Inno Wedge 624 Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Black

Inno Wedge 624 Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Black

Item # INBRM624BK

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INBRM624BK - Medium Length Inno Roof Box
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  • Inno
  • Aero Bars
  • Factory Bars
  • Square Bars
  • Round Bars
  • Elliptical Bars
  • Medium Capacity
  • Black
  • Dual Side Access
  • Medium Length
  • Medium Profile
72-3/4 x 33 x 13-1/2. Roof box with Memory Mount hardware requires one-time setup for easy repeat installation. Great for carrying golf bags, luggage, and other gear on SUVs, CUVs, and wagons. Locking, dual-side opening lid. ABS plastic construction. Lowest Prices for the best roof box from Inno. Inno Wedge 624 Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Black part number INBRM624BK can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

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Inno Roof Box - INBRM624BK

72-3/4 x 33 x 13-1/2. Roof box with Memory Mount hardware requires one-time setup for easy repeat installation. Great for carrying golf bags, luggage, and other gear on SUVs, CUVs, and wagons. Locking, dual-side opening lid. ABS plastic construction.


  • Cargo box mounts on your vehicle's roof rack to provide enclosed storage for your gear
    • Perfect for carrying golf bags, luggage, skis, and other gear
    • Great for SUVs, CUVs, and wagons
  • Dual-side-opening lid offers access to cargo from either side of your vehicle
    • Push buttons let you easily open the box with a single hand
  • Safety lock system ensures that lid is locked and closed
    • Key cannot be removed unless lid is closed properly
  • Memory Mount hardware allows easy, tool-free installation
    • Set box on crossbars, tighten clamps, and close levers
    • Clamps "remember" your crossbars after initial setup - no further adjustment needed
    • Mounting assemblies adjust along tracks to accommodate different crossbar spreads
    • Adapter kit (INBRP12 - sold separately) lets you mount box in crossbar top channels
  • Aerodynamic shape helps minimize drag and wind noise
  • 4 Anchor points and 2 included straps let you tie down gear inside the box
  • 3-Layer ABS plastic lid with SPM injection-molded base
    • Durable top resists impacts, scratches, and UV rays
    • Transparent acrylic surface layer makes lid shine
    • Stronger and lighter than a box with a vacuum-formed base
  • Gloss black finish


  • Application: round, square, aero, elliptical, and most factory crossbars
    • Crossbar spread: 24" - 39"
  • Carrying capacity: 13 cu ft
  • Weight capacity: 110 lbs
  • Ski capacity: 6 - 8 skis
  • Snowboard capacity: 4 - 6 snowboards (depending on size of bindings)
  • Maximum ski/snowboard length (when loaded diagonally): 70-3/4"
  • Exterior dimensions: 72-3/4" long x 33" wide x 13-1/2" tall
  • Interior dimensions: 66-1/8" long x 25-5/8" wide x 11-1/4" tall
  • Box weight: 41 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Note: Because of the size of this item, it ships via truck freight and only to the contiguous United States.

Inno Wedge 624 dimensions

Inno Wedge 624 cargo box

Cargo boxes, bags, and baskets are great for transporting gear on your vehicle's roof. A cargo box has the added benefits of an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and wind noise, a hard shell to protect your gear, and a higher degree of weather resistance. And you can latch and lock a cargo box for added protection against theft.

The Wedge has 13 cu ft of storage space for golf bags, luggage, skis, snowboards, and other gear. The aerodynamic, low-profile design helps to reduce drag and wind noise, and the locking lid conveniently opens from either side of your vehicle. The box has internal tie-down points for securing cargo, and the Memory Mount system offers easy, tool-free installation.

Durable Construction

The Wedge's lid is constructed of durable, 3-layer ABS plastic with a transparent acrylic outer layer. This gives it a glossy finish yet it's still resistant to impacts, scratches, warping, cracking, and UV rays. The base is formed using an SPM injection-molding process that makes the box strong, durable, and lightweight. The injection molding also ensures a uniform thickness throughout and is 50 percent stronger than vacuum-formed boxes.

