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Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Item # HR1600
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HR1600 - 2 Bikes Hollywood Racks RV Hitch Rack
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Bring your electric bikes to the campsite so you can motor around town or the trails. Works with motorhomes, 5th wheel trailers, and flat-towed vehicles. Accommodates 2 standard e-bikes. Includes locks for bikes and rack. Lowest Prices for the best rv and camper bike racks from Hollywood Racks. Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount part number HR1600 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Hollywood Racks RV and Camper Bike Racks - HR1600

  • Motorhome
  • Fifth Wheel
  • Flat-Towed Vehicle
  • RV Hitch Rack
  • 2 Bikes
  • Platform Rack
  • Hollywood Racks
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Bike and Hitch Lock
  • Frame Mount

Bring your electric bikes to the campsite so you can motor around town or the trails. Works with motorhomes, 5th wheel trailers, and flat-towed vehicles. Accommodates 2 standard e-bikes. Includes locks for bikes and rack.


  • Hitch-mounted, platform-style rack carries 2 e-bikes on the back of your RV or flat-towed vehicle
    • Perfect for camping trips in your motorhome or 5th wheel trailer
    • Not compatible with bumper pull or travel trailers
  • Padded clamps with hand knobs hold bikes firmly on the rack
  • Independently adjustable arms let you carry bikes of different heights
    • Can be repositioned along center mast to hold bikes by the frame or seat post
  • Adjustable wheel hoops with hook-and-loop straps secure your bike's wheels to the rack
  • Tilting and folding design lets you tilt the rack down or fold it up for storage
    • Hand knob and removable bolt tilts rack down without bikes loaded to access rear cargo area
    • Reinforced 5th wheel shank does not tilt or fold - required for use on 5th wheel trailers
  • Keyed-alike hitch lock, frame clamps, and security cable secure rack to vehicle and bikes to rack
  • Anti-rattle hitch pin and hitch tightener limit wobble and sway
  • Bolstered steel construction with black powder coat finish resists rust


  • Application: 2" x 2" hitch receivers
  • 5th Wheel application:
    • Minimum trailer hitch tongue weight: 350 lbs
    • Minimum vehicle length: 24'
    • Minimum GVW = 5,000 lbs
  • Carrying capacity: 2 electric bicycles
  • Weight capacity: 80 lbs per bike
  • Maximum tire width: 3"
  • Maximum wheelbase: 60"
  • Bike tube diameter: 1" - 2"
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole on standard shank to:
    • Closest part of rack when folded down: 12"
    • Closest part of rack when folded up: 7-1/2"
    • Farthest part of rack when folded down: 32"
    • Farthest part of rack when folded up: 18-1/4"
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Approved for use on cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, fifth wheels, motorhomes, and flat-towed vehicles - not approved for travel trailers

hollywood racks rv rider bikes loaded

The RV Rider platform-style hitch bike rack makes it simple to carry 2 electric bikes on the rear of your motorhome, fifth wheel, or flat-towed vehicle. This rack is easy to use, and it features padded clamps and adjustable wheel hoops, so you can quickly load and unload your bikes. A locking hitch pin with an anti-rattle system tightens the rack's shank to your hitch receiver to prevent it from rattling around inside the tube.

Locking, Padded Clamps

padded clamp

Constructed of rugged plastic, the RV Rider uses padded clamps with hand knobs to secure your bikes by the frame or seat post. The clamps are easily adjusted along the vertical tubing and lock securely in place. Each clamp functions independently, which means you can position them to carry bikes of different heights.

If you are transporting a carbon fiber bike, do not use the clamp on the frame. Instead, attach the clamp to the seat post to prevent damaging the frame.

Adjustable Wheel Hoops

wheel hoops

The wheel hoops accommodate bicycles with wheelbases up to 60" by sliding along the horizontal arms. They secure in place with easy-to-use hand knobs, and the Velcro-like hook-and-loop straps fasten the wheels to the hoops.

Folding, Tilting Design

rv rider tilted down

The rack tilts up and down, without bikes loaded, for storage and access to your rear cargo area. To lower the rack, remove the pin, hand knob, and carriage bolt, then tilt the rack down.

rv rider folded up

To raise the rack, remove the hand knob and carriage bolt, then fold the rack up and reinsert the hardware. After, you can use the hook and loop strap (similar to Velcro) on the frame clamp and connect it to the wheel holder, which helps secure the mast in place.

5th wheel shank

When using the RV Rider on a 5th wheel, you must use the included TT hitch shank. However, this shank does not tilt or fold.

Easy Installation with Locking Hitch Pin

easy installation

The RV Rider easily installs in the hitch with the locking hitch pin. Just slide the shank into your receiver, insert the hitch pin, and attach the lock pod. The locking pin works as an anti-wobble device to eliminate sway and rattle in the receiver.

rv rider shanks

The rack includes 2 shanks to suit your RV application. The regular hitch shank fits motorhomes and flat-towed vehicles, while the TT hitch shank is specifically for use with 5th wheel trailers. The 5th wheel shank is bolted in a fixed position and brings the rack 2" closer to the trailer to increase stability and relieve stress on the rack. This provides a safe and stable way to transport your bikes without damaging them, the rack, or your trailer.

hitch tightener

It also comes with a hitch tightener to help reduce vertical wobble by pressing the shank against the receiver. It attaches to the top or bottom of the flange on your receiver using a U-bolt and clamp bar.

