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Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Smoke

Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Smoke

Item # V2094SP-34
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Ventline 14W x 14L Inch RV Vents and Fans - V2094SP-34
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This roof vent uses a 12-volt fan to circulate air in motor homes and enclosed trailers, keeping interiors ventilated without compromising security. Wedge-shaped, smoke-colored plastic vent cover opens and closes with a hand-operated crank. Lowest Prices for the best rv vents and fans from Ventline. Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Smoke part number V2094SP-34 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Ventline RV Vents and Fans - V2094SP-34

  • Roof Vent
  • Vent Assembly
  • Ventline
  • 14W x 14L Inch
  • With 12V Fan
  • Manual Lift
  • Tinted

This roof vent uses a 12-volt fan to circulate air in motor homes and enclosed trailers, keeping interiors ventilated without compromising security. Wedge-shaped, smoke-colored plastic vent cover opens and closes with a hand-operated crank.


  • Roof vent's electric fan yields better air circulation than non-powered models, exhausting hot air while trailer or RV remains locked and secure
    • Simple to upgrade from non-powered model
  • Basic, hand-operated crank rotates to open and close dome
  • Switch to turn the fan on/off is mounted on the vent
  • Translucent cover allows some light through
  • Aerodynamic, wedge-shaped dome made of durable polypropylene
  • Galvanized steel roof flange won't rust or corrode
  • Snap-out screen is easy to clean
  • Polar White interior trim piece (or garnish) is included
  • Fan uses 12-volt DC power
    • Wiring sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Included garnish fits roofs 1-7/8" to 3" thick
    • Garnish leg length (depth): 2-1/8"
    • Garnish color: Polar White
    • Other garnish sizes are available (sold separately)
  • Fan power: 12-volt DC
    • 100 CFM
  • Cover color: Smoke
  • Rough opening size: 14-1/4" wide x 14-1/4" long
  • Vent extends above roof:
    • 4-1/2" Closed
    • 10" Open
  • 2-Year warranty


  • Screws and sealer are not included. See Installation Kit (344270KITW), which includes all necessary screws and sealer to install vent.
  • Not for use above tubs, showers or range cooking surfaces.

V2094SP-34 roof vent

Installation Instructions

  1. Mark desired location for vent. Be sure to choose a location between roof joists.
  2. Cut a 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" opening through roof and ceiling. (Or use existing opening if you're replacing a standard 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" vent.)
  3. Apply sealant to bottom of flange. Be sure to surround each screw hole.
  4. Insert vent through hole with screen frame extending through roof cavity and hinge of vent toward the front of the vehicle.
  5. Mount to roof with #8 screws.
  6. Remove screen frame and wiring compartment cover to make electrical connections.
  7. Connect to 12-volt DC power source
  8. Replace screen frame and cover.
  9. Attach interior garnish piece with #8 screws.

V2094SP-34 Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Smoke

Video of Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Smoke

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent Installation - 1994 Firan Covington Motorhome

Today on our 1994 Firan Covington. We're going to take a look at and also show you how to install the Ventline Ventadome. This is the trailer roof vent offering a 12 volt fan and manual lift. Measures 14-1/4 x 14-14 and it's rated for 100 cubic feet a minute. In white with birch trim, the part number is V2094SP-28; in standard white with white trim, part number is V2094SP-30; and in smoke with white trim, part number is V2094SP-34. This is what our vent is going to look like installed. It's going to give you a nice aerodynamic shape.

It's lower at the front, higher in the back. When closed as you see it here, it's going to be about 4-1/2 inches from the top of your roof to the top of the vent. When you fully extend it, that's going to come up to 10 inches. This roof vent is going to be the perfect solution for having a powered fan so it can help circulate air from the inside of our RV and blow it to the outside. It's been designed to work in a 14-1/4 x 14-1/4 inch area.

It's got a translucent cover on it which is going to allow light through, which is nice. This is in our bathroom, so it's nice to have a little bit of ambient light coming through the roof getting down into there just helping to brighten things up a bit. This vent is designed to work with roofs that are an inch and 7/8 thick all the way up to 3 inches thick. It also offers a nice galvanized flange all the way around. This comes down on our roof, gives us plenty of area to get it sealed. We're not going to have to worry about rust and corrosion of the flange.

