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Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner - 11.3 Amps - 13,500 Btu - Non-Ducted - White

Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner - 11.3 Amps - 13,500 Btu - Non-Ducted - White

Item # AT15025-21

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Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner - 11.3 Amps - 13,500 Btu - Non-Ducted - White Non-Ducted Ceiling Assembly AT15025-21
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This non-ducted RV air conditioner cools quickly at 360 cubic feet per minute. The airflow generates less turbulence and noise than similar models. Low amp draw allows you to run other appliances. Includes vent w/ flip-down thermostat and remote. Lowest Prices for the best rv air conditioners from Atwood. Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner - 11.3 Amps - 13,500 Btu - Non-Ducted - White part number AT15025-21 can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Atwood RV Air Conditioners - AT15025-21

  • 13500 Btu
  • Non-Ducted Ceiling Assembly
  • Atwood
  • Standard Air Conditioner
  • White
  • 11.3 Amps

This non-ducted RV air conditioner cools quickly at 360 cubic feet per minute. The airflow generates less turbulence and noise than similar models. Low amp draw allows you to run other appliances. Includes vent w/ flip-down thermostat and remote.


  • High-output rooftop air conditioner cools quickly and efficiently while using less power than similar models
    • Low amp draw lets you run other appliances simultaneously
  • V-flow airstream blows out to the sides instead of straight down in one spot
    • More effective air circulation
    • Less turbulence and noise
  • Dual motor runs the condenser fan and blower fan separately
    • Still generates cold air on low blower setting
  • Internal thermostat automatically switches between fan and compressor
  • Flip-down thermostat digitally displays your set temperature
    • Setting range: 60 F - 85 F
  • Wireless remote control lets you conveniently change settings
  • Control settings are on both thermostat and remote
    • On/off button
    • Up and down arrows let you adjust the set temperature
    • Fan button allows you to switch between low, medium, high, and auto settings
    • Mode button lets you switch between cool, dry, and fan
    • Sleep button helps to save energy overnight
    • Timer can be set to turn unit on or off up to 24 hours in advance
    • Lock function will keep the thermostat from automatically cycling to the fan
  • White hardshell shroud protects rooftop unit
  • White ceiling vent with flip-down thermostat, wireless remote, and 2 air filters are included
  • CSA certified
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: RV without a duct system
  • Operating temperature range: 45 F - 159 F
  • Cooling capacity: 13,500 Btu per hour
  • Air output: 360 CFM
  • Air conditioner dimensions: 39" long x 26-1/2" wide x 14-1/2" tall
  • Weight: 84 lbs
  • Roof opening size: 14-1/2" long x 14-1/2" wide
  • Noise level: 55 dB - 66 dB
  • Amperage: 11 amps
  • Wattage:
    • Starting: 3,795 watts
    • Running: 1,265 watts
  • Electrical rating: 115V, 60Hz
  • 2-Year limited warranty

AT15021 Replacement White Ceiling Vent w/ Flip-DownThermostat and Wireless Remote Control for Dometic Atwood Air Command RV Air Conditioner - Non-Ducted

AT15025 Dometic Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner - Non-Ducted - 11.3 Amps - 13,500 Btu - White

Video of Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner - 11.3 Amps - 13,500 Btu - Non-Ducted - White

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV AC Installation - 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere Lite Travel Trail

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere Lite travel trailer, you're going to be taking a look at and I'm going to show you how to install a Non-Ducted Atwood Air Command Rooftop Air Conditioner, part number AT15025-21. This is what our unit looks like when it's installed. Our AC unit is going to be 13,500 Btu and it's going to have a built in capacitor, and what the capacitor is is it allows you, when you press the on and off button, it's going to start your AC unit right away. For some of the other units that may not have that, what they do is when you turn them on, they start real slow, and it takes a little while for the motor to build up enough power to get your air conditioner running properly. Speaker 2: This air conditioner can run off a 2000 watt generator, but requires 3800 start-up watts or more when first powered on. Speaker 1: Now, this is going to be a non-ducted unit, which means that it's meant for a single room.

