1. RV Drinking Water Hoses
  2. AquaFresh
  3. 15 Feet Long
  4. 1/2 Inch Diameter
  5. White
  6. High Pressure
AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose for RV - 15' Long x 1/2" Diameter - White Vinyl

AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose for RV - 15' Long x 1/2" Diameter - White Vinyl

Item # W01-5180
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Get faster water flow to your RV's plumbing with this 160-psi-rated fresh-water hose. Simply connect to your RV's city water inlet or fill the holding tank. Non-toxic material keeps water safe to drink, with no chemical tastes or odors. Lowest Prices for the best rv drinking water hoses from AquaFresh. AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose for RV - 15' Long x 1/2" Diameter - White Vinyl part number W01-5180 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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AquaFresh RV Drinking Water Hoses - W01-5180

  • 15 Feet Long
  • 1/2 Inch Diameter
  • White
  • AquaFresh
  • High Pressure
  • 160 psi

Get faster water flow to your RV's plumbing with this 160-psi-rated fresh-water hose. Simply connect to your RV's city water inlet or fill the holding tank. Non-toxic material keeps water safe to drink, with no chemical tastes or odors.


  • Hose runs clean, drinkable water to your RV's fresh-water plumbing
    • Connects to city water at your campsite
    • Can also be used to fill the fresh-water tank on your RV
  • Non-toxic material won't contaminate your drinking water
    • Won't affect the taste or smell of water
  • High-pressure rating allows for faster water flow
  • Threaded brass fittings resist rust and corrosion
    • Hose grip on fitting lets you hook up easily
  • Included seals install onto fittings to prevent leaking
  • Durable vinyl construction resists wear and damage
    • Flexible enough to easily wind and store in your RV
    • Compatible with thermostatically controlled heat tape (not included) to prevent freezing
  • NSF compliant
  • White color


  • Dimensions: 15' long x 1/2" inner diameter
  • Fitting diameter: 3/4"
  • Pressure rating: 160 psi
  • 10-Year warranty

W01-5180 Valterra Aqua Fresh RV Freshwater Hose - High Pressure - Taste Free and Odor Free - 15' Long x 0.50" Diameter - White Color

Video of AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose for RV - 15' Long x 1/2" Diameter - White Vinyl

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for AquaFresh RV High Pressure Drinking Water Hoses Review

What's going on, everybody, Adam here with etrailer today, we're going to be taking a look at some Valterra hoses. As you can see, we have a lot and even more in the warehouse to pick from. So whatever your guys's situation is, grab the right hose for you. Pretty much all the ones you see here are going to be drinking, water safe. So you're not going to have that weird taste. Whenever you hook up to your fresh water, fill up a glass of water.

You're not going to taste all that nasty stuff. It's made of a material which is going to be safe for you guys to drink. And you guys, aren't going to notice anything. It's going to be nice and fresh. So we are going to have a lot of different options.

Obviously some are different colors, but it just, just depends, a lot of sizes.So we have down here, we have the short 4 foots . If that is something you guys need, if you guys know that your hookup is really close to where you're going to park your camper, go ahead and grab the smaller ones. And of course we have 10, we have 5, 15, 25 and 50. We have a lot of different sizes for whatever meets your guys's needs. So whenever you guys hook up a lot of the time, the issue is your pressure.

So with the RVs, these are pretty much only really rated for about 60 PSI. That's what this camper is rated for. When they put these together initially at the factory or the dealership, wherever they're doing it, they actually go ahead and test the internal tubes of your plumbing system to about a hundred PSI. But we don't really want to push that. Luckily, all these hoses are going to have a rating of well over 60 PSI.Some are even double some even triple so, as you guys can see right here, all the white ones are going to have about 160 PSI, but we are going to have some that are going to have a little bit less.

