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TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps w/ Booster Step - 3 Steps - 24" Base - 350 lbs

TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps w/ Booster Step - 3 Steps - 24" Base - 350 lbs

Item # TLA9104
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RV and Camper Steps
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In Use/Installed

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Product Expert Kathleen M

Is this right For you? Product Expert Kathleen M says:

Yes, if you:

  • Camp all over and need steps that work for any situation so you never have to struggle to get in and out of your camper
  • Prefer lifting the steps up into your camper to keep them out of the elements so they don't get gunked up with road grime
  • Have an entry height (distance from the ground to the mounting point) of 27-3/8" - 34-7/8" and a doorway width of 24"

No, if you:

  • Feel nervous when there's any movement or the slightest sag in the steps and want something a little more solid
  • Don't have the patience, tools, or time to deal with possible modifications to your threshold or door
These aluminum steps attach to the door frame on RVs that do not have a step well installation point. 3-Step design extends to 4 steps with pull-out booster step. Fine-tune height and level stairs with landing gear. Glow tape lights step surface. Lowest Prices for the best rv and camper steps from TorkLift. TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps w/ Booster Step - 3 Steps - 24" Base - 350 lbs part number TLA9104 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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TorkLift RV and Camper Steps - TLA9104

  • 4 Steps
  • Fold-Down Step
  • Towable Camper
  • 24 Inch Wide Door
  • TorkLift
  • Aluminum
  • Ground Contact
  • 7-1/2 Inch Drop/Rise

These aluminum steps attach to the door frame on RVs that do not have a step well installation point. 3-Step design extends to 4 steps with pull-out booster step. Fine-tune height and level stairs with landing gear. Glow tape lights step surface.


  • Pull-out steps make it easy to get into or out of your trailer or RV
    • Designed specifically for vehicles that do not have a step well underneath the entryway
  • Scissor design lets you manually collapse steps and fold them up for travel
  • Booster step allows you to extend the steps from a 3-step design to a 4-step
    • Lever releases booster step for extension
  • Landing gear creates a stable connection from the bottom step to the ground
    • Adjustable legs help to stabilize stairs on uneven terrain
    • Large rectangular footplates provide level support and help prevent sinking into ground
    • No assembly required - landing gear comes pre-installed on the bottom step
  • Locking tab on side of step frame bracket slides into the doorframe to keep the steps from accidentally deploying
  • Steps feature 15" of elevation adjustment
    • 7-1/2" With the booster step; 7-1/2" with the landing gear
  • Glow tape creates lighted step surface for safely climbing into and out of your camper at night
    • Adheres to sides of step platforms
    • Glows in the dark for up to 10 hours with only 5 minutes of light exposure
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel construction is durable and rustproof
  • Built-in SureGrip tread on step surface provides excellent footing
  • Stainless steel hinges are bolted together for easy add on, removal, or replacement of individual steps
    • Bushing bearings offer smooth action and are longer-lasting than standard riveted connections
  • Add a GlowGuide handrail (A7621) for extra safety and support
  • Installs on your RV's door frame, avoiding damage to floor or exterior
  • Made in the USA


  • Entry height: 27-3/8" to 34-7/8"
  • Doorway width: 24"
  • Drop/Rise: 7-1/2"
  • Weight capacity:
    • Without GlowGuide handrail: 350 lbs
    • With GlowGuide handrail: 375 lbs
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Will Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps Work for You?

Fold-down steps are typically installed on travel trailers and some RVs. The fold-down steps from Torklift lift up to latch into your camper's doorway for storage. To ensure you choose the correct size for your application, there are a few measurements you will need to take.


The Torklift revolution Uprising Steps install inside your camper's doorframe. Measuring for this may seem tricky, but once you know what to look for, figuring out the right fit for your RV doorway is easy.

First, you will need to measure the doorsill plate, both the height and the clearance between it and the bottom of the door. For the Revolution Uprising steps to fit, the doorsill height should be between 5/8" and 3/4", and the clearance should be at least 3/8".


Next measure between the door frame flanges - the doorway width - to determine the step size that will fit into your camper's doorway. You will need a doorway that is at least 24" wide for these steps to work.

If it turns out you have a wider doorway, there are larger step assemblies available that fit 28" wide doorways. A full list of the available steps is below.