Complete Security for Bikes and Rack

security cable and lock

The RV Rider comes with locks for both the rack and your bikes to deter theft. The lock pod on the hitch pin, lock cores in the frame clamps, and the 8' long security cable lock are conveniently keyed alike.

HR1600 Hollywood Racks RV Rider Electric Bicycle Hitch Rack for Motorhomes, 5th Wheel Trailers, and Flat-Towed Vehicles

Installation Details HR1600 Installation instructions

Video of Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack Review

Colin: What's going on guys It's Colin here at etrailer, and today we're going to take a look at the Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike Rack. Now with this bike rack, it's going to be very versatile. It's going to allow you to get two bikes loaded up, and whether it's two eBikes, two fat tire bikes, one of each, or even a fat tire eBike. It's going to have a bolster steel construction to be able to handle the weight of your eBikes, whether it's a fat tire or regular and your fat tire bike so that you can carry them to and from your destination on those longer road trips you might be taking in your RV.Now this bike rack does come in a variety of kits. Let's say you have two standard eBikes that the tires are less than 3" wide per bike. Then you're going to want to get the kit that has two sets of standard wheel trays, which is going to be good for tires up to 3".

If you have two fat tire bikes or two fat tire eBikes you want to get loaded up, you'll want to get the kit that has two sets of fat tire wheel tray.s That'd be good for tires up to 5" wide. Or in our case we have one of each right here, a fat tire bike and a regular tire bike and you're going to want to get the kit that is going to be good for one of each set of trays.And this bike rack does have a really nice bolstered steel construction that's going to really be very durable. It's going to be able to handle up to 80 pounds per bike. Should be more than enough to be able to get any eBike or any fat tire bike or any fat tire eBike loaded up onto the bike rack and be safe for transport. One thing you do want to keep in mind is that we do recommend removing the battery pack from any type of eBike he might be hauling, because you can just stow that in your vehicle or in your RV.

Just makes for a safer transport, and it'll take away from the weight of your bikes. If you've got an eBike that's also a fat tire bike that weighs over that 80 pound mark, but just a little bit, taking that battery pack away could take it away enough weight to able to get it on your bike rack.Now this bike rack's going to work for virtually any application that you might need it for, whether it's for an RV, for a long road trip. You can use it for any vehicle you might have at that house. Just take a 10 minute trip to the trails, you don't need a separate bike rack for that. Or you could even use it on a flat tow setup where your hitch on your RV is already in use from towing your flat vehicle so you can go ahead and put this bike rack in the hitch of your towed vehicle and just make sure everything is secure.

You can use it for a fifth wheel set up as well. Just keep in mind you'll have to use this separate shank from the one that's currently in our RV. We'll show you how to replace that in a little bit and the measurements are going to change and we'll explain all that later. One thing I do want to let you guys know is that this is not going to be warranted for use with any bumper pool travel trailers or any bumper hitches.Now this bike rack does have a different way of attaching to your bikes frames when compared to other Hollywood Racks. Now usually they have a center mass with a frame hook that comes down on top of your top tube.

