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Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Rug w/ Storage Bag - 7-1/2' x 20' - Blue

Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Rug w/ Storage Bag - 7-1/2' x 20' - Blue

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Breathable polyester mesh rug gives you a clean, comfortable spot for lounging without killing the grass beneath. Perfect for long trips where you set up in the same spot. Fits in handy storage bag when not in use. Stakes (PR53VR) sold separately. Lowest Prices for the best rv rugs from Prest-O-Fit. Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Rug w/ Storage Bag - 7-1/2' x 20' - Blue part number PR43VR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Prest-O-Fit RV Rugs

  • RV Outdoor Rugs
  • Blue
  • 20L x 7-1/2W Feet
  • Polyester Mesh
  • Breathable
  • Included Storage Bag
  • Prest-O-Fit
  • Single

Breathable polyester mesh rug gives you a clean, comfortable spot for lounging without killing the grass beneath. Perfect for long trips where you set up in the same spot. Fits in handy storage bag when not in use. Stakes (PR53VR) sold separately.


  • Outdoor patio rug provides a clean and comfortable area to relax outside your RV
    • Covers up muddy, rocky, or damp areas
    • Perfect for picnics, barbecues, and tailgating
  • PVC-coated polyester mesh is less harmful to grass during extended use than solid rugs
    • Allows fresh air and sunlight to pass through
    • Resistant to sun damage and fading
    • Provides a soft surface for bare feet, puppy paws, or crawling infants
    • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Corrosion-resistant grommet holes provide durable stake-down points
    • Stakes (PR53VR) sold separately
  • Included storage bag holds the rug when not in use
    • Helps reduce dirt and debris inside your RV's storage compartment
    • Strap handles make it easy to carry
  • Seascape blue color


  • Dimensions: 7-1/2' long x 20' wide
  • Quantity: 1 outdoor rug with storage bag
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Note: Please be sure to confirm campground rules and regulations for use of mats or rugs

2-3030 Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Mat - 7-1/2' x 20' - Seascape Blue

Item # PR43VR

Video of Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Rug w/ Storage Bag - 7-1/2' x 20' - Blue

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Rug Review

Hi everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer, and today we are looking at our Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV outdoor rug here at etrailer. The Aero-Weaves come in three different colors. So, what I have here on the ground is the Aero-Weave rug in brown. You can see it has like that nice tan, And those streaks of white, but it also comes in blue and gray. This outdoor rug is a great option for when you're out RVing, you're out camping, and you want something that's really quick and easy to set up, but is also breathable.

That way you are not hurting the grass underneath, and you still have a nice, safe spot to relax or even party in. Some situations you might want to use this in is when, maybe you throw a picnic, or have a party beside your RV. I found it really works well on grass, dirt, and sand. It does also work on gravel, but it is ideal for when you have that grass underneath because of how breathable it is. This isn't limited to the RV life.

You can also use this in your own backyard or in your front yard. Taking a look at what it's made of, we have this PVC polyester-coated mesh, and you can see how it is finally woven, which will add to the durability. Let's take a look underneath the mesh itself. The edges are hemmed in, which will reduce fraying. It looks like a double stitch hem, which is nice because then you don't have this unraveling as quickly.

And they're secured by these brass grommets. Now these grommets are nice because they're corrosion resistant. So even if they're out in the sun and in the rain, they won't corrode as easily. I've had this rug out in the sun all day and that's okay because it is UV resistant, which means unlike other rugs, that don't have that resistance, when the sun hits them, they start getting brittle or fragile over time, and that's when they start unraveling. Here, that resistance will help keep it durable for a longer period of time.

