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Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder - 10' Extended Height - 14' Reachable Height - 375 lbs

Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder - 10' Extended Height - 14' Reachable Height - 375 lbs

Item # TE37FR
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Telescoping A-frame ladder has an offset block so you can change a lightbulb in a stairwell or clean leaves off the RV roof on uneven ground. Ladder retracts slowly so you won't pinch your fingers and stores in a smaller closet or RV compartment. Great Prices for the best rv ladders from Telesteps. Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder - 10' Extended Height - 14' Reachable Height - 375 lbs part number TE37FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Telesteps RV Ladders - TE37FR

  • A-Frame Ladders
  • 10 Feet Tall
  • Telesteps
  • Telescoping
  • Aluminum
  • 375 lbs
  • 14 Feet Tall Reach
  • Silver

Telescoping A-frame ladder has an offset block so you can change a lightbulb in a stairwell or clean leaves off the RV roof on uneven ground. Ladder retracts slowly so you won't pinch your fingers and stores in a smaller closet or RV compartment.


  • Freestanding A-frame ladder telescopes out to access high up areas around your RV, home, or jobsite
    • Release buttons let you lower the rungs
    • Retracted ladder can be stored in a smaller closet, shed, or cargo compartment
  • Moveable offset block lets you set the ladder up on stairs or uneven terrain
  • Safety indicator windows tell you when everything is locked in place and safe to climb
    • Green means the ladder has been locked into place and is safe to climb
    • Red means the ladder isn't locked into place and should not be climbed
  • Large, extended stabilizer bases replace traditional small ladder feet for a steadier climb
  • Wide grooved stepping surfaces give your shoes the traction they need
  • Shoulder strap with hook-and-loop fastener makes it even easier to carry around
  • Durable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum construction is rustproof
  • OSHA compliant and ANSI 14.2 tested


  • Ladder height:
    • Fully extended: 10'
    • Fully retracted: 30-1/2"
    • Reachable: 14'
  • Overall ladder width: 30-1/2"
  • Rung width: 3-3/8"
  • Weight capacity: 375 lbs
  • Ladder rating: type 1AA
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Telesteps A-Frame Ladder

There are leaves and branches on top of your RV, and you want to brush them off before retracting the slide out and heading home. Or perhaps your smoke detector at home starts beeping in the middle of the night, and you need to change out the batteries. In other words, life happens. You never know when you're going to need a good, sturdy ladder. Whether you're camping or doing chores around the house, this telescopic A-frame ladder extends so you can access any higher-up area in or around your RV, home, or worksite, and it retracts for easy, convenient storage.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Telesteps A-Frame Ladder Telescoping

Whenever you need to clean out the gutters at home or sweep leaves off your RV roof, simply raise all the rungs upward and pull the two halves of the ladder outward until the arms click into place. And whenever you're finished, gently push on the bottom on the arms, squeeze the release buttons, and lower the rungs back down. The rungs of this ladder retract quickly, so be sure not to pinch your fingers.

Easy to Carry and Store

Telesteps A-Frame Ladder Carrying Strap

Once the ladder has been fully retracted into a compact size, it's very easy to stash away. It's lightweight, and the integrated shoulder strap with a hook-and-loop fastener makes it easy to carry to storage. You can tuck it away and out of sight in a smaller closet, shed, RV cargo compartment, or anywhere else you're able to fit it.

Can Use on Stairs or Uneven Terrain

Telesteps A-Frame Ladder Offset Block

For when you need to change out a lightbulb or paint in a stairwell, an included offset block lets you use this ladder on your stairs. Once the ladder has been set up normally, simply press the block onto the underside of a higher-up rung in the back and lower that side until the block is resting on top of the unused rungs. The ladder will stay in place so you can climb up safely, which prevents you from having to dangerously try to keep your balance while painting.

Easy to Know When Its Safe to Climb

Telesteps A-Frame Ladder Safety Indicator Windows

This ladder has several other nifty safety features for peace of mind for you and your loved ones including the safety indicator windows. These windows are the little dots on both sides of the ladder, located on the inside and the outside. When these dots are green, then the ladder has been locked into place and is safe for you to climb. When they are red, you'll know that the ladder hasn't been properly set up and shouldn't be used yet.