In this case we have a rubber coated clamp on the inside that's attaching to our top tube right now. But what's nice about this system is that we don't have to use it on our top tube. It just worked out that that's the best spot to mount it. In cases where maybe your top tube really dips down low, you could attach it to your seat post tube if you need to. Some cases you may even attach it to your downtube right here cause that's just where it works out the best. Really it's whatever is going to best fit the situation.Now if you find that really nothing's really working out and you can't get the clamp fully secured, then you can use a bike adapter bar. Hollywood Racks does make a lot of those that you can get and that'll just provide an easier connection point. And like I said, we do have nice rubber coating all on the inside of our clamp to make sure it doesn't harm or scratch the finish of our bike frame. And up here's our knob where we loosen and tighten it. Right now it's technically locked. Even though you see it spinning, it's not on the threads right now cause we haven't currently locked up so no one can come up, loosen it and take it off. So you can see that cover kind of already came off, but we can just push that aside, take our included set of keys and turn the key to where it's back on the thread system. From here we can loosen or tighten it as we please. And when you're all done again, that's a nice security feature to make sure no one can tamper with our knob.We do have another additional security feature and that's a cable lock. We have the cable lock currently wrapped around our fat tire bike right here, around both of our masts and then around our eBike. That just gives us kind of double security for our bikes. We have the cable lock plus a lock on each of the knobs holding our bikes. And then our other connection points are going to be hook and loop straps securing each wheel. For the fat tire bikes you are going to get longer straps because these are going to be bigger tires, and then over here you can see we have a little bit shorter straps securing our 3" wheel right here. That is just going to do a great job with making sure that our wheels stay put inside our wheel trays.Now something unique about this RV bike rack is that it does come with additional straps to be able to get your bike rack and your bikes fully secure for those longer road trips, and really make sure there's not going to be a lot of rattling. Now one strap we have wrapped around our bikes and then wrapped around our center mast and we have it cinched down just to make sure there's no side to side movement on our bikes. And then we'd have two additional straps each wrapped around our center mast coming down and then attaching to our hitch right here. With those cinched down, that's going to help prevent our bike rack from jumping up and down over speed bumps or anything like that. I do suggest that if you are able to to try to get those straps as outward as possible to the side of your RV and our situation, we don't really have any part of the frame or the bumper of our current RV to be able to strap it down. So if you don't have anything like that, if all else fails, just use your hitch receiver.When using this bike rack on your RV or vehicle if you need to tilt it away, you can do so. However you can see with our current application there's really no need for it. But in other situations, maybe you have a spare tire mounted to the back of your RV, or maybe you're using it for your vehicle, and you want to gain access to the trunk without unloading your bike rack. We can just tilt it away to gain access without having to unload our bikes. To do that, we're first going to need to loosen up the straps securing to our hitch. So we'll just do that real quick. Now we're going to come back in here and loosen up this knob, take it all the way off, and I will just remove this pin and clip right here. You may need to push up on your bike rack a little bit to get the pressure off of it. Get that clip off, pull the pin out, and from there we can tilt it away. You can see it from there, it does give us plenty of space to grab whatever we might have mounted to the back of our RV or even open up that hatch to be able to get some groceries or other cargo out of our vehicle.Now I'm going to go ahead and unload the bike rack so we can have a closer look at it and show off some of the features in its construction. Now we are going to have to take off the cable lock and the straps, but it's a pretty simple process. Now I do want to point out that each clamp is going to have an additional hook and loop strap, again, just for that double security purpose of making sure our bikes stay stable. So just take that off when you're ready to unload it. Get our key and unlock our knob so that we can loosen up our clamp. Now I'm going to go ahead and leave the clamp on it even though it's loose, and go ahead and go down and undo my hook and loop straps on my wheels. Now with everything loose, that clamp comes right up on the mast and we can unload our bike.Now with the bike rack empty, one thing I do want to point out is that no matter which kit you get, depending on if you get the two fat tire cradles, the two standard cradles, or one of each, the bike rack itself's not going to change. It's going to be the exact same. The only difference between the kits is what size cradles you get. They both operate the same. They're both constructed the same way. We can adjust both of them depending on the wheel base of our bike that we're putting on. Just loosen up this knob and you can adjust it back and forth depending on the size of that bike and I'll show you, you can do the same with the fat tire cradle as well. Do make sure that when you're about to load up your bikes or before you take off that you have these fully secured when your bikes are loaded.Now as we talked about earlier, it does have a really nice bolstered steel construction to handle the weight of those fat tire bikes or those eBikes. It's got really nice black powder coat finish to it as well. That's going to help resist rust and corrosion. Also just gives it a really nice, slick look. And what's nice is that we also have this U-bolt kit and basically what this is going to do is mount to the lip of your hitch receiver. It's going to mount to the top or bottom of your shank, and when you get it tightened down, that's going to take away the up and down movement from your shank while you're traveling. Those anti-rattle bolts, they only take away the side to side movement. So it's really nice they included this feature to make sure you don't have to worry about it jumping up and down inside your hitch receiver if you we're to suddenly hit a bump or anything like that. And just to show you guys, I'll go side to side for the anti-rattle bolt so you can see, it's really not budging. And now I'm going to try to lift it up to show you guys that it will not go up as long as you have that U-bolt tightened down properly.Now with the bike rack empty, I do want to go over a few measurements with the guys just to give you an idea of the space this back rack might take up. Now when we go from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost part of our bike rack, which is going to be our wheel tray, that's going to be 32" added onto the back of your hitch. Now if we go from the closest point, this is going to help you decide if this will fit your application. The center of the hitch pin hole to the closest point of our bike rack, that's going to be 12".Now when your bike rack is not in use and you don't want to remove it from your hitch receiver, you can actually kind of condense it down so it doesn't take up as much space. What we'll do is fold this center mast down by removing this hand knob and bolt, and this is also a makes for very easy storage if you don't leave it in your hitch receiver, remove that lock nut as well. Take that bolt out. We can fold it down. We're just going to replace it in that same hole down here. Then we're going to put the knob back on. Doesn't have to be super tight, just get a good amount of threads started on there. And then we're going to do is just take one of our wheel straps or one of our frame clamp straps, just wrap it around our bar right here, and secure the hook and loop. This is just to help make sure that our center mass can't come up at all while we're traveling with it still loaded. And remove our hand knob and bolt that we used earlier to tilt it away.Now we'll fold it up towards our RV or our vehicle, whatever we're using, then replace that bolt down here. Now from here, if we measure from the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost point of our racks, it's going to be 18 1/4". So we really took away a lot