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Adco Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Camouflage - Qty 2

Adco Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Camouflage - Qty 2

Item # 290-3651
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RV Tire Covers
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ADCO Single Axle - 290-3651
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Throw these covers over your RV or trailer tires and wheels to protect them during off-season storage or when parked for a long camping trip. Water-repellent material prevents tires from dry rotting in the sun and wheels from corroding in the rain. Great Prices for the best rv tire covers from ADCO. Adco Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Camouflage - Qty 2 part number 290-3651 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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ADCO RV Tire Covers - 290-3651

  • Single Axle
  • 33 Inch Tires
  • 34 Inch Tires
  • 35 Inch Tires
  • Better UV/Dust/Weather Protection
  • Vinyl
  • 2 Covers
  • Camouflage
  • ADCO

Throw these covers over your RV or trailer tires and wheels to protect them during off-season storage or when parked for a long camping trip. Water-repellent material prevents tires from dry rotting in the sun and wheels from corroding in the rain.


  • Covers shield your tires and wheels from the elements when your RV or trailer is parked for an extended time
    • Protects your tires from dry rot, premature sidewall cracking, and blowouts
    • Protects your wheels from corrosion and road salt
  • Lightweight, water-repellent vinyl material won't fade in the sun or crack in the cold
    • 3D camouflage exterior blends into forest landscapes
  • Bungee-ball cords and elastic hem ensure a tight, snug fit around your tires
    • Prevents the covers from flapping in the wind and damaging your wheels
  • Quick and easy, slip-on design


  • Application: 33" - 35" diameter tires
  • Quantity: 2 covers
  • 3-Year warranty

Adco RV Tire and Wheel Covers

Worried about the tires on your fifth wheel dry rotting in the intense desert sun during a long camping trip? Or perhaps you're storing a boat trailer in the northeast, and you're concerned about your wheels rusting after a series of snowstorms? These water-repellent, vinyl covers protect the tire-and-wheel assemblies from dust, dirt, and the elements while your RV, camper, or trailer is parked or stored for an extended period of time. By keeping your tires covered, it'll prevent the sidewall from prematurely cracking and causing a blowout on the highway. This will extend the life of your tires, so you won't have to unexpectedly budget in a costly tire replacement.

Adco RV Tire and Wheel Covers Camouflage

And if you're an avid hunter or woodsman, you'll love this 3D camouflage design. It'll pair nicely with matching propane tank, sideview mirror, and windshield wiper covers (not included).

Making Sure the Covers Will Fit Your Tires

Adco RV Tire and Wheel Covers Dimensional Diagram

These tire-and-wheel covers are designed to fit 33" - 35" diameter assemblies with a 19-1/2" wheel.

Securing the Covers onto Your Tire-and-Wheel Assemblies

These covers are quick and easy to install. If you have larger tire-and-wheel assemblies, it's recommended to lay the covers in the sun for a few minutes. This will let the material expand slightly, so it'll fit over your tires more easily. Once the covers are in place on your tires, thread bungee cords through the built-in grommets on the back and pull tight to remove any excess slack in the material. These bungee cords and the elastic hem prevent the covers from flapping in the wind.

3651 Adco Tire Guard Trailer and RV Wheel Covers - Fits 33" to 35" Diameter Tires - Game Creek Oaks Camouflage

Video of Adco Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Camouflage - Qty 2

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Adco Single Axle Tyre Gard RV Wheel Covers Review and Installation

Adam: What's going on everybody. Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the ADCO vinyl diamond plated steel tire covers. These are going to be great for those long camping trips that you guys may be in. This is going to help protect it from all that water and whatever else you guys may be running into on the road.And it's just going to help you pretty much prolong the life of your tires. Whether you're just camping for a really long time, you have a construction trailer that's going to be sitting in the construction lot for a while.

Or, you have a farm and you have a farm trailer that is going to be sitting there for a while. So, we're not going to be using the tires, but when we're not there, might as well protect them.This is going to be UV resistant, protect all that water from getting in there as well. And we really don't have to worry about them blowing away because it has quite a tight fit.The heavy duty vinyl construction is going to keep all that water out. Nothing's really going to get through there, not even the wind or the sun. And right here, they did do a double stitch on the seam.

