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Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box - 9 cu ft - Black

Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box - 9 cu ft - Black

Item # 283-RBSM
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Roof Box
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Roof Box 283-RBSM - High Profile - Car Top Cargo
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46-5/8 x 27-3/8 x 17-5/16. Roof box mounts to crossbars with U-bolts and hand knobs. Locking lid opens from the side. Carries camping gear, sports equipment, and other cargo on small to mid-size vehicles. Durable, HDPE thermoplastic construction. Lowest Prices for the best roof box from Car Top Cargo. Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box - 9 cu ft - Black part number 283-RBSM can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Car Top Cargo Roof Box - 283-RBSM

  • Car Top Cargo
  • Aero Bars
  • Factory Bars
  • Square Bars
  • Round Bars
  • Elliptical Bars
  • Extra Small Capacity
  • Extra Short Length
  • Black
  • High Profile
  • Passenger Side Access

46-5/8 x 27-3/8 x 17-5/16. Roof box mounts to crossbars with U-bolts and hand knobs. Locking lid opens from the side. Carries camping gear, sports equipment, and other cargo on small to mid-size vehicles. Durable, HDPE thermoplastic construction.


  • Cargo box mounts on your vehicle's roof rack to provide enclosed storage for your gear
    • Perfect for carrying sports equipment, camping gear, or luggage for up to 4 people
    • Great for smaller CUVs and most small to mid-size cars and SUVs
  • Side-opening lid lets you load and unload gear from the passenger's side of your vehicle
    • 2 Metal struts hold the lid open
  • Built-in locks secure gear in box and secure box to crossbars
  • Latches on front, rear, and driver's side of box ensure lid is completely closed
    • Lock with padlocks (not included) for added security
  • Tool-free installation with included U-bolts, hand knobs, and plates
  • Aerodynamic shape helps minimize wind noise and drag
  • Compact storage - removable lid nests in base when not in use
  • Durable, HDPE thermoplastic construction
  • Matte black finish
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: most round, square, aero, elliptical, and factory crossbars
    • Maximum crossbar dimensions: 3-3/4" wide x 1-3/16" tall
  • Crossbar spread: 22"
    • Can be expanded to a maximum of 30" (requires drilling)
  • Carrying capacity: 9 cu ft
  • Weight capacity: 100 lbs
  • External dimensions: 46-5/8" long x 27-3/8" wide x 17-5/16" tall
  • Internal dimensions: 44" long x 26-1/2" wide x 17" tall
  • Box weight: 24 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Car Top Cargo logos

Mounting Diagram

Car Top Cargo box dimensions 9S

Cargo boxes, bags, and baskets are great for transporting gear on your vehicle's roof. A cargo box has the added benefits of an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and wind noise, a hard shell to protect your gear, and a higher degree of weather resistance. And you can latch and lock a cargo box for added protection against theft.

9 cu ft of Space

This Car Top Cargo cargo box has 9 cu ft of space for sports equipment, camping gear, or luggage for up to 4 people. The aerodynamic shape helps to reduce wind noise and drag. The box opens from the side so you can load and unload it from the passenger's side of your vehicle. U-bolt mounting clamps accommodate most crossbar styles and can be installed in minutes without tools. And the durable yet lightweight HDPE thermoplastic construction prevents warping, denting, or cracking.

Side-Opening Lid

Side Opening Lid

The box features a side-opening lid so you can load and unload your gear from the passenger's side of your vehicle.

Metal Strut

The box features 2 metal struts that support the lid while loading and unloading. Each strut raises independently from the base and latches in place on the lid.

Built-In Locks

Rear Lock

The box includes 2 integrated locks on the passenger's side of the box. These locks secure your gear inside the box, and they also help secure the box to your crossbars by denying access to the mounting hardware.

Safety Latches

Open Side LatchClosed Side Latch

The latches on the front, rear, and passenger's side of the box help ensure that the box is completely closed before you get underway. The latches must be open to load the box.