It's not going to have the vents inside, so it's going to run to the whole camper itself. It's going to be just for a single room. You're going to have a vent here on one side, and it is adjustable. Then you're going to have one on the backside here. Now, what's different about this, or what makes this good with the vents being on each side rather than blowing straight down like some of the other ones, is it's going to cool the room much better and much more efficiently.

So, it's actually going to cool the room 360 cubic feet per minute.You can see here we have a flip-down thermostat. Your unit is going to have a setting range from 60 degrees Fahrenheit up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It gives you plenty of range to change the temperature in the room. You're also going to have three fan settings. You're going to have a low, medium, and high.

You also have an auto setting. Temperature setting, a simple push of the arrow where it says temp. Now you're going to change your setting or your temperature. With this unit, now this is only an AC unit. It does not allow you for heat.

However, we do have those units available.Our button here, this timer button, I'm not going to set it, but what that button does, it allows you to set your air conditioner to either turn on or turn off up to 24 hours in advance. So if you go somewhere, you can set your unit to start up and cool off your room up to 24 hours in advance before you ever come back to the camper. Another great feature about this unit is it's going to have an internal thermostat that automatically switches between the fan and compressor. What's really neat about it is this lock right here or this key, it has a locking function that when that locking function is on, it actually will keep the thermostat from cycling to the fan.Another nice feature about this is our thermostat is a fold-down thermostat, which means we don't have to look up to adjust it. You can simply push that. You can fold it down and do any of the functions that you need while you're standing up. Now, with that being said, it also comes with a wireless remote. You can see our vent assembly here, it doesn't stick down from our ceiling too far. It's going to be about 2-1/2" from the ceiling to this hole-less part. It's going to be from this side to this side, width-wise, you're looking at 21". From front to back lengthwise, it's 22". It's not overbearing. It's not too big, and it's up nice and close to the ceiling, so it keeps a nice clean look.Now that we've taken a look at some of the features, I'm going to show you how to get it installed. Our air conditioner is going to be an add on. We're going to be adding it into the master bedroom in our camper. To start our installation, we have our vent here. We need to remove our vent, and then our vent on the top as well. To do that, we're going to have our fan knob here, and you can use a square bit or a Phillips head screw, or a Phillips head screwdriver. We'll remove our cap here like that.Take these four screws out. Slide this out. We're going to have our screen. That's going to need to come out, and all you're going to do is you put your finger there, and you're just going to push, and it'll pull out. Before you up and take the vent off the top, you want to make sure that you are pre-wired for an air conditioner. Most campers and RVs are. Just double check to make sure that you are before you start taking everything off, and start taking the sealer off the top. That's going to complete everything for the inside as far as taking everything down. Now we can go outside and we can remove our vent cover.Up here on top, we're going to have screws that hold this vent down onto the ceiling. We need to get those screws removed. Once that's removed, all of this sealer, we're also going to have to remove that. So, it's a good idea to have a couple of putty knives, and you want to do your best not to tear this vinyl top. Kind of peel this back a little bit. Now you're going to have another sealer, so make sure you don't just pull on it because around the underside where your screw holes are, there is a sealer tape that gets put on.You can see this sealer that's underneath here. If you take your putty knife and you can get in there, just push down on the vinyl and separate them. If you pull this, it's going to stretch, stretch the vinyl underneath. Try not to do that. Next thing we're going to do is we have to remove the rest of our sealant that goes around the outside here. Again, just be careful. You will stretch the vinyl a little bit, but try not to stretch it too much. Just take your time when you're doing it so you don't tear it.Once you have all your sealer cleaned off, we can bring the air conditioner up, and we can get it fitted into place. Now, it's a good idea for your excess screw holes, maybe take some sealant and go ahead and put a little bit inside. You don't have to put a big glob. You