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Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket - Aluminum - 63" x 39-1/2" x 7" - 165 lbs

Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket - Aluminum - 63" x 39-1/2" x 7" - 165 lbs

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Sleek, aluminum roof basket with a flat cargo area has adjustable tie-down points for securing your gear. Built-in T-slots let you mount carriers and accessories, and a fairing reduces wind noise. Simple installation on most crossbars. Lowest Prices for the best roof basket from Thule. Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket - Aluminum - 63" x 39-1/2" x 7" - 165 lbs part number TH865XT can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Thule Roof Basket

  • Thule
  • Medium Capacity
  • Square Bars
  • Round Bars
  • Factory Bars
  • Aero Bars
  • Elliptical Bars
  • Cargo Basket
  • Long Length
  • Aluminum
  • Silver

Sleek, aluminum roof basket with a flat cargo area has adjustable tie-down points for securing your gear. Built-in T-slots let you mount carriers and accessories, and a fairing reduces wind noise. Simple installation on most crossbars.


  • Sleek cargo carrier with built-in T-slots lets you transport gear on the roof of your vehicle
  • T-slots on front and rear frame rails let you attach channel-mounted carriers and accessories
    • Great for mounting a bike carrier, kayak carrier, or snowboard carrier
  • 8 Integrated tie-down points let you securely anchor cargo in the basket
    • Adjust to accommodate your gear
  • Built-in fairing reduces drag and wind noise
  • Lockable with One-Key System cylinders (sold separately)
    • One-Key lock cylinders can be changed out to make all your Thule locks keyed alike
  • Anodized aluminum construction is rustproof
  • Easy installation onto most roof rack crossbars
    • Clamp onto bars or mount in crossbar top channels


  • Application: round, square, aero, elliptical, and most factory crossbars
    • Maximum crossbar dimensions: 3-1/2" wide x 1-3/4" tall
    • Minimum crossbar spread: 23-5/8"
  • Weight capacity: 165 lbs
  • Exterior basket dimensions: 63" long x 39-1/2" wide x 7" tall
  • Interior basket dimensions: 54-1/4" long x 37" wide x 5" tall
  • Carrier weight: 33 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The stylish Thule Trail roof cargo basket has space for your sports equipment or camping gear and built-in T-slots for carrying a bike or watersport carrier. And the integrated, adjustable anchor loops provide spots to tie down your gear.

Stylish Aluminum Construction

Thule Trail Aluminum Roof Cargo Basket

The sleek, aerodynamic Trail is constructed of anodized aluminum. The front of the basket serves as a fairing that not only looks stylish but helps deflect air and reduce wind noise. The Trail's cargo area is made up of flat planks that make it easy to load and arrange your gear.

T-Slots for Channel-Mounted Carriers

Thule Trail with T-Slots

This carrier has T-slots built into the tops of the front and rear rails so that you can attach channel-mounted carriers and accessories. This allows you to transport your bike or boat on top of your luggage and sports gear. These slots come with Thule WindDiffuser strips. You can cut these strips and place them in the slots around your mounted accessories. And when no accessories are mounted, these strips help keep dirt out of the channels and help reduce wind noise and drag.

Adjustable Tie-Down Points

Thule Trail Adjustable Tie Downs

The Trail has 8 built-in tie-down anchors - 4 per side. You can adjust the position of these anchors and loop a cargo strap or bungee cord through them and around your cargo. Or throw a cargo net over your gear and hook the net to the anchors and to the bottom of the carrier.

Simple Installation on Most Crossbars

Thule Trail U-bolts

This basket mounts onto square and round crossbars with included U-bolts. T-slot hardware is also included for installing the basket directly into the top channels of Thule AeroBlade and Xsporter crossbars. You can add One-Key System locks (sold separately) to secure the basket to your roof rack.

865XT Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Carrier - Aluminum - 63" x 39-1/2" x 7" - 165 lbs

Item # TH865XT

Installation Details TH865XT Installation instructions

Video of Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket - Aluminum - 63" x 39-1/2" x 7" - 165 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Thule Trail Roof Cargo Basket Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Thule Trail roof-mounted cargo basket, part number TH865XT. The Thule Trail measures 63 inches long by 39 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches deep. Thule also offers a smaller version that measures 53 inches long by 35 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches deep. Both of which have a 165 pound capacity. You just want to choose whatever works best for your application. The Thule Trail is the perfect solution to carry your gear on the roof of your vehicle safely and secure. It features eight tie-down anchor points, four on each side, which is going to help minimize cargo movement.