For instance, we have this one right here. It doesn't have that blue little stripe on it. This is only going to be about 120 PSI. And then we are going to have one that is going to be a five-eighth inch diameter, which is a little bit bigger than what the internal plumbing tubes of your RV are. Usually there are about a half of an inch in diameter and that's pretty much every other hose here is going to be about a half an inch in diameter. A lot of the times, it's not really your guys's fault. Sometimes they just don't have a whole lot of pressure coming out of the spicket that you guys are hooking up to.And you can't really do a whole lot about that, but sometimes there's a lot of pressure and we want to regulate it. Valterra does also make a regulator just to protect the inside of your plumbing on your camper, just because it gets really, really expensive. So we definitely want to take care of that as much as we can. Well, let's just say everything's good, but we're having issues. A lot of the times it is restricting due to kinks in our hose. So with these, they aren't really going to kink up too bad. Maybe after a couple summers, it gets really, really hot and there's a lot of water in it. Maybe you have a really steep angle and it starts to kink up at the bottom. If that is something you guys run into, they actually do have an easy coil hose. So this one is not going to kink up whatsoever in my opinion, just because it coils up really nicely like this, and it's going to be a lot easier to store.I don't necessarily like rolling up my hose at my house. And I can definitely think that I don't want to roll it up and try to find a storage space for it. So this one definitely is going to be the smallest and most compact, the highest PSI rating is going to be the black hoses here. We're actually going to get about 195 PSI with these hoses. And that's a working PSI limit, meaning constant pressure, but it actually can hold up to a hundred, 375 first of PSI, which I don't really recommend just because it's almost quadruple the rating of our RV here. So if you guys plan on hooking up to something with that much pressure, definitely get the regulator because you don't want to blow the inside of your plumbing. So that is that we have a lot of different sizes, 5, 10, 15, of course.And then also we're going to have the little blue ones here. And these are just going to be for you guys who have issues with your hoses, kinking, maybe like right at the fitting, as you can see here, we do have a little cover over top of it. That's just going to help it from flexing and everything like that. So that is an issue for you guys. We do have a bunch of different sizes that are going to have that feature, and that might help you guys out. Looking back at the white ones here, we are going to pretty much have the same exact deal, a lot of different options, and it's going to be just the standard fitting. So you don't really have to worry about buying a converter or anything like that. It'll just go right into your regulator or right up to your inlet for your water and it'll hook right up.There really isn't a whole lot to this stuff. Main thing with it is it's going to resist against kinking and everything like that. You have all the right sizes that you need, and it's going to be able to rate up to the right PSI that we need for the camper. And of course all these are drinking water safe. So you're not going to taste any of that stuff. That's pretty much it. Now we're going to go ahead and do a test. We tested the trailer water over there and we are getting about 60 PSI straight out of the spicket over there on the side of our building. So the test we're going to be doing is I'm going to take a 50 foot hose. And if 50 foot hose, this one's going to be about five-eighths in diameter. And this one's going to be about a half inch in diameter.We're going to see if there's any difference between the two, run the sink, run the shower, and then see what's going on. All of it is going to be monitored by of a Valterra PSI gauge here. And this is just going to go in between your hose and the connection on your RV, but I'm also going to be using another Valterra product. And that's just a 90, and this is just going to make it a little bit easier on your hose, just so we don't have any kinking, just because you hook it straight up here. It's got to go down. So with this, it's already facing down. It's just going to eliminate any issues we might run into. So I'm going to go ahead, put these down, hook this up.Make sure it's nice and tight. All right. I'm going to hook up my regulator, not my regulator, but my gauge to the regulator. Make sure that's nice and tight should be good. Now the thing about this regulator that doesn't really loosen it or anything so I can get it kind of loosened up enough to where I get nice and tight and it's facing out. So I don't really have to read your end it to see, and we're going to start with the five-eighth inch diameter hose this up, and we're going to need the other side.And this is a fresh hose. It's not too warm out. So it isn't as flexible as it could be. The nice thing again about this regulator is I don't have to twist this to get it all tightened up. This isn't going to loosen anything up top shaft just turns, which is really convenient, putting less stress on the joint to where it goes into our RV here. All right. So I'm going to go ahead and hook this up to our spicket over there by our shop. Nice and easy. The wheel goes on there pretty easily. And now we're ready to go. Well, we have pretty much 60 PSI at this point right here. So we are not losing any pressure with the five-eighth inch hose, but I'm really curious to see what the pressure looks like inside the RV. So let's go ahead. Let's go check it out. That's plenty of pressure.Definitely nothing under the norm. I would definitely say that, Especially with the five-eighth inch hose, we are pretty much good. Not losing any pressure at all, but we have one more check to make, and that's the shower. Obviously, not as good as at home, but half of that is honestly more than half of that is the shower head it's literally made to conserve water, but I could definitely shower on that.All right, now we're going to go ahead and test the half inch hose. You guys know the drill. We're going to hook it up, hook it up to the same exact water supply that we did earlier. We're going to see if we have 60 PSI at this gauge here. I am optimistic. I think we aren't going to lose much at all, but who knows I guess that's why we're here to test it for you guys. All right. Nice and tight. I'm going to go hook this up and then we'll test 60 PSI. So we didn't lose any PSI even with the smaller hose, but again, let's go check it out on the inside. Same result. Plenty of pressure. Yeah, Definitely no fluctuations between the two different size houses. Well, let's go ahead. We'll go check out the shower. Same exact deal. Definitely very consistent between the two different size hoses and also pretty consistent with the water hookup that we are using right now. Obviously that's going to vary depending on where you guys are at and how many people are hooked up to that water source. It might fluctuate a little bit as people use more or less, but all in all between the two different sized hoses, they pretty much operate the same. If you guys are just looking for a hose to connect your camper to the fresh water port at whatever campsite you guys are at, we definitely got you covered. We've got all the lengths you guys would need for wherever you guys may be. Or if you guys are just looking to solve a problem, whether it's just your hose is leaking or it's not long enough, or that water that comes out of it isn't necessarily the best tasting water, or if it kinks up on you, a lot of different issues that come with hose. And I definitely think that these are going to solve a lot of those issues for you. So hopefully you guys go our website, grab whatever one you want, and then we can go ahead and help you guys out. Other than that, that's pretty much it for our look at the Volterra freshwater hose.