Secure to Step On

These steps are wider than most other ladder steps and are angled at 75 percent, giving you a larger, flatter, and more secure stepping area. They are also grooved to give your feet some traction while you're climbing the ladder, even in the rain. And because the steps are aluminum, they won't rust after being stepped on by wet or muddy shoes.

Keep Your Balance

The top few steps of this ladder are not meant to be stepped on, as you may lose your balance and suffer a potentially dangerous fall. You can, however, use one or all of those steps as safety handles. This is great when you're up high re-painting the living room wall and want something to grab onto.

Steadier than Other Ladders

Telesteps A-Frame Ladder Stabilizing Bases

And the large, extended stabilizer bases make the ladder much steadier than traditional ladders with 4 smaller feet. Unlike other ladders, you won't have to spend a lot of time positioning the bases into the right spot. When the feet are set out correctly, the ladder won't tilt, so you'll feel more comfortable and confident as you climb up.

Tool Tray Add-On

You can also clip a tool tray (TE89FR - sold separately) onto the top rung of this ladder that lets you keep all of your tools and hardware close at hand on the jobsite. It can also be used as a standoff on both flat walls and angled corners to help stabilize the ladder while you're working up high.

14ES Telesteps Telescoping A-Frame Ladder - Type 1AA - Aluminum - 375 lbs

Video of Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder - 10' Extended Height - 14' Reachable Height - 375 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder Review

What's up everybody it's AJ with Today, we're going to be checking out these A-frame ladders from Telestep. These are a great, great way to get that functionality of a ladder with you wherever you need it. So, and take up far less space than your normal A-frame ladder would. You wouldn't have room in the basement of your rig or even in a closet in here. You can put it behind the couch and it's kind of out of sight out of mind or any closet space you have.

That way, you're on your adventure over the weekend and you want to get up on the roof or anything. The AC's on the fritz, you want to clean out the gutters, or you just want to check on something there, you can. Now, if you're looking for something a little bit more like a leaning ladder, Telestep does offer that and they take up even less space. So you can check those out on our website as well, but today we're mainly going to be focused on Telestep's A-frame ladders and those are going to come in six foot, eight foot and ten foot as the ones we're going to be looking at today. So when I first started this project, I worked with some of the leaning telescoping ladders first, but the more I've worked with these, the more I trust them and the A-frame is even more trustworthy.

Just looking at it, I think because it's the more traditional ladder design where you got these two legs to sit down there which automatically like, all right, well I'm not leaning against something. This makes it even sturdier. And there's a bunch of little things that they added to make you have, give you that peace of mind. So even on the inside and the outside, you can see these little, little dots. There'll be red when it's not okay to walk on and green when it's okay and it's locked out.

So there's the green on there. They're also on the inside. So that's the thing that thought of like, you know when you're setting up the ladder and bringing it out and bringing the both legs apart here, you can look on the inside and see the green go "okay, it's good. It's locked into place. I can start climbing." And another thing I really liked that this even has above other A-frame ladders, if you look down at the base, it's got that extended base out there.

