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Adco Designer Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Tan - Qty 4

Adco Designer Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Tan - Qty 4

Item # 290-3961
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RV Tire Covers
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290-3961 - Tan ADCO Single Axle
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Throw these covers over your RV or trailer tires and wheels to protect them during off-season storage or when parked for a long camping trip. Water-repellent material prevents tires from dry rotting in the sun and wheels from corroding in the rain. Great Prices for the best rv tire covers from ADCO. Adco Designer Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Tan - Qty 4 part number 290-3961 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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ADCO RV Tire Covers - 290-3961

  • Single Axle
  • 33 Inch Tires
  • 34 Inch Tires
  • 35 Inch Tires
  • Best UV/Dust/Weather Protection
  • Vinyl
  • 4 Covers
  • Tan
  • ADCO

Throw these covers over your RV or trailer tires and wheels to protect them during off-season storage or when parked for a long camping trip. Water-repellent material prevents tires from dry rotting in the sun and wheels from corroding in the rain.


  • Covers shield your tires and wheels from the elements when your RV or trailer is parked for an extended time
    • Protects your tires from dry rot, premature sidewall cracking, and blowouts
    • Protects your wheels from corrosion and road salt
  • Heavy-duty, water-repellent vinyl material has double-needle stitching and overlapping seams
    • Flannel backing won't scratch or dent your wheels
    • 2-Tone tan color scheme provides your RV with a simple, clean look
  • Hook-and-loop straps and elastic hem ensure a tight, snug fit around your tires
    • Prevents the covers from flapping in the wind and damaging your wheels
  • Quick and easy, slip-on design


  • Application: 33" - 35" diameter tires
  • Quantity: 4 covers
  • 3-Year warranty

Adco RV Tire and Wheel Covers

Worried about the tires on your fifth wheel dry rotting in the intense desert sun during a long camping trip? Or perhaps you're storing a boat trailer in the northeast, and you're concerned about your wheels rusting after a series of snowstorms? These water-repellent covers protect the tire-and-wheel assemblies from dust, dirt, and the elements while your RV, camper, or trailer is parked or stored for an extended period of time. By keeping your tires covered, it'll prevent the sidewall from prematurely cracking and causing a blowout on the highway. This will extend the life of your tires, so you won't have to unexpectedly budget in a costly tire replacement.

This heavy-duty vinyl material is water repellent, so it'll hold up against rain showers, snow flurries, and humidity during storage. The covers are reinforced with double-needle stitching and overlapping seams for extra durability, so it won't rip easily. And the material is easy to wipe clean before putting it away at the start of the camping season.

Making Sure the Cover Will Fit Your Tires

Adco RV Tire and Wheel Covers Dimensional Diagram

These tire-and-wheel covers are designed to fit 33" - 35" diameter assemblies with a 19-1/2"wheel.

Securing the Covers onto Your Tire-and-Wheel Assemblies

Adco RV Tire and Wheel Covers Bungee Cords

These covers are quick and easy to install. If you have larger tire-and-wheel assemblies, it's recommended to lay the covers in the sun for a few minutes. This will let the material expand slightly, so it'll fit over your tires more easily. Once the covers are in place on your tires, thread the hook-and-loop straps through the built-in brass grommets on the back and pull tight to remove any excess slack in the material. These straps and the elastic hem prevent the covers from flapping in the wind, and the soft flannel backing won't damage your wheels' paint job.

3961 Adco Designer Series Tire Guard Trailer and RV Wheel Covers - Fits 33" to 35" Diameter Tires - Tan

Video of Adco Designer Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Tan - Qty 4

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Adco Designer Series Tyre Gard RV Wheel Covers Review

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're gonna checking out the Adco Tyre Gard. Now these are gonna work on RVs and motor homes. And the one we're gonna be working with today is gonna be the one that fits from 30 to 32 inch diameter wheels. You see, we have one of 'em installed already. It's gonna be a nice way to protect that tire if you've already winterized your rig and it's sitting out there.