Customer Reviews

AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose for RV - 15' Long x 1/2" Diameter - White Vinyl - W01-5180

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (97 Customer Reviews)

Get faster water flow to your RV's plumbing with this 160-psi-rated fresh-water hose. Simply connect to your RV's city water inlet or fill the holding tank. Non-toxic material keeps water safe to drink, with no chemical tastes or odors.

- W01-5180

I use this to transfer water from rain barrels to support a vegetable garden with a 1/4 hp pump. Threads are still good after one year and hose remains flexible.

Still 5 stars. Remains flexible unless its VERY cold. No leaks.
Dan O - 07/01/2021

- W01-5180

While I am not making major purchases, I keep going back to ETrailer because they are Worry/Hassle free, as well as Quick & Efficient!!!!!!

- W01-5180

I had a hard time finding a short water safe hose but etrailer had one at good price, and even with shipping to Canada. I have ordered many things from etrailer with good before sale support and delivery to Canada. Can't beat that!

- W01-5180

Nice and perfect length.

- W01-5180

AquaFresh drinking hose is used to carry fresh water into a RV. This 15 foot hose was needed for the length and worked out just right. Great product for our needs.

- W01-5180

It's a nice short White Hose. I use exclusively for water fill. Short, easy to store. White, Hard to get confused w/ other hoses. I use this for my drinking water. No issues.

- W01-5180

No kinks and appears to be holding pressure without issue. Delivery was timely and follow up was provided- and appreciated.

- W01-5180

Hose was in good shape, however, we didn't need to use it as our water tank was full from the dealer and we didn't have water available at our campsite. Will be using it next time.

- W01-5180

Order came quickly . . .we're camping in 2 weeks and give better feedback then after using items.

- W01-5180

I needed a longer hose than was provided by Maytag, for my steam dryer. Just hooked it up, time will tell , hope it doesn't blow out . The quality looks good! I was impressed at how fast I recieved it.

- W01-5180

Good prices and fast delivery. Good quality parts, everything works perfect.

- W01-5180

Still don’t understand the difference in the white hose and the grey hose but thank you for such a rapid delivery.

This white water hose is designed to provide your RV or camper with drinking water and connects to the campers fresh water tank. Fresh Water hoses are made with materials that are safe to run drinking water through. A gray hose like part # W01-4300
Valterra Flushing Hose for RV Sewer System - Gray - 1/2" Inner Diameter - 25' Long
is designed to allow you to flush your gray and black water tanks. Flushing hoses are not made from food-safe materials. Typically they are gray in color as a visual reminder not to use them for drinking water or to connect to your fresh water tank.
-- Etrailer Expert Victoria B - 11/14/2019

- W01-5180

Very pleased with the quality of this product. A 15' hose safe for drinking water is hard to find elsewhere.

- W01-5180

- W01-5180

Great service! Prompt delivery of the exact item I was looking for. Highly recommend this site!

- W01-5180

Exactly what we needed. Fast and easy ordering and fast delivery with constant updates on my package.

- W01-5180

- W01-5180

Is the proper length, doesn't leak, so it is fine.

- W01-5180

Great product and excellent service!

- W01-5180


- W01-8600

Review from a similar High Pressure Drinking Water Hose in RV Drinking Water Hoses

What can I say, other than it is a hose and works great! I use it to fill my travel trailer water tank at home before heading out so I don’t have to wait in line at the campgrounds to fill. It is nice having a dedicated potable water hose at home. The hose has remained pretty flexible in a years use, and has not become stiff nor does it give me a hard time uncoiling it when needed.

- W01-6300

Review from a similar High Pressure Drinking Water Hose in RV Drinking Water Hoses

Although the used trailer came with a drinking water hose, I wanted my own new set. I ordered these. Turned out really well - durable but easy to unroll and connect. Perfect for what I had in mind.

- W01-5048

Review from a similar High Pressure Drinking Water Hose in RV Drinking Water Hoses

Can't beat the service and follow up of the people at etrailer. Your company is the first I would consider when looking to purchase!

- W01-8048

Review from a similar High Pressure Drinking Water Hose in RV Drinking Water Hoses

Seems to be made well with built in hose reinforcement.

- W01-8048

Review from a similar High Pressure Drinking Water Hose in RV Drinking Water Hoses

Just what I was looking for I always am very close to water supply me and the long hoses don't get along.

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