just want to make sure that the hole is covered. If you don't have any, you can find some on our website using part number 0160297. Now we're going to put our air conditioner in place.If you notice from the bottom here, there's a gasket, and it goes into a square. That's going to go over the top of this. It's a good idea from here to have somebody inside to make sure we're centering it because what we don't want to do is we don't want to drag this across the roof. We want to pick it up and set it down. So, you want to have somebody inside and make sure they can tell us when to move it side to side or forward or backwards. One thing to keep in mind, you want this rounded edge going towards the front of the camper, towards your direction of travel.Inside the plenum, you're going to have a piece that looks like this. You're going to have a little cover inside of it. Actually, if you can see the four screw holes here. This cover is going to get screwed in, and it's only going to fit one way. Your holes are only going to line up one way. It's going to sit just like that. It's going to come with four little copper Phillips head screws. Then you should have a plug like this kind of, or a cover. If not, your wires may be just capped off. Your newer campers and RVs should have something like this.Go ahead and take this cap off, just a Phillip head screw, or a Phillips. Then we're going to have a connector like this, and you're going to see your wires in here. We really have no way of putting our wires inside of this. So, what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to pull them out of there. We're not going to use this, and I'm just going to put butt connectors on there. Butt connectors do not come in your kit. You can find them on our website. I'm going to cut these down. Strip back the coating. Add your butt connector on, and we'll add that onto each one.Then we go color to color. The black to black, white to white, and green is going to go with copper. Then I'd recommend taping. Try to tape each one, just to make sure your wires don't touch at all once you're putting power to them. Once you have your wire connections made, go ahead and tuck them up inside the hole. I'm actually going to put this cap back in, just in case they may want to use it later on, and it'll help hold my wires inside there.Next we're going to take this thing. You're going to fold it out like this, and it's going to sit right around this chrome piece. Just stick it on just like that. I'm going to take this, and it's going to fit right up inside just like that. We're going to have four Phillips head screws like this. You're going to see two holes on each side of this. Now what you're going to have in your kit, you're going to have a long bolt like this, and then a block.Push your bolt through like this. Right in the corner, you're going to see a hole. Slide your bolt up through the corner, and then this plate is going to sit just like that. What may have to happen is you may have to have somebody up top put a little bit of pressure on there so that the threads meet. You can see how long this extra wire is coming from the unit. I'm just going to zip tie it up here, bundle it. Then you'll see a blue cord with a hook on it. On your plenum cover, there's a little tab with a hole in it. Put that on there, just like this. It'll help suspend it into place.Slide out your filters on each side. This is the wire that I bundled up coming from the unit. We're going to take this end, and we're going to plug it into that one like that. Now we're going to turn our unit on to make sure everything is working correctly. You can hear it kick on. Now that we have our unit tested, we know it's working, what we're going to do is we're going to show you the amps and volts.Now we're going to test our voltage on our black wire and our red wire power. You can see here we're at 105.1 volts. Now we'll test our amperage. Our unit should go up to 11.2. As our unit cools, you're going to see the number go up. So, you can see after a couple minutes of letting our AC unit run, as it cools, our number went up to the 11.2. Now we know our unit is working, I'm going to turn it off. I'm going to take some electrical tape. I'm going to go ahead and tape around my butt connectors, and around that copper wire there.Now we're going to go ahead and get our vent assembly put in place. You're going to have some filters on each side. We'll just slide it out and you're going to have three holes. We'll slide this up into place. We're going to have six Phillips head screws that we'll put into place here to hold our vent unit up to our ceiling. Once you've got your screws in, you can put your filters back in place. That'll do it for a look at and installation on the Non-Ducted Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner, part number AT15025-21 on our 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere Lite travel trailer.