It's got a sleek, aerodynamic design to it, the front acting as a fairing that's going to help deflect wind and help reduce noise. The Thule Trail is also made up of six planks so it's going to be easy to load and unload and arrange your cargo. It features a T-slot on the front and back covered by a rubber strip so you can mount your kayak or any other T-slot accessories. The universal hardware is going to allow it to fit your round, square, inaudible 00:01:06, elliptical, and most factory roof rack systems. We have it mounted using the clamps here. You can also mount it using the T-slots.

It has caps covering up our hardware to give us a cleaner finish. They also offer us a locking option and you can pick up the Thule locking cylinders sold separately here at etrailer.com, and that's going to be part of our TH544. It's just going to give us a little more security for our cargo basket. It's made out of an anodized aluminum construction so it's going to be fairly lightweight and easy to install. Thule also stands behind the product and offers a limited lifetime warranty. Now that we've gone over some features I'll go ahead and show you how to get the roof basket installed.

Now in order to get it anchored to our roof rack system we need to install our plates first. Let's go ahead and do that now. Now in our track we've got four fasteners to be exact, and they're adjustable along the track here. We need to make sure that we have two on this side and two on that side. Let's go ahead and move them down. Once we have those fasteners separated up, we can then grab our plate and we're going to take the two that we have on this side and our included hardware, and attach it with these holes here.

We'll grab our included tool to do so, and we're going to go ahead and loosely install this too. There's no reason to tighten it down all the way just yet because we're going to need to adjust them later. Then we'll take our other one, we'll line it up with our fastener and get that one started as well. Now we can do the other one. Now keep in mind, everything we do here we're just going to repeat the same stuff on the other side. There's two ways you can go about mounting this to your roof rack system: you can use the clamp, which is going to mount to most of your factory roof rack systems, your round, square, inaudible 00:02:47, elliptical, or you can use the T-slot, which will go into your aeroblades that have a T-channel or like today, we're using the Thule aeroblades. So we're going to show you both. Let's go ahead and use the T-slot first, so we need to go ahead and remove our pin caps. Now normally when using the T-slot method you're going to measure and cut your rubber strips to fit around them. For today's demonstration we're just going to pull them all the way out, that way we can see what we're working with. Then we can take our T-bolts and we're going to put two on each bar: front and rear. We're going to send the first one all the way down to the other end and then leave the second one right around that area, then we can replace our end caps. Now let's put our roof basket up there. That will just come up and over the first set of T-bolts, and set it right about there. When loading up your basket you want to make sure that there's no antenna or any other obstructions in the way, that way you can easily scoot it on. Now we can line up our T-bolts with the center hole on our plate. We'll need to lift up on it and maneuver around a little bit, and since we left our plates loosely installed we can easily move them up and down the track. We've got the first one in there, let's go ahead and do this one. Good, then I'll just go over there and do that side. I'm going to bring it a tad more this way. One important thing we need to make sure of before we tighten everything down is that our cargo basket is evenly spaced on our crossbars, that way when we put our cargo on the weight of it can be evenly distributed throughout the whole basket. Let's go ahead and do that now. You can use a tape measure and measure out if you'd like, I'm just going to eye it up. I also want to make sure that it's centered with the vehicle. I think that's going to be pretty close. On some applications you may find that your cargo basket is coming in contact with your roof rack system itself, but Thule has provided a spacer to give that just a little bit of clearance between the two, so that might help you out. The way that works is, the hole points towards the center of the vehicle or towards the center of the basket. It's made to fit in the T-track so it'll stay in place and doesn't move from side to side, so I can show you that really quick. We'll just raise it up, we'll line it up with the hole, we'll take the spacer, put it on our T-bolt, and then realign our plate to sit right on top. We won't be needing that spacer in this case because our basket is doing just fine where it is. We'll set that back down, and then we can start our hardware. The first thing we need to grab is our lock washer and then our thumb screw. Our lock washer goes on first followed by the thumb screw, and then we can tighten that down. Then we can grab our Allen key, and we're going to tighten down the two bolts on the side here to tighten up our plate. That seems pretty tight, then we can grab our cap to hide our hardware, and we've got the open end here with the little notch, and we've got the end with the core. The end with the core is going to go right here so we'll take this end, we're going to put it in first, and set it down and bring it over. Once we've got that in place we can turn it to lock in place just like that, as you can see it tidies up the finish there. With that being done we can just go ahead and repeat that same process on the other three T-bolts. We'll go ahead and show you the clamp method. The clamps come in three sizes: you have inch and five-eights, two inch, and two and three-eights. For each clamp we'll be using two thumb screws and two flat washers. You just need to make sure and use whatever size works best for your application. We'll be using the two inch for our Thule aeroblades here today; let's go ahead and do that now. You can essentially load up your cargo basket the exact same way. You don't need to remove the rubber strips, because our clamps are just going to go underneath the crossbars here. We've left our plates loosely installed as before, you just need to make sure that your basket is evenly placed between the crossbars as we did before as well. With that being said, let's go ahead and grab our clamp. We're going to go underneath, come up through the plate as you see there, we'll grab one of our flat washers, then the other one, and then both of our thumb screws. We're just hand tightening them down now for here on each side until they make contact with the bracket, and tighten those down evenly. We've just about got it here, then we can repeat that same step on the other three sides. Once we have all of our clamps tightened down we can tighten down our two bolts holding our plate still, and once again you'll just want to repeat this same step on the three remaining sides. Once we've got them tightened down we can grab our cap that covers up our hardware and put that on. Our cap is going to go on the exact same way as it did before with the T-bolts. We've got the cargo basket all loaded up and installed on our roof rack system, let's go ahead and load up some gear and take it out on our test course. Here on our test course let's first go into our inaudible 00:07:54. This is going to show side-to-side action such as going around corners or evasive maneuvering. Then on to our alternating speed bumps, this is going to show a twisting action such as going over potholes or uneven pavement. Then finally on to our solid speed bumps, this is going to show an up and down action such as pulling in and out of a driveway or out of a parking lot. That's going to complete our look at the Thule Trail roof-mounted cargo basket, part number TH865XT.

