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Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket for Thule Roof Racks - 50" Long x 45" Wide

Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket for Thule Roof Racks - 50" Long x 45" Wide

Item # SPS4550-T400
Our Price: $421.32
Roof Basket
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs
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Keep your vehicle's interior clean and uncluttered by transporting wet, dirty or oversize gear in this roof-mounted cargo basket. Durable, lightweight aluminum carrier fits Thule roof-rack crossbars. Great Prices for the best roof basket from Surco Products. Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket for Thule Roof Racks - 50" Long x 45" Wide part number SPS4550-T400 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Surco Products Roof Basket - SPS4550-T400

  • Medium Capacity
  • Square Bars
  • Surco Products
  • Aluminum
  • Cargo Basket
  • Medium Length
  • Black

Keep your vehicle's interior clean and uncluttered by transporting wet, dirty or oversize gear in this roof-mounted cargo basket. Durable, lightweight aluminum carrier fits Thule roof-rack crossbars.


  • Roof-mounted cargo carrier makes it easy to transport your gear
  • Basket fits crossbars of aftermarket Thule roof racks
    • Included adapters clamp around rack crossbars to attach carrier
  • Sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction
    • 3/4" Thick, square tubing
  • Durable, black powder coat finish resists corrosion
  • Additional accessories (sold separately) are available to carry spare tire or jack or to mount off-road lights
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: vehicles with Thule roof racks
  • Basket dimensions: 50" long x 45" wide x 5" deep
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • 90-Day warranty

S4550 and T400 Surco Safari Rack 5.0 for Thule Roof Rack - 50" x 45"

Video of Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket for Thule Roof Racks - 50" Long x 45" Wide

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Surco Safari Rack Rooftop Cargo Basket Review

Adam: Hi everybody. Adam with Today, on our vehicle, we have a Serco Roof Mounted Cargo Basket and we're going to do a couple things for you. One, we're going to see if it's going to be the right fit for you. Also, we're going to compare it to some of those other roof mounted cargo baskets that you may see on our website. Also, go over some of the basic features and, of course, show you how to install.

So let's get to it. So if you guys are looking to completely maximize the roof of your vehicle, this is definitely the way to go. This one that you see here is about 50 inches by 72 inches. So this whole entire basket is going to be made of aluminum, so it's going to resist against that rust and corrosion, but it also has a nice powder coated finish to it too, so it's just going to look nice over time.There is about 250 pounds of weight capacity that we'll have so we can load up a bunch of different gear. Or one thing that I've noticed is there's pretty big squares in this floor here and there actually is some floor kits that you can grab as well.

We have a spare tire carrier, and ax and shovel carrier, we actually have a bracket for and light that we can mount up here. So for your more off roady type vehicles like a Jeep or something like that, we also have a carrier that'll carry your high lift jack as well. So if you're in the trails rock climbing or just need to jack up your vehicle for something, you can carry that with you and take care of everything on the spot. So if you have a whole bunch of gear you plan on putting in your roof basket or you like the idea of all those attachments that we just listed off, I definitely think the Safari Rack might be a good choice for you.So we do have a whole lot of options here at etrailer when it comes to roof mounted baskets. One that I always usually prefer to people is the Max Haul.

A lot of people don't really need all that space. They don't have a lot of luggage and they don't really have a use for a lot of those attachments that you can put on this roof rack. Well, as you could see here, it's a lot smaller, so small that you can actually just fit it on the inside of the Serco, which just goes to show you how massive this is. I mean, it's easily taking up maybe 60% at most. As you can see here, you can lay the Max Haul inside the Serco pretty easily, just showing how big this thing is.