Sturdy, Dual-Side-Opening Lid

Inno Wedge 624 dual open lid

The Wedge lid opens from boths sides for easy access to your cargo. This ensures your gear is always close at hand whether you mount the box in the center of your roof or closer to the driver's or passenger's side.

The lid includes push buttons that allow you to easily open it with a single hand.

Safety Lock System

Inno Wedge 624 lock and key

The Wedge has a safety lock system with locks on each side of the lid. The keys cannot be removed unless the box is closed and locked. This prevents you from driving off with an unlocked box. The locks also deny would-be thieves access to your gear and the cargo box's mounting hardware.

Memory Mount Installation

Inno Wedge 624 memory clamps

The Wedge cargo box installs with programmable Memory Mount clamps. After a one-time setup, the clamps will "remember" your vehicle's specific crossbars to make repeat installation quick and easy.

Inno Shadow 624 bottom clamp

For the initial setup just place the box on your crossbars and insert the clamps through the tracks in the bottom of the box. The clamps adjust along the tracks to accommodate different crossbar spreads. Tighten the clamps with built-in knobs and flip the cam levers closed. The next time you install the box, the clamps will return to this set position when you close the cam levers - no further adjustment needed.

Cargo Tie-Down Points

Inno Wedge 624 tie-down with clampInno Wedge 624 tie-down

Two included tie-down straps let you secure your gear to 4 internal anchor points built into the mounting clamps. Simply thread the nylon straps through anchor rings on the mounting clamps and wrap them around your gear. The straps secure with buckles that can be opened and closed with one hand.

Two strap hooks are also included. These hooks attach to the underside of the box lid and provide a place to hang the straps to keep them out of the way as you're loading cargo.

BRM624BK Inno Wedge 624 Roof-Mounted Cargo Carrier - 13 cu ft - Gloss Black

INBRM624BK Installation InstructionsInstallation Details INBRM624BK Installation instructions

Video of Inno Wedge 624 Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Inno Roof Box Review - 2018 Subaru Outback Wagon

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2018 Subaru Outback, we're gonna be test fitting our Inno wedge rooftop cargo box. That part number is INBRM624BK. And this is a nice enclosed cargo box that mounts to the roof rack of your vehicle. It's gonna work for most of your factory-style roof racks, like we have on our Subaru, but also any after market roof racks you have. It will accommodate to round bars, square bars, and aero bars.It features a nice locking mechanism right here. To keep your cargo secure, we need to have a beft 00:00:35.

You have up to 13 cubic feet of space in your cargo box, which means it's gonna be great for any of the extra luggage, cargo, or even sports and recreational gear that you don't have space for inside your vehicle.How we're gonna access our cargo box is we're gonna come to this lock right here. We're gonna flip it to the unlock position. Press down on this black button and lift up. Now, what's also great is that it's a low profile cargo box, so if you have any type of height restriction, you can still access it by opening up your rear or front door and just taking a step up. As you can see, I still have complete access and can reach virtually everywhere in the cargo box.Now, we have four different points where our cargo box mounts to our roof rack, using these memory mount clamps.

What's great about these clamps is that once you install your cargo box once and then remove it, reinstalling it is gonna be much easier, because you can keep it to the tightness you have it set at for your roof rack. We have it set to our roof rack right now, so we just have to put it around our cross bar like this, and then flip that clampdown. And now it's secure to our cross bar.So we're gonna come in through the top of our cargo box, through this little channel right here. The claws are gonna go down through that channel. And on the bottom of it, you can see that the claws come out and can wrap around our cross bar.

So we'll push that clamp into place. You can see those claws gripping the cross bar. Once we lock that in place, our cargo box is secure.You're also gonna receive a set of straps like this with your cargo box. So if you don't have your cargo box completely full and you don't want your items to be shifting around while you're traveling, you can secure your items down, also by using these mounting points that are on our memory mount clamps.When you want to close it up, when you're all finished, you can just grab the top and pull it down. Once it locks into place, you can then lock it up, take your key out, and you're ready to go.