You wanna cover up those tires so the UV Ray don't bother them. It doesn't dry rot and the elements don't get to 'em. It's gonna be a good way to cover that up. Let's check it out. Now, right away let's just go into how it installs, because you wanna get this on there as quickly as you can.

You don't want it to be a pain. So, looking at it, make sure it's got like a bungee top here. So it's stretchable. So it's not just one of those covers that you're gonna have to stretch out yourself. It can be kind of a pain to put on there.

So I like that, that you have a little bit of mobility to like stretch it out and put it over there. The inside's got felt so it's gonna protect your tire on there too. So it's not just this part that's gonna be rubbing against the tire and wheel. So you don't have to worry about scratches with that. It's gonna be nice and insulated and help out that tire.

So, all we're gonna have to do is stretch it out like this, come down to the tire and just kinda put it over the top. Now it's gonna take me a little bit on this one just because we have low clearance with the wheel well. It's kind of getting in the way, but I just slowly work it back there. The cover just goes right on. So again, it's not really the cover that's gonna be difficult on this one. It's just the low clearance I have, but the Bungee or the stretchability on the back makes it far easier to get this started. So just kinda working it on both sides of the tire and then pull it down over the tire. Okay. Look around the back here. There we go. The other nice thing I wanna point out while I'm here is I still got the tire chocked so I didn't have to remove this to put the tire on or the cover on the tire. So I like that. That's not gonna be a dangerous thing to unchock it and have to completely put the tire on here, cuz you wanna be able to take these off pretty easily too just in case you need to move it around. So I got that sorted. I'm gonna come back on this side, get this adjusted. There we go. Now with it pulled down you get this strap, it has a hook and loop on it. So this is gonna go around the backside tire and hook up to this side if you can see over here. So I'm just gonna put this around there. Keep it to the bottom of the tire, try and push it over there. Then I'll come back here, bring it across. There have been some comments on the sites that the strap could be a little bit longer. We didn't have any problem on our front tire. Looks like it's still gonna make contact on the back tire, albeit not fully covering the hook and loop. So it looks like 25% of it is gonna make contact and hold it right there. Now I can come back here and just kinda try and pull it down a little bit. Maybe get a little more out of it for that strap. There is also eyelets at the bottom and you could run a bungee that way too. If the strap's just not making enough contact and pulling tight enough for you you can run a bungee to really pull that in together. Taking a closer look at the Tyre Gards. So these are gonna be made out of a water resistant vinyl. So if it rains or something it's just gonna run right off of there. And that's same with the snow. It's not gonna stick to it as well. It's also two tone as you can see, tan. So it's got the light tan here and the darker tan at the bottom. We've got the double stitching all around. It even has a seal over it. So all these lines you can see are gonna have that double stitching underneath there. I like that it's not pulled super tight, you don't have to worry like it's gonna rip, you know, when you. Sometimes the form fitting ones are nice, because they go right over there. But then when you go to remove 'em or put 'em on, sometimes you might pull a little too hard and rip it, then you've ruined your cover. Cuz the whole point is cover up your tires so that the UV rays don't break it down. It doesn't dry dry rot and it doesn't have dirt build up either. You don't want any of those issues, because tires on, tires in general are kind of expensive and you don't have to buy those or even mess with putting a new one on. Why not protect it when it's the not new So if you're leaving it, your rig, out all winter and you don't want those tires breaking down. You don't have to deal with that when you go to open it up and bring it out for the first time the next spring. One thing to look at is your tire size. So you're gonna get the tape measure out if you're not sure what size you have. I'm just gonna go side to side and get the diameter of the tire to know which cover I need to the order. Cuz they do have a bunch of different covers for a bunch of different sizes. Then it goes from 18 to 45. So looks like our tire here, if I go end to end, from there to there, is about 30 inches. So I know I need to get the one that's between 30 and 32 inches. And that's what I got. So that's why it fits so well. That's a little more baggy on this one. I imagine it'll get a little bit tighter the closer you get to 32. Overall I ended up really liking these Tyre Gards. The important things for me, they we're easy to put on there and they felt like they we're durable. So with the double stitching and just messing with the material didn't feel like they we're gonna be so tight that they we're just gonna rip if I had pulled a little too hard on either direction. That can always be a pain. So those we're addressed. I like the way that they fit on there. And I like that I can leave the wheel chock. It covers that up too. So it's not an issue to take that on or put that off, Because you wanna be able to easily take it off there when it's time to bust this out and clean it up and get ready to go back out for spring. But right now, as you can tell by the way I'm dressed, it's not spring. So we're just gonna leave this like this for the winter. And I know that the tires should be just fine when it's time to take it back out. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

