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Camco Propane Supply Hose - ACME Nut x Male Inverted Flare - 12" Long

Item # CAM59053

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Product Images

camco propane fill hoses - pigtails female type 1
camco propane female type 1 mif - 1/4 inch cam59053
camco propane fill hoses - pigtails mif 1/4 inch cam59053
camco propane hoses mif - 1/4 inch

In Use/Installed

propane camco hoses female type 1 supply hose - acme nut x male inverted flare 12 inch long
propane camco fill hoses - pigtails female type 1 cam59053

Customer Photos

camco propane hoses female type 1 cam59053


  • Hoses
  • Fill Hoses - Pigtails
  • Camco
  • 1 Foot Long
  • Propane Tank (Type 1)
  • Female Type 1
  • MIF - 1/4 Inch
Use this 12" long hose to connect a propane cylinder to your RV or trailer's propane regulator. The Type 1 ACME nut provides easy connection to the propane tank. Provides protection in case of fire or a broken gas line. Lowest Prices for the best propane from Camco. Camco Propane Supply Hose - ACME Nut x Male Inverted Flare - 12" Long part number CAM59053 can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Camco Propane - CAM59053

Use this 12" long hose to connect a propane cylinder to your RV or trailer's propane regulator. The Type 1 ACME nut provides easy connection to the propane tank. Provides protection in case of fire or a broken gas line.


  • 12" Supply hose lets you connect an auxiliary propane cylinder to your RV or trailer's propane regulator
  • Type 1 ACME nut at one end connects to ACME or P.O.L. connection on your propane tank
  • 1/4" Inverted male flare at the other end connects to the 1/4" inverted female flare on your propane regulator
    • Connects to the female inverted flare on CAM59123 and CAM59125 (sold separately)
  • Provides thermal protection in case of fire and excess flow protection in case of broken gas line
  • Rated for 200,000 Btu/hour
  • Brass fittings resist rust and corrosion

59053 Camco Motor Home or Trailer LP Gas Supply Hose with ACME Nut and Inverted Male Flare - Twelve Inches Long

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Video of Camco Propane Supply Hose - ACME Nut x Male Inverted Flare - 12" Long

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Video Transcript for Camco Propane CAM59053 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Camco Propane Supply Hose. This 12-inch pigtail or supply hose lets you connect an auxiliary propane cylinder to your RV or trailer's propane regulator. It's going to feature the type one Acme nut on one end that connects to an Acme or POL connection on your propane tank. On the other end we have the quarter-inch inverted male flare. This connects to the quarter-inch inverted female flare on your propane regulator. It's going to provide thermal protection in case of fire, and excess flow protection in case of a broken gas line.

The unit's rated for 200,000 BTUs per hour, and it's going to have your brass fittings, which do a great job at resisting rust and corrosion. That's going to do it for today's look at the Camco Propane Supply Hose.

Customer Reviews

Camco Propane Supply Hose - ACME Nut x Male Inverted Flare - 12" Long - CAM59053

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (30 Customer Reviews)

Use this 12" long hose to connect a propane cylinder to your RV or trailer's propane regulator. The Type 1 ACME nut provides easy connection to the propane tank. Provides protection in case of fire or a broken gas line.

- CAM59053

by: Denny F.01/28/2015

I was notified of the ship-out the same day I ordered my parts and they arrived sooner than I expected. I am impressed, but what matters most is that they fixed the problem. I am happy to say that these propane connector hoses work great, which is a pretty big deal, since the connectors I bought locally did not work properly - (and I paid more for those defective hoses than what I just paid etrailer). You have a new satisfied customer. Thank you! 171620

- CAM59053

by: Damon B07/21/2014

Just what I needed! Fixed a nagging problem of a leaky connection, with a perfectly sized, top quality propane hose. Arrived fast, fit great, and now my trailer is ready for road tripping! Did I mention the price was nice? Well, it was. Camp on. 142476

- CAM59053

by: Ward T.04/17/2017

I always enjoy purchasing products from etrailer. They always make the experience very personal. My order confirmation is always received from an individual as opposed to a machine derived email. Additionally, they always follow up to make sure you received your package. Awesome customer service! 368447

