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Solera 12V XL Power RV Awning - 14' Wide - Extra-Long 9'8" Projection - White Fade

Solera 12V XL Power RV Awning - 14' Wide - Extra-Long 9'8" Projection - White Fade

Item # LCV000334942-362241
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RV Awnings
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RV Awnings LCV000334942-362241 - 14 Feet Wide - Lippert
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Product Expert Mike S

Is this right for you? Product Expert Mike S says:

Yes, if you:

  • Could use a larger shaded area to visit with family and friends
  • Want the convenience of extending and retracting your awning with the push of a button
  • Own a large RV with a slide-out room underneath your awning

No, if you:

  • Don’t want the hassle of wiring into your RV or paying someone to do it
  • Might be annoyed by the large canopy flapping loudly in high winds
This XL Power Awning provides 20 percent more shade than a standard 8' projection awning to provide shelter from sun and rain. Perfect for tall RVs and RVs with a slide-out under the awning. Easily extends and retracts with the push of a button. Lowest Prices for the best rv awnings from Lippert. Solera 12V XL Power RV Awning - 14' Wide - Extra-Long 9'8" Projection - White Fade part number LCV000334942-362241 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-1624 for expert service.
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Lippert RV Awnings - LCV000334942-362241

  • Complete Awning Kits
  • 14 Feet Wide
  • White Fade
  • Powered
  • Extends 116 Inches
  • Lippert

This XL Power Awning provides 20 percent more shade than a standard 8' projection awning to provide shelter from sun and rain. Perfect for tall RVs and RVs with a slide-out under the awning. Easily extends and retracts with the push of a button.


  • 12V Power RV Awning provides shade and protection from the sun and rain
  • Powered awning extends and retracts with the push of a button
    • Control switch can be mounted inside or outside RV
    • Manual override lets you operate the awning with a power drill (not included), if needed
  • 20 Percent more shade than with standard 8' projection awnings
    • Canopy extends 9'8" from your RV when fully extended
    • Ideal for Class A motorhomes, 5th-wheel RVs, or RVs with slide-outs underneath the awning
  • Simple 2-position angle adjustment lets you stay shaded from the sun at different times of day
    • Manually move arms to adjust awning pitch for perfect shade
  • Auto rain dump feature releases water when it pools in the canopy
    • Awning arms automatically drop to release the pooled water and then return to their original position
  • Durable fabric is made with 13.5-oz vinyl
    • Cold-crack protection to -25 degrees Fahrenheit ensures fabric won't crack in cold
    • Integrated light track accepts LED light kit (sold separately)
  • White Fade fabric matches included roller tube and arms
    • Color transitions from white to black
    • White weather guard provides extra protection against the elements
  • Simple installation with included hardware
    • Awning rail (LC715216 - sold separately) required to attach fabric to RV


  • Motor voltage: 12 volts
  • Dimensions:
    • Wall-mounted bracket: 78" tall
    • Outer arm: 72"
    • Inner arm: 58-1/8"
    • Pitch arm: 17"
    • Roller tube: 14'
    • Canopy (when awning is fully extended): 13' 1" wide x 9'8" long
  • Installation Tips
    • Minimum clearance of 4-1/2" between awning rail and top of entry door is required
    • 78" Of open space is needed on wall of RV from awning rail straight down for installation of wall-mounted brackets
  • Warranty:
    • 1-Year limited on awning roller
    • 1-Year on electric components
    • 5-Year on fabric

XL Power Awning

The XL Power Awning can be easily extended or retracted with the push of a button. This is a nice upgrade over traditional spring-assisted setups, which have to be unrolled manually. The control switch can be mounted inside or outside your RV, depending on how your RV is wired. Connecting to your RV's power is simple. And if you're running low on power or experience a power outage, a manual override allows you to extend and retract the awning using a power drill (not included) with a 7/16" socket.

