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Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger - 12V - 35 Amp

Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger - 12V - 35 Amp

Item # 34266167
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Go Power Lead Acid RV Converters - 34266167
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Smart converter charger extends RV battery life by fighting sulfation during storage. Multistage charging process switches modes to ensure a quick, complete charge. Converts AC shore power to DC power to run 12V loads at the campground. Great Prices for the best rv converters from Go Power. Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger - 12V - 35 Amp part number 34266167 can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Go Power RV Converters - 34266167

  • 35 Amps
  • Lead Acid
  • 12V
  • Go Power
  • Smart Charge

Smart converter charger extends RV battery life by fighting sulfation during storage. Multistage charging process switches modes to ensure a quick, complete charge. Converts AC shore power to DC power to run 12V loads at the campground.


  • Converter charger changes AC shore power to DC power to quickly charge your RV batteries
    • Provides continuous power to your DC breaker panel to run 12V loads
    • Works with flooded lead acid and AGM batteries
  • Smart system monitors your RV's batteries and automatically begins charging when needed
    • Multistage charging helps extend battery life
  • Built-in safety features protect your RV's electrical system


  • Application: 12V battery systems
  • Rated power output: 430 watts
  • Amperage output: 35 amps
  • Voltage:
    • Input: 105 - 135 VAC
    • Output (no load): 14.4 VDC
    • Output (full load): >13.4 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: 32 F to 113 F
  • Cable length: 30"
  • Dimensions: 9-3/4" long x 7-3/4" wide x 3-1/2" tall
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • 2-Year warranty

go power smart battery charger

The smart converter charger converts AC shore power into DC power and uses a multistage charging system to charge your battery bank. If your RV already has a stock converter charger, it will need to be removed to ensure this unit operates properly.

Automatic Multistage Charging System

Using a multistage charging system, the converter charger automatically switches voltages while the battery bank charges. This accelerates the charge, but also helps extend battery life by adjusting the voltage during the different modes. This charger is compatible with flooded lead acid and AGM batteries only. Do not use gel cell batteries as they can be damaged by the higher voltages of this charger.

Charging Modes

  1. Bulk: This mode charges at the full rated load for a quicker recharge time. As the name suggests, this is where the bulk of the charging happens. It typically charges the battery to at least 80% capacity.
  2. Absorption: This mode provides controlled voltage to ensure a full charge. Once the battery reaches between 80% to 90% capacity, the absorption state will kick in and start charging at a regulated voltage.
  3. Float: Once the battery reaches full charge, this mode maintains a lower voltage to compensate for self-discharge. This reduces battery stress and minimizes gassing and water loss.
  4. Equalization: On flooded batteries, this mode activates to prevent stratification and sulfate buildup during extended float cycles. These two issues can damage a battery by causing the accumulation of acid at the bottom of the battery and hardened sulfate crystals on the battery plates. This mode is especially helpful when your battery is going unused during storage.

Safety Features

The system includes a number of safety features. It has a reverse polarity protection that will protect the converter if the battery is hooked up incorrectly. It has short circuit protection as well, which limits the current and reduces the output until the short has been fixed. Additionally, the over current protection includes cycle-by-cycle peak limiting and rated current limiting. The built-in cooling fan also removes excess heat from the unit. The fan speed is proportional to the internal temperature on the converter, so the fan will turn on and off slowly to minimize noise.

How It Installs

The smart converter charger mounts inside your RV in a dry location with ventilation. The DC output terminals wire to the battery bank. The AC in cord plugs into a 120V 3-wire grounded source.

GPC-35-MAX Go Power! Smart Battery Converter Charger - 12V - 35 Amp

Installation Details 34266167 Installation instructions

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Customer Reviews

Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger - 12V - 35 Amp - 34266167

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (56 Customer Reviews)

Smart converter charger extends RV battery life by fighting sulfation during storage. Multistage charging process switches modes to ensure a quick, complete charge. Converts AC shore power to DC power to run 12V loads at the campground.


Since install it has kept my batteries charged. Works great!


