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Thetford C223S Cassette Toilet - Electric Flush - Swivel Seat

Thetford C223S Cassette Toilet - Electric Flush - Swivel Seat

Item # TH42YE
Our Price: $598.34
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Great for vans and small RVs, this cassette toilet flushes away waste without smells or messes. Unit taps into existing water supply and 12V power for flushing. Rotating bowl lets you sit comfortably in small spaces. Holds 4.7 gallons of waste. Great Prices for the best rv toilets from Thetford. Thetford C223S Cassette Toilet - Electric Flush - Swivel Seat part number TH42YE can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Thetford RV Toilets - TH42YE

  • Standard Height
  • Round
  • White
  • Thetford
  • Triple Jet - Good
  • Plastic
  • Cassette Toilet

Great for vans and small RVs, this cassette toilet flushes away waste without smells or messes. Unit taps into existing water supply and 12V power for flushing. Rotating bowl lets you sit comfortably in small spaces. Holds 4.7 gallons of waste.


  • Cassette toilet is a great option for small spaces
    • 19-1/2" Seat height is as tall or taller than household toilets
    • Toilet bowl rotates 260 degrees
  • Taps into existing on-board water supply and 12V power
  • Front-mounted lever opens and closes waste valve
    • Slide open the valve to use toilet
    • Press electric push button to rinse away waste
    • Close valve to seal away odors
  • 4.7-Gallon waste cassette detaches for dumping
    • Pull out the cassette via external hatch
    • Transport cassette like a piece of luggage using extendable handle and wheels
    • Empty cassette into any restroom toilet or dump station
  • Waste tank level indicator lets you know when it is time to empty cassette
  • Installs against a wall with included floor and wall mounting frame
    • Locking external hatch to access cassette is sold separately (32144)
  • Templates provided for positioning toilet
  • Lightweight plastic construction


  • Cassette capacity: 4.7 gallons
  • Overall dimensions:
    • Seat facing forward lid open: 32-3/4" tall x 16-1/4" wide x 18-1/4" deep
    • Seat facing side lid open: 32-3/4" tall x 16-3/4" wide x 17-7/8" deep
  • Seat height: 19-1/2"
  • Seat length: 16-3/4"
  • Total weight: 18.25 lbs
  • 3-Year warranty

200865SP Thetford C223 S Cassette Toilet - Electric Flush - Swivel Seat

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Video of Thetford C223S Cassette Toilet - Electric Flush - Swivel Seat

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Thetford RV Toilets - Cassette Toilet Electric Flush Swivel Seat - TH42YE

Hello, neighbors and friends, Steven here with Today we're talking toilets, specifically the Bedford C223-S model. It's a cassette style toilet with electronic flush and a nice swivel seat. So you might say, "Steven, what's a cassette toilet" Well, a cassette toilet basically gets mounted, flushed inside the RV or camper. And you have an access panel or door on the outside of your RV or camper, this cassette can literally come out from the outside, you go dump it, empty it, refill it with some chemicals and whatnot, put it back in and you're ready to go. So all of this part here, where that black gasket is, that's gonna be on the inside wall of the bathroom, and the rest of this is gonna be going towards the outside.

Now it does have a nice 4.7 gallon waist cassette there. That's how much it can hold. Lid opens pretty simply. You got a 19 and a half inch tall from the floor to the top of the seat. That's a little taller than most household toilets.

I wanna say they're between 17 and 19, so just keep that in mind. But it's not a bad thing. It's actually better, easier to get on and off of. Now I wanna point out the seat is not a quiet one. It doesn't have that auto or silencing or slow close, but the lid, lids pretty quiet.

Now again, this toilet head here can swivel 260 degrees, which I personally like. It's a nice little feature. Why would you do that Well, quite simply, let's say you mount it here on the wall, the door of the bathroom's facing that way. Now the toilet is orientated correctly for people to sit down, use it, or vice versa. If you had to go the other way and the door was out that way, now you're orientated correctly.