20% More Shade than Standard Awnings

Solera XL Provides 20 Percent More Shade

The Solera XL Power Awning is the first awning that extends all the way out to 9'8", which provides 20 percent more shade than a standard awning with an 8' projection. As a result, this awning is perfectly suited for Class A motorhomes, fifth-wheel campers, and toy hauler RVs. The XL is also ideal for RVs with a slide-out underneath the awning because it will extend out beyond the slide-out.

Durable Vinyl Fabric

White Fade Awning Fabric

The durable awning fabric holds up to the rigors of the outdoors. It's made of premium 13.5-oz vinyl, which is an upgrade over the 10-oz fabric used in many awnings. In addition, this fabric features heat-welded seams to prevent leaks. The fabric is cold-crack protected to -25 degrees Fahrenheit, so it won't crack or degrade during cold weather.

A weather guard helps to prolong the life of the awning. This extra thick layer of fabric lines the section of the canopy closest to your RV. When the awning is retracted, this section of fabric is all that will be exposed to the elements, providing the awning with an extra layer of protection when it's not in use.

Manual Angle Adjustment

The XL Power Awning offers manual pitch adjustment to keep you shaded from the sun all day long. This is a great feature on hot summer days. There are 2 preset pitch adjustments built into the awning.

When the awning is initially extended, it will be parallel to the ground. This is position 1. This position provides protection in the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky. As the sun gets lower throughout the day, you can tilt the awning to one side to effectively block the sun. To do this, move the arm into position 2. Simply press up on the tab located on the pitch arm, and slide the pitch sleeve forward to lock into place.

When you're ready to retract the awning, you can do so no matter what position the arms are in. There's no need to readjust the pitch to its original, parallel position before retracting.

Auto Rain Dump Feature

This awning also makes a great rain shield. Its automatic rain dump feature prevents too much water from building up in the canopy, so there's no need to manually adjust the pitch to release the excess water. When the arms sense that there is about 10 lbs of water pooled in the canopy, the dump feature will automatically activate. The awning arms will reposition to release the pooled water and then return to their original position. Just don't get caught walking by when it happens!


Solera XL Awning Installed

An awning rail (LC715216 - sold separately), which is used to anchor the fabric of the awning to the RV, is required for installation. You will need a minimum clearance of 4-1/2" between the awning rail and the top of the entry door. You'll also need 78" of open space on the RV wall from the awning rail straight down so that the wall-mounted brackets for the awning arms can be installed.

The roller tube, which comes with the awning fabric already mounted, attaches to the awning arms. The other side of the fabric slides into the awning rail on the RV. Then use the included self-tapping screws to secure the arms to the wall-mounted bracket. The awning drive motor wires into the control switch, which can either be connected to your battery or wired directly into your RV by way of a converter.

362241 Lippert Components (LCI) Solera XL Power Awning Support Arms for RVs - 78" Long - White

V000334942 Lippert Components (LCI) Solera XL Power Awning Roller Assembly - 14' Wide - White Fade w/ White Weather Guard

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Video of Solera 12V XL Power RV Awning - 14' Wide - Extra-Long 9'8" Projection - White Fade

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tips on RV Awning Care: Opening, Cleaning, and Replacing Your Awning

Randy: Hey, guys. Randy here at etrailer.com.Today we're going over the different types of RV awnings. We get a lot of questions about these, people are sometimes worried that if they use them the wrong way they're going to break them or something like that. Basically, we're going to go over how to deploy them, we're going to go over how to store them. We're going to go over care and maintenance, we're going to go over the different types, and we're going to go over how to choose the right one for your application.So really the most popular question that we get is, "How do I get my RV awning deployed" So we're going to go through the three styles. We've got the older style manual deployment awning.

You'll probably see this is going to be the most difficult to get out. There's a lot steps that we have to do. On our fifth wheel trailer we're going to be using the newer style manual deployment, much easier system. Then finally on our camper trailer we've got a powered system. So you'll see how easy that one is to use as well.All right.

