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Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water with Seals and Hardware - 3" Diameter

Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water with Seals and Hardware - 3" Diameter

Item # 34439240
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RV Waste Valves
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LaSalle Bristol RV Waste Valves - 34439240
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Great Prices for the best rv waste valves from LaSalle Bristol. Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water with Seals and Hardware - 3" Diameter part number 34439240 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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LaSalle Bristol RV Waste Valves - 34439240

  • Single Waste Valve - Manual
  • 3 In Valve Body
  • Straight Valve
  • LaSalle Bristol
  • Stationary Valve


  • Replacement valve for your RV's black-water tank
  • 3" Diameter passage allows wastewater to travel freely when valve is open
  • ABS plastic valve with stainless steel shaft
  • Valve body, seals, and hardware included
  • Made in the USA

39240 LaSalle Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water w/ Coupler, Seals, and Hardware - Termination Valve - 3" Diameter

Video of Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water with Seals and Hardware - 3" Diameter

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for LaSalle Bristol RV Black Water Waste Valve Body Installation - 2007 Starcraft Homestead Lite Fifth W

Adam: What's going on, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we have to replace some valve. So there's a couple of different reasons why we'll have some leaky valves.Maybe sometimes we just have the seals going bad on the inside. But other times, it's just going to be completely gunked up. Well, regardless of what caused it, we need to replace it. This video is going to show you how.If you all are wondering what we're going to be replacing the valve on today, it is going to be a 2007 Homestead, by Starcraft.

So first things first, even if you're doing it on any other type of travel trailer, first thing you got to do is just locate your valve.So both our black and gray water tank valves are going to be right in the front. We are not hiding them with any panels, or anything like that, so it was super easy. Some of them, you might have to open up a panel to find them, but what I'm going to be using is a 11 millimeter socket and wrench to free these up.All we really need to do is just take all four of these off. And we really don't have to worry about keeping this hardware, because the new valve will come with new hardware. I was putting new stuff on.

It's always nice when it comes with it.So one thing that I highly recommend doing, very thoroughly, is cleaning out your black water tank before you tackle this problem, just because. Luckily, it's windy, so I'm not really smelling all this, but I can still get a whiff of it. So I highly recommend spending the time to clean it out as best you can, because that's just better. Trust me.As you can tell that this one, we are having a little bit of issues. The bolts are actually completely rusted out.

So what I'm doing is pretty much just punching them through, and hoping that this thing's going to pop off.And that is another reason why you got to keep up with the maintenance on your valves, just so this doesn't happen. And this is just basically making a crummy job a little bit crummier and longer. So definitely prepare for this valve system.So I'm going to go ahead, and just get this out, off camera. And then we will start rolling again, when I'm putting in my new valve.Well, we got it off. Now what we want to do is take our seals out.

