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Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe RV Cover for 5th Wheel Toy Haulers up to 26' Long - Gray

Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe RV Cover for 5th Wheel Toy Haulers up to 26' Long - Gray

Item # 052963753639
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Classic Accessories RV Covers - 052963753639
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Throw this storage cover over your fifth wheel to protect it from rain and snow while you're storing it in between camping trips. The cover secures with the integrated straps and adjustable tension panels so it won't flap in the wind. Great Prices for the best rv covers from Classic Accessories. Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe RV Cover for 5th Wheel Toy Haulers up to 26' Long - Gray part number 052963753639 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Classic Accessories RV Covers - 052963753639

  • Storage Covers
  • Fifth Wheel Cover
  • Travel Trailer Cover
  • Toy Hauler Cover
  • 23 Feet Long
  • 24 Feet Long
  • 25 Feet Long
  • 26 Feet Long
  • Gray
  • Better UV/Dust/Weather Protection
  • Classic Accessories
  • Passenger Side Access

Throw this storage cover over your fifth wheel to protect it from rain and snow while you're storing it in between camping trips. The cover secures with the integrated straps and adjustable tension panels so it won't flap in the wind.


  • Cover shields your 5th-wheel toy hauler from rain and snow during short-term storage
    • Lessens the need for frequent washing, waxing, and roof treatments
    • Extends the life of your 5th wheel and helps maintain resale value
  • Weather-resistant, 3-ply PolyPro top panel eliminates interior buildup of condensation
    • Blocks mild sunlight that can cause cracking and fading
    • Beads water on contact to prevent pooling and freezing
  • Reinforced elastic hem stretches over the corners of your 5th wheel for a snug look
  • Integrated straps and panels prevent it from flapping in the wind and damaging your 5th wheel
    • Straps buckle to secure the cover onto your 5th wheel
    • Adjustable tension panels on the front and rear of the cover remove any excess slack
  • Zippered panels on the passenger's side give you easy access to the inside of your 5th wheel
  • Built-in, breathable vents reduce the interior buildup of mold and mildew
  • Ladder cap helps keep the cover from tearing at that sharp point
  • Included storage bag let you stash the cover away at the start of the camping season


  • Application: Model 2 5th-wheel toy haulers that are 23' - 26' long
  • Overall height: 8' 10-1/2"
  • 3-Year warranty

You're worried about your fifth-wheel toy hauler getting wet and dirty in storage before your next camping trip. Whether you're storing your fifth wheel in the rainy northwest, snowy north, or humid south, this weather-resistant cover is designed for use in extremely wet climates so your fifth wheel will be protected. When you keep your fifth wheel covered, you are less likely to need to wash and wax it in between trips. And if you want to trade your fifth wheel in for a newer model later down the road, this cover will help maintain that resale value.

Classic Accessories PolyPro Cover Material

The 3-ply PolyPro top panel has moisture-wicking technology that vents condensation away to reduce moisture buildup that can damage your fifth wheel over time. It also beads water when it rains to stop it from pooling or freezing, which eliminate the black streaks and corrosion you tend to see on the sides and roof of your fifth wheel. And when the rain stops, the fabric dries quickly in mild sunlight to minimize the development of mold and mildew.

How to Measure Your Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler

To determine if this cover will work for you, measure the overall length of your fifth wheel from the very front to the rear bumper, making sure you're accounting for any spare tire carriers and ladders on the back. The cover isn't meant to fit over the kingpin of your fifth wheel, so don't include it in your measurements. Then measure the overall height from the bottom of your fifth wheel to the top. Do not include any AC units, vents, or antennas in your height measurement, as the cover is already designed to accommodate them.

Securing the Cover onto Your Fifth-Wheel Toy Hauler

The included ladder cap helps prevent the cover from splitting on that area of the fifth wheel so install it first. Then unroll the cover and carefully spread it evenly around your fifth wheel, making sure you don't pull too hard and tear the fabric. When you're putting the cover on your RV, the brand logo should be positioned at the front of your rig.