Generally with an older style manual deployment awning we're going to have some keepers right up here. These happen to be just kind of a push button, and they swing out. You might also have a snapper pin that would slide through and snap it. Basically it's keeping two components of the arms together so it doesn't come out. So we want to release those on both sides regardless of what type of fastener you have.

Once we have those out we're going to have knobs generally on the back side. We want to loosen these knobs up. We're going to do that on both sides as well.Now, in your final step you're going to need to use a rod, or in this case a broom handle is what the customer has picked, to release your lever. It's generally going to be located on that front side. Ours has kind of a slider here.

We just need to push that up until that catch, see this little arm right here, until that releases.The next thing we'll need to do is find the strap located here in the middle. Most of these you'll be able to reach up and grab. In some cases you'll need a hook that's on a rod. That hook will go right through the opening here. In our case it's low enough we can get ahold of it. You just want to bring it all the way out till it stops. All right, that looks good there.Next we're going to have our side supports. We loosen that knob on the back here to allow these to expand as we move them forward. You'll see this joint, see I can come together, then it starts to expand out. That's going to come all the way up. Generally these are going to clip into position. You can see that little catch right there, comes out and that's going to hold that in place. Head to the other side, we'll do that there as well.Next thing we're going to do is release our main side arms here. So we'll pull that lever up, that'll allow us to start extending it. Now, as we do do that you'll see the side of our awning starts to come up. Then we'll have to get it in a locked position there. So that's got that side taken care of, let's head over to the other side. We'll come back to our arms on each side and we'll want to tighten down those side supports.Now we've got our pull strap here. This will generally slide over and out of the way. Now, our strap, we'll just tuck it up and out of the way. I really don't like it if it's just hanging down flapping around while you're trying to move around your campsite. So, that's a good area to store it.Now, on the newer style manual they've kind of turned it into a hybrid almost. This uses all of the functions that we generally get out of a powered awning, you're just the motor basically. So we're going to take the provided hook and rod. It's going to go right in here to this catch and then it's just a matter of rotating it. Once we have it deployed the really all there is to it. The only thing we've got to do now is put our rod back away.Now onto our powered awning. Of course, this is going to be the easiest in the bunch. Open your door, hit a button and it starts coming out. Now, of course retracting our power awning is just as simple as deploying it. Just need to hit the retract button. Now for our manual hybrid type just a matter of reversing the process as well.Now for retracting our manual we need to loosen our side supports. Then we'll lift our lever and allow it to tilt down. Then we'll release our side supports here and take them down to their original position. Now we'll take our strap, we need to get this back to the middle. Our next steps going to get our release into the closed position. Just going to pull down on that till we hear it click. You can see that start to go back up. Now, I like to hold this until I get ahold of my handle and then let it go on in. Now, remember you either have snapper pins or these levers that are going to go in. Be sure those click closed on both sides.Now that should take care about how to use the awning properly. As you saw, the older style definitely the toughest. The hybrid and powered, they're about the same as far as getting them out and getting them back in. The next thing we'll move onto is cleaning and care. How to properly clean it, how to properly care for it.Now there are two materials that you need to look out for. The first is going to be a vinyl material like what we have here. You can see no pores in that at all. The other type we're going to have is going to be an acrylic type. Now, that's going to be more of a woven fabric, like what you'd see on a cars top. For either of them, then, you can use the same solution. Either Valterra Awning cleaner, which is commercially available. Or you can use dish soap and water, of course diluted down pretty well.The biggest difference in cleaning them is going to be the brush that you use. On the acrylic type, which is woven, you need to use a little bit stiffer brush because it's porous. You just don't want to get into it too heavy. You don't want