Unit is used as back up power at night to my home solar system. Has been running for a year with zero problems.


It has officially lasted longer than the unit that came with my RV. I hate that I couldn't mount it where the original lived but it does the job well. It is nearly always in use as well. If you're on the fence, grab it.


Other than ups holding it in Carlisle for 2 days awesome movement across the country opened it for pictures well packed in there


We used this on a fire truck to maintain the battery while plugged into a shoreline for various tools to charge. Works great and has kept the battery from dying while in-house


Works great, a little loud sometimes, but we knew that in advance. Has been a great addition to our van and travels. We often try to camp dispersed, but when we have power, it's great to have the converter and be able to recharge our batteries, especially if low solar gain is in play. We love it.


Zero installation instructions. Good thing it isn't too complicated.

Etrailer Expert

Mike L.


The installation instructions are linked above.


You guys are great


Shipping finally made it. I asked how it would be shipped you said either UPS or Fed Ex not USPS. You shipped it mail.. We do not have home delivery so it must go to the PO Box, different address than our street address.It went to 2 Post Offices Fortunatly our Post Office folks know us and they were able to get the package to us Please check instructions before shipping. We do like the product and it was only a couple of days late. Thanks for listening Mike


Works great just what I needed!


Excellent for the price.


Arrived a head of schedule time






It functios well. My only complaint is the cooling fan makes a high pitched whine when it runs. It's quite loud. .


Works great easy install.


This was a replacement part, but an upgrade from what was in place. I used this because it has a fixed output and a four stage charger. It also has an adjustable voltage output. My client is a full-timer and stationary and connected to shore power. So the battery is rarely used. I like that I can easily toggle this to a fixed output, set the voltage, and disconnect the battery. Ironically, this was needed after I replaced the failed converter. The batteries went bad, so I just disconnected the batteries and didn't miss a beat. The batteries have a solar charger on them, so they stay topped off. Great product, but the adjustable function is something you should read about and understand before connecting this into your system.


Charger is working like it should and I’m happy with my purchase. Was not happy with the way it was packaged in a box lose with no packing what so ever. Would not think shipping electronics this way is a good idea.


Bought a tv battery charger and it works great. Delivery was quick and price was fair!


The product would have worked well with multiple modifications to the RV charger location, adding a DC ground to the RV frame, and modifications to the the charger attachment tabs to mount in the original charger location. After purchase and receipt of this charger I found a direct replacement of the original Parallax charger that would not require any modifications which I purchased and installed. I am keeping the Go power unit for a spare unit and charging our boat battery.


It works perfectly the way it supposed to.


Easy install and does a great job keeping my AGM batteries topped off.


Excellent product for my AGM battery and the service at E Trailer is second to none

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See what our Experts say about this Go Power RV Converters

