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Furrion LIT Portable Speaker w/ Adventure Pack - Waterproof - AUX/USB, Bluetooth - 20W - White

Furrion LIT Portable Speaker w/ Adventure Pack - Waterproof - AUX/USB, Bluetooth - 20W - White

Item # FBS012NVPPS
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Shipping Weight: 1.8 lbs
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Mount this speaker to a bike, strap it to a dock, or hang it from your wrist to play music throughout your adventure. Design is waterproof for long days at the pool or lake. Flashlight, SOS light, and siren provide peace of mind anywhere you go. Great Prices for the best wireless speakers from Furrion. Furrion LIT Portable Speaker w/ Adventure Pack - Waterproof - AUX/USB, Bluetooth - 20W - White part number FBS012NVPPS can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Furrion Wireless Speakers - FBS012NVPPS

  • Furrion
  • Device Charger
  • Flashlight
  • Waterproof
  • Large Speakers
  • 1000 - 1999 mAh
  • White
  • 15 Hours

Mount this speaker to a bike, strap it to a dock, or hang it from your wrist to play music throughout your adventure. Design is waterproof for long days at the pool or lake. Flashlight, SOS light, and siren provide peace of mind anywhere you go.


  • Portable speaker with adventure pack plays audio from devices connected through Bluetooth, an auxiliary cord, or a USB cord
    • Plays for up to 15 hours and automatically turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity
    • Wireless charging dock (FBS012NCU - sold separately) comes pre-installed in some RVs
  • Dual speakers and passive radiators work in tandem to produce a full range of sound
    • Speakers reproduce the treble and midrange frequencies
    • Radiators reproduce deeper bass sounds
  • Bluetooth capability provides hands-free calling from up to 33' away
    • Compatible with Siri and Google Now
  • Adventure pack includes multiple hands-free mounting options
    • Bike/rail mount clamps onto your handlebars or boat rail
    • Strap mount wraps around a bar, pole, or a small tree trunk
    • Hand strap slips over your wrist or backpack and attaches to the metal ring on speaker
  • Integrated USB ports and auxiliary input let you charge your phone, laptop, and other devices
    • USB charging cord to charge speaker is included
    • Wireless charging dock (FBS012NCU - sold separately) comes pre-installed in some RVs
  • Built-in flashlight also serves as an SOS signal and siren in emergency situations
  • Metal ring on speaker end folds out to let you hang the speaker
  • Rubber pads on back of speaker prevent damage to tabletops and other surfaces
  • Waterproof, rugged construction is perfect for going to the beach, the pool, on a hike, or camping
    • Submersible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • White color


  • Dimensions:
    • Speaker: 7-11/16" long x 2-15/16" wide x 2-3/8" deep
    • Strap mount dimensions: 39" long x 1-1/4" wide
    • Hand strap dimensions (wrist loop): 14" long x 2" wide
    • Bike mount base: 2" long x 2" tall
    • Bike mount height (clamp closed): 3"
  • Battery capacity: 7.4V
  • Rated power: 10W x 2
  • Signal to noise ratio: 80 dB
  • Torch light standard: 500 lumens
  • Bluetooth transmitter frequency range: 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth transmitter power: 4 dBm
  • Bluetooth range: 33'
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Waterproof level: IPX7
  • Operation temperature range: 14 F to 113 F
  • 1-Year warranty

Furrion's portable LIT Bluetooth speaker is perfect for any excursion. Whether you are a full-time RVer, an avid biker, enjoy relaxing at the beach, or just lounging at the pool, this speaker will play your favorite music for up to 15 hours. The Bluetooth capability means you can stream music from your phone, make and receive phone calls, and even pair to another LIT speaker for stereo sound.


To pair your phone to the speaker, you can access the Bluetooth feature on both devices. Hold down the Bluetooth button until the speaker audibly says "pair". Then, go to the Bluetooth screen in your phone's settings and look for the name "Furrion LIT". Once the connection has been made, the speaker will say "paired."

Party Mode

Bring the party to your campsite or pool by pairing 2 LIT speakers together in Party Mode. Once linked, the speakers create stereo sound, making your music twice as loud and the party twice as fun.