to brush too hard because it will have a water resistant coating on top of it. For our vinyl type, like this, we can use a softer brush because it doesn't sink in, it won't get as far down in. Same solution, soap water, awning cleaner, whatever you decide. Then we're going to use that little bit softer brush, brush it on there. Again, this does have a coating on it, the mildew resistant coating. So we don't want to brush too hard. But, either way using one of the solutions or the soap water you should be able to get it nice and clean.Now, once we've got them properly cleaned it's just going to be a matter of hosing them off at that point. The key being that you want to let these dry out thoroughly. If you roll these back up with moisture in them regardless of the mildew protective finish or not, it's probably going to develop some of that inside.Now as far as choosing the right awning for your application it's going to depend on how your situation starts. Since we already have an awning on this camper we're going to come over to our brackets, we're going to measure from the bottom to the top. That gives us our bracket length. Then we'll measure from the center of one to the center of the other, that's going to give us our length. That's really all there is to it.Now, if you're starting without an awning at all you've got some additional options. One requirement that you will have is that we need to have an extrusion. It's just going to be a circle with a slit in it so we can slide our awning in. You'll notice in this case our camper has it the entire length. So, if we chose to we could move our awning position from here. We could bring it back further this was. As long as you've got room for our bracket to fit, it's going to go right on there. On the other end it's kind of the same way. This bracket is set in a little bit from the end of the camper, so we can bring that out further. So just measure your furthest part.Remember if there's a slide out in there, we don't really want to deal with that unless our awning sits way up and over it. So keep that in mind. Then you measure from your extrusion down to see how much length you have. In this case we could have brought these down a little bit further, maybe got a little more length out of our awning. So those are just a couple things that you'll need to have, and if you know that information get the length that most closely matches. Let's say you measure it and it's 17-1/2 feet, you've got the choice between a 17 or an 18 foot awning, they'll want to go with the to 17 footer. If you don't have the extrusion we have it available on our website. You can put it on there, slide your awning in, put in your brackets. You'll be in good shape.Now, one of the benefits I see out of the older style is that we do have adjustability here for pitch. So we can move our bracket up, drop that side down a little bit. That's going to cause our rain water to come off this end. So we can choose which end we want it to come off.Kind of a con that I see to this style are these brackets that stick out. Generally on a hybrid style, or in a powered style, you're really not going to have to worry about it. Those are located up a little bit higher. But, if you do want to get these out of the way most of the time we're able to take these arms off of the camper, bring them out, try to straighten them out, and you'll definitely want to use some stakes down here to keep these from moving. But that'll kind of get that angled bar out of the way and give you a little bit more room to move around.Now, when it comes down to it all of these awnings are going to do a great job. They're going to be effective at keeping some of the water out, keeping everything nice and dry, or keeping us out of the sun. As far as ease of use, of course the powered is going to be the easiest. The hybrid's going to be the second, and the older manual style that's going to take a little bit of effort.Also, with that older manual style it's going to become harder, and harder to find parts. So if you're just trying to fix what you've got might be a good option to stay with that. But if you're looking for a replacement I would definitely upgrade to the manual hybrid. That's my favorite. That's what I would have, that way I just have that stick I know would work every time. With the powered awning as long as you've got a good working battery it's also a very good option. The thing I look about the manual style is that I don't have to run wires. There are powered options, however, that have rechargeable batteries you can plug in and just use them without having to hard-wire anything. So we've got a lot of good options. My favorite one would be manual hybrid.Well guys, I know it's a lot of information. But hopefully it was helpful. Hopefully it'll give you some idea how to use and care for RV awning and get the right one that you're looking for.