The doorway threshold will be used as the "mounting point" to determine how many steps you will need.

How Many Steps Do You Need?


To decide on how many steps you'll need, measure from the mounting point to the ground. This is called the entry height. The entry height should roughly match the height of the steps when they're fully extended, and it will tell you how many steps you need.

The chart below displays entry height measurement ranges in the first column. If you determined you need a mounting bracket that fits a 24" doorway, the step part numbers with that width are in the second column. If you determined you need a bracket that fits a 28" doorway, the step part numbers with that width are in the third column. Choose the doorway width that is closest to your measurements without going over.

This page's step assembly is in bold text.

Entry Height24" Doorways28" Doorways
19-7/8" - 27-3/8"TLA9103TLA9003
27-3/8" - 34-7/8"TLA9104TLA9004
34-7/8" - 42-3/8"TLA9105TLA9005
42-3/8" - 49-7/8"Not availableTL64YR

How Do You Install the Steps?

To install the steps:

  1. Make sure the camper is level on flat ground
  2. Place the mounting bracket into the camper doorway
  3. Extend until feet touch the ground
  4. Attach the door brackets to the main mounting bracket with the included hardware
  5. Center the steps in the doorframe
  6. Slide assembly forward until the two door brackets touch the inside of the doorframe

    -Make sure the brackets are flush against the doorframe and the floor

  7. Drill holes through both sides of the doorframe
  8. Secure the door brackets to the doorframe and the floor with included hardware
  9. Push the main bracket forward until the vertical piece makes contact with the threshold
  10. Torque the hardware to 25 in-lbs

A9104 Tork Lift Glow Step Revolution Uprising Scissor Steps for RV Towables and Trailers with 24" Mounting Space - 4 Stairs w/ Landing Gear

Video of TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps w/ Booster Step - 3 Steps - 24" Base - 350 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of TorkLift RV and Camper Steps - Truck Camper - Towable Camper - TLA9104

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at, and today we're taking a look at the Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising RV steps. Now these are a great option for those vehicles that don't already have a step well underneath the entryway for their vehicle, since these are going to actually just collapse and then store inside our vehicle while we're in transport.The other cool thing about these is that they actually have a bonus step, so it's really a three-step plus one because there is a little latch that we have to undo to get that fourth step out. So if we need a little extra height from our steps, we can lift them up, pull this lever at the bottom, and then we'll have an additional step that'll deploy out. Since I just have this precariously resting there, I'm not going to show you that, but that's basically how this works.If you need that fourth step all the time, you'd probably wanna go to the four-step version of this rather than using this one for that since it's just another extra step. It's totally usable as a four-step, but there's just that extra piece you have to do to deploy that every time.

If you're going to be living with this day in and day out, might be a little bit annoying.But the other nice thing about the Torklift steps is they are pretty adjustable as well. These are going to be bolted together rather than riveted. If in the future you decide that you want to add in that step, you can do that with an extra kit for replacing one of our steps. That's a nice option there. You can also remove a step if you decide that you don't need that, replace it if something happens to it, it gets damaged.

So, very adjustable for your needs for your vehicle.The other thing that's really nice, in addition to having that bonus step that'll give us another 7-1/2" of height for this, we also have these landing feet. These are going to be adjustable as well with this little detent at the top. We can adjust that another 7-1/2" in inch increments. If we happen to be at an uneven camping ground, we can adjust those independently side to side to get that dialed in. It's going to create a really nice stable connection between our RV and the ground.

This isn't like your OEM stairs where they don't make any contact with the ground, and then you have that diving board feeling where you feel like you're about to spring off into the ether. These are going to be very secure, a lot easier on your knees, a lot easier on your back, and also a lot easier for pets and little ones to get in and out your RV as well.Another thing that I really like about these is that they actually have this little sticker of glow tape on each step on each side. So even in the dark, we'll be able to see where our stairs are and not have to figure out where they are as we're coming in and out. We'll be able to see them even at night.They are made of a durable aircraft-grade aluminum for the steps. All our hardware's going to be stainless steel, so we don't have to worry about any rust or corrosion.