- CAM59053

by: Gary B10/29/2014

Item just as described with the fastest shipping I have ever encountered. Prices are very reasonable and shipping costs are the lowest by far. Communication is great - what else can I say. I'll be back. 158392

- CAM59053

by: Jason Tucker08/23/2015

The product I ordered were an exact fit I appreciate the fast shipping and it's a great product thank you very much I ordered two roof vents and also to new style propane tank fittings 221149

- CAM59053

by: Bruce R.12/17/2014

I ordered a tire mounted on a rim for my travel trailer. All that I can say is the item that arrived was exactly as pictured and described on the website and it arrived very quickly. 165787

- CAM59053

by: Michael L08/02/2016

Good quality product. I had a propane leak and this got rid of it. I bought another one to attach to the other tank as well. Shipping was quick and I could track the item. Thx 278322

- CAM59053

by: Wayne B09/26/2016

Good construction. All of the sewer items and wheel covers were bought through This was my first "On the road" order. Customer service and follow through were great. 300713

- CAM59053

by: Philip S06/11/2016

The Camco Propane 12 inch supply hose was exactly what I needed and was shipped and received quickly so that I installed it and was ready to travel on schedule. 260354


The product is working fine after a year and I expect no problems with it.

Philip S - 06/12/2017


- CAM59053

by: Al C.06/04/2015

Propane hoses arrived in 4 working days after ordering. Exactly as advertised in sealed packing to prevent damage. Good deal 200650

- CAM59053

by: Dave O10/29/2016

THANK YOU !!!!! for the fast service.. I received my order correctly and the free shipping made it that much nicer. 314956

- CAM59053

by: Albert H10/03/2017

Fast fast shipping. Great products and prices very competitive. I will always see if what I want us here FIRST. 438920

- CAM59053

by: Donnie S.10/27/2016

Service was excellent. Product is of high quality. Look forward to doing business in the future. Thanks, Donnie 311368

- CAM59053

by: Brent08/01/2017

The part is exactly what it is advertised as. It fit. No problems. I did receive it quicker than I expected. 413586

- CAM59053

by: Tony09/18/2016

I received my new propane hoses for my camper, their exactly what was described and fit perfectly. 296054

- CAM59053

by: Mark R09/23/2014

the product arrived within 3-4 days,it was packaged well and seems to be of excellent quality. 152705

- CAM59053

by: mike09/12/2015

Product is exactly what I ordered ! Will order more from eteailer when the time comes thanks! 225208

- CAM59053

by: RonO12/03/2016

Product exactly as described and delivered lickty split; just the way it ought to be. 322033

- CAM59053

by: Lloyd11/04/2014

It was exactly what I ordered with quick delivery. 159063

- CAM59053

by: George T12/12/2016

Perfect fit. Product is just as adverti sed 324465

- CAM59053

by: john stormer05/29/2015

Great website fast delivery thank you 198546

- CAM59053

by: Jeff06/16/2017

Went on nice work perfect very happy 395004

- CAM59053

by: Tim W03/02/2017

As described,prompt delivery. 347692

- CAM59053

by: GD09/23/2015

As described quick delivery 227212

- CAM59053

by: Jerry11/07/2017

Very happy with it. 449737

- CAM59053

by: RCrider02/06/2014

Product works great 115869

- CAM59053

by: TEV03/08/2017

Works great. 350058

- CAM59053

by: Kevin Abood08/17/2016

great seller 284644

- CAM59053

by: Ron06/28/2016

Exact fit. 266031

- CAM59053

by: Johno11/03/2016

excellent 313339


No problems with the products. Very satisfied.Thanks for checking.