That is one that will definitely get the job done, but to be honest, if you really want to maximize your roof, I would definitely go with the Serco.There are some other options that we have as well, so if you are needing all of this space because you have a whole lot of luggage or you just like maximizing your vehicle, we look at some of the options with platform-style racks. The one right here is the Yakima, but we do have a lot of different brands as well. One thing, of course, it does not have rails, so it will be a little bit easier to load stuff up onto the platform style. But if you like the idea of those, you can actually buy those separately as well. It's just whether or not you want to just buy one kit that comes with it all or just buy a platform and then just start adding on attachments to make it yours. So this is going to be one of the few options that you'll have to get this much space in a basket form. If you don't necessarily like the basket form, platform racks is going to offer some of these features as well.So now to go over a couple of little details. We do have three-quarter inch square tubing, so your basic J hook is going to fit around there pretty nicely. There's a bunch of different places where you can find a spot to tie everything down, so you won't have much issues getting everything nice and secured. So one thing that I've noticed is these big old gaps right here. We have three slats, which leave those bigger gaps, which some cargo, we don't necessarily need a complete solid floor just because it's bigger and bulkier. And if you have an actual cargo bag that you put up on here that's going to fill the whole contents, that would take care of it as well. But if you have smaller gear that you plan on putting up top here, I do suggest grabbing the floor kit and it's going to come with more slots just to give you more surface area on the floor of your roof mounted basket.So this should work with most of your roof rack systems that you may have. We do have some feet here that we use today, but there's other adapters as well to adapt to those different bars you guys may be carrying on your roof. So let's get to it. Once you get everything nice and assembled, there is a little bit of assembly required but everything comes with your kit so you don't have to worry about grabbing anything else. Once you're done with that, you can go ahead and throw it up on your roof. So once you get it up here just be sure and get out a measuring tape and make sure it's nice and even on both sides just so it's not crooked whenever you fasten it down. Also, if you do have a larger rear hatch, be sure to open it up, make sure we're not going to have any clearance issues there and once you get all that ready to go, we can go ahead and start mounting this down.So when mounting our basket to our vehicle, we do have options, but it all just depends on what you guys have on your guys' vehicle. If you have some arrow bars, whether it's Tooley, Yakima, or whatever, we will have to utilize the T slot and we won't really have to purchase anything else. We do have extra little T slot adapters that come with our basket and you'll just have to just slide those in there and then secure it down that way. If you have some square bars or round bars or pro bars, we will have to grab either the Yakima adapter kit or the Tooley adapter kit. It's going to be pretty much the same thing, just different size U bolts. It's just going to go up and around this and we're going to utilize these brackets to go around our basket.But for today, we're not going to have to do any of that. We're going to utilize our factory raised rails on our Tahoe here. So all we're going to have to do is we just grab some of these from the inventory in our warehouse and it's just going to clamp around those raised rails. So we are going to have two on each side and it's going to be that same exact process we just went over. So now all we really want to do is just make sure we have this black plate on here. We're not going to thread it on all the way, just a little bit. And we want to make sure that the Serco symbol is going to be facing out. We're going to slide that into the T track, like so, following with the fixed plastic T slot as well. And I'll lift up a little bit. And set it down.So now all we need to do is just peel back this little rubber cap and we're going to see a little wheel here, where we'll have a tool that comes with our kit, and we're going to turn it clockwise. And what that's going to do, it's going to clamp these feet together onto your bars. I'm going to give it a couple turns here. Feel a little bit of resistance. And get it nice and tight. And then you can go ahead and just put that cap back on. So now all we need to do is just put our caps on. So, as you can see, we do have a little bit longer arms up top here and that's going to fit into these slots. So we're just going to have to put it like so. And it is a pretty tight fit, so you might have to maneuver it around a little bit to get it into place. And we're going to do that same exact thing for all four of our sides.Well everyone, I really hope this video helped maybe answer some of those questions that you may have. Again, this is the Serco Safari Rooftop Cargo Basket.

Customer Reviews

Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket for Thule Roof Racks - 50" Long x 45" Wide - SPS4550-T400

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (39 Customer Reviews)

Keep your vehicle's interior clean and uncluttered by transporting wet, dirty or oversize gear in this roof-mounted cargo basket. Durable, lightweight aluminum carrier fits Thule roof-rack crossbars.


Thank you. I have had the product
installed and I must say the wind noise it creates is very shrill and causes my ears to ring long after I have stopped driving. Is there a wind deflector for this product ? ??????

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


Unfortunately, any object installed on a vehicle roof is going to cause some wind turbulence, this is unavoidable. Surco doesnt offer a wind deflector at this time, Im sorry to say.


A well built and sturdy safari rack, easy to follow instructions and video.


This went together easily with two people working on it. The gaps in the frame make it a bit tricky to load certain items but we are usually using a large cargo bag inside this. The gap size is a trade-off with affordable price. It's been sturdy. We have left it installed on our 2007 Toyota Highlander since we got it about 6 months ago.


I've had this rack on my 1995 Grand Cherokee and it's still great. Paint has finally started peeling but count the years to 2018 and it's been at 6000 feet in sun all that time! These roof racks by Surco are the impossible combination; light and sturdy.
This longer version is going on my 4x4 full size expedition Van.
The box arrived quickly, and it's a precision fit together.
However, like all roof rack baskets, they show a set of floor slats that are not part of the kit and no disclaimer about it. Just because the others are doing that sort of misleading marketing doesn't mean they have to.

I would like more floor options, like a chain link fence which could be rolled for easy shipping or expanded metal.
I would also like color options, I need this one in white, so I'll have to paint it.

etrailer got right on this order and it arrived earlier than I expected.


I bought this for a trip we were doing last summer. I was originally going to go with a more Custom built rack but the wait was too long.

I had a good time building this and fitting it to our Hummer H3. It worked great for freeing up space for the family. We spent a week out on the road with no issues. It is a little taller than I was originally looking for but the Safari style rask is very easy to use and pack. I have had it mounted for a year now and had no issues.


Works great, sits low is almost as wide as my renegade, doesn't weigh much but is plenty sturdy, doesn't make an unreasonable amount of wind noise and make a great mount for off-road lights take the time to read and measure to install it correctly and it sits stable hasn't moved in close to 10,000 miles after the initial install and tightening, also a great way to move tough bulky items out of a limited interior compartment, like highlight Jack's and other weather proof off-road essentials


The Rooftop Cargo Basket is great. it went together very easey.
Looks great and works great.
Erika W. did a great job and was very knowledgable, and up to the task,
and gave me updates.