It's going to be a really durable step that should last for a long time. Very adjustable, as I said. Then this portion is going to be what goes over our threshold. We'll just mount these brackets into our threshold at the side of our frame, and then down into the frame as well. Whenever we're ready to travel, we collapse the steps, fold it up. This is going to be nice as well for close quarters situations. One of the very similar steps to this would be the Lippert SolidStep, which is a great, as the name suggests, solid step.But, the disadvantage with that is that it's kind of a little drawbridge, and if you're in a narrow spot where there's maybe another RV or a fifth wheel right next to you, and you go to deploy those stairs out, well now you've hit the other RV or you can't get them all the way out because they just come out like a drawbridge. With these, since they're a scissor style and we can collapse them in, they really don't need that much room to deploy. You just need about 12" or so to flip them out, spread them out, and then you're good to go. So, definitely an advantage there, especially if you're going to be in some kind of close quarters situations.The other nice thing about our feet, nice, wide little footprint to make sure that we don't just sink into the ground. Height adjustment is great as well. These just are made pretty well, especially with the bolt-on design. They're going to move in and out really well instead of the riveted style. It doesn't hold too tightly that you have to fight with it, but it's not too loose to where it just flops all over the place and it might hit you in the face or anything like that. I think these are just a really nice, very sturdy step to improve getting in and out your RV.Now as far as some numbers to throw at you, the entry height this is going to work with is anywhere between 27-3/8" to 34-7/8". That's going from the ground to that bottom corner of your threshold. That's where we're getting our measurement there. As far as clearance, you wanna make sure that you have at least 3/8" in between your threshold and the bottom of your door just to make sure that it'll clear over this piece, since your door will have to close over that. It should be sitting level, but just the way I have it here resting on that. But that's what's going to actually go over your threshold. You also make sure that that threshold is between about 5/8" and 3/4". Those are really the numbers to make sure that this is going to fit with your vehicle.Again, as I said at the beginning, we'll have two different versions of this step, with a 28" width or a 24" width. As far as the usable stair width, for our bigger option it's going to be about 23". Then for our smaller version, it's about 18-1/2". That's just for this top step where you're actually going to be stepping as far as the usable width there. Our steps are going to be 8" deep with a 7-1/2" rise, which is pretty common to what you would normally have in your house, so it's not going to be a giant step that feels too big or a really small one that might be harder on your back.That's have a weight capacity of 375 pounds, comes with a lifetime limited warranty from Torklift, and they are made in the USA. Couple options that you can get with these, or you can pick up separately actually, would be a hand rail. That's going to be part number TLA7621. You can find that here at, as well as a boot brush, which is TLA7603. That's just a little brush that you can mount up here and then wipe off any mud or debris that you've gotten on your boots so you don't track it all over the inside of your RV. I think these are a great option, really stable and secure. They look nice, easy to use, and they should last for a long time. I hope this video's been helpful in making your decision. That's going to do it for our look at the Torklift GlowStep Revolution Uprising steps with booster step.

Customer Reviews

TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps w/ Booster Step - 3 Steps - 24" Base - 350 lbs - TLA9104

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (10 Customer Reviews)

These aluminum steps attach to the door frame on RVs that do not have a step well installation point. 3-Step design extends to 4 steps with pull-out booster step. Fine-tune height and level stairs with landing gear. Glow tape lights step surface.


Easy to install. Just make sure if you have any drawers by the doorway, clear the lift brackets. I had to trim my cabinet drawer, which was no big deal.
Steps work great. Entry is a breeze.


Surprisingly easy to install with very good instructions.
Love the way they work.


Review from a similar GlowStep Revolution Uprising in RV and Camper Steps

This is one of the best products I’ve purchased. I replaced my Step-Above steps (<1 year old) with Torklift because of weight and ease of use...the coach parked next to me in storage never allowed enough room without pulling out my Solitude when gaining access. The install was a snap it took less than and hour with my buddy Tom. Matt at etrailor was top notch and helped coordinate the delivery while we were on the road. Five star rating for service, product and installation.