Here's a good look at that flange. You can see it runs all the way up. It's even got this rubber gasket that's going to go all the way around the top that seals right to the door on the top, or right to the lid, whatever you want to call it, to keep any of that moisture or dust from entering the coach. Well, you can see our old vent here, it's seen better days, starting to pull down, it's been broken here, and also the actual shield on top, or the cover on top's busted out too. We're going to get this one removed. This is what we're going to be replacing with the new vent. Typically, you're just going to have Phillips screws or maybe self tapping screws that you'll need to remove.

You've typically got two parts with these. You're going to have the interior part and the exterior part. Let's get the inside taken out first. For the 12 volt wiring going up to the fan, we'll have a couple of wires there. We'll want to snip those off, and also the 12 volt feed that comes from the motor home itself. Let's get those trimmed back. Great. We'll go outside and we can get the exterior portion removed. All right now, to get to our vent here on the top side, we need to get rid of this vent cover. Most of the time you're just going to have a, it's kind of like a carriage bolt with a nut and flat washer on top. Then we can just lift up. If there's no damage to it, you'll want to reuse it, so just save your hardware so you can put it back on. To get it off, however, we're going to have . At least pull the sealant off one to determine what size of bit you're going to need. In this case, it's a square hole bit, and then we're going to go through and get them all removed. We're going to take some form of straight edge, whether it's a, like this is just kind of a trim panel tool or a putty knife, and we need to go underneath the sealant and also underneath this flange and try to get those separated. That way we can lift this up off of the top. Once you've got one side started, just going to gently pull up on it and allow that sealant to kind of separate. Then we can set that aside. Around our hole opening here, we need to get it cleaned up because where our new flange sits, we want it to be nice and clean so it will get a good, tight seal. You can see we've got all that adhesive and all of that sealant removed. We used just kind of like some spray lubricant that helps pretty good in cutting that, helping it come off. What we need to follow-up with though is some rubbing alcohol now. We need to get all of that spray lubricant off of there so the new seal we put in place sticks really well. When we install our vent, we always like to use urethane sealant all the way around the edge here. We've got part number RVIKIT100. It's also going to come with self tapping screws that we'll use to go all the way around the outside and secure our vent in place; and then some regular pan head slotted screws that we can use on the inside if we need to for that finished panel that goes in. You will need a caulk gun for this, of course. What we're going to do is a solid bead all the way around the outside. We can also use this after we have it installed and that will be for sealing up all of our bolt heads. In conjunction with the RVIKT100, we're also going to be using some putty tape. It's going to be part number CAN25003. These are also going to have some self tapping screws in them. Just kind of doubling up on our protection here. We're going to lay this all the way around the edge. It doesn't really stick on, I wouldn't say too well, if you press it down, it will kind of hold it's position. The main goal here what we're after is just to sandwich it between the flange and the top of the coach. Just trim that off with a knife. The kit's going to include a solid 8 feet piece, so that should be more than enough to take care of the one vent here. I like that it's longer so it gives you some options. If you've got a really wide flange, you could double it up. Whatever is going to work out best for you. With that in position, we'll go ahead and put our vent in place. Of course, we want to see how the vent's angled there. We want to make sure that that lower section is in the front, so we keep our aerodynamics the way we want them. Place that down and in. Press down firmly on it. Want to see a little bit of that sealant coming around out of the edge there. We're ready to start putting on our screws. You'll see, we've got a good bead of the urethane that's been squeezed out from the flange. That's excellent. We don't need to go back around that, but we do recommend, on each of our screw heads here, just putting some sealant down. That way we don't have any seepage issues that might come up later. All right, now we're ready to get our vent wired in. We're just going to use the two connections that we had previously. Strip those back. White's going to be our ground, black we're going to use as our power, and use a couple of heat shrink butt connectors to make the connection. Part number is going to be DW05744. Just get those crimped on. We can use a lighter, or mini torch, or a heat gun. Just want to shrink these down. It'll give us a nice, water tight seal. If we do have any seepage or anything, we won't have to worry about our connectors starting to corrode. I'll just tuck those right up around the edge of the vent. That should be covered with our panel when we slide it into position. We can bring our trim piece up. We're going to match that up as best we can to the old one. Sometimes you will have different size openings, so you might have a little bit of overhang. As you can see kind of where the old one was and where the new one's going. Then we're going to secure these with some of the screws that came with our RVI Kit. I would just use caution not to overdo those. We just want to hold this panel in place not necessarily secure anything with it. Got our fan's working as it should, be able to very easily open and close that, now we just need to get our screen put in place. This will just line up those locking tabs on the edge and push it up and that'll hold it. The nice thing about these is when you're done or you're on the road, whatever the case may be, just kind of press those tabs in and we're able to pretty easily pull this screen down. We can then wash it off. Get all the dirt and debris and stuff off of it and then put it back into position. That's going to complete our look at the Ventline Ventadome trailer roof vent. Available in white with birch trim, white with white trim, or smoke with white trim.