Customer Reviews

Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner - 11.3 Amps - 13,500 Btu - Non-Ducted - White - AT15025-21

Average Customer Rating:  4.3 out of 5 stars   (14 Customer Reviews)

This non-ducted RV air conditioner cools quickly at 360 cubic feet per minute. The airflow generates less turbulence and noise than similar models. Low amp draw allows you to run other appliances. Includes vent w/ flip-down thermostat and remote.

- AT15025-21

This unit works so well .the thermostat keeps steady temps.the unit is also very quiet.there is no way you could beat this unit.please do not waste your time looking at others ........this one is worth every penny........downside ...heavy to ship....make sure carriers that deliver it do not damage it. 439307


Still like new ..so glad I bought this unit......

Dennis g - 10/04/2018


- AT15025-21

The folks at etrailer make it easy to order. They are informative and helpful and return phone calls promptly (thanks Heidi M). This is a big part of the buying process. As far as the product goes, it is absolutely the quietest AC I have experienced in a RV while operating on low. Quiet is why we purchased this particular unit, as our other unit which was only a year old was just to loud (approximately 70 dB on low). This unit cools our rig quickly and efficiently. The only part I question about the unit is the air return which is nothing but thin flexible Styrofoam. Not a dense Styrofoam in a plastic enclosure, or vice-versa. It is thin enough that light from the sun can transmit through it. The AC shroud does cover the Styrofoam, and time will tell whether it is durable enough to last through the elements. I did notice that the Styrofoam does squeak when going down a bumpy road and can be heard in our rig. That is disappointing. 659673

- AT15025-21

Had for year. It works very well. Have made several purchases from etrailer, always pleased. 451020

- AT15025-21

Very quick delivery. Easy installation. Quiet and remote control a plus. 730060

- AT15027-22

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

I really enjoyed working with etrailer, everyone that I talked to was very helpful. The A/C I ordered was shipped very fast. I will do business with them again. 612682

- AT15026-21

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

This product was easy to install on the 1971 Airstream Trailer, it looked great on the inside and outside of the trailer. It performed very well, so much so that a young couple wanted to buy the Airstream. We sold it to them! Thank you for making a great product. 581040

- AT15026-21

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

We like the air conditioner but the thermostat sucks. It varies 10 degrees. If we set it at 70 degrees it will drop to 65 degrees before coming on & will go to 75 degrees before turning off. I intend to take it to a service center to have it checked in the spring. It is the same way when on heat. Other than that it works fine. 468582

- AT15026-21

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

By far the best a/c unit I've ever owned! I live in buckeye az, very hot in summer, cold in winter, this unit does it all! Cold in summer, hot in winter! My electric bill actually went down and comfort went way up!! This unit does what used to take two units to do..very satisfied! Thank-You Atwood! 544073

- AT15026-21

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

Used almost daily..... has done an excellent job.... both a/c and heat has performed flawlessly..... product was recieved exactly as described and on time..... 463179

- AT15033-22

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

A year ago, I replaced the 10 yr old Carrier AC on our 30' Carriage fifth wheel with the Atwood Air Command Heat Pump. What a great decision! The new unit was surprisingly easy to install and wire myself without any issues. The hardest part of the job may be getting the unit on the roof. Fortunately, I have a friend with a forklift. The Air Command works flawlessly, cooling the camper to 72 degrees, even during our hot and humid coastal North Carolina summer. The heat pump is also a great option for saving propane, down to about 45-50 degrees. You will still need your furnace for really cold weather, but as the day warms up, with the push of a button, you can conveniently switch back to the heat pump. I am confident the Atwood Air Command will serve us well for many years- assuming of course, that I can avoid low-hanging tree branches! 635975

- AT15028-22

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

For the money I paid for this unit I am not happy with the unit as a ducting unit. I should have went with the Coleman in the first place. The ducting system on this is not working well at all. They give you a black baffle in it and it is not doing the job. The air conditioning cools but not like it should through the ducting system. I bought a 15000 instead of what was originally in there was a 13500. That being said it does not work as good as it should through the ducting system. Very disappointed. 649250

- AT15033-22

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

Went RV camping with this heat pump this past week for 4 nights. Noise level is less than half of unit this replaced The 15k and increased air flow is wonderful. So nice not to have to worry about running a gas or table top electric heater Used heat and AC give them 5 stars each Had to run new12v to unit Already had a thermostat wire in roof and wall so cut ends off supplied new wire and spliced ends on to old cable 718897

- AT15028-22

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

All wiring hooked up easy had unit installed in about 1.5 hrs plenum had to modify and hold down bolts not long enough had hard time getting metric all thread had to weld to old hold down bolts then cut to length. The performance of the unit was ok not as cool as the old unit but did work 694440

- AT15028-22

Review from a similar Atwood Air Command in RV Air Conditioners

I ordered this ac unit for my bus conversion. The delivery was quick and was packaged very well. After receiving other items from other vendors it was nice to have company take such pride in the shipping of their product. 692645


Ask the Experts about this Atwood RV Air Conditioners

Do you have a question about this RV Air Conditioner?