My Torklift stairs remains the best purchase I’ve made for my Solitude. No matter where we stop these conform to every situation.
Bryan - 06/10/2022


Review from a similar GlowStep Revolution Uprising in RV and Camper Steps

We LOVE our TorkLift Revolution steps. Our New Horizons fifth wheel sits pretty high off the ground, and having the Booster Step on the 5-step model has been great. We use that extra step more often than not. The steps are easy to pull out and put back in. And the glow squares are great when we're camping in a "Dark Sky" location. They're unobtrusive, but help us find our way in the dark. We have two of these, one for each entry door on our toyhauler. We've also used them like a ladder when stopping in tight places or on the side of the road where it slopes away too fast to put the stairs out. Very versatile and well-made, we highly recommend. In the photos, the back door has the 24" steps with the extra step not in use, and the front door (side with awnings) has the 28" steps with the extra step extended.


Review from a similar GlowStep Revolution Uprising in RV and Camper Steps

Took me an hour to install the steps on our Winnebago Mini Drop WD1710. They fit with no alterations to the door frame.

They are sturdy and much easier and safer to enter and exit than the original single floating step.


Review from a similar GlowStep Revolution Uprising in RV and Camper Steps

Glad I got rid of my Step Above!!!!


Review from a similar GlowStep Revolution Uprising in RV and Camper Steps

Awesome steps. Easy install and easy to use. Very sturdy.

These steps are awesome. Exactly what we were looking for. Well built.
Robert - 05/10/2022


Review from a similar GlowStep Revolution Uprising in RV and Camper Steps

Just finished the installation. I replaced Mor-Ryde steps, which came stock in our Grand Design. The original steps are good, but we had Torkilifts on out prior camper and really liked them. They are sturdy and the level of the camper is not an issue anymore when wanting to open the camper door wit the Mor-Ryde steps. Definitely would recommend. (They are pricey, but it is a quality item.)


Review from a similar GlowStep Revolution Uprising in RV and Camper Steps

Very good product and company to do business with.


Review from a similar GlowStep Revolution Uprising in RV and Camper Steps


Ask the Experts about this TorkLift RV and Camper Steps

  • Weight Capacity of TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps A9104
    I was able to verify with TorkLift that the TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps with Booster Step # TLA9104 have a weight capacity of 375 lbs when used with the TorkLift GlowGuide Handrail # TLA7621. Without the handrail these steps have a 350 lb weight capacity. I have added a link to a video review for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...
  • Replacement Solid Steps For a 24" Door Wide Door and Entry Height of 27-3/8" to 34-7/8"
    I recommend going with the TorkLift GlowStep Revolution Uprising Steps # TLA9104 as we have discontinued carrying the Lippert LC698799 steps due to issues we have had with them. The TorkLift steps give you the ability to use your steps in storage lots where some fold out steps cannot be used due to how close the trailers park to each other. These steps are designed for a 24" door like the Lippert steps with an entry height of 27-3/8" to 34-7/8". The DirtDestroyer Boot Brush # TLA7603...
    view full answer...
  • RV/Trailer Over Frame Step Replacement Recommendation
    To solve your step issue I recommend the MORryde StepAbove Fold-Down Steps for 23-3/4" to 26-1/4" RV Door Frames - 8" Drop Item # MR98RR. This will bolt right onto the bottom portion of the door frame instead of the sides and has adjustable drop down legs. These steps adjust down to 23-3/4" so you'd have an inch to work with when placing these to make sure you have enough clearance with the cabinet door. I've attached a review video and a size chart for you as well.
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Inner Door Clearance Required Lippert Solidstep Torklift GlowStep Uprising MorRyde StepAbove
    The Lippert Solid Steps like part # LC791572 require 13 inches of inside clearance in the door. The MorRyde # MR48RR requires 8-9 inches according to MorRyde. And then the Torklift Glowstep Revolution # TLA9104 sits inward 12-1/2 inches. These are all dimensions I verified with the manufacturer. The feedback that we've gotten on all three of these is that they are all very solid when in use. These are the top of the line RV steps so that would be expected. So from that point of view there...
    view full answer...
  • Manual RV Steps for 24 Inch Wide Door Frame with 6 Inch Rise/Drop Between Steps
    Thank you for all the information; that allowed me to do quite a bit of research. To answer your questions in regard to the Lippert SolidStep, there isn't a 4-step version of # LC698799, which is a triple step that fits 24 inch wide door frames. Additionally, there isn't an option to add an extra step, nor are they sold separately. Therefore, according to my contact at Lippert, if you were to take on such a project, you'd need to provide your own parts and come up with a plan to execute...
    view full answer...
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