And as you can see, it's still a little dirty in there. So definitely go ahead and do a little bit better job of cleaning out your black water tank, before you do this, trust me.But now that the seals are visible, we can take those off. Nice and crusty, we all know what that is. Yeah. Toss that to the side, throw it way. All right, so now, we're ready for our new valve.Now, with our new valve in place, all we've got to do is grab our hardware that comes with the kit, which is super nice, because the other ones, I couldn't use those.I'm going to slide this in, kind of line it up, and start lining up our holes. Just like that, I can just put the nut on the other side, and I'm going to get all of them on, and started, and then I'll come back and tighten them all down evenly, just so that seal won't get messed up at all.Now, you can take the same exact socket and wrench you used before, and tighten them up. But notice how I'm going to tighten this one up a little bit. There's still a little bit of gapage, but then, tighten the bottom one down a little bit.Tighten the back one, and you know, I'll end up going back through these again, but it's definitely important to do them not completely tight, all at once.Well, now we're all done, everything's tightened up, and no leaks. So we achieved what we wanted today. And one other thing to notice, it was so easy for me to pull out and push in my other one, which is pretty much why it was leaking. With these, it's extremely tight, so we're not going to have any leaks anymore.So in our situation, we replaced the whole entire valve. But if your hardware looks like ours, and your seals look like ours, but the whole rest of the assembly is good, you don't have to worry about it. Because, then this here, come with the seals and the added hardware. So that's always a plus.You don't want to have to run into this nasty mess, a lot of rust on these bolts. These are going to come with it, and that's always a plus.Now that we have everything all done, let's go over some of the specs. One, this is going to be the three-inch waste valve. We have different sizes here at etrailer, so definitely check that out, if this isn't the right size for you.Two, this is made of ABS plastic, so it's going to be extra strong, so it's not going to crack or anything over time. And even if it does, we can go ahead and grab another one here, because we got them.Another thing is, we carry a bunch of replacement parts. We carry replacement seals, we carry replacement hardware, and replacement knobs here. So if one of those components is failing, then you don't have to replace the whole entire thing. We have all the replacement parts here at etrailer.Other than that, if you have any other questions after watching this video, I do meet up with a couple of my co-workers and answer some of their questions. Did you know right away that this is where it was leaking I mean, I would assume that this is going to be the culprit of most, the most common points of leakage Or did you have to actually look around to figure it all out Adam: Oh no. You'll know. You'll know, whether it's down here at the, where the two pipes smashed that valve, that'll be one. Or if it starts coming out right here, and usually it doesn't. It's not that difficult.I mean, obviously do it on a dry day. You know what I mean You don't want to have to go over there, just sniff everything around, to see if it's rain or not. You know what I mean So do it on a dry day, or when everything's dry.But yeah, you'll be able to see, obviously, piping and stuff. There's a bunch of fittings all around here. There's one, two, three, and four different sealable pieces, together on the pipe, and then there's the seams for the valve.But you'll be able to see that. I didn't have search around, to answer your question. The handle on the valve, is it going to break off I know that's a dumb question, because who knows, and I guess it could, but crosstalk 00:07:03- Adam: It will. . It will Okay. Adam: It will. I've seen it. I've seen it all the time. So that is why, if that happens to you, especially if you're in, let's say you don't have a cover, and your valve's like this, so it's exposed, and sees a lot of sun, and then it also sees a lot of cold. You know what I meanIt's eventually going to crack, and it will eventually break. I'm not saying it might not. The one that comes with it, it will eventually break.Yeah, the one we took off, it was looking pretty harsh. And I think that lends to the whole thing of just replacing it all at one time, because yeah, your seals may be bad now, and it may be like half and half for the full thing. So why wouldn't you just do it all at one time, and then have a fresh new setup for the valvesI agree. But if you have a brand new valve, let's just say, Jay comes over here, just, inaudible 00:07:57, breaks it. Grab this.So this is a metal one. You can't really hear it, but it's metal, trust me. This will solve that problem. And then the rod is metal, too. But one thing I have seen, what you have to do is, it's kind of difficult.Okay, so on the ones that I took off, I couldn't even get the knob to turn, because it was just as old as the hardware, and the hardware was rusted away, horribly.So it was really, really seized up. If you're really dead set on keeping that valve, and you don't want to spend the extra couple bucks, you get the whole assembly, go for it. But this one's a little bit easier, but you have to get a tool.I use a vise, or ChannelLocks, to just hold it in place and then twist it off. So, on all the replacement knobs, they're going to be threaded on the inside. And the nice thing about this is, these are all plastic, so all the threads are plastic.On the other one, though, for some reason, it looked like it had a little metal insert in there, but that was, I'm not sure what brand that one was, that we took off. It was pretty old, but they're all standard.Look at that. So they're all standard. You don't really have to worry about matching up the right pitch, or whatever. They just thread right on, and come right off. So that's just an accessory part that we sell, or replacement part, that handle Adam: Yeah. So if you do have the problem with this breaking, we have a solution, and it's this, which won't break. Yeah. I'm 100% positive I would break the plastic one, like that one. Adam: Oh yeah. I'm with you. Speaker 3: We almost broke it. Adam: Yeah, I almost did. Speaker 4: The gray water has the gray handle, and the black water has the black handle, right Adam: I mean, yeah. Speaker 3: I think that's . yeah. Adam: You can replace it with whatever you want, I mean it's- Speaker 4: Yeah, it's just- Adam: . I really don't care. Speaker 3: See It's in there tight. So there's not- Adam: See, it's in there, so . There's not a difference functionally, or anything Adam: No, not really. Speaker 4: Right, just a rule of thumb. Adam: I would suggest, though, getting the metal one for the black water, because this seal is so much more intense than the other one, so much tighter, which is good. Just because- Speaker 4: Yeah, that's good. Adam: . it's definitely inaudible 00:10:35. Yeah. Adam: You know, I don't have to say it. Speaker 3: It's holding back the floodgates. Adam: Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 3: Yeah. Adam: But yeah. So we have a bunch of different knobs, replacement knobs. So yeah, if your nut breaks, we have replacements for exactly what it is. But then you have also, these kind, which is actually what was on the other ones, where it has a little fitting on the inside.So this will rust out, and it did on the ones that I replaced. So if that is you, just get, just spend the extra little bit of money, to redo the whole entire valve. I mean, you're taking it off anyway, so just replace it.But we have all sorts of different little knobs. So some of them are plastic. The ones that come with them are plastic. These, has a little inserts in them, with threads. And then the metal one's obviously just metal. It doesn't have an insert in it, Just metal. So that's cool. When you get in there to replace the valve, is it typical that you're going to find other things, that maybe, you need maintenance as well Or is this just a one and done thing Adam: It's one and done. Speaker 3: It really is. Adam: It really is. So, for instance, if you guys can . Like over here, I mean, and you got, you basically have this curved pipe, which goes up a size, and then it has that plate, and that's one piece. So that's all sealed up, leading up to there. And then, it just is in.Then there's the valve, and then on the other side, we have the little plate converter piece, and then the pipe. So basically, it's just two of the pipes, just clamping down over this. So this is literally all it's in there.And then of course within that, the valve, there's just these two rubber seals. That's the only thing on the inside of there.Yeah, so no, not really. I mean, unless you have a cracked tube or something like that, but then you've got a lot bigger problem. You know what I mean A valve's not going to do anything for you. All right. So this is probably the easiest maintenance that you can do for this, anyway. You don't have to cut any pipe, and reseal, or anything like that It's just bolt in, and you're good. Adam: No, that's all why I'm just saying, do it all. Yeah. Adam: That's good for it. It's like, if you're doing brakes on your truck, you know what I mean It's like, are you just going to do the back brakes, or are you going to do all of them, or . You know what I mean It's like, if you're in there do it. Speaker 5: You can tell and see whenever there's a problem. Adam: Yeah. Speaker 5: And you can tell and see whenever any of the bolts are corroded, or it's starting to look grody. I think that's one of the good things about it is, you will definitely be able to tell when you need to change it. Adam: Yeah, if you have stuff there on your driveway, or else . Speaker 3: Yup. Speaker 4: I guess, one thing that, it's kind of simple, but it's a pretty simple . When you pull it, it's pretty smooth. It doesn't wiggle around. You don't have to give it a lot of force to push and pull it. Adam: Yeah. Here, let me grab something real quick. I mean, it's not, there's not a whole lot to it. I mean, this is like the valve. I mean, you just have your seals that go in on the ring, here and there.I mean, it's just in and out. It's very, very simple, very simple gate. But yeah, it's the easy . It's just like a little door. I mean, that's basically all- Speaker 4: Right. Adam: . just in, straight out, that's it. So, not a whole lot to it, not very, very mechanically advanced. It's not difficult at all. It's just a valve.You have the, there's the valves that are like a ball of holes in them, and you got to kind of twist it. Or then, you got this kind of a valve, and that's what we're using, but yeah. Speaker 6: Do you think there's any easier products to install, or is this about the easiest one you've gotten, inaudible 00:14:27 with that Adam: If there's something that's easier than this, someone needs to bring it to me, because I don't really think it's possible. I mean, that's just me. I mean, if it is simpler and it works just as well, then kudos, but I don't see that even being a possibility, just because it's four bolts. Speaker 6: Yeah. Adam: Okay Well, you guys have any other questions, you guys can always e-mail me. We're going to be doing this stuff all day. So I will talk to you guys later. Thanks for coming out.Well, everyone, I hope this video maybe just helped you run you through the process of replacing your waste valve, maybe just getting you a little bit of a closer look at the product, or just answering some of those questions you may have had about some waste valves. But other than that, that's pretty much it for a look at the Bristol black water tank waste valve. And I'm Adam with etrailer.