of that space. Keep this in mind for close quarters situations. And if we go from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest part of our rack, it does sit closer now at 7 1/2", so if you want this to fit your application, you're going to want to make sure between that center of the hitch pin hole to here you have at least 7 1/2". I can tell you right now we did test it on a couple of other RVs, ones that had ladders that we're on the back so you could access the rooftop with this configuration. More times than not it's not going to fit if the ladder is right there.Now let's talk a little bit more about the additional shank you get with this kit. Again, this is going to be for if you want to use it for a fifth wheel camper application. Make sure that that fifth wheel camper does have a class III, 2" hitch receiver and that it's a double axle trailer. So let's go ahead and get this installed. It's not too difficult, just a couple of nuts and bolts you remove and replace, and this shank. We'll go ahead and do that now for you.Now I'm going to remove the bike rack portion, the platform of it off of the shank first, so it'll just make it a little bit easier. What I'm going to do is just take away these two bolts. One of them is a hand knob, so it makes it very easy. Now I'm just going to use the included hardware I get in my kit to remove this bolt. Just a 3/4", if you want to use your own tools, feel free. Sometimes those socket wrenches are a lot easier. But just to show you guys how easy it is, I'll use the tools that come with it. This part you do need to make sure you're holding on to the platform of your rack. Pull that bolt out, this thing comes right up and out. Now we're just going to come down and remove our U-bolt kit and our anti-rattle bolt and take this shank out of the hitch receiver. And now we can just pull this shank out.Now with our new shank, we're just going to take our little U-bolt collar kit, just going to set that on the shank and then put it into our hitch receiver. Get our hitch pin holes lined up. Now we'll grab our anti-rattle hitch pin, and just thread that all the way in and get that tightened down. I went ahead and grabbed a socket wrench just because it'll make the process a little bit quicker. Again, you can use that hardware that comes with it, there's nothing wrong with it. And then we'll take our lock and put that on the other side. Now what we can do is begin getting our U-bolt kit in place. One of the sides has to go behind the lip of our hitch receiver, and then the other one is going to snug up against the face of our hitch receiver just on top of our shank. And you can, again, you can do this the opposite way where the U-bolt sits up here and this plate sits on the bottom, just whatever's convenient for you. So right here I'm just going to use my fingers to tighten up this first set of bolts.Now that I've got it tightened down with my fingers, I'm going to take this wrench and just get it a little bit snug. At this point there's no need to over tighten it, just tighten them both a little bit and then we'll grab our other hardware. Consists of two lock washers, and two nuts, and we'll thread those on as tight as we can with our hands. This is just going to make sure that the bolts we just tightened down that are touching this plate right here don't come loose at all. Now, right here, we're just going to go ahead and switch back to our socket wrench just to make it a little bit easier. Again, no need to over tighten. Just get it pretty snug. There we go. And then just do a quick test, shake it side to side, you know the anti-rattle bolt's working. Now try to lift it up and down, it's not going anywhere, so we know the U-bolt kit is working.Now we'll go ahead and set our platform in place. Get those holes lined up. This is a little bit difficult at first, so you just want to make sure you get one of the bolts in. First go ahead and drop this one in right here. We'll have to lift up a little bit, get the holes lined up. There we go. And then we'll get our carriage bolt in as well. There we go. Now for this front bolt, we have a spacer that has to go over the bolt and kind of into that slot. You may have to adjust the bike rack around to get that spacer in. There we go. Then we're just going to put a lock nut on there. So I'm just going to go ahead, tighten down this hand knob all the way. Now we're just going to come back with our tools and tighten up the other bolt and nut.Now from there, you are ready to load up your bike racks on your fifth wheel camper. And one thing I do want to point out, obviously we are using it on the same RV that we've been for the entire video. That's just because we don't have a fifth wheel here to show you guys, but this does illustrate what it would look like. A couple of things I want to point out about this shank is that one you're going to lose the ability to tilt away and fold up. They just wanted to make sure that it was going to be stable inside the hitch of your fifth wheel camper and that wasn't going to move around too much, so they just kind of eliminated those moving parts from the previous shank.Now I'm just going to go ahead and walk you through the process of getting your bikes loaded and secured for your trip, and we're just going to assume that you're going on one of those long road trips where you're going to need all the straps and everything like that secured. So we already have our eBike loaded. We'll go ahead and load up our fat tire bike. So we'll start by bringing our frame clamp down on our top tube. It's going to push it down on top, just like that. Make sure you get it as even as possible. We'll just begin to tighten it down. Once you start feeling some tension on it, you don't have to go too much further. There's no need to over tighten it. It's getting pretty snug and we'll be good to go.Once you have it clamped down and that knob is tight, we'll just take our lock and our key, just secure that, put that cap back on. That way no one can come up and loosen or tighten up that knob. Get it through, and back up to attach to the hook and loop. And do the same for the other side. And now we'll just go ahead and take our short strap and secure our bikes to the main mast. I'm just going to wrap a loop around my seat post tube and go around the main mast, and pick a spot, whether it's the top tube or the seat post tube of your back bike, wrap it around that once. We'll come back through and then wrap it around the other side of our main mast. Just pull all the way through and then we will feed it through the cam buckle.Again, with these straps, if you we're only taking like a 10 to 15 minute trip in your vehicle, or even just maybe an hour ride in your RV, probably not something you need to worry about. The straps are really just for those long road trips where you're going to be traveling a long time and the straps just to give you extra security. And then just tie up the excess. And now with our two long straps like we saw earlier, we're just going to attach these to our hitch receiver because we don't have any good attachment points on the outside of our RV. And then just take your strap and feed it through the cam buckle, and then tie off your excess. And then we'll repeat this for the other strap as well.And lastly, it's time to get our cable lock installed just for extra security for those longer road trips. You know, like we said, we have our knobs locked, but it's always nice to have that double security. So what I'm going to do is basically wrap it around my bike frames and that center mast just like I did that short strap. That lock is just going to pop on right here. Just push it on, close that cap up. From here, you're ready to hit the road.Now I think Hollywood Racks did make a really solid bike rack with this RV Rider. One thing I just think is really neat about it, I didn't understand it at first, but after looking at it with the straps, I did think it was overkill at first, but then you really think about it, there's not a lot of RV bike racks out there that can carry bikes up to 80 pounds each, and if you have two 80 pound bikes loaded, then you're going to want that additional security to make sure they're not moving a lot while you're traveling. Now when it comes to owning this bike rack, I would highly recommend it. I like how versatile it is and how it'll work for a lot of different applications, and I do like the fact that you don't have to have two separate bike racks, one for your RV and one for your vehicle, even though this one is made for RV since the name RV Rider, you can still use it for your vehicles.Well, thank y'all for watching and I hope this information helps you out, but that'll do it for our look at the RV Rider Bike Racks from Hollywood Racks.