Once the cover is in place, wrap the elasticized hem on the cover around the bottom corners of your fifth wheel to remove any excess slack in the material. Adjust the tension panels on the front and rear of the cover with the ropes until the cover fits snugly around the contours of your fifth wheel. Then secure the cover with the integrated straps to prevent it from flapping in the wind and damaging the paint job. The tension panels will help reduce the stress on the cover while you're tightening the straps.

Classic Accessories PolyPro Zippered Access Door

And if you still need to winterize, you can use the zippered panels on the passenger's side to easily access the interior of your fifth wheel without having to completely remove the cover.

75363 Classic Accessories Poly Pro 3 Deluxe 5th Wheel Cover - Grey and White

Video of Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe RV Cover for 5th Wheel Toy Haulers up to 26' Long - Gray

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe RV Cover Review

Hey everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer and today we have the Classic Accessories PolyPro III. This is going to be a deluxe RV cover that is available in different shapes and sizes for your different RVs. Today we're gonna take a look at its different features as well as show you how to install this onto your own RV and then you can decide if this is going to be the best fit for you. This cover is available in different shapes and different sizes. It depends on if you have a travel trailer or a class C motor home or a fifth wheel. It's very important to get the right cover for those specific types of RVs.

We do have a cool fit guide here at where we put in your year make model and then get the fit for you. And they're designed specifically for those different types of motor homes in how they have different straps, different tension panels, as well as different shapes. The very first question is why would you need an RV cover Well, we'll see these a lot in RV parking lots during the off season. So if you're not planning on using your motor home or your trailer for months at a time you'll see people putting these covers on them and they'll do that because it takes a lot of time to put on, but it preserves or helps take care of your RV while it's parked because usually it's exposed to the elements. You'll have sun, you'll have snow, you'll have rain beating down on your RV, and you wanna make sure that you can prevent as much of that as possible.

So if you're hoping to keep your motor home or your trailer around for a good amount of time that's when you start investing in these. The way this specific RV cover does that is through its material. So the name of the PolyPro III comes from its triple ply poly material so there's gonna be a single ply through a lot of it, that's gonna be for breathability because you don't want mildew or condensations be accumulating around your motor home. You still want that breathability, but on top you have that triple ply material and that's gonna be what does most of the work for protecting your motor home from the elements. Most of that triple ply is on the top and you can see here that material.

This is gonna be a nonwoven polypropylene fabric and this is what's going to help with that snow, with that rain and with that dirt. But if you lift over the sides of that triple ply fabric you'll also see the wind vents and that's to help reduce wind stress. So if it's a gusty or there's a lot of wind that day, you're not stressing out that fabric. It's just flowing through and also it's there to help reduce that inside moisture. Along with protection, you also have easy access.

