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Telesteps Telescopic Ladder - Black Kevlar - 12-1/2' Extended Height - 16' Reach - 300 lbs

Telesteps Telescopic Ladder - Black Kevlar - 12-1/2' Extended Height - 16' Reach - 300 lbs

Item # TE96FR
Our Price: $917.10
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Shipping Weight: 32 lbs
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Non-conductive Kevlar ladder is great for electrical work on the jobsite and won't shock you if it comes into contact with power wires and outlets. Telescoping ladder has pivoting feet for better ground contact when leaning against a building. Great Prices for the best rv ladders from Telesteps. Telesteps Telescopic Ladder - Black Kevlar - 12-1/2' Extended Height - 16' Reach - 300 lbs part number TE96FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Telesteps RV Ladders - TE96FR

  • Exterior Ladders
  • 12-1/2 Feet Tall
  • Telescoping
  • Kevlar
  • Telesteps
  • 300 lbs
  • Black
  • 16 Feet Tall Reach

Non-conductive Kevlar ladder is great for electrical work on the jobsite and won't shock you if it comes into contact with power wires and outlets. Telescoping ladder has pivoting feet for better ground contact when leaning against a building.


  • Ladder telescopes out to access higher-up areas in and around the worksite, on your RV, or at home
    • Rungs are extended from the top and lock securely into place
    • Release buttons let you slowly lower the rungs without risk of pinching your fingers
    • Retracted ladder can be stored in a smaller closet, shed, or cargo compartment
  • Non-conductive, black Dupont Kevlar construction is great for electrical work on the jobsite
  • Safety indicator windows tell you when everything is locked in place and safe to climb
    • Green means the ladder has been locked into place and is safe to climb
    • Red means the ladder isn't locked into place and should not be climbed
  • 2 Silicone feet pivot for a steady climb on uneven ground
  • Wide grooved stepping surfaces give your shoes the traction they need
  • OSHA compliant and ANSI 14.2 tested


  • Ladder height:
    • Fully extended: 12-1/2'
    • Fully retracted: 34"
    • Reachable: 16'
  • Overall ladder width: 18"
  • Rung width: 3-5/8"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Ladder rating: type 1A
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Telesteps Telescopic Kevlar Ladder

You're an electrician on the jobsite and want peace of mind that you'll be safe while working on or around power wires and outlets. Or perhaps you will occasionally need to do some emergency maintenance on your RV during a storm. This ladder is made out of non-conductive, DuPont Kevlar material, which means you won't get shocked while you're working on the job during the week or getting stuff done on your house or RV on rainy weekends. And the telescopic ladder extends so you can access any higher-up area, and it retracts for easy, convenient storage.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Telesteps Telescopic Kevlar Ladder Being Used

Whenever you need to do maintenance on your RV roof, simply extend the rungs from the top until they lock securely into place. If you don't need to use the entire length of the ladder, you can just start telescoping the rungs further down, keeping the top two, three, or however many rungs together at the top. And whenever you're finished, squeeze the release buttons, and lower the rungs back down. The rungs of this ladder retract slowly so you won't pinch your fingers, unlike other telescoping ladders with rungs that clatter down quickly and painfully trap your fingers.

Compact Ladder is Easy to Store

Telesteps Telescopic Kevlar Ladder Storage

Once the ladder has been fully retracted into a compact size, its very easy to stash away. You can tuck the ladder away and out of sight in a smaller closet, shed, RV cargo compartment, or anywhere else you're able to fit it.

Easy to Know When Its Safe to Climb

Telesteps Telescopic Kevlar Ladder Safety Indicator Windows

This ladder has several safety indicator windows for peace of mind for you and your loved ones. These windows are the little dots on both sides of the ladder. When these dots are green, then the ladder has been locked into place and is safe for you to climb. When they are red, you'll know that the ladder hasn't been properly set up and shouldn't be used yet.

Steadier than Other Ladders

And the adjustable silicone feet pivot so they stay in constant contact with the ground. This makes the ladder much steadier than other telescoping ladders, and you won't have to spend a lot of time positioning the feet into the right spot. When set out correctly, the ladder won't tilt, so you'll feel more comfortable and confident as you climb up.