This has a nice soft surface, which is great for if you have crawling infants or little puppy paws you can also walk barefoot on this rug with no problem, 'cause it's not scratchy at all. And it's also very easy to wash. You can put soap and water on this, and that will wash off all the dirt and mud that may accumulate. This rug comes in two different sizes. What I have here is seven feet wide by 20 feet long, but it also comes in a smaller size, which is six feet wide by 15 feet long. This comes with a plastic storage case that uses a zipper just to open or close the bag. And this is really nice compared to the other patio rugs that do not have a storage case and you just have to roll them up or fold them up and hide them somewhere in your RV. This is a nice, easy storage solution. And since it is so light and it is so thin, it stores up really compact. And this is as big as it's going to get. When you are looking for rugs please double check your campground's rules and regulations. Some, if you do have a rug, they require it must be breathable. So it does not damage the grass or the lawn and this will fit into that regulation. But, of course, double-check and see what they say. One thing I did notice with the Aero-Weave is that unlike AstroTurf, which really scrapes off the grass as you walk on it, this one doesn't do that as much. So if you are stepping onto the grass as well as onto this rug, I recommend getting the rugs for your steps and that will really help prevent dirt and grass from getting into your RV. My final thoughts about this outdoor rug, is I do like how nice and light and thin it is. If you are worried about storage, or space, or weight, this is a great outdoor rug. Also, if you're thinking of camping in really grassy, dirty, or sandy areas, this is ideal. If you think you're going to be on a gravel a lot or you're looking for a more permanent solution, I do recommend the Patio Rugs by Prest-O-Fit that have an artificial turf texture. And those are a bit thicker. But if you are worried about the grass and you want something that's breathable, this is a great option for you. And that was a look here at our Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV outdoor rug, here at etrailer. Hi everyone. We have the different outdoor rugs from Prest-O-Fit here We just did our demo and we talked about how they all work and how they look. Do you guys have any, have any particular questions about themAttendee So, for on the Aero-Weave one, I was curious about the storage bag, in particular,Yeah as far as, I was wondering just how durable it was and how easy it was to fold up and just sit in there. Okay. So the storage bag, which is in the other room right now, but I can talk to it, is a nice plastic bag but like a thick plastic. So you have that thick for waterproofing, honestly, any storage bag is better than those storage bags, which the other rugs came in. Camera person It was like on the same level as like a bed sheet that you get. Yeah That's basically what I would consider it. Yes So it's good, but it's, you know, it's nothing that's going to be like, you know, really, really good at holding up against stuff. I wouldn't say it would be very durable to be honest. It's it's going to hold this and this isn't too heavy. Yeah, a bed sheet bag is the perfect comparison for that. Attendee Okay. Yeah. Like a, like a bed set with like a comforterYeah. and sheets and stuff. The one with, yeah. Your quilt and your pillows come in. That one. YeahAttendee Okay. And then, then they had like, the nylon handles or like, plasticYeah. It's the nylon. Attendee Okay. So it would hold up over time, for a little while, but eventually may have to get something else more durable. Camera person Yeah. I would get a, some kind of bag, but these seem like they're pretty easy to just kind of like move really quickly. I was able to kind of,Yeahyou know, not the nicest, but bunch it up and move it. It's not as heavy as these guys. These guys actually got some heft to 'em. Heft. Yeah. When I pick these up, it's a little bit more of a hassle to just pick them up and everything. Like, I would need a second pair of hands to help me out or lay it out. But with these, I can just grab them all. Well, ideally, fold them nicely. You can probably use a sleeping bag bag for this, your original ones. Where it's out, it's pretty easy to manipulate, I guess. Attendee Yeah. I mean, these are the breathable ones. I mean, you can tell like, it's practically see-through. YeahAttendee So, these are are good for, 'cause I know a lot of, at least from what I've read, a lot of campgrounds, RV parks, if you do have a mat, it has to be a breathable mat, just so it doesn't kill the grass. Yeah, umAttendee If you're going to be set up for like extended amounts of time. For sure. One of our writers, he was talking about how when he goes camping, this is the only one they allow. Like, they're very, very strict about their mats and if he has the other one, they would actually fold it up, so it doesn't kill the grass underneath. So, this is like, sometimes this is the only, if you do have a rug, this might be your only option kind of rug. Attendee Gotcha. And as far as like the, it's a PVC material, so is it pretty soft, I guess, like walking on barefoot or if you have like,Yeah. Attendee babies crawling around on itCamera person Yeah. We talked to