To pair the LIT speakers together, pair your phone to whichever speaker you want as the main one, and then press the play and plus buttons on the other speaker until a tone sounds. Do the same with the main speaker and the 2 speakers will automatically connect within approximately 10 seconds. And now, you are ready to party!

Adventure Pack

Mounting the speaker is made easy with the adventure pack. This pack includes 3 different mounting options so that you can set up your speaker almost anywhere. The bike/rail mount clamps onto your bike's handlebars and ratchets into place with the plastic, swiveling handle. A small hole on the underside of the speaker fits onto the small platform and twists into place, creating a secure connection to your bike while you're riding.

The strap mount is a 39" long hook-and-loop strap that wraps around a bar on the frame of your side-by-side, a small tree trunk, or even one of your RV's awning arms, so you can enjoy some music at the campsite. The speaker mounts onto the small platform, just like with the bike/rail mount.

The third option is a simple, 14" long hook-and-loop strap. This can fit around your wrist, arm, or section of your backpack. The loop on one end of the strap circles around the metal ring on the speaker so you can easily hang it anywhere you want.

Emergency Options

The speaker can be used as a flashlight for walking at night, or even a headlight for your bike. In case of emergencies, the flashlight can function as an SOS signal. Press and hold the button with the circle symbol and the flashlight will turn on and flash every 2 seconds. The siren can also be activated while the SOS light is flashing by pressing the play button.

Charging Options

There are 3 charging options with the LIT speaker, 2 of which can be used to charge the speaker, and 1 that lets you charge your smartphone with the speaker battery. The Furrion charging dock (FBS012NCU - sold separately) will fully charge the speaker within 3.5 hours. The integrated micro USB port and included USB charging cord take 5 hours to get the speaker to full charge. The other USB port lets you plug in your smartphone and charge it directly from the speaker.

Underneath the power button, there are 5 indicator lights. These show the current power level:

5 Lights: 80% - 100%

4 Lights: 60% - 80%

3 Lights: 40% - 60%

2 Lights: 20% - 40%

1 Light: 0% - 20%

In addition, the power button will illuminate in white while charging and go dark once fully charged.

Rugged Construction

The durable construction of the LIT speaker lets you take it practically anywhere. It's waterproof, for boating or poolside adventures. Beach parties are a breeze with the sandproof design. You can strap it to your belt while rock-climbing and enjoy your music without the worry of breaking the speaker if it accidentally falls. Even the connection points are protected by a rubber cap, sealing out the moisture and dirt.

2021123806 Furrion LIT Portable Speaker w/ Adventure Pack - Bluetooth - Waterproof - White

Replaces 759399 and 110255


Alt 405164ET

Video of Furrion LIT Portable Speaker w/ Adventure Pack - Waterproof - AUX/USB, Bluetooth - 20W - White

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Furrion LIT Portable Speaker with Adventure Pack Review

Adam: Hi everyone, Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at the Furrion LIT Portable Bluetooth Adventure Pack. This is going to be a portable speaker that comes in two different colors. We have white and we have black. It has a bunch of different mounting hardware. It has one that's going to wrap around your handlebars on your bike.

We also have a strap that'll strap onto a little bit more places as well. It's going to be Bluetooth, so all you really need is your phone and some music to get the party started. So all we really need to do is turn on our speaker here, pull down the power, it'll say power on, and then we can go ahead and hold down our Bluetooth button here. Pairing. Adam: It's going to say pairing.

So now we can scroll all the way down and you're going to see Furrion LIT and you're going to click on that. Paired. Adam: And it's going to say paired. It's going to have an audible voice telling you that it's paired and it's going to say connected, and then you're pretty much ready to go. You can Mount it up wherever you want and get the tunes pumping.

So with our kit, we do get a rail mount here and I actually got a little creative and mounted it on the stem of our rear view mirror on our side by side here. And honestly I guess you guys are probably wondering if it is loud enough to over power the motor of the side by side. So let's find out. I'm all connected, I'm going to turn on some music. So this is maxed out and it's pretty loud.