Tool Tray Add-On

You can also clip a tool tray (TE89FR - sold separately) onto the top rung of this ladder that lets you keep all of your tools and hardware close at hand on the jobsite. It can also be used as a standoff on both flat walls and angled corners to help stabilize the ladder while you're working up high.

1600EKP Telesteps Telescoping Ladder - Kevlar - Type 1A - 300 lbs

Video of Telesteps Telescopic Ladder - Black Kevlar - 12-1/2' Extended Height - 16' Reach - 300 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Telesteps Telescopic Ladder Review

What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the Telesteps telescoping ladder. It's going to be an awesome thing to have on you because you have all the use of a full ladder. But it also condenses down and stores easily in your basement compartment. So that can be really useful because you never know what's going to happen on one of these trips. You might need to get on the roof and check the AC, if it's not working.

You might need to go up there and get some brush off there. Maybe you got some branches stuck up there. When you go to do the pop-out, that's kind of in the way. Or maybe you're getting ready to leave and you want to clear all that stuff out that's around the fall. You want to get those leaves out of there and move them.

Get all cleaned up before you leave. You can do all that with this ladder, but not have the bulkiness of having a, trying to find a spot for a full size ladder. That can be kind of a pain. Goes right in our basement door. It's out of sight, out of mind.

Let's check it out. Also, you're going to need it if you don't have a ladder on your rig, you got to get up here on the roof somehow to check out your vents or your air conditioning. So this is going to be really helpful to have that in that basement door. Just so you can go ahead and climb up here and check it out. Something else worth considering is even if you do have an existing ladder, you can see it's nice to have this one because it's got quite a bit wider steps.