So it's going to be extra repellent against water, even if it gets into the seams here.If you guys are nervous, if it's not really going to fit your guys' tires, these do come in a lot of different sizes. This one right here is the 32 inch, but they do range from 18 to 22, all the way up to 43 to 45 inch tires.So, definitely go ahead and measure your tire. What I did is I measured from the very top of the wheel here, all the way down to the very bottom of the tire. So, just do that measurement and then pick whatever size is going to work best for you guys.Also, if you guys have really nice rims, and you want to keep them nice and pretty, like the ones we have here, nice thing about that is, we are going to have a really soft coating underneath of this. So, you really don't have to worry about any scratches happening to you pretty rims when these tires are on.It really is an extremely easy installation process.

Really didn't take me a whole lot of time at all. So, if you guys just want to take a couple minutes just to throw these covers on just to protect your tires, it really doesn't take a whole lot of time. So let's go ahead and show you guys how.So the first thing we want to do is take them out of the box. They are going to come in a pack of two. We're going to see a little bit of creases.

But, once it sits in the sun for a while after out of the box, I think it'll shape up quite nicely.So, on the back here, we're going to have a little stretchy part of the cover. We're pretty much going to put that up and behind the tire, fishing it underneath our wheel-well here.We want to make sure it's not going to fold up on it on you, like it is with me right now. And we want to get it to where the two pieces of vinyl meet, are going to be out the outside edge of the tire.And then we want to go ahead and grab our bungee ball cords. We're going to have two in the kit. And we have a little brass grommet here. Go ahead and just fish that through, pull all the way tight, toss this around to the other side.Then go ahead and grab the loop side. Put it through the other brass grommet on the other side. Pull it and put it back towards the other side. And then we're just going to go ahead and grab it. And then, we have a little ball in the end, slip it over top, and we are good to go.Well everyone that just about does it for a look at the ADCO vinyl diamond plate tire covers.

Customer Reviews

Adco Tyre Gard RV Tire Covers for 33" to 35" Tires - Single Axle - Camouflage - Qty 2 - 290-3651

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (689 Customer Reviews)

Throw these covers over your RV or trailer tires and wheels to protect them during off-season storage or when parked for a long camping trip. Water-repellent material prevents tires from dry rotting in the sun and wheels from corroding in the rain.


i love it look great



We just put the cover on for the second time. Of course, since we've done it before, it was easier the second time. This cover fits perfectly. It held up great last winter. We expect it to be great again. The straps at the front and back let you snug it up great. The straps across the bottom come with clip on weights to throw the straps under. Less crawling around. The foam covers for the gutters are perfect. All around this a great cover. Very happy.


Using them to protect the tires on our rarely use car trailer, the covers are good quality and are holding up well to the high UV we have in SW Colorado, they also have stayed on in the high wind we get too.


The covers are easy to install and have kept the tires looking new. They keep the sun off the tires to prevent UV light degradation. The brass eyes for tie down straps could be larger and stronger. One got pulled out of the cover the first time I used it. Replaced it with a larger aftermarket tie down clamp. Otherwise, the covers are working well.


At first glance, the quality appears to more substantial than what I saw in the local big box stores so that accounts for my rating of 4. These are size 4 and they fit my 24" diameter 175/80R13 tires well but I'm not sure how they would fit a 25" or 26" tire. As for longevity in the Texas sun, only time will tell.


It's been over a year now since I purchased a set of wheel covers, and they still look new. The trailer sits out in the open. I will purchase again.


I really won't know how well I will like these wheel covers until they have been in use for a while and I see how they stand up to the weather. That said, they appear to be quite well made of heavy vinyl with a fabric lining. The vinyl is a silver color, which I hope will reflect the sun and help extend the life of the covers. There is a big, sturdy grommet at the bottom of both ends so they can be secured with rope or bungees to keep them in place. They are a bit stiff, but went on easily and fit well. They completely cover the tires all the way to the ground, so should provide very good protection. I recommend attaching the rope to one end before installing as it is much easier to tie there than while lying on the ground and reaching under the trailer.