Customer Reviews

Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes - 2" Hitches - Frame Mount - HR1600

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (14 Customer Reviews)

Bring your electric bikes to the campsite so you can motor around town or the trails. Works with motorhomes, 5th wheel trailers, and flat-towed vehicles. Accommodates 2 standard e-bikes. Includes locks for bikes and rack.

- HR1600

I have a problem with the unit running against the ladder on the motor home when in the stored up position. I may take off the wheel holders off on that side when in the storage mode to get it to work. Otherwise it looks like it will work fine. 735381

- HR1600

I found the bike rack to be very good quality and heavy built. We have two ebikes and they are easy to load by applying the rear brake and raising the front wheel onto the rack and then the rear wheel. We are going to use the rack on a motor home and also on a Jeep Wrangler. I was concerned that the main tube wouldn't be long enough to clear the spare tire, but there is plenty of length and space between the tire and rack. It was easy to assemble with the included tools. My wife has a step thru bike and the top clamps attached to the seat post ok with out using a seat post to handle bar stem adapter. 732352

- HR1600

This is a really heavy duty rack, which is what we needed for new electric bikes. It's a lot stronger than the Swagman that we had for regular bikes. The instructions were easy to follow and there were no problems assembling it. There were two downsides: (1) You need to use a wrench to remove a bolt in order to tilt the bikes away from the car's hatch. That's not very convenient. (2) The final step after you load your bikes on is to run straps from the center support to mounting points on the left and right side of your car's rear bumper area. Our car doesn't have those mounting points. 690464

- HR1600

We bought two 65 pound electric bikes. One with a bar and one step tru. After much research we found three that fit our Criteria. Then we mentioned that we planned to transport them on our motorhome and also on our Chev Equinox. This cut out one of our choices. Leaving us with the Hollywood HR 1600 and the Thule easy fold. The Thule does not tilt and the price is $200 higher then the Hollywood. We also have a 20 year old hollywood that is still in excellent shape and we liked the quality very much. It just would not hold our heavy ebikes. . When we called with questions before ordering they were very helpful answering all our questions. It was delivered quickly and easy to put together and install on our vehicle. We look forward to many years of use. 732644

- HR1600

Well built, minimal movement when loaded. Bikes very secure. 4 locks all keyed alike. Would buy again 795084

- HR1600

I saw this exact rack review in Trailer Life magazine. It works perfectly with our ebikes. This rack is pricey but well worth it. Very well designed and sturdy. I highly recommend it. 779364

- HR1600

We picked this bike rack because it was rated for ebikes, and supports them on a towed vehicle behind a motorhome. The assembly was easy and putting the bikes on the rack and securing them is easy as well. Great bike rack, highly recommended. 776300

- HR1655

Review from a similar RV Rider in RV and Camper Bike Racks

I purchased this bike rack to transport my two 60 pound e-bikes behind my smaller Class C RV. I drove from Winston Salem, NC to Albuquerque, NM and this rack was a solid performer... the bikes did not budge and the rack was extremely stable! I would highly recommend this bike rack to those who carry heavier e-bikes behind their RV or other vehicle. 729536

- HR1655

Review from a similar RV Rider in RV and Camper Bike Racks

When I ordered this rack it needed to ship to a state campground in Utah, out in the booney's. Venessa checked and doubled checked that it could ship to where we would be and would ship and arrive while we were still there. She sent me the tracking info so I could get updated and watch it go across the country. It arrived exactly when she said it would and UPS handled it well with no issues. Isn't it great when a plan comes together. The rack it exactly what I expected, packaged well, heavy duty, well fitting and has all the hardware needed. We are buddying the rack with our tow bar on the back of the motorhome and with the 8" hitch extension it gives me just enough room to stow the hitch when folded up and stored when the car is disconnected. I expect no problems hauling our two 4" wide fat tire bikes around the country with us. 724516