Awesome work it hard.


Outstanding quality and fit.


Website did not clearly indicate that factory rail clamps ARE NOT included had to order separate even though they are ShoWN on pictures. Disappointed


Looks good. Assembly instructions were lacking. One incorrect word made it more confusing.


Critical pieces missing that were supposed to be in the package, couldn't mount for the road trip we needed roof rack for. Bad customer service, said they would email me with info regarding missing parts and they did not.


Excellent choice, super dynamic for its size. Owned it for a year now. I’ve put it on two cars, and I’ve used it several times. It’s gotten our family to and from the campsite and moving a few times. If wanted during the seasons, you can easily take it off by using the available key.


I have had this rack on my Ford Excursion for a full year now. I go whitewater kayaking about every weekend and they fit in the rack very nicely. I bought a 4'x8' sheet of expanded steel mesh for a floor, cut it to length, painted it with truck bed liner, and fastened it to the cross bars with sheet metal screws so I wouldn't have to worry about balancing on the cross bars while loading and tying down gear.
This summer we went to from TN to CO with 3 boats stuffed full of gear on top, and it handled them with ease.
Get the folding ladder to make loading and unloading a breeze!


Fit my 2017 jeep renegade sport perfect ly.


Awesome product. Assembly was straightforward but did take a bit of time. Installation and removal of the rack are a breeze. Very happy with the service from Incredible amount of product information on the site that allowed me to make an informed decision, and shipping was fast and free.


I chose this rack to mount on my PUTCO venture bed rack because its the same exact size as the bed of my 2019 Ranger I used Yakima mounts for quick on and off. Couldnt be happier and love the look


Just opened it up and it's missing parts. Was planning to install tomorrow. Please help! It's missing the 3, long, base bars that support the whole thing. Someone please call me asap to see if we can get those parts shipped overnight. Time is of the essence. Thank you.


Premium price, Premium quality. Fits my car perfect; looks nice. I would recommend buying this and not buying a cheap one. My loving dog ate one of the trim pieces right before I installed it…


Although I haven’t installed the rack yet it looks great and I think it will work fine. I’m putting it on my jetboat so it isn’t exactly what it was intended for but I’m anxious to see the final results! Pictures to follow soon!


Well built and a perfect fit on my 2000 trooper. It’s going to need the floor kit, 3 slats aren’t enough


Works very well for plastic totes. You tie down with bungies or a net.


As described - delivered fast


Fit my 02 tundra roof perfectly assembly was easy.


Holds everything I dare keep on top

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  • Height of Surco Roof Cargo Basket
    The height of the Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket for Thule Roof Racks # SPS4550-T400 is 5 inches.
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  • Roof Rack For 2017 Ford Focus RS with Naked Roof for Surco Safari Cargo Basket
    To install a cargo basket on the roof for your 2017 Ford Focus the only option is by first installing a roof rack like the Thule Square bar rack # TH712400, # TH710501, and # TH145089 that fits your vehicle. There are Safari baskets like the one you referenced that can attach to raised side rails but none that can attach to a naked roof. Reason being that roof designs vary quite a bit so it would be really hard to come up with a suitable solution for that. That's why the most effective...
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  • Available Surco 45 x 60-Inch Rooftop Cargo Basket for Raised Roof Rails on 2001 Jeep Cherokee
    Surco offers their rooftop cargo baskets in many sizes, including the 45 x 60-inch size, which is part # SPS4560-1101. This basket fits on raised factory roof side rails that run front to back. You can see an example installation using the video link included for you. This Surco basket offers a 250-lb weight rating but you'll want to check your Jeep manual to confirm the vehicle's own roof weight capacity. The lower of the two will determine your actual load rating. Keep in mind that the...
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  • Roof Rack for Fitting Cargo Basket on Roof of 2017 Ford F-150
    To install a roof top cargo basket like the Surco part # SPS4550-T400 on your 2017 Ford F-150 4 door the first thing you'd need is a roof rack to provide the crossbars for the basket to attach to. For that the Rhino Rack roof rack part numbers # RRVA150B-2, # RRRLKVA, and # DK427 is a confirmed fit and a really great option as it's easy to install, aerodynamically shaped and also priced better than other similar options.
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  • Roof Rack for 2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab to Attach Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket
    We have exactly what you need to carry the Surco Safari Rack 5.0 Rooftop Cargo Basket for Thule Roof Racks # SPS4550-T400 with your 2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab. All that is required is this Thule roof rack, which is made up of the following parts: - Thule SquareBar Crossbars # TH712500 - Evo Clamp Feet for Thule Crossbars # TH710501 - Fit Kit for Thule Evo Clamp Roof Rack Feet # TH145177 You can lock this rack to your F-150 and protect your investment with the Thule One-Key System Lock Cylinders...
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