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MB Sturgis Quick Disconnect Propane Hose for Small Appliance - Disposable Cylinder Port - 6'

Item # 100476-72-MBS

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mb sturgis propane hoses male qd - 1/4 inch 100476-72-mbs
mb sturgis propane adapter hoses - quick disconnect male qd 1/4 inch
mb sturgis propane male qd - 1/4 inch 1-20 100476-72-mbs
mb sturgis propane hoses adapter - quick disconnect
mb sturgis propane hoses male qd - 1/4 inch quick disconnect hose for small appliance disposable cylinder port 6'


  • Hoses
  • Adapter Hoses - Quick Disconnect
  • MB Sturgis
  • 6 Feet Long
  • Low Pressure Quick Disconnect
  • Male QD - 1/4 Inch
  • Male 1-20 Inch
Adapter hose lets you connect a small, portable appliance to the female quick-disconnect port on your propane piping system. Model 250 quick-disconnect fitting allows you to easily hook up and remove the hose from your setup using no tools. Lowest Prices for the best propane from MB Sturgis. MB Sturgis Quick Disconnect Propane Hose for Small Appliance - Disposable Cylinder Port - 6' part number 100476-72-MBS can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

MB Sturgis Propane - 100476-72-MBS

Adapter hose lets you connect a small, portable appliance to the female quick-disconnect port on your propane piping system. Model 250 quick-disconnect fitting allows you to easily hook up and remove the hose from your setup using no tools.


  • Adapter hose lets you connect a small, portable appliance to your RV's propane system
    • Works with MB Sturgis Model 250, Cast Industries, Gas Mate, and Gas Flow quick-disconnect fittings
  • Model 250 quick-disconnect fitting lets you easily hook up and disconnect hose without any tools
    • Hose securely snaps into quick-disconnect port on your propane system
  • Male #600 (1"-20) disposable cylinder port lets you hook up a small appliance or propane tree
  • Durable thermoplastic construction
  • CSA and CGA 8.3 certified
  • Designed for LP gas only
  • Assembled in the USA


  • Temperature range: -40 F to 140 F
  • Maximum pressure rating: 350 psi
  • Hose dimensions: 72" long x 1/4" inner diameter
  • Hose fittings:
    • 1/4" Male Model 250 quick-disconnect
    • 1"-20 Male #600

Note: This hose cannot be used on Coleman high-pressure products that are run off of low-pressure propane systems.

With this hose you can connect a small, portable appliance or propane tree to your RV's propane system. This way you can power a grill, heater, or other accessory without needing to use a 1-lb throwaway cylinder.

Quick-Disconnect Hose Connection

The quick-disconnect fitting on this hose hooks up to and removes from the Model 250 port on your Sturgi-Stay T-fitting or other quick-disconnect port in your RV's propane piping system without the need for any tools. Simply snap the quick-disconnect hose into the port and it will stay locked in until you release it. To remove the hose, just pull back on the collar of the port.

100476-72-MBS MB Sturgis RV Quick Connect Propane Hose - 1/4" Male Plug x 1"-20 Male - 72" Long

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Video of MB Sturgis Quick Disconnect Propane Hose for Small Appliance - Disposable Cylinder Port - 6'

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for MB Sturgis Propane 100476-72-MBS Review

Today we're going to take a look at the MB Sturgis 72-inch RV Quick Connect propane hose. This hose will connect small portable camping appliances to a female Quick Disconnect on RV piping system. This is compatible with the MB Sturgis Model 250, the Cast industries, the Gasmate and the Gasflow Quick Disconnects. The hose is a thermoplastic construction. It has a quarter-inch inner diameter. The fittings on each end, right here this is the 1-inch x 20 male swivel connection.

Over here, if we take the cover off this is the quarter-inch model 250 male Quick Disconnect plug. How this one works, I just want to show you, here's the MB Sturgis model 250 design Quick Disconnect. This fitting has it on here and basically what it is, we'll go ahead and take the plug out, but what you do is you will see this lever here. If you turn this lever 90 degrees from it that will turn the valve off and block the flow and it allows you to do your quick disconnect so then you take your quick disconnect on your hose, pull this back, go ahead and insert it and it will slide right over and give you a secure connection, no tools required. What you'll do is take this lever, push it all the way until it's inline and that opens up the ball valve and lets the propane flow through. The other nice thing is it blocks this Quick Disconnect from pushing back.

When you want to disconnect again you just take this lever, open it up 90 degrees and allow this Quick Disconnect to slide back and you can pull your hose right out, just like that. This hose does meet the CSA and CGA 8.3 certification. It is designed for LP gas only. It will work in a temperature range of -40 degrees fahrenheit to 140 degrees fahrenheit. The maximum pressure rating on this hose is 350 PSIG. The length if we extend this all the way out measured end-to-end is going to be 72 inches. That should do it for the MB Sturgis 72-inch RV Quick Connect propane hose..