- HR1650

Review from a similar RV Rider in RV and Camper Bike Racks

This rack was easy to assemble. It is well built and very sturdy. We bought this rack to use on our RV. We haven’t bought the RV yet so we will use the rack on the car and pickup truck in the meantime. When using the rack on the truck we are unable to use the U-bolt clamp because the factory installed receiver hitch tube is recessed under the bumper. There is no room to install the clamp. This is not a problem since we won’t be traveling long distances. 775732

- HR1670

Review from a similar RV Rider in RV and Camper Bike Racks

Very nice and heavy duty . My Rad Power bike fat tires have to be forced down in to holders . They fit very snugly which I assume will be ok . This rack clears the spare tire on my 2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JL . Although this is rated to haul E-Bikes on a flat towed vehicle , it was a little pricey 773908

- HR1650

Review from a similar RV Rider in RV and Camper Bike Racks

I spent a lot of time searching for a e-bike rack that not only would accommodate the weight of my 70 lb. bikes but also suitable for mounting on my 5th wheel RV. I came very close to buying a less expensive rack but after learning that racks must be specifically rated for 5th wheel RVs use, I made decision to purchase this rack. Although this rack may seem pricy, when I consider the investment I have made on my two e-bikes I didn’t want to skimp on the rack. One final comment. The two e-bikes I have are both the step thru type. This rack is capable of supporting the bikes without having to purchase cross bars to secure. 758666

- HR1650

Review from a similar RV Rider in RV and Camper Bike Racks

awesome heavy duty rack. Its the only rack I could find that was rated to handle 2 heavy fat tire e-bikes on a motor home or when flat towing. 754951

- HR1655

Review from a similar RV Rider in RV and Camper Bike Racks

I installed this on a Curt front hitch that I installed on my 2019 Ford F350. The bike rack is heavy duty and works perfectly. The box came damaged from UPS and the decal was scrapped on the hitch a little bit but this is not etrailers fault . Love it so far for my two 80lb Fat tire electric bikes . 746773