Customer Reviews

Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan - Manual Lift - 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" - Smoke - V2094SP-34

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (514 Customer Reviews)

This roof vent uses a 12-volt fan to circulate air in motor homes and enclosed trailers, keeping interiors ventilated without compromising security. Wedge-shaped, smoke-colored plastic vent cover opens and closes with a hand-operated crank.

- V2094SP-34

Vent was easy to install, really didn't need the instructions. I would have appreciated a template for the hole though. That way I can just throw the template up and cut along it. A recommendation to reinforce the underside with something (I used 2x2s) might be helpful as well. You do say to align it with a joist, but who's really going to have multiple joists within 14 1/2" from each other? Otherwise, it looks great. I figured you have multiple images of the vent itself so I figured an image of how I reinforced it would be the most helpful for future installers. Thank you. Aaron 175537

- V2094SP-34

I am in the process of replacing all of the roof vents in my toy hauler and found etrailer was able to supply just what I needed and at a competitive price. I have had good dealings with them whenever I needed rv parts. 644177

- V2094SP-34

I have not installed it yet, but looks to be of great quality. Shipping was fast and website was easy to use. 558735

- V2094SP-34

Product material and build is solid. Easy to install. I like the smoke colored cover, lets in the right amount of sun (we dry camp in the Southwest a lot). The fit between screen and frame with the open/close knob was off by about 1/4 inch in depth. Was able to adjust the knob mounting position down so as to insure a tight fit between screen and beauty ring. We have an eighteen-year-old rig, so it is challenging to find replacement parts that fit as original. But it fits great now! great web site - easy to drill down to appropriate parts. Thanks again. 480020

- V2094SP-34

This product got great reviews, and I'm not sure why. I was very disappointed in this vent. First, etrailer shipped it with the sealant on top of the unit and damaged it (still haven't heard back from them). Aside from that, the unit is supposed to be smoke. I thought some light inside my pop-up would be nice, and maybe the white unit I had before wouldn't look so dirty all the time if it was smoke. Outside it looks gray. Inside it looks blue. When the sun shines on it, it makes the inside of the trailer look rather depressing and blue. The lid itself is very flimsy, and flexes in the wind. While traveling, the flex allowed the vent to come out of the channel even while fully closed. It was a fun in-camp fix and I was thankful it didn't rain. The seal that goes around the rim does not stay on, and I am constantly pushing it back down (removing the screen to do so, reaching my arm through the hole and pushing it back on). IF I keep this thing, I will replace that lumpy weatherstripping with my own. Note: The new garnish (trim) did not work with my popup. I used my old garnish and cleaned it up with plastic polish and it worked well. It wouldn't have worked as well if I broke the old trim, so keep all your parts if you decide to get this thing. I didn't see any alternatives for the price on etrailer, but may shop around if the lid comes apart again on my next trip out. 411011

- V2094SP-34

Still working a year later, no problems, store my rig indoors so not seeing any sun damage at this time. 398489

- V2094SP-34

All the products I have purchased here have been excellent! 308752

- V2094SP-34

I installed this on my enclosed trailer, with a air vent cover, keeps it a lot cooler in the summer. 300137

