is the cargo straps. They come included with the box. They just feed through these loops here on the latches. So then you can load your gear up on top of the strap, bring this around the top, clip it, and then tighten it down onto your gear. It's just a nice addition to have just in case you don't have your own strap and it comes with them.The side arms are also really good for opening and closing. They seem pretty heavy duty. They lock out at a certain point. So right now I can close it down and move it back up. And I'll show you the lockout point. You'll see a little, once it pops like that. Now it's nice and sturdy. So the lid is going to stay up when you're loading, which is another good feature. Some of the rooftop boxes, the top of the box just comes straight off. You have to align that and get that set up or you have to hold it up one hand while you're loading stuff in. It's just nice that this one stays up there and up and out of the way.Now it is low-profile. So this is a smaller gap. So when I was throwing bags in there, I was hitting the top a little bit, but it's okay. You can get it in here and just get in this part and you can get plenty of more room. Another thing to look at is how it's latched on the sides. It has three attachment points on each side when you go to open it so that also holds that side down. You can see the three metal brackets here that are holding that side down because you can open it on either side. So when I pull it down on this side, you'll see there's three latches here. They're going to latch in and that can open it from over there.Before I close it though, I want to show you that the keys can't come out unless the door is closed. So if you are worried about losing your keys somehow or locking them in there, they won't come out when it's open. You have to close it. And once that latches, then you can twist it, and pull the keys out. So we'll go on the other side and open it up.That way, wherever you're parked, you can easily get to one side or the other of your box. So if you're on the side of the road, of course you don't want to be on the side with traffic. You want to go on the other side of the vehicle to get that one thing you maybe need to get, while you're on the road. You get two keys that come with it, or you can put one on your key ring or keep one in your vehicle. It's really easy to operate the lock. See in the unlocked position, push this button here and it pops up. To lock it, you bring it back down and as long as that comes back out, that button, you turn it and lock it. It's really easy to operate and open and close it back down. This pops back out and you can lock into place.So I really like how easy the key is just to put it in there and turn. Some of them you have to figure out what way to put the key in and then sometimes it's going to be a hassle to turn the key and pop it open. But this works pretty easy every single time. The overall construction, it's made out of abs plastic and the top has an acrylic coat on there. That's going to keep that bright red for a long time. It's also UV resistant so you don't have to worry about the sun bothering it or the other elements while you're driving. I would recommend probably storing it in the garage just because you want to keep it looking nice and you don't need to leave it out in the sun all the time. That's going to help it stay nice longer.It's pretty heavy duty. It's a thick plastic. You can probably hear me knocking on it. If that gives you some idea. The plastic is pretty thick, so it's not super flimsy. You can tell when you open the lid and pull down, it's got that strength, especially the bottom is reinforced and even more heavier than the top. You can hear that sound.Now it does have a weight capacity of 110 pounds. So just keep that in mind when you're loading your gear in there. You don't want to overdo it on your roof. One of the best parts of the box is how easy it is to get installed on your roof. With those memory clamps, you just set it once, and it's always going to remember that roof rack, and you can just latch it down. Check out how we got it installed.First thing we're going to do is get a second set of hands to go ahead and help you set this on your roof rack that way it's in place. And then it's probably good to have one person look while you adjust it to make sure this is in the center of your roof. It's recommended in the instructions that that's where you put it. It opens up from both sides so it doesn't matter. So you can get in there, either side you're on. So it's good to keep it nice and centered. Once it's up there, we're going to install the clamps. And I got one here. I'm going to show you. Let me open this up real quick.These are the clamps are what attach the box to your roof rack. And I'm going to show you here on the outside. There's rubber slots in here. They'll drop it down through and tighten it and it'll go around your roof rack. So if you look at it out here like this, you got to get it to the right one. You have a dial here you can turn. It looks like it's too tight so we'll keep loosening it just a little bit more. And it's not a bad idea to go ahead and do this on the outside where you could easily stand on the ground. That way it's ready to go when you put it inside the box. So we still have a little bit more.There's also a nice sticker here. It tells you how you want the clamps to come around the roof bar. You don't want it to be uneven like that. You want it to be nice and even. Let's see if we got it this time. Push down in place, see how nice and attached it is. It's not moving. I can shake the whole vehicle back and forth. That's how it attaches. So I'll loosen it by just throwing this lever up here.And I'll go ahead and loosen it a little bit. It might be too tight still. And now that I've got that adjusted, I can drop it through the top. Up here, you can kind of see the weatherstrip I was talking about. I'm going to put my thumb through there and slide it. You got this much room here to put your clamp and maneuver it so you can adjust the box on your roof. And you want to do that so you could, maybe if you have a trunk that's a little close