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  1. RV Mattress
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  3. King Size Mattress
  4. 80L x 72W Inch
  5. Square-Cut Corners
  6. Innerspring
etrailer eDream Deluxe RV Mattress - Pocket Coil - 80" Long x 72" Wide - King

etrailer eDream Deluxe RV Mattress - Pocket Coil - 80" Long x 72" Wide - King

Item # e37FR
Our Price: $942.39
RV Mattress
Shipping Weight: 120 lbs
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Flip the double-sided RV mattress to the plush side if you sleep on your side or to the firm side if you sleep on your back or stomach. Pocket coils reduce transfer of motion so you can sleep soundly when your partner climbs in and out of bed. Great Prices for the best rv mattress from etrailer. etrailer eDream Deluxe RV Mattress - Pocket Coil - 80" Long x 72" Wide - King part number e37FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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etrailer RV Mattress - e37FR

  • King Size Mattress
  • 80L x 72W Inch
  • Square-Cut Corners
  • Innerspring
  • Dual Sided
  • etrailer
  • White
  • Plush Quilt Top

Flip the double-sided RV mattress to the plush side if you sleep on your side or to the firm side if you sleep on your back or stomach. Pocket coils reduce transfer of motion so you can sleep soundly when your partner climbs in and out of bed.


  • Pocket coil mattress is designed for your RV or camper to provide a restful night's sleep away from home
    • Square-cut corners provide maximum sleeping surface
  • Double-sided mattress can be flipped for a plush surface or a firm surface
    • Soft, plush side compresses more easily and cushions your knees, shoulders, and hips
    • Firm side offers sturdy support and helps keep your body naturally aligned
  • Twice-tempered pocket coils reduce transfer of motion better than other innerspring mattresses
  • Integrated, quilted stretch knit cover on both sides is soft and breathable
    • Made out of durable, long-lasting Adventec cotton fiber material
  • Durable CertiPUR polyurethane foam material is flame retardant
  • Compliant with MVSS 302 standards and CFR 1633 fire prevention regulations
  • White color
  • Made in the USA


  • Mattress size: king
  • Overall dimensions: 80" long x 72" wide
  • Height of mattress: 13"
    • Height of foam layers: 5"
    • Height of pocket coil layer: 8"
  • Number of coils: 850
    • 10-Year warranty

Note: This mattress ships rolled and compressed. Once unloaded from its packaging, the mattress will regain its original shape and size within 24 hours.

eDream Series Firmness Rating Scale

This mattress, the eDream Deluxe, is double sided. The plush side is extremely soft and is the second softest surface on the firmness scale. The firm side, however, is the firmest option of the eDream series and is ideal for those wanting a more compact and supportive sleeping surface.

Dual-Sided, Plush and Firm Mattress

eDream Deluxe Dual-Sided RV Mattress

This double-sided mattress allows you to choose between plush and firm sleeping surfaces. You can flip the mattress over for either side, depending on your personal preference.

The plush side is constructed out of softer, CertiPUR convoluted polyurethane foam that compresses more easily, creating a gentle, cloud-like sinking sensation. Because it better conforms to the pressure points in your body, such as shoulders, knees, and hips, the plush side is ideal for those who sleep on their sides or for those with back pain.

The firm side has more compact CertiPUR polyurethane foam and fiber material that has less give than the plush side. This keeps your body naturally aligned while sleeping and distributes your body weight more evenly over the mattress, making it perfect for back or stomach sleepers.

Pocket Coil Design

eDream Deluxe Pocket Coil Design

The twice-tempered pocket coils are each individually wrapped in fabric, allowing them to react to pressure independently to reduce the transfer of motion. This means that when your partner gets up to use the restroom or while your child is tossing or turning, you'll still be able to sleep soundly. This also gives pocket coil mattresses a longer lifespan because unlike other innerspring mattresses whose coils are interconnected, these springs are less likely to wear out.

EDD-1059 etrailer eDream Deluxe RV Innerspring Mattress for Motorhomes - Dual Sided - 80x72 - King

Alternate part number: TYPE21-1059

Video of etrailer eDream Deluxe RV Mattress - Pocket Coil - 80" Long x 72" Wide - King

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer eDream Deluxe RV Mattress Review

Adam: What's going on everybody. Adam with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the eDream Deluxe RV Mattress.When comparing the Deluxe to all the other ones in the line of eDream mattresses, this one's going to fall in the middle of the good, better, best types of quality. So it's going to be in the middle. It's going to get you about 13" of mattress height, and it is going to have some pocket coils on the inside with some cotton on both sides. So we're going to have the option to either choose the firm side or the plus side on the other end.