- V2094SP-34

Sunroof for my camper has been great. T hanks 292849

- V2094SP-34

GREAT 272210

- V2094SP-34

Got my order on time and was what I order product is of excellent quality would do bisness with this company again 264268

- V2094SP-34

Good stuff....well packaged too! 236000

- V2094SP-34

I absolutely love my new vents! We did find that the trim piece was too deep for our folding camper, but that problem was easily solved by trimming off what we did not need. We will also have to remove the handles when we fold the camper up, but that is no big deal for me. My husband had no problem installing the electrical for the upgraded vent we purchased. I do however wish that there were screw buttons to cover the screws, my husband is known as the "Silicon King" and made his own buttons with dabs of silicon...trust me not the prettiest look! 186525

- V2094SP-34

Shipping was extremely fast. Product looks good. I just don't have them installed yet. Very good service . I would recommend etrailer to everyone. 136435

- V2094SP-34

Was the right size and fairly easy to install.seem to be a really good product... 125921

- V2094SP-34

Etrailer Is a great company my hole experience hase been grate and I would deffanetly recomend this sight to anyone looking fot parts I got my product almost as fast as next day witch was really awsome and as far as the product goes it was everything that thay said it was witch made finding what I whanted very easy 99877

- V2119-603-00

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

As usual, the product was as advertised and delivered as promised! 550468

- V2119-601-00

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

could have been a little more heavy duty for the price 265106

- V2110SP-24

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

Great price quick service fits great much better than the plastic one that was there 603293

- V2110SP-24

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

Bought this to replace one that had a plastic lid chewed off by squirrels. It's an excellent product. Only complaint I have is that the interior trim ring is made for a much thicker roof than on my trailer. I could have cut it down but luckily the ring for the vent I was replacing fit perfectly. etrailer.com sells shorter depth trim rings but it would be better to not have to spend the extra money and allow selection of trim ring size when ordering. This was the only reason I didn’t give an excellent rating. 167829

Hank, what model trailer did you install this on? Im trying to find out if it will be the right depth for my trailer.
-- comment by: Aaron B - 08/01/2015

Its just a standard 6x10 enclosed trailer. I think the title says Arising on manufacturer.
-- comment by: Hank - 08/11/2015

I have no complaints. The metal cover prevents squirrels from destroying it.
Hank - 01/23/2016


- V2110SP-24

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

The metal cap was the right size to replace the old plastic cap however the frame was not. A little Mcgiver ingenuity I was able to get top in using old parts. This trailer was in the boonies and this year I will have to take apart and cut new frame to use the new frame that came with metal top. 572415

- V2110SP-24

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

received today. since there are no broken parts (plastic) I will just bend everything back in place. there was no packing in the box and the product comes in contact with the side of the box the conveyor bent the edges that screw to the roof. both covers were damaged in the same way. there is 4" for the product to move in the cardboard box no wonder that the plastic survived the trip. some on up there is looking out for etrailer and me. no screws to fasten it to the roof and no mastic to seal but what do you expect. I will buy another when this one rusts out. got to be better than the plastic covers which last about 3 years. 581253

- V2110SP-24

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

Arrived in good shape and we were pleased with the quality of this unit. The biggest challenge, of course, is removing the old skylight and all the sealant, but once that was accomplished the installation went forward without any trouble. We like the metal cover because the last two plastic covers have disintegrated after a number of years. 647829

- V2110SP-24

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

Pleased with customer service and the roof vent purchased. Easy to understand instructions during install process. Only wish ptoduct was also available in white finish. 561355

- V2092SP-25

Review from a similar Ventline Ventadome in RV Vents and Fans

Basic Ventline roof vents with screen and hand crank and a great price. 440335

I have purchased these product previously and never had any problems with either. Thanks
Bader D - 10/08/2018