Security Pins

Three metal pins secure the latches in place. These pins can be swapped out with padlocks (not included) to provide additional security.

Tool-Free Installation

U-Bolt Mounting Hardware

The box installs quickly with U-bolts and hand knobs. Just slip the U-bolts over your crossbars and thread them through the pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the box.

Hand Knobs and Pre-Drilled Holes

Once the U-bolts are in place, set the metal plates over the ends and tighten the hand knobs to secure the box. The box mounts to crossbars with a 22" spread without modification. Crossbars on some vehicles are not adjustable so you make need to drill additional holes in the bottom of the carrier for the right fit.

Reinforced Area

You can increase the maximum crossbar spread to up to 30" by drilling additional 5/16" holes in the floor of the box. These additional mounting holes should be drilled adjacent to the reinforced area of the box floor.

Rugged Construction

HDPE Thermoplastic Construction

The Car Top Cargo cargo box is constructed of a high-molecular-weight and high-density polyethylene thermoplastic. This heavy-duty material resists scuffs, scratches, and cracks better than ABS plastic. It also holds up to prolonged sun exposure and inclement weather.

Convenient Storage

Car Top Cargo Storage

When the box is not in use, simply remove the lid and place it top down inside the base. This makes it easy to store while taking minimal space.

CTC-9S Impact Plastics Roof-Mounted Cargo Carrier - 9 cu ft - Black

Installation Details 283-RBSM Installation instructions

Video of Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box - 9 cu ft - Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box Review

Speaker 1: Today you're going to be getting a good look at the Car Top Cargo Carrier Rooftop Cargo Box; part number 283-RBSM. This Car Top cargo box is an economical solution for carrying sports equipment, camping gear, luggage, or any other items you don't want inside your vehicle, freeing up more space for passengers and pets. It comes with universal clamps, so like most boxes, it's going to work with your round, square, arrow, elliptical, and most factory roof rack systems.The maximum crawl sprawl spread you can have here is 22 inches. So, it's going to work out best with vehicles with raised rails, flush mounted, and some factory roof rack systems. It features two locks, but unlike other cargo boxes, these are on the same side. It also has clamps for the opposing sides.

Each of them come with a clip to keep them closed. However, you can also replace these with a padlock for additional security. It easily unlocks with the included keys. So undo the clamps, we could just take off the clip and then open them up. The third latch here, is to remove the lid for storage, and we'll show you that later.Unlike other Car Top boxes, this one opens from the passenger side only.

It uses struts to keep it open. While it is a comparatively smaller box, it offers us nine cubic feet of space, which is going to be more than enough room to put our gear in. I've gone ahead and removed the cargo so we can take a closer look. As you can see, it's going to have a lot of the same features as any other box. Here you can see the top plates and knobs, which secure it to our roof rack system.

This makes it a tool free installation. You'll notice the clip right here where the hinges are. If you remove that, you can take off the whole top. In most case, we're not going to have an issue with clearance between our rear hatch and our box.It's made out of a durable thermal plastic construction, with a matte black finish. Its external dimensions are 46 5/8 inches long, 27 3/8 inches wide, and 17 5/16 tall.

