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Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - 17" Tall - Stainless Steel

Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - 17" Tall - Stainless Steel

Item # FR57KR
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Cook, bake, fry, and grill while on the road with this combined cooktop range and oven. Hinged glass cover protects cooktop and acts as a backsplash. Pulse ignition makes it easy to light burners and oven. Safety cutoff valve prevents fire hazards. Lowest Prices for the best rv stoves and ovens from Furrion. Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - 17" Tall - Stainless Steel part number FR57KR can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens - FR57KR

  • Range
  • Gas Cooktop
  • Furrion
  • 12V
  • Triple Burner
  • Stainless Steel
  • 21W x 16T x 21D Inch
  • 7100 Btu

Cook, bake, fry, and grill while on the road with this combined cooktop range and oven. Hinged glass cover protects cooktop and acts as a backsplash. Pulse ignition makes it easy to light burners and oven. Safety cutoff valve prevents fire hazards.


  • 2-in-1 Range oven allows you to cook, bake, fry, and grill in your RV kitchen
    • Works with propane power or gas power
  • Cooktop with glass cover has 3 burners for cooking on the go
    • Die-cast grate and enamel tray fit over the top of the burners and lift off for easy cleaning
    • Grate fits into rubber holes in tray to prevent rattling while in motion
  • Range oven features a broiler pan with insert to catch dripping fat
    • Includes fixed shelf and removable wire rack for extra cooking space
  • Pulse ignition lights the burners using the electronic ignition knob or a traditional match
    • Safety cutoff valve automatically cuts off gas supply if the burners won't light
  • 2-Piece, hinged glass cover protects the burners when not in use
    • Fold all the way back to act as a backsplash
  • Control knobs include 1 cooktop ignition knob, 3 burner knobs, and 1 oven ignition knob
    • LED backlighting illuminates knobs with the push of a button
    • Blue light turns to red when gas is flowing
  • Durable 3-layer glass on the oven door won't crack from heat
  • Brushed, stainless steel construction resists vibration and extreme temperatures
    • ANSI Z21.57a Recreational Vehicle Cooking certified
    • CAN1-1.16-M79 Propane Fired Cooking Appliances for Recreational Vehicles certified


  • Dimensions:
    • Overall: 21" wide x 16" tall x 21" deep
    • Cut-out: 21-1/2" wide x 17" tall x 22" deep
    • Inner oven: 17" wide x 5" tall x 14" deep
  • Power input: 12V DC
    • Heat output:
      • Left cooktop burner: 6,500 BTU
      • Front cooktop burner: 8,000 BTU
      • Right cooktop burner: 6,500 BTU
    • Oven burner: 7,100 BTU
  • Inlet pressure: 10" WC Min to 13.8" WC Max
  • Cavity light: 12V
  • Fuel/power: propane
  • Oven capacity: 0.64 cu ft
  • 1-Year warranty

111388 Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven w/ Wired Grate - 17" Tall - Stainless Steel

Alt F1S17L02A-SS

Replaces 111086

Video of Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - 17" Tall - Stainless Steel

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Video Transcript for Review of Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens - Cooktop Oven - FR57KR

Ellen: Hey, everybody. I'm Ellen here at etrailer.com and we're taking a quick look at the Furrion 2-in-1 range oven. This is going to give you a stove top and oven for your RV. So whether you're replacing your old stove and/or oven, or you're just wanting to upgrade to something new or add in something that you didn't already have, this is a really nice choice. The only thing that I would say is that if you're wanting to make something that requires a lot of height, more than three to five inches, you'd probably want to go with the version that is 21 inches tall. This one is 17, but it really doesn't give you a whole lot of space up and down.

So making like a chicken or a roast or something that requires more height, I would go with that version.This is going to be great if you just want to make things that are a little bit flatter. So like a casserole, a pizza, some cookies, or any kind of baked goods. Maybe not a loaf of bread, depending on how deep your bread pan is and how high it tends to raise when you actually bake it. This one should be fine for all of those flatter items, though. It also gives you the range top.

So you can really make a whole meal with this. If You want to make a pot of chili or some pasta, do some steak on top, a a pan, especially if you've got cast iron and you want to do like a nice steak, sear it on top, pop it into the oven to finish it off, this will totally work for all those kinds of things. Bake some potatoes, all that kind of stuff. It's just if you'd need anything that's taller, I would go with that other option.But as far as the specs, this is going to be very similar to a previous version from Furrion. The only real difference is going to be cosmetic.

Everything else about it is the same. But then, they've changed the range grate. And then the oven door, it's just a little bit updated. I think it looks nicer. The grate also seems like it's going to be a little bit sturdier, as well.