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Customer Reviews

Adco Designer Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Tan - Qty 4 - 290-3961

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (954 Customer Reviews)

Throw these covers over your RV or trailer tires and wheels to protect them during off-season storage or when parked for a long camping trip. Water-repellent material prevents tires from dry rotting in the sun and wheels from corroding in the rain.


Cover was good the clips are garbage would not hold called ascot sent me new straps no way to fasten would have to send them out to be sewed threw them away and bought ratchet straps only way I could make the cover work


These are excellent tire covers for a 225R70x19.5 tire. A nice tight fit. I love the fact that the have eyelets for making sure high winds do not blow them off. They are made of great quality material. I would recommend these covers.

Rob P.


excellent product, the fit is perfect


My tires are 33" tall. These are supposed to fit up to 35". These fit real tight and need to be a little bit larger. I will use them on my car trailer, and I ordered some that were larger to fit motorhome.


Product seems to be great quality. The only issue I have is, I believe that my card information was taken from the website. My account company is investigating the issue.


The covers fit snuggly on the tire and look very nice. Easy to install.


They are exactly what I wanted. Great q uality!!


The covers seem to be of high quality. They fit my tires very well. It only took me a few minutes to put them on my 5th wheel.


The tire covers were a perfect fit! Very pleased with the workmanship and durability of this product. Can't beat these for the price.


We no longer own that rv but are currently using them on our class C although the fit isnt perfect.


Best tire cover we have had. Fits great !!


Great customer service and knowledgeable advice on products


A great product and very fast service


Great Service-Great Oroducts and Prices-Fast Shipping too-Thanks!


They do we every Thing great.



Good products and timely delivery









Order delivered on time and was well packaged. Haven't installed tire covers yet but they appear to be good quality.


This is my second set of tire covers, so I'm happy with this product. The first set lasted three years. I replaced them because all four of the vinyl covers started to crack at the top. The crack exposed the inner liner. The crack size was 4-6 inches. I live in Northern CA about 40 miles from the Oregon border. Up here we have four seasons and the weather is similar to the Maryland/Virginia area where I grew up. I probably could have gone another year with the old covers, but I'd rather replace stuff a year too early than a year too late.

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  • Recommended Tire Covers For 245/70R-19.5G Tires On Motorhome
    The 245/70R 19.5G has a 33.3" diameter. I recommend to use the Adco Tyre Guard RV Wheel Covers - Designer Series - Single Axle - 33" to 35" part # 290-3961 which protects the tires against water, dirt and UV rays which can lead to dry rot. I have attached a video for your reference.
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  • Tire Covers for my 2962 Chevrolet C-10 Rickup with 27.5" Tires
    The Adco Tyre Gard RV Wheel Covers part # 290-3963 is designed to work with tires 27-29" so these will work out great for your 1963 C10 Pickup. These are the heaviest duty type that we carry. They are an open back design that will allow you to adjust the fit and get good tension even on the 12" wide tires.
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  • Recommended Storage Covers for 16 Inch Wheels on 5th Wheel
    We do indeed. The best cover fit will depend on your exact tire size. If you have a 235/80-16 or a 235/85-16, I'd recommend the # 290-3962 which fits tires that are 30-32 inches in diameter. If you have a 255/85-16, you'll need the next size up, part # 290-3961 which fits tires 33-35 inches in diameter. I'll link to a product description video featuring the tire covers.
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