Its internal dimensions are 45 3/4 inches long, 25 3/4 inches wide, and 17 1/2 inches tall. It has a weight capacity of 100 pounds but you want to be sure and check with the roof rack system and your vehicle to see if it can carry that much.The Car Top roof top cargo box features a limited lifetime warranty. With the Car Top cargo box not in use, the lid can easily be removed, flipped over and stored within itself. This makes it way easier to store inside of a garage or on a shelf.Now that we've gone over the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. We need to have at least a crossbar spread of 22 inches, center on center. Here on our box, we've got pre-drilled holes, we'll need to make sure our crossbars are centered between the two holes. Now let's set it in place. Now, I'm going to favor the passenger's side because it opens from the passenger's side. But you can center it if you'd like. Now in order to secure it to our roof rack system, we'll need to open the box up. We can use the struts on both sides to hold it open for us. Now we can take our u-bolt, we're going to come underneath our crossbar and up through the two holes. We'll take the plate, come inside the box and place it over the u-bolt. Then we can take our two knobs and tighten it down. Now you want to be sure and tighten these down evenly. Get it nice and secure and then we can repeat the same process with the other three.With everything all tightened down, let's go ahead and load up some cargo. With everything all loaded up, we can disconnect our struts and then close it up. Now we can also close up our clamps. With them closed, we'll take our included clips and clip it in place. We can repeat the same process with the other clamps. With everything secured, we're ready to hit the road.Now you've had a good look at the Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box part number 283-RBSM. Speaker 2: Alright, now that we've seen the video on the Car Top Cargo Carrier, what do you guys think Speaker 3: I was surprised actually this box had a limited lifetime warranty because it is a lower end box, it's an economically priced box and a lot of times those don't have that kind of warranty. The fact that it does, I mean, they must have good faith in the product. Speaker 2: Yeah, I think it's probably on the economical side, like you said but that being said, it will get your cargo where you want to go. I mean it might not be as sealed. So, if you're going to put clothing or something like that in there, you might want to have it in a bag that's at least water resistant. If not, like put it inside a trash bag or something to keep it from getting wet if there's going to be rain or something like that. Speaker 4: It seems like it's lacking more of the luxurious features like the additional slots that you could fit it to more rails without having to adjust your rails as much or the automatic hinges so you could just flip it up and it stays without having to latch them. Speaker 5: On that note, it is more difficult to operate. Once you pick it up, you put one strut in, you have the potential of the strut coming loose and out when you're picking up the other side. Not saying it's going to happen all the time but because it's on the lower end, it's not going to raise up for you. You have to raise it up, hold it in place while you put the struts. But it's going to get your gear. It may not be 100% sealed like the others but it's going to do its job. Speaker 2: Yeah, you're not going to be able to open it from both sides of the car either. That's another feature that a lot of the higher end boxes have that this one doesn't. But otherwise, I think it is what it is, it does a good job. The plastic on it does seem to be a whole lot lesser quality than the other ones when I was out there looking at it and using it. So, when you guys had it on the car, how did it feel Did it feel like it was really secure Speaker 5: You know, with it separated, while you're putting cargo in it, it seems kind of flimsy but when it's closed, I didn't really see a huge . The other ones are definitely harder plastic but it's not like I was looking at it as if it wasn't going to perform. It certainly feels . With it all closed up and latched, it feels good. It feels like it's going to hold up. Speaker 2: Yeah. We mentioned the third latch, that's for flipping over the box lid. Speaker 5: With the third latch on the hinge side, you don't have to unlatch that to open it. That's just for removing it. That's just an extra secure latch, so when you decide to store it and take the lid off, flip the latch, take the pin out of the hinge, flip it over set it in place. So, undo all your latches and then it will come right off. Speaker 3: It's actually a really good feature because as much as you're using your cargo box every single day, you got to put it somewhere. And if you could nest flight that then it takes up less space. I would also like to add that this box being as small as it is, it's probably the most adorable one we have. Speaker 2: It'd be great for smaller cars. One thing I had, was curious about was the 22 inch bar spacing. That would be a little bit of a problem on smaller cars that have thickets where the roof rack is set in a specific spot at front and back and it wasn't exactly 22 inches. Speaker 5: Right, so that's an excellent point. With this cargo box, you are limited to your roof rack spacing. You have to be right around that 22 inches, otherwise it won't work. So, if you have fixed roof rack system, then it's not going to work. Speaker 2: So, a 24 inch bar spread wouldn't work at all right Speaker 5: Right. Speaker 2: So you'd have to be within an inch of 22 inches either way. Speaker 5: Mm-hmm (affirmative). So it's perfect for vehicles with factory raised rails. Speaker 2: Right. Speaker 5: That way you can adjust. Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 5: That's really the best way. So I mean, there's plenty of vehicles out there that have that option. So, if they do then it's perfect. Speaker 2: Right. Speaker 3: I did like the extra locking feature on this. It had more locks if you like, that was kind of nice for those clips to put. I would've liked the clips to be tethered so you don't lose them when you're taking them on and off. But the option for locks is really nice. Speaker 2: Yeah, I think you'd have to have something like a real small luggage lock or something but yeah that would work. I would think if you got two of them that'd probably be plenty. I don't know, would you need one on the other side Speaker 3: Yeah, if it includes for all yeah. Speaker 2: So, you would need a third lock Speaker 5: If there was a possibility it would come unlatched, that would prevent it from coming unlatched. On the entire note of the box, there's less room, I don't know if I'd say that right, there's less room for fail because it doesn't have all those other nice features needing adjustable. It's going to go on, stay where it's at, it's not going to fail in those places where the other ones might because it's pretty cut and dry. Speaker 2: Okay, well, thanks a lot guys.

