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Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 Jump Starter and Tire Inflator - USB and AC Ports - 12V - 1,100 Amp

Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 Jump Starter and Tire Inflator - USB and AC Ports - 12V - 1,100 Amp

Item # DU76FR
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Tire Inflator
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Rechargeable, 1,100 amp jump starter quickly revives cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and heavy-duty equipment. Multi-function design with LED emergency light and ports for AC and USB devices. Works with engines up to 8 cylinders. Lowest Prices for the best tire inflator from Duracell. Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 Jump Starter and Tire Inflator - USB and AC Ports - 12V - 1,100 Amp part number DU76FR can be ordered online at or call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service.
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Duracell Tire Inflator - DU76FR

  • Tire Inflator
  • Portable
  • 100 psi
  • Digital Pressure Gauge
  • 12V
  • Duracell
  • Manual Shut Off

Rechargeable, 1,100 amp jump starter quickly revives cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and heavy-duty equipment. Multi-function design with LED emergency light and ports for AC and USB devices. Works with engines up to 8 cylinders.


  • Portable jump starter revives dead 12-volt vehicle batteries
    • Perfect for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and more
  • Internal battery quickly recharges using the included AC charger
  • Built-in tire inflator lets you quickly and accurately fill your vehicle's tires
    • Inflates tires up to 100 PSI
    • Includes multiple adapters for other inflatables like balls and camping equipment
  • Digital battery level indicator monitors current level of charge
  • Built-in LED emergency light provides enhanced visibility when working at night
  • 2 AC ports power household devices like TVs, laptops, and radios
  • 2 USB ports let you charge smartphones, tablets, headphones, or portable speakers
  • Heavy-duty, copper battery clamps are easily stored on the case
  • Rugged, weather-resistant construction stands up in the elements


  • Application: 12V lead-acid batteries
    • Battery types supported: AGM and sealed/non-spillable
  • Engine compatibility: up to 8 cylinders
  • Starting current: 1,100 amps (peak)
  • Internal battery: 12 Ah
  • AC output:
  • Starting (surge) power output: 480 watts
  • Running (rated) power output: 240 watts
  • USB output: 2.1 amps
  • Voltage:
    • AC input: 100 - 240 VAC
    • DC output: 15 VDC
  • Dimensions: 15-3/16" long x 9-5/16" wide x 10-11/16" tall
  • Weight: 16.8 lbs
  • 2-Year limited warranty

DR300PWR Duracell Powerpack Pro 1100

Installation Details DU76FR Installation instructions

Video of Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 Jump Starter and Tire Inflator - USB and AC Ports - 12V - 1,100 Amp

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Duracell Tire Inflation and Repair - Jump Starter Power Station - DU76FR

Ellen: Hey, everybody. I'm Ellen here at, and we're taking a quick look at the Duracell Powerpack Pro 1100. This is going to be a jump box and also a tire inflator. It's a really handy tool to have with you whether you're out camping and you need some kind of a powerpack that doesn't make a lot of noise, or maybe you just want to have in the shop, around the office, around home. It's really useful. We actually use this guy all the time here at etrailer.

I use this all the time for opening really anything that needs 12 volt power. So, pretty familiar with this guy. It's very handy, and we've used ours for years, and we've just now got a shiny new one to show off to you guys. I hope that I can go through all the features, and show you everything that this guy can do to really help with a lot of different things around the home or elsewhere.One of the main things is that it is going to be a powerpack, so you can jumpstart your vehicle if it happens to have a dead battery. Pretty typical way to do that.

And just kind of get this as close as you can to your battery. You've got your positive red clamp for the positive side of the battery, and then the negative. Put that on there, and then turn on the switch to turn on the power there. Should give you the power. There's no sound or anything else like that.

But once that's on, leave it on there for a while. Let the battery charge up a little bit. After a while, start the card and shouldn't have any issues there.That's the main function that I use here at etrailer to power any of our 12 volt stuff that needs a bit more juice than some of our other devices. Use these a long time. The cord can be a little bit short, especially if you've got to reach kind of far.