Most of the time they just have four feet that go on the ground. And I don't know, every time I go to set up a ladder, you got to set that and position it. You know, make sure it's in the right spot. You step on that first step and it might tilt one way or another. This one doesn't have that because of that wide base. I can jump up and down on the ladder, no big deal. I can go side to side. It's not tilting one way or another. And that makes me feel more comfortable the higher I go up on it. Take a closer look at the step. You can see that it's a little bit wider than a normal step. And even though it looks like there's a nice little lip here, it's actually even when you pull this out and you step on it. Your footsteps on this nice, and giving you that extra space to step on and plus the grooves in there have some texture, so you grab it with your foot. Another thing I really like about it is this kind of safety handle. It goes up and extends past the top of the ladder. So you shouldn't be stepping up here but, when you are this high up, it's kind of cool to have this bar to kind of hold on to while I'm using a brush here off to the side. I can make sure I have this, just makes me feel more at ease. All those features are great, but how easy is it to set up and break down I mean, you got to clap the letter after all. You want it to be easy and quick. So I'm going to show you how it goes First off, here's the strap that comes with them. The hooks will hug the loop underneath there. So it's easier to carry around. You don't have to come all the way down here to grab it and carry it. You can use the strap instead. Let's peel off the hook and loop and set this aside. And then all you do is you want to step down here on the bottom two steps. That way they stay in place and you can start lifting it up from there. Like that, then we're just going to separate it. This kilt clicks into place. That way it keeps it nice and even on both sides. Now it's locked in place. You can use it. And see, It didn't take that long to set it up. And the same thing goes for breaking it down. So just come back here, just push down on the arms on the inside, it comes together in the middle. Then we'll come back down and pinch right here and we're going to drop back in. We'll start with that one, that one. And then it starts to come down. You'll just kind of see it disengaged and you can push down over there. So it really is that quick and simple. Now the ten foot ladder is a little bit different. You have these here, instead of just pushing up or down the arm, you can't do that. You have to push in with your two fingers on this plate, on the back and push this button here and that disengages it. You see it goes down. Same thing on this side, and now we can bring it together. Now, something I want to mention is that this ten foot one is a little more top heavy than the other ones. It still has the gap stretch in there, but this one you really want to be careful with so you do not want to put your hands in here or anything like that. You want to come down here by the base and make sure you hold here that way your hands aren't in the way. I would probably even put a piece of tape or something here at the base, just to mark it. You can visually look at that every time and don't put your hand there. It's out of the way. So you're gonna come in here, in the same latches as last time. You're gonna push in on it. You can feel the disengage there and I'll do this one here. Now I kind of slowed down there. You probably saw this ball from the last part, that's okay. This part is an add on that helps you set up when you put it on stairs. I'm going to show you how it works here and then we'll go inside in the office and show it on some real steps. How it works is, the ladder doesn't retract until the rung underneath it has. So this block here, keeps this from fully retracting and you can see the gap and see this not fully backed down or clicked into place. So these aren't going to disengage so they will stay sturdy for you to put your weight on it. So you set it up about the same way on steps as you normally would. You put one foot down here, and we're going to fully bring it up. Make sure it locks in. Looks like we got green. So we're good. So I'll bring this out, go ahead and lock in the arms and come here. Inside the step first lock in the arms. And then we'll come back with this and we'll put this under the side we wanted to stop so it gets a little bit shorter, so we'll put it here at the bottom. And now, when I lower this, this'll hit here and lock in the base and that way it can stay uneven. So then we'll come back down. Pull this side. You can see it catches now. So it adjusts it and locks it in so that I can tilt it up and put it on the step. Now we set it up in the hallway at the office. You can see how it evens out on the stairs which is actually a pretty useful feature. I mean, you know, we've all had to change that light bulb in the stairwell, or try and paint here. It's nice that this ladder auto adjusts. You don't have to kind of sketchily balance a ladder. That's not good. So we can easily just go over here. It stays in the place just fine. And now I can reach up here and do what I need to do and not be as scared on the steps. Clearly you can use the ladder and a bunch of different scenarios, but it is it going to hold up It's made out of aluminum, so you don't have to worry about it being heavy. It's going to be nice and lightweight but it's still strong. So it can handle up to three hundred and seventy five pounds and the looms not going to rust or corrode if you step on it with wet shoes or anything. It's not going to bother it. Another great thing is no matter what ladder you get and what style it is, they are all OSHA compliant. So you