So even with the work boots I had on, when I climbed up there, this had plenty of room for that, where this one wouldn't have as much room. So it's nice to have that extra room, that extra lip here on the step. Plus, it's actually, you can climb and start down here, instead of here. The bottom rung here is quite a bit up. So you still got to, or at least I do, I got to get my foot up there. This one, I can start here and work my way up. One of the most important things about picking out a ladder is making sure it is the right height for what you want to use it for. So this one, fully extended, it's gonna be 12 and a half feet tall. So make sure you keep that in mind with when you will use it for. It's not fully centered right now. We didn't quite need all of it. You see that we kind of just pick and choose the rungs. Went up there and we can reach the roof. No problem. And that also goes with the 12 and a half feet fully extended. If you get towards the top there, they say it has a 16 foot height reach. So that's just, if you're on the top, they're keeping your arms in that factor of like what you can actually reach when you're standing towards the top of that ladder. Now, if you're looking at these, trying to pick one out for your rig or your RV, I would suggest some of the other ones that Telesteps also offers They're different heights, they're made out of aluminum and those we're really the way to go if you're just using it on the RV or camper side. This one's kind of a special case because it's made out of Kevlar. So that's going to be non-conductive. So you can really use this on the job site, or if you do electricity work. You see we've got it up next to our power outlets here. I'd be able to use this and not worry about it conducting any electricity and shocking me, if anything was to go wrong. When you're using on your job site, you want to make sure you know, that it's safe. It is OSHA compliant, so you don't have to worry about that. Another thing is you got the wider stuff, kind of like I said earlier. There's more space to step around, especially if you're carrying stuff with you up and down the ladder, you want to make sure you have sure footing. Then at the bottom, it's got the nice feet on there. So it's got a rubber grip on the bottom and the feet stay in place. You see, I'm moving the ladder away from the wall. The feet stay in place. I really like that. You can kind of get it set, lean that ladder and you don't have to worry about the base moving on you so much because it's nice and planted there and can pivot just a little bit. Another thing that I really liked is that these little windows here on each rung. They're going to be green when it's locked into place. So if this is the first time you've seen a telescoping style ladder and you're kind of worried about, well, how, how come it's not going to, how do you know it's not gonna come back down You can look right there. You see the green. That means it's locked into place. And you're good to go ahead out there. It also has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. So even if you do have some tools on you or a tool belt, it should be able to handle that. Let's go over on to how the ladder operates. How are we going to condense it down into a more compact ladder So it's really easy. You got two buttons down here at the bottom underneath this rung, and I'm going to pinch them together and that's going to get it started telescoping down and going into itself. Now I will say that there's a sticker right up here. Keep an eye out for that. It wants you to keep your hands above that rung. Not that it comes down super fast or anything, but just easier, more manageable. Keep your hand here. Cause it's going to start to come down here first and then you can kind of just walk the ladder down as it comes down in there. Those gas struts do a good job of keeping it and making it manageable. And it's speed, so it's not going to be super aggressive. It's not going to be too slow. It's going to be just right and easy to do. So let me just go ahead and do that. Gonna move over to this side. Keep my hand up here, above that sticker. Bring it away from the wall and let it start to come down. You see Easy to do. Just walking it down. It's that easy to get it nice and compact. Now you can store it far easier than you could before with a regular ladder. Now I mentioned the gas strut. We have worked with a couple of different styles of these. There's one that doesn't have any, and there is a does have gas strut. That's the one that did have one, the other one we worked with went laughably slow. I mean, it took forever, just the one rung to come down and just the full, that's like one telescope in one. So it just took a long time to kind of sit there and watch the ladder slowly do its thing. The other one had no gas struts at all. So it just dropped into place. So you wouldn't keep your hands completely out of the way on that one. That's not good either. So either way, especially if using that the job site, you don't want to wait around all day for the ladder to fall down into itself or telescope down into itself. And you don't want a dangerous ladder that if the slight miscalculation you put your hand in the wrong spot could do some damage there. That's going to be a nice in the middle and really easy to use. Let's talk about how to extend it. Now, it's really easy to do. You just put one foot here at the bottom and then start extending. Now, if you want to use the full ladder, you would start from the very top and start pulling that up and it locks into place once the bottom does. It's good to use. But if you don't need to full extended the ladder, that's a nice thing about this telescoping ladder, you don't quite need to get to the top of this wall or the top of your rig. Let's say you're not going that high. You can come down here and kind of choose where you want to start going up at. So we'll come down here to this rung and just start pulling it up in the place. You can see all the green. You know it's locked in. You can hear it audibly lock. And as long as the bottom base is locked, the top is going to be as well. So you just get that lean against the wall. Now it's good to use. Pretty easy to set up. One of the other nice things is that when it's fully retracted down, it's going to be 34 inches. So that's quite a bit less space than the 12 and a half feet that it usually extends to. But you still have all that length and height if you need it on the job site. Not to mention, you don't need a ladder rack then. You can easily just take this, throw it in the back of your truck. If you do have a ladder rack, you just save that for lumber but that's out of the way in the back of your truck. You don't have to add anything else in there. You can even probably fit it in the cab. Now, if you are using on the job site, they do make trays that go on the top of them. That'll go on the corners so that it has like kind of a tray. You can put tools in there and stuff. That's just going to help you out if you're using it for the job site. You can store some of your tools and whatever you need up there at top. I would recommend getting that. Otherwise, I think it's gonna be really helpful to have, and you'll find plenty of uses that have it once you already got it. Well, thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

Customer Reviews

Telesteps Telescopic Ladder - Black Kevlar - 12-1/2' Extended Height - 16' Reach - 300 lbs - TE96FR

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (40 Customer Reviews)

Non-conductive Kevlar ladder is great for electrical work on the jobsite and won't shock you if it comes into contact with power wires and outlets. Telescoping ladder has pivoting feet for better ground contact when leaning against a building.


Great ladder and the only 300 lb. rated one I could find. All my HVAC-R techs use this ladder for safe rooftop access, and it fits inside their service van.

And the processing & shipping is crazy fast. I ordered it Monday afternoon and it was delivered Tuesday afternoon.


I bought this ladder about a yr. ago and glad I did. It replaced a six foot step ladder I straped to my rear roof ladder. I now can keep the collapsing unit in my trunk. It's tall enough to get on the roof of my fifth wheel. Also very sturdy. I would buy again.