What I also love about this cargo box is that it has a dual side opening lid, meaning that we can access our cargo from the driver's side, as well as the passenger side. It's the same exact process. We'll turn the key to the unlock position, push the button, and just lift up.This is a great feature for even installing it, so you can access your memory mount clamps a lot easier than having to stretch over from the other side to try to get those to lock in place. Also, it's gonna be nice for those times where you might be stopped on the road. You won't have to be on the side of oncoming traffic, which can be very dangerous. You can access either side, to make it safe for you. It closes the same way. Pull it right down. When it locks into place, just turn the key, lock it up, and you're ready to go.One nice feature I want to point out to you guys is that even with our cargo box installed on our roof rack, we can still open up our rear hatch without it making contact with our cargo box. So you can get whatever gear you need, without the cargo box interfering at all. We'll look closer. You're gonna see we do come close with making contact with that rear hatch. If this is something that bothers you, you can adjust your cargo box to fit more towards the front of your vehicle. With those channels I pointed out earlier, it can adjust to many different spreads of cross bars and can adjust on a wide variety of places on your vehicle.The weight capacity for this cargo box is 110 pounds, but you do want to be sure to double check your vehicle's manual and the instructions for your roof rack, to make sure that both can handle that weight, also keeping in mind that our cargo box right here weighs 40 pounds.And that's gonna do it for our Inno wedge rooftop cargo box on our 2018 Subaru Outback.

Customer Reviews

Inno Wedge 624 Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Black - INBRM624BK

Average Customer Rating:  4.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)

72-3/4 x 33 x 13-1/2. Roof box with Memory Mount hardware requires one-time setup for easy repeat installation. Great for carrying golf bags, luggage, and other gear on SUVs, CUVs, and wagons. Locking, dual-side opening lid. ABS plastic construction.


Let me start out by saying that everyone I had contact with at etrailer were very professional.Very happy with my inno 13cf rooftop carrier.One annoyance with the carrier was removing the manufacturers sticker on the side of the box.What a mess to clean up.But despite that the box looks great and appears to be of high quality.Also can still use factory antenna. 646894


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  • Yakima Cargo Box Recommendations for Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer
  • The best cargo box for your needs will depend on how much cargo space you are in need of and how much room you have for the box on your Rack and Roll part # Y08106. You didn't mention the widths of your kayaks either so I really don't have a great place to start aside from saying that if you need a narrow box the INNO part # INBRM624BK can carry 13 cubic feet of cargo and is 33 inches wide. The Yakima Showcase part # Y07329 is on the other end of the spectrum as it carries up to 20 cubic...
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  • Fit and Compatibility of Inno Wedge 624 on 2015 Subaru Forester with Factory Roof Rack
  • To determine if the Inno Wedge 624 # INBRM624BK will fit your 2015 Subaru Forester's factory roof rack, you will want to take a few quick measurements. First is from the back of the rear most crossbar to the seam of the rear hatchback will need to measure more than 12 inches in length in order for the roof box to not interfere with the opening of the rear hatch. Second measurement you will need to take is the crossbar spread, this will be from the center of one crossbar to the center...
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  • How High Above the Crossbars is the Inno Wedge 624 Rooftop Cargo Box?
  • The Inno Wedge 624 Rooftop Cargo Box - 13 cu ft - Gloss Black # INBRM624BK is measured from the base of the unit to the highest point of the box, which in this case is the rear. The 13-1/2 inches includes the full base, so the measurement you really want is from the top of your crossbar and that will be 12.2 inches according to my contact at Inno. If you have that 12.2 inches on top of your crossbar to clear your garage door, then you will be able to get into your garage without removing...
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  • Roof Top Cargo Box that Can Fit a Spare Tire that Measures 27.7 by 8 inch
  • The Inno box part # INBRM624BK you referenced does not have quite enough interior room to fit a spare wheel and tire that is 27.7x8 inches but we have the Thule Motion XT # TH6299B which easily would as it's interior dimensions are 84-1/2" long x 33" wide x 16" tall. This box is also very easy to use overall from installing to opening/closing so I recommend it highly for you. I attached a review video for the box for you to check out as well.
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