  • Which Will Blow Colder Air an Advent 15k BTU AC Unit or Atwood
  • 50 degrees is a great temperature for an AC system to put out. The difference between a 13.5k and 15k AC unit though is not so much temperature as it is the volume of air it can put out at that temperature. The Advent systems don't have as great of a reputation for putting out the coldest air so for a 15k btu system instead I'd recommend the Atwood part # AT15025-21 for a non ducted application or the # AT15028-22 for a ducted setup. You'll get the higher volume of air at a colder temperature.
    view full answer...

  • Solar Panel Kit Ability to Run Air Conditioner 24/7
  • The Go Power Solar All-Electric Kit will not be enough to power the air conditioner unit 24/7. The Advent Air RV Air Conditioner w/ Ceiling Vent and Start Capacitor - White # ACM135C will have a running wattage of 1,450 and the Atwood # AT15025-21 will run at 1,265 watts so the power draw is substantial and when using the Go Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter - 1500 Watt - 12V # 34279950 you will have the power to run it, but the battery bank will deplete as the solar cannot create enough charge...
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  • Generator Recommendation for Powering Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner w Heat Pump
  • I attached a wiring diagram for the Atwood Air Command AC Unit part # AT15028-22 that you referenced for you to check out. The wattage requirement for this is 4,830 watts for starting so you'd need a generator rated higher than that. For that amount of wattage you'd need a generator setup like the etrailer.com Parallel Generator kit part # 333-0002-2-0007 which can support up to 6,000 watts drawn. Since your application isn't standard there isn't a set way to recommend the install but...
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  • What Type of Generator is Required to Powered AC Unit of Trailer
  • The etrailer 2,000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator # 333-0001 could power a smaller 13.5 btu AC unit if it had a start capacitor like the Advent part # ACM135CH but most AC units require more watts than what this can put out upon start up. The start capacitor of this allows it to draw 1,450 watts on start up and when running whereas the Atwood # AT15025-21 draws 3,795 watts on startup and then 1,265 watts once running as it does not have a capacitor. So if you have an AC unit that...
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  • Will Using a 50 Amp to 30 Amp Adapter Still Allow Me To Plug My Trailer Into a Generator
  • It sounds like you are trying to adapt the 50 amp service on your RV down to a 30 amp service with an adapter like the Mighty Cord Generator Adapter part # A10-G30450VP that way you can plug-in and run your air conditioner unit with a portable generator like the etrailer 2,000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator part # 333-0001. If that is the case then you do not need to worry about pin configuration as the generator, power adapter, and RV will all use an industry standard layout. The hot,...
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  • Will an Atwood Air Conditioner Replace a Dometic Air Conditioner
  • I do have options for you but as we do not carry Carrier Air Conditioners, I would not be able to inform you of their compatibility. We carry both Atwood and Advent air conditioners which I have attached a list of for you. Atwood and Dometic were merged together in 2017 therefore I believe an Atwood replacement air conditioner would be your best option. For this, I recommend the Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner part # AT15027-22 for ducted or part # AT15025-21 for non-ducted....
    view full answer...

  • AC Unit Recommendation for Enclosed Race Trailer
  • I prefer the Atwood AC units over the Advent Air ones as they tend to blow colder air. For a single unit I'd go with the 15k BTU Atwood part # AT15025-21 which is for non-ducted applications like your enclosed trailer. This also has a heat pump too so if you were ever cold you could warm up.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended AC Unit for 22x8x7 Foot Race Trailer
  • Since you don't currently have and AC unit, I recommend the Advent Air Rooftop RV Air Conditioner w/ Ceiling Vent and Start Capacitor - 15,000 Btu - White # ACM150C. This will give you the ability to cool your race trailer faster and won't have the big power draw at start due the integrated capacitor. The Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner - 11.3 Amps - 13,500 Btu - Non-Ducted - White # AT15025-21 will also work well for you but is not priced as nicely and does not have...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended RV Air Conditioner with Non-Ducted Assembly and Black Shroud
  • All of the Atwood AC units that are black are Ducted units like # AT15032-22 and are not non-ducted units like # AT15025-21 you referenced. The only way to use that unit and make it have the black cover is to purchase the cover separately as the Replacement Hardshell Shroud for Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioners - Black # AT15051. You may want to consider the Advent Air RV Air Conditioner with Ceiling Vent and Start Capacitor - Black # ACM135BC which will give you the non-ducted...
    view full answer...

