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Solar Powered LED Porch Light for RVs - Dusk-to-Dawn and Motion Sensors - Weatherproof - 800 Lumens

Solar Powered LED Porch Light for RVs - Dusk-to-Dawn and Motion Sensors - Weatherproof - 800 Lumens

Part Number: DG0168
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Motion-activated, solar powered LED porch light with dusk-to-dawn sensor provides lighting, safety, and security. 3 Preset modes let you customize the light to suit your needs. Solar panels charge the battery so there's no wiring required. Great Prices for the best rv exterior lights from Diamond. Solar Powered LED Porch Light for RVs - Dusk-to-Dawn and Motion Sensors - Weatherproof - 800 Lumens part number DG0168 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Diamond RV Exterior Lights - DG0168

  • Porch Light
  • LED Light
  • White
  • 8-3/4L x 10-5/8W Inch
  • Solar
  • Surface Mount
  • Diamond

Motion-activated, solar powered LED porch light with dusk-to-dawn sensor provides lighting, safety, and security. 3 Preset modes let you customize the light to suit your needs. Solar panels charge the battery so there's no wiring required.


  • Solar powered LED porch light with dusk-to-dawn and motion sensors provides lighting, safety, and security
  • Built-in smart sensors automatically activate light when you need it
    • Dusk-to-dawn detector senses natural light and activates light at sundown
    • Motion sensor activates light when it detects movement up to 19-1/2' away
  • 3 Preset modes allow you to customize the light to suit your needs
    • Mode A activates dim light at sundown and provides light for up to 5 hours after dusk
    • Mode B ramps light to full brightness for 20 seconds when it detects motion, then returns to dim
    • Mode C keeps light off until motion is detected and stays on for 30 seconds
  • Rear-facing pushbutton cycles modes and activates LED backlight
    • Backlight provides minimal lighting when unit is in mode A and B
  • Integrated solar panels charge the lithium-ion battery - no wiring required
  • Long-lasting SMD LEDs create a bright, solid panel of light
    • No bulbs to replace - no brittle filaments
  • Curved housing is IP65 rated for protection against dust and water
  • Easy installation on any flat surface - mounting hardware included
    • Light should be mounted no higher than 13' off the ground


  • Dimensions: 10-5/8" wide x 8-3/4" tall x 4-1/4" deep
    • Distance between mounting holes (center on center): 4"
  • Motion detection area: 19-1/2'
    • Angle: 120 degrees
  • Light type:
    • Front light: bright white
    • Back light: soft white
  • Light output: 800 raw lumens
  • Diodes:
    • Front light: 168
    • Back light: 4
  • Bulb life: 35,000 hours
  • Wattage: 6.8 watts
  • Battery type: 4000mAh lithium-ion
  • 2-Year warranty

Diamond 800 Lumens Solar Powered LED Porch Light Dimensions

This solar powered LED porch light is a great option for lighting up the exterior of your RV or adding extra security lighting to a shed, garage, or trailer. An integrated dusk-to-dawn light sensor automatically activates the light when it gets dark. A motion detector triggers the light to turn on when it detects movement, illuminating a large area for increased safety and security during your comings and goings. Preset modes enable you to choose the way the light responds to motion to fit your specific needs. Built-in solar panels charge the light's lithium-ion battery to provide over 35,000 hours of use.

Solar Powered RV Porch Light

Diamond Group Small RV Solar Light Solar Panels

Solar panels line the top of the light and convert sunlight into long lasting power. And because the light is powered by the sun, there is no need to replace batteries or deal with messy wiring. To keep the light running at peak efficiency position it in direct sunlight during daylight hours.

Diamond Group Solar Wall Light Front LEDs

The lower section of the light contains 168 surface-mount LEDs that produce a bright white light that is ideal for illuminating a large area. These high quality diodes produce a solid panel of light for enhanced visibility.

Diamond Group Solar Wall Light Back LEDs

The back of the light contains 4 LEDs that provide a soft white light for visibility in the immediate area around the light.

Dusk-to-Dawn Light Sensor

An integrated dusk-to-dawn sensor monitors natural light levels and keeps the light from activating until it's needed. This feature increases the light's efficiency by keeping it inactive during the day and allowing it to run longer through the night. The sensor activates the light when it detects less than 30 lumens of ambient light.

Motion Detector with 3 Preset Modes

A built-in motion detector monitors a 19-1/2' area and has a detection angle of 120 degrees. When motion is detected, the light will activate to the preset mode you have selected. There is a button located on the back of the light that allows you to cycle through the 3 available modes. Press the button 4 times to deactivate the light.

In Mode A, the light activates at sundown and produces a dim light for up to 5 hours after dusk. This setting is ideal for providing a gentle light throughout the night, preventing missteps and increasing safety.

In Mode B, the light will once again switch to a dim light at sundown. The light activates to full brightness when motion is detected. 20 Seconds after motion is no longer detected, the light dims and gently illuminates the surrounding area. This mode is great for signaling the arrival of visitors to your area while still providing a functional light source around the RV.