to the whole roof box, you can slide the whole thing up. It gives you plenty of options to maneuver it around so you can still open your trunk.Drop back through there, just like that. Down underneath, the clamps are going around the bar, just like you saw on the outside. And I'll throw the lever again. With all the clamps installed, now we're going to go ahead and run our straps in there, and that's going to help you tie stuff down when you're loading your gear in there. You can use these buckles and tighten it down. That way, it holds it in place, along with the mat. So you're not going to worry about your cargo side from side to side, like they do in some of the other cargo boxes that don't have the rubber mat over the straps.We're going to run through these loops here at the top of the clamps. So you want to make sure when you install these clamps that they are parallel. You can see how it goes from this side to this side. You can see, we already did it on that side. That's exactly what we're going for. And it's got a hook on the top. You can hang up your strap. That way you can load your bags in the straps. And that way it's up and out of the way. It's nice, but I think it's just as easy to unclamp the clasp here, kind of set it aside, and then load your gear up on top of that strap.With it loaded and locked up, you're ready to hit the road. Now I did have a conversation earlier today with the writer Matt, who does the description for the website. Check it out. Matt: Hi guys. This meeting is going to give us a chance to look at the INNO wedge plus rooftop cargo box. AJ, if you want to kind of talk to us a little bit about the product, what you think is really great about it, and anything you noticed that would be beneficial to the customers. AJ: All right. Yeah. I really like this rooftop box. It's a low profile design so if I pull it down, it doesn't't stick up as high as some of the other ones do. They get kind of bulky sometimes. So the low profile really makes it better. This care probably has no problem getting in the garage with the rooftop box on it. If it was a little bit taller, it would be a little bit of an issue. Probably the first thing to notice is that it's bright red. So that stands out quite a bit. I think it's interesting. I like the way it looks. Zach had mentioned earlier that, when he goes on ski trips, he would like to have the red one because in a sea of cars and black rooftop boxes, you can definitely see where you parked with this bright red one on top. I think that made a lot of sense, actually.And also on the inside, I was impressed with the rubber mat. A lot of rooftop boxes don't have stuff like that. Let me climb up there and show you what I'm talking about. That just adds more grip here at the bottom. Usually it's just plastic at the bottom so your stuff can kind of slide around or you can worry about maybe your ski scratching the bottom of your box, or maybe marking up your skis. This rubber patch is pretty thick here. So it's going to keep any scratching from going on for either the ground or the bottom of rooftop box or your skis itself. Speaker 3: Is it just rubber or is there some kind of fabric I guess, I'm wondering, because stuff goes in there. The stuff that goes in there may well be wet. Does it seem like it could rotAJ: I think it looks treated. It's like kind of like a floormat kind of texture. I would have to say. Not like a flat smooth kind, but it's got the grips on there. So I don't think it'll rot or anything like that. Speaker 3: Okay. AJ: It's got a grip on the bottom too. So it doesn't slide around in the air. Speaker 3: It almost looks fabricy. That's why I was wondering, but it's actually more of like a floormat. AJ: It's probably just the design. It's got like the cross pattern on it. Matt: In-person though it feels really like rubberized, really grippy. Zach: What all do you guys have in that both right there It looks like it's pretty full. I'm kind of curious what all you're able to fit. AJ: Oh, we got two duffle bags, two backpacks, two sets of skis. I think that's it. But it's all . that's quite a lot of stuff. In the video, I piled it all in front of the vehicle just to give a better idea of what we're loading in there so it's a lot of stuff. It fits that. Speaker 3: Is that the kind of stuff like, is that how much, Zach, you would pack for a ski trip Would this work for youZach: Yeah, definitely. I mean, it's potentially a little bit more than that, but it frees up a lot of space in the back end. So if I don't have skis crammed into the back of an SUV or this being my actual car, not being about to put skis in my trunk, this helps out a lot. AJ: I can still load a little bit more up here. You can probably fit a couple more bags on top of the skis. I just loaded it down to see how much room there was on top. You can probably fit one more duffel bag here or a couple more backpacks here if you needed that extra room. Zach: As far as handling it, and getting up in place and installing it, was it pretty easy to kind of get up on that roof Since I know it's a car it's a little shorter to the ground, but would you see any issues if somebody was putting a box like this up on like an SUV or a crossover that might be a bit taller for some peopleAJ: I recommend definitely get a second set of hands now to help out because it's not heavy. It's just long. So I think if it was a little bit taller SUV, you had a second set of hands. You could probably get one end up on there and then push the other one on there just fine. Zach: Right Yeah. I know the box weighs about 44 pounds, but with that link that can kind of make it a little awkward to do by yourself. So I was curious how easy it was to install. AJ: Yeah, you can definitely grab the other side out of that. Usually I would try and do it by myself the wrong way, but I didn't this time. I didn't want to scratch the box. Zach: And these actually use the memory mounts. Right From INNOAJ: Yup. Zach: So if you could kind of talk about that a little bit and how easy those are to use as compared to maybe having to use like hardware or brackets or something of that nature. AJ: Oh, for sure. So the lower end