So that's why that's there for, very nice feature. And I'll open that back up and go to the top here real quick. So obviously you got the the flush part down there. That valve's gonna open or close when it's time to flush. You can't really see it in here, but there is a, there it is, little water jet, kind of, guy here. It's gonna shoot out and rinse everything down, clean out your bowl. Another thing to point out from the top here is this guy right here. So you can see it's green. Whenever your tank gets full, that guy will turn red. Now checking out the toilet itself, the front here, you'll notice this gray latch, you have to push that one way whenever it's ready to use, do your business, flush, close it back up when you're done. Now you have a nice water connection hose here. You have all the wiring for the flush button here, that can mount flush onto your wall, maybe a cabinetry vanity, something like that. Nice little electronic flush button. You have the plug here for wiring it up. Ideally, you're basically replacing the toilet and you probably already have a matching plug on the RV or camper. Now the cartridge, or the cassette as they call it, there's a blue locking tab here. You can see it down there on the bottom. You pull that up, this whole unit pulls out and now you have your cassette out. While that's out, I wanna point out there's some nine holes down in there on the side, one over there and one on the other side. And you're gonna get included hardware here to mount that. The instructions are also gonna include some templates. They're gonna give you dimensions on there. It's gonna help you provide or position the toilet correctly. And it's gonna be a pretty simple install. The whole thing here, this whole housed into the nice lightweight plastic. Let me slide this over so I can show you this cassette. So the cassette folks, this guy here, pretty simple, lightweight, again, holds 4.7 gallons. You pull it out, you notice it's got wheels on here, very nice feature. You can pull this handle up, it's gonna lock automatically in place. And now, just like your carry on luggage, you can wheel this guy to a dump site. It's lightweight to pick up. It's pretty small so it's not too invasive. It closes, snaps back in place over here and again, pretty lightweight. Now, this guy here, when it's time to dump, you're gonna take this guy and open it up. Never dump it like this, meaning this guy straight in line with the whole cassette. What you actually wanna do is you wanna put it at a 45, so off to the side like this. So now if your dump holes here, you take your cap off, twist on cap. Now you're dumping slowly right into the hole, you're not using as much muscle power or energy and you can flip right up in the hole, empty everything nice and easy. That being said, you've got a little spring loaded valve here that's gonna let air in and out. You can twist that one way or another. Just follow the instructions. Same thing with this guy. This blue lever here, folks, whenever you move that gray lever that was in the front that I showed you earlier, so every time you use the toilet you have to move that lever, that's actually spinning that and opening that gate. This guy here is automatically sliding in and out whenever you push the cassette in the toilet. Now getting back on track here, this cap here, again, it's a screw on, but it has measurements. They're molded into the plastic both inside and outside. And what you'll do is you'll put a certain amount of some treatment chemicals, smell good stuff, enzymes, whatever the instructions tell you, you'll put that in here whenever you're done emptying it and cleaning it out, you'll put it back on. You kind of shake it all around and then you will take the cartridge, the cassette rather, push it right back in. Now again, this guy here is automatically getting pushed open when you push this in and held in place, you'll hear it. Boom, locks in place. It's not going nowhere unless you relieve that valve handle again. Some dimensions, folks. With the lid open, we get an impressive 32 and three quarter inches of height from the ground up to the top of the lid. The whole unit is 16 and a quarter inches wide, 18 and a quarter inches deep. Again, that seat height is 19 and a half inches tall. The whole thing's pretty light, only about 18 and a quarter pounds. Nice three year warranty from Bedford. Folks, I also recommend, just like the manufacturer structure says, use dissolving toilet paper. There is specific kind of toilet paper to use, whether you're camping or RVing. It dissolves, it breaks down pretty much to nothing. That way it can go down pipe safely and it's gonna, you know, break apart and stuff and not cause clogs and stuff. Well folks, that's gonna do it for our look at this Bedford model number C223-S cassette toilet. I'm Steven, thanks so much for watching. Have a great day.


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