Customer Reviews

Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket - Aluminum - 63" x 39-1/2" x 7" - 165 lbs - TH865XT

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

Sleek, aluminum roof basket with a flat cargo area has adjustable tie-down points for securing your gear. Built-in T-slots let you mount carriers and accessories, and a fairing reduces wind noise. Simple installation on most crossbars.

- TH865XT

Excellent product. Took both of us 1 hour to assemble it but you can see the quality of materials. Minimal impact on fuel mileage and hardly notice the noise it creates when driving. I would recommend to get a cargo bag for rain and to maximize aerodynamics. It first perfectly on my 2015 Toyota 4 Runner. 396841

- TH865XT

Easy to assemble and install. Highest quality as always from Thule. Watch video on product page for more install info. Be aware that interior measurements are decently smaller than overall size measurements. Check specs in description. Definitely recommend this basket. Fits great with 58 inch Thule rail bars on 2017 Odyssey. 382704

- TH865XT

I was worried this box would be to large but it looks & fits great on my 2018 Highlander. The installation went pretty good (missing installation instruction but got them from Thule's website). The platform seems really sturdy. I used the spacers provided went mounting to my roof rack. I currently hear no rattling riding around town 35-50 mph. There is quite a bit of noise if open my sunroof but with it closed I do not hear it at all. I am about to take it on the interstate & I purchased to large interstate Thule bag with it. I still have about 10" after installing the roof bag in my basket... This is done on purpose as to have room for more gear. I will update this review once I have it loaded down & return from my trip to the mountains of NC. The only con (minus 1 star) is the plastic trim on the corners of the box has gaps. It should only be an appearance issue that I plan to fix using JB weld but I feel they should of designed screws to hold the corners tightly together. 617167

- TH865XT

Great Product , easy to install 528479

- TH864XT

Review from a similar Thule Trail XT in Roof Basket

I love working with etrailer.com! They have the best service and, for this item, the best price. They are definitely concerned with buyer satisfaction and keep you informed of your order status. 297080