Customer Reviews

Solera 12V XL Power RV Awning - 14' Wide - Extra-Long 9'8" Projection - White Fade - LCV000334942-362241

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (9 Customer Reviews)

This XL Power Awning provides 20 percent more shade than a standard 8' projection awning to provide shelter from sun and rain. Perfect for tall RVs and RVs with a slide-out under the awning. Easily extends and retracts with the push of a button.

- LCV000334926-362243

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings

The project is a 1988 Holiday Rambler Aluma Lite XL. The original 21 foot manual awning needed a lot of work so I decided to go power. The 13 foot extra long awning is just super. Lots of good shade. Needed a little special attention to the installation because of the structure attachment points. Turned out great, does a super job!

- LCV000334950-362243

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings

Had a hard time having this item delivered via UPS with damaged item received. etrailer was great and helped by sending a new item. Again had a hard time getting any local RV shop to schedule an installation time so I finally did it myself with the help of my wive and neighbor. If I read the instructions correctly they read to line the vertical arms with the awning rail. I wish I mounted it at least 2" lower as now the roll is above the awning rail so when fully retracting the awning it pulls downward and not horizontally inward. To date I have camped with it about eight times and I have noticed a small tear in the awning fabric near the awning rail. Just hope it does not begin tearing. Again, being mounted too high seems to put undue stress on the awning fabric when fully retracted. Also, it does not do well with any wind, but is fine when I stake it down. On the good side, it is so nice to have an electric retractable awning which makes set up and tear down that much easier with camping. The extra length adds to shade and the adjustable pitch is a snap. Overall I am very happy with the product now that I finally received it and got it installed. I just hope the awning material does not tear or the motor give out

- LCV000334966-362243

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings

It’s the perfect replacement for our rig. If you have a side out on the door side, this gives you a little extra room under the awning. The brackets that attach to the camper are longer than the old awning’s but that’s no problem. The only thing I have noticed that’s a downside is it is a bit slow going in.

- LCV000335007-362241

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings

This awning is just the cats meow! Was easy enough to install, this replaced a manual awning which I was to short to roll it out. I also put a wind sensor on my new awning I would also highly recommend putting one on.

- LCV000334950-362243

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings

Unbelievably great product. We are now the talk of the campground. Neighbors helped us install our new electric awning the foot and a half more for no drip on our concrete pad. We are so pleased. What a great product. Installation took two hours.

- LCV000334966-362243

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings

Awesome! Just unbelievable communication to begin with which made everything easier! Also the information available through details and videos also made the choice clear and simple. My arms on awning bent and the awning was old faded so it made the decision for me..time for new. Installation was super simple and easy. All of 30 minutes took longer for my friends to come and put hands on it than it did to install. Once on just incredible the more coverage!!! The pitch adjustment is just a pull so simple and this units arms are much taller to the point I can walk under them (6’4”) which I could never do before. Really happy and etrailer shipped way faster than expected.

- LCV000335007-362241

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings

- LCV000334966-362243

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings

- LCV000334950-362243

Review from a similar Solera XL Power in RV Awnings


Ask the Experts about this Lippert RV Awnings

  • Installation Space Requirements for Solera 12V XL Power RV Awning LCV000334942-362241
    The 14-foot dimension shown for the Solera 12V XL Power RV Awning # LCV000334942-362241 refers to the outside to outside spacing of the two included 78-inch-tall wall-mount vertical brackets that contain the awning support arms. The fabric canopy itself measures 13-feet and 1-inch. Installation will require 2 of the 8-foot awning rail part # LC715216; you'll cut one down and mount the two next to each other to give you the appropriate overall length to secure the free end of the awning...
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Full Awning Kit for a 16 Foot Long Box Trailer
    The Solera 12V XL Power RV Awning part # LCV000334942-362241 (white fade only) for power and the Solera Destination RV Awning part # LCV000334818-334719 or part # LCV000334839-334718 for manual appears to be exactly what you are looking for. If the tube you are referring to is the awning rail part # LC715216 then great as you will need this. The awnings all comes with everything needed (support arms, roller tube, fabric, hardware) expect for the awning rail so you will be good to go with...
    view full answer...
  • Availability of RV Awnings That Extend Out Further Than 8 Feet
    We do offer a few awnings that extend to 9 feet 8 inches, such as the Solara # LCV000334942-362241 which measures 14 x 9 foot 8 inches, although we don't offer any that extend out to 11 feet. We also offer different lengths and some manual awnings, which you can see by using the provided link.
    view full answer...

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