Customer Reviews

Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box - 9 cu ft - Black - 283-RBSM

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (78 Customer Reviews)

46-5/8 x 27-3/8 x 17-5/16. Roof box mounts to crossbars with U-bolts and hand knobs. Locking lid opens from the side. Carries camping gear, sports equipment, and other cargo on small to mid-size vehicles. Durable, HDPE thermoplastic construction.

- 283-RBSM

Looks ok, a little flimsy, good size box, mounted but haven’t used it yet 763881

- 283-RBSM

Product came well packed, very easy to put together! 5 min. Just the right size for Mini Cooper countryman. Great price. ready for a trip. I will add a lock to the front. Also great to have serval keys for the side locks. 707124

- 283-RBSM

Just the size needed and quite true to stated measurements. Since the car does not have room for a spare tire, I plan to use this to carry one on extended trips. Had to give a lower rating since the rear lock plate is mounted slightly lower than the front and would not engage until bent up. The rear lock is also loose in the mount and the back edge is caved in so the lift pin tries to go on the outside instead of inside of the bottom. Have forced alignment and placed in the sun to see if the heat will correct the pin alignment problem. Will try to tighten lock assembly later. 611639

- 283-RBSM

Save your money and do not buy this product, it's poorly manufactured to say the least. 1), the plastic gauge is way to thin making the final product to flimsy. 2) while the order information asked me for make, model and year of vehicle it did not match factory rail specifications. The factory roof rack system for Honda CRV is not adjustable and the 22 inch spread identified for product does not work for Honda installed roof rack systems. 3) lastly, the hinge design on this unit is poorly designed and will not align without modifications to bend the tabs so that they properly align with the slots. Once again, do not waste your money on this product. 699993

This rooftop cargo box can accomodate up to a 30 inch spread on some crossbars, but it would involve drilling to the custom measurements of your CR-V crossbar spread.
-- Rachael H - 09/17/2019


- 283-RBSM

Went on top of my 2017 Jeep Patriot cross bard without any problem. Took longer to find the ladder than actually fitting and tightening the hold-down u-bolt clamps. Filled it up and took off the next morning. Did 860 miles that day. No vibration noise noticeable down through the roof rack crossbars. Top fits down well enough that no water got in during the one rain storm I drove through. Price was fair, easy to put on and I can reach in it to load and unload from the Patriot's passenger side back door. 703128

- 283-RBSM

After one year this product has not had any problems. Been across the country twice, exposed to summer and winter conditions, and never leaked any water. For the price compared to others, its a good purchase. 598738

- 283-RBSM

Pretty cool carrier. Fast shipping! Works well with our car. 756253

- 283-RBSM

Works as advertised. Just took it on a 1800 mile trip and it kept everything dry. There was a problem with the locks on the first unit I received but they replaced it right away and all is well. Great responsive customer service. 733658