  • Can 35 Amp Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger 34266167 Replace 30 Amp Converter
    Yes, you can replace and upgrade your 30 amp converter with the 35 amp Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger # 34266167. The 35 amps is its max output current so it will work for you as a replacement; I have added a link below to the manual as well as a video review for you to check out if you'd like to take a look.
    view full answer...
  • Go Power RV Converter Smart Battery Charger # 34266167 amp Usage
    The Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger # 34266167 uses 40 amps at start up and runs at 10 amps. It is deigned to convert AC shore power to DC power to run 12v loads at the campground and must be plugged into a 120 V 3 wire grounded source. This charger is also only compatible with flooded lead acid and AGM batteries. With that said you cannot run this and an AC unit off the same outlet. That is too much draw for a single circuit.
    view full answer...
  • Can I Charge Two 12v Batteries Wired in Parallel w/ the Go Power RV Converter and Smart Charger?
    Yes, you can charge two 12v batteries when they are connected in parallel using the Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger item # 34266167. 35 amps are more then enough to charge your batteries in parallel. However, it will take longer to charge the batteries when they are connected compared to if you were to charge each one separately.
    view full answer...
  • Is Go Power Smart Battery Converter Charger Compatible with AGM Batteries
    Yes, I spoke with my contact at Go Power who confirmed that the Go Power Smart Battery Converter Charger # 34266167 you referenced is compatible with AGM batteries. He said that the only batteries that it may have problems with are some lithium batteries because it isn't programmable. Everything else should be fine.
    view full answer...
  • Replacing Phillips Converter With The Go Power RV Converter And Smart Charger
    I spoke to Go Power! and they informed me that in regards to the Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger # 34266167, and they informed me that, none of their converters have two 12v outputs like previously mentioned, and that it should be a direct replacement for your current converter. They also explained that the pulling the fuses on the unit won't stop any output because it is still connected to the battery. Normally, there is a separate connection to the DC distribution panel...
    view full answer...
  • Can Go Power Smart Battery Converter Charger # 34266167 Be Used with 30 Amp Power Input
    The Go Power Smart Battery Converter Charger # 34266167 is designed for input voltage range of 105V - 135V AC. That is compatible with the voltage of a 30 amp hookup like you mentioned. It will convert it to DC 12 volt power so you could charge the batteries of your trailer if needed.
    view full answer...
  • Are Generators Compatible With RV Converters
    Yes a generator will work with the Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger - 12V - 35 Amp Item # 34266167 but you will want to make sure the generator has enough wattage to power everything you have running off of the converter.
    view full answer...
  • Can Go Power 34266167 RV Converter/Battery Charger Operate in Freezing Temperatures
    According to Go Power, at temperatures below 32º F, the power output of their # 34266167 RV converter/battery charger will become inconsistent, so it's not recommended to operate it at temperatures below freezing. If the converter has been exposed to freezing temperatures, it's recommended that you warm the converter above that temperature before using it. If you click the provided link, you can see a product description video for the converter/charger.
    view full answer...
  • Converter & Battery Charger For Generator & Thermostat
    I assume you are referring to a converter and battery charger, and you won't need a lot of amperage for the generator and thermostat, so you can go with the 35 amp Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger # 34266167.
    view full answer...
  • Can 45 Amp Go Power Converter/Charger be Used to Replace 40 Amp Converter/Charger on Trailer
    If your battery has a max current of 45 amps then yes, the Go Power Smart Battery Converter Charger # 34266168 can be used for your application. My contact at Go Power said that this charger wouldn't be compatible with their batteries as they are rated for a max of 30 amps. Your 30 amp supply is actually different than your battery. What you want to do is find out the amp hours of your battery and choose something that is rated for about 30% of your amp hours. For example, if your battery...
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  • Operating a 12 Volt DC Refrigerator from 110 Volt Alternating Current
    The 12 Volt DC Everchill RV Refrigerator w/ Freezer, # 324-000119, and other similar 12 Volt Direct Current appliances, can not be connected directly to a 110 AC electrical circuit. You will need a power converter such as the Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger, # 34266167 this converter charger changes AC shore power to DC power.
    view full answer...
  • Questions For Electrical on Dodge Van Rewire
    May I first suggest looking over some of our help articles that I have linked. In addition, for solar, I suggest the Go Power Weekender ISW RV Solar Charging System - 190 Watt Solar Panel - 1,500 Watt Inverter, # 34282183 as a good starting point. The Optronics LED RV Interior Dome Light with Switch, # RVILL33, that you ask about has a power draw of only 12.8V and 0.3 amps. Producing an effective lumen output of 407. I suggest you consider the Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Lithium Compatible Replacement For A WF-8845 Converter Charger