So there's zippered panels throughout the RV covers where there are most likely to be doors. So, and I've actually experienced this once. The motor home was already winterized and packed up in a way and parked somewhere, but we forgot something inside. So rather than having to take the RV cover off completely we we're able to sneak into the motor home, grab what we needed, and then simply zip it right back up without having to go through the whole process again. The downside though is that it is the process to get over your motor home, especially once you get to the much larger trailers and motor homes. Also, you might not cover everything with this RV cover so I do recommend getting this in addition to wheel covers if you want that complete protection. So if you like the PolyPro III material that this is made out of if you like that adjustability to make a more custom fit over your trailer and you're okay with a rather intense process of getting this set up, especially the first time that process can range from 50 minutes to about 45 minutes depending on the size of your trailer and how much help you have with getting this set up. Well, let's go take a look at that process. Before installing or even ordering your RV cover it's very important to make sure you get the right cover for your trailer or motor home. In this case, we we're able to use the fit guide here at, put in the year, make and model of your motor home and then we suggest the right fit for you and you can also measure your motor home manually and then check out our description where we explain which covers fit which length RVs. Be careful when opening up your cover because this is vacuum sealed. Now you can hear there I punctured the lip of that vacuum seal away from the cover. So I wasn't worried about cutting up the cover, that lets air in and now we can fully unwrap. Taking out the ribbon, we're then going to unfold this cover beside our motor home. Having it as close to the motor home as you can is helpful. We're then going to look at which side is the top and which side's the inside. So pulling it up loosely and grabbing the front end of the cover, I was able to climb on top of the motor home, put that over that motor home and then walk myself backwards lifting the RV cover over. I had a friend out on a ladder just to help maneuver the cover over corners like the awning as well as the air conditioning unit. There was definitely some snags there. But after I got the main bulk of the cover I was able to just continue fine tuning, getting those corners in place, pulling. Definitely took a lot of work with moving the ladders back and forth but all in all, didn't take that long. Finishing up the setup of our cover there's some small things that Classic Accessories does with their RV covers. Some of them have a triple zipper system, that way, if your class C motor home does not have mirrors that can be pushed or folded in you're still able to secure the cover around the mirror. This specific cover does not have that feature but fortunately our mirror is foldable so I didn't have to worry about them. I like to do the zippers first and then go onto the straps. And if you have a fifth wheel you would do the front strap first before you do any of the other tension panels or straps. After you pull tight on the straps you're gonna have some excess strap. It's good to tie that off as much as you can. You do have a little strap keeper at the end of your strap. The downside is it's made of plastic, so it breaks pretty easily. When all your main straps are tightened down, you're also able to utilize the elasticized corners that's gonna fit around your bumper and the corners of your vehicle. This is reinforced with some of that PolyPro material so it's not just a single ply canvas material you have on the outside. That's very important because the corners is where you're most likely to rip RV covers. I haven't even been super careful with this RV cover. I've been able to pull it and yank it in different directions and it's held up really well. But once you have those corners in, you can also use the hook and loop strap to secure your zippers and do that all around. Included with your cover is this secondary bag. This bag is there so you could put your straps inside of it. I would use my own little plastic bag for it since it's a little on the large side. But the straps are to be used with your center tension panels and these straps consist of two buckles on each end of a long strap. You also get this single toss bag, so for the toss bag you'd fill that up with rocks or whatever item has a similar weight and then cinch it tight. And some of the bags have a buckle that you can clip one into. Our bag does not have that buckle so I had to tie a loose knot around the end of it. Once I've done that I then connect the other end of the strap. I buckle that in, I grab the toss bag and I throw it underneath the RV to the other end as far as I can get it. That should make it easier to buckle on the other side. And here is what our cover looks like all set up. Now adjusting the straps underneath the RV cover definitely took a lot of time because there we're a lot of straps for those tension panels plus the toss bag that was included with this RV cover after using it a couple times, it already got torn up from the grittiness of the parking lot as well as from the rocks that we're inside. We we're able to throw the buckles on their own underneath the motor home without any issues. So if you get enough practice you can do that instead of utilizing that aspect. But other than that, everything seated pretty well over our motor home. It did take some time and it did take a little bit of finagling to get everything correctly over the different corners, but once you got it in place, you're good to go. Now a quick comparison with some other options you might be considering as a cover for your trailer. Something that I would compare would be the ADCO Olefin HD and the main difference is going to be that the Olefin has rain gutter caps and ladder caps. That is something that the Classic Accessories does not have. Another main difference though is gonna be the material. So this uses the PolyPro III material while ADCO uses the Olefin material, they look slightly different. They have the same functions. Some people think that the Classic Accessories is a bit more breathable while the ADCO might have more beading of the water upon contact properties, I personally think that they're very similar. Any RV cover is better than no RV cover. So for me, the adjustability of the Classic Accessories is where it really shines. But if I had some sharp rain gutters I would prefer the Olefin instead. So if you are looking for a way to protect your trailer from the elements whenever it is stored, this is gonna be a great option for you. All the materials as well as all the adjustability works together to protect your motor home and it's an investment of both time and money. Now with that being said, the most, most, most important thing is getting the right fit for your trailer and that's where we can help you out with that. This was a look at the Classic Accessories Polypro III Deluxe RV cover here at My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoy the journey.