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  • Replacement Parts Needed for a Northern Breeze Model V2525 Vent
    We do have most of the parts that you referenced and although we don't have instructions we do have some diagrams on each of the product pages that you can check out. Item 7 - # VC0476-00 Item 14 - # BV0115-04 We don't have items 1, 15 and, 16, but it sounds like 15 and 16 come with the item 14. In all honesty it would be much more cost-effective for you to just purchase a whole new 14" x 14" unit # V2094SP-34 as opposed to piecing it out. You would just need the screws and sealer...
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  • Roof Vent Needed with 12V Fan That Sits Under 5 Tall
    The Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent # V2094SP-34 that you referenced actually sits only 4-1/2" above the roof when it is closed so it will fit in your garage! It comes with a 12V fan that is powered by DC. Most of our vents fit this description though so you are in luck! If you are looking for a vent that can stay open and still fall under your 5" height restriction then you will need the Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vent # VP-543SP. This is a round vent with a diameter of 6-1/4"...
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  • Is a Replacement Motor Available for Ventline Northern Breeze V2525?
    Unfortunately we do not carry a replacement motor for a Ventline Northern Breeze V2525 and I recommend simply replacing that vent assembly with a new one, the Ventline Ventadome # V2094SP-34. This fan fits standard 14" x 14" roof openings in roofs that are 1-7/8" to 3" thick.
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  • Can a Trailer Roof Vent with Electric Fan Be Installed in a 2003 Ford E-350 Conversion Van
    If you are willing to cut a 14-1/4 inch square opening in the roof of your 2003 Ford van then yes, you can use the roof vent # V2094SP-34. For the installation I recommend kit # 344270KITW as well. As far as the wiring goes you will just need to run wiring from the vent to the positive battery terminal. The vent has a switch already so it just needs a 12 volt power source. If you need additional wire you can use # 16-1-1 which is sold by the foot.
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  • Availability of Replacement Motor for V2525 Northern Breeze Fan
    The motor for the V2525 Northern Breeze fan is unfortunately not available as a replacement part. If the motor is bad then the best solution is to replace the entire vent unit with part # V2094SP-34 which has the 12V fan and a manual lift. You will also need the install kit # 344270KITW which comes with seat and mounting hardware. If you would like to upgrade the vent unit just let me know and I can help you find one that best suits your needs.
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  • Replacement Ventline Trailer Roof Vent Covers for Parts V2092 and V2094
    We carry a broad range of Ventline products, complete vent assemblies as well as individual replacement parts, for both of the part numbers you referenced. For Ventline item V2092 we offer complete vent assemblies, # V2092SP-29 in smoke color and # V2092SP-28 in white. Replacement domes are also available, # BVD0449-A03 in smoke and # BVD0449-A01 in white. For powered vent V2094 we offer a complete vent assembly # V2094SP-34 in smoke and # V2094SP-30 in white. Replacement domes only...
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  • Trailer Roof Vent With 110V Fan and Smoke Dome Assembly
    The only 14W x 14L roof vent we offer with a 110V fan is the Ventline Roof Vent part # V2128SP-01 with a white dome assembly however, you may switch out the dome assembly on the vent with part # BVD0449-A03 with the darker smoke color lid. If it turns out you need a 12V fan with a smoke colored dome assembly, I recommend Ventline Ventadome Trailer Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan part # V2094SP-34.
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  • Replacement Trailer 14 x 14 Roof Vents and Installation Kits
    Camco part # CAM40148 is a smoke-color replacement vent LID ONLY that fits specific production years of Ventline and Elixir vents models. It fits Ventline vents with a continuous metal hinge that were produced before 2008 and similar Elixir brand vents produced after 1994. This hinge type is shown in the linked photo. We do also offer complete vent units that include the lid. These 14 x 14-inch complete vents are shown on the linked page. We have models without fans like # V2092SP-29...
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  • Replacement Motor for Ventline Vent Fan V2027 in a 1972 Champion Motorhome
    I spoke to my contact at the Ventline division of Dexter Axle and they informed me that replacement parts for your Ventline Vent Fan V2027 are no longer available due to the age of the unit, 1974. Unfortunately, Ventline also no longer makes an 8" diameter vent fan anymore so you have two options for replacement. The first option you have would be to fill part of the hole and then install the Ventline Vanair Trailer Roof Vent part # VP-543SP which is 6-1/4" diameter. The other option...
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