Some folks we're having a hard time with the grate kind of falling apart after a while. So it seems that they've really improved that grate now.But let's get into how it works. So if you want to use the range oven, and it does have this glass top, which is kind of makes it into a usable counter space. Of course, it is glass. You want to be kind of careful with it. But whenever you want to cook on the range top, you do need to open this all the way up. So you don't want to just leave it halfway down, even if you're only using that front burner, because you can damage this plate. So just something to keep in mind, there. We'll have our three burners to use.So as far as the actual space here, it's about 19 inches wide. So I'd say you could easily put on 2 eight inch diameter pans or pots. You probably can go up to nine inch without really any problem. Might be a little bit tight, but that's going to be going from this inner edge to inner edge. The actual grate itself, 19 inches. Front to back, I believe, is about 15. Let me make sure. Yep. Right at 15. The distance between those two back burners, center to center of the burners, about 10 inches. So in whatever configuration you find best for that, really no limitation, as far as what you can use with your pans. It's just going to be like any kind of other gas range. So the main difference with this, of course, is just going to be space. That's going to be the biggest thing with an RV, or anything in your RV, is that everything. Space is always at a premium.So with that, let's take a closer look at the inside of the oven itself. So this is what I was talking about with. If you want to do something taller, if you want to do something like a roasted chicken or a turkey especially, I don't think you would ever actually be able to fit a turkey into an RV oven, but there are those out there who do try. So you have two different spots for the grate. So you can take this out and move it into the upper position. I'm not going to mess with it too much, but. Terrible sound. Just metal on metal there. So you can raise it up a little bit to get it away from the burner. But the distance from that grate, when it's at the lowest setting, is about three and three quarter inches. So not a whole lot of space. But again, anything flat should fit in there pretty well.I would think you could probably get a loaf of bread in there as long as it's not going to be raised up too high. But anything, pizza, cookies, casseroles should work out fine. And I do know that some people will use this bottom space right below the flame, or right below this fixture here, they will actually use that as a broiler, so it gives you a little bit of extra space. You want to be, of course, careful what that. RV ovens are kind of notorious for getting really hot. You're just working on such a small space that things can burn really easily. So you just want to make sure that you keep an eye on everything, turn it often to make sure that everything gets heated evenly through. And that's kind of the best way to avoid any unfortunate events where you ruin your dinner because it got burned.As far as this inner space, I'll throw some measurements up on the screen for you. I give you the overall size at the top. In the middle there, it's the cutout size. That's the space that it actually needs to fit into in your counter. But that bottom one is kind of the one that I pay more attention to because that's going to be your space. So the width is going from the inside edge to inside edge. That's 17 inches wide. The depth is going from front to back. That's 14 inches. And that's going from the edge, like touching the metal, to that same side. And then the height is going from this piece to the top.So again, going from the actual grate, it's smaller. But if you have a nine by 13 inch pan, I think that that would probably work pretty well. There's some folks out there who really do a great job of trying to find different pans that work really well for an RV stove. And you just kind of have to play around with what works best for you. But I think the overall, this one works out really well for a lot of different folks. Just as long as you are not going to be making anything too tall.One last thing I do want to show you is going to be the light feature. So if we come to the front here, we've got this little toggle switch, so you can turn that on. It puts a light on behind each of those switches. If you flip it the other way, it turns on those lights and the oven light. So if I turn out my studio lights, kind of gives you a better idea of what that looks like. Get a little closer, it might help to see what's going on in there. So just kind of gives you a fun look at the unit. Makes it kind of look futuristic. But that's pretty much all there is to it. As far as the install, should be pretty straightforward. It comes with instructions on how to do that. And that's pretty much all I have for you.I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is the right choice for you. We do have a lot of RV parts and accessories here at etrailer.com. So be sure to check them out, and thanks for watching..

Customer Reviews

Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - 17" Tall - Stainless Steel - FR57KR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

Cook, bake, fry, and grill while on the road with this combined cooktop range and oven. Hinged glass cover protects cooktop and acts as a backsplash. Pulse ignition makes it easy to light burners and oven. Safety cutoff valve prevents fire hazards.

- FR57KR

Installed it fairly easy, but lights are not working or incorrectly. Will tend to the problems ASAP.

- FR57KR

You were able to supply the right size unit, and got it to me in a timely manner.

- FR57KR

- FR57KR

- FR57KR


Ask the Experts about this Furrion RV Stoves and Ovens

  • Weight of Furrion FR57KR Range/Oven
    Minus the shipping packaging, the Furrion # FR57KR 2-in-1 Range Oven weighs just shy of 50 lbs. If you click the provided link, you can see a product description video featuring the range/oven. The unit measures 21 inches wide x 16 inches tall x 21 inches deep
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  • Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover Interior Oven Height
    The Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover, # FR57KR 17" has max useable space of less than 5".
    view full answer...
  • Dimension Compatibility Of A Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven
    Without knowing a specific model I can't give you a definitive answer but if your cutout hole is 21-1/2" wide x 17" tall x 22" deep then the Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - 17" Tall - Stainless Steel Item # FR57KR will be a compatible fit. If your hole is bigger than that you can build in some spacers to take up the extra space.
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  • Is There a Furrion Oven With 3 Burners and Die-Cast Grate
    We do have the exact Furrion range oven you are looking for, that has the die-cast grate and three burners. The oven even comes in two different heights, depending on what you need. - 17" Tall: Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - Stainless Steel # FR57KR - 21" Tall: Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - Black # FR37KR - 21" Tall: Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - Stainless Steel # FR97KR I have added links below to video reviews for you to check out...
    view full answer...
  • Available Colors of Furrion 21 Gas Range Oven
    I may have a solution for you, but we do not have the stainless steel version of the Furrion 21" tall Gas Oven Range. However, we do have the Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - 21" Tall - Black # FR37KR, which is the same unit in black. The stainless steel version we have is the Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven with Glass Cover - 17" Tall - Stainless Steel # FR57KR, which is only 17" tall, so it may not work with your kitchen setup.
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