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  • Cargo Bag and Cargo Net Recommendations for Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket
    The Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket # TH865XT has external dimensions of 63" long x 39-1/2" wide x 7" tall and a cargo net that will fit and work great is the Thule Cargo Net with Storage Bag # TH692 which measures 40" x 36" but will stretch out to cover the Trail XT cargo basket. In regards to the Curt Cargo Bag for Roof Basket # C18221, it is 59" long x 34" wide so it wouldn't be the best fit for the Trail XT which has inside dimensions of 54-1/4" long x 37" wide. Instead, for...
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  • Will the Thule 865XT Fit the Infiniti QX60 Crossbars?
    The Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket - Aluminum - 63" x 39-1/2" x 7" - 165 lbs # TH865XT will fit your Infinity QX60 as long as the crossbars are at least 23-5/8 inches apart on center and as long as they are not more than 1-3/4 inches tall by 3-1/2 inches wide. Those dimensions are larger than most factory crossbars as well as aftermarket bars so you shouldn't have an issue as long as the spacing is greater than 23-5/8 inches. The cargo weight will be restricted by your roof rack as...
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  • Roof Cargo Basket Recommendation to Fit Factory Crossbars 2015 Toyota 4Runner
    We checked with Thule and the Trail XT part # TH865XT which measures 63" x 39-1/2" and the smaller Trail XT # TH864XT which measues 53" x 35-1/2" are both a confirmed fit for the factory crossbars of your 2015 Toyota 4Runner
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  • Roof Rack Recommendation to Fit Thule Canyon XT on 2015 GMC 3500 Sierra Denali
    You'd have to install a roof rack on your 2015 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali first, but yes, once that's installed you'd be able to install the Thule Canyon part # TH865XT that you referenced. For that I recommend the Thule WingBar Evo rack part numbers # TH711520, # TH710501, and # TH145105 because this gives you an easy to install rack with aero shaped bars that will minimize wind noise. I attached an install video and picture of this rack on a similar Sierra as yours as well.
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  • Does Larger Thule Trail XT Cargo Basket Fit Crossbars of 2015 Audi Q5
    I checked with Thule and they list the Thule Trail XT Roof Cargo Basket # TH865XT as a confirmed fit without hatch interference for your 2015 Audi Q5 with factory crossbars. The adjustability of the mounting hardware on the bottom of the basket allow it to be slid forward enough to clear the hatch.
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  • Large Roof Basket Recommendation for 2002 Ford Excursion
    For your 2002 Ford Excursion with factory crossbars the Thule Trail XT part # TH865XT is a confirmed fit and would work well for you as it measures 63 inches long by 39-1/2 inches wide. The front of the basket is wedge shaped to act as a wind fairing.
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  • Will Thule Trail XT Fit Factory Crossbars of 2017 Ford Explorer
    I checked with Thule and the Thule Trail XT Large part # TH865XT that you referenced is a confirmed fit for the factory crossbars of your 2017 Ford Explorer.
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  • Cargo Box for Use With the Thule Xsporter Pro Ladder Rack
    I do have some options for you but I spoke to my contact at Thule and they said the Thule Pulse Large Rooftop Cargo Box part # TH615 cannot be used with a Thule Xsporter Pro Adjustable Height Truck Bed Ladder Rack like part # TH500XT because the crossbars are too wide. The Pulse will only fit crossbars up to 3-5/16" wide and the Xsporter crossbars are 3-1/2" wide. The Yakima SkyBox Lo Rooftop Cargo Box part # Y07338 is compatible with crossbars up to 3-1/2" wide x 1-11/16" tall so it...
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  • Is Thule Trail XT Cargo Basket a Good Choice for 2019 Subaru Ascent with Factory Crossbars
    The Thule Trail XT part # TH865XT is a really nice cargo basket that is confirmed as a fit for the factory crossbars of your 2019 Subaru Ascent as well. While the Rhino Rack Cargo Bag part # RRLB500 is slightly different dimensionally it will still fit and work well. It is a bag so any width or length can easily just be pushed in. This bag would be a really great option with plenty of cargo space at 17.5 cubic feet of space and is considered to be waterproof as well which means your cargo...
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