- 283-RBSM

Perfect addition to our 2018 Jeep Compass for traveling back and forth between Florida and Indiana. Previously used a waterproof bag rooftop carrier but this is much more convenient and easier to load and secure. Highly recommended. Pictures not available at this time. Chuck 715508

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

Carrier arrived within a few days and the follow up customer service is outstanding. The 18 cubic feet carrier is perfect for golf clubs and other items. It is easy to assemble and install to the roof rails. Looking forward to using it for an upcoming trip. 669087

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

So far so good.... shipping was very prompt and the install wasn't bad. I had to drill new holes in the rear for mounting but no big deal. The plastic is a little lighter gauge than I expected however I'm satisfied with the product. I haven't driven the vehicle with it installed yet but we'll be heading to Yellowstone next week so it'll get plenty of test miles. I'll update the review after using product. 643367

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

Let start from the beginning. The process of search, order and make the decision on the site is extremely easy. The purchasing process was easy and I had the order shipped the same day of the order. The order arrived in 3 days since I made the order, I am still surprised how fast arrived. The assembly process was easy and the instructions covered everything. The only problem I found was that my Subaru rack can't be adjusted. Therefore, I made some little modification to the holes location. Once I did, the roof cargo assembly was completed. To test the modification and the roof cargo performance I drove 300 miles. The car managed perfectly, there was no vibration, sound or anything that ruin a smooth drive. The final rating: Site and Purchase 5+ Delivery 5+ Assembly 5 Overall Performance 5+ I am a happy customer. 451523

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

So this is not the original roof box I had ordered but I am on a time crunch and the manufacturer could not get my original order out to me in the time I needed. Thankfully the folks at etrailer saw my message and called me twice to work things out and even followed up after delivery. As for the box itself it is just mediocre the shell is not very rigid and the hinge system is pretty much useless, the hinge bars must be detached to close the lid and reattached each time to hold it open. The hatch does open wide enough to allow side access but overall quality just seems lacking it is definitely an econobox. I will note however that the folks at etrailer said they would exchange the box for my original choice but I would have to pay for shipping. 436313

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

5 stars for now. I received this the day I was told it would arrive. Assembly was easy. Fits nicely. Going to be driving 3,000 miles and then I will know if I like it. Stay tuned 590321

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

I bought this car top carrier a year ago. I needed extra storage for our pilgrimage to Florida. Yes, we are snowbirds and proud of it. It is approx. 2700 miles round trip. I’m happy to report the carrier worked flawlessly and provided the extra capacity we were looking for. I would highly recommend this carrier for build quality and a great price. We look forward to heading south again this December and with this carrier we have one less problem to worry about. Note, we added tie down straps for extra security. Not sure this is necessary, but it gave us a little more peace of mind. 551055

Great, no regrets
Kevin - 08/08/2019


- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

Have had the cargo carrier for a year and love it. I gave it 4 stars, but it should probably be about 4.5. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it is a little awkward to load as the support arms for the lid are a bit wonky. But once you get them into the locked position, they are fine. Have gone through a couple rainstorms and have had no leaks. Still, I always put everything in there in a plastic trashbag, just in case. All in all, I am very pleased with the product. 485915

It’s working out great!
Alan - 03/18/2019


- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

I used this with my 2014 Subaru Forester, yakima roof rack system. I traveled across country, from North Carolina to Arizona, with this on, and it worked great! I had it completely full. I didn't even realize it was on the roof! I would recommend this. 465486

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

I bought this product not knowing much about roof cargo carrier's. I was looking around and doing research when I bumped onto the etrailer website. I decided to browse then finally call etrailer. I had the pleasure of getting Geoffrey as my sales rep. He helped me get my roof rack and this item the roof cargo carrier for my 2014 Honda Accord . I was concerned because I was short on time and I needed it for a road trip to celebrate my daughters birthday in another state. Well after Geoffrey helped me understand what I was buying he also assured me that my items would be delivered very quickly and he was right. I received my items less then a week after I ordered them. I mounted them on my car took me about half an hour to assemble and install on my vehicle. I then went on my road trip and this product was hardly felt while I was driving. If I didn't know that I mounted it I would never had known it was there. No noise, no driving drag. Worked perfectly. There are others a lot more expensive but this 1 is the 1 I needed and I was not disappointed. Thank you Geoffrey and etrailer for all your help will be looking to purchase other things in the near future. You guys made my trip a success. 541265