Johno - 11/15/2017


Ask the Experts about this Camco Propane
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  • Size of Propane Hose to Go From Tank to Regulator on RV
  • Most regulators like the part # CAM59005 have an inlet of 1/4 inch SAE and an outlet of 3/8 NPT. It would be out of the ordinary if your tank to regulator wasn't 1/4 inch SAE inverted flare. Part # CAM59053 has this style of fittings on both sides. Part # 100040-144-MBS has 3/8 inch on the other hand. Heres how you tell difference between 3/8 NPT and 1/4 NPT. The difference is the outside diameter. 1/4 inch is .540 outside diameter on the threads and 3/8 inch is .675 inch.
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  • Propane Pigtail with Acme Screw and 1/4-Inch NPT Fittings
  • At this time we offer only the 20-inch-long propane pigtail with a Type 1 (also known as an Acme or QCC1) connector on one end and a 1/4-inch male NPT on the other, part # CAM59843. If you prefer you can install Camco Propane Fitting # CAM59953, which has a 1/4-inch male NPT fitting on one end, and then use the 1-foot Supply Hose # CAM59053 you already have which will connect to the fitting.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Propane Adapter Fitting Female 1 Inch-20 X Male Type 1 Use With LP Appliance
  • The MB Sturgis Propane Adapter, # 204132-MBS, can be used to switch from refillable 20-40 lbs cylinders to a 1 lbs disposable. The adapter uses the Type 1 male end that will allow you to screw into the supply line from a LP appliance and the female end that will connect to a 1 lbs disposable tank. These adapters were originally designed to be used on smaller propane appliances like grills.The size of the lines on these appliances will allow the 1 lbs tanks to give you enough propane...
    view full answer...

  • Propane Hose with 1/4" Male Fitting Does Not Fit Regulator with 1/4" Female Fitting
  • From the picture that you attached it looks like the regulator has a 1/4" SAE inverted flare, like the Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator # CAM59005 does. This means that only hoses that have the 1/4" male inverted flare, like part # CAM59053, will fit. Since the MB Sturgis Propane Hose w/ Back Check # 100473-15-MBS that you purchased does not have the inverted flare you will simply need to remove the fitting that is currently on your regulator and install the Sturgis...
    view full answer...

  • 12 Inch Propane Supply Hose for 20 Pound Propane Tank
  • Assuming that the 1 pound bottle can be removed and that the regulator on the grille can be used with a 20 pound tank then for a 12 inch supply hose you would need # CAM59053. It has a type 1 ACME nut at one end that connects to an ACME or P.O.L. connection on a propane tank. The other end is a 1/4" inverted male flare that connects to a 1/4" inverted female flare on a propane regulator.
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Propane Hoses and Fittings to Transfer Propane Between Tanks
  • I suggest you review the linked page that shows all of our propane-related parts. If you are wanting a hose you can click on that category. Without knowing the particular fittings on your two tanks I can't guarantee we'll have the specific hose you need but you can click on the filters on the page to select the appropriate length and fittings. For example, Camco offers their 60-inch supply hose that has an ACME nut on one end and a male inverted flare on the other. Part # CAM59825 is...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Supply Hose That Fits Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator
  • The Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator for Dual Propane Tanks, part # CAM59005 has two 1/4 inch NPT fittings and one 3/8 inch NPT outlet fitting, and will not work with the Camco Propane Hose Assembly, part # CAM59825, but I do have a solution for you. We have several length Camco Propane Supply Hoses. Each one of these has a 1/4 inch NPT male fitting which can be used with the # CAM59005. The other end of the hose will attach to your propane tank. The shortest...
    view full answer...

  • Available Propane Hoses with POL/ACME and 1/4-Inch Male Inverted Flare Connectors
  • It sounds like you need a propane hose with a female POL/ACME connector on one end and a 1/4-inch Male Inverted Flare connector on the other. Examples of such hoses are # CAM59065 (15-inch) and # CAM59053 (12-inch). All of our propane hoses are shown on the linked page. These include hoses with these connector types in many lengths.
    view full answer...

  • Will Camco Low-Pressure Regulator Fit a 1999 Jayco Eagle Pop-Up
  • The Camco Low-Pressure LP regulator # CAM57703 is specifically designed to work with Olympian gas heaters. These heaters do have a typical fitting on them based on what I could find so you potentially could use it on your 1999 Jayco Eagle. It sounds like you are looking for a supply hose though such as # CAM59123 or # CAM59053 and not necessarily a low pressure regulator.
    view full answer...

  • Can Camco Propane Hose # CAM59823 be Used with a Gas Grill
  • Camco propane hose # CAM59823 can be uses with a gas grill provided that your propane tank has a regulator on it such as # CAM59013. But if you use this regulator then pair it with hose # CAM59053 so they will fit together. If the tank has a working regulator you would not have to add another one.
    view full answer...

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