that. It's kind ofYeahCamera person what they push for it. I mean, it's not super soft, but it's definitely like, much softer than like, the turf, in my opinion. But even the turf is still prettySoft. It's not scratchy grass or scratchy turf. It has a littleAttendee Okay. bit of friction to it. So, which is nice if you have like grass on your shoes 'cause it will come off and will make it better for your RV. Cause then all the dirt stays on the rug but this is a lot more smooth compared to the turf style rug. Attendee Gotcha. And it seems to be pretty like, tightly woven. YeahAttendee There's, is there any chance of like, you know, grass blades poking through, stuff like that Rocks, any kindaYesCamera person Yeah. Yeah. I would say it's most likely, if, depending on the length of the grass, and how you set it,Yeahit would pop through. It's tightly woven, but not that much, 'cause it still needs to be breathable, so it's not, so it can still come through, and when we had it on gravel, you can definitely feel the gravel underneath as well. So, I mean, grass and sand and dirt will still be okay. It's not as bad as sitting on the grass itself, but you'll still feel it. Attendee 'kay. Good deal, and as far as cleaning up, it looks like it should clean up pretty easy, you know, for spills or food or anything like that. If you're having like a picnic or barbecue and all. In terms of cleaning, this one would actually be easier to clean than the turf style because of how easy it is to just bead off. The water will just go through. Yeah. But then we'll, we'll just use soap and water. You can use soap and water on this. The other rug, you can hose off on that, 'cause it's . YeahAttendee Gotcha. Did anybody have any questions on the Aero-Weave one before we move on Alrighty. Which one is, is the most handy to you nextSo this is the Patio Rug and this . They're both very similar when it comes to feel. As well as with material. So, what we have here is the Patio Rug. They're basic, not they're basic, yeah, they're basic outdoor rugs, but this one's special because it's weather resistant, and the water beads off. Attendee So that has that, like Marine backing on it,Sorry, I couldn't hear you. TheI'm sorry, ehYeah. Yes. So, this does have the Marine backing, but it looks a lot like the Surface Mate, honestly, I think for me personally the main difference between the Patio Rug and the Surface Mate is the Surface Mate has more mounting options. Camera person Yeah. That's really the only difference. And I looked over 'em as well, with how it's put together and the back and front, that's that's the only difference. They're basically identical, other than that. They feel and look the same. Attendee Gotcha. Okay. And they both had like the finished edges so they won't fray or anything over time. Yeah. Okay. It's still gonna fray, but you, at least since it's hemmed in, the fraying will be underneath the rug and won't affectAttendee Okay the rest of the rug. Attendee Gotcha. Okay. Mm hmm. Well I guess, do we want to talk about the Surface Mate, as far as the different mounting options that the customer would haveYes. So for the Surface Mate, you have, sort of, three mounting options. You have, to go with a stake, so can stake it to the ground. And then that's only if it's dirt, though. So, like all of the other rugs, can be staked to the ground. But, then the other options is if you have hard ground, then you can then use adhesive backing. So that's a hook and loop and that's just gonna stick to the ground and put it in there. My one thing with that, is if you have it on pavement, that's not gonna work as well. You're just still gonna have to weigh it down. Can't really stick it to gravel. Attendee Right. Yeah, that's that was my question. Like as far as surfaces, that it would stick to best, but I just, like, a wood deck, a composite deck,or something like that. YeahAttendee Like maybe concrete. Yeah. The other one has a drilling option, but even that isn't feasible on a parking lot or pavement. Attendee Right. Well, a deck is a very good idea, or yeah idea, firstCamera person It's a good choice forIt's a good choice!Camera person Yeah. That's the word, yes. Attendee Okay. So, so the person that's going to get the Surface Mate is going to want to use it on their deck and, or, you know, out on the RV or camping or whatever. Camera person They probably have a plan to make it a semipermanent in some form or fashion. That's really the only big difference. Yeah. Also, the Aero-Weave is very grab-and-go, with how light it is, but this one, I can definitely see just hanging out for a longer period of time. Attendee Okay. And you guys said those are pretty heavy in comparison as far as like, I know they come in different sizes. So if you had like the, the largest one is that like a two person job to get itYes. Camera person It's a two person job for the middle ones. Attendee Okay. Camera person You may need three people for the large one, depending on the size. For the 20 foot long one. Yeah, unless you have a really good surface on the ground, but if you don't have three people carrying it, then you're you're folding up dirt with it, too, and the grass and the gravel, if you're folding it from the ground. So, those can be a job. Attendee Gotcha. Okay. Back on the Surface Mate one, as far as the, staking it down, is that with the, has like, rubber