In Mode C, the light acts like a security light. Instead of activating at sundown, the light doesn't turn on until it detects motion. It then stays on for 30 seconds after motion is no longer detected. This is great for when you're bringing supplies into the RV, or for deterring unwanted visitors.

Simple Installation with Included Hardware

Diamond Group Large RV Solar Light with Mounting Hardware

Installing the light is a simple process, and it comes with everything needed for mounting. The included template helps to determine where you would want to install the light before drilling the installation holes. With the holes drilled, insert the wall anchors and screws to position the light. Once you have the light hanging in the position you want, tighten down the screws to secure the light in place. If you would prefer a temporary application, it is recommended that you utilize double-sided tape, or suction cups with hooks to hold the light in position as needed.

Diamond Products LED Solar Wall Light Detection Area

The light should not be installed higher than 13' off the ground. This will ensure the motion detection sensor can operate at peak performance.

DG0168 Diamond Products Auto LED Solar Wall Light Outdoor Light for Motorhomes - 6.8 Watt - 800 Lumen - 168 Diodes - Motion Activated

California residents: click here

Video of Solar Powered LED Porch Light for RVs - Dusk-to-Dawn and Motion Sensors - Weatherproof - 800 Lumens

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Diamond Solar-Powered LED RV Porch Light Review

Randy: Hey guys, it's Randy here at We get questions from our customers all the time about lighting solutions, and how can they light up their campsite or entryways or garages, just those dimly lit areas that can sometimes cause a safety hazard.What we're going to look at today is from Diamond Lighting. This is an 800 lumen motion-activated light that's solar powered. It has an onboard battery. That solar array charges that battery throughout the day, but allows it to work all night giving out great amounts of light. We'll have three different settings.

We'll talk about those a little bit later, so you can kind of adjust it for how you want it to operate.All in all it's a really solid product, has an IP65 certification so weather, rain, dust, things like that, it's not going to get to the inside. It's not going to cause us any issues. If you guys are used to walkway lights that kind of stick down in the ground, little solar panel on the top, those work for a year maybe, moisture finally gets in them, they're ruined. That's not something we're going to have to worry about with these.These can be used on campsites to light up an area so you're not tripping over tent stakes or coolers or stuff like that. These can be more permanently mounted if you'd like, on the side of your RV, on the side of your garage, something like that.

I've got a buddy and on his back side of his garage, that's always where he goes in, but there was no good available light there. He used one of these, placed it near it, then as soon as he comes around the corner of his garage, the light comes on. He can see his key, his doorknob. He can get in the house without much fuss.Now the light itself offers 168 LEDs. That's what gives us that nice bright white light.

You'll see here in a minute it really illuminates a big area. Overall with LED technology, we're not going to be worried about filaments that burn out, bulbs that change. These have about a 35,000 hour life expectancy, so these are going to last an extremely long time.It has a motion sensor here. That's if you're using it in the detection mode. This can also be set for dusk to dawn in one of the settings, which again, we'll show you that in a minute.

But this has a really good range. They state that it's about 19 1/2'. We've been getting close to 25' and 26' here in the shop. I like that they've understated it but you could probably expect a little bit more range. We've got this mounted about 7 1/2' high. It can be mounted as high as 13' high.In most situations it's going to be a perfect solution. We're not going to have to run wires. We're not going to have to run switches. There's really nothing we have to do. You've got a button here on the back. We'll show you when we take it off the wall. There's also four LEDs back there that give us a nice backlit kind of a situation. We just reach up, turn it into the mode we want or set it to the mode you want before you install it. You're going to be ready to go.Now to give you an idea of the brightness, we're going to turn it on. We're going to go into mode A first. Mode A is going to be a dimmer light and it's going to act as a dusk to dawn light, so as the light outside kind of weans off this light's going to come on and it's going to stay on all night until the sun comes back up. It stays in that lower light mode, so I really like that. You have the light when you need it and it's important that the light shuts off when you don't. A lot of lights like this that have this technology, any time something moves in front of it, they come on. That can waste a lot of battery power in the middle of the day. I'm going to hit the power button here to get it in mode A. That'll be a constant. Any time it's dark outside, that's going to be on.We can then go into mode B. Mode B you can see is a much brighter light. This is going to stay on any time it senses motion, for about 20 to 30 seconds, then it's going to go back into that dim mode we saw from mode A. We'll go down to dim A mode when it doesn't sense any motion. When it does it's going to come on in full brightness. I like that you can have constant low-level light and then when somebody moves in front of it it's going to come up to higher level light.Then when we go to C mode like we have it here, it's going to be off all of the time until it senses motion. I think that's going to be really important for those campsites especially when everybody's in bed, the critters are out trying to get into our coolers. As they start to get close this is going to come on. Hopefully it'll scare them away and prevent some of that loss we have of our food, it being strung all over the campsite.This light is going to offer a really good range. We've talked about it before, that we're getting about 25' out of the sensor. That's basically as far as the tape measure we've got. It might go a little bit further than that. I also like the angle. It's 120 degrees. 180 degrees would be basically a straight line. Take 30 degrees off each side. It's going to project pretty much straight out to each side, so if this we're mounted on a wall, a camper, wherever you're going to need it, it's going to pick up most everything coming by.Here's a good look at the back of the light. You can see our attachment points here. They're just going to be key slots. I also think these would be great if you wanted to attach them just temporarily with some of the strips that you can put up, stick it to it and then pull them down when you didn't need them. I think that would be a really handy way to get this where you wanted it. But we do have screws, and they provide screws with small plastic anchors so you can drill holes and get it where you want it. It's just going to go through there and one on the bottom there, push it in, slide it down. It's really all you're going to have to do.You'll see the four LEDs on the back there. That's going to give us that backlight, that soft light that comes out at each side. There's your power button. Now as you hit that, it's got a nice little click to it so it gives you a positive confirmation you've actually hit the button so you'll know you're in the appropriate mode.Now we had talked about it not working unless it was in a dark situation, so if I put it up against my shirt there, it covers that light sensor. You can see it's going to come on but as soon as the light gets great enough, it goes right off . again, saving those batteries, making sure they last for a very long time.All in all I think this is an excellent light. I think it's going to save you a lot of hassle in running wires and things like that, to get to those spots where you just need a little bit more light to see and be able to get around safely. I like the different modes we can set it in so we can kind of customize it to what our needs are. All in all this would definitely be a light that I would own.