But they work pretty well. Haven't had any issues with it, and it should give you a good bite. I like that it has a dedicated spot for those cables to live. They clamp around these little knobs here. Keeps it easy. Keeps it from having cords going all over the place. Again, it gives you a really easy way to charge up those batteries.There's also an indicator of how much this is charged. You can see on the front here this center button is going to show us our battery level, and there's going to be these little lights. When you press that, you can see it's about half charged right now. Also, while we're here, you can turn on or off any of the other ports. We've got two USB ports. You can charge any of your smaller accessories, a camera, phone, small speakers, stuff like that. You can turn that on by hitting the button, and a little light will come on as well to let you know that that is on, and you can do the same thing with the two AC ports that are right here and then also the inlet as well.We've got two outs and one in. Again, you'll turn on the power for that with this button here. And the reason why you want to turn those on and off is obviously just to preserve as much of the battery life as possible. If you leave that on, it will drain the battery. Same for that USB port. You only want to turn them on whenever you need them. Also, up at the top, we'll have a 12 volt round connection. If you've got anything that uses that old-school cigarette lighter kind of plug, you can plug that in right there. I don't think that that needs to have any kind of switch turned on. I think that is always live, but you can always test it out.And then when it comes to actually charging this, the power cord is tucked away inside this little compartment, which is kind of hard open from that side. It's a little bit stiff. You're just going to squeeze that to open this, and I have to get a little screwdriver. It is pretty tight. One bad thing about this is that this little knob is underneath this handle, so it's kind of hard for me to get a good purchase on that little knob. If you've got stronger hands than me, I'm sure this won't be as much of an issue. I have strangely weak hands. That is my burden to bear. There we go. Okay.Now, inside there we'll have our plug to run everything. You actually plug this in at the outlet here. The charging port. So, you can run that. It just plugs in right here, plug it into the wall, charge it up. Usually takes a few hours to get that to fully charge. I usually just leave it overnight and it'll charge back up. But tucks out of the way. And also inside here, you'll find a couple of attachments for the air hose. This is also a tire inflator. On this backside, you can see this little hose here. You can take this off, air up any of your tires. You can use this for automotive, bike tires . just about anything. And then with the other attachments, you can also use it to inflate any other kind of accessories.Now, when you turn this on, it is an unbelievably loud. It's just really, really rattly. That's kind of one bad thing is that it makes an awful racket when you turn on this air compressor. Brace yourself. Told you it was loud. That's one bad thing about it. But it does have a little pressure gauge here on the side, so you can see how much pressure you've got, which is always really nice especially if you're doing anything that's kind of more delicate. Or also if you're using on your vehicle, you want to make sure that you get it up to the pressure that you need without having to check it with a gauge.I'm going to put my finger over this just to create a little bit of pressure, so you can see that needle move. I'm going to turn this on again. Pretty nice there. It does have a runtime of about 10 minutes, and then you want to let the system cool down for about 10 minutes. That compressor does take a bit of power to run. Not something that you can do all the time. It will wear down the battery, but just keep that in mind there. Again, we'll have a couple of little attachments. So, sort of a bigger spacer needle attachment and then a smaller funnel. Kind of your typical accessories to go into that port.Last feature that I want to show you guys is the emergency light on the side here. If you're working on something, or especially if you're trying to jump your battery in the dark, you can put on the light and see what you're doing. It makes it a lot easier, especially if you don't have a flashlight with you. It does adjust. You can flip it up and down. I think it also rotates, maybe Turn this back on so I can see what I'm doing. Well, looks like it just scoots up or scoots down. But still, having that light is very nice so that you don't have to fumble around in the dark while you're trying to connect your cables.This will work with AGM, and sealed or non-spillable lead-acid type batteries. You can have a 12 volt battery. You can also use it for any engine up to eight cylinders. The starting current on this is 1,100 amps. That's the peak. The battery has 12 amp hours. As far as the other specs, you can see those all listed out on our product page here at It does weigh about 17 pounds. Not super heavy. It's something that you can carry around pretty easily, but it's also maybe something that might be a little bit heavier for little ones to carry around if you're having anybody help you undo your stuff, or unpack your car, or anything else like that.But all in all, I think this is a really handy tool to have. It just has a lot of different accessories all-in-one. It's relatively compact. Like I said, we've been using this guy for years, so it's very reliable. Duracell is a name that you know and trust. I hope that this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right accessory for you. We do have a lot of other accessories here at for all kinds of outdoor and automotive needs. Check us out. Thanks for watching.

Customer Reviews

Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 Jump Starter and Tire Inflator - USB and AC Ports - 12V - 1,100 Amp - DU76FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (6 Customer Reviews)

Rechargeable, 1,100 amp jump starter quickly revives cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and heavy-duty equipment. Multi-function design with LED emergency light and ports for AC and USB devices. Works with engines up to 8 cylinders.




Great Item! Easy to use. Fits perfectly in trunk of car with out taking up a lot of room.




Review from a similar PowerPack Pro in Tire Inflator

I purchased this one as a Christmas gift because I was so impressed with the one I have. This product is great to take camping, it recharges USB devices all weekend without running generator for such small things, and has enough power to assist restarting RV should house batteries get drained. Haven’t needed to use compressor yet, but nice to know it’s there if needed.


Review from a similar PowerPack Pro in Tire Inflator

Great experience


Ask the Experts about this Duracell Tire Inflator

  • Can the Peak Performance Jump Starter Be Used In the Rain or Snow
    In the instructions on most jump starters like the # DU76FR, it mentions that they should not be used in the rain or snow. The biggest issue is keeping the cable connectors free from moisture, which is tough to do in adverse weather conditions, and this is a fairly common guideline. The cold won't be an issue, but there is some risk when exposed to moisture.
    view full answer...
  • Can Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 be Used to Power Radon Fan
    The Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 Jump Starter and Tire Inflator # DU76FR has an AC output of 240 watts while running. If your radon fan only requires 20 watts so while the PowerPack Pro 1100 does have enough power, if your radon fan has a speed controller then you shouldn't use this product. In this case you might be able to use an alternative like the Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station # GZ34FR, but if your radon fan is connected to power in your house it might be a good...
    view full answer...
  • How To Determine How Long the Duracell Powerpack Pro 300 would Power an Box Fan
    From the research I did there is a very wide amount of wattage ratings for box fans. From one that I saw that was down at 35 watts to some that were up around 175. Plus conditions that the fan is used play widely into that and there is a large margin of error on the rating that the fan would have on the motor. The Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 # DU76FR has an internal battery that can provide up to 12 amp hours. So at 1 amp it would last 12 hours. Converting 1 amp to watts gives you 92...
    view full answer...
  • Why Doesnt My Duralast FDL 1000 Come On or Hold a Charge
    From what I was able to find, there is a battery inside the the Duralast FDL 1000 that can need to be replaced. I was unable to find where you can get this replacement battery. If you need a new jump starter the Duracell PowerPack Pro 1100 Jump Starter and Tire Inflator - USB and AC Ports - 12V - 1,100 Amp # DU76FR will be a good replacement. It has 1100 amps compared to the 1000 on your Duralast and also has a tire compressor like your Duralast.
    view full answer...

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