straps, is that rightCamera person Mm hmm. Yes. It has rubber straps and a clip fastener. Attendee Okay. Yes. So then you have to, in a washer, so, you stake it through the rubber straps. Attendee Okay. And then I guess the, the washer part, that's just kind of like a cap, almost, that just goes over the top of the stake, as far as, so they don't like stick out, you know, be like a trip hazard. Yeah. Alright. That will secure it, 'cause you, then you have a washer on top, just keeping it closed. And then you have the options, as well, for if it's going to stick out, the rubber strap, or if it's gonna be hidden underneath. Attendee Okay. when you stake it down. Attendee Cool. Yup. But either way for the actual rug itself it's very similar to the Patio Rug. Attendee Awesome. Second Attendee How do you guys feel about that material as far as like, would you walk barefoot on either of those How would you feel about, like, if it was wet And, say, you got out of the water or something, is it like, slick at all if it's wet Like what kind of traction are we talking aboutCamera person So, I'll be completely honest, with this right here, with the thicker material, I wouldn't have a problem working, walking barefoot on it. With this, it really depends on what kind of terrain we're on. If it's grass, and I know it's like, a very trustable grass field that's not gonna have like, a ton of pebbles sticking out, then probably I wouldn't have a problem with it. But if it's like, just normal ground or concrete or anything else. Yeah. I wouldn't, I wouldn't walk barefoot. 'CauseYeah. Camera person This is not, you can see how thin it is. It's, it'll definitely help. And I think on grass, it's definitely, sand and grass, like she said, best thing to put it on, but, uhYeah. Out from the beach, this would be nice to step on or the lake. Camera person Yeah. I would like this, but you do feel whatever's underneath. It's, the material itself is soft, softer than this, but you also feel all the pebbles. So, my bare, walking barefoot, wouldn't be as fun as you have the springy turf-style rug. Second Attendee Well, and then, as far as like, the slickness, so like, in my mind, I'm picturing, like this is set up outside a RV and like, what if little kids are running around. Like, is there any chance of slippage on that, do you thinkAttendee Like, instead ofCamera person MaybeAttendee slip and slideSecond Attendee Right, yeah, because I know it's like, a plastic-ish material on at least that brown one. It, because it gets on grass, the water would just you know, seep through, kind of thing. If it's wet and the surface underneath isCamera person Wet Yeah, I could definitely see somebody slipping With this, I wouldn't worry at all. I mean, it's a, you got a lot of traction,They can run over this all they want. Camera person but the other one, I could definitely see, maybe, a, there, a little bit of water pooling up that just happens to be in one area. And it's just, makes stuff a little bit wetter. I could see somebody slipping. Yeah. Not as easy as like, on our floor, kind of thing,Camera person Yeah. but it could still happen. Second Attendee Right on. That's a goodCamera Person Good point. Yeah. That's a really good question, And maybe something we need to update the descriptions on. Think about, yeahCamera person For at least the Aero-Weave ones. Attendee I guess, while we're talking about that, I was kind of thinking, too, on those really, like, hot days is that Aero-Weave one gonna get, like, hot-to-the-touch, where like, you don't want to step on it. We've had this outside all day and it's been pretty hot. Like I was getting warm out there, but the Aero-Weave, honestly, wasn't heating upCamera person Yeah. It really depends. Like if you're putting on asphalt, obviously if it's super warm, it's going to warm up. But evenbut nothing comparedYeah. It wasn't as hot as the asphalt itself. Camera Person Yeah. Attendee Okay. So that actually surprised me, 'Cause I sat down on it, waiting for our people, and I could sit comfortably on the mat and didn't have to stand up, 'cause it got too hot. The sun was hot, but this wasn't, as much. Attendee Gotcha. Yeah. Attendee CoolAttendee I didn't really have any other questions, I don't know if anybody else didSecond Attendee I think mine are all answered. Yeah. I think if for, like descriptions, It would really be best to recommend for different situations. This is, this is good for sand and grass, while the Patio Rugs would be great for harder surfaces. I think that's the main distinction or use 'cause they both have their pros and cons. Attendee Yeah, definitely, that's a pretty easy fix that we can do, so. Yeah. Attendee Cool. Awesome. Why, thank you so much, appreciate it. Thank you!Attendee Yeah, no problem. If anybody here doesn't have any other questions, I think we'll hang it up..

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Prest-O-Fit Aero-Weave RV Outdoor Rug w/ Storage Bag - 7-1/2' x 20' - Blue - PR43VR

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (13 Customer Reviews)

Breathable polyester mesh rug gives you a clean, comfortable spot for lounging without killing the grass beneath. Perfect for long trips where you set up in the same spot. Fits in handy storage bag when not in use. Stakes (PR53VR) sold separately.

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