don't have to worry about using them on the job site. Now I'm standing by the basement door on the rig we hand pulled in today. Everyone's different. Everybody's gonna have different size ones, but you can see this one's not that big so these aren't going to fit in our basement, or rather store ours inside. But you're just going to be different, so I'm going to give you the measurements to figure out if it's going to fit in yours or not. So we'll start with the six foot one. It's going to be twenty nine inches, tall twenty five and a quarter inches wide, and six inches deep. They'll move on to the eight foot one that's thirty one and a half inches tall, twenty seven and three quarters wide, and that one's also six inches deep. Now we'll move onto the ten foot one. That's going to be 34 inches tall, thirty and a half inches wide, and seven and a quarter deep. So just because it doesn't work for us, doesn't mean it's not going to work for you. So make sure you get those measurements on wherever you find store needs to make sure you have the room for it because it's a really great feature that they get this compact because if you have a regular ten foot ladder, you have to have the space for that ten foot ladder. So you have to make sure you find it's when they, when they don't get compact, You have to have all that room. These you don't. It's awesome. You can fit it in there, if you can or put it behind the sofa or something like that on the inside. The only thing I thought it was missing was something to set your tools on. If you are all the way up there working on something and you know, you don't want to have a bunch of screwdrivers in your pocket and the hardware to fish for that stuff, but they do have a tray that goes on top of these It fits right in there. It has the holes for the screwdrivers and plenty of little compartments for all the hardware. So you can have everything up there when you need it. You don't have to spend a bunch of time climbing up and down the ladder. What's up guys, me and Aidan have been messing with the Telestep and ladders the last couple of days. Got our hands on the regular one here. We have the heavy dutier one here. Construction grade, and then the A-frame one, but also the step school look at and stick ladder in the corner. At first, I was a little shaky about it because I don't know. Would you be a little worried What would you think about the first thing when you're looking at one of theseGirl On Call I don't like ladders in general, so, Yeah. Yeah. I don't, like,Same. Well, I mean, I guess I don't mind ladders, but it's up on the RV's and other thing. So when we set this up first goal time to look at Aidan being like "This is all locked in, right" and he's like, "Yeah, yeah, It's all locked in." So that's one of the things I didn't like about it. The more I used it, I liked that it had the green markers here on the steps so that when I do climb or whatever, before I even climb, when I look, I see that it's green. I know it's okay. I know it's locked into place. The more I climbed up and down it, the more I trusted it. And that's all the versions. I think I like the lean one better than the apron off myself. I just felt a little more, well, I don't know. I liked that handle on the A-frame one as well on the very top too. So I guess, if I'm going super high climbing and I liked the A-frame with an extra handle on top to kind of just have something to hold onto. You know, and this one you can kind of just either the top of your RV or whatnot, but as I use it, I saw that there was more features in place that actually kind of put my mind at ease of how it locks into place. And it hasn't, we've been messing with for what Two days and it hasn't collapsed, or even hinted that it's going to do that. So yeah, I could see it being a little scary at first, but it's not your bad. They we're really good. I like that they're compact to so they store easier than the ladders we showed where where we keep the ladders, over in the corner. We can actually go over there if you want. We can go over in there and everything. Cameraman Yeah, we can. We got a bunch of them jammed in the corner, a bunch of different size ladders. So, this would be way easier to store. If we had a bunch of these, it wouldn't take up as much space. Well, this is a mass alliance we have here and you see how much space they take up and how we have a bunch of different sizes. The cool thing is you could get one at this size, drop it this size, or drop into this size. You wouldn't need all these different ladders. You kind of have one ladder here, then you could drop and use of having a bunch of ladders in the car like we do. So I thought that was kinda cool. Girl On Call Well then, would you say that the, you said the ladders that kind of leaned more, that those felt a little bit sturdier than say, like the A-framesIt depended on how high I was going. I mean, the A-frame I like to have the handle on top. None of them felt unsturdy, but I think that I just preferred the way there was less moving parts on the one that means against the RV, if that makes sense. where I'm next to the RV, it kind of reached this way. When it was leaning against the RV, I could just climb up and reach right on top. And we use it on a slide out and show that, you know, branches and leaves fell down on the slide out, you'd have to get up there and clear that off before you brought the slide back in. So that was actually right up against the slide out, come up there, get that stuff out of there and then climb back down instead of being beside it and try and reaching over and try to do it that way. Girl On Call Yeah. Cameraman Whereas then with the, A-frame, say you have to work on something like on your awning and you don't have a place to lean the