Customer Reviews

Classic Accessories PolyPro III Deluxe RV Cover for 5th Wheel Toy Haulers up to 26' Long - Gray - 052963753639

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (100 Customer Reviews)

Throw this storage cover over your fifth wheel to protect it from rain and snow while you're storing it in between camping trips. The cover secures with the integrated straps and adjustable tension panels so it won't flap in the wind.


Excellent product I sold my fifth wheel and bought a tounge pull and subsequently bought another cover from you.Very happy with this product as well. I have bought several thousand dollars worth of your products and have never been disappointed.


Good durable product. Surprisingly, the white top allowed enough light that my solar panel still partly functioned! My only negative was being unable to size it close enough length wise. Required some creative folding to close securely.
Over all - would definitely recommend.


We received our cover for the Class C unit yesterday, December 14, and realizing we are expecting a snow storm tomorrow so my wife and I completed the installation today.

We read the directions and had no choice but to complete the installation on a windy cold day. Very challenging experience unfolding this large cover while standing on the roof of a Jayco Redhawk with a wind chill of 14 degrees. Once I had it done with the front in the correct position my wife advised me that the cover is "inside out". At that point, this event became more challenging while I flipped it over in the wind. OMG.....I lived.

Attached are photos of the completed project that took roughly 2 hours and another hour to reposition and adjust the straps.

I have 2 suggestions:
#1-The front is marked with a tag. However, I wish it was apparent, while standing on the roof, what side was the exterior. My wife at ground level recognized the zipper was in the wrong position.
#2-You supplied a really nice bag that we fill with rocks. We used this, as instructed, to toss under the motor home once we clipped one end of the strap. It would be beneficial if this little bag had a "strap clip attached" so I did not have to tie each strap to the string.

Well tomorrow we are getting 6-8 inch of snow and my Redhawk is now covered. Yahoo:)
Thank you for providing a nice cover.


Seems to be holding up very very well, the only thing you have to watch out for is bottom corners that are a little bit sharp will cut right through the cover material when you tighten it down if you’re not careful. It would help if maybe the bottom 12 or 18 inches of the cover all the way around were reinforced with maybe a heavier canvas or something to prevent this issue. As of right now I am very happy overall with my cover.


Great cover. Vented at the top. Zippers in all the right places to accommodate doors no matter where they are. Cover is breathable and seems to be great quality. Straps on the front and back pull the cover tight and it has several straps that go underneath to keep the cover from ever blowing off. The cover is soft and won't damage the trailer. The picture is a 20 foot cover on our Rockwood 2109S.


Looks great so far. Didn't take long to install. Great fit!


Well designed, plenty of tiedowns w/ excellent anchors. Zippers in convenient places for door access. Zippers have velcro guards to prevent accidental unzipping. Comes in a storage bag with an additional protective cover that would work for a small A/C. We use it to protect the TV antenna sharp edges. Fabric is thin, but fine for the price.


Just finished installing the cover and was a very easy install, did it by myself with no problems, only difficult part was one of the straps was in between the axels, just had to snake the strap over the leaf springs. The cover looks to be durable, all parts there except for a buckle that was supposed to be attached to the toss bag. Now I wait and see if this cover will survive a Maine winter.


Recieved my cover on Saturday put it on on Sunday. 2 problems I encountered, 1 the ladder cover is to small, could not use. 2nd when I took it out of the box I couldn't figure out the front from the back, had to unfold it to find the logo. fits nicely, we will see how it does, suppose to snow this week! Thanks for excellent service I receive from e-trailer
Will purchase from you again.