Ask the Experts about this Hollywood Racks RV and Camper Bike Racks

  • Differences Between Hollywood Racks HR1600 RV Rider and HR1450Z-E Sport Rider SE
    The Hollywood Racks # HR1600 weighs a bit above 70 lbs. Motorhome/RV compatible bike racks are built very sturdy for a reason. The relatively long overhang at the rear of the vehicle (when compared to that of a regular passenger vehicle) causes the rack much more bouncing and shock than would be experienced at the rear of a passenger car, truck or SUV. This bouncing is more severe on a towed trailer versus a motorhome, as a towed RV typically has a more rudimentary suspension that will...
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  • Hollywood Racks E-Bike Rack for Transporting 70 lb E-Bikes
    Even though you don't need the tilting feature like what the Hollywood Rack RV Rider part # HR1600 has it's still your best option since it's a very solid and stable rack with enough weight capacity for your bikes and since it's also rated for use at the rear of motorhomes where the ride quality is much rougher it would hold up the best for your application that includes some gravel/dirt roads. This also has a unique frame clamp setup which makes securing to often times odd e-bike frames easier.
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  • What Does Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes # HR1600 Weigh
    The Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes # HR1600 that you referenced weighs 80 lbs. I know that seems heavy (it is) but in order for a bike rack to be reinforced enough to carry heavy e-bikes and be rated for the rougher ride quality at the rear of RVs the rack has to be really reinforced. This rack has 12 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest wheel tray so if you measure from your hitch pin out to the furthest point out on the rear spare and...
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  • Recommended Bike Rack for Two Heavy Bikes Rated For Use Behind Towed Vehicle
    I have a perfect solution for you and it actually does come from Hollywood Racks. I recommend taking a look at the Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike Rack # HR1600. This is an excellent carrier that's specifically designed to handle the extra movement behind an RV/trailer or a towed vehicle (I verified this with Hollywood Racks) and it's capable of securing two bikes that weigh up to 80 pounds each. It does have a convenient bolt knob that allows you to fold the rack up for storage or tilt...
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  • Can Center Mast of Hollywood Racks RV Rider be Lowered When Installing Inner Bike
    Yes, the center mast of the Hollywood Rack RV Rider 2 part # HR1600 that you referenced can be lowered prior to loading the inner bike. If you fast forward to the 9:50 mark of the linked review video you can see our installer show you how to do this.
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  • How To Use the Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 on RV with Flat Towed Vehicle
    To answer your first question, no. All Dual Hitch Receiver Adapter like the # RM-077-4 are going to be rated for use with bike racks like the Hollywood Racks # HR1600 and you aren't going to effect their performance or safety rating of the adapter. So you absolutely can use it for this purpose. As for the Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 # HR1600, this is one of the few hitch mounted bike racks that have been tested by the manufacturer and approved for use on the backs of RVs, 5th Wheel trailers...
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  • Will Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike Rack HR1600 Handle RadMini Electric Bikes
    Yes, the Hollywood Racks RV Rider Bike Rack # HR1600 will work for two RadMini electric bikes. Since the RV Rider has an 80-lb weight rating per bike it will handle the weight of a Rad Mini, which is right around 68-lbs, and it will handle the bike's 45-inch wheelbase too. You'll just need to swap out the wheel cradles to wider ones that will handle the Rad's 4-inch wide tires. You'll need two each of cradle parts # HRSPRWHL-F-HD (left) and # HRSPRWHR-F-HD. The RV Rider frame clamps...
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  • Best Bike Rack for RadMini Step-Thru Electric Bikes That's RV Rated
    I have the perfect bike rack for RadMini Step-Thru Electric Bikes in the Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack part # HR1600 or part # HR1655 for fat tires. This bike rack will accommodate all of the features that the above bike has such as the weight, unique frame shape/size, and fat tires if your models if equipped with such. Furthermore, it is designed to be used on RV's which as I am sure you have come to find out not all bike racks are or most for that matter. Therefore, the...
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  • What Does Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bike Weigh
    The Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes # HR1600 that you referenced weighs right at 75 lbs. It's heavier because it's not only reinforced for the rougher ride quality at the rear of RVs but also to handle the heavier weights of E-bikes. This can carry up to an 80 lb bike.
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  • Recommended 2-Bike Rack for a 2018 Keystone Montana 5th Wheel with a 2" Hitch Receiver
    The first step to choosing a bike rack for a 5th wheel trailer is making sure that it is rated for use on a 5th wheel as there is more movement at a hitch receiver on a 5th wheel as opposed to a passenger vehicle so the rack needs to be able to hold up to that movement. With that being said, we have actually already weeded out which bike racks are compatible with 5th wheel trailers and I will be attaching that list for you to filter through as well as giving my recommendation below. I...
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  • Recommended Bike Rack for Townie Bikes and a Hitch Extender for an In-Bed Truck Camper
    For your application I recommend checking out the Saris Freedom EX # SA4412F as it can hold up to 2 bikes weighing 60 lbs each and has a max tire width capacity of 4-1/2". Saris doesn't give exact specs on the middle cradle compatibility with bike frames, but these are large enough to accommodate typically sized bike frames. The Freedom EX also comes with bike and rack locks, plus it only weighs in at 27 lbs. This rack can be used with your extender and you just need to make sure that...
    view full answer...
  • Bike Rack Recommendation for Securing E-Bike with Step Through Frame and Fenders
    While the Hollywood Racks Trail Rider part # HR200Z is a great bike rack it's not the most ideal solution for your heavier e-bike that has a step through frame due to it's lower weight capacity (e-bikes are heavy) and the frame clamps aren't the best suited for the angled frame tube of your bike. Instead the best Hollywood Racks brand rack would be the RV Rider for E-Bikes part # HR1600 that has a frame clamp design that easily angles and secures well to the frame style you have and...
    view full answer...
  • E-Bike Rack Recommendation for Two 70-lb E-Bikes at Back of 5th Wheel Trailer
    For a e-bike rack that is rated for the weights of your e-bikes and also for the rougher ride quality found at the rear of a 5th wheel trailer we have the Hollywood Rack RV Rider part # HR1600 as the best option. This has an 80 lb per bike capacity which would easily handle your 70 lb bikes. The rack weighs 60 lbs so with the combined weight of your bikes it would weigh right at 200 lbs which would be most likely not too much for your RV hitch but you'd want to verify this by checking...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation to Carry E-Bike At Rear of 5th Wheel Trailer