It is easy to store. I can carry tools and parts to the roof of my 36' RV much better than the vertical factory ladder.


etrailer just never disappoints The ladder I ordered was delivered earlier than I expected, which is a good thing. The ladder was more expensive than some of the cheap stuff I found on Amazon, but as my dad always said, "you get what you pay for." The Telestep ladder really is of high quality and is easy to use especially after watching the etrailer video on using the ladder. I highly recommend for RV related items.


shipment was delivered on time and all items were functional. a couple of the boxes were damaged but given that it was a hitch that weighted about 100 lbs, it was fine.


Great product. I deliver new boats works great to fix torn tarps


Excellent ladder. Certainly better and safer than the attached ladder. If you have slide outs it a good idea to sweep them off before retracting. Easy up and easy down. Not too heavy and doesn't take up much room. I am very glad I invested in this ladder. Definitely recommend. Very quick shipping and fantastic service from etrailer as usual.


Great products and service


I love the ladder. I’m over 260 lbs and feel comfortable on it. My 5th wheel rv did not have an integrated ladder and this is an ideal substitute. The only complaint I have is that the rubber bumpers on the top of the ladder are not larger. I sometimes do not extend it fully and the top two steps will hit the rv and possibly scratch the paint. If the rubber bumpers at the top were 2x larger this would be the perfect ladder.


This ladder is the tallest and only 300 lb. rated I can find. Very compact for a work van, yet tall & sturdy enough to reach most any job. etrailer always has crazy fast shipping to.


Sturdy and easy to operate. Just what I need at age 77. I'm no longer climbing on top of my house but still need the tools to allow me to clean my gutters. The Telesteps Telescopic Ladder -12-1/2' Extended Height - 16' proved to be the exact tool I needed.


I've used the Telesteps ladder to wash & wax the Airstream trailer, to get on to my house's roof to blow off tree debris, to get high enough to reach redwood branches that I can then climb to prune-out higher dead branches or those that might damage the roof during a storm. etrailer receives orders and gets them shipped very efficiently. I have never been disappointed with their service even when I discover the item doesn't work for my application and I request a return.


Well built, perfect fit for a RV


Greatest ladder I've tried. Excellent quality. Perfect compact size for storage in my pickup with tonneau cover. I can now service my solar panels and see/reach everything on my 25'FC AirStream with 3" lift.


Exactly what I've been looking for light weight easy to store and supports my weight. Thanks again!


Just what I was looking for.


I am very impressed with the product, light weight and compact. Easy to extend and retract. I first purchased a similar product at another online retailer.....not impressed. My experience with etrailer has been they are not always the cheapest but worth the extra money. Quality Products!


I want to first say that service is first rate. Delivery was fast and the packaging was excellent. I have a fiberglass (gelcoat) travel trailer. I purchased this ladder along with the optional standoff to provide me with a way to access the top of my trailer (no fixed ladder). I have NOT used the ladder yet but I'm confident that it will do exactly what I need it to do. The ladder is very "beefy" and sturdy and yet the weight is not extremely heavy. My trailer does not have a tremendous amount of storage space so I predict this ladder will be something I only use when I am home. But, as I said this is because my trailer is limited on storage space. Operation of the ladder (extending and collapsing) is very smooth and easy and is quick to master. I will mention that since my trailer is currently parked in my back yard (not on paving) I will probably place a board or paving stone under it to prevent the legs from sinking into the ground. But I think the ladder is great... I'm happy.


Awesome product. Not just another gadget. This serves my needs. It is lightweight and easily stored.


I love this ladder. Easy to use, and the quality is surpassed by none. Ordering was easy and I got it in a very reasonable time frame. Yay for etrailer. I plan on ordering another style of ladder from them as well. Thumbs up for this company. Order here instead of [online]!!! I fully support small business and etrailer definately has my support.


Works exactly as described in etrailer's video and product description. As always, lightning fast shipping by etrailer. I'll be back!


used the ladder to do work on my rv. laddder worked great no issues.


Excellent product. Easy to extend and retract. Light enough that I can carry it.


I love the sturdy design and the small design.


Good quality construction and it gives me easy access to my 13 feet tall motorhome.

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