That just always just comes down to what you guys prefer. Just know whenever you buy the middle tier of the eDream mattresses, you have those options. So with all the different tiers that we offer with the eDream Series, they're all going to come in those RV mattress sizes. We're going to have King, King Short, Queen and a Queen Short.If you guys are deciding on which mattress is for you, it really just comes down to how you guys use it. If you guys are going to be in your RV quite a lot during the year, I would suggest getting either the Supreme or the Deluxe.

When it goes in quality from the bottom to the top, honestly, you have a massive jump from just our normal eDream mattress up to our Deluxe here, and then you have a little bit more of a quality jump from the Deluxe to the Supreme. So we're going to get a lot of the same features of the Supreme with the Deluxe. As you see here, they're all going to have the pocket coils. This one's just not going to have memory foam on top. If you're not a fan of that, definitely go with the Deluxe.

But if you are a fan, but you don't necessarily need to buy the most premium mattress, this one definitely checks a lot of the boxes for me, and I can definitely feel the quality. I can definitely get a good night's sleep.With both our Deluxe option and our Supreme option, we are going to have a firm side. So if you like a more stiff bed or if somebody who's going to be staying in your RV likes a firmer bed, we have that option. But if we flip it over on the other side, it's going to be a lot softer side to it. So just know whenever you go with the deluxe or the Supreme option of the eDream RV mattresses, you're going to have the choice between Firm and Plush.

This is the Plush side, noticeably softer. You definitely sink in a lot more than the Firm side. So just based off your guys' preference, I would definitely say that there's a noticeable difference between both sides.One thing to kind of think about is the difference between the Deluxe and the Supreme. One con to the Deluxe that you see here. It's white. So if you plan on using these for years. I know I've been sleeping on the mattress for probably about seven years. If you guys plan on keeping it that long, might as well just go with that premium option just because it is black. It's going to look cleaner for longer.All right. We're going to do some tests. I thought it'd be kind of fun to kind of mimic those commercials that you guys may have seen with those mattresses where they put a glass of wine on one edge of the bed and then drop a big ol' weight on the other side just to see if it's going to move. Sounds like fun. So we're going to do it for all the line of these mattresses. First, we're going to just drop a 25-pound weight on there just to see what kind of movement we have throughout the different tiers of quality and also got some water. We're going to put that on the edge, drop this and see what happens.Test. Drop test. inaudible 00:03:29 there we're go.So, in regards to the tests, obviously as we go from the good to the better and the best, we're going to have less air time with that weight, meaning with the Supreme as we dropped it, it didn't really come up near as high as the Deluxe and, of course, just the basic eDream mattress. The eDream mattress actually bottomed out, which wasn't necessarily great. So, hopefully that kind of helped you guys figure it out. Also with the water test, obviously Supreme did fantastic and so did the Deluxe, but the eDream basic mattress did spill a little bit of water. Hopefully those tests kind of help you guys get a visual on what these mattresses are going to offer you.I would definitely say if you guys are spending at least two to maybe even five weeks in your RV, I would highly recommend either getting the Supreme option or the Deluxe that you see here. Both offer plenty of comfort. You don't really bottom out or anything like that. You have some options as far as firmness or plushness on both sides. So I just think it's going to definitely get the job done, but just give you a nice sleep whenever you guys are traveling in your RV. If it's only one or two weekends, maybe you can go with the good version of our eDream RV mattresses, but definitely go with the Deluxe or the Supreme.Other than that, I do need to let you guys know this mattress didn't magically appear here from the box. It comes all rolled up in a bag and we actually ended up just bringing that in your RV, and then we cut it open to let it expand for about 24 hours. So we're going to go ahead and show you guys how we did that.All right. So, luckily, our mattress is going to come in this packaging here. Do not cut this until you get it inside your RV and get it set up, and then we'll ahead and do that. This is just going to make it a little bit easier to get it in there. It's kind of heavy. I'm not necessarily the strongest, so if you have an extra set of hands, definitely grab them.So now that we have it on our bed frame, we would kind of just want to position it to where when it starts expanding, it's going to be nice dead and center. But one thing to note, this thing does kind of have a mind of its own. It is very compact now, but as I start cutting all this, you guys will notice, you'll see that mattress start to really expand. It's really pushing on that thing. So just be sure there's nothing extremely breakable around and make sure maybe the kiddos are maybe not here because it is pretty intense. As you can see it is getting more and more expanded as I go. Oh, that's pretty good. Just like that, this last little bit. All right. All right. So depending on where you guys cut it determines on how crazy it's going to get when you start expanding it. I did pretty good this time. We do want to make sure when we are using our blade, we don't want to cut the fabric, so just be mindful of that whenever we're cutting all this loose.All right. So 24 hours later, we let this thing sit overnight and it expanded a little bit. One thing that you guys we're kind of concerned with, with mattresses is the smell of it. We actually have two mattresses in here, brand new and they've been sitting in here all night. We do have a little bit of mattress smell, but that's going to go away once you put clean sheets on it after that 24 hours. But even this whole RV doesn't smell. So if that's a concern for you guys, don't worry about it, doesn't smell.Other than that, we actually do have some footage that we took last night. We set up a little GoPro and watched the time lapse of the whole expansion process just to show you guys what those 24 hours are going to do for your mattress. So as you guys can see as I undo the plastic around the mattress, it expands extremely quickly and about 90% of the expanding process happens within the first five to 10 minutes of me unwrapping the mattress. But as you guys can see, over time that expanding process does slow down, but it is still expanding. So, after that 24 hours, you guys should be A-okay to start throwing some sheets on it, making it pretty and then have a nice nap.Well, everyone, that just about does it for a look at the etrailer eDream Deluxe RV Mattress, and I'm Adam with etrailer.