ladder against. You need to actually work on it, like out here while it's extended. The A-frame is nice because you can have it free standing. So there's definitely pros and cons to each I think, and situations where each one kind of shines a little bit moreWoman On Call And you can kind of adjust the angle of the leaning ladder Is that right Because the bottom parts kind of, move along with it So, I mean like you could move it further out if you needed it toYeah. That'd be pivot, which is really nice. Woman On Call So like for stability sake, you could always create a wider angle if you felt like you weren't super stableGirl On Call It's just those that have the, the feet that pivot, right The A-frames don't have that correctAJ Yep. The A-frame have the wider base here. And they do have rubber grips here too, but they don't have the moving style. Woman On Call Guess I was also just wondering, other than the example that you, that you just gave, like who would want, you know so many different types of ladders. Who would want the leaning one versus the A-frame versus the one that's in the corner there versus, you know, any, anything else. I'd have to say, it depends on what you're working on and how much space you have there. You know, you'd have to get a small one that might fit. You might have to put it behind the couch or something on the inside. If you're limited on space like that, you might be looking more towards the leading one cause it takes up a lot less space. You can probably put this one on one of those compartments on the side and not have to worry about it. But then again, like I said it depends on what you're using it for. Boy On Call Cause I can see if you're planning on like, using it around your house too, the A-frame one would be nice. I'm kind of considering getting one myself because I don't have a ladder and like the second night we into our new house we had a smoke alarm go off that I couldn't reach. So, that ladder would have been pretty handy. Woman On Call I have been here almost ten years and I still haven't painted my hallway because, it's going upstairs and I don't want to have to, I don't want to have to lean a ladder up against the wall and hope for the best or kind of create a terrifying situation. But yeah, you can, you can actually lock out one side of this so that you can take it up the stairs, rightYep, did it in the hallway here at the office. If you guys remember what that looks like still, but we put it in there and leaned it up onto the stepsBoy On Call Worked pretty well there. Man On Call Did did you get a chance to mess with that, AJ, to see how that clip goes in and, and all that other stuff on the A-frameYeah, we set up on the steps with the clip and that's what locks the legs out. Woman On Call Yeah. When you guys did it, you said it, what It wasn't very intuitive at first. You had to kind of figure it out. Was that rightCameraman At first, we didn't even know what that black little extra plastic piece was, but yeah. Going through the instructions, like you're supposed to, it makes sense after that, but yeah so essentially that's the piece and it comes on the very bottom stuff and you buy it and then you put it in between whatever level you want. The the non stepping side to be at the lean on the stairs. Man On Call Well, I worked on those stepsBoy On Call I think they'll all work. Man On Call You want to do thatBoy On Call AgainWe can, we can do it on the RV steps here to kind of give you a demonstration. Girl On Call Yeah. That would be great. Cameraman So that little guy will pop in here. Just like right above the lad- yeah, right there, yep. So, because it's stopping and it has that gap, it won't fully lock it out so you can climb it like that. Cameraman It's not fully locked in, in the little notch. Woman On Call And even at an angle like that, it still feels pretty sturdyAJ Yep. Woman On Call Can you step on that top step I don't mean like, can you do it now I mean like, are you, are you allowed to do itCameraman It got a little warning. AJ Do not staying above this one. Cameraman You may lose your balance. So those little top from there more for like, just hanging on to stabilizing. Yeah. Woman On Call Yeah. That's why I was wondering cause it looks like with it locked out like that it, it maybe isn't super straight If you we're to step on it, but I guess if you're not supposed to anyway. Girl On Call Yeah. The vendor doesn't recommend, you're not supposed to step, and I think this goes for all their ladders, you're not supposed to step on the very top rung. Girl On Call While you have it, like all out and set up. Did you want to attach the tool tray too Just to kind of get a full picture. Sure. So the only thing that I thought was odd is the clips here on the side. Cameraman Just kind of tricky to release them. AJ Kind of tricky to release them, and I wonder if you're on the very height of this ladder, how easy this is going to be because you can't just kind of pull this up and attach it and then keep going. It's going to fall back down. So you have to climb up there with it to attach it. On this ladder it's not that big of a deal. But,Man On Call I mean, if you we're building it out though, wouldn't you think you would attach it to it first and then extend the ladder upCameraman Yeah, because you can keep it on there. It seemed like you had to bring it back down to slide these back end to slide it back up to hook that back in. If you don't put this in, I can't,Cameraman I see what you mean. AJ get that in far. You got to come in like this, which, I mean, it works. It's probably just something I'm not super familiar with yet. Cameraman Just a certain order you got to get it done, but then once it's done,Yeah,Cameraman it's nice. Girl On Call Yeah, I would imagine, especially