route boxes that mess with it, don't even have these clamps. You'd have to use like U bolt and you'd have to drop that in through the top, and kind of come down here and screw it in or bring the U bolt in it from the bottom and try and be up here and screw it in. And those can be a really pain and they take a long time, especially to do it on all four. I remember clamps early. Let me try and get this untied real quick so I can show you what I'm talking about.Get that loosened up. So the cool thing about these, I'll show you on the outside here at the bar. Is that once you to get it set once, you use this, you twist it, and it'll tighten these in the right position. So it does take a little bit to kind of figure out where exactly you want it. Then you just throw the latch, and it goes into place like that. Looks like it moves a little bit so I can tighten it down. It's easy to throw on that latch. And it goes in between this weather strips here on the inside. It's got a nice long strip where you can kind of drop it in and maneuver it that way. If you need to move it further away from the trunk to open yourself on some vehicles, you can move it up just a little bit. It gives you that room for those options. Zach: And you think those are quite a bit easier than using like a regular U bolt or some type of hardware, just because it remembers the size of the bar or where you would set it before so you can just unlatch it. And then when you're putting it back on, you don't have to reset it, correctAJ: Right. Just can just latch it. And then, and there's no tools. That helps, too because it's kind of hard, especially on the SUVs, if you're up there with the U bolt and it's not down, you kind of lean on the boxes, but the box goes a little bit. You have to pull it back, reach out and try and get your hands underneath the bars and do the twist of the knobs and they just, they can be a pain. It's more time consuming than I'd want it to be. Zach: Right. As far as your opinion goes on this box, how do you think it stacks up against some of the other boxes that are about the same sizeAJ: I think it stacks up pretty well. Again, I might be biased, but I think the rubber mask is pretty cool. I don't know if that's as big a deal with you guys or not, but I liked that part of it that it's included here. And some of the other ones, they get a little more higher end. They have features that I don't necessarily want. Like there's a point where functional high-quality and then overdoing it. Like some of the ones with the solar panels and stuff don't really speak to me that much because I'm not worried about having solar panels on there or charging anything when I'm on the go. I'd rather save that money or pay for a quality rooftop box that just is a rooftop box. It does the little things you do like the clamps, the mat, on there are way bigger innovations to me than a solar panel. Zach: Right. Speaker 3: What about like the lock and the latch Is it kind of finicky and a pain to pop up or does it usually . is it smooth I guess is what I'm wondering That's the biggest issue I have with the boxes is sometimes you got to wiggle the key around and it won't open and then it won't open evenly and it's a pain. AJ: Yeah, for sure. Like those lower end ones, sometimes the top is not even attached, so you just pull it off and then you have to align that and throw those clamps and those and I hate those clamps. And this will work really easy. Pull down. That's it, and push it into place. And then to pop it open there's a button over here by the key. I don't know if you can see it. You just push that. It unlatches and you lift up. Speaker 3: Nice. AJ: inaudible 00:19:49 both sides. I have to go to over on the other side real quick. Speaker 3: Honestly, I really like how it looks. I mean, I know red is probably not for everybody, but the fact that it is kind of an automotive finish . I don't think it looks tacky. Like I feel like it actually looks nice, too. AJ: I think it looks sleek. It stands out and I like the inaudible 00:20:11 that kind of stands out. Speaker 3: Yeah. Zach: I agree. I like the shape of it. I think it's very aerodynamic. I like the ridges on it as well as the color difference. INNO does offer this in black as well. If you're not looking for a red, but yeah, I think the shape of it overall is . it's got that sleek design, like AJ said. It's not as boxy as some others. I think that's definitely going to help when it comes to being on the highway driving at higher speeds. You're not going to hear it as much. It looks like a very nice box. I don't think there's really any other questions I had. I just wanted a chance to get to look at it because I knew that I've seen a few of them, but nothing as low profile as this as far as what I've seen so far. So I was really curious about it. Does anybody else have any questions for AJMatt: No. Zach: Cool. Going once going twice. I think we are good my friend. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and give a chance to look at this product. AJ: No problem.Overall, I really like this rooftop box. I think they have a lot of good ideas going in there. That rubber mat. I really liked that. That's a good addition to just keep your cargo in place. That way it's not shifting around on the inside. Installing it's super easy too. You just need a second set of hands to throw it up on your roof, but once you do the clamps once, and you get them tuned into your rooftop bars, you don't have to do it ever again. So it's just going to be easy to drop those in, drop the latch, you're good to go. You can load it and get on with your adventure. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

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Inno Wedge Plus Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Red - INBRM864RE

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80 x 33 x 13-3/4. This aerodynamic, low-profile cargo box holds small bags and luggage for 3 people. Memory Mount clamps let you easily mount the box to your roof rack. Locking lid opens from both sides. Included cargo mat cushions your gear.



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