I could only really hear the music. Let's see how loud it's going to be when we're driving around. So it's going to be a great way to get some music bumping in you're side by side whenever you're out on the farm, whether you're working or just out for play. All right, so we've got it mounted up on our bike here. I'm going to go ride around through the trails and see if this thing holds up.Well, honestly, here let me turn this down a little bit so you can hear me, honestly, I took it around a couple really bumpy areas in the trails and this thing is still in the same spot as when I mounted it for the first time. Really, really loud and honestly, it got my rhythm going and kept me in the mode so I can actually go around and ride a lot longer with all this music playing. It just gets me in the mood to ride. And the other cool thing is I do have a light here but always having a second light as well is always going to be a plus. It's actually pretty bright. Another cool thing about it is we can actually take this off pretty quickly. So a lot of the times when I'm riding in really cool trails, I find a really cool spot to basically just hop off and do a little walk, kind of catch my breath a little bit because I am a little out of breath after that ride.But basically you just twist this like so and it's actually going to slide out from our cables here, just like so. So if you really wanted to, you can go ahead and do it that way or you can actually just unscrew it and you can carry this with you. There is another strap that you can wrap around your wrist and it's going to hang on there like so. So just in case you drop it, you won't actually lose it. So to utilize our wrist strap, all we really need to do, we have a metal clamp here, you just pull that up. We're going to fish this through and then we're going to grab the rest of the strap and pull it through that loop. So it's going to be nice and secure there and it has a pretty nice pad on it as well.So all we really need to do at this point is basically just wrap this around our wrist. It's a hook and loop strap. And once we get it all the way wrapped around, we can either just let it dangle there or just hold it and we can listen to tunes while we're going through the woods as well. For those really emergency situations, whether you're walking through the woods and you find somebody who needs some help or if you crashed on your bike and you're in a little bit of a tough situation, we do have an SOS light, so what's going to happen is you're going to hold down this button. By doing that, it's going to shut off the Bluetooth. Disconnected. Adam: Just to conserve your battery and it's going to be an SOS light, so it's going to blink on and off every two seconds. Another thing, if you really need help, you press this play button here and it's going to send a really, really loud beep noise. You've got to hold it down. It's really, really loud and it's going to go intermittently on and off with our light here. I really don't think anybody's going to have any problems hearing you. You just hold it down to turn it off and you can hold down this button again, it's going to turn that light off and it's going to re-pair to your phone. Paired. Adam: It says paired, so now you're re-paired. So it's really, really easy for those where you might be a little bit hurt. You just got to press two buttons and then someone should probably be there pretty shortly. So as you can see here, sometimes when you find a cool spot, there's a little bit of water. Things might get a little wet. Sometimes when my dog Maura she shakes and some of my gear gets wet. But you don't have to worry about that because the Furrion LIT Bluetooth Speaker is water resistant, even if it starts raining a little bit if you're on a ride, you don't have to worry about that. And if for some reason that you don't have this wrist connected and it falls in the water, it is safe at about a meter for about 30 minutes. So honestly, I'm kind of curious to see if this thing's going to withstand water like they say. So we're going to test it out for you guys. I'm going to hold it for about 15 seconds.Check that out. It is going to drain a little bit of that water but she's still pumping out those tunes. So, it withstand the water test for me so I'm just going to wipe it off and just get back to just walking this creek. Come on Maura. So if you have two of these yourself or a friend has another one, we can actually enter into party mode and basically what that's going to be is we're going to connect to one of them, so this is going to be our main speaker. So I'm connected to this one and this one's on but all we have to do basically is hold down plus and play. So hold that down and there should be a tone. Okay, I heard a little beep and then we go to the other one, do the same thing. Paired. Adam: They're both paired and now we are in party mode. So both of them will be feeding off of one of your guys' phones playing some music. Alrighty, well it's a one man party today. I'm just out in the woods hanging out with my dogs. I got these both paired up and stereo mode and basically I can just go about my day jamming out. Hi. Hi. So this probably isn't what these straps we're intended for, it was just something I came up with, but I'm actually going to go ahead and strap these onto my side by side here, so we have dual speakers. So there actually is an integrated strap mount underneath our bar mount. What we're going to do is just slide this open like so and when we do that it's going to be able to pop out like that. It has a little slot between it and that's what we're going to use our strap for. Just going to throw this on like