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

I was looking for a roof top carrier, but didn't want to pay $450 dollars for one. etrailer offered one for less than half this amount. It was offered as easy to install, and it was. I live in The Pacific Northwest and it was pouring rain, today. I checked the carrier and it was dry. This is the second product that I have ordered from etrailer and the delivery has been prompt and the follow up has been great. Keep up the good work. 391284

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

I am not completely satisfied with this product, although it holds things ok. Made of plastic that is very flimsy/flexible. Would be better if it was rigid plastic. Also find the support holders are a bit difficult to put onto the little pegs (can't really see them do to being inside). Purchased for our make and model and still had some difficulty installing. Was not pleasant and I usually enjoy doing projects. 573274

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

This box didn’t work for me. The bottom edge is pretty tall and I couldn’t access it standing In the door of my car and I couldn’t reach the lock. I Would have to carry a step ladder! My bad not theirs! a helpful measurement etrailer could offer would be the height of the lower half of the box. But etrailer was great. Sent label to send it back without any problems! Stayed in touch throughout the process. Their label allowed ship back without eating up my whole refund with shipping costs too! Thanks etrailer! 559693

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

This was perfect! It was exactly as described and easy to install. We used it on our vacation about 10 hours away and no noise and no problems. 399202

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

Excellent products and Service. 473635

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

You get what you pay for and for the money it's not bad. Plenty of room and easy to install. The mounting hardware is wimpy but seems to be doing it's job. I imagine I will upgrade the hardware at some point. The shell it's self is kinda flimsy but when it's all closed up and latched down it stiffens up. Doesn't seem to move at all traveling at highway speeds and I haven't noticed any new wind noise. If you're going to tour the country living out of your car for 4 yrs this is not the cargo box for you. Using it here and there for family vacations seems to be more of what this cargo box can handle. It's not a direct bolt on application for a Subaru Outback but it's not hard to make it work either. I would also recommend getting some lynch pins for the lid clamps instead of the little spring clips that the cargo box comes with. 512507

- CTC-18S

Review from a similar HDPE Rooftop Carrier in Roof Box

Great product. I moved from New Jersey to Florida with a month stop at Myrtle Beach SC . We had many things we could not ship with the containers so we had to maximize the SUV for things we needed for the month or so .We have a dog so that cut down on the packing space. THE roof top carrier was the perfect answer to the problem. After getting to MB I didn't have to empty the carrier . On the travel we hit rain and wind everything stayed dry and secure going 70 to 80 mph. Worth the price 574536