    The Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power RV Converter and Battery Charger - Lithium - 12V - 45 Amps # PD9145ALV is designed for use with lithium batteries and will match the amperage of your WF-8845 converter charger. Built for lithium batteries, this unit uses a higher output voltage than a typical converter charger, which provides a fast, complete charge. The charger also extends battery life since it utilizes the appropriate charging profile. Additionally, it's compatible with your battery's...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Converter/Charge Similar To Go Power! 34266167 That's Compatible with Lithium Batteries
    I have another option for you, but no, the Go Power! # 34266167 will not work with Lithium batteries as it's only designed for lead acid and AGM batteries. Instead you'll need the # PD9130LV which was designed to be compatible with the higher voltage Lithium batteries need.
    view full answer...
  • Transfer Switch and Battery Charger Needed For 30 Amp Shore Power and 3000 Watt Inverter
    Yes, the Go Power Automatic Transfer Switch # 34264403 will work with your 30amp shore power cord and 3000w inverter. Your 3000w inverter will have a running watt rating of 3000 watts which is 25 amps on 120 volt power. The size charger you select will need to reflect the power needed on the 12 volt side for recharging batteries and operating your 12 volt supply. Generally I recommend getting the Go Power Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger # 34275013 as this one device takes place...
    view full answer...
  • How to Power Jensen Stereo part # JWM60A with Wall Outlet 110 AC
    Since the Jensen Stereo part # JWM60A needs 12 volts that would mean that you'd need a power converter like the part # 34266167 which would plug into a 110 outlet and give you the 12 volts you'd need.
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Interior Lights Not Working When 30 Amp Power Connected to Trailer
    I believe I know exactly what happened. The overhead lights in most trailers are connected to 12V power from your trailer battery versus the shore power that all the other fixtures run off. I recommend checking your trailer battery for power using a multimeter like # PT89ZR with the red probe on the positive terminal and the black probe on the negative terminal. A properly charged battery should show around 12.6 volts. If your battery is good, then check your power at the switch, and...
    view full answer...
  • Can Go Power RV Converter # 34266167 Replace Progressive Dynamics PD9130
    Yes the Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger part # 34266167 can replace your Progressive Dynamics Converter # PD9130. The Charge Wizard part # PD92201 would only work with the # PD9130 but the # 34266167 already has a smart charger setup on it so it would not be needed in addition. This can be plugged in during storage as well.
    view full answer...
  • Which Converter And Battery Charger Is Best For A Lithium 12V Battery?
    I have a solution for you, but the Go Power RV Converter and Smart Battery Charger - 12V - 35 Amp # 34266167 is not compatible with Lithium batteries. Instead, I recommend the Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power RV Converter and Battery Charger - Lithium - 12V - 30 Amps # PD9130LV. This is designed to charge Lithium batteries via shore AC power. It is for 12V batteries only and has a rated power output of 940 watts and 30 amps. I attached a demonstration video for you to check out. If you...
    view full answer...
  • Determining The Best Replacement Converter For A 2012 Forest River Rockwood Windjammer 3065W
    Unfortunately, just knowing that the trailer runs off of 30 amp service won't tell me what the converter's amperage rating is. The converter is taking the AC service that your trailer has when connected to shore power and converts it into DC to recharge the battery. DC power is 1/10th of AC power so you could have a converter that ranges from 20 amps all the way up to 90 amps. Most trailers typically have a converter rated around 30 amps to about 45 amps. The wire gauge used for your...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Equipment To Charge A Travel Trailer Battery
    To properly charge your trailer battery while driving you would need a DC to DC charger like the Redarc In-Vehicle BCDC Battery Charger # RED96FR. This will charge the trailer's battery off of the alternator so that you're only charging the trailer battery when the vehicle is running so that you don't accidentally drain the tow vehicle's battery and get trapped at the campsite. You'll also need a fuse # RED76FR in order to complete this installation. Solar can just be ran directly to...
    view full answer...
  • Parts Needed To Power Inside an Enclosed Trailer For Lighting and To Add A Compressor
    First you will need to decide if you wish to keep everything 12 volt powered or if you also wish to run 120 volt power in your enclosed trailer. For 12 volt you will need to install Lights # ILL72CB which can be powered by a Light Switch # 37213575. We also have the Viair Heavy Duty Onboard Air Compressor with 2.5 Gallon Tank # VA56WR which will allow you to air up your tires when needed. Depending on the amount of use when disconnected will determine the amount of Batteries # BRW34FR...
    view full answer...

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