for some of the tallest ladders that would be pretty convenient. You don't have to, you know, keep you don't have to keep lugging stuff up and down. You can just have everything right thereWoman On Call And on the leaning ladders that can actually, you can lean it into, can you, well, can you put it on the leading ladders, I guess And when it to the wallAs far as kind of, this part is like kind of a padding so you can kind of even put it in a corner. If we had something that had a corner we could lean up against there in the corner would sit in here. Just to further stabilize it, leaning on there. Woman On Call Did you try it out at all on the leaning ladder Just wondering if it was shaky at all or if it felt totally stable still. We did not mess with it on the leaning letter yet but we will, before we send them back. We haven't done the official video on this just yet. Woman On Call Because that's also supposed to work like, like you could put it on the corner of an RV, so you could be right there or you could put it like in the corner of the wall. So whether that's like a convex or concave corner it's supposed to help you stay stable, which would be nice. Cause anytime you're like, if you're trying to paint a wall or something like that in your house and you're in the corner, it's kind of weird to have a ladder like, leaned all the way up against the wall. So having that little bit of space makes it better. So you're not like, face plant into the wall. Right, right, yeah. No one wants to paint over face marks. Girl On Call So I guess my only other question where, well, I was just curious, cause obviously I haven't seen these in person. Is there any other like feature or benefit that you've noticed that is worth mentioningThe carriage rack is kind of cool. That comes with a few of them. That only comes with A-frame runs, but this wraps around got the hook and loop just makes it easier to carry when it's in his folded state. I think the fullest states really awesome idea. Like I said, I showed you all those ladders. I think that's really the big selling point is like, Oh even if you only use it in your house, you can take up that much less space in your garage and not have that many ladders. Feature-wise, I guess we liked the wider steps on these. It wasn't on, yeah, it was on the contractor grade one too over here, but that was the one difference for the operator. So this one has a lower weight capacity. This one's two fifty and this one's three fifty,Cameraman Three hundred. AJ three hundred on this one, sorry. But this one has the upgrade snaps that are a little bit wider where it's got this lip where it looks like you'd be kind of uneven on it but by the time you pull it out, it is even when you're stepping on it. Just more to step on. I kinda like thatWoman On Call Kinda just like grabs into your shoe treads. It seems like that might do. Yep. Woman On Call You also had, was it just a step stoolYep, Yeah. Woman On Call How is that different from other step stool or is it not, is it just that stoolAJ It doesn't seem like it's any different. Cameraman It doesn't telescope or any fun thing like that. It does fold up. Boy On Call You know it's like my flatmates. Kinda of just step. Woman On Call And I know you said you haven't done the video on the the ladder that you have back in the corner but as long as we're here, could we just see itAJ Sure, of courseCameraman It's pretty neat how it opens up. Grab the two edges in like four different parts. You can see me kind of split it here. These little two ads arc out like that. And then you can bring out sideways Which I might try and rotate it this way. Woman On Call Ooh. But then make sure you lock the latches at the bottom because it won't be fun if you plan up on it without these latches on. Trust us. We've only heard, we didn't do it. Cameraman Yeah, that was my bad. Woman On Call It feel sturdy enoughOh yeah. I don't like the steps on this one. If you look at the steps on this one, they're quite a bit smaller there's not a whole lot They're actually smaller than the normal one that leans. But, I mean, for a quick ladder that takes up not that much space, it's not badBoy On Call I can see this one being great around the house for like around the house, like just a quick change of a light bulb or quickly getting that smoke detector. It doesn't take up a lot of space in the closet and good for those quick jobs. Woman On Call How tall is it I'm just thinking about actually fitting it into the closet. and I have a lot of stuff in a closet. Cameraman When it's closed it's seven foot long and then when it's open like that, where AJ's arms is, I think it said like six point eight foot tall, and then there's a six foot version, six foot long one as well, I believe, but that we don't have that. Girl On Call Is that double-sided like, can you climb on both sides or just the single side I can't remember. Cameraman Yeah, you're able to walk up both sides of that one. The only one that's the A-frame is the one that says it has a do not climb side. Overall. I think it's a great thing to have. Really comes in handy because you never know when you're going to need that ladder and you'll be happy you have it when you do need it. So whether you're working on the AC on the top, or using it at home to paint a hallway you can set it up on the stairs even. I think the stairs is really good picture of it. Cause not a lot of layers can do that to make you feel safe on that uneven terrain. That way you can get whatever you need to get done, where, you know, replacing out a fire alarm or smoke detector, or painting the walls, it's going to really come in handy in a bunch of different scenarios and not take up that much space. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out..