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    Yakima roof cargo boxes are confirmed as a fit for the factory crossbars of your 2008 Honda Element and they are very easy to install. You don't have to worry about messing with awkward u-bolt or difficult adjustment knobs at all. For a smaller 12 cubic foot box we have the Yakima Rocketbox 12 part # Y07191 or for a bigger one part # Y07335 for a 16 cubic foot version. I attached a review video for the Rockbox line which shows how easy they are to install and use.
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  • How to Determine if Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box # 283-RBSM Could Fit 2000 Dodge Durango
    If you can set the distance between your crossbars on your 2000 Dodge Durango to being 22 inches apart and the width of the bars is less than 3-3/4 inches then the Car Top Cargo Rooftop Cargo Box # 283-RBSM that you referenced will fit. Car Top does not test fit their boxes to vehicles so I don't have a way to look up whether they tested your vehicle or not.
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  • Fit of Malone Cargo Carrier on 2019 Toyota Highlander
    According to Malone, the inside dimensions are 53 inches long x 29 inches wide x 16-1/2 inches tall. The box's attachment hardware is compatible with roof rack crossbars up to 3 inches wide by 1-3/8 inches tall. The box needs a bar spread (measurement from middle of the width of front bar to middle of the width of the rear bar) between 24-28 inches. In order for your rear hatch to open without hitting the rear of the cargo box, the distance between the middle of the width of the rear bar...
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  • Replacement Lock Core Housing for Yakima Skybox
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  • Roof Rack for 2016 Honda HR-V Compatibility with Car Top Cargo Roof Box
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  • Will the Thule Outbound Rooftop Cargo Bag Fit Between the Crossbars on a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    According to my research, the crossbar spread on your 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland is 32", therefore, the Thule Outbound Rooftop Cargo Bag part # TH868 would work but you would lose about 4" of space in the bag if you placed it between the cross bars or you could always place the bag over the crossbar which you can see in the attach photo. The other option however would be to install a cargo basket like the MaxxTow Roof Mounted Cargo Basket part # MT70115 and then place the Thule...
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  • Roof Cargo Box for Stroller that is 17 Tall by 43.5 Long by 21.5 Wide on 2015 Nissan Pathfinder
    I do have a potential solution for you but since at least part of the stroller is 17 inches tall the Thule Force XT cargo box, # TH6358B, would not work because on the inside it is 15-1/4 inches tall. For a box that is 17 inches tall on the inside take a look at the Car Top box, # 283-RBSM. In addition to being 17 inches tall inside it is also 44 inches long and 26-1/2 inches wide on the inside so the stroller will fit. It will be a tight fit but it will fit. This box, at 46-5/8 inches...
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  • Recommended Aero Roof Rack and Rooftop Cargo Box for 2019 Honda HR-V
    I am happy to help you with an aftermarket roof rack for your 2019 HR-V so you can use a rooftop cargo box like the 18-cubic-foot Car Top Cargo # CTC-18S or its 'little sister' 9-cubic-foot model # 283-RBSM. Let's start with a roof rack. Since your HR-V has the roof style with the flush-mounted front-to-back rails I recommend the Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero system made of parts # RRVA126B-2 and # RRSX100. I like this rack for your HR-V because it offers the same kind of quiet aerodynamic...
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  • Cargo Box Options and Rear Hatch Clearance Needed for 2018 Honda CRV
    The measurement you're looking for is the rear hatch clearance measurement which is from the center of the front crossbar to the line where the roof and hatch meet on your 2018 Honda CRV. That measurement needs to be 52 1/2 inches for the SportRack Horizon Rooftop Cargo Box to clear your open hatch. The SportRack has a sleek design providing a low profile and would look great on your CRV. For the Yakima SkyBox 12 Rooftop Cargo Box # Y07334 the rear hatch clearance requires 57 inches...
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  • Durability Of SofTop Roof Top Cargo Carrier
    The Advantage SportsRack SofTop Rooftop Cargo Bag # HE3021 bag can be mounted and secured to the top of your horse trailer. That being said the bag is not waterproof per 0:40 of the video and water can get through the zipper potentially so these factors could cause the bag to not be ideal for all the time, permanent use. The bag may be more ideally used and then stowed away when not in use as it could wear down in the elements. Upgraded bags like the Rightline Gear Sport 1 Rooftop...
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  • Replacement for Yakima SpaceCadet Cargo Box
    I checked with Yakima and the SpaceCadet cargo boxes do not have replacement lock housings available due to the age of the SpaceCadet boxes. The only parts Yakima has for these boxes are Replacement Mounting Hardware # 8870098 and Yakima Replacement Luggage Knobs for Pre-2002 Cargo Boxes # Y8870048. While I know it isn't the answer you wanted, the only option, if the housing is broken is a new cargo box. You can get a new one without a huge cost associated with it, such as the Car Top...
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