  • AC Unit Recommendation for 2 Person Camper Trailer
  • The Atwood Air Command part # AT15025-21 woudl work great on a smaller camper. It's smaller at 13,500 bTU instead of the higher 15k units. It's also set up for non-ducted applications like what your camper has as well so it would be a great option.
    view full answer...

  • Atwood AC Unit Recommendation that Has Heat Pump
  • The # AT15025-21 does not have a heat pump setup, but the # AT15026-21 which is a bit bigger does have a heat pump if you are in need of that function.
    view full answer...

  • What Do I Need To Tow 1,800 lb Pop Up Camper With 2014 Honda Odyssey
  • First you will need Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver # 75270. This hitch has a maximum tongue weight rating up to 675 lbs and gross trailer weight rating up to 4,500 lbs. If the towing capacity in your Odyssey owner's manual is lower that the capacity of this hitch, tow according to the weight limits in your manual. Some models of the Odyssey have plastic panel covering the driver side frame. Remove this panel to install the hitch and leave the panel off or trim it to fit...
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  • Recommended Air Conditioner and Heat Pump for an Enclosed 8.5 x 24 Enclosed Cargo Trailer
  • There are several factors that go into choosing the correct size rooftop air conditioner and heat pump (insulation strength, ambient temperature, volume etc.) ones that are not easily calculated without very specific information. That said, the Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner part # AT15025-21 which has a 13,500 Btu rating should be sufficient to heat and cool your enclosed trailer.
    view full answer...

  • Can Atwood AT15025-21 be Powered by 2,000 Watt Generator
  • The Atwood Air Conditioner part # AT15025-21 that you referenced is designed to be powered by a 2,000 watt generator. So in that regard it is very similar to the Coleman you mentioned.
    view full answer...

  • Does the Atwood AC Unit AT15025-21 Come with Thermostat Unit and Plenum
  • Our pictures are slightly misleading. The AC Units like part # AT15025-21 that we sell offer are kitted with the vent cover/thermostat/remote sets/plenums. The plenum kit measures 22 inch by 22 inch by 2-1/2 inch. I confirmed this with our contact at Atwood.
    view full answer...

  • Roof Air Conditioner for a 14 Foot by 8 Foot Camper
  • In order to cool your camper that much (30 degrees) you would have to have an air conditioner. A roof vent and fan such as # MA00-05100K won't do much at all to reduce the temperature in the camper. We do have some AC units available. For you I recommend a non-ducted unit that fits in the standard roof vent opening size (which is roughly 14-1/2 inches square) # AT15025-21. Another option is the Advent Air Rooftop RV Air Conditioner # ACM150. Using an air conditioner is going to be...
    view full answer...

  • Can I Use Air Conditioner From Ducted System in Non-Ducted RV
  • Yes, you can use the air conditioning unit that came with your ducted system in your non-ducted RV. The only difference between ducted and non-ducted air conditoner setups, is one comes with ceiling packages for RV's with air ducts. For example: either air conditioning unit that comes with Atwood ducted system part # AT15028-22 or non-ducted Atwood system part # AT15025-21 will discharge cool air from the unit to down inside the RV.
    view full answer...

  • Atwood Replacement Air Conditioner Installation
  • If your replacement air conditioner installation followed the manufacturer's instructions there is not necessarily an issue with the unit being not quite dead-level. Keep in mind that trailers will vary in their stance - how level the overall trailer is when towed and when parked at a campsite. Was the actual mounting surface on the RV level? Are the fasteners possibly over-tightened on one side? If the unit functions properly, and without leaks, odd noises or other symptoms then...
    view full answer...

  • Quiet RV Air Conditioner Recommendation for Non-Ducted Application
  • Atwood AC units are considered by most RVers to be the most quiet and the most efficient so that would be the brand I would recommend. Since you have a non-ducted roof setup currently the best option is the Atwood Air Command part # AT15025-21. This is also 13,500 btu like you said you need as well.
    view full answer...