normal. Couple good twists.We're going to go ahead and take this and go through it. I'm going to set it up on our side by side here and we might actually have to either grab an extra set of hands or just wrap it around a bunch of different times just to make sure it's not going to go anywhere. And again, this probably isn't its intended purpose, but at the end of the day, whatever you guys want to do with it. They give you plenty of mounting hardware to put it in a number of different places. Let's drive that back. Now I'm going to do the same thing for the other side. So underneath our rubber cap here, we are going to have an ox input. We're going to have a USB output so you can actually charge your phone and it is going to be charged by a micro USB cable, which you do get a pretty short one in the package. It's only about maybe about a foot, but those micro USBs, I have a bunch of them at home and you can use those as well.One other thing that's nice, you can charge your phone if you're maybe at the beach or so, but if you're just listening to music out on the beach it is sand proof so you don't have to worry about sand getting in there and ruining your speakers and it will have a full charge about 15 hours of playing capacity. So here's the micro USB that it comes with, but it does not come with a little box but you probably have one at home, but just be mindful of that. So these speakers also have a wireless charging capability. Basically all it's going to do is connect to the bottom of your speaker, you just set it on the little charging dock and it's going to get it going.Of course, we're going to have to plug that charging dock into the wall, but we won't have any cords going to our speaker, so we thought of a couple of other applications that you could use. If you're camping, you can actually just go ahead and hang it inside your tent. You can use the light to kind of illuminate things, or you can just listen to some music. If you need a place to charge your phone, you can charge it there too. So if you're just trying to pass time in the tent, you can actually just use this as a light to basically illuminate your book if you're reading the book or just if it's pitch black, a light would not necessarily be the worst thing. So this is going to be great for your RV applications as well. It's going to be plenty loud to fill this whole entire RV up with very good quality sound. Something that I thought of, a lot of these TVs have aux outputs and we can actually utilize the aux input on the end. If we had a long enough cord, we can actually run this all the way back here.So basically you could be watching TV if someone's taking a nap or something, we don't want to be too loud. You can actually keep this thing right next to your ears just so you can watch TV without bugging anybody. And most RVs do have a USB charger or at least a hot 12 volt output. And if you had a car charger you can plug that in and charge your speaker as you go. So if it's a nice night out and we have a campfire or just hanging out outside of our RV, we are going to be able to bring it wherever we need. And the cool thing about bringing it outside, it's not just going to be you enjoying all the nice features of this speaker, throw something on, kind of set the mood and I'm actually probably just going to wrap it around our handle here. Just going to let it sit there and dangle, be out of the way and you can connect to it wirelessly and basically be able to enjoy all that good sounding music with you, your friends and family.Well, I got both my speakers on my side by side here. They're still paired and we're still in party mode, so I'm just going to go ahead and just close this video out with I would definitely recommend these two and having two of them is actually pretty, pretty cool. They can go on all sorts of different stuff and you saw me strap it around my leg and there's probably a lot more that you can do with them, so be sure to actually share that on our website just to show us how you guys use them. So I'm going to go ahead, play the song and head out. Thanks guys. I'm Adam with, have a great day.

Customer Reviews

Furrion LIT Portable Speaker w/ Adventure Pack - Waterproof - AUX/USB, Bluetooth - 20W - White - FBS012NVPPS

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

Mount this speaker to a bike, strap it to a dock, or hang it from your wrist to play music throughout your adventure. Design is waterproof for long days at the pool or lake. Flashlight, SOS light, and siren provide peace of mind anywhere you go.



Great speaker and easy order and delivery process from etrailer.


I was hopeful for an excellent product based on the high price for a bluetooth speaker in this size range, but very disappointed in the sound quality. It sounds very hollow and does not have any richness in the sounds. I would not recommend this speaker.


I tried this speaker and the sound is very clear. Hoping to get lots of use out of it.


Thank you.


The speaker was easy to pair with phone and works great. Ordering was easy and it shipped quickly.






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    You could make the LED Bar # MCL93RB battery powered but we don't carry any batteries that would work with it. Also, the red light won't really show a whole lot of light. What I recommend getting is the Furrion LIT # FBS012NVPPS. This kit comes with a handlebar mount that will mount this speaker/light to his bars. This will be a lot brighter and he can also listen to music as well! When you're not using it as a light on his bike you can also use it as a speaker on other adventures. I recommend...
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