Customer Reviews

Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water with Seals and Hardware - 3" Diameter - 34439240

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (37 Customer Reviews)


Got the Bristol valve body, due to manufacturing delays, took several months. It arrived well packed, no damage. I know have an extra for standby in my backup kit for the road.


Item was exactly what I expected, perfect replacement for my broken valve body. No need to replace the rest of the plumbing.


Really fast shipping and great price, t hanks.


Exact replacement, easy installation. Lubricated seals with o-ring grease, worked perfectly.


Exact replacement for our old leaking valve. Fit perfectly and work well. We have not yet checked them for leaks since it is still winter. No reason to expect an issue though.


My RV black water tank drain began leaking so I searched for a replacement. I've purchased other products from etrailer before and have been satisfied. This product was delivered promptly, and it fit as advertised. Always check the return policy of vendors before ordering!

One year later and the tank is worki
Ronald p - 08/16/2020


Fit my 1990 HiLo camper trailer perfectly. Had to take it back off on first try and lubricate the seals on the sides that touch the valve. Without the lubricant the seal grabs the slider inside the valve so tightly that it was too hard to open and close. No instructions on package but I should have known. Not that much problem putting on or taking off. Another great buy. Have been ordering from this company for all my parts while I have been reworking this trailer I just recently purchased. is now the only supply company stored in my favorites on my desktop.


Exact replacement needed.
Good quality.


It worked, not much else to say about it. Oh, I should mention it’s easier to install when you put the seals on the inside of the mating parts, then you can slide the valve into place and not worry about rolling or crimping the seals.


It's great that you can buy just the part that needs to be replaced rather than the entire valve.


So happy with prompt service.


They are still working great after one year of normal use. They were replacements for the original gate valves that were standard on my new RV. Those original valves only worked properly for about 9 months.