  • Does Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner # AT15025-21 have a Heat Strip Option
  • I did not find anything alluding to the use of heat strips for the Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner # AT15025-21. The Advent Air option, # ACM150CH, does use and come with a heat strip. This company was recently here for training and I was impressed with how well made their products are; far better than other more well known manufacturers I have seen.
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  • Can Coleman AC Unit be Replaced by Atwood Air Command AC?
  • The part number you gave is for a Coleman Mach AC unit and you can replace that with an Atwood Air Command AC such as the non-dutcted unit # AT15025-21 or if you have ducts, part # AT15027-22, so long as you have the proper power supply. These two Atwood units draw 11 amps and 3,795 watts when started as well as 1,265 watts when running though you could not use the existing wiring from your Coleman; the Atwood has its own wiring system that you would need to use.
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  • Black Replacement Shroud Recommendation For Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner
  • The Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner, part # AT15025-21 does not come with a Black shroud but we do offer a black replacement shroud that are designed to fit this unit. For a replacement shroud that is black in color you need part # AT15051.
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  • What is the Correct Size AC Unit for a 30 Foot Long Trailer
  • The correct size air conditioner for your trailer is going to depend of several factors such as square footage, ambient temperature, number of rooms, etc. However, I can say that a 30' long enclosed trailer would be best suited with two 13,500 btu units. For this, I recommend the Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner part # AT15025-21 which is for non-ducted trailers that I assume is what you have. The Atwood air conditioner can cool up to 360 cubic feet per minute. It comes...
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  • AC Unit Recommendation for 5 by 8 Trailer and Generator Size Needed
  • For a 5 by 8 trailer you'd need an AC unit that comes with an interior vent panel and a lower BTU since it's a smaller trailer which wouldn't have as much cubic feet to cool. For that the best option is the Atwood Air Command part # AT15025-21 which is a 13,500 btu unit for non-ducted applications like yours. A ducted application would be an application that has roof ducting designed for AC units that directs the air through vents. A non-ducted application would be one like yours where...
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  • Noise Level of Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner # AT15025-21
  • I spoke with my contact at Dometic Atwood regarding the Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner # AT15025-21 that you referenced. He said the listed 55 dB - 66 dB noise level range is indeed accurate (it's one of the features this particular line is known for) and the range does have to do with the variance in noise that is dependent on the unit's setting (low-high) like you mentioned, but it also takes into account any environmental variables like surrounding noises, etc. He did...
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  • Recommended Vent Setup to Cool Enclosed Trailer Mobile Workshop
  • Even the smallest RV air conditioning units we offer will require 115-volt AC electrical service of at least 11-amps to operate properly. The Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner # AT15025-21 will draw almost 4000-watts at startup and even once running it will still need close to 1300-watts to operate. Delivering this amount of power via high capacity 12V batteries and an inverter such as the 5000-watt Go Power # 34280179 will be a fairly costly and bulky proposition. Instead...
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  • Can Non-Ducted AC Unit be Replaced with Ducted AC in RV
  • Your RV would need to have ducts installed in the roof as well as vents elsewhere. There really isn't a great way to install ducted AC unit in a trailer that does not have them. That's why they make ductless AC units like the # AT15025-21 which does have a heat pump like you mentioned wanting as well.
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  • Replacement Air Conditioner For Dometic Brisk Air II B57915
  • Yes, recently Atwood and Dometic merged together and we do sell the Atwood brand. Your best bet for a replacement of the Dometic Brisk II Air B57915 is Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner non-ducted # AT15025-21 if you do not have air ducts in the RV. The thermostat is built in the unit and it comes with a remote so you wouldn't need to worry about replacing the thermostat of your old Dometic setup. I have added an installation video for your reference. If you do need a ducted...
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  • Can Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner AT15025-21 Cool Semi Truck Sleeping Quarters
  • With its 360-cubic-feet-per-minute fan output and 13.5K-BTU cooling capacity the Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air Conditioner # AT15025-21 will have no trouble cooling your semi sleeping compartment. It should be able to effectively cool while still operating well below its maximum capacity.
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  • AC Unit Recommendation for 28 Foot Enclosed Trailer
  • Based on the square footage of your trailer and the hot climate you'd easily get by with a 13,500 btu unit like the Atwood # AT15025-21. The Atwood units blow much colder air than the Advents, plus this kit comes with the ceiling unit so that you can control it since your trailer wouldn't have ceiling ducts.
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