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Customer Reviews

Solar Powered LED Porch Light for RVs - Dusk-to-Dawn and Motion Sensors - Weatherproof - 800 Lumens - DG0168

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (18 Customer Reviews)

Motion-activated, solar powered LED porch light with dusk-to-dawn sensor provides lighting, safety, and security. 3 Preset modes let you customize the light to suit your needs. Solar panels charge the battery so there's no wiring required.


This is a great exterior light. We fastened it with screws toward the front of our toy hauler near the right bedroom window. It works perfectly for taking out our litte dogs at night, it gives us bright light in the middle of nowhere where we camp. The motion sensor is rather sensitive but we have light blocking mini blinds in the bedroom so it's not something that's a nuisance. We would buy again


Great addition to my Chinook’s exterior, when they lit. Unfortunately, they don’t hold charge very well, after few hours they just poop.


Very disappointed in this product. Falsely advertises that it is dusk to dawn. Product when in mode A, only provides a dim light for a few hours. It does not provide light that lasts "throughout the night" as advertised. The manual I receved with the product says it only last 5 hours. That is not dusk to dawn. Went on at 6:30 pm and went out by 9 PM.

I will not buy any more and am seriously considering returning this one

Etrailer Expert

Katrina B.


Well it looks like we missed that on the product information. I have checked the manual and it does indeed say that these turn on at dusk and last 5 hours. I have gotten this information added to our site for future reference.


The light is great. It is bright and easy to install. It was a great solution for adding a porch light to the Summerland travel trailer. The motion sensor is the answer for not having an i door switch


It looks nice as designed and it functions as advertised! The 2 brightness levels is a nice feature. Well spent money I think!


etrailer ships fast and has a good price. have not had time to use light yet but pleased with purchase and etrailer as well.


We chose this solar light to use on the front of a camper we are renovating. It will fit perfectly, and we tested it last night and it seemed perfect. It also appears to be well made. We haven't used it as intended yet, but I'm hoping it will do the job.


Works great and furnishes a bright light


These products are very well manufactured and operate great. I have never received anything from this company that was bad. Good job people.


Great light for my motor home. Love it!


Look nice but not yet installed









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    We do have some options for you to consider, although there is not an exterior sealed light that also has a switch. The only truly sealed light is the Optronics LED RV Exterior Scene Light # UCL41CB which is completely waterproof and is an LED light (which have lifetime warranties). It is a simple 2-wire light with one power and one ground wire and you would be able to run wiring for a switch inside your trailer with this light. The other option, if you do not want to run wires, is the...
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    The Opti-Brite LED Strip Light for RVs - Waterproof - 330 Lumens - Wedge Base - 9" Long # ILL78CBB uses 4.5 watts. This light has a two wire pigtail that could be wired to a dusk to dawn sensor, but we currently do not carry just the sensor. We do offer the Solar Powered LED Porch Light for RVs # DG0168 which is solar powered and has a dusk to dawn sensor on it.
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  • How To Power a 12 Volt Light In Camper Using 7-Way On Tow Vehcile
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  • Recommended White Motion Sensor LED RV Security Light
    For a white motion detector light I recommend the Solar Powered LED Porch Light for RVs # DG0168. This light has both motion detection sensor mode and dusk to dawn sensor mode to provide lighting, safety, and security. It is solar powered so you won't have to run any wires and has long-lasting SMD LEDs to create a bright, solid panel of light.
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