    For an RV approved hitch bike rack that has enough capacity for E-bikes the best option is the Swagman Escapee # S64693 as it is 2-bike, RV approved, has the weight capacity for E-bikes, and also only touches the bikes at the tires so it easily works well with women's bikes. While this rack doesn't fit the price range you mentioned it is our best priced option. Most bike racks aren't rated for the rougher ride quality at the rear of a vehicle and even fewer of those racks were made with...
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for Carrying Fat E-Bikes at Rear of RV
    We have really great options for carrying e-bikes like what you have but I do not recommend using a cargo carrier as the attachment won't be quite as secure and the risk of accidentally losing a super expensive e-bike would not be worth it. Instead the bike rack I recommend is the Hollywood Racks RV Rider part # HR1600 which was specifically designed for carrying heavier e-bikes like yours that have fat tires, heavier weights, and alternative style frames. This rack is also one of very...
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  • Hollywood Rack E-Bike Rack Recommendation for E-Bike with Fenders Electra Ace of Spades
    Hollywood Racks offers a similar E-bike rack that will work great with your Electra Ace of Spades but the # HR3500E can't be used on bikes with fenders since they would interfere with the arm of the rack. So instead you'd want the Hollywood Racks RV Rider E-Bike Rack part # HR1600 which uses a unique and clever frame clamp design that is compatible with your bike frame and will work really well.
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for Rad Power E-Bikes
    Since E-bikes like yours are heavier that traditional bikes you do have to go with a rack that is reinforced that amount of weight like the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider E-Bike Rack # HR1455Z-E that you referenced which has an 80 lb per bike capacity. There is also not an adapter type solution for fitting the bike into a cargo carrier. If you have one of the Rad power bikes that has a really low cross tube we also have the Hollywood Racks RV rider part # HR1600 which has a clamp design...
    view full answer...
  • Bike Rack Recommendation to Carry Verve 2 Trek Bike at Rear of 5th Wheel
    Due to the pretty sharp top tube angle of the Trek Verve bike rack you have I would not recommend the Swagman G10 part # S64689 as a first choice unless you were willing to also use a frame adapter bar part # UB01 as well. Instead I'd recommend the Hollywood Racks RV Rider part # HR1600 as it has a pivoting claw style of frame tube which will secure to the bike frame much better and would not require use of frame adapter. Check out the review video I attached for this rack as well.
    view full answer...
  • RV Bike Rack that Can Carry 2 E-Bikes that Weigh 60 lbs
    I have a really great RV bike rack that can be used with heavier e-bikes like what you have but the Yakima Fullswing you referenced can't be used at the back of an RV and also doesn't have weight capacity needed for your 60 lb bikes either. Instead I would recommend the Hollywood Racks RV Rider part # HR1600.
    view full answer...
  • Kuat Bike Rack that Can Carry 45 lb E-Bikes
    I have a solution for you but the weight capacity of the Kuat Sherpa part # SH22G is 40 lbs per bike so it would not be ideal for your e-bikes. Instead Kuat has the NV Base part # BA22B which has a 60 lb per bike capacity that would work really well with your e-bikes that weigh 45 lbs each unless they have fenders. If the bikes have fenders you'll need a bike rack that holds the bike by the frame instead like the Hollywood Racks RV Rider part # HR1600 which also has the weight capacity...
    view full answer...
  • Bike Rack To Use with Folding E-Bike On a 2016 Roadtrek Zio Camper Van
    The Thule EasyFold XT 2 E-Bike Platform Rack part # TH903202 is an excellent choice for your Magnum Folding E-Bike. It might also be an excellent choice for your 2016 Roadtrek Zio Camper Van as well but sadly we have not yet had the chance to test fit this. I will however say that just by looking at photos of your camper van I do not believe you would be able to open the rear doors even with the bike rack tilted down. I do however have an option that will work with your Magnum Folding...
    view full answer...
  • How To Carry Bikes On Back of Motorhome While Towing a Car
    In order to carry a bike rack while also flat-towing a vehicle you'll need a dual hitch adapter, the Roadmaster Dual Hitch Receiver Adapter part # RM-077-2, part # RM-077-4, or part # RM-077-6. Then for a bike rack, you'd just need to make sure it is rated for use on a motorhome for which we have several options, the Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack part # HR1600 is what I recommend. I have attached a full list of options below.
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  • Recommended Bike Rack for 2 E-Bikes, Can Fold, and be Used on Flat Towed Vehicle
    We have a pretty decent selection of bike racks that fit your description. If you're wanting a 2-bike rack like the Swagman E-Spec # S94FR then I recommend using the Hollywood Racks RV Rider # HR1600. This has both tilting and folding features, it can be used both on a flat towed vehicle and a motorhome, plus it has an impressive weight rating at 80 lbs per bike. For a 4-bike option you'll need to use something other than the Curt 4-bike racks as they are not approved to use on a...
    view full answer...
  • E-Bike Rack that Can Be Used at Rear of Flat Towed Vehicle
    This is a really good question. So at the back of a vehicle that is being flat towed there's a bit of side to side sway as the vehicle works to stay in a straight line. This eventually will fatigue bike racks if they are reinforced for this. So the EasyFold is not rated for this application which is why it's not listed for it. The best rack that is rated for this the Hollywood Racks RV Rider # HR1600 which uses a similar clamp design. Check out the review video I attached for more info...
    view full answer...
  • Hollywood Racks Bike Rack that Can be Used at Rear of RV
    The Hollywood Racks part # HR1475Z that you referenced is an add-on for the Hollywood Racks 2 bike rack part # HR1450Z to convert it to a 4-bike rack. This rack can be used at the rear of a motorhome but not a travel trailer. If you had a travel trailer and you were looking for a similar bike rack that is rated for the rougher ride quality at the rear of it you'd want the part # HR1600 instead.
    view full answer...
  • How To Carry E-Bikes On the Back Of a 5th Wheel Trailer
    In order to haul two e-bikes on the back of a 5th wheel trailer it would indeed be a good ideal to install a frame mount trailer hitch, the Adjustable Width Trailer Hitch Receiver part # 13703 is the best option for this. Then for a bike rack, the Hollywood Racks RV Rider 2 Bike Platform Rack for E-Bikes part # HR1600 is the best option since it's rated for use on the back of a trailer and has a weight capacity high enough for e-bikes.
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  • Bike Rack Recommendation for Use at Rear of 5th Wheel Trailer
    At the rear of a trailer or RV the ride quality is very rough when compared to the ride quality at the rear of a passenger vehicle. Reason being the suspension isn't as sophisticated and there is a longer distance between the rear axle and the rear of the trailer which exaggerates the movement of the trailer when hitting bumps. Because of that only a few bike racks were designed to be reinforced enough for that type of use. The Hollywood Racks # HR1450Z-E is not rated for the rougher...
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