The Cover is advertised as weather resistant, touting its vents to diminish the effect of wind. When my cover ripped I called the manufacturer and was told that wind is weather and the warranty does not cover weather-wind. Why would you tout this advantage in your add but the product fails to hold up after less than one year. The awning ripped (not at the seam mind you) but in the top.

Adco’s representative was condescending, stating that no insurance covers acts of God. Well, wind is pretty prevalent in most areas of the country.

After a condescending discussion with the rep

I would have considered another ADCO RV cover but the ADCO Customer rep was awful, condescending and unhelpful.

I would neither buy again nor recommend this product - espeIally if you have any Wind or Acts of God in your locale.


Amazing tire covers, with felt lining. Original purchase, one had a hole, contacted Paula and a new set was shipped out Best purchase experience ever.


The tire covers are here - that was fast! And they are exactly what I wanted and needed to cover up these trailer tires. The customer service was excellent!!


Over all the diamond plate wheel covers held up reasonable well in the HOT desert sun.


Lasts for years, protects my tires from hot California sun and looks nice too.


Tire covers work great. Easy to install.


Fits well, just wish it includes small bungee cords, which is mentioned sold separately in description, but would still be nice if it came with them. Otherwise, covers fit perfectly and seems good in quality, but time will tell.


I just put the wheel covers on yesterday and they fit perfectly. My RV is in storage, outside, so is very exposed to the Florida sun. I think these will really extend the life of my tires.
The instructional video on the website was great--if I hadn't watched it I'd probably still be trying to work out the best way to secure the covers.


I put these on during storage to protect the tires. They are easy to get on and off and protect the tires and wheels well.


My first order with etrailer was most positive. The tire covers for the duo tires, (double axel) on my horse trailer fit the tires perfectly, nice and snug. The quality is great too and should last for some time saving my tires from sun damage. Thank you etrailer!


They appear to be durable, with the added bonus of looking nice. They attach / secure easily, and have not blown off, or torn. I bought two sets, to use on twin axle.


Out rig is brand new and really wanted a better look then black! So hence ADCO TYRE GARD RV WHERL COVERS!Look great with our REDWOOD 4001LK! I was wondering if you have double as one piece! It does help block the wind and dust! Best photo I could take still moving in!


The double axel Adco Tyre Gard 30-32" covers fit my 235/80-R16 tires perfectly! They are nice and snug with 24" bungie cords I purchased at a local hardware store.


Good fit and construction. Should do well protecting my trailer tires.


A year later these tire covers are still like new, very pleased with them. Only bought two as my dually isn't used much and the one side gets full sun and the other side is shaded, otherwise would easily buy 4 of 'em!


I should have looked for tire covers that were not pure white, since I'm sure they'll get grungy looking over time, but they fit well, were relatively easy to install, especially after letting them sit in the sun for a bit to loosen up after being shipped in the box. It would be nice if they came with fiberglass rods with eyelets and caribiners on each end to easily secure the cover securely to keep them on during high wind situations. Make sure you order 2 of these, if you have two sides to your trailer! :-p


Everything arrived just fine. Seems like a really good product, good fit, seems durable. I have a travel trailer, 14' utility trailer and 20' utility trailer. The covers seem to slow the sun and weather damage to the tires and spares when the trailers are not in use.

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    From the tire size you sent me, it looks like you have a 35" wheel. My recommendation for you is the Adco Ultra Tyre Gard Tire Cover series for 33" to 35" tires. They are my personal favorite due to how they come with a little bungee cord that loops through the bottom and makes the tire cover look more snug and sleek against your tire. These covers come in different colors: # 290-3951 - White # 290-3971 - Black # 290-3751 - Diamond Plate # 290-3651 - Camo I attached a video review of...
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  • Recommended Tire Covers for an RV W/ 33" Diameter Tires
    For your RV that has 245/70 - 19.5 tires, you can use the Classic Accessories RV Tire Covers for 32" to 34-1/2" Tires # 052963762600. These covers will fit 30" to 34" diameter tires so your 33" tires will fit perfectly. If you wanted a different color other than white, we also have camouflage # 290-3651, and black # 290-3971.
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