Ordered many products from etrailer and always get quality parts at good price and this purchase is no exception.


etrailer ordering and delivery was excellent.
was as described.


Easy fix for a nasty leak. Thumbs up.


This brand is difficult to replace and is not available at many RV dealers. The standard is Valtera brand.


It works fine. Easy to install.


Arrived on time and packaged well. Thanks for being a company that I can rely on.

Seems to be working fine
Michael - 10/01/2020


Perfect replacement. Prompt delivery. Good price.


Part exchanged with out any problems and is still working properly. If used on a daily basis, this part will need to be replaced after a year or so, as it is plastic and I do not believe it is designed to be used on a regular or continual basis.


Worked for a week then same old leak
Robert - 04/09/2022


the valves work fine. lubricating them is easier than replacing them. replace and then maintain.


Very satisfied and kept me informed on the status of the order as somethings were on back order!


Very fast shipping. Was harder taking the part out of the package than it was to install, in other words was very easy to install and it works GREAT! Thanks


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  • How Far Apart Are the Mounting Holes on the Bristol Waste Valves
    The four bolt pattern of the flange on the waste water valves is an industry standard so you don't really have to worry about measuring the bolt hole spacing. However, to address your specific question the bolt holes are spaced 3.73" apart but depending on how exact you were measuring, you could get anywhere from 2-5/8" to 2-3/4" as its hard to get the exact center of each hole. Therefore, the Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water part # 34439240 will work for you just fine. The only...
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  • Replacement Black Water Tank Outlet Valve for 2008 Keystone Cougar RV
    According to my LaSalle/Bristol representative, neither the valve size itself nor the spacing of the holes for the mounting hardware have changed over the years. The mounting holes are 3.73 inches apart center to center, which is right between 2-5/8 and 2-3/4 inches which is industry standard. The Assuming that your current valve body is for a 3 inch line, the # 34439240 you referred to will work great.
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    Image 1 for
  • Will Valterra 3" Waste Valve Body Work with LaSalle Bristol Waste Valve
    Yes, you can interchange the Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water part # 34439240 with the Valterra Bladex Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water Tank part # T1003VP. The mounting pattern and valve size are both industry standards so you can choose between the two as they are interchangeable.
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  • Is There a Black Water Tank Waste Valve Body
    The waste valve bodies alone without a hub or spigot connection are something you can get. You would need something like the Valterra Waste Valve Bodies w/ Flexible Cables for RV Black Water and Gray Water Tanks - 72" # TC1372 for both tanks or the Valterra Waste Valve Body w/ Flexible Cable for RV Black Water Tank - 72" # TC372 for the black water tank only. There is also the Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water with Seals and Hardware - 3" Diameter # 34439240 which does not have...
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  • Replacement Valves For The Bristol Double RV Waste Valves Part # 34466ND14AAR
    Yes, you can replace the 3" and 1-1/2" valves on your Bristol Double RV Waste Valves - Elbow - Rotating - 3" and 1.5" Hubs to 3" Spigot # 34466ND14AAR with the Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Gray Water w/ Coupler, Seals, and Hardware - 1-1/2" Diameter # 34439241 and the Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water with Seals and Hardware - 3" Diameter # 34439240.
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    Image 1 for Image 2 for Image 3 for
  • Replacing Valves Only On Bristol Double RV Waste Valves 34466ND13AAR
    In regards to the Bristol Double RV Waste Valves part # 34466ND13AAR, you can replace both the black valve section using the Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Black Water part # 34439240 and the grey valve section using the Bristol Waste Valve Body for RV Gray Water part # 34439241.
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  • Can Handle of Bristol Waste Valve Body 34439240 be Extended
    Yes, you can install an extension handle to the Bristol Waste Valve part # 34439240 you referenced. For that we have the part # 34466SP1112 for a 12 inch extension, # 34466SP1106 for 6 inch as well as a few others you can find at the attached link on this page.
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  • 3 Inch Waste Valve for Black Water Tanks with a Removable Handle
    We do have a 3 inch diameter black water waste valve with a handle that unscrews but part # T1003VPM doesn't have a removable handle. Instead use part # 34439240 from LaSalle Bristol. Additionally, use part # 34466SP1112 for a 12 inch extension.
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  • Will The Valterra T80 Doublke Waste Valve Replace A LaSalle Bristol V93B1 Double Waste Valve
    I'm not able to find a good picture of the V93B1 to see exactly what type of connections it has (spigot or hub) so the # T80 could possibly work with your setup. The # T80 comes with hubs on both sides, which will slip over the existing straight pipes you have and can bond to them with ABS Cement # A05-0303. If you plan on cutting the V93B1 off and connecting the pipe into a new double waste valve then the # T80 would be a great choice. If the flanges where your VB93B1 connect are still...
    view full answer...

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