This is my first trailer cover I have bought and this is my first online review. I have a home built trailer that I was hoping to get a cover that was weather resistant, mainly waterproof. I usually buy a $xx harbor freight tarp to cover my 20 foot trailer in the fall and replace it in the spring. I bought this cover thinking it would have a good amount of rain protection for my trailer and last 3 years so I wouldn't have to buy tarps every year. But this cover is a dust cover and a will keep it the sun off your trailer. If that is something you are looking for it would be great for you, but I was hoping to have some water resistance. etrailer shipped quickly and it arrived in the box.


good price w/3 yr. warr., zippered door acc., w/vents on top, secure straps under trailer.customer service that kept me updated which a person can`t put a price on,great job!


First cover purchased for my camper looks nice fits well it is just a little bit big but the next size down would have been too small so this had to be the one it works, seams like it will hold up and best thing is its breathable. Etrailer is a great site to order things threw I have purchased over three or four orders now and will continue to buy from them. Orders are always fast and customer service is great.


The cover is perfect for my motor coach. I had my coach cleaned and added the cover so it will be ready to go next time I take a trip


Absolute piece of crap. Didn't even last a year before tears and stitching failures everywhere.


I would say the cover fits my 2018 Winnebago View 24D very well. The instructions say that the front-most zippers on both sides should actually be three zippers to allow a person to leave an opening for the side-view mirrors; my cover does not have this. Also, there are nine places where straps can be tossed under the rv to help make the cover stay in place better, but the cover only comes with six of the straps. We’ll see how it survives the winter, but I am happy with the fit.


All the seams ripped within the first three months. would not recommend.


The cover work perfect on our Riverside Retro travel trailer. We have an odd size to try and fit. The cover was easy to put on and directions were easy to understand. I would recommend buying a cover from trailer. Amy listen to what I needed and made the right choice for us.


Purchased a year ago. It does what want it to, Keeps the sun and weather off of my camper. However, some high winds passed and ripped in a couple of places. But it is still on the camper and still working for now. Hopefully will get another year use out of it.


e awesome to work with


We are going into our second winter with our cover. so far so good, it is keeping our unit clean + dry . The unit is stored in a windy area, one thing we have discovered is holes being chaffed in areas that are somewhat sharp ie bumper ends ,cab corners etc. This year we addressed all possibilities . Too bad they didnt supply a little patch kit with product , I love the little vents under the top cover edges it certainly helps the air flow underneath cover. Overall the cover is a good product + meeting our expectations Dave C Vancouver Island


I have a 2016 Winnebago View 24J and I bought this cover to keep the dust, pollen, and rain spray off the RV. After standing for weeks, the RV gets pretty dirty and I didn't want to have to take three hours to wash it before leaving on a trip. This cover fits better than expected. Mind you it does not fit as smoothly and tight as the photo in the ad shows. Both the front and the back material bunches up, but the two straps hold it down firmly. However, the sides and the top are nice and taught. Also, the 7 or 8 tie down lines that wraps under the RV ensures that a gust of wind does not blow it off like a balloon. (That has happened to me with a cover on a car.) The material is the quality I expected and should keep it pretty clean. (The RV is parked under a metal vehicle port.)


This fit my 21' RV perfectly. The adjust straps on either end made it fit snug.
The under carriage straps made it easy to tie down. The zippered panels made it easy to get into. An all around good investment. I have bought several items from etrailer and been satisfied with them all. Easy to deal with, fast shipping, good products.


I ordered the RV cover after input from etrailer that it would meet my needs and stand up to the wind and rain we experience in the Northwest. This is the first cover that I’ve installed yet found to to be an easy and intuitive process. There are plenty of straps securing the cover and I have no doubt it will handle moderate wind. The zippers are numerous and provide access to the trailer where needed. The material seems to be durable though I’ve not had the cover long enough to see how well it holds up. The etrailer staff made the purchase easy and answered all questions that I had.


Business handled the way it used to be and should be!! Prompt (same day) response to acknowledge order and to verify shipment. They followed up to make sure the package was received and that the customer got what they expected. These guys put the big companies to shame.....!!! Highly recommended!!


Great cover! Covered 30’ trailer last winter. Survived rain, wind and snow. Cover looked like new when we took it off. Cover goes on easy (2nd person helps) and comes off easy. Just pay attention how it’s folded.

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