Customer Reviews

etrailer eDream Deluxe RV Mattress - Pocket Coil - 80" Long x 72" Wide - King - e37FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (17 Customer Reviews)

Flip the double-sided RV mattress to the plush side if you sleep on your side or to the firm side if you sleep on your back or stomach. Pocket coils reduce transfer of motion so you can sleep soundly when your partner climbs in and out of bed.


I have to admit I was nervous about buying a mattress online. But I know with etrailers customer service, if I had any issues they would take care of me. I wanted to wait for a couple of weeks before I left a review for the mattress. The reason I picked the edream deluxe instead of the supreme was because the firmness level. The deluxe is a little more firm on the plush and firm side then the supreme. I’m a big guy, i need some support, my wife is petite and likes a more plush bed and we’re both very happy with the mattress. Granted I don’t want to buy another mattress anytime soon. But if we need to I will definitely be getting another edream mattress.


I rate this right up with the purple mattress, highly recommended it


It is a very comfortable mattress


We had misgivings about ordering a mattress that came flat and rolled up but we're very pleased with this product. It's very well made, and exactly as described. We were replacing an older, too hard mattress in our rv, so we're using the softer side. Mattress is almost double the height of the old one but that doesn't affect our getting in or out of bed.


Would buy again. Waaaaay better than the original that comes with trailer. Loved the idea of two levels of firmness by flipping mattress when shopping online.


I absolutely LOVE it.. more comfortable than my bed at home..tried to order a regular KING SIZE for my home but alas, they don't make far only used the softer side... its perfect. Well made also.


We are using this bed in our home. The size is a perfect fit for our master bedroom. We built a floating platform for it and the mattress looks and works great on it. We tried both sides of the mattress and prefer the firm side. It is amazing how fast it was shipped and we still can't figure out how they managed to get a bed this size into such a small box. Be aware that it is heavy. It took a couple of days for it to fully reshape and it has been getting more comfortable to sleep on every night. Finding linens has been somewhat difficult, but we expected that to be the case with a non standard bed size. Overall this has been an extremely positive transaction and want to thank the folks at etrailer for making it so. Great customer service with detailed shipping information and follow up.


Better than my bed at home


Very comfortable, great night sleep from the first night!


My wife loves mattress. She says it's very comfortable. It seems ok to me.


Well worth the cost & change, sleeping so much better in my R-pod now...


Works absolutely great


Great value and suburb comfort!






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