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Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder - 10' Extended Height - 14' Reachable Height - 375 lbs - TE37FR

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Telescoping A-frame ladder has an offset block so you can change a lightbulb in a stairwell or clean leaves off the RV roof on uneven ground. Ladder retracts slowly so you won't pinch your fingers and stores in a smaller closet or RV compartment.


I've found this ladder to be very functional and fairly easy to carry along with me in my Motor Home. It's a bit heavy for an old guy but not bad. The carry strap is very durable and makes it easy to move around when folded. Easy to set up/take down, and sturdy when extended. I really like the extended section as it gives you a feeling of security when up high on it.


Ladder works as advertised. Very compact and fits nicely under my motor coach.


Great solution as light weight and portable telescoping ladder for access to attic. Super attention and support from etrailer as well


One of the best ladders I have. Easy to move into place. Inherently safe with its broad base and wide bottom rung. Can take it anywhere fast as it fits in the back oh my Jeep with no ropes and tie downs.


VERY sturdy product! Heavier than expected but with rating of 375lbs, it is very strong. Biggest problem for me is that you have to fully extend it to 10'for it to work. The way it was shown, I thought it was partially extendable up to 10'. I cannot use it in my 9' RV Ceilings. It will not serve my needs as an Interior/Exterior Utility Ladder. Anyone want to buy one?


A little heavy, for an RV, but sturdy, and that is what I am looking for. I don't personally like the lock out system for different heights. I think it is a little cumbersome when trying to collapse it.


very awkward to use.


Love this ladder. Easy to move around and operate.


Meets my expectations


Easy ordering process and quick deliver y.


Great ladder









After using a 7’ Telesteps folding ladder for about 17 years I felt I needed something a little more stable, so after trying out a friends A-frame ladder I ordered one 8’ models. Still stores easily in basement of our class A coach, but more stable and has wider steps which is what I needed. I even found a used 6’ model that I acquired too.
Good product and as always, great service from etrailer.


easy to use, easy to store, great produ ct


Good quality fixture with all necessary hardware - easy to install, and far more user friendly than the factory installed small round bowl. etrailer filled my order and shipped it promptly - I recommend them for your RV needs.


This is replacement ladder for one I bought a few years back that was damaged due to misuse. This ladder, while a few pounds heavier, is much better built and overall is quite sturdy. After applying a little silicone spray to the legs it extended/retracted as designed right out of the box. Once extended it is very stable and has a solid feel. It will live in my RV where the extend/retract feature is a great space saver.


Perfect for a motorhome


Great ladder, as described, very compact and light.


Works as advertised and has been very handy to have on our RV travels.

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  • Can The Surco 501L RV Ladder Separate To Open A Rear Access Door On An RV
    The Surco Exterior RV Ladder # SP501L does come in two pieces but gets mounted to the wall of the RV and would not separate and allow for you to open the rear access doors once installed. The best option we have would be to use a ladder like the Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder # TE37FR that can fold up to store in one of the cargo compartments of your RV.
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  • Base Spread Of The Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder
    The base of the Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder # TE37FR has a 49" spread from outside edge to outside edge.
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  • Can Stromberg Carlson Exterior RV Ladder be Mounted to End Cap
    The Stromberg Carlson Exterior RV Ladder # LA-401BA cannot be mounted to an end cap, it does require the frame. The only other option we can offer if you can't access the frame is a retractable ladder that won't require you to mount it and retracts for super easy storage. For that you can use the Telesteps Telescopic Ladder - 10-1/2' Extended Height # TE34FR or Telesteps Telescopic A-Frame Ladder - 10' Extended Height # TE37FR.
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  • Solution For Ladder on 2017 Ford Transit T350 With Pioneer Platform Rack and 8'4" Tall Roof
    The only option for a ladder that will attach to the # RR63QX is the # RRRAFL-RUFLB. If you really want to use this ladder you could place some kind of block underneath to make up the difference since it has a fixed point at the top. Realistically that isn't the best idea, especially since you need to gain an additional 8-1/2" and I doubt you will always be on a level surface. Instead, you may want to consider a telescoping ladder like the # TE37FR. This has a compact design measuring...
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  • What Is The Height Of The Ladder Rungs On The Telesteps 7' Folding Ladder?
    The Telesteps 7' Folding Ladder # TE27FR is 70" from the top rung to the ground. Each step is 11-3/4" from rung to rung. It is also very light weight as it only weighs 24-1/2 pounds. The Telesteps 10' Telescopic A-Frame Ladder # TE37FR is going to be a safer option as it is very unsafe to try and stand on the top step. This ladder is 3' taller than the 7' version and only weighs 28 lbs. The ladder retracts to only 34" tall and 30-1/2" wide.
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