Customer Reviews

MB Sturgis Quick Disconnect Propane Hose for Small Appliance - Disposable Cylinder Port - 6' - 100476-72-MBS

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (15 Customer Reviews)

Adapter hose lets you connect a small, portable appliance to the female quick-disconnect port on your propane piping system. Model 250 quick-disconnect fitting allows you to easily hook up and remove the hose from your setup using no tools.

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Excellant05/23/2017

Great product at a great price. Fast friendly service. Only issue was it arrived early a.m. Monday At UPS in my town but did not go out on UPS truck it was transferred to Postal Service for delivery didn't get it till tue. Not sure why this was done. Otherwise great purchase as usual with etrailer. 384161

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Jill03/10/2017

I have ordered from 3 times and have been extremely pleased each and every time. The orders are filled and delivered in a very timely manner. I have been more than satisfied with the products that i have received. 355253

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Walter from NH07/15/2017

Was my first time using etrailer and found they have all the accessories for my RV. I searched internet and TV parts stores and could not find this special propane line but had it. I have already used it. 406399

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Laren M09/30/2017

Product is exactly what I wanted. Thanks to the sales person Danny T for the help, otherwise, I would have ordered the wrong item. 437924

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Pete06/08/2017

What a great company. Item received right away. Quality product. Would order from them again and again. 390745

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Terry Massey09/14/2017

The best customer service ever, I kid you not. Kelsey W. is the best CS person ever 432371

- 100476-72-MBS

by: gary w11/24/2016

very easy to order, fast shipping, love the tracking on the order, will buy again. 319282

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Rickey Peterson02/25/2017

Great Propane hose, Just what I wanted! Also very fast shipping!! Thanks, 345593

- 100476-72-MBS

by: John b08/18/2017

Exactly what I wanted ,quality ,hi fast and very good price. Thank you 422222

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Greg C.06/12/2017

Very fast turn around. The product was what I expected. Thank you. 392058

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Steve B09/15/2017

Great service. Works good. Would recommend using etrailer 432572

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Craig03/10/2017

Great service and timely delivery. Exactly what I wanted. 350833

- 100476-72-MBS

by: Tim H.09/15/2017

hose fits into fitting on trailer and works great! 432890

- 100476-72-MBS

by: T Patti05/21/2017

Great company to work with great product 383244

- 100476-72-MBS

by: art06/06/2017

Great. Worked for what i needed it for. 389801


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  • The MB Sturgis Quick Disconnect Propane Hose for Small Appliance - Disposable Cylinder Port - 6' # 100476-72-MBS is a great hose to have for your gas grill so you don't need to deplete the propane supply of your trailer tanks. For your gas line, you will want the MB Sturgis Quick Disconnect Propane Connector - 1/4" FPT # 104052-MBS but you would need to find the adapter to 1/4 inch at a local home improvement store.
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  • Adapter to Connect Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Heater To RV Propane Tank
  • I checked out your heater and it is designed to use a 1 lb throwaway style propane tank so the adapter part # 100476-72-MBS that you referenced would work well for you as it will allow you to connect the heater to your RV's propane source.
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  • Recommended Propane Hose For 20 lb Cylinder Compatibility To A Quick Connect System
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  • Would Propane Fitting # 100476-72-MBS work to Attach RV to RV Appliance Stove
  • The part # 100476-72-MBS is the adapter you'd need. It's designed for your application. It doesn't have a regulator built into it since your RV already has it's propane source regulated down for what your appliance would need, 11 inch water column.
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  • Disposable Cylinder Port Adapter Hoses For Disposable Propane Bottles
  • If your Coleman Roadtrip has the quick connect, the MB Sturgis Quick Disconnect Propane Hose for Small Appliance - Disposable Cylinder Port - 6' # 100476-72-MBS will work perfectly. If it doesn't have the quick connect, then you will need a different adapter. We do have other adapter for disposable cylinders like: # 100284-144-MBS # 100022-60-MBS # 100700-144 These different style adapters are available in different lengths.
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  • Can RV Gas Grill Use Accessory Hose for Connection to Larger Gas Source
  • We do not offer the Coleman Roadtrip XXL gas grill but based on my research it can use a hose like 6-foot # 100476-72-MBS or the longer 10-foot # 100476-120-MBS. This grill does have individual gas controls for each of its two burners. Usually there are issue only when trying to use a smaller propane source, one that delivers less pressure that what the appliance requires. For example, if the device was made for 20-lb tanks as the source it would not get enough pressure from a small...
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